K&C - Kirk rips apart Adrian Walker's new article on racism in Boston sports; Patriots talk with Gerry and Tomase 12-14-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, December 14th

Hour 4: Kirk continues to bash Adrian Walker and Liz Kowalczyk for their articles on racism in Boston; Gerry and Tomase discuss Alex Guerrero's falling out with the Patriots.


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He skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan but Sports Radio WEEI. First they told me what pump up moment problem. Well. You rehearsing and practicing in the Curtis what the board to Jerry Hughes phone lines in music easily here it. In Anaheim. The expensive I don't know what music city's centerpiece on like the time she's. Well not a that's a load of tonight concern trip him up in my hand of the pressure being being cross do similar things as we teach his kids acting product it's true it means they recruited you as a big drinker it's what they'll say something moments reputation character you'll actually be offended by and what's left. We had a couple collars last night there China rate the most of the calls a man he was in the night I figured I'd look at amnesties to be reticent to shrug I talked to yesterday said Stephen province calls a show tomorrow walking. Was ranked the a got that Steve okay. It's six of one that the bill he's the best way to do that do that is separately and then mash them together and energy put into your ask Munich but I Quincy Jones if you Oscar producers Phil Spector times it will be an advocate myself may get ourselves back pens an engineer would you say to put the man said in this and that put behind me. Separately and they'll I think that yeah so that you know also may be played them individually if you one right here excited to be producing this project race so that let them know when I can do this. After the show Friday. You'll moderate for us tomorrow while I was running into at 530 tomorrow. That's the whole point that credibility I do there on the show Sally port security guards to watch it one went take during a break and we'll tell me this can if they have the lyrics and pharma and things are set lyrics for Bo is set for a while crossing. My questions curves can just do his part today the market to before the show them on the complaint correct. Couldn't hear I don't know whose idea why his you have touched me and for what kind of chemicals to introduce. Possibly ray Bork my lord yes soft you can I. Haven't talked in a democracy while a person number we know brits number you have in your report that. We do yes they don't tell me and why ask not it's a bad patriot history this number in the it's going to be one Eisner's. But what was Stefan starring he's only been two numbers 81 briefly and eighteen every other year. You have it sought to reach I didn't see it is trending thanks to you between that and I've never listen to neither of life every five. 85 so as soon Morgan Hutus are your single best tea. Which was Aaron and his knee gave Ochocinco right it's from sequels and laws. What a good number two most just think oh well I was gonna be spent now would be months and months we gave the number 8085. Ochocinco is a life is tar balls on that number so we showed up. And this being the nice guy that he was I gave the number to sink Ochocinco and took 81 yes says it was for free nothing was exchanged. I'm pleased that. Noted that became the most. Those murders. So you get brits 85 should know that you hear things sometimes that why are we picking Franco for 1885 of items that the teen. If I do like numbers in the enough to ask these Allan thanks to folks who can afford it can't change. In two very important so I had to recap today showed that while we've rip the globe left and right lots reaction do you guys and social media and out on the phones a couple lines open right now six want to actually play 617. 7797937. To being a show I said he'd be reported that the quote journalist who was forced to resign for sexual indiscretions. Is Jim O'Sullivan that's been verified by the journals have seen as well he's gone. I'm pretty close name and yet again actually just off the message in the warmer chance to make his case for me here. This morning. The other thing is in this health care story the other day I remember at the end of the story went through cherry. I intimacy they surely copies sent me a role are stores that to us. I years ago her husband talked into going to Brigham he heard of newer cleaner less crowded. But as she waited you merger she perceived unfair trip. White patients arrived after her got called back Nazi doctor sooner she thought she called heels all the minutes tactic by energy Shia and left should feel comfortable there. So I wanna white pages I remember spoke to a for about 45 minutes yesterday two different conversations. My doctor she did remember why she went inch member of what was going on since you touch it feel well. Didn't know what year was the bush went back again. In in my asterisk of the seems like a very sort of patched together story and think they could find a better stories of how did you get contact the globe so well. My son is really good friends with the offer story. That's a simple. Another elite talent boards as it took an easy post these songs from when I looked up on white for me saying whatever call. Two when I hung up the phone with their took the five minutes to do this five and Unser what are we want to talk show host I managed to Keener. I personality that's a system when I do my tax personality yeah that's it says I'm Mike. Pick a great person out from the past. Himmler president Harry it's not perfect this tornado may Crosby did it do journey it. We have out there we are entertainers I personally Ryan Seacrest perfect exactly that's what drew my guess cross between tea and rice is good it's a good a big difference I think what you do there is illustrate there are no checks and balances in the town anymore. Errol when in the business would the Google announced going out of the calories had to write a story about this to come out about my retirement write a story that. What are you worried contractually obligated once every three years that's right we're coming up on me and as a morally yeah that's gonna do it by the end of the year hurt if there are no checks and balances no watchdog the globe can do this kind of shoddy journalism which is what that is you would admit that Tomas as an apologist globe even if you don't find that to be questioned you know we disagree on a lot in the stories that may present the larger issue. I'm a lazy it's. Yeah I mean. I don't think this is my promise that anecdote it was not necessary it did not add and with that as a story yes but it doesn't mean she's not easy. Yet but the rest of the story when I read it when it has facts and figures and it's not anecdotal. That to me is a lot more impact Poland and would admit missiles NG twenty years ago I suspect if you don't think this action in the story doesn't remember anything either and has posted a computer because it's not even the point they were trying to make the point was not. That black patients are not welcome at MGH the point is that course or if she says. I actually. Point of the story as examples used to go to hospitals that guys receiving the same itself is amazing you just word you just I don't matter where they hope for Matt. No matter where they go for medical care Maine you know on the with that number is. Black residents seemed deeply distrustful I don't know what that means either of medicine generally I don't know what that means. In often mention the country's ugly history of medical experimentation on blacks up their knowledge in many said. They've experienced discriminatory comments or buys that exact city's healthcare survey 11% of blacks say they are felt mistreated gospels two and a half percent so that at least that right there. Is they numbers and it has not allowing people icons humans there and the globe who tell them there's every day. The deck is stacked against in the place the hospitals don't treat him like the siege has raised RE FY 83000 words and Melanie and hundred of them are about and how many black I'll read them on the head vice presidents Mohammad. In what is deeply distrust I'd listen I am I agree with you yeah. Shot you have to I startling by that body half and I journalists they shoddy that spot paragraph a shoddy half past that I don't think that paragraph adds anything to dislike it at all everybody's to go eagle in Atlanta and validates that's of this or that. That it's one anecdote that's about Britain's. Okay Brigham and women's. Britons there are some of their race is too by the Politico sprinkles and yes I. Let's be very clear about that you're do you ever miss speak and say the other Jimmy's on the moon. Not me that's racist that's as this yes I didn't even though is out there has been I have oh yeah and have the anecdote which under estimates that this really bought it and he did a newsletter of that's you can't say I tried not know that I got to him and it outline the Manitoba Monique this. African American woman I think they made up but they stations Charles town took a bus. A bus to Mass. General because she had flu like symptoms again that's me go to CBS rule Tamiflu. And go to Mass. General. She says they didn't treat her right they took quite patients ahead of her she didn't feel welcome there that's an attempt to malign. To slander to tarnish Mass. General just like the other one that. Was it an idol winner to right away I I would agree with her 100% this dispersant actually real. I believe they did take what people in front of her if she in fact had the flu I believe I thought there's a gunshot wounds I've got the national in that emergency room anytime there's there's blind colorblind is you can you how fast things are going there doesn't exist in their mind going in the emergency room mass journalists excuse me have flu like symptoms and they say okay no problems this out just a minute or so it was C three and again John. There's no time no date no proof no receipt. You would think if we gonna do this the attempt was really to make Mass. General and Brigham look at which it is. But I don't think that what you go and yes it is then you go there and Don Imus story arena which it is exactly how the story reads of course if you Wednesday Kirk and you sat in the waiting room. Could you. Actually time how closely the pace doesn't count the people they helped the blacks and whites who goes fast precious assets that would work and instead they make up someone like Mona eight point 01 a question alas is what it's our job was his or any proof that you were actually there that night and she said. So if you're gonna make a serious accusation which what is thought to have issues there I would I would insist on receipt of say let me see what he must of medical record pitch. A better job to find a better example I agree I can't disagree with. I mean but I still a hospital in in a particular yourself in your in your you know a few hundred pissed off to somebody got there after he went before you. Everybody's experience every and you know what again if this were college paper high school paper would form this is so flawed. I mean this is disgrace the loser you feel about it all of the data and the store all the numbers in the ads all invalidated. By our priority past couple of dubious attitude and chicken Alfredo. I don't see about you know I don't know what I'm willing to your ticket but don't seem right at his strength is your blinds normally you would laugh at the idea of sending. A writer he knows he's museum of fine arts and saint. The black people. Here's why I don't think that's crazy OK gonna ask you let's take a guess Boston's biggest cultural institutions that we all think of as belonging I have listed as a visit as an easy housing Langley but it could be some some errors made and you just sadly just that how many days allegation made it once I mean they said they did one day here this is a science that was seem does that seem potentially flawed team with him and I imaginary number I I see ads. Like rigorously scientific. And again I ask you what did you conclusions though that included at least the conclusions. Yet but that's par I mean I just say you know what you know which is shot. I'd parties agree I do a great yeah he said China is to say it's a you agree with them boss' race being off the hook microbial about it right now it just say shot and that's all it's just everybody yes we all. But here's the thing you're solid majorities said you wouldn't count David Ortiz. He Clinton's personal column you'll come and you won't come Ken's wife she's from indie India. That doesn't county. So you're telling me the process one of my officially it probably don't Margaret has what is officially virgin and honor I think. So. Well. Oh wow why why he and ultimately breaking news. She says. Congratulations. No wonder he's so magnetic and electric. Away guidance here it was afternoon delight. It was a work of art. Lesson. It's fine and that's that's been really didn't do. You guys they usually Stewart well it might have to wait for by the is your take hired her. Bastion of racist he's talking about the slow home when she says she's out. A story she was too long nobody has conversation. David thank your contributions and spreads when I get breaking his work in the show wiped out their guy every product frequencies of personal color that's Americans watching and I'll just. Explain to. Oh. Too busy screwing them if I was to say that I don't know. Well. 62. Hours every day to somebody who need it takes an onion and happen to you know we need to do you talk quite happy to be you need to give him permission to spend fifteen fewer minutes argument used now the other way. They sent people account for black people at colleges to like yeah in Harvard northeast and and then they realize that problem was they were counting black people from other countries and since. Will wool all. 13%. Of Hubbard is black is just Lucille lets people from Nigeria there and gold said this doesn't serve a purpose. That's cut and ounce bags and checked zip codes to see with a glass of some rich white guy tells some guy go count black people's summer for one day. For two hours and then when you're done let us know great numbers work I'll be right the city's racist it's. It's against you guys don't think that bus and as any issues no doubt on none zero are now forever never. No no notion out. Everything ultra results in America ever again I think that believe at least you know what they did to bill Russell's house was terrible. And by the way with the senate vote why don't always agree with the senate was right prices dog outlets that was terrible I was worse what was what was or slavery of asteroids this year. A house. I'm gonna say what you were joking about your admin listening all of us and aura as his idiot major walker wrote about racism in Boston brought up you know. Busing Charles Stewart in the hell that Castro price has gone through this year. I think those are the only an Astros of why it's such a question is why does the flaw. It's like an interracial relationship. Probably loving it and go hey laws yet yet and it shows innings grass disaster of fever pitch. Joseph. More gentle morning let's. Mr. Arce yes. I strongly we should be change relations with me and our bumper to Asia. I don't think I see it all well and I. Think my wide. It at Mass. General bad side you're on or charged. We're discriminated against because we're white and we actually have to wait fail 100%. Shriek in color ought. I didn't actually go back Accenture. For heart stopped. There's no I'm telling judge said this for the last couple days and I am just in its effects be sort of personally get pissed off about it. There is I've seen nurses you know literally hold these people carry them to their beds black white clear they're few and wrap everything. Crap was all saying come yes excellent just sold them on their crime finding out they're dying their husbands died that kids are dying. Have I suggested ones that I think these hospitals are racist on every going to have Christmas at the glow around the globe that act the globes not singing I absolutely thought we alas I have three pages already rent a rival candidates Hillary was asked if you're able. He's helped her argument is the fact is and I story how this morning well usually dagger game this woman is using is not it's about how racist it's about who you think it's more holes a black woman EG she's using her son's. Nor friends down using her to get a point across shape aussies shameful by Joseph. Yeah tossing. A sudden call it started about which. All right here's our preconceived notion what smokes and dole with democracy stupid Sherri can tell. What are you gonna wake up and realize. It's all of these all the poor black folks there are people adoring. Wake up I'll conjure is still low ratios in the week at a hospital system. I mean I mean I C 00 none none because arguing Adam Jones economic times and the life going to be like trade places. Sales are. He's going hospital goes wife all the time he seems. Unlike the global pops in Monday's that's helping black face and why what somebody Jerry's right Wyden won these reporters have been spent to date counting people these places when they sit waiting rooms of these places. Right and just what they don't is that they specified yet so it's shoddy journalism cracked. Yeah but that doesn't to me it does not got a guy. I don't need before I'll say this is your pick on like these three paragraphs out of a very long story works Adobe dot com he used to work The Herald. And he will defend the globe like it's part of your family because I do feel for example after example there one piece of garbage this is so he's like doesn't live right exactly at least use Carney overseen slightly gone quiet first does its global neighbor told you corners or stupid on the knowledge that their deep distrust of the medical system in excellent condition that element on which by the league you don't Nicholson that they'll they'll repeat they don't speak to our. Comfortable John only to a single person in their neighborhoods where there's a personal support and not not not waddle branching out at a worse what's his name is why 'cause Boston has sought agency person arrives at its absolute disgrace are 61777. Point 79%. We're back with more off Kirk and Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. I've been told that this has been going on nearly all season. That Guerrero is a big problem in that not only has he been banned from the sidelines he's been banned from the building since early on the season. Ooh. Finally something. Slightly contentious and pictures of the Guerrero and you're in this to Tomas and yeah I know banned from the locker room in the sideline if you're looking for a way to alienate your forty year old hall of fame franchises to cause I'm gonna does that when Jimmy quarterback he would react exactly why you. Why are you doing this and get rid of drop oh. I was saying this to my the other night we'll take a quick sports break while Kirk is on to get things don't go anywhere Kirk's on the line making somebody Google there and comfortable. I think he might name more names are momentarily so gore gets a Kirk is where console will sneak in some sports don't talent on anyone tell. But you traded away Jimmy EG. And you've seen what he's done those first two weeks and now you're alienating Brady with this Guerrero stuff like that. Listening won five Super Bowls are probably gonna win another one before it's over their legacy is cemented but it the same time if Barack below. Is. Taken the 49ers had a Super Bowl or whatever for the next ten years there in the next ten years you know look back not the second epic you say we blew this one. In its not that. Urgent thing goodness. It traded him after eight weeks right eight games because it kept them for the next that he threw him in the spring yet. You would have gotten may be a third was nice to get the same OK I'm just saying worst case scenario get a third. And you and many more weeks or 1012 more weeks with the playoffs of grapple. What was the upside to do it after eight weeks. None of it within their claim is that well it was gonna impact our season we held them but that's just not true you can print testament tray right which we all expected them to do expect them to either do it last spring or next one of the other I didn't think mid season made any sense it still doesn't. And better grow up blow plays the worst the pickets on the way not a whole lot worse crickets were beat them when the game. It's hard to understand but the reason we bring up that day that time when he paid them as when he talked about. Hmmm those write about them we talked about Guerrero and said you know and as far as you know there's no issue would go check in Guerrero. Oh. That's I don't know an area in no area is right and also Belichick's that he works with some of our players is not on our staff. He was asked about the same time I was asked about Guerrero when he said. And he works without players eakins he's in and we all in the studio his space in the building he was on the sidelines. So since that time and that was whenever that was eight weeks ago. He's been removed from the sideline in the building. Yen part of me wonders like and who knows but. So Brady is he seems to be out of practice every Wednesday right. And out this week group is so is like is that his Guerrero times so is he now separate from the team because Guerrero is not on site. So it is is that when he's sending why incorrect I had no idea. Alex that works with Tom and and pumps stability in the and that's really about the and other. And Tom facility roof by the way can we say Belichick's not Ron he's not Ron about this guy I am talking about how shady Guerrero is. Like if he's Brady's guy that's Brady's guy on Brady's time not on the team's time. W do Mick accommodation offers the greatest player of all time. Leno but in terms of accommodations to the point where he's working when other players. I always used example of someone told them Earl Weaver one of trade for Alan Wiggins. Because he news second baseman and they said yeah but he's got to cocaine issue says could get his dealer to I need a second baseman. You make accommodations. You know to fill you need when your player as good as Brady as important as Brady. You let him do certain things such as missed practice and go get treatment right. I think what set him off. Was some form of there was a numb men's journal and it was other Pia places were El Toro questioned the Billy the capability of trainer of the training staff. So they don't care about this I do this like. He if he places and if he disparaged as the tracks that you know Belichick values that I like them specs than they do the dirty work. He would never say you a bad word about a trainer particularly one who's been loyal to him who's been with the team. He probably really. It is really protective of them homes. Guerrero has disparaged them in one way or another. Many times and he's better than they are yes it they have anti methods I antiquated methods you know they tell the guys to lift weights they tell the guys that. You know whatever read too much protein would efforts so he's better he thinks he's been in the mail right. Yes so does that mean there's so Belichick having covered sports as well as I do there is nothing that will make manager or front office. Circle the wagons more than when you go after the training stay right. And that's across all sports and for football it's more important than any other because those are the guys who keep your guys on the field. You don't say a bad word about them and you could see why Belichick I would say is the day Brady's gone is the doing politics has get younger Alec Seattle I'm assuming it's all of clinical burned to the ground. A little mysterious fire and and fool. Known and insurers know they gonna pop up everywhere when he retires and I'm convinced we'll be coast to coast TV twelve clinics will be like. GM sees the B everywhere and Iran can afford when we get back Kirk is still on the phone and it's looks to leave you contentious out there and always so. We're gonna find out what Kirk is finding out. Right now when we get back. Venus you skirting Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. And I think it's important ultimately really. To get that good lefty lefty matchup. You miss some great sports ugly side. We actually I can agreed which she would normally do you agree to a races so you agree or is gonna cars in the swing earlier in the count I said more swing thoughts and I think we may see don't look at to fire up here. Campbell in the rookie legal. In both in the we are breaking news for administering it to the Red Sox did not make it in the rule on the right now had to edit my favorite out of it plus this is my favorite days the rule five draft Jesus. But you know. You must passionate and that's nothing like the fifteen guys went after 55. Back. Somebody chicken Alfredo you're going to war things that can do for chicken of what is also noted an anti land cadaver somehow makes Indian and it debuts locally that's true that's true. Okay we and I would love him until just before we came back from the break a promise Kirk would have something occur can stagger and you click an. And the police are hoping to where it shake someone violated U I feel violated guys had a spirited conversation with one subjects of the globe meet you story and I will. Continue working that story today that's like it's no name. Not yet yes I can name him right now his name's rob. Them analysts that. Just I didn't and that's. It's got to him I know I like the names I see your list over there a man who ordered. And in terms he's not only just old news totally safe OK we're out back in a twenty hours unfortunately. On nonfarm listeners because my name's Keith here. Tomorrow morning John thank you was always the Big Dig guys lose Glenn and Christian next we'll talk to you again tomorrow morning. At 6 o'clock stick around it's going to be in other B get ship come they told me pump pump pump pump up. But that's it changes as David when we say.