K&C - Kirk takes on Bradford over his protection of Tomase; Stormy Daniels was arrested in Ohio 7-12-18

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 2: Kirk took on Bradford over his handling of the Tomase situation and Curtis once again handled headlines. 

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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt Mann act and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. I got picked up the show. Vote vote OK it's not my show like I can't I'm not just gonna show up 1 morning and be like let me on. So for 23 months whatever it was I wasn't on so I get an email last week. From the assistance program director and he is. Just sort of drops. Going to be on Tuesday privately that we haven't talked about this like. All I know as I've been rat face to Nazi and whatever else for like three months on the air. And I don't like I would ask the listeners put yourself in my shoes feels like a bull you get picked off. You showed Donald shows some recent then and only someone snaps refuting earlier this. You're very Linear. It's not only any non Linear. Now as I say people brought said the couple days ago our two. Bradford relic alongside your ten and Chris are also here skirt Callahan show. It has sure changed with rob Bradford regarding people on there where you know 67 years ago I said rob you know. John and Jerry asked him to fill in but you know it it just upsets my constitution too much I can do it Robertson now you're gonna do it the most important thing. You did you tell that forever. Dropped if you drive me that they don't worry about it trucker. You never had a problem we're going on that nobody at the west you amass your question do you draw his liberty that you Robertson bonus. If I ever say that dude it was a deal. Yes he's on the air drop it right yes if no 12 yes yes sir no we ya ya know he's got to answer no answer. Is that is that he answered a question. I think it is I am not I don't know I don't like there I didn't say. A lot now of doing this and I do it I lost toast unless let me follow you movies I don't. Yes dad no Benjamin button and you. The I said it's not easy if you were asked if you say yes I don't know anybody can be a source no. If I its way I I think that's not yes or no answer. These are the answer but no way you phrase it that way the U one department to choose a side and you say no because. Rob that's not true Marty and Marty and start over start going on okay. When 20101112. Form some of these guys I fill them on on other big ports rights as you did as other people that suffice it you hate. You either right distorted due column by 2 o'clock after new. And I said you know and actually in for Lou today with moderate from Lou it's they don't. Yes because the most important thing is on there is being on the right compared to if you have to write columns go to the most people we serve the radio station that's not in this case re talking about the mosque you've done and I'm not out of our pocket and asking in the past is that the case if you were saying if it's going to be writing a column know I thought you can't do this do you. Pass if you if you can if you did that's burial I suggest you the radio. Has the radio at that point was most important thing right yes that wide license on the national question. Because if what if you miss it because yeah yeah. If you establish employed by state tort Hamas he went out now changed to where to mushy now it should be you know what John too badly hurt your feelings. Current tally shows the most important most I've piece of property station. Too bad going fight it out that's your job your job is that is more important. Then writing about something on Tuesday or Thursday goes it doesn't go on the radio or not I got my show. Rush I don't care what they did on the radio you Phil's commitment or doesn't know it does what it went well. I thought no it doesn't before no it doesn't I would ask you this unit our show is the most important on the stage you gonna let me ask you this you if you think a success don't tell I think all the shows are important but I Daschle was the highest rated show doesn't raise the morning show the most important part radio stations to defections and it is it that you know now it's not okay its Oslo on equal insight are several. You guys have the highest rated yes you're right I highest rated show it's also number I wanna I wanna ask you this. You don't want you don't want to mossy on the sure. No you told me you don't want Rotblat Myanmar court date on all the needs some data out of fairness. You said you told me that you do not want anybody who doesn't wanna be on the show you do not want to -- on you told to glossy. You said that time and time again so I ask you did you want to mosque on the show sure. Traveled so why are you saying sore but here's my thing because he backed up parts around. Why is he should have no opinion doesn't matter what I don't know what it all worked up over if you don't want this all worked up in this conversation used to it. I'm saying we want to my copy and what to musty or 8 o'clock should be here that's how should widely you don't want him and so what's it irrelevant relevant. Because as I announced this idea now did the DT just do this where in the past that's ridiculous though he yes do you not gone out of what you whose job he goes on other shows he right rob what goes on weekends it's an important. What's important views on today. He's on today you on yesterday and today. Yes automatic and six today is split my point is if we say tomorrow too much should be and he should be and I think tomorrow I want to must a year he should be in top dog meat when you're where it's not it's already you will when you're working for the website if you had a problem with going on one of the show I was never had a problem that I would I got a lot OK but both are well off that's your prerogative. But Alex I don't know though it's called correct instinct not what it is yeah it's hot it's on you you've larger French of Hamas you know we've logic for you cannot see her luggage talk body of a lot. They've allowed a stretch of Hamas rockets lightly turn his summing up for the team this groundswell in bitch and moan about Joey and about me he doesn't I don't know branding that we Kurt feels threatened and are because he's in Iraq Lebanon and rock and feel threatened in the lead me trust me this conversation I feel let's teach your let me talk a come back to you've allowed to tell you not to respond to would you allow this pressure but I must know I have it and do you are absolutely mushy with the weight and I made a fortune away again let me talk again keep in Iraq. The way that I managed Marty's the same way that I managed view that's not true incidence. And not get through because I was I was loyal to you guys I said hey you know what I got your back is long as you do the job and less. Unless OK there is a circuit switched and he says what was he says I'm under the news morning show and then the dead there they are nice sterile and I don't and I don't have an office Jason Wolfe didn't want to put you on the air time and time again what I'm loyal to you tonight stand up for you to write they do the guys with labor and I've said this a year and a half ago they were talking about getting ready to write your back. So that's we have each other's don't act just OK yes and when you that's not what I. Why. Yes I've ever seen a friendship interfere with rods for national lightly it is it would be strange in its coverage of the Red Sox never let's any personal things get away like that so it would be weird that took over the radio station that he would. I am tired to ICs and I don't see the link you may be I am so I come back to. I mean sloppy with him if I'm rich Voss who seem when managed you it's not true you never say it's much of the Ottawa going John and Jerry Sharif's that you should if they. What are when it wasn't quite sure why it's a must you know wanted to militia. I talked on the phone right twice. Yes I tell you exactly yes that's about three or four reasons it is likely feels about it it hurts and it hurts its fields for all by the comma to fill that fire. And secondly for it you'll want to take its opponents tyrant it's too and in those two points well. And number what was. I don't I'll tell you this and this is not a conversation that you have when your present them and now I don't think he's up all yeah I I don't have come back and I don't understand is that you don't. Recently you know losing argument don't want him on the show. You don't wanna show that the idea. Why don't care about I want to hear that Russia does if it ever ever and the guys working for WEEI and he doesn't wanna be on the morning show you should be gone. That's it. Yes I wouldn't be Croatia is not every other part of its job and their circumstances. That those are at your art on products. Football but Ozzie I don't do hear plenty of things for this radio station for this company. He's doing plenty of things we want. Rights couple comes a week in his on the weekends is too much you know he's he had schools that yes to me you measles school he goes on the radio every show but this one went apps that. That's a pretty big part of the station. Sure are but there are circumstances which there are no circuit who has you don't if he called its own gun argue tomorrow that you know. You know you don't want Amare to what's the difference he doesn't want to be I want -- of the stuff that you want to be on the beyond that he he doesn't want to vote but you don't want mom because it doesn't wanna be and so what that would look like wanna be are why aren't worried about it. What you are you doing everything else he supposed to for the radio station for the company and what he's doing my job yet. Need to wait I get you through six showed yesterday today would ever ask any time he's got to do anything he's fulfilling its goals on the outside anytime adjusted to it. Yes it's up for example that one situation which you guys hatched out on two different calls and you know why so they don't use that you don't want a lot you don't want to not going to say that additional evidence that you just had a rough and I want you must not dropping a nine yard. He says he senses about that I'm not sensitive at all what he said is he doesn't want to be odds are so I don't wanna have you if you want to be on the have a month. I don't plan B I don't want him because he doesn't want to thought he doesn't wanna be on the original one so if you. At any you know again you look at as I can equals a friend he to sort of turn as it was our bottled bash fest which fine. Be turned into Vatican's got it that way but god he told me that I'm not I didn't know it and once I hit night and you've never criticize Joseph with me about about that too much stuff off the year. No I said I don't know why but no I don't I don't like Joey surfaces again because what you did not want it and don't want to sell the argument that argument. It's it will mean we're talking about if that's the case. Because he doesn't wanna be on run and so some and his dog in the morning show they were for WEEI. Or WPI dot com in my world by major job which could have a couple years ago chose not to me to keep development wise choice but that happens next and I would have said too much like much like how are you sitting in this chair right now. Why are you sitting in the student at about two minutes after the kiss the ring could know why don't get why we're sitting in this chair. That'd be great if if I did not have your back if I did not say hey Kurt minute hand. Is that I think he made I know I see some potential in him that a Murphy yea I know what he's good at best is for a driver not if I ever not. So that you will be still be sitting at the upper deck Harkin yesterday now. I don't know about you sitting there I think to be back here my family's from here I think I'd be back here right wherever I had the upper deck card company in can't great. Some of and you've ever ever ever not said that he thought. OK so I understand oh okay we can. So we are a half ago when those same people said we should get rid of the right because he's rigid pole on these rigid. You'll make any changes we don't think the web sites as good as it was before we'd like you replace him I said I understand I think it's probably the right decision. But I'm gonna be nice person and let him keep his office effects that happened. I forget about. Another until it yeah yeah very happy I don't know that's an area row so I thought I thought how did you doubt that position rob do that how do you guys up nice and invites succeeding I don't why not know why don't why did you get the job opportunities as you gain an opportunity yeah you welcome you know what else that was a yes. Always heard all you have a if you always add up if every single time. All if you met that always when I did just bull crap well I say always like I. One time when you said I you know I think it might might part time Shaq a market right or crap like right to call it look so there's ever a ten years ago and get patent YouTube excitement they from all. Oh wait I said I'm not gonna write anymore and profitable why I'm like me rollover said no. In I think Tim Murphy whose reference exit respect that he does respect rob you respects that's true that's a major artists notice of that so that's that's what happens around criticizing me for for not being a slave Kirk you ask you asked me. It with your time were you not a problem and I had your back yes I had your back I get into the back when if ever how to get the latest crises that my back I've never seen rob slap. I've had to battle I had my back it's right what they have to mosque he's back I this yes OK you're wrong. What effect the winner with me to mossy is saying divers that you OK you're right and it paid for months or side to stop working to pay to write I apologize for. That to me is different and I think I'm not. Given its saying I'm knocked in the go 1 of our morning show you one is that is that the same now you want examples of you said at that you should just as yet you yes or no you said I'd never had your back of the box and a thing like you know like this idea that you went against UN high but I will be fine. But Kirk huge thing. You know when you were working with me at the website jester and and I like this to a fault I think this is one of the reasons why you don't IA and loyal to the website people I am loyal to talk to -- like there was loyal to you when you were working on I don't know yet out of style attack. So when it comes to this and there are these circumstances in I know that the I morning show 1:2 I know the morning shows important it's obviously usually import. And typically you would say as I say to John with any other show here's really what what second cut into so. I would say go on the radio go on the radio that's what I've always said. This does at the site are lebed these circumstances are different whatever circumstances closed out the sort of fit you tell me because you have to sort of bizarre as he told me he's hired. OK this like what his show I mean there doesn't like Ron Borges back any front rob boards and he's IU had to congress that I can't tell you what you guys as opposed that you alluded to this important you'll even though it. But you know focus on telly we shall least Heidi says eighty cents bulletin OK I said as if he doesn't want it to amok and take him to do you think that's a good enough circus he's hired. I don't think that was the only circumstance we told me the other day. I've tried not people manic and I think it bug you to know and Kirk that someone could feel that they don't need this in the eleventh it certainly had a mile walk away you don't work for the station for a complete I don't care I want to like you know that I'm glad to hear. All that if you decide I can't do anymore there's nothing that they aren't easy eat he works for com for a BC sports never okay. To mossy ports for the station the way I've always thought that is if you work for the station. If the radio people tell you to jump they say how high. That's how was from meat that's how it should be for mossy. Let's go to you know all the way and so you mentioned a year and half ago when you know they want to blow things up and everything else and how was it only when I said hey. The how do we should be judged because of the good judgement then was the website featured. All we should worry about is putting up the ought to file propping up. Things OK you know what Sam rigid Y I it's no no no no no doubt that you know hooted yeah Murphy says so and others an and I said and I said hey UK what about traffic what about page views and everything else is it only worked out don't even worry about it. So now that we have this merger starting a bio in getting lost you don't run out well I wanna make a point here so. About about three weeks ago we were told what we were judged. We won't judge us by corporate it's one of the two things page views the other thing we have no control was. It's the time spent the announcement let's go by the but we are judged on page so talk to prosecute I am judged on page you for the website if that's what the corporate entity saying that were judged on. I still say go on the show it's. Do whatever a white whiter now go go get PayPal I certainly I idolize Hamas and we I just told you touched her all the honor its website people have I don't right well I just told you. I just told you it's not just that if you're we are still doing an artist an argument is Tomas he told me he's tired and for three days after its effect on the show is going to cost you sex life maybe link because it may be the anxiety gets too if that's true of this all of life is going down to easily heard at home believe that I think having a good result once a week agenda way using YouTube heroes fight. Robbie your manager and employee who has an unreasonable problem. That east two tires hurt her feelings or whatever it is you need to be tougher with this is a guy that you should be able to tell come on once a week plain and simple. It's an employee that you control. That this is an a reasonable problem. OK so this go back to my original point. They say that I wanted to say hey you know go on the show. You wanna be on the show. Kirk doesn't Guatemalan general on the show cart doesn't want him on the show just say he does purchase it short you know there's no short Perkins said that he loses this weekend what went there to mossy rod during the talks it just bitch additional media bitch about our show that bitch about Obama and we'll retire I will be bits and obviously it's. And that's strange relationship little knowledge it's real quick that the that you ought to used to be incredibly close Robin Kirk. I brought us the godfather of her Ursula yes you do not talk is what usually used to. Well I don't think or any less close where before you talk let's used to that I would sit there and I didn't buy the things each other in the last couple the last year you're an app that I. Don't think a lot of the people know. Yes right yes are you know holds is used to be. Well we we live in two different worlds and we did before we were hanging out when he was working on the web site in India part of that you know this can't report that it when he was used to in the underground shows. Right this ship and grace I mean I'm happy for obviously unhappy for cart seems threadbare and I think that's the underlying tension between youths who hue that's coming out in this mossy debate. I think that's true. I just think we have different he's right or we have different philosophical goals where we rely NC five or six years ago now we're not so. Why would say we should we had the same goal. We have different ways of getting there for me if I rob I would say it's a mossy. This piping is stupid I understand you don't you don't like you don't come back I don't think it's just a lot of them also wants to get your ass in here you need to be I don't I don't and it's a lump in here as the one B are you happy. Well ballot tomorrow it's what I've found thirty years and years they haven't Muster becoming an opulent as I think he would want and that's good that he is gonna. That's what I think I don't I don't he doesn't what he told me go to bed at 2 o'clock. So if that was working what he's 4 to 2 o'clock in the morning everything's and it's on. So I mean that that that that I don't think she likes the wake up that's it are in that immediately you're an adult if you're in your forties. Thank you are in your call it hinges out the only thing that resurface and why he didn't wanna come back. He was hired a big issue was with management whether they. Which measures how management is handled the whole thing they made he's made it seem like the way he said was that they said hey you're coming on here but he just said that. I don't think you like that be good because you don't want to. Let me you don't always had brought up that important but Kirk who now works Kirk you know why you like it was because. A lot had gone on since you had what you thought you company you talk on the ever since the war so maybe you didn't feel like that's how it works to look at it don't work for you that's how it works that's how it works for you right. That's right it's a shell that's a word yes your show it's our job to glossy show wreck but it's our station right he's doing everything else he's doing everything. Thing else to pay it kills car a little bit that someone could exist and not care about and tell him about that doesn't. This shows should be the end all be all that you worked at a station and the more triple support Bart station that she departed sorry to. Is it the most important part of station of course it is that this show is an important part of the apocalypse that was so it's not due to the website is not the most support bars it's nice. It's not as important as we show certainly but it's important it's not important at the more important than ever way. It's not dissidents need to keep saying it's not business wise and more important because that's what the court that are big company like our current it was a year hundred because this company came in says you are the biggest website we have in front tire companies allies and we are that was IR does everybody that was dramatic you know it's a done well now. There's a lot of I was bigger hitter and are neck and her column but now we're talking about CBS to the guy who came over who was running visual right now is the guy who came over from CBS he said you guys are the biggest by far the most important or make him more money off for you than ever so important there you go the. Org. I don't know I let him we got him 617779793. Cent a regular does with animosity if you're against the must see when your patriots fans well. Where you are on to mossy this whole 6177797. That was a Marshal was accomplished and Chris nothing. Rob always do is tilt must come on what's a week it's not the heart of the chaos and what is not is not tomorrow she's boss tells. Much lighter if there's ever with Kirk I when tell him to come but the difference is I don't well well well. Knowing what was ripping him on the big show on Wednesday and I know the you want might want to you might want to go to want to wait you know I would ever okay fine but it didn't wanna I would say no. As it is okay. Two quick question what's the why couldn't really unchartered why is it wise is rob responsibilities both mark and and we're told a bottle or Chris Curtis worked because it here's why here's wonders of fraud said the two must he do it too much of it that's. If you get sure you'd like a powerpc to miles idle power the friends who say this again. Would you do it much like what Eddie you know that all of this came up with Kirk when he was working with Mia we talked through with it as saying hey you know what this is a priority and I can understand core differences you know there's no I wouldn't do it. Cost is not an issue you do yours you want to know I got on Hamas doesn't mix that's meant it that that your nice job losses by ambitious. He's ambitious he's very good job I think he's a very good Utah does not be ambition you have your goals already tried you'll bonuses for ratings for us okay. To Bosnia as bonuses for page views he hits those issues every single time I don't think you have to have that in addition to know. I don't know these DR Hamas is ambitious. I think English do you handle. So to. Additional you're ambitious you've got three unity statistically at centerpiece and yeah on the show you can be ambitious. And I plan. Like Iranian write great columns really want going to be charged I assure you Q if you had a situation which you had a problem when you were working when you're the website I would I would I know you've made it very clearly a play seven times all right all right so dead and there I mean what else do you want me to say. It is not I I understand you would have gone on in their alleged that there are things you're not thing that's that's why iPods and rough doesn't graduate Europe's that would management won't say you're somewhat better handle this you. Your child the way I was upset they try to keep surfacing that Matsushita you're set to try to ask guy works the station come on the morning show solo rate when you how dare they do that calls them to do. Well again you know what happens here which is due. You shot that you fight that everything's fine how are you doing an outlet but that's why you do it you show up now finally we had your dog and everything's okay. Why isn't mentally exerting your body on. Our callers hang out what did you guys well at the board has turned headlines perjury for headlines technical articles on line 617077. Nights headlines yet it's 1777790. Threesome couple lines of worry on the side mossy. Bradford and and a fine. Kurt can count on Twitter Kirk. Sports Radio but we guy. Each time once again floor. Headlines some federal law that's your prerogative but honestly I don't know notes call the correct in its not what have you it's usually thought it's on you you'd like your country you know my you know people are different you cannot see her idea talk one on the last. A lot of stretch of Hamas and that's why lead intern is on the heels into the visitor rounds up in big Jim on the vote Joey ate about maybe that is I don't know branding expert Bill Clinton in part because keep in Iraq. Let me. Right let me trust me this conversation and he'll let's see yours look because it's time for Kurt and Calais hands. Pie it's. Well I'm not have long been thought that filled with. That's frightening kind of pulled away not having known him talk you can relax this awful. They grubs I did so during the break Robb's not through its intention. Now I know you you know and we'll run insecure that he has been for one thing. This doesn't this should mean you know this is that although he's highly since I've never been more value this company. Ever. She chewed me out by the dugout this year for the smallest of things that I just wanted she is Kurth. There have been ultimately you're not a lot of good example we already did this feel sorry I hear what was he he does of the whole thing on the the message the message board in correct that one in my stories ability to talk. If you where you were in here and I heard harsher I was listening he's was when I was a little ball was badly because I in the group text said he made mistaken stories I'll leave by the and I really do that. Why would you I said because you are receiving care if that is the conversation between Austin and he you know again. You have to make a segment on the radio who cares no one cared about that. It's not going to wait to restore it says I don't know and can't classic can't headlines. At last brought on by doctor Robert letter document repressed yeah they're doctors or Rob Ninkovich and soon to be rob Bradford and 18 no. Women who say. But keep it I don't mean you can your potential ally absolutely. An answer to you in the dirt path we dumped it answered no to Murray entered Joes here awhile to realize something as important. Yes but aside were drilled to sit out of the half of that. Had to make the man the phone Jamar Jamar is a few errors even without has excuse me and sent and there are seem though is that why you were in the half. The reference to twenty times during the show now I think that's right I hit it's a terrible look and guys like he did as the White House right you guys posing the pitcher at the White House is delicate on yeah I don't like motion picture really is seen in the word unsure as to these Tom Ellis. I can play a few demographically. I Chris go ahead good morning good morning and keep. The president of the United States is symbolic not by choice are a couple lines opened 6177797937. You know leave a stormy Daniels. I'm going from drawn to storm okay go the president is in Brussels speaking with the international museum George Lopez last night. Arrest is at a rest out. Actually by Jerry. Late late means we by Jerry. They're not like that idea why do you work this week Gerri yeah that do we did you and I discussed that yes we. Terry I think when he sees this the good ship several bit too much fun music that's come and kill pool of schools and where president merger make that noise yesterday. Guinea got us Jerry makes this nor'easter in the show it to. That's him kept doing it with its now that's brought up did you use defensive. Is that it was a funny but he's really defensive. He was not happy with the sock puppet I'm doing like a guide so the president spoke with the international media and other Croatian represent the best type Thomas look at assets from mention at least Croatian their newspaper we understand your message congratulations. And send a message but some people ask themselves would you be treating differently once to port Dover Air Force One. Know that other people that do that I don't I'm very consistent. I'd be very stable genius. Isn't it before hasn't yet. I agree. What person that would nothing says the president is a very stable geniuses stormy Daniels you have Chris while the guy who was arrested last night at Ohio strip club accused of letting patrons Pletcher. In a violation of state law. This is this bad since you're stripper in Ohio. You guys that's that's on her the guy some creep grabs. Or was she allowing them was she doing like a I understand my guesses is that she was encouraging it and giving and getting money for when people torture argument so she's just. Stripper. If what you're telling me more you know if she says social political you go to happen or else that you're missing the point here that was unprecedented a particle and but it's it's frightening. The fact she was part if there's no way that they just decided to rest her and if you Ohio a trump called Ohio. It's a community to girls to act that brokered with it and if this happens doesn't it has seen an area may the only stripper Ohio that that the last and I think I can be done any work maybe he's happens frequently and they they arrest these people be on the does have a dozen times. With the Forster doesn't Dayton notes in a conceit they go we doing forks for clubs and a requirement my life it'll likely reveal or 140. We're doing it it instantly turn it was split. Who you magical bit with. Ask your it would afford different liberals in the same night eight buffing it Ian and I hate lol I put my I've never I've already LE OLEO's pizza and I've noticed from a guy ever analyst for so much money you spent. That night public wanted to lead lap dance version of the appeared to walk out you smell you walked out with a rough house with you leave you paid lever house. If you pain up you know lever and are you when that is that you are these guys you feel like you have a chance. Late if if I don't know a lot of attention and police on the weekend he's coaching it's a couple of course yes yes we thought about that hatred data of the pimp to that this didn't. You couldn't do they touch you. You go to Kentucky and egos across the border but they can they can't touch you. Now they can grind against a ruler of was she out of jail right now she's out of jail this ism which is her mug shots. I haven't seen the march election difference. But that it views across the militia is not going to be does not she's used it Jesus she's starred as the slow down hill rule guide. Or are you so police custody as of early this morning which is not a job. Everything else yes boy and with this woman accuses two renderings we've singer Simon low ball. I'm grabbing her by the U word at an autograph announces annual Tony years ago. 95 and yes. These are here and so I. I was seven my thing how long is I've been waiting for me to I feel at the rock stars are gonna come out here and it is amazing movie stars have got hit. I'm still in the two that stop me so far athletes by and large have not been a big part of this there have been some and a lot right. We've had who had in sports to grade zones accusation Miguel sorrow that I was dismissed for the blue jays got annual blue jays McGregor yeah it's obvious that yet he got fired. And who wasn't. Miguel Sonoma twins someone has a right that it has not been this like massive there's been no Spacey. Weinstein why our equivalent ought to Weinstein to meet other Cuban I just feel like an armored at all this is unfortunate but to me too thing has died down a little bit we have that and again and a lot of people of come forward and now. It's sort I mean they should keep coming forward about the point yeah but yes yeah I'm surprises there not been more. And in music it's shocking to stop it. Weigh in here have a far. On a there is no world outside some of the online donors who have since it is and it's a world of dread and the if. He requested that part specific sure if you don't have the classroom right now. Now you want not that's on you you rise this dialogue as training. What's right we do about trying to be in love with this long I know that you have much addition for the Bruins National Anthem as our ones and everyone's triumph very excited yes photos erotica. Moves round though where are you at Christmas time. And ironically the best singer is tomorrow the mossy. I mean I think we did at that daily three in the afternoon or 2 in the morning that's where he's at best it required to lose it stars the instantly. That's that we doesn't this let's replay your strengths that meatloaf. And we just thought the mug shot of stormy very good are already area while it's yet to make appliance. And between. Yet there's the Montrose stormy you'll not tweet of the month showed anybody else right McKee your I don't know what you're talking. Headlines. Brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard documented by Stevie care doctors at 1800 and how much of headlines as lists her by the audience. Chunk yeah not all odd percent of the at all how much will be available. And less than Wilbur. It's and see. Boston's number. For 1 morning show on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. Although I didn't say it was good look and I said it looked like scrutinize until there's obviously I don't resonated idle question about bought. He's very. Agitated. I. I mean what is this what is analysts carries contact John tennis or tech might looks Glen or was attacking my looks. At all the tax Hillary's. Four time LPG clarity your landlord ways attacking my books you're reading or might it more than a big difference in my heart I mean I'm I'm I'm not a great looking guy and we're much to do. I want borrow my hat cabin I mean you know attract the best I appreciate loosen them pound trophy is by knock it loop by the way. Iowa is a good target him he had my back in that meeting few months ago only dynamic back who is stupid partner. So I don't Lou always will get a forever past always even recently I love you. I and I love him I'm sorry it's wrong word on a make him a hug and seemed to. He's an issue across the guys crops this isn't it would. We across a couple of years ago that we put the break. After the pop for all of you do not do more of the ways to process your jab was pretty enthused by bear hug episode of this tournament did you know that guy who threw out the first pitch kofia coves in Kingston now I think he's younger. Man and one quarter when Chester wild cat or whatever station which is a lot on traders are. About vital Harry now with the same high school was Kofi Kingston as Indians first moment. Africa is on getting more fragile as a cook. Other Jamar. Rob us forget that it ever talk with its appointment only I would love a case that got me six Nazi Broadway a couple of years now I can do it now how a talk show called me right did you actually do better. Do you make agenda. Yes she said that doesn't do it now know it now she did it with the daughter but I'm still I was I'm still waiting to either as an apology now and Kobe is what it's junior high school. Yes you did did you. Yes right into my one that we've we've a lot of by the time the third today and I are sprinkled it and I'm taking a little bit different stretch I had this one show with Ryan night. My my note yesterday on the talkative brought downstairs put part of the business of babies and that's a long analysts did your parents find out. Not yet out of a you'll save the seekers who did it died. I think you never had that talk not sprinkle them well that was the I don't I don't think you have to do at all once I mean you you can do it a little bit and it. Islanders library where he had now April is our way we'll play first snow yes well there to try bumping him and that's exactly where two ways sports talk. Is Steve relic of this conversation with your. It looked up conversation. And yelled out are you good to see you gonna do. What do I have to do that villagers godfathers conduit through I don't dog out into I had to do as I don't want overstep my bounds I think so yet again have to. What's the right age to have the conversation sex. I don't number my parents in your book. It was like why your body's changing incident pimples keep your face character that made me feel good I was like oh good this is and so. Oh it was a big acne you. On the to pack it in play and put all my face powder dry on my a good strategy which is. You don't realize yeah this voice arise during the soaps so it doesn't accept actually work. What would you do this against it dries out your face but it didn't look Popper. I was anxious and I have itemized what did you do I actually had I had chicken pox my junior year and I'll think people knew I'd check. Aid only also again I am rob the other. Money you'll spend an axle and gadgets its eyes of every your targets on the good of the altar could we do resell my ability to reconsider the soberly. Generally have that was during the decision LeBron thing. Was yes I remember you got Larry Bird I heard karma Jermaine O'Neal have similar time ever talked to revert to I beat him with the he could have been he couldn't event it was perfect he couldn't have been bigger Derrek Lee he currently yet it was offers everything you want Ebert had him on Larry Bird OK it's you know. He was cold and Jermaine O'Neal signed with the Celtics. It was like semi breaking news right sort of ballots from about the first reaction as soon you know Jermaine O'Neal Simon subjects he said he did. As of yet he said oh he turned his back obviously she went around and kept talking. That's always a fighter even then we talk about the chemical thing I've and I've said this on the air it's I have no doubt that you did all the journalistic. Methods that you need that are legal and fully historically look at that I guess about most of but I thought you were pretty good report Buick does for training for a week -- did Wakefield was mad at you writers who was all know yes that's right let's go with the advent and then and then to top off your week of spring training what did you do you said I'm gonna drive up to apocryphal or out of Florida in the mirror image over the Brittany Merrill Lynch it's true. It's true hard hard news report about the incredible pressure on the feast heard him. She's I have to go through the cover story and used a couple weeks ago. And she wrote it. I don't know I guess after being accused fertilize and originally it disclosures included Jennifer Ryan yeah that's as far as I'm no one's. We don't have to what is wrong and a few things about saying I mean would you be surprised him Ramirez rested tomorrow. At this point yes I would be surprised yes I want you write letters July 12 by the way that gentleman is going to be in court in occurred is driving a Lawrence again today. All of that good but right is that I courts then the ball to keep 96177779. And they are upset because the complete Major League Baseball so you can have been criminal. But it's possible our threes.