K&C - Kirk is giddy about the impending demise of Ron Borges; Nick in Boston ruined Ron Borges 2-9-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, February 9th
Hour 1:  Kirk is incredibly giddy about the impending demise of Ron Borges.  Nick in Boston on how he ruined Ron. 

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Skirt and Callahan after they can get more and second rounds and I don't take his own I don't think. Your hogs we have this in our head multiple first round picks and I will promise you know it. It's not how they're all special Eric rove played a pretty good game. She's they knew earlier in the week. That Butler was out in he was not going to be a big part of the game play a little notes you go with Kurt committee has so Friday is going to be a day Jerry and I are flying down to corporate headquarters and they got what they award which work but it was a barrel being muted. Who could sum and down the corporate headquarters I'm proud we we really discussing this on there. I know why I'm Bear's case Kirkland craft before in this rated G one of the big bosses in the room yet I could stab you in the united if we toss and Gerry Callahan. And we do reading from the great in the Benoit into Benoit broke on the film for six we sure did their defense will be really good he looks more and I think when asked to put them on that's floods joke football analyst any Benoit joining us here month puts the board does so we're not gonna put them on how do you script got an eagle where he's at he just sportsmen no offense but when he's on what you guys put out illiquid guys wanna make themselves. Look better but you don't look. Record to get their say on Sports Radio telling you. Boy and had an outside view glass that menu last. We'll let you not here. I would eat out exactly that's when I asked what we've done what insight to seek out where you don't. Get inundated with football local. Good shot that's for Enron board to do what looked shocked. You look right. The whole world place. Over here over there and everything's. They opera. It is good morning Boston how I love the front seat is shining sea. He from the tips of Maine to the bottom of Vermont you have my heart it's what you want. I love boss that I love sports and that's go away and I'm not gonna say what rhymes and lives knives and I'm going to ruin someone's alive today. I had. By rotten boards says. Good guy CEO later they pulled it. You take 95 he got off route one UT are right and you take left and there Gillette Stadium I've been there many times. A broken more stories and you have you single source Twitter dupe what it that you are your life is over I own you your going to measured. This. Investors are stupid Astra which is definitely possible. Good morning when the Howard on traveling out to open this morning. To guess corporate apps it I don't mind at all you can put an airplane for eleven hours twelve hours it would be between Dan good or Michael Bay. And that diary and look at him and their pets and I wouldn't hear. All I'd say Adam iceberg doubt. This is the greatest day of my life. When I win that what do you say about me CL. AS SU to have it all away you make what a joke on me on some lousy morning show on Saturday. And cried Muster another loser laughs. I puts on the ballot and write your name down I simply say I'm going to ruin your life and expose you. To tease for later on the show Rodney hood Gerri the forgery. The blue. Good morning I'm you did not act feature Mack wrote to you why don't hot rod yeah yeah. Out. I know who Perry Dicker. Edges. Boom. Carried victory doc and I was in the UB IT UBP and directory is over. Lot baby but I. It's. Lou you don't joke about me now ever joke about me I am op limits. A moon. After Kurtz a stupid chance than Specter for wow. Well. Are you going to be in this good mood when we have the drug your grass is gonna feel yet in Yuma they felt Blackstone went bugs voices of friends and there's been doll in here the blue in my things. Back to whisper is the green in the streets philadelphians. And. Done done. On dot that images that are up the Pentagon yesterday because on the parade doesn't like a lot of phone and the way Jerry. Incorporated today as that's UN. Shore yet initiate a young boy I've mixed feelings that you get there is some confirmation before glow the glowing blue yet and the glow later. Yeah no no gloating a mud or snow blown out of it I don't know any jokes about me in the morning show. If he didn't probably be right there with him but or Brothers didn't value I didn't you're back in I know we would. You would I've your back you should you should be in your glory this life rocky never visited me. It's a good question wouldn't Mickey said. Larry Craig club like the places us places place. The trade places it would be hidden places we'll get you to places strength would wait for two grateful butter and a right. When wade let's take this let's take just take what I. I don't know you tell me controller for Mickey while Rick Baltimore plywood Mickey's way while Rockies praying that he's like on when I. Came. A small movie. Yeah. Yeah hey does this take this take. They take as high as the Taipei this is just acts of work doesn't make sense rocky says he's not going down anymore does go down to the gets up this. Brooke knows applause on the script great the greatest movies ever I love movies all of you who have much. Levy party of trying to you know what love who we grab my packet in my all of my 30. Some great numbers everyone's name love everybody love everybody Chris opinion love you. Can I love you always alert it was a bottle marked him and I can't wait and all of those guys today. They feel like it would spend with them before deciding over my wife and over the wanted to DO. It's too great would do we have. Relapse or such guess the next week we examine the movement to great sports about it doctor Greg York's in the bullpen coach how we take or from the shadow of -- image in the question I asked my sense that a last a couple big question of the week. When the votes Polanski. What all of the plants that's a legitimate question that's amicable fast that I see the calls we get two guys and they've really. I think in many ways that things of trees and that's I'm in the mood for. Five million bucks thanks mills correct. Some guy. All the greats that Wear jackets because we've estrogen and see you when I traveled to telegraph was dressed as Wallace over what I fly and I go to baseball game you know word and that's the way with Fedora is a little bit much consolation when Michael is a fight girl or Gary suggested. But oracle press pass on top of that classic she's Wear a tie every day were one on Wednesday. But we Adam you and you took more stuff for five days in in in where we went Minnesota. I could I could move out of my house and what it was like a pack all the world like John Candy what was the point our over packed a lot. Well certainly a mansion it was cold. Should hold that he's just pretend like you that's what I you guys their back united one of the same outfit so I overpass for I have a dilemma that so for yourself would be able answer. Should I had the winter jacket should bring which Jack's topic this jacket notions loose and not worry about just go to Jack in a witch project you know who -- much sodium and your manly man unit and you get in who bird and I drive to Entercom headquarters to back from new eyeballs and I and I I told you the key to pack in light before revenge warming anyways as anyone to be oh I don't running up the stairs has won a grant this morning. He even know too we got here I that's but I walked in handed to have a a sense yes and we'll get to an admitted I just told the key to packing light is dirty clothes that's the measuring that's true. It was all so we don't wash them there also also I've learned it wasn't so. Go to mail box you know mills recorder Milton is just an inhaler social plaza can't wait to go to it is reversible shirts are brought to shorts. Four days they're just tournaments and a Axl knows that's also fake news like they that you can't activate news why I don't play average and on and that's right to fly back was gonna rip through the entire week oh you're American action network competitors I sort of felt it was hugely right now so hopefully did you ever going to the bourbon store right next to us all I did Jerry did my tough question. I bought a bottle and did during one on us. So he brought the of people home. That's not what it is out a quarter gone by the time I was expensive store released its 55 bucks it's religious or make a final two really good story like restores. Great you've got a great position marsh I don't your great additional ownership of a serious. I'll say your great addition to 610. No one knows why who this person is in the studio much me. So happy as ever see him at multilateralism more knowing what you know you remind me of not close my again that's human rights by very happy so much yesterday. Did you yes. And we had we had conversations about having Mike in here for the U Buford Rio you a month I birdies back. Back the radio station makes closets I hear that enough. Dollars weekends. But it really does look for work I would love to have mark weakened enough that cycle backwards that's the way should know that's about it and get out I love the spot in the problem that Spice Girls are back together. I think that's exciting happens people get to go see them among other bits of mocking people. It's not we do here to celebrate on the celebrate the Bruins like dale dale sweeps the other night. Hash tag Patrice from BP hash tag capacity for Jack Adams. Wonder Catholics like we dose some have spells self himself never wanna Bergeron. You know that's what should yes I can't. Right you go from Europe apartheid or channel re always talent in whoever it was the most people aren't sure why you're so excited I should enlighten them well we Kirk is a league. Which Olympics and and you dish. When the opening ceremonies on the on the horizon he gets DB every four years I watched the male figure skaters last night who they were fantastic they are great gentleman amendment balls and like to go women and forty K with him and rip their clothes off no question you know I mean essentially and then I'd go do their thing every six pack admire that does what I actually thought I dragged his foot back and forth about what the dirty dozen. My parents reached out to the gay guys there right brands now I'm sure I'm sure my parents were really likes the figures that no doubt about. Two other countries around the world. I like South Korea. We're going verifying their next Friday with a fine with that X and coach it's no problem at all. You're in the middle he'll mind me. No and I've always been a big curly and for him which is why I'm happy our friend trying to ease covering it anchoring it produced yet she meets news yesterday between them this morning did you tell me to hold not hole. I'm not a big bets. I was. A pleasure AM yeah but yeah I was taught you probably correct I was wrong. Do you think the coin flip was racist because that's that speeds yes and I guess I'd he'd lost the coin flip to carry torture during the Olympics and win races. He said the point I won the final cut a corner went to the white side heavier. Who was delighted have you with if you want the white side of we knew wasn't like Shaw later Sean what's that any holes than shunning. Shani peek at something that's not easy me you know I read about his abuse of its excellent Brad. But everything engine piston and he was that in the finalist between this this white chick and the flip the college she wants she's carrying the banner. What do you call when he college and torches or portal that's fortune in the flag the US of the color the US flag that. And he lost she won but yeah he's he thinks it's racist it's. Is he thought he deserved it for some reason in these men to olympians of such spoiled little notice of the politically their input there a case they would realize and they don't it's like the old you know I forget who said is one of the some actor forgets to basically. We deal with an actor you have to realize there's chores they are the AG became famous. Which separate line I think so you know a ten year old or Patrick in a ten year old or twelve year old. These people had been. Paper to do this and the sports that they were brutal practice what they are which most of us didn't do because they either too expensive you know and access to it. You know our parents are driving us to the bobsled track on them or in the whole huge thing he. I mean be in and I say this before you say it again. The people we watch claim basket or your TV they're the best in the world and why no cause everyone tried. Everyone's right that's why right the interim on green that's why he's one of the best in the world here we go maybe I saw last night who's going to weather the bumpy ski downhill ski thing mole will bounce up up up up and do a flip. Yes you do as a kid in the public press and I did all the time oil watchers. Apples you know never know it a lot of kids are like I don't know LA were doing at a Miami I don't think Alabama I don't think so and and you know if shining wants to call claim the whole process races there on the black eyes and get a chance to try and that'll listen to him to say the coin flip as racist that. He loses me I heard it seems like when you listen to these people they think that what they do matters as stupid flying banana whatever his name is terrific Charles white who has his own. These slime and in the years old and mountaineers own a helicopter. Was probably me tournament how is easily yeah Paul almost. And keep Apollo Ono as its guide to skates in circles. Who if you took some sprinter look at it another it would Mosul it's a year ago from Jamaica yet. There was with a page retired his stable you seem sensible to put skates on him when he was three years old deal that you be faster than Apollo Ohno. I definitely would be definitely would and should do given that the the movie all the tension which would much rather see Kerrigan Tanya to. Shore mosquito is eight when you watch that was easy Eddie the eagle Edwards in the he's also currently fighting yes oh geez some language that they fall right eagle leveraged and movies and the moves X act like you're right I apologize I really electric. Greg Hugh Jackman was perfect for the general good actor yes in some advancement. A site me so Logan imminent X Logan was awesome really excellent US a in the Wolverine act of the final goodwill remove yes I saw on. I it was a finally it and they sworn it he's the he's done it right if that's where you're right it was it was a good X-Men movie I saw someone said Patrick Stewart got robbed on the door pocket absolute bureau or part was that we do a whole segment were not sick ones so we years and died in order more than an hour with Q if you think that's enough you need more. To go on or podcast that secretly if you you do it and it's not my call I've apologized to them off the air and on who real life Ambien not like you dislike. But the people everybody dyslexic guy Mike mormons kind of today. Trying to equals or rules as everyone of you you you really papers are Bruce Arthur wells said it's not bad that the back to ruin the joke you know when there was Broussard is not a big deal you know I am 10 super job. That's a really good option. I don't like com. Mean I like HIC I like that tweet yesterday people do. You know pieces kids you know between that page answer. Two plays with a five game losing streak the public to really get in you. It forces you to organize. Which I don't wanna do. House of don't want just appreciate good troll is out of a thousand common attack is because it's that he goes the other way goes against it's I appreciate it it's not because she's like it's like my friend one boards he goes against the grain certainly does. But I would say that liked it ice it out here usage taken wise socially that the difference there was a quick. Yes that place and it's funny funny at all from when they become sub tweets as you daily Arnold yes that made me laugh and Larry yes go ahead read currency today's the day is today right that's. And remain out road. It is you know the numbers to worry me here's Terry McAuliffe and all day at a buffet maybe a good third circuit since rumor has been they. That we needed what it might think I did like. Obviously had found some great friends people homosexual community. Like you know like he gets on it. The course line. You do not sure one no you don't. Singular sensation. Every move that I TK news you know but Utley mix you know me I I do your mind your injury and I do at all master of the house right now I think they would have room toward government works is that do you when more hampered the army's current or you may be in but my word wanna go play and I put my foot I think. It's a musical. And I incidents are Michael my mom off. So my mom's love them up what you played out a series of course line that wins do like only when you're little those bottles like. Freedom musicals. Freedom it is my turn off message like you need to know interrupt. When you're little you the music your mom and dad played her in your head. So they have my moment of albums porous line themselves so well that remember I don't know I don't know is that it's soundtrack right at a great. You know so I remembered where I might do them. But he played levied dance for you from a course like it signal some hurdles to. Your daily Arnold tax. If stands. I know you re art dance text for the door he prefers most people are Pete Carroll doesn't listen to show. The prompter yes I will thank you good exits suggestion. If Pete Carroll doesn't loses minded falcons social Corey 23. Pages would be looking at historic five games and bowl losing streak. Tammy I guess that's technically true and you can do to Jerry thorn thing and say if I read those innocent man and does do this I can also say by the way. If you know Tom Brady baker league they Kabila. Did you absolutely could be eight are you aware that all that some bulls have been close yes this was the biggest biggest lead to any gains or losses came by I believe what was it sixteen Tenkrat right so you go. And so and all of all the comments are so even a minor so it's not buried Twitter savvy so what is daily you know very this is they have shown us he's. Wiener could stay. Aroused and that may be the most prolific sexual harasser Boston Globe. Well you don't give Shaughnessy credit for doing that even so there's no news that the tools of the of the the four nations guns and a chance for him and his family loves indoors on good respect. Respect that records are common people to weakness on the gets some love wanna do this. 95%. Right love new I facilities negatively Shaughnessy and district like after responds that's kind of my job to. I yet. On song that's one singular sensation one of the games. Christ but celebrate it every song and dance again. But in this together I'll go with the office. Stop now running up the stairs that's like that's good bit and there's more Michael celebrate a win. All right so today's a big day obviously in the data currently I'm gonna explain I don't know why I have somebody reservations. Me through that asterisk brief series is involved yes because I think you are ruining someone's life I know deservedly so what it's like. Actually I don't but don't you know Massey who knows what it's like. Alex may. It's not. Know what part of this. Hundreds of the. Want to feel like the smell actually marked as good read against him. Yeah. Davis has to celebrate. One of the great losers beat is well equipped fitness as for Mike San though. What do davis' firm was the idea in the wheelchair before his beat up what with a big shot whatever my boxing yeah pass. Michael Michael cats and eighty secure the borders salted. It's a great day to celebrate dad I was reporting in the ground and fake tough guy pretends he played on the raiders he's such a fraud is. You know I gothic. I'll I'll take my belly checkered on mice reality tells quarters or fake tough guy we got sports caller today. I wanna call it Intel Ron did he need to mistake it's going to end his Corey. Just tell until Nazi hate we got some it's gonna make you look really bad pollen that's censored reports 617779792. Resentment. Our author juries what was most excited that he's pushing the hardest I wanna come on introduced today but Gerri should you should use. It's 21 mile enlighten our our our I want more confirmation before you jump all the way and covered up gloat yet. Or no we should just tell that list as always it's the storm Borges wrote an exaggeration that heralded used to hold on. Where it will break right now literally tell him go to say what. Don't eat it. And. All these that come and me want to go home yeah that's it. Sure Belafonte secret Republican yes he has great American not a Communist right now cut him. Now wells leaving since Fidel Castro's son killed himself. Jimmy Grupo cited by the 750 billion dollar contract yes I got paid player and I felt we acquired history an idea million dollars guaranteed front nine dollars in cash suggests sexually. Great it like everybody said like SR as it might yardage weed out. But this is so great and so happy for him on the set again you look. Or even got. That happens I think ninety million dollar you have a financial data today so I don't think you should use additional delegates and regimes we like to be met him I would Sam Brad was topic inside like fifty million I was out they said we have and Chris Long was the second pick in time fallen forty million. That NFL everybody agreed to have to do so it was unjust system that Sam Bradford was making more than guys. Who'd planned for eighteen years presently that on its on line and they fixed it in a rookies made less than. The fifth he is big but the first four aren't that big. In this and they reached that point we have to say the system is screwed up. When Jimmy prop 105 subs or five games have Cisco is behind us are talking these guys and you might just send us. By sub reared 30 yes you're sort of a year by year. And it literally is the hot guy moments and actually be who who's up who's our rocks and Dexter Rogers an outcry in Alberta that's ourselves and then in a model for us is gonna get more money is a problem right Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan yeah smash hit they'll be the highest paid guys Drew Brees is gonna get you know and and you know losses in the paid. In my opinion much grapple with more Tom Brady. Who. I read what luck and every every desperate for a little missing a Rene Terrell the swarm to the front page of the Boston Herald Jerry talents paper. Where he slave for so many years he bled over so many columns I watch it election do once for five years ago. In Fort Myers member you took my laptop by aipac as you can you know the story I don't remember that you orders as standard bogus story and I felt bad for you bleeding is right assumes those days are over. I'm a lightweight as long as you did it's a good question and you're shows to work ethic I admire you for that love you for that. Front page Borges in the wake of Jimmy geez 137 point four million dollar deal. Source is sick. Sage TV twelve playing hardball braided pats opened the wallet Borges basically writes. Basically what it is picked a mystery packet six point five I'm going to Philadelphia today 254055. Point 4055 from 4055. 2045 you don't even have a matrix supposed to love you love you love. So there's that there was quite regardless. I've read some of the bid and ask them what time this was posted on. Twitter to in the paper today back page front page he gains wanted you to engage on the trade. Went through and the immediate trigger on a Tyreke at higher relative up epic. I think when that trade I'm gonna question all of my friend Michael Hollywood I'm ran accomplishment from Michael if I was there was better. I think I reserve says that's me of a political and Woodward and I don't care what anyone says it's. Idea that any respect. Can't let it better she called him out there right now. Pretty well this won't some meaty. Me. Brady played well that. My new. Leads me that he Martin. My new favorite thing is the sued people a bit ago who love Belichick and want to does it. So don't know how else you know dale and and note I've Luna a slew suites is break points right at killer and he keeps saying Clinton you know give up on its colon cleanse new thing that was ever grow played well. Played a pretty good get yeah. And 82 from pro and just. Who it does he know that there's lots of other play roles that men I'm not as good pleasantly rodents and on the you could that would that most Richards about most of them reaches the nothing. And by the way if you if you plan all week he could play any position in the secondary channel at a doubted if I arts is that it him. Patricia did last. Awesome defense of this but there's a home break. But Google diluted Albright. I imagine. It. His rob Parker and would suck the water like that's a bit and noted. Their defense of the regional Google you usually good I mean I knew you occupy a position. I'm enjoying this on the today you'll probably do in the four hours old it'll detailed solutions and everything tails thing is this whole altercation app gives reference thing I guess the source of the here I know Obama and it's like Google queries and. At least as that he did Dick must elitist to say it amounts and that's it you know I mean get left about the project he expressed bureau 61777. That means 7937. I don't I. Think amid busiest of all four hours talking picture just a guess. I could do wrong. There's as some Greg Monroe detects we've got the text line what's to excellence of the men threw seven presented to shop we look at the tech and I apologize. Societe 37 texas' Faxon and of this as well I still don't have a clue what you're talking about who bad I was a bit calling right now bag maybe I'll tell you 6177797937. I would appreciate 54 lines of people begging. This information how I'm going to ruin so I have been on the life with our curtain here for five years in. If you nominated for a Tony first twelve days is daughters on his birthday at NASA's. I've never seen and so he never ending appreciate people who are going to be she didn't happen by prescription. Feel happy right now feel good about always. I enjoy I get paid. To be applicable us or on the playground of why I mean we don't hear from her bump well. Public this out of making even happier in excellent podcast regularly to agree that really likes to Paterson would expand Obama talking about that is that is a two point could it. Really got. In terms of talk us. Here. And it. Here. Monetary. I'm released. Courted like 9192 didn't make it human touch. Cut should its. In my book labors all day care deal with it you'll like it you know but he played out you know violated that country's that this is my heavy metal who gives a sense of urgency the sun comes. Notes it's his son's little AGU Lou. Do I get the label music tied nine point after you do not idol I love Springsteen you know that but I wouldn't call upbeat happy new makes me happy. I had music makes me happy we should play go to turtles. Discover shout you know it's gone that far and that not as zombies happy together by the third yes happens at arable soil. Now it is to it was a great defined that that's close on fuel and about Eric Carmen raspberries. Like them gather okay. I'm Eric Carmen Sullivan hungry eyes entered its eccentric who like them. But I can talk alone and only like a week ago back and so funny image some 6177797937. About a couple. Yes yes. And ask for full lines and asking him demand OK it's earlier ones like we have people ask you why you're so happy good question and you could fill in the blanks. Claritin before I. And playing well lately have not present from this angle I mean you can go through like seniors if he goes doctors and doctor McCarthy like this morning. What do you think about the ghosts I mean were we there or not only that we're getting there my presidency this morning that it is time my it is it is why she should get there. When I thought again my testimony it's ultimately totally not all the way to he's a great one as a surprise to him on top. We've watched you through television process. Yes yes it was what's breaking bad and what's that every sport to watch great part brave enough for MarketWatch movie TV wanted to cross over these conversations and I do minority view reflected those opposed opposite I'm not known that it might be just say first of all I want you all shale play on good morning if you're listening on their heels or show that it's okay. I love you all of the salespeople are all together I want. Who runs like hoosiers love you guys. I want to explain to our list is just like being with cocaine curtain of water use is this we will and that police say a little bit of a start you know she started fights and fights of people I'll be urinating before eventually it's a good play the only time she and let's close this happy anytime during about liberals see a smile on pace for minutes at a time but not. And a half an hour plus the fifteen is for protection texture of the text line says it's just worn discreetly made The Herald relevant he didn't I didn't to confirm that it is military my sources to confirm. Now how we do a presenting on a data so we get back here we will be ready to go meet a 100%. I'd already gotten what 11 image of what I want Curtis or during that break apologies life fondness. I can I say this right now for the record I'm unclear. If this turns out to be correct. I love Chris. Kurtz. I'll also say this I should say on the air. When crystal are back the other day and his wife was on the phone. Ask you something very special which I didn't uncomfortable with they asked me if I would do you plant the seed are going to be with birdies wife. Why can't they can add any better this is true and crystal Crist is possibly with alcohol issues or depression or anxiety. Inside of me do it. With them with Chris filming in pudgy on my back during he's as well. Fuzzy out of this little pudge let's keep it yes so I've Chris if this turns out to be true congratulations. I'm going to I will do that I will. Have you paid for. You're gentleman Kurt thank you very much and try to be 617779. 7937. Exited tight segment. I think we can attempted reached stay in the rails which is important mean yes rear brakes have minutes ago we that's usually check out toward. Yes I do first LP the front of the pity yes okay executive yeah Virginia asks did you dots we've got sweetie. Was on joins us by way of going out in the brewers he's real quick corporate brought this up and opposed slowly. Cassidy Monday. Bergeron Tuesday. Sinden old school Wednesday Pam Thursday. Nasty threat if if you tell me Kathy money everybody's on the Leo right it was a no I don't need porn anymore while please point your Mac good question and I were talking to. He happens to strike between got to get 5000 it's so who knows I find ways that we get back when we get back. Wouldn't go through this front porch story. It's in the front page of The Herald I'd say made big news all around overnight it was late. Basically our region the first two senses of the story. The dominoes are about to continue their Foxboro free fall Tom Brady wants to get paid. According to sources close of leagues was vital player. Brady is ready to sit out all of this season's offseason organized team activities. And let's series she's a project extension similar to what his former protege Jimmie grapple received from the served Cisco 49ers. Grapple yesterday citing five year 137 point four. Million dollar deal with suddenly form any guarantees on ovals ago in May be the best one Tom Brady is ever called when I. We react to we get back it receives a target that's a good excellent 6177797937. He's segments coming up a lot of it's not the greatest radio but we get back. You're going to want to hear this segment I promise you this you're driving to work right now. To stop go to Cumberland farms that your coffee get back in with the rest the great advertisement friends at the station. And then when we get back we are going to polarize. Ron Borges like you've never believed rod Woodson robbers prayers over we've we've we've been in the room and what's published I would say yes or not the grizzled vet the Jerry's not advance work yes I was back from you know setbacks before exists Mahan knows where the Foxboro. Am I need to get directions of the bread lines and it's 61777. You don't let it. It does say well we'll. Again as good lie funny line Greg or two people who should be radio bulls suck laughed Larry's Jesus. As does a whole 617779790. That this cry is still. First on. Our which could be an abuse him a couple of nods yes our liberties and apologies for superstar to jail if he doesn't want to commend you weakened in the deep into your parts fellow. He want to accompany him on your knees. I went right back. The sports story guess Chris securabit. Net profit took I'd get this in my hands right now you do not want to miss. At all it is her putting out and plastic we get to watch sports for a living of it of the midday show I love afternoon shall there are from two to six treatments than every minute today. We come back we are going to end the career. IP Ron Borges who made the grave mistake. Of attacking a homeless person there are assaulting somebody you're doing is making a little sarcastic joke will be on the weekend shows I was listening for that I decided. To ruin your we will get to that. We get back perpich now and 617 I'd like all lines please 7797937. It is the Kirk. In Callahan KJ in Tunisia and mourn and wall Lee show Warner won't join us 9 o'clock Don Sweeney at 9:15 am looking forward to. Which are talking to us I wouldn't talk to someone who's into musicals who we have great like musicals on advancement yes. That's a good point reviewer. But it was there is was defeated romper room one. At a it best that he had important. Let's get this we get back Boston Herald front page all over the place rob towards it's supposed to Foxboro. It news we'll find out if there's. In this story we get. I would. Exactly that's what I actually felt what it's like to see caps you don't. Get. Awful yeah. Hank actually here it's just a short Calais Joker fan I guess Jerry Kelly in my. It's perjury. We can leave like he wanted to get some brick I think I think one of the party wants. Yes does your physical workout and I look at you right now let's say you could use a work. I always a very nice advancement are numbered. I don't federal mail Smith from affectionately known and well but we are you what do you think develops. You think it must and Johnson worried right now there on the next on the list and their rental I win by their relevance listening to them. To the same fourteen phone calls Saturday's victory for. When after 25 minutes some hint. I will say rides liars always nice to meet Muster was I was addicted I was and hopefully treat me like nobody he didn't need to ease those kind of made these are always bigger than him on the list. Now about how works I've got one to get me here I think we couldn't immigrant children yet yet the YouTube should do Major League but listen but he has one ago as always nice nobody over the age of old U 63 yeah that's the Max on the do you want younger people on the field but lots of energy like my Kamensky job and don't put me that the moxie camp in what I mean I players. Urban League that's so far today. Get out of the way the first like ourselves and personal are likely to mean you had I apologize for the last two times to anglers and got in the way right but yes I'm apologized. And apologized. Thank you apologize for cars two I forget what he apologized for. Apologize and sent the wrong size and feel she. I thought it was a good meal and I'd terms. I apologize is that is that not get back to your story OK so a front page of the Boston Herald today her. Your Boston Herald this morning. Borges. Ron Borges wife called during a break tonight. In wake of Jimmy he's 137 point four million dollar deal sources say TB twelve playing hardball Tom Brady is playing hardball. I read during before the break what the story was how it started I can do against the election unitary Choi pickets. The story of the day no question I all of I mean I read this this morning when I got up but 4 in the morning. Who said while this does not sound like Tom Brady or least Tom Brady's camp. Even if Brady is jealous of Jimmy gee we have a go public know it seemed hard to bully. And I guess there's a reason for that especially given the fact that he's never ever wanted to be the highest paid eight Manny get real jobs and higher paid by Brady that I agree everything changed he wanted to be would we read about it absolutely important now. The dominoes are about to continue to fox were free fall Tom Brady wants to get paid. According to sources close to league's most valuable player. Brady is to sit out all the years the season's offseason. Organized team activities and lesser she's a contract extension carries with it upfront money similar to his former protege Jimmie drop low. Or received from December Cisco 49ers go rock below yesterday's we know received a five year 137 point four million dollar deal. The 74 million guarantee is all levels go. It may be the best one Tom Brady ever called. I would just say this the minute I read it last night I two thoughts one tied into what we're gonna talk with a few minutes but the other was. I didn't believe it because as you guys just said there's no way to Tom Brady in each forty one's going to expect a 74 million dollar Darren play on Turkey's brass were before. He's not suddenly asked for now he is everything he wants right. He's been I mean we've been watching closely for seventeen years is the next time even say anything it was contract would be the first correct absolutely yes and I mean I will say this that or he's gonna say he wants to get paid he's been literally error priest literally hours hours after Jimmy G agreed to this deal. Makes it made no sense he's got McCain doesn't come back he's got things up the way for us now he's in a great about this before Borges. And before you ruin a story for Borges. I would say the board just needs to know batter he needs to think like we just went to make any sense to you. No but I know I know the feeling here excited cart races you think you got some pin in the going to be there for one to the story so why I don't. Yes I British Allison Arabic supported him I thought the patriots and I said very likely. Sell so I read this I don't believe icy currents we know it's not true W treated think mr. Nolan could you Jerry now so. I explain this I go about explains. From a mutt you're good flash guy and who's got how do you explain things like this wrapping up how did things take a turn south so I think. The best way to say it is this and hang on nick and with the rush to say it's not true it's not true to his fans were worried that if you're worried about routier's. It's not true Ron Borges was duped 100%. Fooled by somebody who I guess it's probably hates Borges got in contact with them per ten it. He was dodgy we have the back and forth earnings of between down a moment. Pretend he was dog eat. And fooled Borges into writing a story in my right hand right now by the text back and forth between Borges and this guy who pretending to be Brady Barack was agent Don. This guy pretending to be done he too Borges busy busy night. Brady's prepared to sit out all offseason team activity unless he gets and you give us from yesterday afternoon right next Rebecca just fine I asked him animal bites guys more evil than New Year's and less he gets and you deal. With upfront money similar toward Jimmy got board's response sounds like any write a column today exclamation point up you old friend. You gotta pretend to be you rights shaft you probably have my next week to have a now's the question that I should. The ye got pretending you have it now Portis yes I do writing as we speak and here's the story today. In this piece of paper my left hand is the entirety of what Ron Borges wrote. Scammed by eight or by my guy pretending to be done he he in second source that in third source have been tried contact each. Calls company fun of it's actually. This guy duped Ron Borges shame and Harold as well who and it happened ran through what you have right now on the front and back page of the Boston Herald is a fake. A sham back page of The Herald show me the money Borges when Jimmy deal Jimmy G deal done Brady wants to get paid. Not true not true all made up. In the person may not pretend to be done he joins us right now they can Boston nick the morning how are you. They interpreted the words good nice to talk you explain how this. Somebody you're. Complexes on number. I felt good performance and I just got regulatory affairs. And he did what performers. And you're texting him back and forth on and detection for a while your talking about. Some other giving Taiwan in the hall of Famer Brady or something you've been back reported that Brady's arm as well back and forth. So you were doing this back and forth with gorgeous yesterday afternoon the stuff I just read correct. Yeah and Borges bought it hook line and sinker. What is his opponent part. Well. Well at all on with the Atlanta a couple of reporters. All you try to call you can't look at them and they're right for the ultra slick what are the fruit of the Coleman who are you. I call them what they are running at and it. Well we talked and he yes it's. And I certainly I would do that that won't work. This is yesterday. It was a plus slider he ran. You can afford it firms slashed my ass. Nick I say something you have assist other men off and I love. That's why why did you do this to Borges this is incredible these hate him why did you wanna I want him. No I really don't care as. For political moment for a while ago and a lot of it is. I'm just telephone number and you won this around them here did you ever consider doing this to someone the globe. There. Under the greatest error yet the shark. Yes it's certainly done it's certainly you to be the biggest boar ever you can be on the classic note to me sometimes you want. Congratulations. You've pulled off a great to know get around that and thanks nick I appreciate that we'll talk again and had a question for. Is nick your real name. Outlook our ball this year next. Thought I would talk with Tylenol thing if few minutes and now. What has raised. 200 Altria. Dot dot com ask your question doggy drugs Brady's agent. What is the situation right now with Brady bill which other ways also grapples that you correct or correct graduation which is what. Seven is an honest 3% right this the higher credit where your only job your great agent I mean god what is the situation between Brady and Belichick right now. Just I write I write whatever you tell me so you just to meet on you know all right. Yeah I can keep you all luck what alternately he does not want ultra critical more than. Can do them one more here or anything other than back. Right up a rough and it works a major in a question for Don you know salad on the mine and who else have they done whose whose life for you ruin next to him anyone on the wants a secretary. Load runner. That won't be harder I hope they are there. Could you pretend to be anything about. I can ask one question should English partly how long was the conversation when Borges a couple minutes you said right. Almost like tentative. I couldn't I couldn't do go after it occurred at all. She's Kirk had to get enough to yeah. Thanks to you my leg is just it's Stockton Stockton through. I've gotten very little tremor occurred our. Problem sure no problem who do you think between the two of the greatest nick nick I love. Our ability to. I'd but he thanks thanks Don I wish it would just like you do Gagne joins us on you join us so. I mean it's unbelievable the back page of the Boston Herald is a whole ruse in total and actually nick from Boston's. Boards are between ozone phone number my mistake or something. Nick sought a second in his mind I admired this way not eyes. So I'm gonna ruin this guy's life and you get to watch Jerry you can defend Borges. This is one of the guys I don't know how a 1000% on Borges the bit to do or doing right now we're doing our job which is. Showing how bad reporting news how lousy reporting it's. Right I mean is it. Report laser reported by Borges whose career should be now over you heard the whole story you heard the back at fort ports thought that I was done you. He texted back and forth about one source one thing I thought it was heat and rain that what's it's lazy by college journals as seen by any stretch it's easy is it. Ron Borges in the Boston Herald he's been around for awhile took one text one phone call. And Ebert he writes sources in the paper I can't imagine he has a second source may be somebody else it happen agree it is I just randomly but. It just aid awful look for guy's been around for a long time which is better you know when I was a blue and I was right from The Herald five heading misspelling. Or just some typo. Who's in the paper and is no known. Bring it back this is nothing you can do most out online like you on line people just call your. Or you get online change right right into that the newspapers it would try it would ruin my day my week my month if I had a mistake. Little typo little misspelling a little minor factual error. We're proud to sag actors so hard. I would be looking in the knife crow right now if this were me I couldn't handle it that's why I feel bad. Into. And I just squish you with the globally we sure count Borges. Which were it. Congress article what kinda Carroll takes a story down at six disease is saga mostly grabbed all the girls all the front page you're just Iran in Iran won't come television I think ultimate call again during the break going to be gone momentarily hit a 706 lesson to be learned you don't let out and you don't you don't tell jokes smoker and pictures you know. But the bottom line that's it I thought it was a perfectly he used to jam. Anybody. Don't let the direction we get this. As they thought well we'll. Keep laughing at you and say what you want and family. To resolve kids in content to soulful. Is nobody to blame but himself for sort of plagiarized. And secondly this calls the question did seem to want Jerry is calls the question everything he's ever reported. M re being ease if this is his standard resources he allows us to be is sourcing which you disagree with that. And you know maybe it's in that room and make a case for some guys get some jacket and can't ever tell memories here. He is as a reporter. And he's been embarrassed by nick in Boston pretended he was on the shame on arrow which again should be out of business is on the view and their auctioned off on Tuesday Tuesday announced a for sale via their bidding. That if thirty cents in my car and don't get it may be on them fired them all pars from real reporters like me 617779793. Said. I asked for earlier at a time to get to I want full lines right now to celebrate. The end of raw board is it is a Howard Stern yes Fred archer. Beriault for our for our rob ports 617%. To 79 I could dispute pressed my friend I would never do it wouldn't have yet we have the system for products like. Despite probably would I would 6177797937. Lot thorn in your side patriot nation. We have done work for you Ron Borges RIP's 1927. To 2018 is reporter 61777979. To present to you whenever your wife. Your radio segment you just hurt ever ever. I want the alliance I want to absolutely be Christopher. It and incurred a show six to ten point Phil together Jerry you're out. It works out well for you excellent but it opening. We'll be right. Take me back. This piece of paper my left hand is being tired you were wrong or just vote scammed by pretending to be done he. And second source in third source have been tried contact. This guy duped Ron Borges and the person in May not pretend to be done tremendously. They can Boston nick the morning how are you there occurred earlier there were good nice to talk you explaining how this all happened. Somebody tweet your blog looks old number. They're good performance and I just thought regular Dr. Phil. And you just went. I don't think it's enough. I am so great it's amazing how Brett never says it's a mean little if you don't get enough credit loss to pull this off. Available this off Jon sausage and get this done I mean let's just live from moment appreciate one. Anyway finally it's time for that later on we'll play tough I don't happen about whoever and hours of. Later on have to go to well Philadelphia view in this two from what tuchman agree you are right I'm gonna sit there and mortal we are positions that we talked with a CD in my. Doubles like finding my burger would just we've beat broad offering with ending was playing which we number and I have the break some of feels weird not to carry in the recent only what are the entire play at this as truth this news. Yes bigger last flight it's always look at Twitter news the entire literally soaked and you'd like you wonder where new pants having won a quick prediction we're at 7 o'clock hour yet again it's gonna come up this is not the first on this happen of course it could happen like this with a stolen my dad my my this core issues and yet every of their. He's out of he's ever written now he Jerry can defend and I understand it. Anything he's ever written is now called the question I don't thing he's ever written is called into question everything in Reno at its. Across the state he should have made a joke on the show me he calls apologizes right now may go podshock means he can get. 10% of its money is by maybe. A C 7 o'clock the story still front and center on the herald's it's enough sleep. Picked up by pro football talk which is big a lot of we need to reset this'll be receptive every time we come back basically which is this. The back page of The Herald this morning show me the money Borges when Jimmy G deal done Tom Brady wants to get paid front page of The Herald. Brady wants to get paid open wallet Borges wrote the story according to sources plural which I think you'd agree is not true. Probably. Tom Brady. Wants a contract like Jimmy grow up close animal holdout unless he gets it. We don't talk to nick who said he got towards them run on Twitter called them. And texted back and forth pretend he's Brady grottoes agent on the Brady Borges fell hook line and sync with tweeted out the correspondence back and forth. And borders is caught red handed. It was a lie the whole story was Eli not true you got duped by nick in Boston who got called the protect used on the boards believe it is he's a dummy. They've found slap from my castle. Borges who's just been a hold of me over the years other people over the years today has to eat his entire career now what's called the question of plagiarizing. Is now buried misses first paragraph first sentence you are done Ron Borges 617 as they prepare just as if you want real did you slot celebrate 617779793. Several reach up the shot Leahy. Did an excellent outs what the couple phone calls or shows. Why is some reason why does our government are up six was 777979. Did you seven if you don't call right now praise me and Barry Borges. And very Jerry who said to be good before the show today. Hot rods a friend. Trade deadline NBA right ruins our role right now Sox bullpen will not where your looks will Rodney hood feeding and with LeBron James with network. How about you know was able to any change teens. T news. Are couple lines almost in Newark exactly let's go to Mike in Chelsea what's up Mike. Care I had so much. We're just had an agenda. Albert is crap all over everything dude about agent at that costs that this bout time someone. Called problem for what he would and could occur everybody. I've not done ironically not done yet. Not heard. It's not Kirk it was nick in Boston who sounds just like on Johnny Mac does benefit definitely knows this is the work of a minute danger you know that you heard him casting couch while the show. And you wanna be part of this but we deserve our our credit to nick Wii's been out lousy reporting that's what we did I I just hope I'm not next on knicks list how did you ever met Ned Yost. I guess it did and that's gonna call you is that goes the other night he Marie is in Watertown I'm Maria. Good morning guys good morning are area where Kirk how much like. Oh believe name around the for the sound of music but still you are always making my day. How do I sign tomorrow like Marie he children. I put my arms rounder to assert. Appropriately so he took me to you good morning guy praise me please. Please and your enemies are my enemy. If you're single I wanna take you out to dinner cute the only thing that would make sense and no more a question. Is it took down that heard Kevin Paul DuPont who use us. As Ron Borges my friends yes what a a full day that. It is a beautiful day outside you're welcome. That the sun is shining today is bright. Everything's going to be all right. Our flight is going to be fall love laughs. And we're gonna go to Philadelphia. And have no SaaS with the boss man we'll play along will say what sir. And the hour hour and a half ago it looked like the clock just got run over by fraud you like that. Daughter was walking him when it happened. People could. He's. Would care about ally of course you would I care Orson Wells should be a little island and the girl I've never seen mold I'm happy I could direct message malice Guerrero is a story for a moment move it's worth I think it is not usual back. I've got lies. Hey we're two lines hope. Jerry don't I want polite to celebrate me and Chris Curtis. It Gerry Callahan who fought hard to bury the story appreciate that as well I like Howard's 6177797937. I'd like that to happen please hours to get back. As we celebrate the end of a break for your prompt more optimistic we're doing drugs they were a year. Was he on your list the one in the top poor yes I remember very well since junior dangerous thing. We're talking a couple times podcast are very critical of me did like me who and that's it's not a big deal when you have to we have with the intern application you don't hold a grudge. It. I think you can parents can run to right answer for instance allow a lot of applicants approval by stated that it easily duped you want that answer Paul's four that's a good point that's a good point 6177797. Actors have we have nothing else to do today we're gonna reset the story I do I get that Freddie video in a Carol mean nothing yes that's that's a bad it was embarrassing. Yes yes Farrah well I mean she isn't job to do look shocked or severity of NBC's yoga shocked them and I'm glad you were to a long time I don't know if snuggled close friend and I think I usually just I don't I don't know and I don't know I just note fields right now. You never Jericho I've never known I've got to stop evidently would ever do this I would never ever do this now on the got a little too cynical possible the story itself on its. Course up. That's true with for an amateur read this I said what the hell they'd just no way well. I Brady and his camp we'll put the word out these seeping out of TA idea that something foul might be here you did yes as I said before that you are one line come out 6617. 779790%. Of the song and dance day. Today's celebration. I'm a do some of Hamilton later who knows I love musicals Niger and and the bourse wasn't legal problems due to some people who read the story and felt forced you and I we're cynical and skeptical went through an Anglican as a Robbie but some recent history I nice conversation with the other day but I was talking you know pretzel. It must feel like all over his face of its its its. We go to rob ports reset the shot only Crist. That opens up you know problem and the the pattern on no problem all. Concept that's at 797937. This is the greatest radio show of all time he can say whatever you want. I like Michael Irvin. I primal anger like Roosevelt Colvin I feel at this a better Howard Dale Hall. And it's a huge. Different strokes for different folks if but I like her to never once and that's about your candy nuts or Purdue because. It our to a.