K&C - Kirk explains why he lost it on Wednesday; Bradford and Drellich fight about nothing 12-7-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, December 7th

Hour 4 - Kirk explains why he lost it at the Globies. Bradford and Drellich fight about absolutely nothing.


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt Mann act and Gerry Callahan. Sports Radio WEEI. Okay I'll I'll I OK I don't talk. I think you are awesome and I'll say realism I heard them within hours great. And dale paraded in everyone's great great great great great great great great great great great. Rates more Revis got their story and I'll read it if we decide if as you get any artist and it's great. Is rich read this I heard yes that's just read the story tertiary. You read some revenue hand. That was our show yesterday. To say I did my best from us he did his best it was not. As good as. Today show. And wasn't as good as they'll holy cave. And now this room I wish I you know he's walking across the console. Between all the monitors and computers and what the hell are you doing. I'd sit down now Psycho. And explain to a you look for Jesus. That he did a six point two mile run before the show this morning. At 258 Nolan that'll that'll street trooper who showed him how insane rumors that. He's in a good mood today not like yesterday good with that because he met Christopher Lloyd last night and really get sick. Route rents it to be so when you saw I I'll watch him at six point six mosques welcome back. How. OK now revealed to the world Garry is blaming me you're factored cannot relaying the highlights of the globe his appearance was terribly sorry oh boy and would know how often rounds in because history it was great when you chased O'Sullivan on the stairs now we're watching edit NBC sports boss yeah warriors Dallas I was gonna have produced that are 200000 views are simply there. Well which again you know it's she would politely suggest we should part played yesterday came like you not want to ever said that. If she did why we use that to think this that I ball I mean I think you know it's a complicated answer. All I can safest in your pocket like the answer mom's gonna give it in if you don't like it you can you know build jump on jump off a bridge for. Accurate. When I'd say in their people walking the halls on speaking which is unusual would it distract me although I like Lawrence what looks for an instant. When I would say is this. This time of year. I am struggling mightily with the loss it's happened in my life this year that's all that pose a cliche and it's not their days where I feel like crap. And I should have been more aid for it more of a professional yesterday you don't know what should the issue for now and I'm usually more ticket you can take it out on meet and can and purchase you'll be more and center come I'd entered are Sam Lee yes not like him and tell you that we more. Oh great so holy book here's the news but saying is that he's going to be more back on for probably I can't predict that. I have I have my new nickname for Kirk paper your paper. TV shows up from the that's Christopher Lloyd in coop who utilities were to go I hear you viewers about that is Nichols you call I did but Nichols goes and tapes I was trying to figure out what his whole name will find that's based on that's you that's number. Told him freaking Psycho OK yesterday he's let me so asks I give my because it did not answer enough answer and I could to. I think you need to. He knows term bull you're neck and revenue were meant to be done volume next other equities I think it's apples to step up step up. Second that the stress of running out on that stress you shouldn't OK he's overcome that here from six to ten different would have. Save it despray often canceling their I mean I mean like I don't at a cafeteria it but the wind political prisoners I think we want that book I was doubtful that he could move into new bonus he'd. A I saw it I wish I had better answer other than that there are times I'm overwhelmed and cannot even move I was in the garage this morning. As a on my going to. But I decides how to come in and was it about a great you've been awesome and don't just credible. To us I think you look at them here. I like yet again to mosques around anymore. I know it's not not he's. Tonight I didn't want. It doesn't want you must YouTube can be so depressed and you have ludicrous as want but not here between six and I think it's my mood to help the show you have a great job to do OK and I do a better job and I. Then when they ask any of this better and some did not just I think I. Okay you can put that ahead of them but. Rondo last did you hit now leaves some from last night. Based he'd do it right you know I grab your crotch when a drug you. That you rigs you know those guys that's odd that action and we boards was recording that lets him with his new fees selling its laptop before as a poor nineteen to a group from Emerson. Unstoppable so I apologize for. The mail and mail and all in all gone out every day is on the mainland us all down yes is not gonna perform. Yes the job for which you were paid handsomely correct. And it could be even more now wondering about that and apologize by the way. He source and the source of texted me McEntee who owns district court seek. A market who NC says that the real problem is all the wants workers and it was a really truly know. I didn't either. Overweight. I'm not telling you. Just except obviously your way would you do you can say that yes I know I know we can't do this tentative sending units it's got to be on a team if you look totally surprised analysts said that he went really edited or who. I'm not telling them and answered flat out and I don't line like you. Well pension from. You're so creek area regular apple yeah because I'm here. Why is 48 jealous of my friends there with a word weigh in with care and I was with the former C a we have a dealer cannot talk to those guys you talk to me and brazen show like you out the door. I'm I my jacket now I'm friends of the prince of colon forever I used to be on the big show and cartilage. Had been on the show company. Anyway I was with Gordon was what field. Again it. She says he loves working with for. These pretend I was shocked I say just pretend exit now they have a great relationship that I don't believe that. This is that this was a cease its plan would like Fred's the music box ever I'd like working with job. As much innocent X. I don't know for nearly toward Portland. Guess he showed it's been he's a very good golf right they could together they make fun of Oakland and I I laugh alone there and pound. It's good that we start the racial world away and only love you just wrote going to be on the wearing away and other and you say they never give us any credit always him and give them paranoid said Luke doesn't Clint you kidding me Alison. To listen holly do and he frequently you are gone it was awesome let's get away know when those who they have but two. Titans on public broadcasting in New York fired as the four masks and with to help. It is a thing that PBS I just don't warn your your lover trying to warn you trainee. Eagle over into that land there and that lions and you better be ready to bring your pepper spray zone say these PBS Kaiser out of control and I approximately. Small. I think there. One of them was 7779. Seek seek care they've been on the on the name is telling you initial cycle. The public mammary for like fifty years these thoughts on night at legion. Odds she's a wonderful person fund which in its final. She's gone in I've got to play. Chart shows he did tell Thomas he's mad at each and Canada shows he did tell Tommy said. The GBH people really cute keeping your career. That's green and is that ethical use him believe that my dog right I don't think all the all the victims and the girl feels he better be careful to. Kirk before his articles I'm glad you're feeling better. It. John knows exactly console does little to finish my training camps. You. You extremes today. John is an Otis what the hell is Otis. That's not true isn't out quite what's yeah. And that I thought I knew every time oh this is powerful office like right. And you just. Wrote it was the next. Space. Opera. How about diet and we just call you in this virtual machines to sell some books on a Sox as a person he's under review with direction. On perfect but great on erection you up on the roof is what might they draw pictures I guess on syndicate that owns the when the investors on his song I don't care like weeks exit guides nobody. And other news seized power yeah I was. Mock. How do you sit there all day and at the Vanilla Callahan. Amid guards that have been all the penguins apparently wired acuity at the end you take the. He's white that's or a terrorist credit Mok. Saying. Hard to gain. After dad you and me that the worst is at the most popular show that they're actually get more detail on bottle and doing this we're not idle. I hear that song once it's the worst is you might be at play play the dominant number of an East Africa driver's worst that's where I don't have as well as well midnight at the ways this is words about that that's anything else drive died tons he hates and went live talk. Place yeah are they're used to be races Limbaugh and now I live in the Caribbean mostly working off the market PWW driving while Lloyd. On a weekly basis but I don't judge the entire island of being a racist area so your argument that will monitor right it going often because something happened fifty years ago or dead wrong you take the easiest way out. It's it's a lame TG senator John M it's as high and I think that every iPod media spin everyone that I broadcast using ice age thing human nature might soon have already has your racism everywhere I've got let's say we didn't eliminate racism. That's beside the point that's a given. We're talking about the specific. Issue here with a global on I think everybody should experience would you experiences then you would know how some black people feel in America. There. And it will all go to what island we both in tweet. It is treated gaining says plus minus is worthless so there. If I of that final employed and here's a look you know I disagree minus useful. We now. Did you see. Through your return it to semi did you see my old treatment you. Obligatory and treats them free through three different reports are stupid it's unbelievable Jason Terry 36 shooting 51 page an elite keep our case it's conducive to a big talker Gary's sport these sport I watch what a lot of checks last Jason Taylor and shoot 51% from three point land. Lots of balls shooting 50% from the free throw line I heard domestic violence that it's okay and NBC sports boss I stole it from Ben Malamud boy who knows what's up Alex's bores everybody here's been outed the call may be boom boom like McCain and four point four U you have never listened to him you would like I like him he's he's a total lies as I'm boots of what's a Mallard listen Allison which here's glad Alex. Hey guys I wanna give I'd I was in an interview with cheap yesterday lie and and I wanna give them one person that deserves all the credit for that get to a good. A bit per minute you. There's no way keep would have had delivered. And Terry knows that it's not true just stumbled across it feels pressure and looming the giant leap over them. We can make and I got an alcoholic doesn't feel the connector of the day because he's a post that's like that house continued. Kurt what the check you make everyone better over there in fact I would meet didn't have been listening to dale and Holley is it was a treat you with the morning. Would you even did would you reveal would you be alive right now wasn't for me by saved your life. Don't know I didn't I was utilities health long ago if and even Europe I carried her hurtful and expect them. Right now that's not that other Peter I saved a life. I was on a bridge and then I heard. Are you are in the morning and and I said no I'm gonna keep here with the I have to say. Right now unfortunately you know we feel terrible weeks we should send some thoughts of personal family moved to Dallas on the return key for madness a couple of days ago. Funeral services to their. He should hung in the front of the damage he stepped up by Alex is is you fully did you enough now that that's fine if Eddie is also critical someone's. That rulers who would John in Providence hedge on. Why. Good that it's a 22 this is what Springsteen does to keep his voice that I'm excited for always emphasized as a matter of check of my always my throat or on yeah it has no because of your. And Sarah hill effect right 'cause of. Ball. And go ahead John hello all John. Are you got three seconds and they wanna talk to Kirk. Undergo. And let's go to the great state of our islands with John John I don't this morning. Along well I would like to talk to guys and oddly I do once second night. Let's go now to the province the island of rode the small state yet union but our good friend or you're the John John good morning how are your thoughts on Michael Obama. All you get extra on call looked good. Hold your first time caller. Temperature in the first time caller line you're real quick where we want to talk with the guys. Well I want to look okay breaker try to gawkers yellow advocate in let's go now to Brody with the jobs or job let's look at this morning. Okay. A Mattel is called the so be it. Well on what he says I know from what I thought I'd let you call the show before I heard your voice our Albert Albert is the first time. Yeah okay pleased to. And I'll quote board carpenter. Are probably okay 61 that's up. It's to go ahead please the floor is yours okay so what are on record apparently imports here. Here dependent on past. All with what it weaker or thirty years ago cardinal says relax yeah he's the lead treats gronkowski. And can be subconsciously. About it thank you John thank you. More. Spot. While bubble hey you're on seem like just yesterday morning at one. What I moon you're gonna go down to Suzanne and play as many days into it and you're good on this boy can salon dot this morning. And I wrote down the song. Just can't remember who loses and it too. See if I have seed Reyes done heroin and bang Kyle is seen though on the task of rhetoric and Brandon. And I always CU's. The news not a good sign that isn't it that's a gradual they have staggered. There's amount. Some writing going on right now in the Gaza Strip. Should send James tale that's what Kerry did when there was mature violence in Paris he got his status changed healer. If you risk your life to save erratic you are a freaking idiot. In the video it's gone viral hit the scene at some moron gets out of his. On the highway in California if you haven't heard. The wildfires whose and they made a big announcement a few minutes ago yet 5% contained so the making progress. A guy gets out of those cuts and runs afterward rampant. It's like going to be burned up migrants have rapid I hate to break the guy but. Is probably been 101000 rabbits who died in this fire already. He said one he's he did with a I just appreciated is it was do or one off what they did my thing for our national my voice of a better mics in Connecticut they might look a real artist. Morgan's earnings and here I here's here's why had all these late race baiting people late Google body and Janelle hail. I mean what they do is also they're trying to generalized statement as opposed to late looking at specific incident. They call out racism in his arguments. Are number. When when you sit there and you do is right zednik incident quite counterattacked argument. And all the and they become yoga angry guy is actually ridiculous I mean why why do they continue this narrative that often the most racist city in America. I'll tell you why Michael would want it takes about five million dollars a year that's why to Mel hill makes about two million a year and Reza mas a rowdy. That's why Dan Webb retired who show sucks you talked about people's second in three mediums in laboratory at least three days and wholesale fortune it is and mindless while lay Z. Pandering and they do wouldn't be as. I mean you look look look where will LeBron tough and California were discussing some Ethiopian VMware on his house. You know you have to watch right out there you have right. You know nobody nobody don't know probably nobody paid out will probably stop it nobody pays outlaws. A lot so riots of any of that abroad helps stop doing something good that acts all the Auburn or go to your so so we're saying is somebody something to begin the process yes and then called 91 once reported. In the time the police came to the house they covered it up. Yeah the winner of the I want her crime itself no I wanted and I can totally see that epic a member of the staff washed it off. It didn't happen there our guys as a student let's just at fair seat when you had promised when you make comments like that that's performances of trouble. Packers stumbled look at you in a certain if somebody thinks I'm a racist they're welcome I think that the wrong when you become I used an anchor Daryn you make your commentary that that's why people think you all are switcher actually now. I don't care I mean I don't but it just I mean why so it's an okay then why did not believe summit is exactly common sense. It's really paid that you're looking for some OK let's say that somebody. Do this want your Jewish guy. White Jewish what they're simply put the swastika. Painted house would you call police. Yes I there obviously hits all of saying yes not to say yes I'll go right gas in the eleven minutes it would take the always busy Sudbury police to get your house and get better but today covering up in about construction picked up the crimes. Court no I would not and I don't have a stat I don't have people who are somebody who's not photographed nobody took a photograph of does this have just what you would like to believe that what why do you believe what purpose would it be to say that the Edwards was paced on news. Paid on the very day he wants to the list of racial hopes to bring in publics attention hoax hate like LeBron needs attention was LeBron wasn't him didn't do. The culprit is out so well and I. Me but it was a silly how did you hear the uproar air force academy. Two months ago when there was a racial incident vandalism on black guys don't write. And it was a big deal the comment on to win every column made this real stirring speech against racism. And lots of people knew there was probably a hoax it was done by that guy who was in trouble who was struggling in this class didn't want to lose homework it's this a million of these. Hopes hate crimes. It happens to be. The two all the evidence close find is that station when that case what's the motivation with a LeBron it's this is attentions is still the Gary knows this make any sense nobody would do that. We recovered. Course not choking of course. Aren't let's go to work Josh now Josh and I mean it's nine you're right I thought awaited political side that's that's Jericho we get back Josh what's happened the bucket. I used one of your whole comment quote. A key to lead history ending the man that held down someone beat him. Whitney engine of his life with his mom. And it is quite happily that bad history played into his judgment with the NFL. Not that history but he did the same file with the same guy stole the chain off the same guy. Yeah of course but I'm ashamed to. Until now at least published well before the game but immediately be all of that also have to play into his judgment from the NFL and a lot of making horrible comment about. Michael and Michael in that interview yesterday. Season and cap it off until the point we're that circle jerks detonate an Italian appeared they are friendship. I'd destroy destroyed the interview took all your right Josh all the life out of the interview Mike and Mike park to all the life out of the end you all of it took me to act immediately to I don't know anybody says. He's being reasonable does that which include Joes are bottle. And people of mansions are by no problem with a single point that I hear that if times are on the ice and Sunnis from Jerry's and off here. Our two week suspension for sabotaging your own show for destroying erosion a great all Kirk all the tech I think. Now time we have power alone and I'm you know this gentleman Michael I friendship. Anyone who and a jump in and a little thing up I don't blame. Now pull myself up during. Yeah this okay we won't. We were girls tomorrow it's fine voice feeling better. It is pretty good eye on the first time. I'm my dad to be down Jersey Shore up there we go at him while I'm down hey my hand held my hand just to see America for the first. Several times through my dad's death and forced Obama planted those tomatoes and realized I go cheat on my taxes on eleven was a tragedy in his widow was very upset the Germans used on the elliptical. I need to consult people dreamed of fairways. I was in the shoot out with after. Its face not true wife same exact chastised. A true love mind when we get back. I'm Kurtz in two good mood I think. I think we should placed some from the globe's. Again these storms out with a hell by the size almost go diminished at all additional playing unions Bradford and miles on what penalties. It's fine it's up to today which is he's our guest well while you're going to protect where competitors strike Tang Wei we did this competitor all morning and a competitor if I mean I'm a morning Saint Louis knocked out went over to Carlson MacKenzie and made the pierce who have that we get back and we'll push Kirk over the edge will place and so on from the globe. We return with more of course in challenge. It's on Sports Radio WEEI. Why is he walked in here this morning. If you have to bash at Europe prior party picture thing in the Maynard Saturday I'm having a five K. From my foundation here intently. What should go to the brewery yeah it was at the bit at the burden of it yeah yeah but it kept around I don't know that's part. Yes that night and how do you know about that I'm in a cast well. I'm glad you what are you working on other going to be ending came on my show it why would that whoever they care about that yet militants are much better than talk race all right. I needed a break right. Yeah. So what I thought I. Hit you I mean I business that's Gary Tang Wei appearing on the competitive radio station while we're on the air. We were a break he ran out and to hold them on the end during our show that they are much more on the we what's fun. And I fundamentally. I had fun but it's in it's it's this is a very heavy studio. Well we've laughed when he was joined on stage we have but it's always gonna exhibit EU we addicts it's always a yuck facts OK so what traits in Hillary and always yuck fest. I Iditarod Hillman now laughs I had a good time down that again you're welcome to go there's much like they want I don't think they want at me while I don't know it the next job won't girl I think they feel threatened. What do you promoting anyway. Firefly fan when I edited television show called castle rock you the name of the show again that was like the producer now. I know that's it is a film caught us from that from that town. Yes which are almost anything books and has a population of all the Steven king of Christ the sorties into a TV series all Steve Gaines a great writer I'm sorry Iran is currently president to read a look at this is spotlighted and tried to juicy Spacek Adrian 112263. It's awesome awesome awesome it's some ten million page reads what's different agencies and HBO with Franco it was Hulu. Is that who goes not great Margaret books he's a great read his book about writing on writing this it's Gilbert gets good. No really it's okay on Angel rhetoric he's a great exodus is he's a great story tellers agree you're nervous you're looking face for no. I'm not really had an ice ahead razor. Or the one about the disease. The strain yes sir and I like them that's a boring. You know the rewrote you'll Josh thank you want to remind me. Now here's our Shawshank redemption all of the credit great storytellers and great run at castle rock and PB page Gardner who is I know on I don't writing it's it's typewritten and we don't know and he's this he's a great storyteller you're right he tell stories and what is he really is a great writer but right regrets for. This is at least as it tests I do yes I do an apology sixty threes a great regular voice it is a grip and he directs voice collective works of America kick past ten years is too great and you know what it got a great review in New York Times when did it. But that course my reading every morning. What's your great reader you are the good reader and everything while he's running. He reads yeah I thought I was second that we should read mom drive. Or you can and I have had people do. I decision like the words come across the screen there and she would that be great credit card with a good podcast is they'll. I don't know I don't know we could put. How about like you and I never I could original book on tape ever I lost I have usually lasts average power yes my other writers have a glass shower elected the words come across the glass like in the future teachers are moving out FiOS if you got the newspaper like the day's news come over the screen grab of the show and Canon. You can beaches have been put a monitor a waterproof monitors in your road chatter. It's just a you know the guy would say he's here's how it out just how army and the way to relinquish our performance and they'll always think I'd like to read in the shower. I like to read everywhere is or will be on audio books. Anyway you tell us your choice that you wanna play yes physical obese or. Hum this morning when I was right virtuous or Bradford inaugural week's. Can we do both through time to do ball I want Ogilvy. While we've affable shot a potent to show so might ways of solution and we do globes that's difficult we stuff radio telling your race. Good. Yes wherever crashed the globally at long last had given up by the notable progress has long enough knows plaintiffs said the reason you do wanna play as he would depressed when you're doing better to its political besides. The delay and they go to the jets says that when that there's only its Atlanta hold against the chargers. Bye week at Denver and Mexico City is inoperable but that's not funny that's not where would the funny car let's go miss it it's been rambling old man XP. Think Larry can be. Yes 46000 times opponent and did Larry King doesn't look good afraid when his Larry King ever what are you afraid of improvement area is the end. There is really I wouldn't care and leave it took I counted it took him after the first that's Jim Nabors data to twelve minutes between how much you like your neighbor's twelve minutes I was friends engineered versions husband. My name is gay. Donors hi. Well I like there was no hey you know I'm like oh Alex in names does seem it was empty suits for the great voiced no. Yeah and now. Policing every year the Indianapolis 500 what was via. Alone my god bless America no country almost a scenario Kentucky home now that's an Indian apple Politico is gonna dress all right guys play a green apple political it's what I got his autograph now series play or starting what it would start to percent of courses jostle you use little -- which part would you like figured there. I love assault upon what I wish on a shooting and no not going to Sullivan Canon chancellor was slipping while putting yourself. Geithner. Himself and. It's I. I'm just what will stop stop stop you have to take your GO a couple of Jeter is fine. There was a hundred people who take care of them but yeah Regina needed help or amateur just all of it was the right guy. I imagine you did you could have been nicer Jeter's agreement. Right but I feel you should be a sixty minutes you might we are watching their lives and NBC sports Austin and I think you while I section harass people you'll fit in you that you relate to my good arms right. My boss sure go right just. Yeah we will tweeted the picture Larry King. Why can't hold of the stick myself sick if someone got hold formal as they protect its hair cut every day and that's benefited too. Could he looks so bad so old so decrepit I don't blame his wife for a fool around people learn to I have not heard this relic in Bradford had a fight. Yet in the in the in the crux of the wise if I'm wrong you know the crux of it was. He wrote the course story which is not an interest in us. And Brett were to meet relic broke the course toward a quorum getting drunk and would love to repent and then and then Bradford immediately using antenna when that kind of protect. Right right and he did is Matt Matt Ryan interior concurrent OK so. They frame of this last night on the pot social and emotional state out of the way much fresh off sexually harassing women yes army right okay well at these guys what's your answer some of these. Threes so the headline was. It browse the downplays. Report our story about Alice core argument that there was Obama has the running pool going rob with another B writer how quick you were gonna try to downplay hoopla. Oh and you literally putting at what you put in Astoria and was that you said this is more than just about turn on music but that was in the story that was the story. So wait no second fiddle tells the story behind this seem like an ocean OK though so yours by so don't quite well was what if that's what business. The way that it was portrayed about this price acts thing. About the next price tag thing which indicated they did not go well well for nearly as journalists certainly certainly organization. With push him out all day yesterday like that left to go legal bullet on what I elastic and right okay for the right things that I'm gonna stick to 12. So if you're gonna go the plane I recently had this like that when we have been mentioned in the storm right. It. Here's what is that says before and isn't like he's a friend of mine in this is why different the Michael Hawley guess I don't care my friends don't like me sometimes. Rob sounds like somebody who's defending his brothers' father east and I heard Alex Cora there because he's been on the Brad social and their close in drug court historic for the was and it seemed okay. The court was wrong for America corps seeing interest she got a battle somebody in the in in rob wants to just because socket if you want to sort of go way. Right on that's not my guess not a good look at that we cannot be Jewish and this astle what I miss forty minutes now is it just eased out of nothing story. Bob had that story would've written. I'll score would have written your caddie I don't know any basis other Demi would of wrote that he wrote it. You're I don't to 41 on reading writing nothing but I do deferred fuel imports does. Are we gonna miss August aims. He should she retire she off yourself yeah I was when he's just a young 23. You know line. Because she said she wouldn't have sex with gay porn stars of Russian television that you get harassed heckled you know he believed. And that pushed her over the ocean Nova Scotia saves replacement for us from among you you think might be related. Could be she's looks great in some of the pictures are active social media pitchers a partial not anymore she's done but I don't remember singer. I must've seen her she'd like on basic idea that a lot of films that's beyond from eight point three pointers to young to swim in the distance like six years like Brady eleven gold for you know that holds a comfortable around while I have thank you actually remember seeing and dog I've seen a social media and I'm familiar with the work on screen she looks great on social yeah artist Alitalia. Picks as a result she committed suicide it's terrible I'm I'm with a confirmed it was suicide and they confirmed that assumes that's an artist's. Artists sport gratuity or two into the Bradford drove. No neither Clinton probably got a stomach Brenda you tan an exact cause of death remains unknown I'd do anything I do just advice to my good friend Brad phone that's bad look as. What drew a reported is not the core is logged in and Italy and kids are so doing drugs. In a buzz on a unified on the bus I I kind of liked him after I cities fiery you know he's passionate. While say August ID visuals of bad look prolific. I'm saying that on the movies a lot looking inner two door page 290. That's important is only 23 that's like a hundred a year but did they lose there's no movies why isn't he was an enemy movies that's a good point. You know sure Spielberg quit every three years. It was quick push ups or whichever rob her real name is Mercedes group Boesky. Which it Mercedes teammates eighties he received August then August terrible it wouldn't name a few indicate obviously did something wrong with you. Aaron Betsy Wright that Aaron the ball that that's got it apparent that I could do you in total ratings. We return with more of course can challenge. It's on Sports Radio W we. Yeah. Yeah. But it was he should be cranked to do every seller or a moment. We'll it was good to have you back Kurt thank you Jerry how much Roby. Tomorrow we shall promises. Today today's a gift from as a human yeah. I would say keep the ladies away tomorrow because Mike and if he's in the building if they do that right now you have like grab your crotch when a drug use. I think you rigs. I can't wait that means we get to play these. Theme to the macho we play him as he underrated as we talk to occurs much drops are fair sneaky good they are really you know like he speaks clearly he doesn't stupid and I am forced slavery. And that's fine. And Eliza hall hammer will remember the Clinton I remember. This is a member of the Klan they are there yeah. Hustled human begun with a undone by the way out of obligation scary. Yet castle rock over it until tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock with my minutes why it's. Hostage taker. May get it it's easy to be I think the but if you really wanted to topple. The probably happened behind the.