K&C - Kirk mocks Gerry for going to high school football games; Kirk and Gerry are excited for Reimer's appearance on Dale and Holley 11-22-17

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, November 22nd

Hour 3: Kirk doesn't understand why Gerry regularly attends high school football games on Thanksgiving; Kirk and Gerry eagerly anticipate Reimer's debut on the afternoon show.


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It skirt and Callahan is not between military gun accident evidently cashier's mark what we give them that pass rush I don't think so. Drove like a maniac was this quote the when I noticed after practice today Bruce Cassidy was still noncommittal. The he would not give up this article. Background they pump out with Kirk man I was very proud of CBS news you are ever. Did covering. The allegations against rather. Do you think less of a percent. And objectively yeah but that's what you have here. It's still isn't easy it's still very painful it's still very hurtful get the kids at the pump and Gerry Callahan. Drumstick in his friend wishbone. We'll learn about their games at shoppers rest there they'll join me. Hater and hot hockey players from different. That he flatly denied he says it. If it happens there's something about the security of a young woman once Sports Radio WEEI. I don't. What once again. Trendy and well liked that this involved in ways in which it. So the so maybe aren't are positive quietly I don't know it's been a good girl drove me right that's that's good well done so right now we have trainee. If Tomas and we have Gary we have mutt. We have Alex that this yes and throw it for now he's relic from our years. And generally we do you know the Monday show ourselves so we for. During the course of the week if you get the ball one right now. Assuming we're 21 ourselves is definitely tangle written yes I agree that that's on the bench when you know going forward so just like the debate now. Let's say the money. Moon and an analyst since I know why I hear you guys. Yeah that's the way the good work that what you sexy Gary wants to do with Alex coming in hang out this but you get the sense he wants to do this. I think Kyrie is going through a little bit of me and occupied a midlife crisis he's gonna live so yeah 20400. You know I mean certain slots that to be like 95 there is gonna live for so -- airline time had a them I feel like he just he's just a little. He's a little yeah just a few lulls in your in your career sometimes are things are you just aren't since I've known him not to be WEEI summary. No I mean I think no matter I think he's going I think he's going through a phase where he is a term you guys not just they shall I think he's also somewhat. I doubt ourselves really I think it firm. Have determined to podcast was invested with the people invested in the show who's more vessel that we energy. Even if I listen again or he's never missed that never ever never ever Gary tightly and I don't care. But here's the thing for the city Gary yet to be on the show for while EU is what multiple ways to be pissed off. We definitely wouldn't death oh definitely definitely pissed I am a journalist. Georgia record right now. That so while I I would put trainee at the time she's here. You know I you know listen to it too we do this off not talking about real among ourselves a couple of 61777793. Separate that is the one. Now lets him. Some local PepsiCo would go posed as to how she's really appropriate yes yet we do one of the unit you know it's just kind of wouldn't we want all of co hosts I would is. And Alex Malays Mike Rose 26 month Thomas in thing is arguably one in five I would go. We've. I don't know much personally just his no all due respect Mike Martz great punching bag he's been you know they're idiots and yourself or use things that mode you know I'm on the Iran lies about Obama is the only marker so I am really huge is illegal to kill the Sox fan like happen around he's funny he's punching and he's a little news that the I don't because I don't Parse the terms of the the show works a portrait second. I would put. John third. Possible third on whom I forget Alex Alex fourth. Washburn five. And pretend we're sixth man. I have prospered but I saw a lot of positive for our response as thoughtful it was good it was magic was touch and it was it was bad as yours bank wasn't it was Kirk's fall I want talks two I would talk a little hoops you were hurt. There is no I tried to talk. Sports with two months he has and you wouldn't let me we're talking sports is tomorrow there's Richard that's not true we've two lines of six once processed 79 CC seven when I thought let's talk sports who bitch boy that's that's probably this is a microphone relates on it he wants to we try to send Dwight Howard holds no. No the second was. Your eggs costs and now he's really us and we really really cost so it's great that they're really great one last night they passed Oakland same as the patriot talk. The people but the patriots are a big talker not a. I. Honestly it's her third the size for now there and that is always going to do so as of right now. In both the question I agreed to a strong number two were glued open or a favorite rightly recognize. A relief for me it's what's the big. Talks actually isn't it address. All day it's been Blige decent impact on YouTube debate Askgreta. They are or the other yet entered the degree or higher take yesterday is tree Gordon Hayward for Anthony Davis motion photography at how he would feel I did it he gave. Super attorney walked out perturbed walked out during that segment I'd I'd feel assembly would you say well ask east school to us what. If it locked in England they called the the Charlie Weis lark right but Gary's sentiments and Cynthia Davis and wanna strangle him it's so annoying so tired to do an attitude. We have Gary's hot take yesterday's red T shirt let's hear. The floor before we go to rate cut from Tatum can't dunk. How could get don't why he misses more dunks. He hits the back of the rim he did he tell you he's that well on those dunks won't need this is we thought yeah what are the best lobs like this. Tonight yeah. You want to know. Yeah. Game. Creates I think he's saying electricity sensing is that the bill he just like I was. He misses that's not true but that's cleese and Jamie thanks I percent punish players saying likely Curtis he had done obviously he's 6867. He can dunk. Yes but now packet that's a great an ailment but as Tucker. That's darker ever problem. Now it's comical now. It's did you you need to school kids shows their mobile this mobile O I want DNA test his latest for appliances on the story on the new people that believe he lied about his agent was fifty when he played in the fifty. Other industries are jacking threes like creed yes. There was a great game when he was at Bridgeport. Foliage which means he was only like forty or worth the time. A couple nights open 61777979%. To three times here it definitely seems like a good report. Election why I wanted to rank have Thanksgiving side missions without great I'll say it still Catholic that's not what you and I Russia Italy. Which usually agrees on big difference. Right you'd have a different. And much of favorite again and Odom battled brain and asked me who you liked those principles to some great care. But that that's you're problem like when I try on the you know prince said you like most. As a guy he's a great guy and it's much more tragedies a better co host. Who's better drunk. To trade or secession drive. No. You know in a model and I'm anymore or driving drunk all day. What Bill Belichick has a crystal ball may be a lot about modeling school and college people to put their children passes for him. We have audit we are not people when it discussed yet the kids in the tub. You want to listen to social after you give because of back. I'll pass gas or Teresa obstacle warm and I was a game and us BC Yukon he brought only white. Putting a stick and it's actually this is Curtis Herbert is with college football game is now on purpose only 1912 his first went. I walked around in buildings twenty years ago he's gonna watch holy random people because they walk in the same buildings play football term. Right dot so why do you put market at four inches who actually care market when you lose yes I can you hear why. I'd that. And do you know what that means. It needs to be now now now now. You this why were you fan the Celtics because they. Played. Eight miles from the mansion why USANA is experts sprinkling his music group with us that was his music. Fan high school. You would be if you were news to high school is different in college it's more emotion. He grew up in the wind here went to college for you not say when your heads for the very next your your college. I know but there's another a different. Face paint my home I don't know how I don't adult late Jerry go to iced the game you know affiliation at all. And you should if you just love football or like perversion he looked civil war deals just games way more productive hitters he goes up doesn't feel like Jerry hit it right there on a horse with two guys and a roars are no rule was about one more than any interest in points that's true good point give credit and I was the senseless thinkers could. Actually this Jesus adults would. You'll want to putrid now penguins what is the average guy and Howard Hampton's gonna break on this is a sock in it I dare I dare to dissent in advancing this is Gary Kelly it's just it's an interesting call we start would you on from. Much hometown of mud that's true famous person ever come out of capital as John. News not to Monica hey John. I guess having on. The line being number one on the apple actually it'll be Jerry. So that's good and slow lanes miles and explain and gets in actions branch excellence in enrollment started. From the lumber Q launching that idiotic comment but watch for it better looking out yet. Ocean offered sense by the lack CU and I don't actually isn't a good couple weeks ago I had viewed that if every I think it okay sorry the kid. I rolled it by myself Kirk go on date on the other night in since we don't know if I'll see you and your wife a licensee or not exercise her. Separatists. It's a dead and I said I thought she ran out of these dozen different corporal where's my. I want is my range he's missing. All back John call back she's not the most famous person from pepper yes as anybody else from federal and Applebee's and capital that would have been what is the hometown and he did it but a brides in Worcester Brian. Item owner and quote orbit are you and go on you're in doubt on the on one point he got it turns boys out there all the talk you guys. This week about it. And out at all I get a search. Is well within. Your attorneys sports. Why violated by what they Wear it may not be here. I don't know that's slim fast start that Saddam Hussein has reached. I was in my car show she's misses the week it should bag rod can't it your right catch on the ranked except Henry Adams Bullard. Mary Katharine chase this is the noble people on the pepper Wikipedia that girl from a few hundred years ago. Nobody much is the most famous person only several couples yeah. Is sky divers who goes splat idiots guide as we have Felger 82 skydive and splat in the ground. Ally. The that's what is known Ford dead guy to pick up more I was almost want you Donald let's get I guess who Tim from him I'm an Agassi who's throwing it into my digital. Either. You being shot. Good internal crazy captain podcast morning training that morning. I'm trying to eat yet nimble one at least you fight back training as much as you drive me crazy I do that and it. Creepy statement you'll say no secret PO. I don't think that's instantly have a big skinny you would your take when he says more crazy things that time when this. That's anymore. I wait like bring in I don't demented uncle into the if it doesn't matter what he said all current. Fill the senate cancer. All you could seriously I can say whatever you have attend as an uncle he's a great uncle bring a little babies like avocado evidence and Mary in not too serious about half. Yeah I was always seems to be. Turning tomorrow would you be protesting during the when people say great and we nailed down. And we only eat our utility people like that. Ought. I I. I look I'm technique actually is juicy here and. You know it's one for folks like me to think. I actually do sort of like Turkey during evening and I think an anti I think the challenge is while it's prefer an Emily and. Definitely not soon via every time I heard that like you know. I did just Turkey breast and I saw a lot of breath a more global it's a good question to him what you do when they say grace at dinner Kirk ever buy into his braces incentive my dinner with tour with the passing of Peter and Patricia there will be agrees it. Why not if nobody really that invested. What if someone says unlike say if if we crusher. May cure him literally like idol poll in the receipt if they do that you'll pull out too we are actually it is juicy here apart actually is juicy here. A 110 million gallons less attentive to the rest of the road app. Real quickly. Because I mean there's nothing that people love animals and could allow people love animals and you guys. Everyone loves Mike humanize this will we have who blew him shortly I've gay guy that we lesbian we have a monkey a list we have a sloth. You realized. Would you consider no consider the shot for us yes that would help just for the ratings. Am I within this falls under HR read an early age are bringing home that has sealed this could be good report but about abstinence. The chest just one than. I did tonight. That no number or yeah cemetery hatred and not a lot of lessons learned that also Michelle she's getting them all who luck it's a favorite. The holiday tomorrow you know to gobble gobble would be Alex I don't think you can make boarded a weight limit belching. Exactly. Probably and it dead in the Eddie Andelman before that on commodity. Despicable. Horrible need to go away and then I get Captain Cook a would be last week and right now he's. That's my last place is that I'm with him again like I have criticized guys looks or wherever it must have been very reared luckily it. You know standing at the wind or not here with especially perm answers very strange Alice Beattie he showered them as evident and analysts whatever shower you heard my guess is he's English I talked to him about it is on vacation is November vacate you don't personally go to Iceland where to go around call into my neighbor's house to play. Or games tomorrow what I've heard about that. Southern mean two of Abbas he ever exert a diaper attorney that was that was actually and went into the picture which was never supposed to play German board spiritual about trying to she goes all around the world so plus a life -- stone you guys that you're both moon bats which are opposites have a great lust for life he has no less if anything about it like I cannot see what he adjusted. Are you disappointed in him his wont see what I would call eight and I. Took a vacation and more vacation than anybody I took a week and did nothing would drive me nuts have been. Most of it thanks just so I could do a whole week I don't think I could do like going to two or three days of like escaped patient and probably like going to the CD do you think that I haven't totally let me go to you actually make that economy going beach playground all that its board to see what I think makes heatedly this house who went to stardom time board games and this is not a matter. He went and actually goal that you bridge accusing go outside it's it's like yeah yeah he just wants across one more one more I really get answers to attempt in the belly. Do. Oakmont you look at that you have. Yeah this sorry you are what are the biggest survive earthquake in Manchester just put an open and he realizes that come are. It's still hear my ranking. Items are here are breaking an article on ranking them on an algorithm based on controversies cigarette reaper controversy and we leading a couple on Friday. Going off on these other shortly the other people came back. Roemer and can't we just from eight out there and hampering you today where he's Freddie should go on and on PBS on the weird thing. Why do that I don't have yes. Showed that I'm sure she confirmed that Jim Jim Braude like Charlie Rose like all guys PP showers around naked. Like the only girl he had to choose you did you show which of margin once a week Ross once we paces saint which would you. Listeners are definitely candidates think that's any fun. I like it like. That she's already it's a question they give you a lot more time to talk uninterrupted video. They are allowed me among listeners that you liked how audience watched patiently watches I don't British and those people listening to is did she just bigger insult about it. I didn't I hit eight gigabyte artistry it could be a tough choice really because. I can't tell all humans which isn't children it's a tough choice of yes Jim Braude monster Egan or else no one listens. And I talked about I'd say it's yeah. Get a lot of laughs on the China. You know let's we heard it played again when playing against I want I want question from a jets sideline and watched it wanted to question. Tom is an arrow in his drag sounds so boring. Geithner right you got it it's it's. If anything and this is treading on would probably in you can. Annual charger in my LaMont mark what's the issues. Laughter from now on his contract once they free plane for life I now just while he's making forty million dollars a year and passionate Grady. There's got to become LeBron James and he is gonna say what the bronze that a few years ago. My kids are not playing tackle football and Hillary being president weren't real battle to about 6177797. It's basically why it. I don't although I'd advocate for follow me and it shows no irony how you guys you guys might we have to get to Michael and yes we gonna give Alex a pep talk yet for your heart out go BJ morality zones making his debut on dale Keefe was at the key thing hall on Sunday. Congress. Listen to his ranch in morning drive you subscribe to the odds. Now follow him on Twitter after curfew midnight. No more of our case Callahan fox Sports Radio WEEI. Oh yes it's. Appreciate all postal frank Kent good front Peyton Manning. The front of my parents probably good friend and I guess different Kennedy's senate seat on a boat out Lance just like boats from John Travolta and Ray Allen. It's quite a guy that. He took when he was married you swear an hour and a half married to Renee Zellweger and divorced it was like here on most of the phrasing used in the forces like. These deceptive or Paris Afghanistan that wasn't good for him but he's that was like twenty years ago. Sure my indeed achieved with cents or what to do when those camps. On campus just this session or therapy such action. Cited fraud in the work in the parade it's weird he prayed the game away we asked one senior Boston Herald today it's a special pullout section. In the the Thanksgiving football match by the back page upon connection I host like it. Seniors make final memory last Thanksgiving game and forget Jerry Kelly hands Thanksgiving called for rain and herald in 1990 yours is again today. It is my fever com the year it's my favorite thing about every time. I pick up in June or July. But even better today because yes indeed tomorrow. The alarm will go off even earlier admin question that's a pretty good. We should read when you're famous for its. I would welcome all they want it but it's a defensive you know here's the thickest skin but you make fun as the colony solid as I've just read. We have three everybody else read your nose just other people would like to hear from other people's well I heard from a famous Hollywood type news that I love my but Ireland to England story yeah. Could have a hundred once things could have been as gopac. Realizing that they want to those two girls don't have to smoke right after girls on the list. Now why would you do that if I don't really bad I of those hats on the did you know I had son sounds like it's like gay again Fedora. Yeah yes yeah it is an idol I was sick of these dog can't be so ugly could never have the house. Did you say that the checks would pose with a coach and who thought they really eight point fives. Which some women are just nuts you can say that some girls just are absolutely correct that he could for. You for lesbian and uses on a Jim Marjorie never say that that's what they would I rather go there now now you gonna stop by. Anyway out too much rather be which really put the country trio pretend they Roland foolish on McNabb what ensued in a lot of practice to do if you're surely transitioned rather go when Jamar drags. See my house things begins big chance and she magic has a lot looks and his role your thoughts on the previous robe and slippers. As a shower there all the previous guys occasionally you know the bill comes and men who. What we have we have Irish special guest leaders for this to be restart with. Let's go to the now. The no no no masking could we have. Elmo we have Morgan Freeman we have Woody Allen that's all we have the Whitman and yes we know one else. I've always had some. Colleagues settlers in College Station oh we also mean Fauria exceeded reports on us hours oversight and a I don't know it's just things I don't just don't Donald I thought right let's start. Yeah you welcome all these people even usual tomorrow but somehow won't be so tough to get out it's not a bad. You couldn't sleep and eat later if you try it you'll be which happened 90 into the morning Jesus Christ in everything disappointment but anxiously looking at the big game. The last couple in your life. You could convict him but yeah I'm a well. I didn't meet him beating sponge he and I know yeah. And he may. All the hold on. The butterflies all babies once nothing I I. I don't umbrella and I tell you about your great right but the butterflies will be eighties once I think that was. You're right. He is key. I know there's multiplying butterflies are getting stronger thirty years. And estimates it Pope didn't really dial. But at. And do another. Yeah I mean he. Name. Even that couldn't have made. It should be and this isn't that it's been a couple of Woodson. That's kind of took on. They keep it to. While the mom and that's scary should be fun to play and I agree to replace by the though but I loved it loved it right. Love money money money games much cold. Well let's you record the more now. Too bad forty you're my you're my whether I keep checking Lewis is eighteen degrees in the depth how the stimulus today to be cold but not terrible I don't rational rain no snow right. Well Morgan Freeman who is not my favorite. Impression okay. When you get to the locker room. There will be a different kind of tension and the music will be a little softer. The small talk. A little quiet. He put on the pads little slow. Because well. You might never do this weekend. There were days when you thought. You don't miss this dirty. Smelly. Sweaty locker room. But tomorrow. Will not be one of those days. He'll do a lot of things in the next few is. Go to college get married have kids. Stop. You know I didn't seek that yeah yeah and he's done some things here in Britain Wimbledon. May be eaten by and a lot of room. Maybe the kid who one yeah monopoly. Yeah companies view the kind of wanted to some. Good. There can be knocking out at UC. EO. Tim and yeah paying. Him. Maybe keep it going between them and maybe. Wiki on their team. And she means to him when nobody can remember this. And asked how he wanted. Let me ask your question. When it both coaches really confused before the game which teams can win. Has engaged I might get to the record of teams that it adds like almost undefeated and really it is and residents somewhat yeah yeah. I think you know eventually talent wins but at the ocean is in on 90%. Well the mood prevails you know agreements that sits he wasn't. Yes I didn't really lead this time with this horrible place you happen. I think kids who spit on me at all but Thanksgiving was you know we had to win. And we won and went to the Super Bowl so it wasn't the last budget Donna could be passed. The coach slide analysts have been lost or conceivable but we finally I'll really don't we're gonna it's. But now we have one more game like everybody else and who else we got we got the I want euphoria because. Football we have fourth. We don't have four and a half we have a caller who decided ruled that we have what a colleague gunmen. Morrow dual reading of your lets the guy who's Lauro. I did some work for our Kerio and they're not with us is now part of the family anymore you rookie volunteer to do with possibly do we really with them Beasley who's been one of our friends from B like war is a guy always has have been assured yes always is your war. They wish you luck for the last time. You order Borger. That. At home. They will wish you luck for the last time you all before the world you know what you to kick you so great it's. I hold it who. This is the program director of as the gentle into that. I like Laura. It was a cold and doing all they will wish you luck for the last time you older brother will yell at you. You're kicked some work today my mother never like that because I don't have all the Brothers comes to hold the auto program auto biographical asthma that's true. Babe he's around people huddled others. Yeah of course seems a little too cinematic future saying it's a third of the axis for you mama want to be just about us right and what's a don't produce lots of taxes wanna know of trajectories. Traffic you try to Ivan happily marriages like to start I don't know I guess I am I think they wanted to get every question tried to reader for trendy eateries and secondly treasury. Idaho upstart prime okay attorney and a case shirt which character project it's your future. You let players like eternity to get out almost like having you know a great person publisher book. You know which like which Carter lecture and your. Future work. Out when everything political entities that are ones I send us. Yeah. Well hard to beat them you know god Tran. And that death. Abrupt. First time you walked in the Fella. At Fenway Park silent panic attack them. The man and magma. Now that's offensive guy that happens and backhand and I never again take a ride to the campaign to catch instructor a second baseman John manager and the hi team has a bad decision and distributed and read the call and that's I guess that's bass digest top. It's a decade. If it's OK. Alan. Ed I watch him and that. Math there have been about what it has done a pac ten in agreement do it and let it. Alive baffled by it first Iran that it got its back cat a cat nap. In a haystack has said that Oppenheim. Is that not my bout happen and you know I make them. If you were ad living at the two students group. You talk metric right yet to act sorry about that you know I can we give this a shocking foray of football like sure the 48 tries to don't have enough. I which paragraph would you like Christians for you hear a problem. And win win when the coach calls. Every call really get anything he's the subject. Let me talk for the applicants your question Chris shore. Are being. Done. Can be offered her a kicked connected thing. Yeah if it's a parent. Who. Well did. And college there and cute thing stopping it being should be a bridge due to bad. Love the new increase in ruins of the I don't think it. Special broadcast. It is that a word Christian radio show last week kicked act. Congratulations to football sees these football season articulate. And people like here is implicit call for a guy like me he's a husband won't like me as a cause for great. I would like to hear that you Chris Curtis once and that's a lots of you just experience. By occurs wrap it up. Yeah now wrapping up Chris Curtis Acosta at the game flyby regularly plains where you. What do you make plan okay diapers. You'll make plans are buddies later tomorrow night knowing things will never ever listening. You'll never get the people dead and you have out there on the field on. Along next year you'll sleep a little better. Onslaught yet lives and might there's Newton and what you meant no impediment to work well as a woman who really. And that her head while oil. Sorry Jerry held. In my notebook. Excellent Tobago. As they final memory the only way the current account ancient pictures and you get ready compliment to say I did many many that million in on Twitter and text line yes yes. It you'll get a nickel for. Now know Israel's right and they're making. Companies should demand some residual you did you write this stuff like your dad is up for free for the Carrollton I do for free and they sent me some money anyway thoughts as they liked it but should you should get a couple hundred bucks for this moment. Mecca call yes I think if you. So you got your Boston Herald today at a pop operate you know for whatever. That classic TV game and forget Hubbell Jerry Kelly James award winning annual called the Boston Herald wilders and we're all gonna get back oh yeah how we we Alex Roemer today overnight you know. And the Bible dude also add an expert yeah well yeah we'll talk doubts in the final hour day and accused of my actions of a little club and not corporate. Can tell. And allowed to talk show host and he figures such a host in New England. They have an opinion why it hurts people's feelings again seeing eye socket is a talk show host I don't care how many feelings Vermont's like you've obviously Kurt can Callahan. Seek Sports Radio yeah yeah. A lot of baffled by its. Iran that it got its back half I cannot. Is that I sat. Odd time. And that's not my back happen and you know that. I celebrate the look of death. The attorneys can you during that is not qualified she never knew why she's reading your column I never knew that if such somewhat. Once one person and where we're still weighing a razor wink out and I and is now or by the way I have I mean really matter now. I don't are trying to get what I'm just hanging IP of the thing from here. Christian for his punching the wall back there he wants the party frail someone who know me. Every management wants he wants a party again and I think he's gonna blockade the rough by the right right right HR. At issue HI just like our program director afternoon drive post they often annualized. People in this building you lots. How many regulars like definitely those bills people said oh man forward that in a par after they popped in from off and a couple of price of free breakfast and price and sell outside and on the Internet and found Cumberland ideas and give Arafat Italy said I'd rather not you know take today off. And I started thinking and that's fine we're fighting for our lives you absolutely I look I'm here where it worked competitors. You know we're fighters. I hear half staff was off. All like you mean I had a couple of extra days as well as the Christmas week that the use at some point and I wouldn't pizza take its name take me down with. I slots of people that text and in Italy to excellent want to know leverage he didn't read the column I think rich is still sleeping from administration to pass those 6 o'clock to good question week I think he's preparing for today's show which her. Dale dale and Keith will be joined by a friend Alex Roemer. It is a great idea from our vacationing programs terrific idea about a program director what do mind you know he was probably away downward ago Chatham bars in Europe but I stuck away and to remain open main object Killington or some multiple we have to be here today evidently. Delighted that he's ratings right but true Lou doesn't always doesn't Jolie had in the Winnebago domain yeah I don't care and and we both say what is look at the and what was the answer. She's gone Winnebago trip out there. All hook and realize that yes. I'll nice studied is now ranks as troubled when a bank. Yes yeah. To jot domain and you know how to get a playoff and I will save you if you let's be totally fair if you say hey I'd I'm taking tomorrow off I don't think it would be a war now wasn't I I said there's thicket of missed. No no no no no. Little boy could incorporate it's corporate and I said yes that are solid sent me to raise it now you know I want. The rest of vacation days I saw. Deal in for Christmas Eve Chris always to a reunion. The Today Show for me to back John you weren't around when Dennis when David testicles and where you know I was not I was I was wondering if you get if you live there now that wanna call and ask you you've been hurt like. Remember. There and I took the David Cassidy called and said he listened to every day. That once we leave New York. How easy from here rich now thanks. No I don't think so Alex and lived in New York a ticket was up Stater somewhere outside not the city. I don't know it was bizarre public driving around. I don't remember just from a bus and we says one. And race and the shelves. And I says like you two love and apart from him yeah popular that it isn't. Yes yes yes that's generation I love you was effective night John boy that the party is now in the wall that's a lot of things. As we should cents on the parked in which unbelievably can abandon it. But it's and we Shirley Jones. And you know after an exotic Curtis and not remark and it will implement Navarro Charles Shirley Jones is really his mother the stepmother. Patrick this is David Cassidy stepmother to see some totally Farley played who's the crew was that did not adapt the guy manager. And is that hey you know Chris are probably played it sells catch dinner it was pretty funny. And that's clothes on this. Point. Even do that green acres now. And G edge to that plan that clip it's. It is going to play affinia should note eventually you know 3030. And about west you don't know that show they strike we have anymore the song. Well Beverly hill. They think that rate originally agonized screaming and I'm and that has nothing to correct. Me I never watch mystery ever. Stood before my time I public is a QB on TV at retail treatment directly talking animals and he's right at a which is what would you like my leg tuba it's a good point six point eight talking animals if you love but yeah I mean articulate and it's interesting I animals right it's just to hear when we get back overlook or to talk to drag I don't have my friend wants to talk to me. I just hope. It's taken its electable. But buddies he can it. Not with. Not much how do you look the other night I question and through watching what straight and channel and I happen at Q I think it was their night. On. Curling and thanks for watching bud outright hatred trying to it got to stay out radio beacon that TV really blows your hips out. A. Your hips on camera yeah I emphasized he does blankets but yeah once I. If there's one thing I knew they definitely have like love handles and stuff but man I hits I'd the teen is Tice would have been told that I could never gives birth naturally is my exercise narrow. So but I don't know what's yours did ask that you only criticism but likes his. Her hips might be you talk to model. The dogs will be raised all the races. Everything kinda quiet you know. And Ella. Can I get it at every penny she's. Glad I have a great thank you. IPod U2 thanks but I'll I'll stay out of fruits I'm not your fat for bud. It. But like some big breeding what. Bugs life is like Welker. He needs to play Gerald lots of. There are a lot of things you can criticize my body big hits is definitely not one of them I don't know light on his option I'd me it meant to watch some curling coverage have faulted tweets that fast I saw on TV that that have been watching one of the season goes you sub you know the whole thing when they do that thing in this taping it and how I actually did like five minutes thank you going through the motions of the relief fund interest I should and I know like you not to you know. I will say I'm usually the first of the NN satellite goes nine innings of baseball is ten ends. First three or four and I'm like I'm not into I am taking notes and then I would say and five through seven or eight on my web his own now. And I and I think you can do about. I had a problem diving and swimming in a scientific. Group whose emotions lights in my office from Nova Scotia we go there to visit. And she can currently legitimately is like it's like Friday night let's watch currently editing to go low after Allen. Currently huge CA's we should go north and now has he curling club should we should go to be fun you know I ever did growing years ago today. Did the big a sinister act as a super nice it is and it should pretty cool to see it numbers never covered trials before to see people achieve after disaster covering him and soccer in February. Jesus only begun. Six weeks for six weeks I want to take a vacation after an it's notre for six weeks. Wow and you policy temples and moon and in by now however a minimum by our admin in the moment and does Delhi where you know I attacked. Who cat and Chang him I lowered to Matt tourism in Thailand that's all about that if you right. Mainly gentlemen that's not what I'm into I'm just you know Atlantic beach in eagle there and see Ryland beach and what he sees a month seasonal and staff and motel room. Yeah if you are acting in my a lot of nice. And he loves it he is the second home and stuff but I did today. Guys so much. For us we appreciate you can be by yourself I worry about should be fine. I she's gotten base you Pappas price he gets killed if she gets its pick up about six flat so I say splattered our force as we talked to. Alex Roemer who join. The afternoon show take the first time you've Reimer kept out as the good guys. Coach let's go there could be accused to do it anyways muzzled them good one what do in the fourth and final two.