K&C - Kirk flips out on management; Gerry and Mut do a segment with Kirk in the control room 6-13-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 3: Kirk flips out on his bosses and proceeds to sit a portion of a segment in the control room.

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Security. Just as a bunch of hogwash to land. You you do. These were written so you think this deal. He is dealing I was never in the words shows how much they loses out there I think we have to be your wounds. That the year. Phil there's no truth it's not front. With Kirk committee ahead to the Boston Red Sox have the best player in Major League Baseball on the roster. It's like it started here and talk about that coming up next let. No not you look at some of the numbers and I never know what to use his batting averages out in. I hate ambulance favored over RB I bought out I don't yeah what we receive. I'll take home runs RBIs batting average over open yesterday that everybody be safe tonight and say all right Gerry Callahan you have. Kirk they're letting him what is going on governed by fear like brought itself. The door open a month and I've made up of all I was told loads Zambrano now all flat piece of that'll let. What if Joseph citizen today pretty Smart if you looked at me or my partner per minute like it never end. Why don't Sports Radio W. That was my appearance yes you are still radio should find it online that they want scrub that. Keep it up. Our three of her Italian today our three yesterday I thought was great now we talked with the transgendered. Runners trying to stars track stars in Connecticut who were first and second stage 10200. And the controversy about that we each other opinions on the beat pretty much agreed on to the budget calls it was I thought are really good continue to do it. And we've continued to let him I have said in the past and we'll see now for my hand and Jeremy feels different. And management may feel different in insurers get this done dump anyway right I've no doubt Corsica dumped because we work for powered shows are Monroe program there is a coward. I'm mark cannon is also governed by fear people above them are governed by fear I am not anymore that I get trouble for that apps and we back on the air now. Yes I'm being honest here I'm being honest here what is your issue that you come and talk to you you're so afraid. That's it walk away walk away. Walk away that's how worker program or just walked in the the producers Booth and they just walked out because he's one why would he say. So come on welcome on air talk about it now we sitting there right now. He's got bigger issues than that I've seen them before they have bigger issues not to worry about. But he goes on there in his sits there and is now gonna stare and it is how it works now the station. The one person in the guts the one person is not afraid to get in trouble in trouble for this for telling the truth. Of a person who is trying to make our lives a living hell who rules who will sue us we'll battle losses to have done it to people whose lives with. It was a across street from people on the talent he tries a ruin their lives and try to ruin our lives and whether we do I'm in trouble for this is exactly how works. Every single time. Every single time. That's great awesome fantastic but that happened do whatever you want the so get this there's no way you guys hear this tomorrow. There's a person who has been trying to take our station down for the and talked and talked to no conclusion he just wants to get us in trouble because he likes the sport. That's it in sales people who work their asses office who meet me as much as you make fun of them their lives have been affected by this guy did Jimmy Fund. It's been affected by this guy. This is what he does he continues to do it instead of saying yesterday we're proud of Kirk we're proud of Jerry we support these guys have been number one for a year and a half. We're gonna play that because it shows why do the two best radio hosts in the city we're gonna play out our that our out. We're gonna back these guys up which has some dots in back these guys up where they do is they say. You know why he may get sounded great in misconstrued and send emails out to people out of context is that it is saying they're good. These guys are good they're good guys they work hard. They've gone to historic lights by the way but it transgender community radio perspective which I'm happy to do Matt Mason Dunn. Great guy we had a great conversation with him in the mom of the young cues transgendered. Very nice people had a great conversation. Have no wish is that not all none zero you know also is that. The guys going after us all that he knows that too we do PSAs happy to do what I have I have Mason Dunn on any time that the conversation. No problem. Nobody else would you. We do it when we get nothing for it. Instead he gets up that guy contacts set the people day after day after day after day I've had enough of it I am at my wit's end. Done we are done. Other shows can do whatever they want I don't yet I we make fun dale and I don't care what they do or don't it doesn't really matter to me when I care about is here and we are dot. Now yesterday was really good. In it upsets me to our station is not proud of instead embarrassed by. In the end and basically being governed Indian programs by this guy to me ease insanity. You either hop artifacts. We're you don't. Plain and simple I have really nothing else to say about other than that so people say are you watch threaten now now now we're back. Not to worry about that at all now we may get censored by them about is about things I would have said two months ago on the same now happy to say. I think it's. I think it's ridiculous. It's strange strange and high school students are allowed to run. Against girls I think that's ridiculous that's mean I think what they're going through isn't isn't isn't real. That they have terrible. Things that happened their lives a reason why they felt uncomfortable place to make that change I support that 1000%. But I don't think it makes sense to run. If you're a teenager. Born a boy gets a teenage girl and over that makes sense of the parents and that makes the most people think that makes sense if you're the censored that's. At this point the amount is just kick us out and bring in Hawaii and Wakefield and you show from 6% among even joking and at that point you might as well do. And our program picked me mad at me. The general management Matt can spend big and for a week two weeks three weeks amid the come back and see the exact same thing. Nothing is going to change nothing. We have to go right he should go. Did you senate. Unclear. Are our yesterday was very good I didn't think was a problem with a at all I think people think. This person's gonna take everything we said yesterday out of context and he probably will show what let them and they're just trying to make it more difficult for him it doesn't really means change and you know it's it does. Deprive people who listen online or listen on the out of hearing that it's too bad rags to benefit it was a good hour and agree do anything. Offensive or over the law. On did you hear my I listened to a majority of the hour now is. I'll listen yesterday you guys presented. Really strong back and forth argument between yourself and the callers on an issue. That is not easy to discuss and I listened with great interest because you guys were Smart on your good takes on it. Allison for 45 minutes that he took lots of calls the calls were holes are excellent and Algeria. Out of our FDR was absolutely fine in it's it's troubling with stuff like it happens but that's that's that's the place to work it now. For some reason we've allowed this guy to ruin rule in the has a history of doing this and we're going to be more than a podcast right people said. This guy has tried to ruin my life. Not me I'm seeing other people have said that if you decide to do that with us and we lead and you know pick up the phone today and call seventy people and send 300 emails and we'll say out on oh ideology not let's not do something because it's just I've had enough of it I've had enough. And I am I'm done I'm done I had to sit through this garbage for the last few months and now you to do it and I'm if it is all my end. Is over other people can play that game that's fine I'm not doing anymore we're done. I think lots of people are governed by fear it's it's the way lots of people operates it's a losing power loss Marty Walsh is losing philosophy. Without a doubt that's all the not everybody uses. Secures I don't care though on a hair OK the rich but I don't find him Madden talking about just you know. Professionally. There are people who. A feel for the jobs every day share. Again penalty especially in this biz okay VOA news is I told Jason wolf when he got fired. This is your fault for supporting Mike salt you're going to get fired eventually you wake up every hassles so once you fight the fight that's correct. Meet you win. It's a good question I'd be elicited dilemma they wrestle with every day and sometimes they make the right choice you know will dwarf and last a long time. He did he made the wrong choice that your at one point two and in this business and is the duo took on someone it's it's it's a scary time in history take every single one of these calls it to see every time we have talked about the assailed the fault lines are voting public take the calls eyes my guess. We live in a scary time in history. Where this can happen when they allowed to happen that's salt in it in honestly our company is almost as much to blame mrs. guy. In my previous it was a miscalculation from the beginning we said you know let's go to the sensitivity training lets me with this guy president Frederik I know process that you train and then it was never enough. That never wrapped correct and it never enough you right never enough we've talked to the guy you and I both times in a couple times and he doesn't want anything other than to screw with us. That's it he likes the fact. That that you know we had in mind the level of success in the tribes that people the sales department. And and our show are unified for once is Kris is that right and we all want this done and nobody's doing anything about it. So they go oh we've seen it at the corporate level. Every company is governed by fear to some extent yes and we do these stories we've done them like almost every Dana Kirk who people. A threatening boycotts are threatening. You know targeted for harassment that's a new thing in 2000 scene with social media and care and social communication frightening that's what you now do and sometimes you could bow to the pressure. And and you know so whoever gets fired and then other times were when Laura Ingraham they don't borrow they stand up. And they stick out practice and show some guts and she survived and I she's number one and I'm pretty sure. Most of all over advertises to come back yeah. And other times thing you know you get gas to get on to the wolves for mob. Yes you know between her mom it's not just Twitter the social media mom is a scary thing. Any real thing. And I'm not sure it's changing any time soon. All it's not it's not dead but it's only because you know again if if if he guides we initiative by the way this is why these guys have been number one this is a great segment was into battle I don't think the transgender community of an issue that segment yesterday. No one would mean they just come destructive dial I think there was some disagreement we had one lunatic who known. Was a guy and you call that lunatic right correctly you have no problem I think wants to raise its meat of the matter I'm okay and we like it you miss from the point. He's an upbeat view they're beaten these girls but people it's it's well worth the point now where you have missed as I said it it has said yesterday. With a point now where. There's a certain segment that make this guy who don't even want disagreed. Just healthy discourse that's all which will lead to I think productive stuff right at it saying you know what. Let's all pretend that nobody's upset about anything just push the stuff I was saying that about people criticizing us me because. It is right wing nuts and on that showed you love promptly go. He cinema meet. Occur criticize Tom more than any. And I don't think any show you could find much green gene don't criticize talk as much as we do on this show we disagree and we do that because we're open and discuss debate any Isaak the scariest time ever to scariest time to be in this business I'm literally sitting in looking at the programmer to watch me live as much respect for my next dull. Sitting here trying to be awake what is what is the point of that they're pretty Smart but he doesn't it pretends is going to try doesn't want to lose its in his defenseless Ghana I mean LY did their jobs also Dana tell works. I'll just work so much reveals that I'm gonna shoot somewhere else and make a place on either way in and he'll be you know some insurance what's the difference right by 617779. Seven that if she said we saw lines were loaded you know there are taking these calls call if you want all of these guys. He supporters calling in. In make like difficult for management gets to that's how we get success that's your way into the story oh start my constituent or technical protection what's the technical okay guide on which one technical I didn't. But that's a Mike. He had to go to. Our young to actually called in as I was drug from the airport down in Charlotte yesterday. Between eight and at a clock and I heard all conversation. And I thought it was great I appreciate the conversation. I'd listen to that effort he does have a conversation before I think whoever the sky is it's Iraq that you just for the sport of perhaps he was just such an idiot. But I heard or conversational like apps on listening to be out public and into the show on the act like purple conversation yesterday. On me out thanks Mike conversion rate and a couple weeks ago where it's like you know make a phone call and see if you can send some letters that what are what are we. And it just goes away I think we've learned that that's who preach a little long time ago that that's cute they're nice people market is nice guy. Just a bomb it was a nice but I mean it's public let's let's let's fight back here let's go that well meaning people. I understand that they won like this much. Or more as let's point out that's salespeople. Cost them money Jesus Christ they'll don't have as much money you do not know who does not order cars just don't have Verizon's mind point 617. 779. 79%. In his head coach the patriots who ordered something from annual breakfast and unity that we for the coaches were the I'd. Ordered mutton Kaliningrad. It's KUNC current and Callahan Sports Radio. What Paul wants. Hurt you repelled from the one of those cases. It's the modern Callahan chalk up. Like he's right now it is among talent shall the next hour and twenty minutes. It's Kircus you know. Obviously use these critics the could come back and putting integrated brand too and we just sat back and let him go when he was. On fire. And their room was appreciated it specially salespeople of people have been screwed he's Middleby campaign. We appreciated it was it was cool cool and ranting. But from a feast grew. Older and the brakes did not hear me now tweeting. Us. Palm put. You can tell me because I won't lose it put yeah we really nice view and Curtis okay. We really not allow hunt taking more calls on this underscore. So these calls on the line we can't take them. That's correct call all the right okay for coping all right perfect every little bowl level had a caller. Can't have anymore those. That is the edict. Kentucky do you think LeBron James coming to Boston give us call 61777. On 79 why isn't Larry Irving supporting his Celtic team right now. We why we already did that poker. Carrier ring. He's not not supporting carrier ring is just. Intentionally. Deliberately Wiegert is Wilkie bets the best player he is not why do you definitively at target two more bombs less than he is 23 home runs. My trump is far and away the best player based. Among outfielders its interest in not only does marquis jets lead in the outfield balloting. Ahead of might try out there and judge. It's 700. Won't let get to easily votes we can't deny that that's a debatable point you to this call us if we're allowed to. Because as before. Kirk occurred now we have Kirk in the in the Booth somewhere let us. I also that's yeah that's the new program director sitting down there and if he's imitate. And before. Kirk can explain to you all what happened to. Sound from yesterday yes. In full detail colorfully explains at all. We talked about Marty Walsh. Not only did you not condemn the people laid down a blocked traffic. He supported him he's a club regular these other group to do that again today if I wanted to exactly and that they shouldn't go works part to this they're going to do it again. They now know they won't get arrested the mayor won't even. Condemn them criticize them it is okay and Boston's who sits out in traffic so MMA this is what Marty and we've got lots of text some calls from people who were. Inconvenienced beyond that them in houses they were screwed over even get to work they can get to them. Appointments they had they'd get home have dinner with their families and Marty has no problem with that you may or back at this. Well we were allowed to assist. We're allowed to do this again and play your car Edwards Allison what's up edwards' public schools back in the Booth or Sarah little unsettling and no book we got rules to follow the original record standing today nothing. Keep talking about the will we will get calls were weren't allowed to take them we were told by the programs you're just would you send me. There is an edict that we can technicals. And we had lots of them in the cause we're perfectly reasonable. Ways some that we did note or talk whatever it was gonna take my side the support is overwhelming for use as always as always thank you. As always it's our sids could you believe you that big of a walk out there today at 10 o'clock I was hoping I was going to be a lock on the ten along but no chance or cancel that I think you ruined what code usually as usual your fine print Matty aboard the all star balloting. Yes hey coming up. I know I. A well said go ahead and made occasional I have to stay around to protect US wants from yourself. Psycho I get Thursday Friday office. I'm underachieving whether it's guys I am good what aside and let it lie without them. Guys. I'd be talking about this issue although it's right there about a hundred people my office weren't bad edit then nobody seem to care. Let's try no hold on hold on average in night Pete play people care. People in the media don't care Marty wants to secure the people like you ops are under order not to kick everybody's driving to work him back to work is that they don't the people that write down the pike course to match and they are normal commute from Boston don't wherever to Lexington or hand over Charles. It's like an hour and a half. And these magnets. Made it three out usable for sports. And they did because they're speaking a four port Obama make it illegal illegal. Absolutely. GAAP. And the cops watch them and do nothing because the mayor. Some want them to do about it that this I don't wanna go sit in traffic go do with what if someone runs them over I thought the last segment what's gonna take the cycle to financial what's what do number what the parameters can. Which 35 but he's highly count to three year deal. Probably 35315. Jimmy's is that Rick Nash trade like criticized the people are here I was right you're right about anything else you Russian and remember that Joey are more fighting today that can give you that as well what do we would do we let that we're talking to forget the had Edward. You know on banks is our am glad you guys be talking about it we saw them set up a boat the real disparity. Obama did these bonds walked up and I mean we say it would it. Font color so I suffered a good phone the could the globe by the way supports that just say you know on the business commute the globe thinks it's a wonderful thing that these. Bush should know the deal will make fun of them coming from us c'mon that's port number of raggedy old bags that's what most of my heart these slick old low eighties. To me not you know these protests too so they're confused as. It. And there you know with their freedom now and I notice I notice Kirk and no visa business people wouldn't. It won't come on talk about the protesters have had done or can talk a book called the check right. Or they also say you know let's not carefully caller called and they want to enter a three by 515 million ethical. The past. The pace that's the kind of thing you elegant trouble for the Pentagon all next week and we capital we can't afford to lose you don't get back low risk Tyler artist has to be training again because that coal which are pitching you think there's room which is spend 50000035. Year old Winger that's the asking yours. When numbers. Seventeen Alex. Pristine field before it's retired. Oh well I I. Don't know this for myself out there clock I enough what did you do with the break I look for the Porter under his office he wasn't there. I say amused tolerance where are trying to you know have his application somewhere and I walked around since they also sent this is if you try to figure out that book to be censored Elvis wanna read that way and then you know you notebooks. Open it Tom terrific in the summer. You and I agree on many things on this this we disagree. You don't care if you get fired say it'll no no no I enjoyed known unknown unknown unknown but you know you are willing to give it matters less to me if I get fired like if you got fired today you. Huge impact your life yes you know it's it's it's a moral. Are there you used the term government fear. I would much more of a majority of the great people are afraid to get fired that's a bad thing. That would be your boss yeah I lost I lost more jobs lost yet but my argument is taking this item on this is going to help them prevent acts. All depends what their boss thinks 'cause they all want answers to somebody okay for a great. But after awhile you really tweet this picture of Kirk in the control rooms there and I mean how I look at the next Mario. Current program good idea as a saltwater shirt a theory yet what is slaves and device trachsel war. Thoughts about it. Jessica salt water that is good for these summits Al knows tastier especially high streets eventually Brady of a gallon salt water day. To re told he drinks sell them sell these hydrates that. So so Curtis has taken calls were not allowed to have no. As that's a question of money every other minute how much was dawn to drive the 43 responses have been a good after I guess they know. That was intentional stupid but if you're listening online through listening in what scares sack and 43 you can tell that only technically how much right. And I was not a big media sources and really some bad I mean was that really bad rating it was super job to operate. Are incredibly. Great how much did you dump Kenny. On Islam and it does. With a name that's. So it was a Joe's office Stewart. For him he was always here before it partisan punch Deborah quietly coming here knowing that he didn't have his finger on the button in Asia baca got him. If the with the guys up hope all is something I don't know if not impossible. They don't know what we even talked about this on inside and I think now to a halt to decide what consists art and I show don't county. Guy he kicked publish a digital audio it's Gephardt has already in the back to don't go away apple will be front. We've seen you've don't respect your boss as much as you respect him next time I hold my next up in high regard for support. He Yasser perspective I would respect a great deal. You know I like joy but trust me not that's all I know you like that's why I think he should learn off a little bit. I laid off he's desperate as you know this is reeling off you know you're not gonna like. The next to dread that for the next on this side from another city let's talk to go 100 games. Yeah I'm sure you guys are don't you just don't mind. Do you much I miss it big no no did you Romania and yeah he's put it back and most house our votes notions to lose the guys after you think you're right. Jonas. And the U. When there's like eight in latest sports news story it's not relevant to Boston that happens during Intel's entry page and every right about Iraq or just go back to the guy from the last segment has to stymie document. Office would feel they are generally. That we were never gonna talk with any transgender issue every day. Which is saying this is. It's partly this is strategists say political issue locally it's the biggest political issue locally this fall ball for eight for yes yes but forgetting that. But the past that that was sent okay sure. Expect him since his we don't want you talking about the mayor and the president went right. Okay we've been through that I guess as I know for a fact 100 censored. You'll hate the next guy I've no doubt you hate public displays the current can we don't newspaper recant times I'd donate on my issues like him what's at. A piece failure against sun is not make fun my issues. A pox no I'm not it's not the suing pitched in about. Where else on talk that your thoughts seem. Some thoughts in the Red Sox but listed them for my action next selection tomorrow you'll be nervous there's the week as of right now Gerri tomorrow at the monetary monetary. It was a good reported a third on our hands tallies up my calendar that's a much Jerry's worse and my Jerry's much. Mark mark and Kerry the cut two months you have yet mutt and Jeff who is an old cartoon terrible cartoon during the drunk. What's Gerry Gerry and of commentaries the other important to him much in the mag. Hollis as the titans and a good show and now we get pictures in Internet history particularly yes or. No records show the next guy won't let us call him a monkey ball next time won't let us talk about. You know whose marital issues will be in the whole show. The ex hubby don't just go to the number thirty years you don't edict was too program directors are going got a new programs ignore disease to close. The morning chill in the control what Kevin even though he got that was his job he was successful and failed miserable we liked him. We liked about how he handled this whole situation is much I like Kevin who would you hide it is only as you would somebody over the it would simply units that he's gonna eyes. I think and then you don't give up but yeah it has become a bit. Surveying a cart. But ever so serve at thirty games. Yeah. And there was a point where other hosts and other people in the station cut that could go to him yet just to get her round total economy right. And let them down after awhile to realize that you'll while it was and it was great because after everything he's after we'd disobeyed. And ignore everything he sent fired U. I brought meaning you know Roberts out or did you push through that he was into that stick around the clock tees in the puzzle avenue is but he was bit and it took them awhile because he was used to it was used to working in my North Carolina whatever he has applications in line. He's he's back there wherever he's from Dallas that yes good guys. That's good and Joe's a good guy too he's a good gap toes excellent guy yes and the next guy might not break. The next I might not think you're funny tweeting when I care. It's your job that's why you can really going near duty tells me to do otherwise I always tries to get Rachel is probable that make money for quite a fight with the next guy in the next guys next. Top works. I'm just saying all your program dirtier reached got a job to saying you're gonna dislike the next guy you don't questions I'd just like the bad for him just like. Unless GM we liked about first though at first we hated that I like I like RG I'm right I'm like you have to work. Could guy he's a nice. So so what so we'll use that. It. The next guy might be worse everything nice very wonderful but also was that was that was accomplished that you were left. Our cohost is the most likable guy finals they should yeah blonde guy that's going the one guy nobody dislikes we have more on the show it's we aren't the least talented guy but the nice but the nicest guy about the only guy dislike them was gone. We've got you shoved him out and adamant about player that's likely. The tables on any detailed as what is the way that as like marching to a safe to say it can still really hate you. AEU. Doesn't really anymore I actually get out of there and can't really more we really dislikes. Now. I don't think so Nicole Smith now. We tees back on for at some point like I wish I developed a dislike between James and dale yesterday gently yes we gonna maybe we get back these nobody dislikes. Tried to ambush you're much more accepted lightly just like you before you stabbed in the back. Yes he he always eyes territorial when Iraq reflect he talked so much. I always ask a parties' campaigns try to get me for noting that or just people who radio it might yes yes mosque is real yes yes I know this for he has. Now this guy was somebody else yeah. Yes I've proved to that effect on the way don't you. Again yeah I mean sure I don't it's a network that something could happen or idea to give Mikey in here. It's on the kind IM I was about our numbers are for a the end of a twenty minutes for one or more on Bruce in that order Hamachi its month rent or meet you'll be fine. That's true. And we are so we're gonna tease. These take a caller pointed out that. What's really going on the afternoon shall Mark James mistress okay well I heard ally can we do this we do that we get back in the Bruins have the right Winger veteran. I was putting NATO for a long time 35 years old Mattel who that is when it might take the sign him who years and money will. Should we give open lines over the phone lines of when you do the lines are open right now for like 617779793. Said listen I picked called and said he won't talk about all the checkered. We return with more of course in Cali. On Sports Radio WEEI. You don't also was a likable which is addition by subtraction this year I'm not talk about him your mirrors the windy answer these things they got rid of failure of that and I think that's a good thing wasn't nearly as important though they ought not be all right he's saying now that they've other people from the outside. You know your highest. Paid player. Your longest tenured player in your manager. Sort of doesn't matter how likeable the rest of the team was when those three guys stick out like I have a hard time. I'll ask a dumb question who was offender did not like three outfield Mo little fingers. The game it's like mark I usually thought that was offensive option he stiffens and pushes Glasgow yeah. I mean don't look at it if you like liquid it bothered us on the margins to snuff for you mark the slick solar and we Carolina stuff for you. For you know sixteen year old girls in this show on the show was guilty giving marching as far too much attention a bizarre day Utah it was stupid is he must levels and YouTube it brings up every day I I. Never I never recreate the Carriker it's not it's not raising the lead Boston cares about him that it's not work with we have among. Let's find new units UBB. I'd my guess is he did it hurt. You could be as exciting as much as Clinton and now possible. Probably would turtle which I'm more I'm out too soon for you. Good luck and Robert Anderson but tomorrow Gregg figured you know what the Red Sox aren't unlikable. They're likable since I don't know what it is nice to character. Up if you get the sound was rather sound I mean we know we just played a call your salad salad I was airtime and dollars unlike on a lawyer from Kyle the caller 345 yesterday with its ultimate to its finger on the pole I don't like unlikable that's what they were David Price is unlikable. Right most of the teams unlikable know Droid Droid does not on the team okay but other than that who else. Nobody I mean I mean is I don't know but they send their unlikable last year in the likable issues on a mission manager Doug Mitchell likable what was he. I'm means there Danks or not to veto I think you're either unlikable or really nothing like it's a good. Will keep that's moral cadets is likable because it right that's my point that's is not getting all these votes because he's as big like personality. And look at bats first things on accused Ron gets rid of as many votes moved bets accordingly Marcus I understand Ronnie Schwartz that was Ron Betsy would not be first place in the post that I would is named department badly for the brewers in the he didn't settle that and if somebody don't need another wrestler I was yeah this is set at 5 AM you were talking about this and we haven't played yet no I don't agree play it safe. Thousand Dartmouth take al-Qaeda on. They don't pay child and they are very quickly comment on equipment in the last hour and a half for some reason why can't you might change so much. A timeout I thought out of town before they do the fittingly it and like each other which is what they do you hear that I have a did not. This is off the heels of wants ultimate tax. Buddhism visited the music I heard a lot. Mark Jay Schroeder do marches in Dale's a better show the talker she said in the text yes I'm serious it was. Losing hate so we hope I agree you agree with this caller. Now that's a judge saying that's a good point by the caller you and I agree even. Also what are we always have went to doesn't Lex he's good and well wishes it was out for you got that outlets and he's already out. So it's it's there it's like it's fair it's who's a circle model though there yet I don't wanna hear more close to together so it explodes into what that. It's losing some quoting I don't know when I can sector is nothing more marching to its its. Sure I'm confident. I mean I don't think he does this thing. I'm mark and they'll have to cut off and say apple David Price but the only unlikable. I yup well we're gonna do you see. Apple and I'm not sure if there's any tension naral sounds. Well zero. And Kylie and you know how I I preach the phone call I get you're listening in college many hours attended to and ask lead order wade went behind him probably taleo Glenz got the our obsession with me for some reason I don't know. And he he thinks I'm Mike salt. Among the no it wouldn't matter they'll like this or what's going and I appreciate you got to the deals I've gone through early deals on that I they have indeed all like points that I. We sort of have disagreements stop Kyle held there's radio Calvin like that. Over the next in top topic on Twitter introduce I mean you know you give give give and take on segments of your take there ya go that's what do you think mark you're going to hate each other yes yes to get here we talk about every day is that's all we talk on your our show and summer it's James doesn't care that people had in my or doesn't or doesn't seem to I don't know seems OK we'll see what ya hear them. On its wasn't afraid it's not it's that's not true and son lessons and what he told me mourning rites nationalism. Subpoena they just say on the air this has some big mess and gossip you have and he's worried you can springer that's true that's necessary to write about that he's afraid of that but that's not that's not invest in things and it's about time we can come on. It's a mess and thing of America dropped that on the hair on him he knows that that's stupid. And we. Should. I don't care I don't care markings on and Jude let me tell his friends would show they go drinking again this was on the air it's it fine I give up like it but it's like it wouldn't pay outs nobody knows. It's it is it is it any massive ratings boom caused my oldest joined at the afternoon though we've we've ball club model number but he's the only guy we have pictures that region usually when she did yesterday it was fine so much the greatest areas but sometimes you leaving much of become a model they'll be here the next few days I think. You'll be here yeah I don't know. Really the leader today when makes you think that out you know feeling mentally mostly used you have more of most of the really over the top things you said replete correct that's true that report logo are puke on those any sort of opens pats now. Just things that you were supposed to sentencing is named in his name and a tooth and that campaign is. Okay. When we toward them and have not gotten audio I don't I thought was good says he doesn't like it that. Most of us have been doing what they laughed and often egocentric and malicious use for dale right now at his anger in the air good risk couldn't angry now. He's getting better which was siding with the market teaming up kinda painful on the braced for us you hated the kid that hugged the other kids. True he's been really get it. The threats such a likable I don't care no doubt Maine cares. Get real estate and unlikable to watch the games I'd like him. Sticks in my nine years old well I think David price's dating price is not like he's a good guy it's not just like Gore's not like a visit that for years. Publisher Kovalchuk will be likable by doing really want Russian bias was is a cocky with the Russian buys things could who cares if he's Russian. I don't I think that you know people. You like your eagle or Russians laureate rush. Like sports fans internal politics hockey particularly really ticket told the people DC hated. All that's now over Zelaya Picasso masterpiece is over him celebrating and I haven't seen it's not I'm tired that all it's funny. He's doing more keg stands well I heard one of the overnight shows that you played in his speech and couldn't stop plateauing in Lawrence and she couldn't stop laughing. And even hear anything funny I mean it's ease which he does she do I think he's genuinely happy and give him credit he and it's getting your point our fuel things anyway either Drucker is hung over every time you see him but I don't ladies like funny you. I know I do know I'm not a big fan now. I mean cop watch from swimming in the final was kind of funny ideas but my guess what it's I don't think chemistry serious but the Russian straight into some sort this never heard of such a thing I've used beads or cap he's he actually is somebody mighty Social Security. It's a little dirty NU plus fighters. Not dirty anymore. He'll be on you deal with people excited packet is the second Obafemi tortured to Marshal be awesome so forensic tools open. School. In Norman kids but you're you're defending Tom Brady Lou Maloney attacked Brady for them. Two and all these things. Things went bad things. What was I defend Odom off the air when I mentioned was called from Mickelson what's the first thing he's kind of a normal it's they tell me that I wanna do that I think some people would find you know going in Monaco to nominate Carlos only wearing that shirt formula was close and I want politics Formula One Monaco thing. The Formula One race mama I think some people find it pretty good shirt and shorts you want to let others know known not known dolphin and although. Is that he would become thing in Brazil carnival they played and in normal autos is it that. Is it like you're supposed to look weird and wacky annoyed that I don't know the pants are just bizarre I also playing golf was fine playing forces thinks that takes forever. Well when you upload Mickelson Rickie Fowler they tend to keep it in the fairway and you said the other guy holds the course record should account for a 63 what the whole thing or golf child and last night. He runs. I investment firm the 9/11 his partner died he was playing in I'm trying to call for the US New Hampshire. Museum planned September 10 and his buddies part looked at the scheduled payments had no play this course of September 11 it's easier so when playing Connecticut that day while. That's Jimmy donned Jimmie Don yeah so Brady played with Phil Mickelson Rickie Fowler Jamie done yet. And Brady's record ten handicap he must've felt like Blanche she's asked if you think it's you know they don't hear from the same tees either right probably. Even when I used to play with facts and occasionally you don't back way back right it was via the got a Vietnam anymore because of him when he was you know on the war. Rebuke of irregularities rate but poignant story I would like you breeze. Talk about that when your region was on Oprah and you do that with us on the overstressed about. Phil Mickelson and won't saying in a moderate sound pretty probably lost like 45000 dollars that's true we do they actually have to vet yes I like a lot yet. Not that he couldn't afford how does Brady went episode this guy done was in the group at Augusta as well speak that it's I guess that's like. It's in the customer also urges under armour own CEO ray. But I can't clarify or not saying done is that the link for some reason that song has some image is famous expression and yeah maybe it's a guy puts money so we've played went last week I think one of ours yes and I'll tell you this yesterday when was in Brazil. Or he was in Brazil and he was in Brazil always just been celebrating it was yeah have noted they were at their house there so that's home you can go to Brazil Nazi and Tony's a family to spending time with him to caddie yesterday that. He dragged on fifty. In all day. Which I like to play in the consists of Fowler yes I would once sure that I get your eye to play from the white would you feel liquor chump like her. This they're so good look at that play from the whites are issued a high eighties not everything that we utility dragging him down but I play pro ams. I'm time I've played with a long hitters you know loan. Prime guys that was humbling. As they would have to stop the card. Of three times for me before we go to the ball but these guys playing points every week. I was there that lets think terrible so you play. If you're okay that advocates of just don't slump down in fact that's young kids out of Trulia and their final I don't want to live right to teach him. To be little packet today. Yes it is Parker and I guess Dustin Johnson yes that's right sinister turn into a sub so tiger tracker between TV yesterday I wouldn't although he's kind of weird to watch so laud. Which are right when he starts to look in his very book check in the win in the game has spoken to for parts of tomorrow. That that would that would get old fast start our four and by the way. Is a golfer who's looking for his first major since 2008 US open Mattel who that is and whether or not he is a chance to win it's it's open now for.