K&C - Kirk isn't happy with Ken and Curtis' promotion; Listeners apply for the producer job 10-20-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, October 20th

Hour 2 - With Curtis and Ken's recent promotion to management, Kirk and Gerry take calls from potential producer "candidates".


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt commitment. And Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. All lines for people who want to produce this show per hour. I'm not getting it don't laugh I knocked and I want these guys aren't they could be senior producers helped itself. Imaging and forget about mark what's. But life like all of a sudden bang bang bang bang bang five calls for 61. You know why. I rights try to book the Sundays and is trickling games at night. It's been denied them on the 48 to later shows are going after the football games what time we actually on what time what are gonna come buys what's the time you want questions after we have a 1 o'clock NFL game here or WEEI Jerry LB on the year after that up until. Return tentative people who want to listen Reina minutes of games are on the Sunday but it. So you going to be on like 48 yeah beyond. What's called out at five or if it was up to me I would keep Marshal on Sunday mornings they like to move the show well in the snipers made the call. Respect that. They may eat I think now knocking credit for the miners going forward maybe make that your big question you are what live from box. Will be at the shedd yes good will be supportive and a specialist where he's won at your wife does Michael you know I mean nobody out this week your knowledge. Or their view is what in the world see you but I understand but now is Michael he's really underscore Fabiano on Twitter guy why not just do whatever to housewives outlet -- criticized site if you like Michael Fabio on this show is aside I've went. Because he stinks you've Arnold I guess on anybody in history. I've got a lot of good guess on Ashe journey to this point by the way. Congratulations to you the last segment about these missiles into it. But said why did you take away from Marshall should be at a most or show about sugar told. Our show is most important show in whole cluster many many cops this because I'm giving raises to the initially we these guys hate you have a great job picture race for the historical the other stuff that's not what's he's actually asked. A mother Lekkerkerker adequately report we have to make a decision here of insults fireball. Council says we're bringing and we're supposed to bring canned that militants. On Tuesday no known we've been talking about bringing in there obviously these things. A slob. Animal dressed them in some. What do you need what he wants to. It suits it isn't and it's called shirts and that was the plan she's rich as a matter. He's managed. As corporate car and still we still wanna bring in the Milton. Bring someone else like it you come Tuesday when Kurt keeps saying this upon our learning mutton kennel constantly going Tuesday to go I'll be there. It. Yeah Q can you not give them an opportunity screw up on this before you bury them the way of bury them right now I'm like what it and liquid it wouldn't suggests that a citizen that is not what they are going to give up slices you give them a chance because I don't know what script I know how it's going to they they might be at a new tag team duo here they might feel like they have. There's been at least creative people first. Honestly met did you redeem you because I mean it can as moments that they're they're a good Greek and you know a creative person. Creative and open was pretty good today are you disagreeing with Kirk. Syria hearsay and you don't portage almost serves at rice is this the world we live in. But but they see other people in the station Europe's second chair they're right so another Gerry and I tied to the show I understood Horry goes to CBS and on the Afghan might understand their perspective I get that what I care about is our show this will. Does this help partially it is not I don't know that helps our show is it can you metal chaos is concerned all all of your right. I said that the management. But given Hillary's a lot more responsible than Neal so his initiative when you're gonna mail in those other responsibilities and I couldn't put any time or effort into them. Her. That's your daughter now because is going to be a battle with management which I occasionally have. And they are management. That's a good point and click and going back to you our management. That's fine the way I understand what you've done it that's not really your fall into that next labor impasse with him in that we walk out people above you decide to put you in this position I almost wonder and elegant conspiratorial. If they do that to screw with us it's mr. specifically me. Wonder I think they do is they do they might fuel this wanted to and as of Friday that it allows you know people we brought mud in we always know which of lousy month here absolutely man I'm in I want to show the week and I wanted to bloggers and a football the patriots are one half game behind the chief you wrote them off about reports game. Chiefs technically their half game on the champs opponent and how hopeful. Moreover he can rotation again both if they want it was talked to some perspective producers are. There were 36. Co Q Brian how are usually it's good also this is a good start prime minister producer can tell on the turn their their their their radio announcing okay he's where he was going to Britain's he's he's got these and I get a card trying to get rear at Malia parking pass when it does show that the guy next week. Brian would you laughed you laughed yet. On him hired. Yeah what do you launch Brian. We off to a terrible start did you turn in yeah I would the radio so. I understand her. Counseled about yourself. Well I'm a nurse registered nurse I was in the military rollout and became a nurse. And not get my iPod nurse practitioner. And I would and a nurse that's a meaningful job nurses are positioned as the real important things. This is worthless this out. Know what I wake up early in the morning just don't work. So I can get you guys as we work early morning hours all of you with you every morning at all. Can you gonna quick to nurse the nursing field. You understand what this job pays Brian what do you think but it occurs and can make his producers of the show being number 1 morning show by the way I am. It's not early on in America well the money if I wanted to remind us when. But you're you you wanna be a nurse practitioner and you gonna give that up. Well I mean it wouldn't get knocked it. In your actions rejected and then. If you understand why you being in reviews because we acquire 100% devotion these guys have did decide to sell that sell them out they're they're corporate guys now usually call the you know. Corporate Kirk you're quite corporate Callahan all in jest you and I've always been together to lock step. These two guys are our corporate guys out there don't get prize so a good guy don't give up and just idiot but that's okay. Johns Erica what's up John. Much more than that. You know I was gonna use buzzwords currently initiative. Multicast with. You can be my drill sergeant just strictly down and rebuilt the way you want. He's got a little old there on the job or hold the top 44 what do you do for a living now. Today children to operate out firewire. He really sales guys talks all the time like you all my energy guy. It'll salesman and listen Kirk. Do you read motivational books. Out now I don't read well and married you don't read remarry. I eat well and that someone for senior your children. Three. Are you willing are you willing are you willing to never speak to them again and walk away from them and we worked for the show. I don't know what OK we gotta get that we need that that's what. You want to just never sees them along 100% devotion to the show now. Is and a lot. That would hurt when I was John as a color without regard to call it or it might have been our is the only job that we know that commercial calling and so you've been with the woman fifteen he's had three kids you're not married. I only have one together I was divorced I mean there's a battle for many. What happened we heard a like this and it's so the mother of your children is a battle ax. US attempts to put a page of lately the usually kids away. And you know wedge to always there was a big problem what was the big thing happened. Just states. He's not good answers job we did we do well while it onto your recall battle axe to us and they want when I'm hired will. Well. John down as a maybe I'd say so far as our best applicant like somebody was born in. And ninety's maybe nothing nice yes that's a good point let's try to find some Liu a 125 year old producer not some Hollywood parties share. Sure we can put on and our children on TV soon you know that's come notes. Let's I think we get some younger applicable to go to to a frank in gonna take next and frankly her. Abrupt end MMR every time consult the instructions earlier this. Or almost 100 at all of that Serbs he had absolutely wide all the conventional farmers are some of the bowl. And so I'm. Problems. A basic knowledge that could debate stirred up. I think I. Frank when frank we're trying to figure out how we're looking for somebody Lee younger in their twenties holding him. All the arguments were limited on what Dodi Daria. Certainly not where you band front and that you die we thought you were dead. I nonstop I couldn't answer that they don't want to miss why did you guys let's talk convention now. Marcus noted that seven flights outside. The Yankees certain that relaxed and it went to assault someone wants to averaged. But yet it is and it never had such a note to those who want all. Citizens. You know. All right Aaron Walsh said he put him down to articles from march 30 ready for you take the best political analysts say he's read the paper editors at this point. I can honestly was worried that frank was no longer Wear this seriously I know you often talk origin or a business like front edge of the night and good man they're hot about I'm happy he's alive and happy in his yankees are winning or strike now. He's in his 90s8587. These old. But he's still alive and kick and we've not heard a lot of guys saying to retreat from their remotes at Yankee jacket on sign RS we have an alien as a flashpoint for meter. And we can find that sound we had a week Rio Jimmy was away we had a vision that we had ever gets more light meter race we had Everett we did right. Two with three others. Yeah it's Kevin winter do you think you could do that now. We we. Kirk was hurt a flashpoint few times I did you find us on I'm guess security found us on the Tibetans pirated or if he had kind of announcement by this point he's taking time critical gets to do Imation. That's right he's the only promised don't forget right themselves right someone allegedly put it finally another media guides in alphabetical order. At that let's go to Tony Dartmouth they Tony. Guy I. Yeah I know I would definitely want to produce the show I cannot Burton ball yup I am a Republican won. Can you talk about the money it's second and three irons irons at the producer in Chicago didn't leave doll. Wasn't as Steve and I got yelled out better than you've got could ever yell at that little sock puppet. I can't. OK on the money now. But you have any ideas let's show ideas things that we could do better. The question shipping. Do better one. Well you could. Certainly get him wheeled me which is always fun. You don't have this you know this when we elements. Aria okay well I IA leak W I I hate you don't wasn't our show for a that he can sign knowing hinterland. And many women's. Ultimately startling sound and you all can meet its discouraged to know or so no matter I was displeased mikes in the thrown in my view and. How to combat yeah he's going to do it. 24 man pressure as well I hate my job right now OK I think anything can get on that what you guys that we. You have a good relation to Paris shop did a good relation of the apparent I. Not really ought to take it up a lot jury have parents who want produces either parents were dead or don't talk to the parents anymore right Gerri yes I hate me you'll turn your back the pair never speak to them again. Second hour of easy target protects Donna Marty you have knows enough this time like he's your guy like things what is you job Mike. Is Mike. Right now I'm working at credit company a month. Credit administrator. Also this like our job this job as many a pipeline to the banking industry. If your cards right. You too can be a baggage handler which how many rolls of quarters like there. That is may present the the campaign many bank teller was left in the world don't go to your bank it and don't vote probably sent to death and sneezing and formal produces on two. You wild world game sealing it to the post like some delight knowing what Kabul that you know what the total opposite because they knew the course who's like oh good to be he did and we know we know it's more mentally or to your days in India and on good news count the quarters and you go home all the can no computers pride takes definitely changed given now make sure you lock the door and then we're back tomorrow puts more dumb them in the bowl. Mikes at midfield or dramatic reflect the calendar. It's wooden lockers up. Stoned or hold. On wait for 25 next Wednesday. Just got college would you go to college. Ot put it yet university. Q. What would argue this is the show all the time I looked every morning credit where you bigger fan that you're Jerry. I personally I like Kurt Warner also had Donald Trump and some thought you were injured. Now Smart this the F with the what are your problems with Christopher's intently. They're kind of monotone. They don't really like. So it adds I'm a little bit of operation a lot of them too much offense yourself. Hey I'll give you whatever you need. Whenever you need. You have a girlfriend or wife. I'd you have a girl. OK you understand her it's like Braveheart we ya we know works with us you first right sir. Yes that yes relies on same sex toy imports. She's cute. You could dump her though we EDS yeah ocean obviously she's got total devotion. OK we're like you know Scientologist your Brothers or sisters. Yeah I brought you prepared to say goodbye to him. Okay good at it again but right now you ask why don't talk radio artists who was it to your level of two of you. But I devote to the Schultz show on national. Okay but it was like rather emotional too we show parents I sort parents Brothers hapless parents you guys still are sisters yes we're the show. Outside of a thoughtful devotion he's got a coach Callahan show we will keep Mike and Mike from somebody might where abuse of the fame right now should be gone up for adoption. Can decide to keeper as a as an elected either well and is not room could move keep ms. cared. She stakes. That. You know that little thing they have from the fire station you put the baby this image and come back to work simple. And he what did you. Are what they've always what we're gonna get to have let's listen candidates and does some good rest as we get some new Weinstein. To moving optimist you're on foot and we know you tell me and I'll hang up what we made it's not public is now I don't know no. Don't take it don't take anyone buy that map report. Let's go to Matt in Portland and Matt what's going on. They act was appreciate you operate every the united Ali Al who not incur about -- Never let you know it. You know it I think that yes. This layover qualified yet it would mark Hewitt you're yak you know like your biggest spare me. You know you know I would love for god be calling it anymore and your belt there yeah. I'm sorry he's trying to reverse psychology Bakken work. No military strategy good couple lives over join wade if you want the job this is not a joke is not some radio schtick he's been hurt by the way there's a big opening in the afternoon so we one of these moral leadership on these losers there to yes this or someone is it really boring we could put them on you have to Woody's gonna. They do that. Because then left for a woman it when they had opened and puts on the boring on the afternoon that's generally the strategy on flicked it into the event although I would I would call fund my excel as boring would you. And that's a host of would you qualify classified. Can remember and and and Tim. Combat combat no I would not now it was more now know hipster I would not. I liked that we took we bring them that's better or religion in the much too close I we have allotted to open much part of the guy's bench replaced that you. Like and asking of us true been best replacement hats he did yes it was a little moment in like him. I liked him yes I don't America outdoors and you does not but you think he was this close it was close shop and Jerry. It is way to notion what I'll months getting better he's getting spent a lot of time with us is we don't just go with it without us he sucks I want line opened 61777979. For seven there's a dirt dirt on the hunt promote no female we have and has wanna call from a fast that's like art. Headlines it's good headlines your Weinstein I was home all Bryant's island. Which Obama won with a home. The driver of a vision server to do that there. Mean we we don't have an acute wounds now we settled for to a league eyes we go to we have currently in the guy who doesn't look like he's. Deformed. We have a producer. We all think of of what I have. True argument steamroller machine in the in the bed like these two guys we've had a software she weighed 300 announced a 140 shots flesh hanging on win. We have the sock puppet in there. Who looks like Coca Randy Quaid after him. Not bad senior sock puppet now seeks to show respect the parents sausage work for him. I mean all seriousness nobody's in layers leave the coast of Puerto. Yeah that's again that's when you were simple bored up night into exact if something else Arnold right back with headlines which. Can you see in the morning mornings when Kurt can Callahan. Plus Sports Radio got you. Wanna produce the show. Your kids to record yes and I don't know that he bought the pocket and ate and what are hot air is. The higher your. What is the. Well I continued to. To be flummoxed by that got no feedback. Anybody but education just tuned in right now and I know we're in the since the show. Every day no Kenney Chris were big part of the show. They are now a big part of management there senior producers are part of corporate enter comic are we allies disagree without shaking. I'm saying I wanna give them a chance before I start to criticize them for their corporate takes fuel I want to give them an opportunity to criticize him while I'm saying is that could it be chosen to go the corporate world. Nothing they after eight they'd be more days they were told they be as best I don't know yet. What it widget what William Christie B doing things I'd be doing the doing three weeks ago. Outdoor water products exhibit works moron courtesy it will burn himself boat builders and do the work on the that it has to. And he's already check the government yet you see them yes I see death in his eyes today yes he that you would now account with the on air stuff you know Ken wants to be a minimum out of Daytona is that what's gonna happen now. Did you suggest he would go to different market and B star. The stars know they said he was going to be a stalker he stinks on the years and nice guys not stink if he's aboard thanks again but didn't speak you'd be I begin to move. If Hamlet not for not to quite as good job should take regularly what does that earner you will congress move so you would move that this is not a single. Just say you got a chance to go on to whatever news. Minor league play calling all the millions doubtless you just gotta now crystal ball he mentioned to what. Meter thome got an arena football game for great wonderful when you ought to move from I don't think but it. Would you move away or move your family the Dallas William. Your wife do what would you have preferred moved from analog allies like her China's economy going in here knows how to hold ground he brings it up there may do a rude I'm with you that's a would support noise on the what they're doing this and ponder what they do any apparent horror. I hate to think Casey hey you're parents are also averaging where have you heard show or off right right. TJ Kidd is again it brought the podium Netscape and it now itself that it probably would thirty years old I think that's. He's got some street. Well let's get trying to decision yesterday. To this and dump them when he grew out of a second from right that's true. But so that some be some more of that candidate is a few moments forget some other stuff that's really your last chance to maybe want you producers because I do believe in these guys can discrete. Can't himself just said not twenty minutes ago tickets right. It has to be guest talked about this the two of you to senior Purdue golf course I think the real antsy but yeah it's just an idiot for socially casualty. In the past what like with music which is a big part of our show yes we are still. Texted you said you're podcast is better than this show we have done today who's who just play when there podcaster better than us right idea that the district there's been a pretty good is the second most listened to podcasts yes she yes it's a lot of you I've ever heard that. Pull the whole the whole medium is going to more podcasts and podcasting how large part of don't care businesses it's not syllables the bill also hoping. Not sell all the second most popular podcast that suggests that stupid so you're you're announcing this will be the last real paints he podcast today I conceding in every Friday's. Offered silence. Now that all of us do you cut back on podcast to do one every two weeks every show do the show everything for Houston when every week everything's okay let's say over the last. Do whatever we got going for beat osu the last couple years I was busy doing stuff. You can dislike is open room crying every week you can do that cry on cue. And I'll make fun Buchanan and and my will defend you. When your point mr. I don't do one. I'd like to do one but and contract that it is your complex into an inbound on the advisory yes I know I've seen a contract. I do want easier some more counts I would yes in the second advertisement I'd like Carol aren't going to be first the good thing about it good. There do you want in view smoking and it's. Robert zip in Manchester, New Hampshire and Robert. He showed how often outrageous New Hampshire Bob Howry. In a knee are out there and I'm 43 I'm newly married and didn't sports car. You got married 23. Question your brain to San already. Why did you merit twentieth and why was she pregnant. Now I want well it all right you hold you now. Appointed her right now he just got married. Oddly enough attention. Sport I'll attract attention. I only got. One life and politics and you were you worried about a jump to use when you're married so yeah. A lot of people are saying that might act when I get an emotional connection. We we don't get happy married and had a connection. He showered with mud Charles's life. Showered. I mean it equate it worthwhile. Only owners owning a birthday. Those are bred the most happy were the birthing project so I'll say stronger was a good movie. The rest that I did not go down the way it goes well let me guess can I guess what happened is you had a few cartoons and I didn't I didn't get it done without the issue watchable as we know she drinks heavily as well that gives you also wasn't doesn't well. She's not yeah. She was ten not pretend you didn't even play and Odom had a really bad headache. They saw the movie and then what went on the bed. What is watching that looms over rural that you will do the whole other repeat of the massage at the beside you also. No action if you missed it last week movements why were they incur. Special occasion he said we get that showered and yeah there's an issue there would be the marriage. With the intimacy. If you are repulsed by that there's no we shall lead them on their. She needs why not. Pretty name happened. We're happy. That nothing nothing that stops on the broadened uptight and talk about what happened. We added that wields little scare well with it. Reveals care. What is it that I can't I honestly this is not I am. Sphere Skinner could look at you know that one would pregnancies for a couple attending. Skis and so what could be ended said scare. When be overly graphic coincide with the birth yes well but that's a good day. I guess it's I was was long you should have more kids and he's the greatest river all would find that out Jesus what a lot of issues and I cut because of some issues I had this summer obviously put up of the sacked him. And so now it. It's wonderful become an issue yes. Now would die so that's on puzzle and so there's a lot of wrangling yet happened apparently there was there was pulling a prank and a lot of prank but would you advocate general. Known and Ireland's scarcity. Helen in New York because he wife on a girl. No she's okay with two boys both were partly finally two kilometer long area as you well then what is it. And there warmer in the winter Jerry beating heart out Carter cars had nice nice kid and most well oiled what do you say that was the part of tonight's cable looks like he looks like. Does the elements that might. Shave every other day. I take an hour or so Djokovic spoke. What's up. We're semi. It was weird he bought he Bobby idea that it was charged with hard. Heavy if say looks like you. You're mocking my stuff all right yours a lot of mocking your son's got even five to avoid an advanced or collective life. Looks like me that's so a lot of county are saying mocking. Not ebooks like you with Arabs like Jerry saint mocking you that you yeah mustache I think your wife will have children of their next husband. On she. Is she's. That's good. I'd put it takes more applicants I'm trying to get through six once said don't put your hand I'm a corporate and 617779793. Seven's number of all these callers hang on we've line open if you want to be producer. Of the curtain characteristics familiar names lining up your finesse that the -- that's -- flexible also zoo once he got a loss that's true we have Richard dice come a month not to participate because it doesn't like him as he says on court at these and some talent something and -- more than willing confessed to John you know better than in the lovely Frederica which is two. Was more. Now Europe.