K&C - Kirk wants Ken to go to Spring Training; Tanguay is lost 1-10-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, January 10th

Hour 2: Kirk fights for Ken to join the band of four in Fort Myers for spring training.  


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Skirt and Callahan who died tomorrow who Gary Hayward about. Always great doubt this language is mass as a number one irate and I'll ask what I mean as the current. We're we're shocked as you and I take on this there. And tomorrow smells like a lousy show I tell you right now do polled not to pay this or not. Bag to pull the holy show glee tomorrow with Kirk committee had. Bring in the guy at halftime who's slipped the ball like amazing it's like beautiful homes. They showed that she reminds me the most of weird way is much room the cafeteria. You know just like JFK act to have a busted pipe so. Mark. It's so great to hear on the radio I I wake up but a morning in here my that a battalion and I think he's wasted. Until that is alive for which he Gerry Callahan were you willing to give its. Do you talk to Robert Kraft he was extremely upset you're gonna convenience you can review. Especially the part of the story about a couple over the warrior spirit about him. Inferring is you know he ordered to code red thing. So while it's Bob Robert Kraft. Never lied. On Sports Radio WEEI. Die our six point 7779797. She all load up your favorite. Public masturbation stories we'll get to them I think at some point as the show goes on them like you know Chris Curtis that was done publicly I've seen where with actress. I wasn't Celtic itself castle. With punchy castle on the beginning for us before we get this bill fixed up again. Be curious your job taken as Gary tangling joints morning good morning good morning to England. Don't you think they can't they're deserves to go for Mars reconnaissance and Chris Kurtz. Oh because he's seen it yet one that we won all four of them to win it they're only sending one yes. Did you number one show. For a bright and mercy and make it totally devastation right yes so is it a budget thing. It's known advocates and ish bidder there issued a concern is I think a budget NB. To be do we need both. Oh I think you do I agree that I their leaders they're in there was this more yesterday important archers with in the showed that I think doesn't work as well what we need Curtis why we need and them I think it's a reward you deserve it is also character within the show I agree. It doesn't work as well when he's reasonably doesn't sound the same we're talking a terrible. Terry writes them should be there to must be some equipment we you can do from right from good protected and no way of doing something right just eighteen you can work toward. Remotely. Figured out yet what -- to bring somebody in your tube on the boards but he can also do what he does it but with the drops while solid structure that it would err I mean doubling you know and radio audience that can needs a roll down Panamanian born Curtis gets Meyer coliseum to look first you know knows how to play the game right to get the gas analysts that could we know he's loved right Soledad plus two Red Sox get some more accountable that's a big right occur pops bug JD marching news yes Andy aboard. And in Cuba did it would it would and a half where Cora Bradford. Terrible correspond you're right Wednesday at 8 o'clock Blase David Price to browse Q which stinks every year by what's offered on. The business yet. Yeah they'll be on sale. And he is errors is out there were to have Sam Kennedy I don't know I figured that it was amazing isn't. For Sam Kennedy may be for sale again we had a good interview them yeah I guess is these year to reach him he spews nice you're one. And horror on we want to thank Joel Hanrahan and Ryan Dempster to begin Jonny Gomes picked detail that are the picnic table talk goes all the media roundtable you know nick a forum on what it should now goes case just what to do when you're at the spring toward doing that you can do it now. Alex here rob Bradford Jarrod Saltalamacchia acting at the recent case should go as it is Clinton a minor league showed something I used to restart one epic baseball guys are great it's a great reason Ford. We want to catch it should all agree should be honest it's a lot of a lot of the things happen at dinner. And how is your show I should talk a good that's I think is actually good point. It's just to reward and the language if he's doing he's of pathetic loser who. Make him like no monies that he would at home he needs something in his life right. And a trip to Portland but as I mean a lot you've got ago of course street. Oh god I hated stick a needle in my life support last place in the world are my god spring training it's terrible knock off early enough for us well first the north of the and you would heal this country everybody doing useless right now the note out there is no there within two months when you gonna walk into a content stream goes Harry. Abolition ago few calls show that's a good idea when you unit giving you we think we. Actually. We could be rather go to dinner would dale. For. Any splintering Xbox. Sold to Ford who's sponsoring the trip. It is great to have it that fits me great yes millions off the shore we always get some like Milton stuff before we go to didn't like in golf certainly is the don't come back to fly you down noble gonna have more on we had a month last year. I use them for my as he lives down there now on we'll definitely a good time with the you'll have money in the few minutes you'll drop by all yesterday morning and on and she Manila and shepherd to shepherd. I sold portal watch that'd pitchers cover first like to to watcher and add to our lap around the place and watch guys you can't see anything Costco beat writers. It's not that I've talked a type of let's let's beat writers every year as true than look the other way when this is coming right and we go home in mile from a luncheon and that's at major washes clothes in the pool and political hit it asks and candidates are trading go to bugaboo right now we're going tonight got all of a hybrid olive garden olive oil was at stake long gone on all of garden. If you can you can obsessed you said the by Mexican restaurant. Sexual. And what chick filet went along or last year and I asked for tips. I'm happy I literally she brought old were a thing on how public primer. Hadi stake for Davis it was is its subsequent tips. They don't actually have tips there's cow where the always. Note that that's about it. That that's got that's God's honest truth in that nice girl every she was so cute Kuerten has the bit and I don't know what is needed well it's. Our rights who always gives us they believe the septa can occurs. Two things to get to Jerry tang was theory on how Tom Brady's checked out. Or why can't I really Shea that edginess you she did or were you out like hurricanes that or way. That I won I can't wait what hold off on referral notes that's when it bought you have to light to signal to get pissed off at some point so why do you think Tom Brady's checked that indeed it really is what's your theory was limited Belichick on theater. Because they'll be as brief as you said quote it's making movies right now well yet because they think that he cease com doomed to TB twelve Guerrero is obviously Yoko Guerrero has been a problem. And he is focuses completely on play football. And Brady can still compete at a high level and been stolen MVP. And still win the Super Bowl doing that spot he's 4041. Years old. And now they're releasing the Tom Brady chronicles at home. And and Belichick is one pitch he wants a guy that is thinking nothing about football and that's 25 years old. It's the entire package you can tell me that Brady is is focused on football as he has been in the past it's impossible. Am possible because he's doing all this TV too close to her son thank you Venezuela. Say it's kill him now it's not telling him yet but Jared we've all talked about it. The competition is a very good in this team. We didn't it said this team is this is not a great teams team is thirteen for them won ten of their last eleven but look at the they are going to suitable. And you rice don't look at the record. Open Iraq access digital that you think this is a great team and I agree he's into even giving the team who won the Revis was a great team I think this team is going to the super bull. Oh I agree probably winnings who moments from the gonna face but I know the Kent competition in the exe is as bad as ever terrible. If your Bill Belichick do you feel good about the future of this team right now I don't think he does who's gonna win the AFC next year. Would you guess -- the pictures but she doesn't matter comfortable with the super that's kind of manager is here than in the super ball up old although it was imminent US gonna have to be Pittsburg. Okay do you agree with the AFC's biggest picture seems noticeable. This year yet solution for the B fifteen in theory right you think they're going to be. Minnesota the Super Bowl or the world I don't know why aren't acknowledging them they could lose the new loans. I agreed to handle on the want to play this year but you know could he route to protect that score was not would you predict it. A journalist who would you pick pages the world probably the patriots are right now there's a New Orleans so down on them with 63 when the super that's at the point. What do you have to look at the teens you have to look at the team you have to look at the roster and you booked on a road and you stay where you why have I changed white an epic rock and how much longer as popular player I get down where you I ultimatum agree what you and I. Ultimately agreed is not heavily Belichick here's what I don't Brady spent any time that he'd be twelve welcome Ankara that somebody else for them to couple pitchers are doing and do it that a two Guerrero book. Only here's what the documentary. I think he thought Iraq low as I said all along was going to be great great quarterback and years you'd wanna trade 25 year old kickass quarterback in league which sometimes it's impossible. Teams spent generations trying to find yes. He was he would you be able to go. For Brady to grapple potentially get a quarter century. A great quarterback yes and in and he said to. Dale hall and two the New York media. The ease absolutely going to be back next I don't like the way answers those questions if you listen to dad solution was coming in the way it's absolutely not true play play play all plainly played a question with dyed with without Dan Dan Dugan says. Duggan Duggan need New Jersey writers to be around as Erica herald yet he's on west Belichick right I'm not sure I could be whoever once we have that. Utley. And I don't at least they'll orientation so it's same answer someone asked are you planning to coax the New England Patriots in 2018. I'm. That's what you can want somebody to supplant or Jerry green out of diva long and I. This I mean any new. Yes you never say it is no examples of guys saying it does the same guys who haven't they say an all time ourselves this is. Is you know friend Nick Saban is one in legendary liar when he was in Miami I'm absolutely never ever ever going at the time it happens you could say yes that was my plan the comeback wanna come back but this change when I'm just gonna say if you believe them an incentive to the New York to. OK here's the mask in on a Monday or is it Tuesday afternoon Monday. And it. Your intention therefore to be back with the patriots back field. It. Could just say you might just like those guys holier heard dogma they just say don't. Are you coaching teachers Nazis in Ohio says coached him on the bus and Latino and at a given out. Article on this Saturday value thoughts 2018. Apiece at colonial complaining is different quote our penguin agrees to me he's not going to go out. Okay Gary let's play along cause Kircus is there in the spoiler he's not going anywhere. Why did he do this story that why was he the driving force behind this story which ones they hit job. On his quarterback indeed make him look good in me Brady in crap that. Why what's the moment protecting you want controller team because I think their knowledge Belichick feels it's his his team is his case kingdom. Kraft who's the owner he has the money. But pillars the CE all community crucial primary voters likely or wouldn't stake is clearly is my dad mindless but just isn't any question they were you blame so is about as far as he has. So how easy it is to her. From additional data to look ahead. And then what happens then to get more forward he does he get what's your own parish area and so far so they're a bit what Europeans at their doesn't matter what's your theory by the wide he. I don't know if you like like I answered it if I had to have that yes my theory would be he was. Today again he was the picture was he was emotional and he was mad. And that's why he has talked with bush and with Sheehan was sniffing around probably anyway he said you know let's do this. And he had whoever mcdaniels hours sons or is he definitely had his trainer talked to I think whose trainer I think the thing that pissed them off the most. Is that that Alex Guerrero at all no anger in on this technicals. This guy. Mistreated disrespect that is trainers and he loves trainers right and I think that their personal point. Why DC. Volunteered that he is a great relationship with gore Jews and against my artery and you'd Jonathan nobody has. I didn't want to craft for the John thinner or Robert or whoever sad all percent Belichick down Brady down. And they said listen we're this when the story came out of us and we're not we're doing this for next month. It won't shut up play nice say the right things in the new year spilled issues will forgive them that's I think this is so why don't buy that surprise you. I think Belichick said everybody Dennis and this is where it's because I'm Ayman Al pretend like out from. Correct published by the way. They do that nobody not a single person believe Belichick and ridiculous how important it is what you do sarcastic. I was I don't saarc being sarcastic but they don't all week. Yeah I'd understating it and I'll allow similar rare through Alex he asks I think he's made his peace corps was not the sidelines novel what you want a war right and won the war and they haven't you know working relationship but I think. I don't like your theory because Freres luckily giants stink Kirk he 65. These guys think that quarterback we're just over right good to your daughter over to organizationally among our plus draws on Ribery many there aren't any good or Derek the giants have a a GM not that they wouldn't get rid of him but it fired here he's the GM or at least you know he considerable good relationship good religion but the owner it is what it is plus team you just said. I agree they're going to Super Bowl game next yeah about I'm presumably get PC ownership in Carolina to to run the entire football operations. I the electron Rivera maybe likes can't be easier or repeated it. Yeah I'm not gonna work for us to have colonel whoever he gets you know PC ownership gets a running etc. I complicated you know what it is as simple. It simply is he knows the owner he knows. Everybody the personnel people he knows the players and he knows how to get to work in the morning it's all in on everything that's. Familiar DNA and also from what I feel here I don't car because gruden got to deal green it's ten million a year. And you build prosperity makes more but bill has to be the highest paid guy and he would get that from somebody else he did what every once we do whatever he wants but you know gruden gets ten million of those gonna make more than that automatically. I also think if you read college ball game plan a team that war room. Which is a great book one of the best it was I I things regret it and it was and while it's it's really just talked about how Belichick had this plan and it took forever it took a 23 years to be going to Cleveland. It just when he got to go out. Go to Cleveland and able to Baltimore. And I think it takes a while to get the Belichick's system going in and orders and it immediately implement it here yeah moving media give challenge appeals. Possibly I don't know what's Chad Campbell as you know he's channels because we get overruled regarding degree collared at a later game well did guess what two years from now when he's he's no quarterback he's exactly he's in Cleveland or anywhere else on legal Arnold you know why we have equipment he made the deal with Cleveland had the fourth pick in the draft then you have a quarterback trivia Brady complaint to the Cingular music spine of Portland employed of course he's going to complain about a record like for ever Brady wouldn't complain about repeatedly that the agent Rob Lowe is a rush on the a quarterback distract Brady like that. We're always hated of course he what you're really good quarterbacks all the time do you like the draft your big Brady was threatened by grapple yeah well yes when yes. Scrappy yes you know please help me out there. When grapple as a rookie yes it's not you're wrong you're wrong all wrong you're wrong every ball and here's the Gary Myers so naive but what are you a little discipline to 22 year old Jimmy drop below from eligible and I'll check out knights had also in the government bonds through school so we know Tom's age his contract situation that wasn't with the date they drafted drop below. Television contract situation acts. Was that. I press conference yes yes it was Jesse's. What's on the path. Hot as 3000 genes that allow us up well yeah so what's the threat. What about Belichick bring out. Because they said why did you draft a quarterback as high as old and a lot of money. Right right in Internet com and at forty dollars and I was evacuate when he meant that's not what he now not enough exactly yeah Brady took just. Yeah it was exciting picture it was Brady threatened that's fine yeah it's not a golfer Mike O'Connell now because they where was he was when our parents Archie was a second grade ratings are apparent forget that. The first time for our Brian Hoyer thought he saw a problem. I'm sure receive Jesus is not right now this is not Bryant or brightness and it's probably not in. Is we might have an issue. No there's no question right reason race like winning MVPs in Super Bowl finalist are all out and well in the script be it the reason why Brady's better than average because grapple what was he may have to grapple Brady had answerable and what. Nine years yeah. And he's auto wanted to which it already won three. Don't want to IP's loss for the giants on Sunday dividend right into the suitable was feeling the night anywhere his Gary Myers he says he talks with NFL executive. A long time executives have what would the price beat the giants. To acquire Bill Belichick Belichick wanted to. Three number one picks yet but so is the answer watched I counseled him through there yeah Levine told Obama paper I'm not keeping up like Gary Ackerman. Anyway. Mind. Meyer says that would give up that fourth epic which I mean the second act in the second pick in the draft. So they wouldn't give it up I believe that everyone in New York to Florida to get that young quarterback. He comes up with a plan his plan this year second round pick. Late which is slightly first Roberts 34 and he first round pick in 2019. That's next here a second and a fourth in 2020. After death when you if you cry if you have to while it was a meal would do which. I've achieved that said he wanted to I don't argument that you take away the big resume wants to go in the it was came here and they give a first round sure that. Bomb went as exactly position. When you. But he is which was easy. Right I understand that they would negotiate that's that's what I know that's a lot so want to also say this is to fix what this thing where I've talked to people in the organization who said there's no way. What crap just approach a walkway also this Belichick was dead set. I'm leaving him one of your name he sent room Kraft right he let him he would let him go Atlantic deal at a golf the last big deal with that he would say don't you know now on the bridge back if you don't want coach's team obsolete on that second pick in the earth and and Robert Wood into the witness and that would be the biggest post seasons storm ever we've ever had relish that going the united Gloria six point 7779793. Cent headlines each time once again floor. Headlines. Everything to me now bug over that edge storytelling at the one off yeah I should be nice is somebody between nicer I didn't say if that's what you're seven saying it that if she did yesterday yet basic you have to be next to somebody's eye and say let's say Hamlet like somebody right so miners will be buried. I silicon couples there I don't think he's excited about it is not the ones that it's insulting. It's not so you like you're not like Jerry thought they would like this that you can't even if it's still OK we know that we want it we don't oil if we noticed it had a recharge electric he's matter. I'm all shook our debate a therapist here next time for courage and tell my hands. It's. Want to. Almost there. If you see me when you say almost there people wonder which advocates EU Pacman movie but as usual to hold on headlines but you buy. Much like usery. I'm have a and you want to ensure I don't know headlines but you by doctor Robert mutt sure doctor Ratner the press TV hair doctors and Wes Welker at 1800. Getting aired by Jerry. The green humors via Comcast's so they have a new favorite player Jalen brown is Paul no doubt Al Ras Roemer. To mossy training of a new favorites so that they just found that children hates trump. And he thinks sports is a mechanism to control. Young effort Posner wrote today when Chandler brown decide to pause to studies it looked doubtful it says policies he went there for a six month loan back he's sure of it is these degrees of right. Bo Jackson did so you have kind of plateaued. I really don't follow correct Abbott's. Yes well round two threes no matter what happened here normally hit close at wal. Terribly well Macaulay Culkin we needed what is it. I would get for headlines. Not much shirts these headlines kind of sucked but. Yeah I'll talk whales. I don't know about Norway or get does he care what can strike until we get two more in the net. In the meat too well that it would and Michael and Michael Douglas what James Franco is accused of so associate sexual misconduct by several guilt by the hell he was popped in the past every yes is flirting with seventeen year old artist and he said that Howard Stern. Isn't that the legal age New York in other words yeah I did that he's guilty as hell I want is the gold will be given right for them disaster are so it was called yes. An actress wrote a torn right after one remember the time he pushed my head down car toward expose penis. At a time until my friend that come your hotel which you seventeen Thierry been caught doing it would different seventeen year old. Another woman said number a few weeks ago we told me. The full knew he had to do different to your movies. Because I'm a cock to do it times up on that I had no choice to say notions. So Franco canceled any any anyone they award. It at Golden Globe on the night there was most of the bring my goodness yes titans idea that times out of your title. Near attached schedule some talk with Franco they can't sleep he went on con air last night from twelve cold air nationally twenty questions before they got to via time's up right let's hear us. There was some things on. Twitter. Today. Yeah I didn't I didn't haven't read them I've heard about them one. If there's a lot of I have no like elected she yeah I directed there a play off Broadway. I had nothing but a great time with her. Total respect for her I know I have no idea why she's upset she took to tweak it. I can't speak for. The others look. In my life I've I pride myself on taking responsibility for things they've done I have to do that to maintain minds well he. I do it. Whenever I think that there's something wrong or needs to be changed to make a point to do the things that I heard one on Twitter. Are not accurate. But. I completely support people coming out and being able to have a voice because they didn't have a voice for so long so I don't wanna. I don't wanna reserve rendered them shut them down anyway it's it's I think it was a good thing and support. So you'll that it avoids talking about it you've visited him on now WTO podcast. Again. I'd like Franco but the more he speaks. The more right dislike him he's he's he's not a secrecy is you know he's not one of those pieces yet not the smartest things go on sale to say it again Jake Gyllenhaal got robbed. The gold glove is gonna get robbed at the Oscars and I'm gonna boycott the Oscars as a result we don't know to watch us as part of our children go to Anita can do an excellent color you know so Obama making biological I want culpable. Appeal to the goods but I'm trying to for the on the other guy is somebody who I'm like you and I Gerry as a father who stole if that's true Michael Douglas who had on so I wasn't surprised 10 one's called me which has. About the business that is not. A that's not right to and he put his hand and his daughter really fast enough for the visually see an idea was awful misshapen and distorted in ways stroke third 25 years and we should not be marched I mean he doesn't know where he is he doesn't know what I'm doing. It's cruel for the and I agree to bring them a public I was them public cannot take it and that. In Dunkin' Donuts that taken to the golden global players so bizarre anyway. It's incredibly still 101. Don't know what's most incredible thing you know John McCain's probably not going to be around much longer now. His mother so I don't know while his mother he's ED it's crazy and he's. Dying and his mother's you know very bizarre as big of an eight year old kid. It yours anyway the other one is Michael Douglas who some assistance said pressured him sexually pull out of say this. One of the few he just completely flattened says not true she's lying she's making up which. You know is going to be part of the B two population there's no doubt meaner I I. My default is that we guys are guilty. It is I just think you know who's in tell this story but there are going to be times women are telling you stores trying to make money or publicity that's just naturally it has it's crazy people all the time. I mean actress and him are true. Michael Douglas is one of Roy more usable pitcher curt hopefuls. Oh but that she's accusing Michael Douglas and do what we see case of underground right. Which I would've occurred. Which we obviously didn't really bakers or come forward and charge you suddenly see Kate came along and knows a thing. Who knows a thing he's an idiot I mean it's. What's a very listen everyone has their predilections but this is the very awed. But Michael those hitting touching. But they could just be yourself and get stuff on Medina division of us have been in the room. I'm not I'm not saying I'm not defending like he scholastic for the it's so what's on trial it's like it's not likely rate what is it. What we call. Call it all in exposure. Average exposure but there's an act I guess lewd. Yes there are in the run of luck to all luscious Peter driven around until I can. They're definitely does our vote or Michael Douglas did he go away for sex addiction that's right adult video claimed he claims like seventy he claimed that the cancer guy he had that you're probably. Or Clinton went from. Yes I can tell that it right through the community and to and a mean from scuttling. Yes yes it did when around of a fake it didn't and around. A speaker which my you are friendly Clark a guide yet before we and as these rates. Lucy and I ran TO yet. In his I mean until he had me following a summit there. As he was a friend lose it still might be but he talks about Lou it's great. Tonight and I January 10 at night Wednesday January 10 yes tonight correct there are too close to Boston comedy legend. Lenny Clarke it's at laugh Boston. Tickets at 25 bucks and as always when he's involved all the money goes to charity. You'll. It goes into the national multiple sclerosis aside the 8 o'clock doors open at lap Boston. You can go to laugh boston.com. And I just more information OK this sounds like a blast to left Boston to become a host. Mean this is going to be I think he has a blast is going to be a lot of fun family if I can promise you blow when you can rant on that we speaker of the price 2.5 bucks to go all the charity nice night dude definitely due for one he's the greatest. But headlines but you by doctor Robert Leonard talked about you pressed the great. It was excellent I give it a stupid really duplicate name mindless yes too many stories and we have people nervous in the building because Kirk pros and to tell people like it's Colin. Comfortable and linemen from England knows all so that's three dollars please don't do this. These well I think he can do that in me you Louise can lead to know because you're doing read like how yours which. That's different yes it is the exact same in a while you might just should not on the point yesterday just not true that is a lie that I CM wide I don't lie I will you be you as you Glenn being Glenn. Six actually what I said. LaMont come on on doing them. But you'll go oh please. Come on he's I think Henry and I think third two. And we'll turn over. To let them a particularly titans defensive coordinator. I don't know. You don't chooses to destroy life and he's old he's he's old a limo and John McCain's mother critic we've acquitted of Richards holding Kurt said we. Richard Kurz but get those questions for you attribute your new couple as we get back to Ellis to a couple of these athletes for Vieri I think he's had to play well I said we have to scrap the Kirk agreed. Because I was darkening in the men's room and you have on top of things. You feel little pressure to stay informed to be prepared no is. I've never heard you so will have to wait you got smarter among us not only is this a hundred legal holidays it's equally hated. Some even get into play a guy like me I didn't balk at one. He says only seven. That you produce a that you only gains or pentagon pace in the year he gained 365. Pounds and holidays junior I mean if you're on tour and I I don't ever averaging seven pounds moments away once 64 when you're actually I mean I would forty pounds and you. If that she bragged about it. I'm I'm going timeless song Cecil cycle that I should hockey. I'll owed to some he's dumb question I am I guess it was I've heard it was spent yesterday somebody told me this sport coastal tight last night tuned in I have to agree as little time. A new look and sees the Euro suddenly look. It's disputes the security I override. Yes PN story Tom Brady's most dangerous game to really care yes. Or read the whole story owes your favorite part yes part when you consider Benedict he Guerrero war on a collision course. Whoever posted them on Belichick it's that they'll at least take. I'm lying to the sea ice could tell I was image I don't know Ira BW EEI some. Hey so Gary. So yes Jeff knew Curtis taxes now last distribute things like contribute I think what that's original burial I'd love it. Both units on progress he knows and doesn't know all of a real differences. Now never prizes here. You ask me these questions and I had but a different person today Gary you've been atop the with some stock are gifts that it's so those all go to the sales department real. Thing and then you bass player a great time of the Fries hot. Lot of room occupied it okay. I'm not gonna go there I appreciate Iran's where you work near his you can read every year at lunchtime hypothetical but there we've got lunch to tend to think you little woman's back here yeah exactly a great place flow room parking facilities. When his client. Oh well what is always new it's all renovated this guy necessarily books it's different it's great. The year and in these what are the health topics was. You don't want I'd rather go to Howard yeah. I ever thought we could easily find all love the dollar has always but there's always. I'm certain your reminder that Peter the meal yes we have really wasn't good. It was it was yeah it was fine my new ownership now in the shadow it's great fun. Telling I it was going to be a short ribs a look at playable Miami 9092. Lastly here's what year it is it's a great why would you it is time can be and would you your parents died. Arnold the legitimate question gonna do this when you know I remember the year I don't remember the date a week ago right now he he hires doctor you're undercard. They've group deserves an obvious OK I obviously not a chocolate OK it is amazing how much heavier face looks though over like a week. No it's the angle you're looking usually hire your Flacco also knows he's had died. Yet it does but you're sitting here he's looking down. You'll glow Soledad. Could. You don't worry angle. We're pleased console cycle engine is doing TV with me. Guess they do you actually I do I do widgets and again. The you do the Blair released something and there's some talk enough yeah I can imagine I've been watching you Bullard looks so bored with the public that your in case shows talking college football at the talk to prove that the good work ethic this show and Kashmir as a starter and and kennels at that like a lump quickly learn blissful child and sixth grade credit violent girlfriend he would I think adding a camera a little chubby. You know he did but he didn't October dollars and her team and batteries have to look at him he looked at you. And talked yeah it would stories just like who's to register as a the world of the World Bank radio from Gary I don't know where you can't really I was happy to be archived issues can be yourself. All thanks Gary I think I advice that he's taken you this and it's. I would not doing this now with stick and the clock when we get back to the sixth when we get back. We have a quiz for Gary tellingly a week that he knew and and and you're well that's the scary thing they weather guy up next for the man interviewed him and Kirk's incurs mom hates or a parent I do not own or renew that you know it talked England and Morton. I know I don't Clinton is he's he's he's reached that is always about himself I told understood that for a long time took a glance a friend. As what you really premise somebody like that I hated them. In my conference at if you blaming me frustrate him I don't blame you okay that's the only question because you trust him. Did you. Lol you what they do you used to host TV should know he was trying to get my league for years of what. Six series a lot I can see I'm sure this is what he was telling originally it was a nice guy that he put you know he's not really an English how the sport the true. Did you review dispute that song was tell the truth it's it's a lot is this how. In its parent but only in that gulf yesterday of the Alfie you know sucking wind Craig's. Walking. When you go upstairs and no I just want us a little bike downhill at this place I mean might he do any joke. Secondly that it added yet at the end of the belfry I don't think it was you were you here yes Stuart Little easy. Will we see you are I didn't I didn't really into the holidays the eight a lot of high. Some Bradford I I remic reverend heartbreak hill I know we easy sounds like that's a weakness. I for an appropriate he did. You start I was negligence that he made sounds like I was sound a picture mark shot making should have XX oh she's just as we hear it's. Yes or persevere Curtis fool. Through the breathing Curtis. These plates. And and it's not. It's ready to collapse and exiled when he made the throw water on help help back up particularly. You know home yes you Nomo a pumpkin a big prompting a mound at all in any had a great year. 20172018. And not off to a good start yesterday. Was the most embarrassing performance he's ever had and I'm including debates in public appearances it's up there. Yesterday was uncomfortable. I'll embarrass the best work users I was a couple watching I mean you always point out dummies and I try to defend him yesterday he looked and sounded so down. So bad. And and finally abandon people like me who were supporters base. Who was very very discouraging not a good day for him but a week from today with you wards you'll feel that's true. Let's go through one we host tonight Gary and when we for tonight what's that truck or you know those awards. I don't perfect perfect setup question because six or seven cents of that night at present I don't care for trivia with Jerry tang when these guys are big media Brooklyn all right I'm gonna be the better man I've learned my lesson. Not yet and you get teased and of hope and Gary Cole who cannot you cannot walking into it. We think that that's challenged you cannot walk under do accept I accept channel calculate it absolutely we'll see that happens we get back.