K&C - Kirk takes on Bradford over his treatment of Tomase 7-12-18

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 4: Kirk took on Bradford over what he views as a double standard regarding Rob's treatment of Tomase. 

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He's Kirk and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On sports real WEEI. And throw from NBC or off the former. Comcast sports. So you'll join us now on the band led Evans relic from day one has yet yankees. Or Red Sox I think it I looked at the standings right now that three and a half in favor of the Red Sox seven. So I askew you still feel that way yankees over it yeah. I sit in the last year Felger that the Yankees roasted Red Sox Paul Laurie and I love Harry and Hannah obviously the greatest coach in the world. He's six and it's fine like it's gearing up he has a list. And I wonder vision going naturally. And that night I think of the worst case scenario you know can be your adult yet it's really the affect your career from the huge speak it's going to be continue here. It can go away naturally. Well I advocate kind of he worked on ovals and you have to work does so. You eat a try to keep your in the business would you tee together you have a big this is a I don't know all the important more than that this well I've worked out. I have worked on but I guess it comes out of place by yellow helium what worked up it's more pronounced because I guess that I lose control your young agent that'd be there's very library women yell. He were on the border of that state. As the same fight is all the parking lot ceemea saved by his so I imagine for the bankrupt and Saddam among white voters to me he must have mistaken what Angela I'm glad it. What does it mean you like how many people actually if you look at fair dropped three and you're on if you're human being did you watch that. Apparent attempt was loved it yes you those audio quality is great Felder are you doing it. Give it to this is not repeat things is not a contract was literally a guest appearance like any other radio interview you ever do that. They didn't realize budgets are going to be generated an interview over at 95 when you know I have but I I granted to be on province in an interview Saturday morning you don't buy W. EE I he had that same station or fuel. Of all people can criticize my pronunciation so no I'm saying you know times are not talking about your mobile Bradford he's Yemen I'm just talking about the outlay. You decide you're doing interview for W yeah and understand why that matters of course you work for. It's in the last year fell. Felt and why I can tell you I don't know I think management a touch of the show you don't I don't think it results of that. What Republican suspension. Hopes iPad I've known them I don't have to be banned from. Well it's ironically usually you don't see you're kind of born trouble. This wouldn't have been of the moment I would pick but I guess that's the way that you oversee the car accident coming just the kind of like Hillary. And you guys are on schedule on Sunday yet we were fondled no fly zone in this region. The size of what he's never here physically here. Now he's here but I thought he's in the cannot not Donahue lawyers asked leaders here yet he goes on Bristol gets acknowledged it here. Based on Bruce we've adult one time. I I didn't show from the from ESPN's studio in New York news for disease paean to see ABC and Disney. And I don't remember an app I assure you don't remember you being afraid to say. The company ESPN and the item and I think you do. You guys like a guy's friends are. He called me is meant there I did during the break yeah assortment towards. You get mad Iraqis get by foreign fighter dumbo here he you know he incurred I'd gone dropper place over the years from 10 well what he encouraged me that's the stupidest thing ever asked for parts of Israel to Wear on you and those like deflation the ball yeah presented that's Nachman. 00111. What is the Tutsis against a reference. Wherever the that we are lovely cup. I know a lot of you obviously. Would have done well so far obscure actor is some them exploited that as well as he explained why the baseball pours on the other stations a civil as well as excellent mossy thing which the ex. It's hours later is excellent job which is that he always had my back which is not relevant to all of us are. At all excellent and in excellent did you did you what did you think we we aren't terror. Bradford flocked Chris. It takes so much sense for all parties have jumped mossy on the show that's -- it's our job to remove the show the 10 AM that is to Moscow flip of the morning to all of the guys great to make things easier for child honestly yes yes or noted Kirk said he did and did not warrant on moss yeah just take usage or no don't ya know in the long run filters rob one yesterday to an audience and you don't do these acts will robs argument while talking consolidated results I totally tough. Don't think that he well he can tell you need to toss your friends they'd rip me all the time British. Though there. I do I like talking well yeah I was on the triple a shows on the air I should be on this should be on that. They hurt your iiroc robotic Erica Erica Erica we you can think whatever you why the average change it. You two guys are not written I'll never critical of the shows of the station. We talk other shows we are open to worry about the osu never Urquhart over the radio shows the station ever conversation now and so were source harmful. That'd their ego consider a case of a when I was in line. So we do that new music out Joey wants me you believe this the program director wants to go on the morning show it's unbelievable what the hell are you. And robs it did hurt or better and her that's her that's exactly are we talked to the mossy right yes. Okay what it's like last yeah when you talk to abuse and I don't know why Joseph is gone. Correct message you do what he did that's why I brought as you said it was fine. I said if you don't wanna go on the show that's right you said I don't want you on. If he doesn't want to write it doesn't wanna be right OK what you're you're doing you're missing rob is defending John writes and not. Enjoy the show tootsie you know what he did always gets reveal much about it puts. WEEI dot com and if you're all right if you it is already here. You be on the show we told him if Kirk that's how works if you look at what's driving me nuts quit fund manager up. Tough who peace what if what if you still value outside of the show that that's you you're being absolute and and yes but he wants to analyze understand that you'll Johnson must he has a lot of value outside the show he had it in incident with the show that Derek Kirk and he talked about. And they hashed out and he knows and Kirk knows why it wasn't just that he was tired. So boils so when I don't know what do you do when my afraid to say no I and I'm gonna fight yes or no level with just what did John give us that he was upset that I took some pleasure Ron Borges was made there that that I would say go on the air you posts and find a way when you're at your job that's party when you were with me at the website if you had a problem with the show fewer probably than anything Wednesday and he. Do me a reason. And then I would argue that we everything else live I would have never are you ever are you ever that would have never had it right in that case you know what happened. What they promise that you know if I don't wanna go this hurts my feelings about that won't show but this never happened what demands organ evidence is exactly the same as the other read or write Tata she's not for a man and a great tackle. If current so strong on you should go around. You should be going above robbed as you know he's weak on this Newsweek a lot of things gold welcome and here's the truth the truth isn't rob that's like this is that I want to must relive one gone. That's true and work hard for Gilbert but I don't look at doing art. He fared go ahead and do it. Obama quipped he's a vet because you can't because he's a value there's a value to me at all podshow right Kirk like brought these and Novak if you don't show you assess columns that don't generating money she don't. They don't and they brought it a listen let's you left today was it color different as people know that he does great job true either he does a great job brought he brazen. While this weekend shows in his three columns that we pay it will let average unit listen opera in my. Company values up to him hurt and doesn't value they bring somebody else hurt this at a high value judge a -- a fourth of a lot of Kobe knows George does that really don't the company well they do this what they tell me in the arms that the company who corporate who. Like the people that there's old JJ Crowley the guy that runs digital marketing and in the guy who is above joys are by no you've done genre animosity absolutely okay. Let's go to again. You know. Rob. Instead of the wake and 182 and maybe go to sleep 180 and Turk I think what the problem as rob was from Egypt set about loyalty. You have to respect you any doesn't expect the show he says the company want. I think I think the true systematic truth is that rob cares more about mossy he cares about me and that makes sense his Tomas who works for the website I don't. I'm aka Heidi obviously going forward how I don't hold on hold on hold on to Odyssey going Fordham marketing and want anymore these men hand cold things. On the ups old people remark about them not no note or their site will be gone we'll keep putter must work this week brought the win that dude that's gonna be we're gonna keep put Vermont. Puddle when I go dark in his office after the show once and while we don't go in public service will go in now and I. It was at a mark you get to choose one. Well you certainly care. So on the there while we don't rethink that choose to set it on the I don't I don't the pro choose you but that doesn't I didn't obviously until probably all right and we'll keep going and he'll be gone. Also I don't you explain what is I became prominent. Why haven't I they usually use my may already why they do because Evan it's much like what you think if if it was second once regularly explain with guys US which I which I did not. I'm off on you well the question so what you already know probably on rob you're my you're not yet my friend. Yeah I spent my feelings about it hurts me did my name's on the website already in it bothers you for two or three days of the time and Harry came KK companies say we're trying daddy. When I wake up at 11:30 in the morning but my effort in you know skid marks why did bell what is so hard so you set it on don't ask any questions rob. Not actually seeing the web save her I sensibility yeah so can you be respectful of me that if I I I contribute to the station lot of other ways. Can you be respectful of me in my feelings please shut it down Richard doc Soto. No no no no now. It hurts a sensitive on sensibilities are offended by. So can you take that down for senator from the state looked a lot different than the concept is and I heard you had to come on that's a much that's a lot different that's what that is weird with it if this point if he's as an assistant and as we please remove that. We're usually thought about it. Or we can remove you one of the other charter that I'd okay me and you can go work you know the coffee for the idea what does and it's okay beside him god continue. I rob I just think that your older valuing your own product you're not seeing the big issue which is. This show is number one there's nobody and show rob you're supposed to do what to a loss for the show I I prop up listen I didn't Itula this. These things should I thought rob. Wasn't the problem you're not dedicated decent. In the value giving get. Doing what cart is asking you wall that's a difficult and you on oh about our. Little out of policy on the air kiss her dual demonstrable Libya want don't buy it doesn't wanna be so you don't want them. I mean you understand the format. I think on balance the budget hypothetical because of rob exact opposite them all too common here in this month he's gonna sit here and mull that you're not that he had wrestled there is argument did you drop technology boss in the situation that's about but they played with a lot it is. Obviously that doesn't mean it's not relevant element on them across the country I know I am not but I entering the same way I listened to some people deterrence much like atlas and he brought you think these concerns legitimate concerns yeah just hired a shift to Q. What are you talked easily as to how Robby who argued Robbie the back of the all time would say stuff like that all the time you include whole time that anybody nobody anybody so yeah whenever there was a kick I mean I can't tumors that was ever circumstance like here you are you doing to your credit you all that's why I did secretly always do that. Always a guy never saw it. There was never circumstance that you like you had withdrawn the mossy there was never circumstance and he was I would on the shelf. What you got you that's that's no compromised compromised everything and ever and ever and I've got to a point that compromised up front Hamas and 8 o'clock and sleep war. It's ridiculous doesn't want him on the show. Think if you agreed to that you would see differences that's a flexibility on one commits of these what's must give to rob is is so protective of the web site. There is a 100% no matter what every single time it's not a baseball men before he gives them Aussie no blame that's not right. I'd say that the won't Wear quivers is all the go ahead. I said that you have to yet to hash now you I don't let criticism what so we're where's my. I should you get to know blame in this you blame us in the not you know I do wears is one way or are blaming you wise to Austin where where's my blaming you. Was it because he is so where was god he. And we must have been raw because because. I generally think of any. And I don't doesn't listen pathetic part six well well come up Kurt but Kurt. Wrong while yes what problems I have with what you're doing I don't have a problem would view when you say that you don't want mossy on. Who mossy I want to Muster he doesn't want to be right so well by you know we're doing this again did you argument rob is that he has to be conscientious objector yes that's the org that's it I respect that right that Johnson if anybody at law if our offense is long yeah I'll let you said. Conscientiously Kevin Miller whomever I knock on them television shows and just write blogs has become a mile valuing the unwitting last year doing the correct it depends on how good right or am I problem right anybody winning they either do that if Tom current week except. I think you're in trouble conference and I took excellent writing more awesome is a great writer but he said amuck and do these TV shows anymore. I think did it say when you lose some money what's in concert or right to. We're not that I guarantee it wasn't just kind of comes back their tears start with contracts up. Putting into Los these things you have to next time I'll show you for the Arab Padilla if they did that we'd be good or better knock that saint nick comes back to become elected for me if I'm sure that he valued if you valued enough but part of a partisan issue of his desire on the tomorrow if he's valued at doing the other things that the company values then he can broach subjects like the company is not value weakens well no they shouldn't did their value as nice points and parents of a night of the delegates a lot of audio call was definitely one bonuses contract is only one bonuses contrary it's not for going on the air right okay what's like your bonus if probably for our four. Listener ship right yes ratings wrath of yes like. Yeah there you go. Tomas these bonuses for paper that says you that you should tell you know radio at all now because much like much like I would love for you to the right for the website right is not in your contract that ultimately it's all right but at the podcast that is a good thing you do that are well one's attitude -- what you should be doing in if if you look at the website there's nothing in my existing conferences and those of its conferences these higher you know that. Is there. I Derek I guarantee you could carry their contract there's radio stuff I guarantee. Guarantee there's always a beside a doctor with WB it's. I did I went after you about the unity after the morning shows now those that say. I could I use only key note how do you know I do know that he's boldest on page views in us and I think he and the radio. That he's paid he's goes on already it has nothing gets into that past contract he goes on the radio doesn't have to do the morning show if there are things in your contract that says you have to do digital commandments now. And yes what you was that a thin but well not methods that I got from yo. He said to me I don't want you to show because it hurts when I have to talk to me said it was fine everything was finally said he doesn't want to know every don't do you know rob again to defend him you're just blinded to the fact cardinal I go by is what a judge and why it honestly. You're influx abilities why you've reached a certain point oh my god you're a super I you know it's like all I can tell you unless you understand the phone call and what Johns the monster that's all I can tell you and now you're getting all riled up because you want him on the fair question obviously I'm being tossed out who's on trial opened its arms if I never see probably the peninsula because he knows he's never actually he's defending somebody knows yes they do it because. It's somebody who when they got their conversations and nothing to do business with this is it right and program director. They hate this if they do to fix that these conversations I have with you for years and I have with somebody else. You want amenities and why did he shouldn't you show John. No problem at all. We your jobs should be. Hey fat so get in there and dance with me tell you that it is a cat should be Barrasso what you say that through and that's something that's gonna make some wanna come on the air to the polls that's. Job well you know there is suddenly he's as knowledgeable I have only one god that our new markets Smart all that community whose job it is his job is not you know and I don't fulfill your job your original version of auto and job posture of the rank of Phil and John did you do you think of a million jobs all will be right pillage our. Morning Joseph and. You won't admit he said I didn't shoot John. No problem at all for your job should be paying taxes. It in their dance me tell you he's a catcher beyond also when you say that through that slim doesn't make someone want to come on the air today. That's his job well you know this is civilians and no I thought I thought one. And that is different markets are all that don't you did his job immediate agenda is not you know and I don't have a filmmaker jog your brain a division of the bottle and jobs are sure to find the bill in the job that you do the music hall will. I. To be fair we'll. I'll stay out of rubble stab it takes call 617779797. Go around the room I want full lies goddamn it. Won the fight through two rounds stroke ahead I don't like fetching. But actually hurt Robinson broke single coherent argument all of them I think he had arguments to make it he didn't make them fortunately I would like to see rob actually bring something. The team I can let. 107 Kirk both rounds that Chris Curtis Kirk walking patrol what's the real loser today. Rob I want him nodding club could be thing I wanna I wanna say this is that I values showed tremendous. I think this show is is great in. Sure yeah that's good. I don't ideas seriously I'd correct that shows great. And we wanna help the show is when you notice exact total output up tomorrow test you during the break quotas I don't know. I waited to do. What you with what you what do you satisfy. We suggest must just end as far as people he said is we did the podcast in my back in November. You sit there he's people who brought you all the time and say I'm a male who are these oh my goodness who played ninety proceed. It's 9% of people Iran that have Kelli Pedroia just Pedroia beset Joseph Kelly says people that you know people in the media who everybody. Who about American name and find the book signing and I want it. Now the rules are around here. Person laughing at bats off of my misery my expenses is my lot like to to do to your last six minutes on the Schiavo lapsed in order. She's top and nausea. If you laugh at for a full lines please remember earlier 617. 779793700. Bradford or me on to mosque here for the patriots fan us on as well. 617779. Every potter's suitable for them since a 617779793. Separate moderate. You see in the more mornings with Kirk and cal sports. Yeah. Sorry sister or. I recognized. No more of you know anything. Just don't want me. We'll just tell love album breaks. And it's not. Enough that he numb and he got. Little Rutgers will take market sales. Mark go ahead. On the question of who wins the argument that they were good when I think the radio station where I. In these unfortunately for a lot about my thought rob argument with a little better. Kurd you sort of you know how to argue well. You yell and then get the other guys were definite tell them they're yelling. US and to quote little bit to their contract they can't really quote. It's okay to be strategy. Which took it and he has yet from them talk and filmed all of you get the last word hello bill May Day guys act by the way Landon. Lou hello and yes she used more character assassin shot Oxfam all. Trying to promote the dummy data Shia. Glad right now is we're good friends you type in the Sacramento will be on this phone trying to get is all about the second opinion is unreal and unbelievable he's always loves its. Bill go ahead. Glendon Glenn and there were tax bill please the final word. I mean again he's he's one who that is unless I'm v.'s new show on Saturdays. No push back. Do you like that from attending entree to must issue. Brought quality time media love it you do you think your fan trying to unload Tomas is now global. Relatives always we'll see you and maybe a TV maybe. There's been undisputed truth Ferraro. Through your grammar as of now on iTunes. Nobody else I mean what will happen to get a third vehicle would get what Jerry's favorites in for a couple hours ago he turns number. The cars a vacationers Texan about. But he said he said he knew she sees a given Texas and your right now. I do whatever they tell me whenever they tell me to do it is slow. After a mosque scenarios he shows up that's a pro right there on power. Are back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock release mean dream we'll see somebody else will be here. Mean big guys up next Christian is out I think the Clinton Lou Lou continue to act media basically got an opinion what. We'll see tomorrow morning at six everything ever in the Sacramento via and that's from getting most of this information.