K&C - Kirk loses it when he finds out Benintendi is not leading the Final Vote; Reimer's performance on the show 7-11-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 2: Curtis gave an update on MLB's Final Vote and Kirk was not pleased with the results.  Kirk added that he is not a fan of Reimer's performance thus far in his first show back. 

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Its current and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Voice. Final American whittled those blog from Boston Red Sox. I don't know I don't know. Through credit could be curtains. She's going to studio is all my love all night I make the computer wrote the text is still time Kurt we get six. It's nine more than nine more hours here. Now really doing this for you surprised that you. Hold on that apply. To get onto it to where Peter's paper in the future papers drugs you all for that absolutely up for disabled people see them to me and I happy about it. He needs frauds like they need their help elevate their papers us another don't work you know that. Fine you don't really think that's a good idea then of course. When often used in new distraught unique it is straw that might not colorful. It's like come on phones ice coffee in my hand I need a straw which is sad that you want Kirk the drink that chocolate milk with a strong markers it was twice the size of the trade. But just sports got used to it on your mouth it's fine. Or they'll they'll they'll remake the model like I can't use straws and some crazy all right -- -- -- you -- ended -- graduating they're -- going to the -- -- but I mean you guys know that by two -- -- can -- -- he's -- -- in the ocean and atmosphere and -- in -- in -- -- -- care about this planetary -- of the -- we were -- he's right increases thrust -- what we don't know -- -- better than it was a year -- -- -- -- -- the -- with a little -- -- what do you feel -- don't you let -- know I don't -- and nobody letters anymore right it's three used to be a normal -- -- And on the side of how we're just trashed she works at about six. And he's like and I'm outing never underdogs and I think a lot of racial or so whoever brought about the strongest when you go to the grocery store it to targets your stuff stick. We gonna target you glad they don't have plastic bag and an adequate cure where do you shop. I don't shop. Sported a fu regal Fallujah a Trader Joe's and shots of course to would you go to show us see what gets a plastic bags you can wrap an only child to add another unit of usable. It's their plastic right and Albert you use them all the time under the ring my bags to the store and keeping the bag I started an article I in my what she reviewed and it I don't I don't really spend little time after the can even do it even had a real men tag is never enough if you buy four bags some stupid real men use plastic see I'm on each are probably I. I should immediately and raced paper or plastic. If you double the bags of nothing he carries many. Plastic bags are much better. At the trader terrorism liberal Brookline everybody has a usable and she feel like any earlier wacky designs on as the idea as guys like fidelity and plastics resin cast Tom we put them on the private jet or the dispute pride of plastic. Paper if these papers for us if they want help environment. When people that article fourteen hour flight that played SF and Atlantic and beyond them there in the success you've these are waiting for I don't. Because of the vote to tells me that even birds there pretty drab like Cadillac Escalade with an criticizes him don't disagree or agree. It. Greek where are you can handle this going forward this obviously is going to be you know attached you forever I don't okay B you can have fun. And and fun and you know a file of the Buick you know blah I don't know you Myles cited and from the air we don't you feel like you know occupant over prosecute let Paul Mann of port. You're this crime you've got the same as on the punishment didn't fit the crime you agree right eyed little excessive. Mystics. And I you know what it feels like to be hard though it's it's helped I think the team marine. They come out in full force because they know what opting some of these knows what I support to accept Kirk and they all support her you look at a team and I hear count and open to us as usual pretty mean. We've been pretty hope we find people who think you get a tax for note did you by K okay. See I text you Jiang Yu. Note note. May so I texted you thank you for camp fair for rallying for me how'd you re I would market. You would markets why would IT XT I don't agree I think Chris again but appreciate your Gerri will close ally wells is at its support of in this small group of guys don't. I who else the station. On Mott who matters to mossy who matter rob people on the air. I'd known as we talked about it think that they were just content to let me for oil and gas pump up your whole body glide. I'd Glenn I think to my face to support on the on the recent painting portrait of course I'm you're insane about it and you know endorsement dollars I don't IC is happy to see I worried about me taking a late night shifts he said. I mean we fought for you guys spot for me yes absolutely when we get from typical for Roemer and I know this there was no calmness in town know what I mean is a media critic I'm never about ever was burgers this guy I mean it's false Tom Brady is Hamlet the biggest story it would never thought about. Everybody. In the media columns in his founded. I'm not sure I'm along its I think she probably did she wanted it with Google news the three phone calls it means you recently. I know you've been over punished. No no one known as known as commented on how straight he forgave you and and was passed it with a particularly humorous means it's not right right what would Sammy just treated and I'd pick what you talking about what was that story and others I think remembers that he thinks so yeah alphabet Brady takes pride in Ireland and the little things get to him and this is a little thing in the grand scheme. Not a big deal. I think it was a miscommunication Brady thought. I think I actually Brady really thought one of us the options and from what I understand he was told about it just minutes before surely you certainly wasn't me. About it and I think Syria and surprising things I would say that. He probably thinks he was on with us or somebody on your show we were dumb enough to let him say as if you listen to the beginning of that car he says like him he's been so good you guys that you make eat he thought he thought it was sent on national interagency word that's ridiculous. Melted yesterday defending meet certain spots and I'm. UA equities post hi I'm tired at the associated tired it's apparent from the bus that was that was there was no defense kind of leveraged through that spot. Apparently he's academic and as a mother that you did. America without streamer Tom Iraq Abby is they don't say it knack of value for you artist page numbers is Brady could decide to go to radio. It's close costs would mean it was a others say it was a dumb thing to say a married that. But if you just said. Views Calder brat. Normally we can't know it was an Italian word that you read somewhere that nobody uses does their thing that hasn't tried too hard you're trying too hard be as as we discussed on the podcast got to be honest about it right right it's got it yes I really think. Does this five year old jumping around really noisy is now thinks she doesn't do anything knowing nothing in me. Who is that word will win my column I called myself a sand on Twitter couple d.'s price where there was like somewhere in my mind. Since it doesn't sound like what's your biggest issue ask him mocked though we didn't really all you have now been doing well and block the SE you guys have had many segments supporting me over the last couple months. You. Let telling. It's yours to own alliance for religious reasons for it and his own self obviously saw this in Arnold's arch conservatives know my deep deep homosexuality right. Since and it's considerably easier issues chest and legs and got issues is chassis like Yahoo! small I tried faces a tease again here Roemer rentals club and it can imagine and I think he. He only looks at himself in the mirror more than Roemer is yet another guy looks at that you know how you know we looks his chest and his ex in his. Biceps and triceps 'cause he never looks at his hair her that he did he would have something done that Downey is is off as well focused just looks down. On a white sheets is testing so we got interest from his we Jim guy he's the weirdest person between now he and he lifts and bear some weird with the gloves and how is my favorite droplets all out much for hot my hide stuff there's darkness you run into my one day when these. The as the Montreal engines and randomly see it yes or you'd definitely Redmond seem good cause your work out in the hunt I mean we're in the I like even on my limit on forcible oral something. Two counts of residential burglary and who spoke to become a Wolverine gay community was at a time like eight hairy like work out beast well might man allying I would like that night. Particularly in the we call a monkey urging him when this mature team Arenas stepped up I think south. I think Sergio and I know I didn't notice it at all Leah salmon stumbled again tonight not one thing I notice is Kirk. I like the only two people actually like Q matter it was really matter. I mean does not gotten robbed the atrocity and you get no support from listed as the heat your listeners which we like. I would shake up a little more mixed that the last couple times that the people thought. He's being over prosecute that the Cuban nothing like he knew that I thought I think they thought this isn't really fair right and they also listen to what else has been tried that calls for the award much voice that Ventura elected month. And lets you heard it Reimer back in there. And it's good to have you back SPS properties only matter time before screw up again and we know that what tweet is not a good not a good sign. I was trying to be funny I didn't disclose whom that's why. Because it was oversee over the line. Would use its war on Twitter if Kirk to her I did it would have been over the line you are on probation so I deleted after three minutes emulating what. Not Smart. Theory and apply to defend its. Tweet that I would really I don't know we actually be released teams you've got -- and that's that it's no way I view this idiot they all lemurs that he's this when you are out but let's talk a little money I don't believe why and I don't edit the web site in which I rights. Report which I Rangel said. Yet again can announce basically practical dead media. You're less articulate Bradford has I think that that's acted it out on his you can and dot. Doctor donated and you and you could be much committed outlets talk what you wanna talk about I guess you were all on the it was us every day doesn't mean fund. That's a great actress on the streets okay. And IA I IE I. I I I I I heard her protesting efforts I admired teacher and a little too far. The crew there it is a little skewed by what you thought as a repeat of and a I'm not used to. A good thing you've kept up on the news with Peter on the magazine moral equivalent of 9/11. I mean I think haven't proven write everything down now one. It might mean what you put in babies from their mother's arms audits them happening left the state sponsored kidnapping and resentment that week's report I always going yes. Kelly's collect a forgot about him and we gonna cry. It was excellent. You really Smart wasn't really Smart articulate passionate. Senior pentagon yes he called us pro kidnapping what you mean if you supported and I about it you say you're a big problem with that Paulson under Obama. It was. They did not happen sleep prosecute everybody across they were separated. Charity children just criminally prosecute everyone across the south so just let it out and in other words do a solution to catch and release catch and release yup Clinton's attention and then and now another. They don't hold the detention center back Ketchum released they don't come back to get McCord hearing and they don't show lots of fine. Find some balance who cares so in other words you want open borders and masters behind a monitor just how did you realize why. You realize. It's time serve their free there he's quite hearings it's time certain to say okay go back now we have like one year old they don't court it's ridiculous these W don't just first of all. You don't know of the other parents that could be. Traffickers sites pretend to be parents you know that he's human traffickers are obsolete the real thing that's all that's a huge problem east countries that we created. Chaos and allergy shots like that we create really you know certainly you know we create Portland trail just Guatemala would like giving him 300 million a year and indoors that's awful and respected Democrats and Republicans and they leave the carnage that we've created and we put them in prison so that you had some of the big US separating parents from children. Right here in Brighton today. The B parents separated from the children. Eight when he committed crimes correct when the economy that is Jameer crime entering the country legally is breaking the law and orbit you go to a go to these court hearings and just answered it to school back annually you know pain what does that mean -- real happy that you need to go back they don't work so you can utility to go to court goodie a court hearing on the port after the court hearing right. So why does the parent need to be separated from the head during now so you want like a kid you always want an adult prison. I want at the tiger no gold no prison adult prison and I think I'd invite your father and my nice detention center which is no great place not iced the Texas senate separating one's two year old with a runner up the ante chamber nobody's. For no reason the parents committed the crime law. See you thought that eating it too good policy. I don't rewrite it from my parents yes are rapper ice look at why I don't have a big issue another big issue I don't support not where I supported when Obama it was your right about breaking the law. Yes but they're about what I violence and crime spree and we got arrested her not come with the leaders of different things aren't looking to cross the border into America for a better life and going nuts and crazy crimes try to do -- Giuliani is he's actually was murdered some of the you don't breaking laws and break like you said you know it's their different summit but you're also doing it when people were illegally entering looking for asylum checkpoints were still no they weren't on their hands -- known conservative with aren't going to check points. That was island that was just storming streaming over the border. And you think teachers looking for a better life most of the model may be they're looking to joined again maybe they're looking to us that you know about that kid Jerry I'm really they're very interception because he's worried. You know the people he likes taking him in with that somebody bought and what is up with. You know what I'll do arts and for all yeah. These are publicized support chasing people lot of restaurants. Yours is ordered that state so when it happens it never will but it happens the other way. You've cute cool with that shore oh and there was no sir Sanders got a free cheese plate and as I asked to leave all. No she was chased across the street is like the owner of the restaurant there and Richard shim said. You're Nelson well my heart present Stephen Miller who paid eighty dollars per sushi and threw it away it's like I did not being there all it is is yours for you jail or a lot of rhetoric it's victimization into what people say it is see I I love I love you think. Because you are since you're the face. Of the resistance check with them simply its announcement this article like babies and abdominal you don't understand issues like your your knee. Hysterical. When Brett capital markets nominate a single -- destroy yet Erica overturned on a way to take away health care to take it out later would be health care. Hasn't taken we health care while it's not just the opposite started and in fact if you think he's. Right wing extremist total peace you're the reason trample get reelected you whether Barbie you know Thompson went out it Democrats are added that is priceless you are one apart it's gonna happen. Delegate ability to re elected as Democrats absolutely suck that's why don't because they're doing hysterical no they're not an early go out they're not right or not its seat which should they do obviously must it was a little while Maxine Waters is Lee Johnston you would so that woods what would that solve. I would that help out how would that crowd because Oden helped defeat trump. To have this moron Maxine want is encourage people. To change if you can always nice if he speak OK good not good when I play nice so not obviously not you never do. It's a one sided thing. Your side doesn't I noticed some analysis so how does that defeat trump how does that defeat. Mitch McConnell it's taught it's the only way we can hold these people trying to explain to me how I'm rice had period which is next. Kirk and Callahan on Twitter Kirk. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Each time once again for our head lives sorrow while there's a staff writer boston.com which covers a wide range. You you were in New England. Up and coming media person not just fox sports in knowing they're probably chief fund doing that with the economists now when there's an unjust war. Those guys were tortured because mutually exclusive you can separate the two separate why he didn't have potentially been posed with the end they wanted field. I'm posing with a nice selection of child and you have some different note to turn it over him that we ignored which he mentioned decades what is there. Did you hear about Alex are you feeling transformed yet from Tony Robbins yes you know island the Bible lesson today I'd bet that these. They've become reality. We words about. You are you don't get wet we also learned that not not get that. You know. You aren't you you are understood it was like SA. Time for courage and Callahan was lax the other one thread headlines of course brought to you by doctor Robert matter document from the press and he. They're doctors Rob Ninkovich of 100 Gator great friends doctor Robert Leonard thank you. I don't want to read it's between east peace between relic in trainee in Gary. And Alex is complete self involvement. Dreamers so happy he's giggling during that he's washing and so it has agreed to be back here. That in you don't let Charles wilder truce so whoa whoa that's serious journalist reader reader is the worst for him better I don't. Charl while there's a staff writer boston.com or is I wish wide range of topics from. Recording iron in my base he's now senior writer sports on your usual positions it's amazing your old positions that and tell me that we were woken up slightly this that's an easy life she got to you bring that up in conversation with her now there was like three years it all this dollars in the year now. Doesn't as a respected journalist reporters like to Boston magazine yes that's how they're really podcast to him. We upset by the social that I have what I'll start talking about his pockets of load that our good side yes not well we I am on the pride guy now I love gay pride. We talked to talk to conservatives and gay conservative and 800 be gay pride aggregate rates everything parades anything amber replied well there we talked to gay conservative who hates pride couple weeks ago probably eight. Of course I'm very proud. I wouldn't be anybody else in the frontlines straight I'm very proud it to us which have prize for straight time I did yesterday and act you know identical to saying out and there's not kids' day. Even bothers him Mother's Day every every day's price communicate this summer it's pretty you know to Tomas. Crystal ball today that you watch TV. Must have been brought worst over to his neighbors tonight that would be one of the dungeons and dragons is this I headlines that was Oscars hosting headlines you laughter. Now you know at least until now. Now I'm used to doing you know jobs in the room and what's that you aren't you doing now with your good that there's a happy he's got the hotel at 100 artists on the federal and if you. You could please. You've been you've been public this place up there now I said ordinary and I said no nothing OK okay yeah I said you know what's this. We must Hough sock puppet I said we will never get some suggest is gulf who and in. Although it really isn't in on the gulf so CNBC going to be working next Tuesday and yes that they're now is. It. They're never going to go forward we're going to be stuck vehicle I am yeah. And we're out there I thought what are you guys like you're you're you're integrates mature part of the whole thing is you're staying there I'm staying there. Chris sustained rate her juggling this thing you know certain who's on the air that's that they the men were Tuesday. This monologues employment as important. As it happened. Just how he knows right next this isn't really nice. Am I doing a Michael Muslim get a pedicure only retouched. Because she just now well laid down you know I don't. The only pampered and I'll do toggle and run accident now we have so uptight we have dinner that night. Yes but nice restaurant I would venture out McKnight OK. Tiger New Brunswick and amicable the original problem there Kurt you come as well ultra. Such as aboard exists currently am the only one group. A double B money in my room and little did you kidding me off about drugs there's record at more fund. And you said that you liked is our blog about how much total cost. Of its older searching the neighboring hotels that it was about estimates that he's said there was nothing near the course except this place I could tell it was a puts a five miles away from the course. In Plymouth is no hotels B and pop color cannot she be the on the water in places and so got it. Good morning. The morning and he. Days after the New York Post race the theory of Hillary Clinton running again in 220 Democrats are very nervous about Elizabeth Warren's chances against prison term they should be nerve issues and it's pumped. No longer it was more would be. Donald Trump would likely Bernie Sanders. For Heatley as wind and double take it. The tickle those files there's says he'll vote for them although it does yes they wanted they voted economic interest yes OK anyway yeah I forgot hoax the yup it just so don't mean so Pennsylvania I think if Wallace Johnson the all you. With that. All the states to trump one Pennsylvania Michigan lesser fallacy nobody voted for trump for a couple years goes knock arrival from the little birdie would it be image when he sixteen so he can be mentally Tony. Our energy policy when he's 8880 selected according to the older creeping doubts among leading Democrats to choose the best candidate to take on from. Well right now I could see people flocking to why she wants to listen to her she's hysterical she's forceful choose a phone. Secondly she's not likable and. Our way. Wind picked of the. That's right sequences to wants America to welcome law that's our best argument she should talk about the economics and healthcare. Let's give everyone else test economies Dreier we now like her on the reservation growing up was not a broad autonomy struggling that was trying to Gerri tell an everyday and it was on the firewall on our it was not and couldn't practice. Lauren eagle and we show it you don't want trump to lose it's a fun for you from doesn't win I care about the better now all eyes are you privately is that you think what economy's not doing well. From people who aren't rich white guys yes well yeah sunk so brisk black guys are struggling rich. You know rich. Asian guys only rich people are doing. Rich than what I do we might percent to 95% after American ones blows them all out here had a presidential debate it's a pretty Hispanic unemployment slow it's ever been I have heard in the frontal and Twitter and we never lied and even if you know Republicans 90%. Every candidate that the approval rating SN cut that be so great Elizabeth Warren and burning citizens and this is yesterday it was going to be the president took it Bernie would probably. In this will be the vice president is indeed vice president take over and point when he poured it into court birdies and no I'm old and cranky and unlikable a Communist he stupid only south ask your mother hasn't on he said the job this record is to make. Laws. To make to pass legislate what they did not did not find it recited how days completions he's got two days ago what else. It was a big night for trump on TV Monday night Fox News little cable networks with eight million but told us when he five million Americans watched the announced I was sort out there so let's saves the Sox. As a wrestling crime bill yeah. I'd take your wrestling it was unbelievable when you know about it you're you're used to in the business usage of the that I went to college and people make a lot of kids the a bit wrestling has changed I think you could bring when Ewing in outs to get back together and adopt the baby could bring the rest. I'm not too and so on and a blast from the past he called here. Our show to confront me on the act we just on the air I know I called him thank you recapping for. Then he called himself it's a 25 million people watched the announcement of the new Supreme Court. Nominee makes sense pretty good audience Leo trumps good talk that's the thing. And corset although they're using him as it was not great television. No there was dramatic no one knew diddley cut to like ten 91 the next date not quite 25 million turned in to see the view enjoyed a harsh take on have an assault on here. You know president was under investigation by the FBI. For obstruction of justice and collusion bit flat to pick a Supreme Court justice who will be there probably dead plus there are many people in this room who will still be alive and hackneyed abortions at what have you need health care how. A lab to do this when he is on. That's right here you're allowed to get that yes he's an FBI and these questions take it by. I don't wanna get to the abortion which might need abortions if you need an abortion you mean the recent explanatory don't sang my need is a weird word why you choose to have an abortion. That's so yeah also I understand I understand it in the cases like rape or incest or health that's a different conversation. But if your twelve year old woman 25 year old woman who gets pregnant by YouTube you willingly have consensual sex to get pregnant. If they choose to have an abortion. That's fine which don't need to abortion but abortions at what has. Yourselves and what I have I think segment policies ultimately a lot of people government help would only hours and Italian and you can if you. In the audience the view. 300 okay how many of them are are its old maps again done enough so that beats obvious pride. It's people view that abortion your ear and hit areas hit anybody you need to do that I'm. And he took a guys' eyes I wash my car I need to go for a run and get some lunch and they need an abortion using the term health care health care if he were to win his health care. Women's health can sort of Paraguay got to be honestly is two dollars and center that well it's all out war is all about a new ideas out of Arab ally concern about context they're the money can't all sell them you know chop something else that controversy the controversy once that since we that it is still topped final part I don't know why don't anyone else to watch it of itself from the point where yes that's what they do we don't. They smelled the you know to where. Systemic ultimately and liberals they elected federal body parts stores know no I don't think combine items to take an hour to combine you know problems with the or did the plot anyway do and that's but that's for the passion of your parents about is about abortion you by -- access to be disingenuous that you might have really things that happened on this topic of access to a lot of promise that he needs to -- justices who knows what happens wiesel returns you a privately no that won't happen probably pro abortion pride in doing good no Republican would ever be different privately and publicly. No way no way do you believe that mobile worshippers Mike Pence different privately and publicly and figure out Hewitt to yearly get in as he goes to outline his Utah and people read you your. We had an abortion in the third trimester. Yes all alternately in sex selection abortions or third trimester. Like and so excellent if you want a boy and I believe we have a girl their bodies appears so so if that I recognize her mother met Reimer probably if you're you're exit 2030. Tickets to that's what's outside estimates that the band. Parred that dream. So you pretty soon Alex the going to be of the jurors determined around the going to be able to determine whether a baby is going to be gay or straight they gonna find that G. Q and do you think that we shot in a drought have certain poses in so cylinders. Our guests from the home they're gonna find that in this hypothetical scenario right which the gays are all killed tops outward going here these are you that you are okay now is that questions abortion underdog because the people who are you sad solution for sex selection people are anti gay are also pro life would never ever have a voice in your okay ammunition that would be that would be it's a ridiculous and what's happening now that you think someone. Your not really for someone who are ready to rumble in the third it was sport know whose importance for. He's on war abortion partial list of our morals you know she's a heart seamless approach it like having freedom over their bodies you look like so much he species pro choice don't have a healthy and hasn't been a quorum and benefits means that your pro lifers don't Walsh's point Showalter celebrations there now how is that was art to your goal and that was it sold one or one woman that is an absolutely does not more portions of Sarah Palin and she's got duped she's out of this long with the session burn Collins was the -- that disease and Cheney. Yes I think it's kind of and authorities at village is sleazy well god we tend to be wounded veteran. It's funny last night on FaceBook Sarah Palin wrote tonight join along with the American public personalities who have all mattered to him to be evil. Exported to this idea to sent you a British community sense of humor. They dumped or the wrong airport make sure she missed her flight that stuck in these holidays or San do you find that funny I. Yeah. It's vivid it's funny if you if you watch it's fun used to laugh now still laughing and how much they get like a market feel bad for I don't know what you'll like qualities among the people that have been duped includes so are video and Dick Cheney. Howard Dean that's took Alberto Gonzales. Bernie Sanders that for a lot of General Petraeus Ted Koppel in 2008 and it was a problem of the I was born. The movie did or use. Or don't know not funny at all will reach gay you know arena that nobody's seen every immigrant seance with a scale over yet. And he acted out painfully. It was a poor Ron Paul is currently being true crumpled like hotel room basically hit bottom. These guys and how these guys go along with its its amazing. It's very readable than detached from me is supposed to be present you with a better hitters and he gets these people the flight to DC she flew to DC from Alaska to believable. I have away for Johnson moxie to 156 years ago and finally passes way to him to be celebrated after his. Bernard Matthews wasn't a quick cut short missed shooting is barely on her record to celebrate his life. By remembering the way Hewlett he has since he seated where they PS four controller and a stance a bag of Doritos to was well. A carrier ring Jersey on sunglasses. It is app that's in the funeral home I know it's more visual but I admit they guys military was saying yesterday. And even though with the same you know you're allowed to do this don't ask me when my parents passed the ordinary you how they wanted the people who is that ribeiro of his tattered ragged disgusting American flag disrespectful for ideas and remains true dog replace that you and your other guests that I got of to compete and other business social media features. The competing for a new flag but anyway I tell your sunset pictures so you bring you burn the only nationalist and yet I am planning to go to the think about. You walk in the funeral home to pay respects is an eighteen eulogy expecting it to be very mature expect models had to be. It's easy to get to open. Apparently parents of mean the parents couldn't even bat. Devastated if they dressed them up like Halloween we wanted to what you wanted to be buried the way they wanna remember latest carrier ring Jersey with the controllers had to Reno's that's how he lived. And rob Bradford imagined it would. Most if we was parents set him up like posed him to win Indy most bush remember which which your favorite you know position policy that rate drops. Well cast their enemy camp and you like that. With an enemy so to be glory hole. It's got a masters of the month about that seems right there for the Studio One of the team. The team so it's the time it isn't as kid I've no idea I feel that Indians killed did an idea I mean you know. But it's it's their baggage to read frightened citizens a root root your bags and Curtis Smith but we don't fight guys will be good forever. And they have the game playing on auto. Write about it because casual video game on the TV's extra go to a lot of these things valiantly piece of video montage agree that we had my pastor of yours. That the whole thing that's that's nice to you look at for second that much of pictures. Figure to read those and be your game in the carrier picture. How would that as opposed you you have to have one and sport of the iPad. Really look. Randy loved one on. Playing and it's my ankle via widgets it ashes gates as scattered at the shed on the heavy suburban yes I think that's impressed I was back at the exit Burton. That was Friday and we don't. She's any Oscars that's an Ayatollah practically doctor Robert letter document through STV carelessly leaves him 100 did Iran. This is KFC. Students and show Sports Radio WEEI. So it's reasonable for molecules of a card Joey got. Hey guys quit what the Democrats you're with rock rat. I have a theory but I'm curious. Carries so Murray honestly no front coming off the economy of Iraq that you got there so unstoppable it's a bit that was a basketball Kabul when are gonna go to. Ayotte I don't give mess right president enough. Damn right I get here it is not yours that was a basketball right. It was really good basketball call probably about the guy from the summer league who jointly Hugh he has yet to Sally. If so give Visalia. By Frenchman right now we're I don't know I don't know he's somewhere holy basketball floor plus one point one voice that time please think nature of your phone lines all want to talk W the silly to say you know we have most of it's weird for you recycles right now in the brutal indictment the topic to gear shine Yahoo! sell leak I had five point goofy voices that he's got a few choices. You pillars of thick forests yes that. Yeah it is real voice. The foot decals yeah so painful he's gonna regret but he has a smooth time you touch them off might. Everything ever in the Sacramento bee and that's run down mobile information. You went straight back. That's a fake it's it was a person people equate to today we already checked the Sacramento bee deaths she's not the number orchestra well these things what such a fluid that huge check every hour every hour we'll Richard update that older. So Jermareo and yet I think what action to Samardo is in this rant about Bradford which was insane but I enjoyed the big V8 dug in on brat that they've taken and nobody else ever. Effort to know why though because it's even talked to this you talk to rob but this tomorrow but it's due east there's of rob Jimmy Stewart issue. No it's up together ounces yeah that one time that was honestly the hottest videos are. The seahawk guys you wait and see those guys or any other it was it's. It was like maples are there was face to face. On the theaters yet but in the eyes as she was slow and on an African from one for the lately and weep you're slow on the thing and yes it's intense pretty intense. What was all so but I leave tomorrow right parties some are it was clearly passionate mess right next music Iraq and do this. Why not it's it's it's. Access. To us and all the millions they'll cripple really hated that's really strange. Why is that why you don't really care really he allowed grab ass don't like that chit chat I know Tony's always who'd prefer to tackle you Bocelli and talk about Brett Nowak was being routed it does that mean he's human yeah Gil de if you don't you write or say you missed. But Bradford save. I'm sure you tomorrow should come in distraught here in the way to tear because those who hate each other this is going to be. And it's like I Mike Weir either hates that he's a real Bradford and contentious gas that's going to be his handler does and layered. And let's answer those bright spot but maybe that's. Now that is not to stand up from no smile no way is a guy I'm gonna he's not that takes this is a guy who 48 hours goes crawling on the ground. Now that doesn't matter who your ten. Let me answer you got to remember that so I think isn't it I take side. He usually does pretty late. You know he's a fight at a mosque right rob will defend to my ID and he's as good he said yes like hydration morning rubble defend that you cross the line when it comes to the website in his mind on the mud on your. Now of course it's unclear but his mind you've crossed the line yes most of it almost like all saying is that should be shut down in the Shelby average height and my English help that you went my gonna do. What are health insurance healthy as a horse known. Dario a lot of every few months need to get screened her true those days are over. Mean I just came to me should be fine yeah I just by he had no worries condom. I guess he's still need to take precautions are in purple. Hunter missed a boycott shouldn't need to precautions like we took on board the Supreme Court takes a whale of but what they wanted to say to then what demo and I would eighteen your life of the website was and I think he beat you would do showing mark whether nursebot unified side home go write some more I'll be homeless the work pretty athletic. Nobody needs me puppy knocked on the job the globe you're liberal you're gay you're good look at blame us for talented as. It will be used to like me personally killed the emotional well that's true that's pocket you must look at that it's a damn the only a lot of other righty think that right now but all the time on idea. To read Charles Krauthammer it's when I'm Catholic and I write like that in sheep you know it just in case people are in their cars. Not a political term at Boston September every year every every other you know why is that used to be a staple late summer staple. Read the paper and you know I can't say if she can strike should she waste a perfectly she nails it. Now rewriting of the middle of writing that he thinking no one is going to read. When I wrote. All I cared about was are people gonna read it that's my class they don't which is the chief if he can be speaking to be your best sometimes you come up some sometimes you don't. The fond of saying to my boss Colin and take an idea. Only a political term every of the year and Norton after that she was holed two digits today picked at if they told me to do let's say you expected to get like. 800 words and that she columnist. Should write it don't exercise that they're not gonna play and Norton every September just every other September was a second sentence. I had no idea I don't know advocate the economy see the picture shots between deputy into a Sullivan's asked meeting as a percentage O'Sullivan is gone he's no material really other guys that a guy lives he's no longer he'll never got a distress call had to do this week. We are yes you don't even know he dies. The paper now while he's gone he's out of the picture I jungle where every day. While we move away but I think you'll still be around for college. Hopes which is what is best in his brother still fighting a trump that's. From the stories Toby yeah hi Brothers. Or other. Morning. Which are Sullivan's brother to find trouble all over email. It's incredible who. The famous I have a battle Jonas brother Bart silent this fight is no Joseph says. The supreme court's gonna take away in my condoms and that trumps president and that's where college you know. My favorite player or sock addressed in the big east is Eric Williams who's in Providence as they remember. A loser and it brings some of the senate so. The new guys editor of us losers the one who's okay retire so local I'd sort of quote I don't think that some editor. And is proud should be what do people wanna read. The right there is believed they need to cover everything everything but he has strong effect only if the golf terms played in the state. Doesn't make it any more important than any of the golf tournament to anybody who lives here local coverage to legal and he got out if you if you worked for the Norton newsweekly of the net from town crier I'll throw you say all these people who work at the tournament. And maybe the people parking your lawn is only going to be ever and why would anyone New England. But it's hunted and volatility sent to be able to the summer release it to group nobody but played right into it but they see that they're losing money I know it it's backwards they don't understand. I just all been sort whose whose call was worst thing you're Austin terror Sullivan's re re I would want a car. Andre was able to draw to Julie Harris elements are innocent. At that. Yeah because I got through that nobody nobody knowing he really knew bill how many people have been knowingly CO Greek food. And Larry I know boring when I see greenery year media called socks. It does not so a little trying to do and I'm trying to build what looked like metre medal today poll over to for a rebirth for two hours are the two columns a table. Well guess what. It's treating over the back during breaks happy being respected you know I'm not why was brought the first two hours what was wrong with that name was good mediocre. The media after we talked about everything or find posts if you want. Everything. You do to me what I see that's why many hands smile I'm not buying thorny mark over there hate reading me a court ugly numbers I just know I'm not happy she is see why we did this would ever think bomber blew usually does Albert drew over. Market the employee of the month spot now if it weren't going after they gave it to me thank you and you kiss in this and that really Josiah I believe it pretty well you lewis' old I totally agree with you is is that it's not enough it was oh not to curtain and Tommy au ticker committing and join me to Roger when Daly or poetry yeah I. They really are and our need. Our three cups 617779. Point seven voting resent you don't know what we're not done or update them get back collect actually tagged OPEC. Click on numbers 61777979. Setup without you guys are you happy so far downstream are you happy he's back six calls on that right. 617779793. Separate.