K&C - Kirk unearths the truth behind the Globe's piece on racism in Boston's hospitals 12-14-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, December 14th

Kirk does some reasearch and makes a surprising discovery about the woman interviewed by The Boston Globe for their piece on racism in Boston's hospitals.


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So this this leads me to this story from my two days ago call line persistent sickness and health. As bad as orchestrated to the stores disgusting it's reprehensible and go from machine to themselves. A woman named Liz calls Pakistan last and you know our job she wrote the story watch main roads and so toward the end of it they speak to a woman in surely poppy seventy years old. She grew up in the Albany street housing development quick walk to was in Boston City Hospital. Years and years ago. Her late husband talked into going to Brigham he heard it was newer cleaner less crowded. But as she waited neighbors or she perceived unfair treatment white patients who arrived after. Call back to see doctor sooner she said she called to use that tactic by Patricia got the left. I didn't feel comfortable there today. So we went through that's part of the repressive boy a lot of unanswered questions he won in this thing so I do white pages search pretty simple. In about ten seconds cut ms. copies numbers spoke to on the phone yesterday afternoon. I Astor you know read the woman in this story she said yes that's me I said. What we stick with why did you go hospital she said you know I don't remembers number I didn't feel that well a cell and you wait for that you know I don't really remember. I said how did you come you know and so your woman as a remember what happened you know how sick you war you know when it was you know and remember when one's. It's OK to go in after that often I don't remember. And source of OK it seems economically and a lot of things I feel bad for you it was a typical. Time one political pick you would have some much work on concrete story is just said oh my son is really good friends of the woman who wrote the story. Well okay so how about Portugal he had lunch with her a couple days ago we told my story and she came over and expand. So well okay that's. Exactly how it works they find their friends their friends put in the direction. They had this warrior written they speak to the woman who remembers nothing has no examples does not the year to go back into the Wednesday decades an organization win. It's an older woman whose memory I don't think he's that great she said. And that it just loses her right that's exact that's exactly my point they take this old woman was very nice. And use her to get their agenda move forward she doesn't have any memory of this at all she even know what she went which could have had a cold and flu so we could have walked into. Heart attack. Who had a brain tumor. Anything they don't know that is the context putting your this is such a shameful say it is an every shot this woman whose lives are this was always an everlasting is or should respond. This is disgraceful. They go it's what they do. They get their friends and reference point them in a bit of government should does that register compromised in this. And you and I know that they're best friends that I know the globe as a joke we we understand that they have no stance ahead no principles but you know what. Two and he'll say what a wonderful series is how to hostilities Peter King Peter King to weed out what a great job they'll probably win awards prime Gloria Obama's friends people as he read it like it was a nine Duncan and take a bow this is despicable. Good job by you curtain and and once again that's journalist exposing the globe The Herald can't do it any fat Al can't do with their business with the globe no other station. You know PBS in the gym brownie did a nice job but they would never. Go this far as I would be an entire story in question. Horse every source they use all the time now waited guys they lied about and so you just heard I'll tell you. How would you element that are known absolutely not and I think the two people cited in that story were useless and they didn't add anything to the story Monique what we money you talk about it. Jump to go on tell that to the people at the Brigham Brigham and women's an amazing place. They used this poor old women. To tarnish the burden of disease may apart that you ms. Garrett I don't know exactly what they did two veteran who start to make Brigham seemed to us later they quote this other generation of people for policy no you're not treat you like that at some Michael Kincaid. Who she's fronts should mention it's that the authors differences persons known. Who will treat you like why why is that realm we don't excellent Alex's bitter experiences don't matter beta or charts because we're the son of the woman of both like while I appreciate your saying like you know why not making a lot of the writers lazy that's why could she goes and their friends or friends that guy on my mom has happened there was this posting don't find a better story. Because if you don't when you look to lawsuits but my guess is you find a better story than that I agree that's lace I I avoided that what is what I say these cats. That's lazy to put this on let's just so much chaos ensued that are at your conclusions and say you know what emitted by the way she did the ridge didn't. It's no proof. There's no other story is not possible it just another voice echoes through the story the more you see it towards the bottom of New York hospitals or worse the more segregated whenever. But my point is. When you guys talk about the story you keep saying missing the hospitals are racist and that's not Olympics that's exactly what precisely the whole point -- whole point of this series is not like it's not about overt racism like they say right off the top. That Boston's attitudes have improved culturally we have come along way they're talking about. You know of the of the more insidious sort of institutional racism and so the hospital thing. It's about self selection it's like why do black. Residents Abbas and feel more comfortable and Arnie but the ocean is hospital that they go to Mass. General they have to wait longer than one that's not that includes job that's exactly coming. They both gay rights to those two examples as they run it but the gist of why why besides not they site writes I agree with you does those say other racist to say like their race but it's but it's not it's. Average British that you say that that's dismissing part of the store aisle for that mark what a big part of its debit its first thoughts to me. It's not a big part of story it's just an anecdote within the story but the idea is that for whatever reason black people don't feel comfortable at the white hospitals. Which maybe that's true maybe it's not our energy guys talk about this I'm with you I've had relatives and hospital and I go in there and I don't feel like. Certainly the nurses are all Lilly white I feel like there Hispanic or black bears like I write pretty dire yeah and I that to me. Would have been. I think helpful. Inclusion in the story what exactly is the breakdown of the nursing staff like I get it. There's not a lot of black doctors okay that's an issue you have to deal that may be an effort ever American community but what about the rest of the hospitals that what about the rest of the people. Dealing with patients I think that would have been interesting one note I mean led. It had been theirs and theirs institutional racism that hospitals. Do not treat black chambers what is surprising is that none Leno had a solid anti matter and they had a article the medical care many black presence seen and that means deeply distrustful of medicine generally often mention the country's ugly history of medical. Experimentation on and on blacks felt their knowledge and many city to experience discriminatory we are caught and never ideas what does that mean. The country's ugly history of medical experimentation on blacks of their knowledge at an average since he yearbook and don't let this adjustment that yeah I think if you tell me this this woman of this you know this made up person Monique who went to Mass. General alive look like census. Does anyone think Monique actual existence so I just didn't give I think it is I do not cease gymnast do in this and historians make in some categories will ever do both that's why are you serious dog will work with the Boston Globe. Make stuff up. Do you think that was honest reporting about the sports an eight year old says a woman Shirley was that honest reporting and we could probably get on the phone if you heard her you would say oh my god uses or woman is source. So you have Monique I always everlasting aghast but who took her book took a bus from Charlestown to Mass. General with flu like symptoms Marty have my doubts. Said the church. Does it matter and that that's very that's my point I don't there those bad anything to their the only other black Pearl White people in this for the job it's telling that they put that in the sort of the anecdotes did not help and I agree there could've been better reporting there to find something more relevant. But this in the thing is they're not even trying to prove it it at least now I read that story they're not trying to say. That hospitals are biased against black people what they're saying exactly what they say I don't know what story you read the rest of the years ago. Years ago years ago what is at ninety and 91 in late 1968. Decades right exactly and Monique. Took the bus to Mass. General and said they treated she him when he was a less that she felt the white staff. To read the white patients more warmly than they did her and out of my comfort zone but again she thought. This is a made up black person at Mass. General you use this person. To make Mass. General seemed race. One of the elusive one of the big themes of this entire series how Boston seltzer aggregates and how. You know either there's no place for black people did and it's not about there's only four neighborhoods or whatever it in the entire Greater Boston area. Where that are largely middle class black neighborhoods compared to hundreds and Chicago or New York or whatever so it's about how we self segregate in isn't this. Just another example of that and isn't that the greater point that they're making that. It's not that. Brigham young women turns away black patients aren't Yates turns away by patients at that. Like patients feel more comfortable in quote unquote they are hospitals whether it's irony. Or Boston City Hospital you know as opposed what I say I mean I honestly I think are what being a master of for a couple years Dana Farber they feel that way that's on them. Because I'm there I was there all the time and that is that is that is their own perceptions not real. It's an offense yeah he's this is the whole point of the thing though like when you say. That's on them these are cabbies at the attitude that they're talking about the way we think bats on them this is what it is I mean it's that's that I was at these hospitals I saw them. Treat black and white people exactly the same yes every time I. I doubt about it. But and I'm not saying they don't need to years ago do you remember decades and decades and decades ago note note so yeah I do they feel that way that that's a very what I got the root of this okay yeah I'll tell you what the globe thinks that way do you agree with the globe are black people too dumb to figure out the hospital system. I didn't I didn't read that OK your attacker leader talking about like the packer ridiculed at nine it's too complicated that's why they don't go to Mass. General Dana Farber is too complicated do you believe. No but. But if you're talking about John generally has left their positive story well maybe that is it okay it says that it does help us healthcare systems. Labyrinth of rules and unyielding. Bureaucracy created a bars. Read the most sophisticated well educated patients. The challenge of seeking care mass channel Dana Farber can seem overwhelming. Do you think anything I don't I don't you think they Blacksburg and put in there to go to Boston Medical Center they get black person could go to Boston medical center for care but it's too complicated to go to master now I'd I think the issue is they're not sitting too and I disagree with Saddam steepest glides extremely well. These people in these neighborhoods are too dumb diplomacy than does a good story. Yes I think I do you find you out into serious policy with a couple things RW and mr. was well I didn't say it's perfect but yet I think you can just candy outside I mean we see the big picture about how we the self segregate ourselves in Boston I think that. Is reflected in the hospitals that people choose it's not that the hospitals choose people it's that people choose the hospitals why do they choose. Can we can we go I don't know I don't know racist Louis we go to break we go to break. Cameron who could be in the ointment that could be this in the future of an audio lots of them would have to Monday during the union average and point out he married there was even those are racist remarks. Of the Russell is. Six once had a 7797. Knives a couple wide open and yes we'll get it to that is seamless white. A favorable Russell probably. It's got to would juggle lines open I would ever an online home. I got a couple of double get to distribute customized with your commute we'll continue to take on the go we could break through this terrible Walker's story. I know we have to it's so that we have good headlines later on as well. What my favorite stories in the years as a kid with the he's a he's a pervert with some great. Ohio her promises chicken Alfredo for sex meet up with fifteen year old boy you never know now it's sort of like a fair trade of Oklahoma it made in what was the I would get to that in double picked this. Alex walker story. Entities to bring on the global technical people of the caller fine though yours. The show rose along curtain Callahan with two.