K&C - Kirk hates everyone on the show; The end of Mike & Mike 11-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, November 17th

Hour 4: Kirk is still mad. Mike & Mike signs off for the final time.


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. What Jason and I ask you and famous curling fan and candidate isn't wondered if you could answer that question because Tyler George tells me that when this team when team Shuster weighs in Edmonton last year they want into a car in Canada who was sitting there watching curling on TV watching Canada and Sweden won only Wayne Gretzky to Tyler George sits down I'm still ordered its. Himself and threats. Humble walls. In the big blocks ageless curling curling sidelined Canada a really skewed even know there was going to be bars to rape or would they only did not deny Jerry you to not only you know I don't know it was a whole thing now I decide to walk across the street I care about the show. Believe you had moved to new U allows the plan you know hacker is we're playing tonight or like Horton heat I could I would be allowed can't do it every day on. Ford and blogs he's not you you meet on the radio every day soul shall know how you can be by yourself could do on bar still radio direct tantrums you walk out half the time you need examples studio and house inherits guy there you can do it doesn't. As you know compression of the that's good drive counsel Sharon go owner order his attic you know to filter goes to do when it has all the equipment still they'll sell it cheap and good. I I hate this place. He can layered I hate him eat Joes are bottle I hate Chris Curtis I hate hopeless hopeless many eight UT. Mean yes walks. Don't you love from month you love monkeys useless he loved money's not because furry little. There's a fight badly injured I don't Jerry stilts knowing that I'm not upset and disappointed. Like if we're always said to him today why wouldn't fight back that's true I can't imagine way to wanna fight back and you walk. It's really I don't think it's saying that so you can't connected. Nobody uses it as much as you do nobody not even ten from Miami is that true no Jerry's is. Yes Jerry does that. But Gerri good usually sound condescending. Subtle do you wish optionally you wish Harry would behaviors as well Marcos. Harris voter drive them that's true but my parents come months about a kid when you greet an hour yeah. It. Yeah. Nobody can be a little painful. Are you write about always well behaved yes mine's. How much like Eagles vegetables he does Omar would not let me say that word so you have reserve good yeah she's a job or is it. Or she thinks. Larry around us you know he'd want to experience and Harry has not times or the movies you make comes in and it noodles. Oh you do. That dented and I hope they don't yes. And I would win the flights movement against them. Well that means Ben Affleck so I would say to me for sure the majority years adamant. About Hulk. I would rather be doable I grew from Michael chuckles from I know he's. Is he is he's not he's not Hulk when is in the can before you know woody columnists think. Thing yes I'm sorry I'm late I'm never seen him in on the door for me like you want adore podcaster guess more than anything and guys don't share. We're what is Superman's in case. Market correct rules it was it was a job alias on drugs that's it's as what was Alter ego via what is job. He works in newspaper it's OK I want the TV shadow over what you'll like George Italy is holding half of that as well the last minute scene. Oh that's good it's like the ones on now as it this is at Austin Eaton who could tell it and looking and Lex and Clark can now that the glasses on denial and totally changed now. I saw us that had no idea I saw Batman with a Adam West to that's the last batter your children never seen or use our. That's for when I was a little while you're on the door podcast to talk about more vintage stuff like he is Clark Kent asked Christopher asked me and I'm generally and Ben Affleck Christian Bale I've never seen any of it benefit is that some bail and now I've known through their predicament lone man that's for children ma am sorry of one Q it liked horses of the grown man's. It sure enough. And for all this pretend Graham at tight. Almost all the movies about football real well expired titans fired by Liza yes inspired by who's the leader re routing. Rudy liberty right click has to be the top three football was all real and nortel's for those those forty B four the Burt Reynolds prison waterborne. What's the per person. Accurate and smoking ban K now I'm gonna beat up when you talk to us that her in prison they remade without Sam that's not real. Yes yes it is it is not great doctor Ron Lovett that is not real. In the end sin was the MVP leaving enough room. (%expletive) you put it in sports football movies about the worst oil cannery users replacement player it's that installed it was great and it's actually very funny it's hypocrites what's funny. They're going to get his book almost come off a multi talented as Oklahoma guys at 9 o'clock. I can't stop there. Pretty good week we had a good run really comfortable. What it was until yes they would relic wash let's say you turn and then went went off like a rocket itself and then we had. Mud in it today where we re issue we. Gave up are essentially our show for it is we've we've made as all of thank you. Zone out your show thanks thanks for point me as a any racist possible again actually you said it I'd just take. Out of context about what is my what if it helps your ratings. People digging how is this tightly passion this voice to. Now that's what he's really into a racism that is all that is so wisely. What do you care for blocking those who game. You Karen. Occupants of the honest do you care for black person as a gamer. Well let's play that's. Playing us like that. Anyway but at least what might playing in response here we ask them the show is chosen soft shot on with their reasons why wasn't he checked and set the bar for not being here shuttle can check it out during the mortgage losses and checked checked out to an Al Michaels in the view which I don't blame Mel Michael's picture racist I don't blame you turn it back on he'll continue to button on Friday. Must be over horse or something. The scene of the track. I've couple pounds of territories captured between heroes the fight doctor for a particular guys beside a 7% or your buddies and wrapped up a little downed power cut them again you're going to services. LB area such as. It's like public divorces of course to appease we definitely don't think I thought he'd give the winner of the derby a four yard box. What boxing. (%expletive) like baseball boxing straight perfect elected depression they're perfectly right now estimate that twice a break and not much no smoke and they know smoke. It's try to larger. Finally we have and he's in this flick six hours when those communities. Loan we even care court. And government as name and my uncle Barry Coulter. Ben Affleck do to shut up talking about Mario talk show. Anyway Tony called into her good friends human marchers shook all the time for them which is never Romulus. Never once she you know what she walks out the door we're NAFTA that doesn't give us a thought trust ideology and large wants to be with its wants to be one of the elements is what she with them. The fourteenth on a split out we get back 61777790%. We get what you called in yesterday. In humans are she I think she did have over fifty so yes right Mara called in the 50s60s. Has its own it. Just play it's thirty. It's 929. OK Jerry brought I think first agreed to stop swearing in the business that all right enough of course bullet Qaeda with the puck. We're back with more of Kirk in Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. The person who made that film for you the person started your career was was Harvey Weinstein. Now. The got comedy I don't correct this is a golf so right now. But we also talked about the subject of your moment with the national conversation about it and after revelations. Disturbing and it is truly. Horrifying revelations about what Harvey Weinstein did. Did you feel because you had such a close association with him at the beginning of your career that had more than simply distance yourself. From party once everybody ran for the exits yes and understandably so you know for me it was a little bit. I mean it was awful to see the extent that these terrible crimes and those hideous and I have worked. For hardly serve more than fifty years but nonetheless I felt this task. Then she goes good. What was good about that a flooding as the witnesses comedy show he's on the defensive right away so I'm so scripted K and asking tough market. You just listen to this are now. That did you hear source. You know there's good thumbs up when does a good when's a good part I thought it was but I thought it was on the river sensitive because I'm. I was on the green what you're asked him it was very sensitive zoom salaries are very sensitive what was sensitive about it. He's so I thought it was a comedy show on climate he wasn't comfortable one. And he was on. You guys absolutely suck your jobs and it's not no question it's by choice and she went did something you guys suck at this job. That we get you your producer's mind you know we can't it was tough for toughness straight loss. Awesome yeah you know we should do wish it's her own TV show that Mike Greenberg and you'd have a Rula fumble around tables for us you and I wanted to show like Mike Mike every day you think he's got to fight us. Well of course not we never say what are you don't just got stuck with this talk about that of course right reason the show success was because we've decided we. It decided to take at a certain direction and never never said ever. No now and we don't get ideas from outside the glass can cost that but but we do I get my coffee every day. Great sock puppet does whatever you tell him to do with no no we doesn't seem true I was. It cuts cuts that are sound left to right both apple and don't forget between two people say that the multiple parts of surety laden I know I can't believe you've been cut that word over the past year. Yeah it's not real so I'm definitely hurts when there's a process that. Previous date when business went. And we all admirable what when where Warwick time. He seed on the seat on the weight. And so we never app right. So you would mean to deal with your begin your figure your corporate I understand you needed you with our produce with our program director. Now thought let's let's keep curtains to this of the hills you know problem guys I don't believe I was up to meeker would be like this but yeah. What do the best we can't censure fine fantastic good well we can't play this week on its assault god in hockey hall of fame thing that it actually. Twenty minutes of a joke it is a funny I mean why why why why it's kind of funny while I get censored why. Because that's our course of the station in the Nick Young or anybody else that makes sense now you're allowed to know does that make sense to you. They're trying to keep shares the line. Bynum a partial radio I'm assuming everyone else or whatever I want about the place to. And that's a promise every whereas when he on a bus to cause of a little better breaker he can do what. Because it will take to court this will do about on the part of more money don't we have the second biggest radio company in the world awesome man hasn't had a 106 points at its well not great right we have we own the CBS. Coming up next it's going to be an unkind and crazy like he's hands Doug Gottlieb on the SEC wrong Don finds the election she's like the wrong wrong actually Nowitzki on the Triple Crown I'm gonna be you are not I am going to be I've heard this by the way. You're doing siege I saw what and it's it's not it's your teacher it's the Entercom and radio doing those awful. Yes it was the same party starting next week you'll hear Entercom Sports Radio minute featuring on top and I know what almost closure each one will be more races the one before pictures no doubt on top of these awful Promos on top of that. Ridiculous it was a weekend report we heard from and what the weekend are all brought to inspire great friends of buffalo wild rice my party we love them. We'll take care. We love that we could put their their damn mind you better use I would say we knew I would agree as unified and noticed was read on screen. OK what's after that so that the original reason or the days of just tuning and the reason Kirk's upset. Is that take away the big story. Two days the Jerry Jones. Of talking to Roger Goodell and insulting. I'm Bob Kraft. He calls while Kraft the I would be the hands he word right that would be like postal hat tip but with few pussy willow he calls them that. In quotation marks in this ESPN store which is probably. On the cover VSQ magazine good like oh no sorry it's the fans family food football issue could leverage the story. It's a long tedious story about Jerry Jones right Ezekiel Elliott is the most tedious story of all time. But but crafts I could be happy with this enough. To put someone called upon us. Oh right because the passage you're Kraft calls it gal says my guy got four games would seek elegant again basic price of the commissioners say. He gets old Terry Jones was on the commissioner's side during a plague in church should stick when it's required told Jones according to story wasn't to suspend Elliott an Indian suspending him. That that is in that's the big detail here along with craft stuff on and that is not our job where it goes Griffin's legacy here. Nurture a groups that star quarterback's a link east troupe says Bob Kraft it's green it's true. Anyway. Anyway crooks in the mood you're a good mood earlier it's fun we a war that new vision now obviously there's a there's a there's a hole. There's a need to be filled freak show like Mike and Mike and we're gonna fill. Starting Monday why don't we try to grab some of his audience wrestler is like six people in New England listen to some body unless you can't run as life. Or 54. Well one award you guys swing out of the date where once in trouble. April 2 that is the debut of the new green Berkshire will be ready in time off this guy get. He's definitely an argument that while those who I once she's gonna show laugh and smile he's gonna say. Agrarian bigger jump in the Jalen Rose on their and I get up. Every so that sound a bit tea African American which must have your out. And and a pretty boy who were at the while it is number one sibling apples and she said Cris Carter was. Uncomfortable and yes fire at the rate people digging a before we get to training let's talk I don't know I'm old friend Everett has really associated I don't want to severance and right answer. I don't I don't know why Billy's it because it's almost a week and Billy cement just to it's all guys ever ultimate. Called back ever belly. So the one that agreement and part of our weather sitting around let's can we play that game and I can't say blanket doodle do what you guys that. Get it and I say that coming out of your mouth. That the. I don't know the rules anymore. I didn't even know that that those words were being clueless on the the app so I didn't know is being plea deal or. Mr. Estrada accepted. In that that was serious to do it if they're over it iris has taken home. Yup and I believe I'm telling you right now I've tax imported oil morning texting back and forth I'm looking for two amid mr. but I do think. Jerry Washburn and buck will be good show ID. Number I hope you will be divorced that's that's our goal. That's a goal for most morning drive radio shows. Diversity yes you'll ratings you. That's second I'll try he's got to he apartment chosen and harsher remake it by U she's Dutch are the only ones are something else. Question about I was looking yesterday to an you know really aren't just from Bonnie Carter. Yeah are all out he does. It's not you know you don't time he so he can afford to have so we'll clean gutters so I guess. They paid that you Heidi that you know I don't. You do a great read bong my Atlanta how can we got her to also be wanna call they were awesome to get my gutters clean even and under do your job you do know they do a good thing since the last six and see your show and control the show I was really sensible call the book. C Everett is back and let predictions will not be the kind of color average. Yeah. Look I really call little because I don't like that but that met. Like. Everett went second forget Gerri why am I racist. Oh you wanna break since we don't like Jewell the racists yeah we don't you down from. What. All I'll take guide guy gets a guy gets to that I had it and produce. That god point. Airports get to the point. That's why I hate machine wouldn't allow the naked some it would be an old show without it it subsequently UN carried it off at eight PO Jerry. It turned airport here. I did everything would that show I know what they do I've got to record every day. You are full of crap. Will limit in times whatever. I do for you who always taught. Unions are busy you're internally we gave the week we had studio you do classes toward disaster. A four year are you dumb at. If Google bought in college I would show a bad job. I. Must just be honest and we must agree because I don't remember. Left the show first Curtis thought the show whatever six months ranging all it's nothing do with the producers that tally. And it would it produces everything it what you guys you've just talk that's the point that's a good. I could learn Curtis does in the week the curse on the airports are so we'll put bet UK Alan. I'll back you up Obama during his white line on have a bet nick you have that you polian to put money your million Curtis has been here for twelve years and still does not approached and out in Paris to embarrass and there are people that can have a heart attack right out the pilot who shall be done there are people they're people in the there are people who are like. Disabled. Yes and they can do buttons yes or people regularly when he says are challenged from an agent or the by the words it is a Boston College grad who can't pushed the button it's a dork podcast like that you what does that mean. Or tell them who checks should. And hurts. Before if you were before. The dividends for twenty years went to work the board member learned what you wanna learn to like osmosis just what do you do for the shell. Nothing features footage of additional. I don't know you tell me what what I'm asking you hit a pretty shooting interview right now which you do for the show topical equity deal. I organized and generate content by funny stories and sound for you guys reacted okay. You great job with that and and and and. Joining from turning not is that I'm on the move for today through next week okay you're not in the mood for twenty called G in the mud out of it. What do you want it to work it's what general get back to good 953. On the due to bad habits and again it. Well on the fifth orange would you like to rapidly training which what did. In order that we could reset. The much. Not sure. Monkey like strong. Sit too. Continues. You know. If you know as you know I got too good to deal that that song is from. The Larry Sanders Show. Cutler's condition. It is Larry Sanders show with a cult generation and Larry Sanders got exactly Jerry Sanders should we have redone reshaped recent months show as a new theme song I can right now. Right he's got new guests is gonna have a day as cover on once a week yeah. He's out there I'll talk it's kind of size on like Al Sharpton and yet you're going to be wild that's going to be the next Morton Downey due to predicted from high school with guys who with the U. That's an appropriate right. And we reset our show because Mike and Mike are leaving us. And as big vacuums in opposing a right here ma Mike Mike began to be doing all they which is great gas was cheaper. Once yes. That's more north newspapers you know I begin distribution paid they have a sendoff like like like Johnny Carson. I got nothing nothing from Medina got nothing. We're you know on the left I mean they are doing what I want what cricket does plan. When you're supposed to leave before you go anywhere especially and I had this big event the other night to see mr. Russo was there is also people Wear their huge event Russo found out that day protester called als doctors Alcan up on stage when he doctors is happy to receive them yes this meets. It's always a time you get the heart out. You look at that had. I thought I thought it deserved credit for survivor didn't watch the stock Jeremy persevere and not be good. Joey wants. People called priest he hosts didn't my knee. Would you drive back into that. Almost two decades if you guys I cannot lead anybody that's ever been his job to sit next Sunday for that long. And haven't worked India's success last year was that everybody's so that's hotel like this sounds must test clears the bank. Job folded so it didn't really matter what time of year was you always kind of tuned in and got your day started which might get my. Plus plus why Kirk herb street one align them and selling those old but I lose so personal to we don't know when I lasted longer than they did they last seventeen years. Is that right. Yeah yeah. Less than eighteen. Unbelievable. Great and we had nothing but cup could not want to like. I want to like Watson and I callers calling grizzly MacArthur yeah I want balloons you know that's a big kick those guys that painted their faces. At lunch first of the clubs have big ball Theodore hit balls and then have lunch. Jeremy Jerry when your gift right there that's out right there it was a drug that was Kurtz gift that's a card when we get back as promised. Two terrible moments. And we had the support of an incredible group of colleagues here at BS can mean the very best in the entire industry. Starting with those that you all would recognize the names in the face to that you see everybody comes on our show I'm not gonna list any names here because I would leave that far too many people. But to help that we got from people would come on with us into segments and do spots and do. Jokes and go along with some of our Salinas was great and then all the people who worked behind the scenes without us and I'm also not gonna start naming names because we will leave too many people out but. We got all the credit my god might be always about about greeting intellect but. It really was about a team effort that was. Pulled off quite a huge hard working extremely how. For pipa. Iverson I was heartened that they're still in this young people hate each other's if you would be you know. I love this silliness what was your favorite part. I think they I think it really thought through it the rebels have good news here like Biloxi it was opposite of rubble that's what they were put. A ultimate company stooges that's just they were docked operations they actually brought their boss on film how much you love them so that this should treat all emotional dramatic farewell to bring their kids out and wives and kids not only kids eccentric accuse about it just Cho Michael junior and just being silly. And hit some standards Al Ted I don't know they like their kids they'll go on to the also bunch of kids and they say farewell. And then Monday coach shows up those shows someone else. Put a big deal. Or whatever it Burgos somewhere else yet sink his adult life a studio flick that's Greenberg does a boring TV show and goal it was a boring radio show. I'll have that I didn't do it reunion at some point that we didn't come to you look at his house where it is emotional what your parents passed I mean you talked about remorse and his I didn't and care about. Let's all act when the book is becoming. A nice job I'm here to tell you my kids died this morning. Renewable problem was social smokers to aggregate principal who want to time. Only got 605 to Clive was run over by a car. You know with this kind of emotion in these kind of freaks thousand might like finish in the top forty despite the show they cracked the topic I believe. Certainly not ours but there's and get him out there Padilla thinks that except. I think it's now my thanks to these GW Ingram was himself like Nowitzki. And I'm taking next week off on you it really just do what exactly let's put them at Tennessee to check out some newspaper historical. Ideally what you know acting as he's still it's frustrating only sacked he's taken out of Oregon got to say something about ecstatic it's time in town that we see him in must certainly must Daschle beyond a few weeks and I am I'll work and a new trombone song for two excellent excellent excellent Mundy Tom Brady in. Who's gonna gun. Tim Massaquoi Tim Hasselbeck made you'll talk to try from we may we hurling your agent bus and Alan Al Michaels on. Monday Tuesday wash reminds us that that's and watch for west C asset podcast producers are now. We do willful and secular nationalist Fredricka should be. I had the good guys and that's matures stick around I don't let that go talk with the game Beaulieu has had a breakdown excellent. He that's different plants it is slow in much position and every possession throw back at 6 o'clock. On Monday with the quarterback of the patriots Tom Brady after a big digitally secretary. They can it's yes correct in Mexico is what we're playing big when you're playing the Oakland Raiders effective. Axel but we got big way and we'll talk you guys on Monday its execs is currently. She's swear that's what's trending well WE RE WE article. Could leave him.