K&C - Kirk nailed his Bruins prediction; LeBron has surpassed Bird 5-7-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, May 7th
Hour 3: Gerry, Kirk and Mut discussed the end of the Bruins season and the greatness of LeBron James. 

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Kirk. It's the first time in my professional career covering it BA that I've seen a coach Lou. All three games in the playoffs there's Sox equipment being smaller it's just not being stupid if we can maintain our spirit while why couldn't. We beat one in Brett brown was stupid. My call for Greg Brown to get bottom just and I would be spots that app with Kirk committee have asked this few minutes is great here who may have some sports. The weather's going to be crappy nobody knows anything needs to stop. This food is doing everything about whether this other list. Don't wanna say oh geez she person podcast genes audible five my top choice do. Bush or all of their money was stupid who's gonna simply don't have they get a bigger than I would not know lives out. As Gerry Callahan. Mac support. That's a call that it's a no brainer and that was a textbook penalties. They blew it it's just there's no other way around it. I've always. Really unfortunate what sort of some embarrassing than I was losing here they're done. Did you lose five games guess Sports Radio telling you yeah. As we get the right you're all we can definitely rocker hall of fame site. I saw some of that I was what's in the Moody Blues yeah. Indeed we might fudge over the last group there's sort of you know every that the big at this point Jew who for what I was the gang plank of the biggest most popular. The group right now so they banged up Oregon's upset anybody Moody Blues or do they put to a I judgments we biggest. Historically not personal to notes that I could believe a good movie blue sounded as are pretty cool man how does a country cars. And we knock it a dire straits gets him I loved street some of what you would do their huge size and so massive they get in and offers not part of it. Show while we're at once from who knows the Brothers weren't there so three of the guys go to get they get there were they leave. Well you usually read up on these things wise enough Perot the odds went to us organized to do it. And the other thing is Bon Jovi gets in in every shot they show craft is there Belichick there Charlie Weis is there. Charlie Weis well I guess he was I guess original friends of bonds are desperate he noted you're gonna move convenes a move wanted to Cleveland. That was a few weeks ago serves a chip that pretty far. Well isn't that you gave the induction speech for Bon Jovi doesn't. Some quotes someone of that matter to sing date code that Ministry's account that's poetry said the Ford F few Bob into the middle fingers talked about it was it was good use actually pretty fun. I was impressed. But a lot of Belichick Belichick and Kraft sitting next to each other know. Separately no interest but they weren't that far away twice as they get some places. But it was a good moment. Well I mean maybe once was the first. Friend and could you read this Major Garrett hours ago Ivan Moody Blues some pretty good do you keep saying like. I don't either forty bit more laid back maybe that helps them. But which is illustrated. Rick our basic sounded shocked. Well just not there that's what Paula dumped him she was very published go to these actor injuries dance in the whole time I don't think either thinker I read them or didn't does she was there. Was spent his first indication of trouble in paradise lot of shots are silent 29 years later she finally got a good look and should achieve the greatest mismatch of all time. A grass upset. Since Villanova Georgetown yes. Paula purse for Orson openings there aria yeah and Republicans married Rick a case that we all thought. You might have been too young golfer at the time. The last a year maybe. One of those type of deals. 29 years later. She finally left them as unbelievable. Anyways for the response fact check will be just saw some of these could be in trouble he seems like he's completely it doesn't it humorless and just not that a lot of laughs like get up like much is said earlier during the break too good point no. It looked angry just it's so amazing they're taking it way too serious not a of this lap we want I don't know although you really laugh out there in the movie disaster it's all because everything like it's that the some huge news story on the. Witnessing is a real anger it's been an hour and a half and just look. Like they're talking about the most serious thing in the world is sports they tape edited and don't get going I don't see playgrounds of toy depart. My body lets us have some fun this hate the time it's Palin talked sports the only Saudi parts is that what I have read some exports over the weekend off huge almost too much or as I told you and I told everyone and again no one listens to me ever for some reasonable liberate talks fortune tweet about sports elegant is why you're doing is. Knowing him. I told everyone last week the Brazilian whose in five games Evelyn Rick Nash is he disaster for example counts. The Bruins got outplayed you can bitch and moan why only one but the officials they had nothing to do zero to do. With lightning four Bruins won best of seven series nothing I think if there Bruins fan and retailer out of the big change of if you're gonna see you should just leave again so you might wanna try figured I'd be better than because you're not right now you're not. I was sent their big stone on the blue lines probably doesn't have much left in the tank. Correct I would think not it's 41. Time of old news. But here's your analysis from ESP and Greg. Woods near ski. I'm a Bruins offseason game plan number one priority. Stay the course flu like that that's like don't hit the panic number two get a player like Rick Nash but not rate match. As a reason. Is that tree. Write them on a journey that public health decades bled into the commercials he was for the trade I wasn't here that there but I listened to you when you're right. I'd rather sweetest thing a number 31 round pick finesse guy and you're done with them to defend prosperity and not a good defense prospect he buried it arrives in DC but the world's we're all his left. I was shot that necessarily a great opponent what has gotten in history against North Korea credible Alec you better get up. Number three adds a center. Number three Q yeah yeah it's that's good point people to people read that. Now before but the it's great to get terrorist alert on the Bruins up on the right track if they're not playing playoff team next season. It will be for some unforced seen. If catastrophic if they're not a playoff too much Susan relax take it easy. OK here is even think about the plants and they learned their lesson win the division next time while everything's his my three majors takeaways AA. It was so and so one sided with him Padilla them. The division record. Tampa was as easy for a series. Still like him but now to seven seven games it's on that affected and this that's one good thing ministers due to god in game seven which he keeps. Thanks. Especially when they go on silent. So boring tension. You know the U. Tampa dominated the officials had nothing to do with just so that's why make him you know I got integrity. Which shop Tony's my turn to stay the course. And and peace. Was saying they need somebody school to graduate numbers letters was good he can't blame the goal of a three RC. That's one that's not to book and should note. One. The theory that the on and three. It was better subject one beat. Reps had nothing to die another day. That they want to blame them so haggard driving too I think the rest doing the brewers at the short end of the stick over answers to rest probably not much honestly not enough that would tilt losers I mean really do you think. You think that while the take a poster. The who's that guy got a minute Michelle Michelle what was the guy Schobel Michel Bergeron who thinks the league should investigate and he's been tolerates. There's Jack Edwards who's good bye Jack's team next year strong stuff here Jack's record tweeting somebody said. A Bruins at brute you night giving ideas were or. Sportscaster former NHL call coach Michel but overall. Very upset and not holding back insisting at least two officials in the series he'd be severely reprimanded to preserve the integrity of NHL hockey. States of official the term in the entire series Jack's one signing off on. I've seen the like Bruins united guy tweet about some freaking guy who's this story I mean this isn't just lost in the something like those who can you know two days from now. Who has been 12 that the officiating that's your nobody and I. The lakers when they in the in the leadership 97 free throws in the fourth. I'm the first gonna blame the refs god knows the rough officiating in the NFL Sox called football sucks. And I mentioned all the time you get that sometimes. This is not. The story of this year's is the officials if that is you know what you should do look in the mirror but in America. And question yourself if you think he. Rests the reason UT lost they work. And even even homers had trouble yesterday. Reps you know. And I can't you can't keep threatening yet anyone especially when I went ahead and down. Yes yesterday and tell us a call on Twitter that was an easy re call great call and all of the bells at the physical time. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm you know I am a neutral on coach. I was happen where you're neutral year for love knowledge and I want it in the end the day. I want in the NFL and one in every league in those two great rule. You'd LeBron James put great. So people on tours or you can call from those in every game you're lucky election. If if if if the biggest capitalize. Have a laugh. If they win this series which are going to beat the Celtics and he wins and always a finals. I told we found him of these things that caller I think he's doing that's gonna click again no problem that I don't necessarily agree that. But I have no no I mean how can get you know you could say so does god damn team Michael Jordan is a better scores of a score than anyone that credit definitive. No the I don't know about that better defense on all LeBron that a passer off yes off the ball the federal LeBron on the ball Jordan LeBron is a better rebounder obviously is bigger stronger and he's a better passer. Much better policies much tore resign or pass it and he's also had a characters is nowhere nears that is incredibly durable and of the great cast. Body that group are great player he is great Dennis Rodman forty did. Mean he won titles of the car right center and Biggio car's not that bad not that is no worse no better source of these guys who George denigrate this cast stinks but he is I hit it right. I can happen like happen. I mean I don't particularly if you like that against Obama can do it I'm I'm ticket sales six to be on Friday. My action I have wanted to preview on the Celtics cavs Ceres and you wanna do I don't for one hell difference on doing now either. I. The man above it starts with a preview of games and tell them. From the man above has been hardest road 68250. Pounds of you know solid ground I hear you like him either rich guys both he'd never. He favorite team actually in the browsers but he's sharp he's hated him does he hate them and Mikey Adams hated them which keep hates them actually on Mikey what is rich. And Mikey. While white is what is Richard. You play Illinois hates him and I think that's kind of easy place to get a team. He's he's really he's indeed can you hate the deep off the court stuff and acknowledge he still the second yes label time off from Columbus where he's just he's had a service. Do you have no wars if you're being fair and I am totally objective I'm told I birds the ones on toll buys. But you from being reasonable by the he can't be worse number two it's impossible he's not sure how can you couldn't put ahead of them. He's just forget her again I can't ever since bird free yes fifteen years and he's as good as repetitive what does have fine. Yes if he gets their. A strategy to make case for anybody else number two when Magic Johnson. Me just my doubts about give give the front cream Abdul Jabbar who by the won MVPs with magic this team. James Worthy and Byron Scott picking I think he'd be okay music on who else. He's definitely back by Magic Johnson or. It as it backs but I would allows you that it's a better passer not what else what else can he do in the integrate past where else could do better nothing else. I guess from the butterball. Maybe only then maybe permit any mean not support across a much match it was not a great defender now. Prods are great of really really good defender matchup it was great athlete tell brought the immigration runs great actually. Yeah the positives Jordan but grant case I've abroad or a problem Brady. Eight street NBA finals this year in exit yeah Brady Brady. It's weird that that's where in the NBA I Protestant or a price at the position in the NBA elect a blocks have to say on the best on the best. But not like Brady would oversee that Peyton Manning remembers even like. Aaron Rodgers who wouldn't say I'm the best ever went out to appeal to stop just off the hype the game that's why they're hyping fights. On primal brawn. Who say he's the best ever. Just played it always has all the time on the best to ever play again he's better than Jordan think they can. Says. I'm here. After a compliment to them about where or simple. Whatever he's saying right there today to open at saint I don't know members in the elegant oversees about I wouldn't blame he did that makes it faster and Ollie says he just at a critical these guys to do. Would have best player in the world ticket system it's important I'm suggesting. Pieces of greatness. Can we have a guy who's waiting for 157 minute this is do not take the militias don't tape was. Like and one is not functioning properly so largest of exit out so we don't at a Colorado that we put on there. Towards the conservatives though what what did you answer I've no idea and you know OK explain overtime. Through the first line on our screen is not working correct so instead of it continually in first what you what it was an awesome awesome and today it's suspected. Celtics in seven what do you think. Naturally Philly doesn't have three wins in the known them public badger dogmatic and eastern watch obviously can finals the Eastern Conference champion and I think series in six norm yes. Oh I mean sort of great fights about it. Democrat. I think itself that you. It's totally totally unbolted best it'll take the best plan. All of that especially out pretty free to play OK explain it Simmons as a player LeBron more. Speaking about war. The mount Rushmore speaking of yes important topics. Milwaukee Bucks are indigenous checked for their head coaching position picky plot that I wanted to get the job. I know the part of your corporation really so was I can inter coach went to seven games with the Celtics yes. At a decent job he's oh no now watch here's my question that was eye contact radicals and background. He might be yes you might even if he microns terrible ninety. I'm serious but debates so was that it would aside Arab also do some sources I read out putting fires were here coach they haven't fired fired kidneys that you're injured coach but you the opportunity Newton Kansas he's he's the coach preparing to view and other people thanking him and as I might lose out on the job we're woman. Yes from San Antonio what's your problem that. I'm none whatsoever that I Popovich tree none whatsoever. Michigan do a great job obviously the greatest coach you do a woman take it to me and Steve I think they should fire Bret Stephens her do you you do refugee camp it would be difficult if she's a woman. I think it would be difficult again attitudes change. I think you're talking about 222320. Year old guys. Who're gonna. Look at her in wonder if she says. As it sought to improve it yeah I think that's true self to prove which has been counted disqualifying reason higher. Listen to lose you the best person for the job is gonna you know what it's the NBA is going to be. The best this energy and the effort in the world vying for this program on T yes MySpace just. Or qualifications same as his she sat next of puppet I agree but did you think you'd be talked about that it's a best minds in the world. Great coaches and NBA Stevens agreed not to disable this pot which is a great coach. I mean he's agree to be easy he's one of guy's hurt he's he's just this way if true I wouldn't say speakers coach I would neither can be but sneakers how they win just as much an edible it's cute when I'm not sure who playground when I heard this thing. I think it's Carlyle. No. I a big Stan right guy says they think I'd be. Good great coach. Great coaches poll really. 03. For those polls is pretty good as say goodnight rookies are great 9945. Maybe it's the best coach you think you think that pick him as one of the thirty best coaches in the world I have no idea except knowing you were never heard speaking I don't know if it prepped promises standard to which may be able did you two think she's smarter than Brett brown yes it or you. Probably John Q which you find it I think on you woman coach him yes yes I want to have. Yes it would be it would be weird and it would be interest he has and the rooting for a league source Berkshire. Which puts in sat her we get back 61777. Point 79 through several over. And. It's. And to them brilliant lose my job here just seen on a comfortable doing that now I don't think Doris Burke is parable on TV. But I still think she's really that good she's just secure Sergio is that I thought it was just. A string of cliches and Sammy do whatever wants is they are just a Simmons squeeze excited she's calling the game. It's a mean I think a large part of and this is because she's a woman. That's fine bills probably gets how the world works what. Us at this the best thing I suppose she's not annoying knowledge about faking her don't you know faking the enthusiasm. Of the passion. Hear a lot of that from color guys some commentators. To protect and there really excited to do that's good low key. But she wasn't tell me things I didn't know. Hilton never got through our. I just say that I know I'm not happy about rights came. Why does everybody Budweiser once they she's great. I can she likes that you guys stuff and that's usually warm out as time unlike people don't like no matter of just yet Mendoza in my chest and those she doesn't suck but do you think she's a degree of good things about her too like she's terrible those of the tent but everyone says that she's you know this is great about you know Richard die each of these people lotions this year that she's funny I think he's sir she used to Kamal us occasionally she's very nice person I don't doubt part of the -- ice but she's perfectly serviceable announcer but it won't say she's the best in sports retail post. All that I just the world do you read a great Donaldson a sports people go nuts over every Taiwan. I said they treat the other day you know podcasts and music or Contras or about October and this can certainly keep you think ESPN is not gonna resent or Burkhardt here forget mine which is why won't you censorship that's an excellent mark you on that Padilla. You sit stay come back to back buckets rookie no more. 7 o'clock to. No problem. You idiots want. Some never attitude here that should should should just a little bit that those little potentially what are faced one we did the game that power now well now well. And yeah. Okay now what way yours Burke is better much better. Football ball quite. Hello I'm. Not like I've played verses to doctor doors to her pectoral that's a good way to would you learn endorsements with the smuggling Dorchester she isn't that shattered sound like she's got a little of that and I disagree she's got a problem here is she doing that time isn't too severe Tatum seven to show. Taste it taste of that fat pockets rookie like you know. Felt a little one and so now that kind of to get you the past two quick pat I don't know I mean Owens about. Basketball Celtics entry well customizable. When you're Aaron Bain and 20 tweeted that he was getting. Take school by. The Greek freak and now tool to all MB. We criticize the defendant tries to stop the darker. They via poster. Oh in your facial. And body. Told. So if you would prefer things just upon the way the way some guys do. To get out of the way I want my guys to get post as if that's what it takes get in the way I play some defense may be challenger. And maybe get on the for Sports Illustrated and dunked on as part of the job. He shouldn't get on the wakes are afraid that yes it will give you grief at a checkpoint exit Yo-Yo did and that was when everybody. Is bird. Did you take charge guys we've done Duncan in public today called Malone this weekend someone sells great along the bumper model fight fight it was someone criticized pain because Baines because ball. Janice and indeed. And that his face when he. She owns gone. Right gap is in gas simulator yet we're still around at the pet peeves these poor folks on the West Coast and there won't be home from work and then what's the secret talks are there's no rush to get this done this also became speaker. He took in 11 o'clock here tonight at 8 o'clock advocates of the coast even watch the effort will you know what's up it's. Think we're all her. It's too early midnight tour execs like very good I don't like six clock is just wrong that's a good from August softball game six to the Iraqis plane tonight against doctors 6 o'clock the president first place. Tied for the first innings some forty fives. Who on the text to lose when I don't don't boy don't those important people I couldn't radio luckily I am able to do it I'd had a watched the third period on delayed because they 20 my way to the airport. And I knew you got a text when boiler room women and excited about it that I did not look at the phone. Those they tell us like a minute left they say you and their courtesy is that the is that there was. Rick you can hear all right right here Morris left Alexander tweeting about dale interest a badge of Hillary's honesty or is quite happy to bruise Austin and since dale and I know he's upset because I'm happy also us won several levels perhaps cycle ought to simulate. Announcers you pretend I want the Bruins to win. Why we care they wouldn't lose. Aziz gave me if this week my life because my mom push me out the same state where they play the game of social. It's a now playoff hockey's fun legitimate now. Yes some yet to hear him say yes now what do well it's fun you know what's really fun when you're rooting interest. Much of it that it's almost. Pay you to lick your face. I have to shape the playoff beard and about bow around it a go around false started nice and clean shaven over here on starlet that the right that there at Adam's apple gold ticker right around and tools circling for. That's my trademark we put my year yes I'll stop by the year as well due to an examination joint. I don't see why not I mean I you know. It is the weirdest thing that that's finish exists it it was really put Brewster was about the portable defending him is almost as if we're able to attack us a lot not put there were trying really I independent. Crystal line was defending her rallies of vetting maybe maybe one is on the issues of our Dickerson definitely is a question. The Christian yet does have and any other any other player did that. Bruins fans Beagle and now I give Brian pitching and I disagree Ryan Callahan deserves a lot of credit how did not punch him in the throat. If you did that. Would I am convinced Marcia what licking as a category two. Honestly that I picture for a bigger problem lesbian what Jesus asks if Callahan is just lipstick. And cross checked him in his front feet. He would go and what I'm just five minutes to prominence like they probably get. A lot of seconds and mushy when it in the back. Looking quite right below my when my favorites library. Idyllic. Atlantic debt lasts on my library lawn Ailes who's watching that. Lucky lollipop well it was actually ESPN. ESP that we go with pictures of the guessing loads and loads of enjoyment or something yes that bodes well okay. Like tons of phone started this is an ESPN official tweet. Remove it right Nancy. The Greek freak and Joseph Allenby is really took it remains and the public. Emotion there with those shocking people at the fact that they put pictures of the guys talking on Baines who was one win away from eliminate both of so I understand the point what's more it's more of this mean he's trying to do the right thing. He's playing deep right. Pastor he got the win against what he wouldn't be opposed to rise they have no idea about the game who retrieve the video with the show now. Any challenge both guys who did the best it's. Them was supposed to do. And the waste some people just out of the way and dunks. It's probably what. Who would do this on going to be made by analysts. As usual bedtime is going to be out there and meaningless game for it hasn't yet you know leads to the other thing I didn't sweep. That's true of Bozo to the other that in game at nine and a half point favorites food. And as to whether or not and I have instinct you down the season you know what you Bennett cute exports of what you belliard OC steeple I didn't. The payment to join the runs again when there can he gamble three I laid off but NBA this year yeah. Publisher Y nine lost we have about captured spewed for him Harry. Edwards and actually I'm don't you think that's a favorite boom that the new we consume. Not not yet known as a consumer and you know. You gotta be careful because he's a river in front of you know you don't wanna gold take another bad night that tells them distracted about all voters that. Alliance that would the Phillies by three and six dollars at NASA pies six and a half or is it just didn't. Man who if you got a bunch of self would you role as the ones take you right this is the ones obviously they want a home as well admirable on the TV tonight we Winnipeg. It's. Early it's lost via yeah I'm one I'll skip that I'm watching late game. A month into the Washington is pretenders races somewhere games evidence here's Ken. Move in games that's why what it is called six and redundancy type wife and himself on the Soviets that round argue that both these guys. They're doing all straight into the 2883 clean and left for the out of freaking out of the institute round Robin agrees to have a grab your second Brett brown to beat Bret Stephens and what's meaningless as it is almost a two data for excellence plays well tonight your fears of pressure he plays well it's almost worse. Owning your Stephen is right again because usually we play these threats and mocked them all the places for a plot will do that we get. I have one thought this is the first time in my professional career coaching ugly you know covering the NBA. That I've seen a coach lose all three games in the playoffs there's that's not the one. Game one they were ill repudiate. Game two that second quarter due to Rudy gave away Bobbie it up nights he would put 43 left in the first half that you let them go on a run to close it to win that spot you called a timeout to make no substitute its needles floating face you don't get the ball at not to do well to beat that you don't stop anybody like them off helped vault tonight. Philadelphia game three turnover crawl as Darth accurately pointed out it's been a problem with them or Yale law. At the end of regulation why do you have a shooting JJ Redick trying to make a point got this digit heat to one of the book we receive the ball not legitimate. That's why did you get the ball well and also the market holds like I estimates the winning emporium. I'll say again it's up in the market hopefuls yourself think you'd be particularly good at focusing coach for the same thing he'll prepares agree that's a great proof. But we'll send us a big job with the got a call timer to the Japanese game win the game came the series ended at the end of game three degree at a game threes he's like public and is. Alone on Horford yes. Alone mean and indeed was chasing. Jalen brown told the well of the three point oh they walked him in and be given correctly skeptical audience. And he was gonna switch every single and stated great matchup was a Morse who's who of the amount past guests more store right now Horford yeah. Wed Covington on immigrate here and that that is and used his body is around you shouldn't ration recognized of the first times it was enough switching you're staying down there was she said absolutely that is on him right we come on your chase us around and b.'s stays on yet Horford he didn't and then. What it and you tech timeout and you drop that play. Brent and out of bounds I mean rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric amounts. I mean look at again what do trying to do now. But as to change the top of the key that's that sort of got James wanted to I mean wanna say about that lousy job whenever Stephen is not really give you specific examples. But game three is a absent for no question about it in and and Stevens and a great job and allowed on the full thing is from Stephen A he's played 23 minutes in the postseason one field goal and seventh outfits ask about one of these three minutes as an indictment 76ers. What what what she played an occasional game that's that's who's who's better his job ages Stevens change. It was pretty good yes but agent majority data is one of establishment takes it inside in this camera Russia argue and I don't mean you know excellent. And by the way by the way he basically first round pick you know for Bret Stephens essentially. He gave doctors away first back in here entirely boots. I used to do this in the old days we do this our backs the steals and only from one elect and you have to start doing that with the engine and stack them up against backs the mean it's it's amazing that they gave up mark hopefuls. They get chastened Tatum who's obviously a better player and probably will always be polar. And the first from that led an up rivaling the nets street I always thought that night deal would be a case of adults that's. But if Tate and as Kirk said it is going to be better than Paul here these are your first better than all of your play a guy I had to be a better trade and I was this good this young is must get hurt is going to be hall of Famer I mean you know he's gonna have better teammates have Paterson pencil. Until Garnett came along. There appears or was on some bad teams who looks like it is going to be some really good teams. Really really he's going to be one of the great players in Celtics history if he stays healthy if he stays for the Celtics and in policy. How he could if you watch him play well I mean you know there's no chance you'll. You know it's amazing last year that was all walked into the conference finals. Isiah Thomas was a carrot and he's gone. Guy you've got forum is gone and that better. Better than my brother they're better better and an injury you said earlier. If they keep rosier trade urban that sounds like exactly the kind of things would do that you didn't I think they're going to do it Buick he doesn't care that he. Just acquired him of the Irving how much supposed to be so present moment for years and again I've no idea. But you know if he's good mixture to he's definitely paid on earth that's will be Saudi Evan Turner. It's how much money to Brad Stevens make Evan Turner he's the complete boss. With important point. They get seven million Barkley still got paid I just don't know honestly and Simmons. As of humility is getting a case of him that trade nature you have rosier you have brown you have pain and you have Hayward you have Horford inevitably got back. For a perfect that's pretty good probably recite market Smart at that point. I usually priced at some point that's that's Sam good team that's pretty good team and you know LeBron James 33 and half yes one of these years he won't carried into the finals against probably not Easter houses on the last of these states the last year were. Michael Jordan was great the ones torrid time scoring title he was 34. LeBron James 33 and a half and better than ever. Led the league in minutes per game played 82 games. And I was gonna lead his team to obviously the conference finals maybe that NBA yes and Utah with a sharply slowing down at all charm being more impressive number eighty physically LeBron has much more physically still you know 33 rivers 4133. Of them and he mixes and he's played more minutes of bird in the scrimmage for fifteen years now these third and their layoffs and international its ease I think the great athlete of the last. You know fifty but I secure right if you were go to the finals this year and win he's better than Jordan. This horse over gold statement reasonable very good but it was Golden State beats Goldstein again with with his team that which you won't do to get out hiring with Kevin Love is his best teammate. Yes excellent sane and Jordan will always be a better score. Then have more anymore. We'll bronze or get help is effective deterrent to those years he didn't even won nine titles and then at that point came in the conversation happens regularly held up by. Toward 110 scoring titles yes LeBron won one. But for crude prices have been 27 point two game. But he doesn't legally game. Things now now he's always sort of around the league and one thing sets whose careers scored scoring one year ago and that's minutes. The last two years he's led the league human he's gonna be often leads courtly. He's just hurry and get to a deficit past agreement. I don't know. Don't think he's a play how the warriors five more years you may be I don't know these photos not with Kobe already got to assign INS let's say fell off LeBron James is 7000 points anchored to break. Reports was corn a year 1819100 here. 2000 this year now so 34 more years of he's got a 1000 points. He definitely yes he's just 40000 and it may take awhile where's your plan actually we've. Broadening its average point one point six points in seven games per season from next year were one point. Sure yes yeah he's gonna do that you'll probably get when he's clever he's averaged less than total points once his rookie year since then he's averaged. At least twenty almost 27 Everett it's a bully I guess he went somewhere took a secondary role to play with a really good team maybe he would get a piece of Norway where we're seeing some replacement it will be ghost. Make it. Where is LeBron James yeah under the psychic. That little in his points this year or points or not. Points per game 2200 and something that means spring is play two games. It's easy score 2000 a year or three years you'll be 36. And then we bearing down Corey this is a guy 56 years of them over to Miami and more curious from now the dancing with the stars and people are doubting if he had the guts of it can be great player. And it's it's just I always thought he breakdown because he was so good so young. Like so many minutes as you point 010 time more minutes not all these guys bird magic and Jordan. We just already played ridiculous amount menacing. He hits them for more than any superstar and I was always getting knocked a ground as a burden is sometimes plop them. Put them and and you'll never gets hurt. Eventually breakdown I think when you mature early. Like when he's fifteen it was a man. I think on the other end you get older they are easy exception that released totally don't breaks that rule and go in and everywhere possible these. He's been around for a long long time but he doesn't seem like slovo. In last two years you shot 5455. And 54% from the field. Ages thirty through 33 slave Richardson said before an 82 games of the league in minutes per game. I mean it's income and I think it's you know I saw him two behind Jordan. But you're right if he doesn't it's he's given what it would titles or we're gonna get to see him yet we get to see it for seven games are. Our teams are. They can harm if we are brands we get against LeBron in the times is LeBron James by the sultan playoffs is put free times this season. Anderson in the opener but those games it has celebrate lots more real as I don't know I don't care what the regular season. Sometimes LeBron James played the social class at seven times. Six we'll get that will get forty a couple of times a Miami. Couple times before Cleveland last year that games out of Miami game he said people doubted the bronze that was the game and it's the Celtics in the garden in regards Stefan with Miami now. That was it means that since there's also view of him changes in neck. 617777937. Powerful. He's sixers. 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C home aboard way remotely and 48 weekdays ten did you Sports Radio. Point seven WEEI after Atlanta each team one Barnes fox game. I train now. It depends -- o'clock hour per gallon of what's -- of WB -- I had at that yeah I got the brewers' season came to an -- yesterday frequent -- the final game five Boston scored first the typical the lead in the second period with a pair of goals like Italy and empty -- late but these lost four straight games in the series after taking that one intimately -- now moves -- -- -- winner Pittsburgh Washington Vegas advance in the -- last night they'll play the winner when it make Nashville the Celtics meanwhile this week the sixers tonight and move on to the Eastern Conference -- themselves six he had decided Philly for game four Chris -- struck out twelve over seven -- his best start of the year -- Sox offense got over Conchita Martinez and -- Leone six -- one Boston when they took three out of four at Texas rookie that's left the gate with a shoulder -- after being hit with a throw that -- -- says he's expected to be ready for tomorrow night with a Big Three game series with the Yankees begins in the Bronx bombers awaiting having won now fifteen of sixteen at their comeback win yesterday they are one game back of Boston in the islands. Weather forecast brought you by northeast electrical distributors partly sunny today and high of 69 degrees I'd get Laird that's what's threatening Turkey Callahan was luck continues. Weston empowers your well being while on the road would rejuvenating heavenly beds and signature wellness programs designed to help you exchange control while traveling West End. Floods rise. Skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Joseph Hagerty of NBC sports Boston what's up Brian may the fourth be with you 'cause yesterday he the RQDQ suit hello didn't do ABB eight. Baseball Jersey today apparently I think care unlike the suited came over gave me if it's found before the game. Whoa big lap. Buckets do you like Brian Johnson Soviet defensively we make fun I could see tense with the issues he has to know each other urban violence. The disease Yucca like you with the dealers. Good luck this look like a horse's tail I was in lulls Bastia callers please hang really one talked about these topics. But one month to Odyssey recently got a lot of requests of those great stories from Saturday anonymous which briefly ran for. I mean you do that you know I really see who's doing good at what time was pretty crazy and you talk to people said hello to you was that pretty much work he's back we didn't invent the missiles against our launch people at a great time. Had a nice dinner body fleas they've been. Great Bobby Flay is barbaric Cain their money it's Hoosier to do with myself and two friends to the guys we go races with Jeff and and excellent time to your friend this. That this was like and work. A work thing Hamlet where they get paid for it that you experience that I should get paid for saying. I get him to you very rapidly closing expensive when they take your mind what are yes it's paid for. That's it to fifty. 20200. Bucks less than that you do for re traders are true there's anybody in there you go there you get a hotel room you do you do for freed correlate president as a nuisance and reflects six hours leading up we started it just just after twelve I was asked to six Mississippi -- showed us that night. That's the race book a QB must've been better when they're later yet. It's calico. And how did you do overall we we won money for the week. Guard unit just. It was pretty soon Campbell very generous with a great we a little while yes Mike mutt and a group that's in the derby perfect going instruments friends to Jeff and and so did my usual reticence it's chipped it Jeff GE O ethic cannot actually see you soon academic freedom that so you pull your money and make bets on I don't know yet get tickets across. And that and I saw him once again you wrong. Once again you're wrong I was right about the work I was right about the race for the winner. And he picked a horse to win a general horse like twenty minutes or between races what are you would you bodies have been doing Q it's a tough call. It's not suggesting that I did not have an silly drop and I'm not I would like NetSuite is not what tweets I would have cocaine standoff in both nostrils I would just be there'll be reviewing that don't inquiry a lot of what to lot of handshaking. It shaken hands kissing babies and the people that were there and I wanted to be hostile to see pollution and I spent six hours I've that the guy makes picks for the Hartford current is a big fan do you guys on by his last name came -- so two definite. Q what you guys wanna do you sit let Taylor William glasses that depicts the pictures we tipsy if you sitting where are you sitting where in the front of the ball we are making picks between Newsweek's myself like guessing about him. OK also highlight. The highlight was a meeting budding can show is actually it was but it was a gesture apparently at that pilots a microphone like everyone can hear what you're there. All were up on stage so those sentences them understand that you a lot of listeners there that it took a lot of died while you have the color pictures they took with me follow. The what's that's one of the greats chemical you don't have a good story just make it makes a good about not doing enough that crazy girl who currently serving on naked woman ran through the ballroom something that cannot lie about it object your room and it was a crazy female listeners wanted to show how well those cases of that cookbook why it. And from what the story. Shook somebody's hand that's just goes hole I was. That was a great story I'll see you again it's a mixed stuff but. When you saw this city or the interstate Ahmadinejad gambling I give Hartford security good the radiant med Bob from the heart enough. About it. So it's three in the afternoon that I just U temple like anything's matter what I say to stores and I don't I don't I don't like going to Bobby please please experience what is that men Bobby he's bar and it shouldn't forget and I shook hands would give them a ball from Hartford is the John Hagee celebrities down in the famous people don't do not know. Okay he says it's 3 o'clock between races are just bodies haven't beer. Yes it is not. I'm not drinking on what I'm working Jerry Taylor worked for me or the guys never for me anywhere has never ever cross street union work to get ever has never happened no it. It has happened but got its common changes and tries to be better in their life that's a new crap all over the U don't want you you walk into bedrock help. You want to gain access it's game do you general Donald you're battling alcohol that figure animals that don't that we want and you're annoyed that I wanted to you're not having the bombing the tournament it was stolen one distorted album we. It was shoot guys hit. Yes that's what it's not like any other stories are you guys this weekend got stories to store it where he headed in the event you abuse yes five I don't ratchet that I was historic house speaker again great and that's true my time as a believable and I'm so Alison how we celebrities there. Celebrities know. Carton and Muslim militant sentiment outfit that was was it but exaggerated or he secretly met but Connecticut's top story about stupid of the I did check the tweets out that's an okay pitcher we've entered a lively air the picture tells on the air people check in tweets in the cost to argue your response was a terrible drive let's events or otherwise so so what what was the Biden meet. It was amazing I was surprised that by looked as young as he did get a lot more energy than he ever does on the phone he sauces always loved the show. Thank you that's a bit better think let's go let's pick girls out there. He's gonna have that right now the real reason for him very reader with the oil. But we're records aren't chips are actually release separate games yeah yeah where candidate Jeanne. He. Would sure appreciate. You just don't double your brother Bobby please restaurant bill. Obviously our. And what's gonna happen when the price Celtics last play. I'm Bret Stephens gonna draw the defense to take advantage of this nothing I do think he's Jordan has reason to the other wants to take the show we used to think you wanna give up. Now he wants issue a press I would normally on the other end of the court on the picket fence is that you you notice and be who reaching network. Which can reach it but does she just would Fed's member right now it doesn't don't want the patron. Jimmie tell us shooters on the picket fence and Obama called off. On the picket fences we should retain overrule no dummy the picket fence when she undertakes no that's not the climax of my understand happens in Iran what else as well. Now watch Jesus bills on a second question caller we need I don't want it comes in Florida hey Tom. Sort of effect tomorrow I guess tortured and economists. Good morning got into the automaker hey Tommy I don't but he. Let you know what you're not much better when the first shortly is get progressively angry earned runs the show I've. So I wonder why it's ways. It is these are all about Obama Tom we'll give you second but as I mean you're at the event station the number of promoting a forever you should have a story here too. I don't think you're not telling us. What I've done the right thing it's not it's not as exciting as you guys want to beat I'm sorry I know bringing I would I'd like to move there is war there is no there's no story can tell you guys would not -- this song but yes it was but that's another two trips to talk to them on time and Hamburg and attend shirts and I was sick the entire weekend days yes and sick and then the other time was it I don't have physically sick that I know it's yeah it's a guy ever gone we have a good stories Saratoga it's like. And I'm. In cup on my ankle to a bench. It did to Virginia so what did you have this. Jerry tell your story from the five. Did you learn that did you Wear the outfit twice just on its policy guys. Which everybody plays today. That's legitimate question was thank you to get the message just a couple of breath. To put a permitted or at over. Two million apps. So bubbly short right is that he's. It. Who's cooler seriously energy if Cruz was more fun it was a crazy guy who's the guy beats the beaten the girl like what situation they elegant rooms. You guys all that's in the dry air let's go c'mon. I'm done talking about who's cooler I don't know enough about who's a better friend. Did they go to UConn. I'm done talking about it. Why me why you guys are. Every one doesn't matter. What we would Wear at my job crime done talking about it obviously done taught. Ask you one question it's not about the circle had an idea where engine from from you Connor I schooler one. Your brother there. One who was spent. My soaps that. So up repeating questions what do you mean I don't wanna talk about why you because I can't wait can't I can't say anything you guys are mocking right now. Did you get a lot of compliments your honor I suspect that podcast and exactly Randall is about views that we take you average a great job. Here's here's the manual re okay. To the steak tartar announced places not cheap golf course Jesus. When jedi. Did you read about it. I'm guess you'd stick. Duck conflict. Dirty spelt the legs. I'm potato chips that sounds good fish market she Pino 49 dollars for a full payment that's outrageous. Revive America's monuc the revised. Look like dinner or via. I don't know if some batteries and some nuts remember him. Moon. You fried chicken that sounds awesome on those 32 dolls fried chick I would definitely that. Pete's Jesus. Not cheap. Where is this. Obviously Bobby plays. Now to call please one more American arm and we went to Michael jordans. Yes with Maya last year that's right yeah but does remember. I remember my bachelor's and carry him out of the room. Big issues off. A really good time with the race book we did it's I guess trickle back Fisher and earnestly at them as well water. Through the rooms all set for of the golf term exit dates were unaware knuckle and that's in the militia and we have to go anymore a true. Let's they told us files just once god talks. We're girl who's Michael what else I hope so good all my god did you close that destroys eleven next failed him believable you know. Crying votes he's prone. You. On the area to talk you frustrate let them understand what I've already expressed our frustration you guys don't care that's fine it was what we've tried to move on discussion we've got to move on you keep talking about it just talk with a golf. Turn Emanuel was the menu that big eulogy for dinner. Our priorities I had for didn't type and I know you're jam. Really cared and I say why given must chance shows what it's unbelievable. I can't answer any questions I'm why it has no. Correctly answered again UT can lead that series and we have people down there saw you in action and they won a report to us so let's talk to a Colin Wesley run around I think I'll I met columnists call a personal must say these hundreds analysts Colin thank you for your service that she's a sergeant in the west. Police department are. Oh that's right that's what's up. Thought our guys Osama this weekend it was beaten he does he Dick like he's been with us last. How much nicer especially at. The man. Did you sense it's Jesus in his column. An hour or so yeah what he's going to be dead society trapped in the preakness two weeks. Ali back W for the Belmont nothing it's. Increased colonized and I bet you in your girlfriend right you guys can lower. It has enjoyed an Obama as being on as one. June 9 we have Triple Crown contender here we do yes but he did so again. Oh what did you pick in the when the first race. Choose a favorite favorite kind of my man my point three races and purify your towel like mine you know put the things that's true reason it's a good point. Who's a bigger risk editor Jeff who's a vigorous. We're a racist I mean race. This isn't just. The view. Is that. I UConn does. Yes according went whoa yeah we're quite happy force the issue. And two friends like to be mentioned on the air you walk through this just in Vermont you're mocking your in my in my whole life much as line. It's trust no I don't always have good storage guys mock the stories always have good stories all distort what sort of cold I went in and out burger and I think you know without dire disappointment to you wanna apologize to you know you have nothing to apologize for pitcher that you were rationing now but nothing we can and I can't but my wears off on everything he's got a Briton Henry tuck early yeah middle of the call from Brett there's some of that. Bush is like just say it was silent treatment about what was going on each Crist why I want you to say what you had for dinner wise that route thirty said when I had thirty guys listen as he uses it was a wet there that's why broom and I don't know I didn't entered a senator how would you say the fried chicken. You can say that I senate on the air. You name I've read the menu Gerri you're not listening to me that's fine I sent it all these arms an eleven day it's I don't know through the I neither easy bar or coffee you learn to make tackle longer court is where is called watch a competitor would bar good usually the Erie. Some of the. You don't work yet to hit it. All these guys are at the hearing in April and couple bucks here polish tradition there yet he gets in a pool. When those on the trains that the best means to solve the unbelievable. Mitchell a month I didn't nice Atlantans amber. The bulletins birth couples. Lewis and this that's expensive piece of paper what he. Really. Returns assessment I make a day at a great. Today. That thanks so you get the run up the tab with your buddies. Governor Ed Jeff eating for free to drinking. Big I I get a credit and I use the credit on dinner around when he's not. Policy of pick us up to buy music teacher Kim take me. What I take you guys out without us when the I could do in this long before you guys were show really. Subdued pretty chill up your event. There are about to. 2200 I think hole that went through the ball you'll get a bit rate number hit 2200. Cute older it'll go regard use every race the Baptist Newman dress up produced few. I was the best that he wore just a regular. Does anyone where like weird. That either because there a couple of women flying past a lot of hats and some sport coat but I was Milton as we did the best job for trends that. It's amazing these HA to turn these this night historians like a player of musical movement there is a lot to. And attended Jeff ordered this appetizer that's almost story itself that's right. I was real debate that we get the chips for the appetizer or is this terrible thing with the chicken that's a piece of caddies are real friends and they just plunge in a few and you have opened. A prolonged deployment these losers before. Donald thinks OK excellent optics the veterans and I am. Yes he has really yet all of them before you called me last last last summer. Notebook that's I feel like we were invested in this event because you know we help you get all dressed up mode how it's no longer monitor and new compact enough in your Canada Ximian of the thanks Natalie actually it's only illegal to talk about all white guy you know we know fidelity. Did you see Bon Jovi with I didn't sold out show could game. Additionally any of the band members like in the casino know didn't Tico Torres was not not playing moon I don't let yours is different places games for those games. Any man with a bunch of Asia. So a lot of women who were faster read yet there they were movement and allies Lotta women live an edge of that difference I want more of a surrogate I hope he's their guy who just scratching the surface has its. All right 61777. Point seven that for several.