K&C - Kirk exposes Kevin Cullen; Marathon hero refutes Cullen's reporting 4-19-18

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, April 19th
Hour 3: Kirk exposes the shoddy journalism of longtime Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen. 

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Skirt and Callahan. With Kurt committee ahead. And Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. Does not tell yesterday that when you open for the show you music. Well you know right it was a charge amid charges music sounds shelves the way it goes. You are okay you're turns everything I want to Youngstown desperation has its people love that clearly works for an open notice I think it doesn't make sense that it would believe me I know what was I mean tweets. We're going to do this very soon right around 8:30 and I am telling you I've read text that you wouldn't believe they were plunging forward. Are what Kevin column Boston Globe misses you ready for this Curtis and I am good. I didn't think he should teaser Souza for it might get sabotaged. Good instinct is usual I was wrong but I think we're gonna get there of who knows one more break in between. In the time. Here's a hint if I'm not here you know that we can I'm leaving that these were you say goodbye please I don't know element a lead the business Celtic Mikey I got my five and an early preview game four tonight Raikkonen absolutely are you guys could disagree and start times for baseball games of passionate stuff but I'll say this the last thing on that Annan Annan and when they know now almost like ten minutes you market Ugoh. Solitaire and it's Jerry Jerry I like short minutes short and it's segment it's and so we know it's I don't care. They'll put global regulatory and they are right that's current record is like it's awesome. I loved it. Yes when you're at different money that followed. On until last night. We found a republic is wife Erin guys shoot 67 no one wants grocery. She's been sick for wide and no one knew no one knew which I kind of like you know companies the reason that you know make a thing. And so that the car. Traversing many controversies after the game teachers here chip the seizure Alley before she CBS right. Yes talk to LeBron James at the Cleveland game. And asked him about Popovich whose wife passing away and he acted like it did the the the the understanding would be like he had no idea he was shocked he was he he actually pause togethers fonts. He spoke for a minute and twenty it was he said all the right things of earnest young appeared to be. Affected by activity sent his condolences to Bob which allowed. Immediately. On Twitter and probably other places on TV the reaction was held a force ambushed. You don't hit a guy apotheker had a question right out of the blue after a game. Maybe he's like us maybe had no idea here. Of just wiped the saturate some idea but yet but yeah maybe maybe but then attached we are right away clay Travis had a video. When they were taught credits that she should never done right much I mean our news news is the news flash she didn't bite she should she tipped him off before. I would say from the critical and in my whole thing she believed we could play LeBron to answer I do believe you could find out. Ninety seconds before she'll be emotional national debt I mean that's but he I didn't put on a little bit of her performance. Against us I mean I mean. Might blame is with her she should sit LeBron on camera LeBron we just spoke before a vote put all of which is wife dying last night. I talked about this before thirty seconds culture is still working through given thought about it right then you're done yes you're right she could've they'll send. She is they're not believe it or not. People read his lips. On the video afterwards and he's currently in right. He clearly was told by Ireland before she didn't say afterwards and so I told went all the she looked bad this should look at him most of she did not. I don't care either way also rusher journalist should be like. I don't care what the question should be telling the subject what they asked and I do think me and I think she had yeah yeah yeah this curtain on your I understand it's not news. The family your friends it's another coach but who appointed draw a line what if it was. Someone you know the market teammates sure to be with another I was like like Isiah thomas' sister yet not I don't ambush you go with that kind of news centuries the obvious I was when he's expected to talk about the game but LeBron has taken some heat for this and so some people say he's acting when his acting. So I think if you legitimately upset about it but he does say he does look like he just found we did just find out I'm a third executives at war he was he didn't know. But but that's fine he he doesn't blame her she everybody in cheating everybody proforma for the cameras outweigh the question and answer. Out here. Crime during this game got really devastating news has learned that found that there and that's not an exit point yeah. Yeah closer pop situation would I want to say it was him. Okay. Hello mom. It's a tragedy that dome. No my best sources gold glove that I. First of all it says goes on a little later in his as long Paul's. And I don't know if you lose them trying to gather himself a front bashing is so I mean I'm not shy about saying it's it's it's such it like a shirt you know key from these people love to bash LeBron. Explosive situation you know what he doesn't even know that's the beauty it but he does know what he's supposed to us senator we just told me that his pit where he thought her. Here's the thing is what is he always knows what to say after a game about the game and right Doug crept through the team. Doesn't know what he's supposed to say your situation right and he's like well what's the proper thing be published literally stops and pauses later and thanks. Am I supposed to say very odd republic coach's game three now as a team that's tonight at 9:30 eastern and it should be earlier that night thirty's there's no doubt Richard Neer. I Aureus. That they shouldn't play it should play nearly 330 in the afternoon just choke him. It doesn't coach you can't coach you can't coach and look like a human some between of the permanent coach because he's so close the office this is now getting Smart kid we're. Now curse facets of some of these are close to currently not work that it is closed occurred when is that. I mean the warriors are up 20 I mean. It won a 58 games occur twice doesn't matter point nine intro wall movement brown I think Popovich. Would like to coach you'd like them no shortage and etiquette but you know here at this generation of restraint you cannot co creator you can blame is more to force them. Blame is I don't blame the force whether she could Wear the question better on the year she told mark here. She's doing it like it's pretend to which you can kill the quickest people what you didn't want him but but once you want him like that you kink on the air is or journals and pretend you didn't. You should say LeBron said he alerts I suggest I guess yes that's been around there's no controversy alright but I mean though that all four dollars trains like which way out of it and she was also been killed the same. He came and asked about this at all now about that situation. She she should have she did he handle it well do you support officially mystery that strikes me that this is mrs. unofficial beforehand that Smith. That's misspeak here and especially not when it LP friends died according to Mike Barnicle chuck Mitchell her journalistic work. No I don't put two columns criticizing anybody else's work journalistic you know I don't like tomorrow yup it's laid out all the way up stone house well at the evidence and see what you think coming up next on. Our front predict puppets coaches and yes and you'll. Do you think the worst of people. I respect saying it's the worst that's the worst you can't coach if you're a man balkanized human or how this congress opera in reality daughters whose daughter is going to be electric like he coached into. What are you know that's a must unknown she was on the brink Washington really sick for a long time and social Bruton was supposed to quit his job writing coach this year. Could take him thirty games often because you'd be good fighter like powerbook she wanted to and to do what it looked maybe but maybe that may be sure on record at that Matt and I guess that's that's totally personal. But who you talk about our perception of him or the public's perception of him. He coaches he's in his ass kissed he's gonna disastrous no question just kissed it he coaches players kissed yet your ticket to by the war and he'll perform the way he always performs for the cameras. But if he does it people and say he's not human he's not a humorous on the well and some can't coach a game on the night. That after his wife and I just kids grandkids and life you got to know I don't suppose it is such great care at least coach had no connection reality most puts you get a step and you've been in that situation. He stepped away tickets is how to you have to tell everyone else on the world's most of the afternoon everyone the world would. It's a precocious coaches and players and sports people are woody that it's free ticket Thursday. You're an expert. And until we hear you and exits are right. Knight call right now 6179310937. With a pair of tickets to Boston take on Tampa Bay. A week from Friday April 27 in the park past the Prudential Center garage or free ticket Thursday. Brought to our friends at town fair tire if she urgent care each were also qualifies for fifty dollar Red Sox. Teams sort gift card night caller right now 617931097. When tickets are free ticket Thursday after retire if he urgent care we come back. Things don't work out that we've been working on this. All the way to right now battling the management going back and forth text document central characters within the day of the bombing of the marathon Kevin Collins reporting I've long question. And now I don't more questions about his work it is. Is work run marathon is troubling we're gonna documented Foley beginning to end and take our time nice long segment. Stick around I am telling you I'm imploring you. To stick around you're not gonna believe which here next. Half our sold it through a useful to him. That you just a moment can plans for the weekend we out well. So. Are so we take our time here and tell little story it's been a little. Tell us the truth about some things that I have some questions about I've talked to a lot of people to go over reached a lot of people the globe is not. Worked out as well as I've. So Kevin Cullen. Which storage we start with first. Jerry Jones felt I was out with the day of the bombing itself the I was told the fifth anniversary if that was me it was OK you're going to do this again we wanna be topical this April 14 at least Saturday. Sunday. Okay five years later we still feels as Sunday's glow violence and a six cents. And and if this is what stars we read and said. I was there and what started with the part about us and we paid attention to true that's roots are and well I stay in his defense that. I have really read much now nor divide mean the difference between Marco and Colin has particles like must read yet. When you start reading. This guy stuff in the same questions. Sort talks what's been five years has really been five years. I happened upon a house fire recently Matta and the smell remind you abortions for five years ago and so many lost their lives and limbs and sense of security. I guess they'll pay Tuesday 2013 I can you heard god can hear whenever multiple fire engines are ambulances are racing to a scene like in paste it. When I'm around a campfire embers created certain sensation. Important note I just talked to Kevin Kolb who told me he was not there when the bombing. Just important note that just to give an idea. The arrived their hours later was not there when the bomb which we confirmed it was in off that yes we've multiple sources told us that he just confirm to me on the and Andy gets the whole story talked to a we ran into Jean Richard. Driving down Gallup boulevard you'll Cheney the open window or coupled with few months ago we said. In the cars calls her his talisman is he's too good luck charm and good luck to him and she waved back. He parked the old Dorchester parking lot began to weep so uses Jean Richard sort of as a prop is as good luck charm. That's kind of where you're starting with him just to give you an idea. And it is reporting. We should do next for I guess we should do was actually five years ago should do that for the data marathon itself. Five years ago and then we can get to the Paul Ryan podcast for you to Bob Ryan podcast we can do you have as well we get to the Irish times story. We get to some other stuff that's the BBC stuff. It is really really questionable so when he writes about the marathon bombing five years ago in that story apps we've writes about the Catholic somebody was there. He talks about seeing people after it happens knocking over barriers to talk to a blood spilling down the Boston Public Library talks votes seeing a runner. Fall down and remedial we've gotten older yes essentially have a lease on television and I think he saw that was that was on the cover sports illustrate the guy who fell down happened when the bombing happened correct so Kevin Cohen is saying he saw something now he tells me he wasn't there correct so we did sound like you're on TV TV later that's unprotected is characters just to be clear. So he wasn't there for any of that story is. Pictured and it's just such it's it's true that those things happen but you see people knocking down there is of course right now at 33 million stores once ray don't have that sort of legacy. Like have my hands we find that keep reprint that a Chris the story that so we have. And then he talks about the stories of the BBC BBC story. He writes as a writer for the boss to go from April 16 that year he writes to recap he writes a young boy mark Richard. Went on morals to treat to hug his dad who just finished the marathon that's bill Richard which never happened to Richard did not run a marathon. He reports. Mark Richard. Went back to the sidewalk after hugged his dad is bad finish the marathon this mark Richard dent came from outside the barriers which were there even then into Barack thirteen. Went and hugged his dad. And then I went back to two where he wound up losing his life but Richard then went through the finish line again and registered his time. I would say to this I ran marathons in Boston before that and after that. When the race is finished and you finish the tent across the finish line. You'd meet slugger white that it should come back out know she did you go you keep going you find him at the end one thing you also don't do this is not the 1982. Five K New Bedford you know register your time the Boston Marathon. There's something on your shoe and make our people don't know as you know mr. chip. As a trip for just about every race yet right but at this we're not talking and I too this is 2013 correct we are far past the point of in equations work. Short you know we're not there at that point so that's not that the first of all we're talking it's a we didn't on the race anyway. But even if he did this would have happened so bill Richard a big part chemical and is now. Making things up about a guy who did what race he may not if you are rushes out and run the race but I did not didn't run out into the street daughter in the race he's making up things that didn't happen about somebody who did run a race correct you that would never that this is a pattern here you makes it sound more dramatic you've been at the finish this. You do you see a lot of people from this even before the bombing run home run outs not before six him. Now it is that doesn't happen. He then talks about. Jane Richard and we had the sound from him with the BBC correct yes we should probably played this for now Jane Richard of course. And mark Richard tragic loss of life. Over his wife Denise was injured and Rudy endo Richard luckily not bad injured obviously mentally incredibly scarred. And Jane Richard lost a leg up on here's Kevin Cullen. Talking to the BBC as a Boston Globe reporter telling that story. Yeah. Roddick ours ours ours ours are sets this is April 16 correct doesn't bother me just give some context. Here is bill Richard talking about and I'd that your column to talk about the bomb attempt you know BBC yes and Jeanne Richard apple. Just cut off the phone. Not long ago with a young firefighters who are very concerned to vote. These young kid he's veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me what he saw that it was worse than anything sort of war zone. He carried. A young girl. Adam. Whose brother was killed at the scene. Pseudo father. Israelis today. And when I finish the race is young son. Well sidewalk. Because. It without Boris history does that. They went back on to decide what this father walked on the registers. And the bomb exploded. The boy was killed. His mother was severely injured. And the daughter of the girl. Went from the fire started shortly throughout. And carrier. Whatever. And I don't. Consider that we put it doesn't realize that would. He would actually assume. It will meet crawled out of legs. And since his knees trying to find their way through that he could find. I'm gonna pay again this is where it gets into from. Journalistic malfeasance to just I would say disgraceful and I'm just gonna say this score is by talk of four Borges. None of that stuff other than portraying Richard losing her leg Kevin Collins good luck charm. Losing her leg. They depart none of those things that number it's happened. His friend Sean who uses later by the way as well we'll get to that his firefighter friend Sean was not the person. Who rescued safe RB CJ Rich's life that's Matt Paterson cracked. As Matt Paterson Matt Paterson Elijah spoke to Kristin earlier as well despite news stories about them and as you said to be they found me it was a picture I didn't go looking for global publicity they found me. He sought he's not duty firefighter from windows of the marathon that they at the finish line. He saw it happen Jane Richard he climbed over. He carried her with a friend of his it was not a shock easily meaning Sean he's never spoken Kevin columns like this man. Pat Patterson carry Jean Richard. From picking her up and by the way and it's pretty good give away. When he says it is this firefighter friends. Didn't know until the end she lost a leg he said this guy spoke to said here in the rescue business woes firefighter AT&T. The first thing you know has blood gushing like crazy right. He said it's yeah I remember having several of the smells were she was wearing a murder right away I carried her. All the way through the ambulance I putter down there was no crawling none of that going on no cinematic scene the Kevin Cullen. A described through tears there that is all 100%. Fiction not true. That is amazing because he's not just typing those words he's. Acting them out that is a dramatic performance. Which is. Almost entirely made about the Boston because I doubt about it a poor little eight year old girl who lost a lacklustre likable only has been devastated brother and my way I'd always talking about. How he knows the dad. Because he's an insane ran the race he would rather he doesn't so well. If you agree and human race which was I made that up tremendous friend of his who have been aware that he read for the first such as that. If you president over the four months of training the whole thing if your friends of the guy you're gonna know he did note and she made this op he made this up and less is guy Sean. Is lying to which again if that's true again where the globe editors that whole thing to this is the entire. In higher situation this just focus on marathon mommy's companies to pick through. Through Colin stories all day long trust me and him working on for the past 72 hours this to meet is on the lead global select smoltz spoke Paterson. I said that's it you know Kevin Cullen said never spoken the chemical in my life and even though that once into the last minute thirty seconds ago. That's talking pitcher a guy who wanted so badly be part of this. You want insert himself as a character into the greatest tragedy in in history to sit right up there if he felt like he had to be part of it. He wrote the story too by the way in the Irish time and time yesterday and so all he's got more details more dramatic DT I think and to be honest with it. It's it's when you write them tortures tax act from hotel as an actress wife Jessica have a step Pakistan but this outlook of the story addicts want to call my notes so confused. So the way he writes it did today at about the bombing itself the only rights. I mean so he writes if you just admitted to me he was not there globe sources told us he was meant that he writes. It was alternately poignant horrifying to watch his first responders frantically pulled metal barriers in the flag there's so many different countries down at the Boston street and desperate rush. To get to the dead and injured on the sidewalk. What measure I guess is it reader lets you could say you watched on TV one in right because it wouldn't. You can work did you get that sense no he wants you think he was there smelling busting blood pooled on the sidewalk across the bus Boston public libraries have is severed members. Limbs lay amid the bruised and played the standard ears ringing. Their ears bleeding. After initial explosion runners crane their next for the blast site. Twelve seconds later a second explosion further boy Austin. It was pandemonium. I saw an older runner wearing high rise pink socks about the cross the finish line he was knocked to the ground. Running up closest tree toward the second explosion in an instant so many lives change summit ended the telephone lines burned. Everyone's trying to figure out who and why the cops I talked to were shaking their heads could be. That is written again I saw an old the runner was pandemonium that is not written by somebody who claims not to be there. Older run would be the guy on the covers whistles were also. Bill Gifford. I'm afraid that's correct it's written by some color socks is bill got in on the action or mr. or purple. Is is there is there anything there this suggests he wasn't there there it is not his edge on the contrary it is designed to make you believe. To convince you that he was on the scene because he was upset that he wasn't there you don't get everything Kevin Collin like sometimes you're not their free rein to marathon bombing and good about fine reporting after. Immediate short their but instead you make things up. You mix things up boat. Jean Richard situation even a mark Richards situation questions about our time to get to that as well right green and di tale about its French help them. Treating. And Maarten ball Richard it treating Jane Wright. I missing any big pickers. No I just think the biggest aspect of this is that he. Matt Paterson said to me and he was well I believe that. Everything he said to the BBC that it was without unusual calls on untrue and a persona this horrific horrific. Incident that happened the Richard Bentley and he made himself the star of the story as if you were first in the air reporting. When gunfire and shot to drop. The child exists. I don't know La Hoya still a lot of friends. You know firefighters cops. Who don't have last names but I. Yeah yeah I knew the father who. Didn't run the race only hear from you guys as well I mean much at demean this is the worst. Jason journalism I've ever seen worse than Barnicle when he worst the border is ever in the C Boerse and Blair were some Smith. Ever in the city of Boston ever disguised put himself in insert himself in the vote is a character. Into a tragedy. Because who wants seem more like a reporter 6177797937. We have more trust me we have more. We'll get that we get back away from you guys in the skies were on this clown Kevin Cullen will will also play sound from the Ryan podcast sequel I'm very good you can hear how comes. Kevin's who test dealt with. 6177797937. And I would focus if you really are insulted again. You know this is a guy writes for the Boston Globe Comas for the Boston Globe. If we get our work Chris Curtis Schneider work for a couple of days we got this we found this was other examples as well what little Boston Globe Google this guy how do you feel about the guy. Is great tragedy inserting himself as a character 6177797937. More and Kevin all we get back. You know the father and Israelis today. Come and finish the races young sons. This side or. To a notorious history and his dad. Anyway back on to decide what has filed a walk ons are registered. And the bomb exploded and boy was killed. A mother was severely injured and oh. My friend firefighter shot in Durham. You honestly it makes you just bombing and it may be principal Richard throwing known whatever. But boy this is yes. Now again is who propped in Richard which is so disgusting talisman. What it tickles his friend bill Richard didn't run the races. And a day later he's still the note. Right. Yeah correct in the immediate human he writes a story for the Irish times he then nearly eliminates the gene Richard Sean story line. But shot just stories Sean discovers Martin Sean the firefighters now not just not you can carry. Neil down over mark Richard in new views on social on the firefighter his belt once stories now moved on from Jane Richard. You know dude justice this this rugged firefighter who was muscular and imposing. Stop to regain his composure. Is lower lip quiver in here fell from ion. And smudge my notebook Jesus Christ. Now what this a couple of Paris before the globe agreed stuff was the Irish times I know but to then but it doesn't matters right critical piece positions of the globe and we party picked rubber stuff from the globe. Here's a deeply balked at the same stores welcome the stairs of his friend Ed Ed Kelly fired here's a deal and says stop before we went upstairs. They don't want their names in the paper ballot he singled out all. The union and works out well makes a lot of heroes who don't want their names in the paper it's a couple of calls before it was said that bought the Bob right out of the BBC sound right there's the and you're done. If you just tuned in we just walked you through Kevin Collin. Incredibly. Incredibly. What's the word report shot he's not right is shoddy suggestions deceitful this case he just put aids he cooked stuff up and put said he is the Boston Marathon he was not. In in told you know things were true about a guy a firefighter carrying Jean Richard. And marred Richard looking for and looking for a leg in his decision he shells at the marathon bombing acting when he was in fair. Chemical and if you watch if you say goes and ask yourself a simple question now should we shattered Glass-Steagall glass story of his son a movie or not. Where they wanna believe when it happens they first Boston first find the first story. One of his friends once a week it's nicely incident. And the other looks better after a step away for a second forget we know the guy. How even got one day he did that they just stopped. It now or before I was finally we've done it we've done a fourth we noticed quite the globe knows better than I mean they were tipped off the article years so why would they finally dump them so I spoke to be assistant editor of the metro section hang on collars called section. Called him yesterday Kohl's comments and ratings and calls to me if I'm. And I said how does that work with chemical and you've read his stories what's the process and the guy said to me I don't really know when he put you in touch atmosphere. Supervisory hated me and hung up on me right away he said I don't really know. I spoke to colonize some sort of thirty and I want to know what that could you did you speak to Kevin Cullen I was sitting here witnessed it gives you make an up did not make it a million isn't. Although I sort cry here. But you're a call from my journalists yet that's what can Rivera schedule right now. And I said to Kevin to say you know were about to go on here and tell the story that the bombing and he said we it was nice to see. As a note the bombing itself for you there when it happened so I was there a couple hours later I was in their time. That's it okay some questions about discussion on the firefighter. I spoke to map Paterson said I really can't touch and I go. By the way Joan Hart would be to get from somewhere else wherever you live the data marathon finish line an hour or two later. On that would be a big if and the benefits out next to impossible I'll give him two hours. I'll give him a play that game give into it just let you walk through to under the finish clothes were tragic whether he's gonna press the credential bodies recovered a penalty I'll give him two hours but. But that doesn't matter. He writes that the next day in the in in the globe as if he was there there's no way getting around that it is always get around the fact that he's wrong. But this guy Sean made up in his own voice that BBC said that so damning it in the right stuff might be worse we'll play as well we'll get to that ballistics of calls to talk color crests. In South Boston hey Chris taller. I'm doing all right very good. One most reprehensible. Stories that occurred in electrical problem. He was friends with Ned Yost I mean I agree that this that the more you hear yes it's not that that's a good. I was general manager former restaurant at the time. Yes we're. Where the Richard's family was in the Norton Brothers and a lot of other people Heather out it was coming their commitment friend who has bartender that today. And when I hear these things you know. It takes away so much from. You know The Bus Boys the bartenders. Wait staff who were doing so much that day to help so many different people. And then this. Unbelievable. Jerk. In puts himself and that whole thing and it just it makes mice. We saw we saw were you that Chris. Well yeah and we do a good did you hurt. I did not now I would let the back of the restaurant when that happens we had. Two enters its foundation was basically on our patio so. A lot of there and board members and Stanley's or waiting for the runners to come back restaurant where the app so. Like you know as as the first one went off at one move up to the front of the patio so look to see what happened when the second one month off. So I mean. And it shows that. And it's a lot from the you know I was a forty year old man at the time but I think about all the kids that works for me that today and everything that they've gone through. And then to hear this story come out it is just that it's. Why talk to I talked to a pace for a talkative. This map Paterson that's been alligators and Matt patch and copies of yes and we get a story in neck and given yet there'll story of that Matt from Clinton back from a when fireman he's you know military he's a veteran really nice to talk to for a few minutes. And Nicky says this is a guy Colin wants and in inject himself in the story discuss that people found me you know I don't wanna talk about he talked to me about it and this a guy who went over. Took care Jane Richard carrier in there you know even though it was in you know the army that was going on he just witnessed these two bombs. He's just like do it's what I do you make himself out to be dispute bureau in guys like Paul and I think you know the stolen ballot thing they just can't except that they're not heroic. But sometimes you're not gonna be a journalist who Daryn that spot. Him and he's just that's awake and is owned by O Globo website. Kevin Cullen and it's written by him cause he says he used in the first person. At the beginning of it. And he says he was part of blow. The team that won a Pulitzer Prize and O part of the team awarded the Pulitzer for breaking news coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings. He was part part of the breaking news is not a party continuing used different totally different part totally different part he's taking again on his -- by or more credit for. Problem he didn't do iris. What they met Paterson said to me what's certain is that. He remembered every conversation you had that day and you remember telling people it's everything you train for and what you pray you never have to see that day and that that's what it's. It is pretty good crawl around them as he did diesel Santorum was never heard of columnists like he had never spoken again and is he said. You know Google played excellent sound trust me again and again that BBC's them. The idea that he trained. Firefighters EMT person summons rut would know that laid it in. Compromise is what scenes you because as you know till the end and again it's somebody who was not there. Column is not their bodily nor was a particular firefighters and a firefighter may have been their for our Richard crawling in the way verified it seems awfully coincidental. I was tucked Erica the car what's up Eric. It either died or been fired yet. Two big question now that we know we I've reached out to Brian gore who's an I would not call friend several times here. And not her response we will continue to reach out of the globe I would but added that ask people and social media be confined to Gore's toward account or the globes were account numbers asking you you feared reaches the globe if you like the global product globe. You have to be disgusted by this particular individual. And I'll be curious fascinated to see with the with the watchdogs in the city you can see why this one there's one there's one watchdog right now. Six foot 375. Pounds of muscle he's got a six handicap. It hits the ball as far as the days long Kirk Seamus meaning there's where where's everybody else it took me Chris Curtis Chris Curtis no great mind. 24 hour we had help from one. Listener who is a fan of Bob runs podcast we'll play that sound as well we'll get to that Eric cereals you're a medical tent it says here. Yet we we were on the side of the medical tent when the bomb went off the first one. In the end we could smell it we could feel it. When we turned the corner we saw the finish line he conceded remnants of the bomb all the stuff in the year and then we then the second bomb went. It's smell like a house fire in Matta Penn. I never built a house fire met him but yet it probably blood. He's tasty embers in your mouth like Kevin Cullen the campfire. I can't fire. I'll let you know what upward for the longest time everytime I hear sirens. War here allowed bank it's brought me back. I get that Eric you were there I understand that that's understandable. Yeah bring him to go out yet second Ian. This guy needs to eat ago way I wanna be harder take back at nieman fellowship. Hulu harvest isn't even fellowship at Harvard. Let's recruit reach out to them as well Chris yes yes. Harvard Neiman things and everything political lords national book awards when you as you expect expect a better job ahead. It even fired by 10 o'clock this morning there's never a story that ever printed in the globe again that anyone can at any truck. So whether. I think rely on past that point and but this is the banks now I appreciate their banks and reach on time but this is I would say you may disagree. You've got you've got some will pay your heart god knows but this is top of the charts. But this enthusiastic about we will I don't I remember some of the Barnicle put jobs some of these. Plagiarism. Or. Not just plays and some stuff for me plagiarized royko. Embezzled but he also made stuff up like to cancer patients the black on the way when the name that's bad. It was made up as we're dramatic but this is. Stolen valor this there was people at the finish and we know some people who were there. Eric was there. Sean was there and Matt Paterson was there. And I want to be there so badly. It's gonna claiming was there so I'll be curious to see what an eagle what other calling that he think's gonna pull we should serve right he's trying to be a couple lines of personal get the two calls we get back 617779. 790% we get back recap averaged case she unions while half hour one or two lines over for the first time during missed on the way and I'm Kevin Collin. Who again made himself a character in the marathon bombing meet themselves shows the globe was that we were fake. That's true good point had to triple. Over here from the east and about it cause of the globe I'm more typical open if I was a journalist who does their job works part of the globe how outraged because it's embarrassing. Course and how how slow was his take them to learn. And he took article resolute today blog Rosalie columnist Patricia Smith was a featured columnist. And it's the same space Sally from U guys 617779793. Seven's morning if you guys in this couple lines open we get back and played BBC sound again Ebert definitely got Bob Heintz I got to hear it to believe you not believe this is we continue investigate this Kevin Collin. Journalism during the Boston.