K&C - Kirk wants more life in the afternoon show; Trump defends Roy Moore 11-22-17

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, November 22nd

Hour 1: Kirk thinks the afternoon shows needs to have more energy.  Despite sexual assault allegations, President Trump still backs Roy Moore.


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It skirt and Callahan I think we've military gun accident evidently cashier's mark what you're given that pass rush I don't think so. Drove like a maniac was his quote was well but I noticed after practice today Bruce Cassidy was still noncommittal. He he would not give up this article. Background people out with Kurt committee head I was very proud. CBS news you are ever did covering. The allegations against rather. Do you think lesser person that's. Objectively. Yeah but that's what you have here. It's still isn't easy it's still very Kate was still very hurtful get the kids at the pump and Gerry Callahan. Drumstick and his friend who wish we're live about their games at shoppers rest there they'll join me. Hater and plot hockey players in different. Yeah. I'm Pete flatly denied that he says that didn't happen. There's something about the security of a young woman on Sports Radio WEEI. Well you never know how it's gonna be here to come after Callahan Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving by the way I have to be convinced so cherry he's getting yeah favorites holiday you know it's nondenominational. And it's all of fame football what you everything's. Got to have we could go have a seat I have is Tina like it was tonight. You're gonna talk about her appearances units and that's what you Wear thinks lovely and YouTube Kirk thank you coach him through that. I do like and delicate little hood there bank yeah what's your statement Thanksgiving as scientists boat utterly alone it generally got a giant. I'm doing Murray anymore. A cycle diseases I heard the tees yesterday the mayor actually had a bracket that. You're not ironical. We should do the demise of once great icon island units and on the and systems have discussed with Howard Stern I don't pick it precise art is not a smile I was truly sad listening to Howard Stern giggling with Lena Dunham about how much he enjoyed girls. That would be I'll talk about it and out. That would be even I needed carols a it. They're this millions of former Howard Stern fans cringing right now I'm begging him to do it actually breaks meant to kill himself. Killed as a memoir but yet but a break that you know in Taiwan just blow like you know immigrants is that like in his jumped the shark moment for -- -- it is to me we all want Jerry to do it for years that this is it a talented what is the final nail none of this is the final nail in Carol Burnett was telling Ellen DeGeneres he likes it she dances that shows it was quick jump this this is this was spending like an hour and a half giggling with Lena Dunham what do you what happened. Oh peaches Howard Stern married to a marriage or younger girl and by the way they spent a long time talk about how wonderful that this is perfect tatters after you guys that I dated her brother right yes. We only once you sir and I personally she is she's a saint did you meet her she's I did not read it on. And and and I think those two kids a perfect for each other it was just. Somewhere somewhere there it's. Party lines slashing his wrist for a while it's probably true it's sad that my eye for other reasons and and and and Bill Simmons is doing your favorite side dishes this I was a poll bring and and David Kass sees dead and Ray Allen is gay bachelor hale is the world coming pitcher David Cassie dying. Sherri Saturday the sad but the allegation gentleman in the story. Yes I'll oh and and may be may be some shows won't touch this but oh give the details his name is the right Coleman. Is that he isn't. I think he might be. And maybe bold but bulk you know Arnold obviously not that there's anything wrong with the online friend Alex tremendous thing to say things this is digitally provide gets them later doesn't think there's anything. There's no such things about sex so Ray Allen. Essentially he say he's saying he'd look at issues about looking around online. This this this man's turn that was some pictures of this attractive women to be a catfish. And Ray Allen and rail and good upstanding for as bad as it was screwed upstanding family man says. I thought they were all hot chicks and he was sharing personal information photos. With these hot chicks of cyberspace really gotten me in agreement with this guy. Not to disclose details of conversations balances agreements violated. You know like symptoms have accomplished soldiers were Brian Coleman who yes Coleman. Has raised caliber issued this fall's ratings look in a summit voice sounds as I think and most importantly he knows my heart. If you most of this event like it's legit like online relationships that if I got an oxymoron as you know my relationship if you're big catfish and some of the on line. Potent cyber space what are the odds that he lives right near you not if it's on what points that's that's about what liquid since so ray. Was stalking him and he was ready for a different points. On the biggest stocking. Race stock in him was saying you. Notes to stop doing this or can you I was showing up in his voice restaurant whose price about three or whatever but the kid that loves animals dogs or whatever. A couple of years Hillary down of course is on the it is meant to be Indians went public. He said when you pleasure yourself do you think oh my tongue or your private area. It's Richard back and forth from my idea penis to present times is that to a man or woman not that it matters I believe is that almost no one of the private areas of human body. I believe it is the F arsenic stimulation at this point isn't so I guess you know. This is good I was executed two different things through Mercury was going to be a later today. Yes you can address this because he doesn't examine its sure that they were people get through this bisexuality. In the past they can ask Roemer if you believe it's not my talent they have a lot of ray Ray Allen is genuinely interest in men and why don't we bettors when dale leaves the Bruins are playing today may be key for non. And out and they can get into that young compensation yeah with sadness of that public madness I don't think Francis is on the air today she's going to be something that's good point yes was that the classy. Having been a suspicion class you talk about whether rails bisexual is some of the fellows yesterday and they're pretty classy yesterday the war today. They maintain a level of class and he's now heroes and support. With the help and that you swearing or die right is it for ten turnovers hated it looks like John Kerry when he was crawling to that that machine looked like a sperm and Woody Allen returned if not he. They're Black Friday game here I think it's Pittsburgh in town. The Pittsburgh Penguins come to town may or may not have Yevgeny mall and he's our right now blu. I would probably hold off on on Tuukka until Friday's game. Yeah I'd be I'd I would definitely. Yeah. That's classy. Why would do that. Would hold onto tonight against the infidels war well wall of the slog season curry who I would hold her I don't know amid do you ride the hot hand and he'd open right. That's fine I don't know who that is but yet I would press it. I'm I'm not talking about that terrific. Afternoon drive from from your show Purdue when I'm watching your show and you guys go to the bees to the life the air Jordan out of that room it was. That's not always trying to struggle and various option and you gotta fill the excess time from a crude build who build and whatever and and Kate danced it. Who'd he's nodding off and yet and we let an illness that has. Gary Gary and always on idol I don't wanna. I digress does work ago lot notes on everything. I know some days it was and that was the greatest more which which shall call against what early edition Earl. It's dumb name or did get to it it was the greatest moment in early edition history. Yes when Gary said he said cheese and today and can't dunk. Did you see this only got almost I don't watch I flipped over his stories on the show yeah my prep I don't watch that is he good value I like I'd pop in occasionally see attorneys I hate them hate them all these sit there with Sharaud. Bertrand Ernie and he looks growers turned. That's a good question they tampered can. It's he's Priceline which keeps it can dug her could see potentially a little plastic guys indicted and haven't. I should not deductible audible. Okay videos yes a gut. Bring in Andrea Yates or Allen has sent me budgets and from there it looks across the panel says. Why can't chase and Tatum dunk. And the all free if you look at them later on why so burst trans every we have it should have it and Bertrand screen grabs the look all of our faces and I mean all of us are looking at him like he's a whole Iran are gonna be WEEI summary. Through obliquely looks and goes 11. And I slam why when you meet and then they do but go back to later. And they have monetize rules dunks and he's like the greatest bunker on the team you don't use that as a nine of these pieces of telling us is that left them all the dunks he missed only needs I just want me I'm good. I mean this one yes. He says he often leaves them short hair on the back and it's one I've seen them all the season new year compilation he's comfortable fifty to get Joseph world an average now. It's terrible show about personality better news was where we're. Where are solutions on when you sit there all the time the rain rave we hate them they do have an agent you punished upon notice it's usually me long way to technical out I mean it'd take it so. I mean OK or I talked about. Party I've led the way for the first eleven minutes you have what you would argue with you Ray Allen which nobody cares about nobody cares I don't I eight re ally possibly hear you made. I got an allegiance or shall celebrate you talked about a month. Do you want to talk about I just dead picks coming out somewhat limited answers it and just talk derailment are the vote rich Keefe talked about it. 300 and in new for the next. And no 13 hours and 46. Cent a move my practice who are not which as well I thought about it for days on what else to talk about what would you like to talk nothing. One of sex and I don't wanna be on the show when talk just to NASA dot com reader questions I mean could play Wesley with it may be getting to the repeat of mine dissatisfaction. To try and well done when waited a bit and we were told buyer program director Joes are gone on more on the dope. I'll just told you weren't a lot of soft and it everybody else lies he tells them not do something but. He said to be said to me I I have vacation days have to use that says a much use on Wednesdays and policies it earns during book we have a couple of questions when there's an end couple weeks December. 66. But you're not here Friday seventh. I'm curious Friday's haul company hauled. Your Friday Gerri correct during Friday's the company during an issue for. Internet and email. I know it's Chinese glossy front nine silent on trapped in exile is not a holiday from his hall of one's Black Friday calls. What's their biggest exploit my aunt Ellen and talked that I've heard that would go shop and Andre on. We ticket that. Chris rap because it was classic. But so I said I need to take some days ago that Wednesday he says that one to two amendments. Introduces Brad Vietnam which to me is is makes sense I did when prices have fun and we wanna win this war and today we are fighting for lives that's what we do. This is an important markers you know it is it's important and it's a lot going around. Yeah I mean you'd you'd. The same thing and TV I assume while we don't have we hadn't ratings are an area anyway you know networks run here we fight hard every day. So I said fine I'll wait till December whenever next year. And I tune in certain people in the day off its nobody got back that earlier that year I. I say I irritating but not nearly as much easier to its quirky over the. Just it just me consistency and again it's a suggestion that more we care more than other people and those other people boarded over us like they they cared you know better than we are or that were racists or whatever. The class is a person is not in today is god and cuts from the top of his bald head to the bottom is lousy feet. He's a lousy writer is a lousy television personality allows you radio personality. He's not here with dale he's on the earth Keefe policy he has been. Eight and I donated legal world. Much to my deduct every day networking and can't do that. You came on and you kiss my ass they knew the penalties and come on again good. I was never on the station enough time. Is this a TV show to drain shows reign of the station occasionally. And that's where not only is isn't it M not that he is I never quite got that. When you guys in the fight and take NGOs and secondly to comic book. I have been accountable to go and I mean I'm happy to update don't why would do little easy target already you want Israeli book or his next book about the patronize you know he wanted us to do portly in this rate usually against us. I thought he meant they were gonna do well. Maybe they are and I don't know is certainly a pattern rather hard to argue with you and I would say that you know he was rooting against us because he doesn't like this which is I don't like him either. I don't like him I don't like rich I like jail I don't like the show are crazy I listen to it because I know it's part of my job. Too emotional and alive they're clear about that. She capitalist system was it's a pointless and just puts me in any mood when I mean Jose. Morgan no FaceBook. By the way not only is holding off today it's all college there's more to this book he takes two days off before Thanksgiving core rate. Is he off from Newt says he has got a TV shows and I detect that last night's episode it was nothing on the games on. And I mean I looked over five minutes came back to single Democrat who was harassing women. But it was better Molson. What is it. Just an Icrc I don't know honestly what is it. Initially better today without dreamer if Al extreme replaced along without him as the Altria Group Thomas. Will be good easy outs Roemer who's on. You know sort of get sport though so your first question is will male. I. Is Roemer really on this afternoon. As you said earlier on nine minutes ago yes he has. I agencies definitely entries on this afternoon. A senate open you've talked to show you said he's OK that was a long time ago people just get America. But recounts in rumors on what they don't care if he only for today I can attack at did you know pretty. He has never gotten control like now yoga you know walked right through as rain drops him to retire yet. Take in my barbecue grill MP. I've got to get that re. That's a fun out of you know why don't why I why you've grown men Wear hats and side hate I why he threw one of course I had to hit golf August I say it always told that your head is called train don't say because it's hole. You know it's not opened here today now is not a winner. Great then why wearers it's this is as it's not molten iron. When you don't mean this is holding cancers are reeling why you're wearing a winter hat into is it's so cold out because I got out my errors and hassle out she she put dreamer. Enter its financial pretty let's can we see him around and let's see here. Chaos and actually put they have put it happened and I thought Margaret. But that's not true you know I that's what's in the meters son weird way. Is that. Lets say I am not exactly. That was for I don't like totally that's pop it's that I don't believe that you I you you seem like a great guy he's he's trying too hard I don't believe that you put that hat on why she's here we're Massey. He does he sees the government as I ripped the face of one time though it hard roll with the punches yet and some people who can't do more sensitive. I don't without. I don't believe himself a few there was Massey a don't I didn't think that was the key that is for certain you trial looked cool and hip and and and it's just not work and did it cool and hip he would have went one of those like floppy. I flopped down on the back hats yeah on the oh. It was a I was just having conversation. Away so there's some guy who called it something I was in there yes it was one of those many many remote that you did that and true. History to continue viewing commodity called the S food and there it's called in sick that it now something else actually happened days as members and and I was some fight with a caller and Ryan was sick it's just hung up on the boy I. Was I was I wasn't it's that we pretended. Post 3%. It was it was a usual and they pretend. Glad I I I got a question for you guys should not and helping out and urged our nine yesterday and I saw a little bit on Twitter last hoopla has gone to he beat that original three. Or do you really. Who good question though that she's making that we'll make it that's at some point today though Chris. Next weekend's announcement. I next week I'm new I'm I'm going to the appearing on news. You are or ideas yes she'll make your first trip to Connecticut. I was there last year but yes yes Wheeling they know you're coming or even gonna yeah. I should be Latin everyone notice like this I thought it was going to be sneak attack. Sneak attack had been in the gasoline crunch that's OK so let me here's a question was he attacking you guys directly what city I federal my ego is big enough that I think that we were part of the conversation recently is that it is no more vocal national critic of the experience what we don't talk about him we talk what he has paean to. Matt he's also he's a terrible Parcells likes those guys and astronauts he's afraid of those. He's afraid it's. I guess would come I. I swear I don't occurs I think he was yesterday and looked to see that context they saw a treat and it's and I'm originally. Right like it was something like people don't like Serb wobble apply not at whatever while it's. We're hot on any bright it was new contract and how good things are at the how nice of you and I don't antibiotics final. Eighty million dollar salary every character story from everywhere and we have another round of layoffs including on Arab people after Thanksgiving before Christmas I applaud I've I know I of course celebrate that means that we know won't be right now that we won't region Mel he'll want pre. Sally Kos is our O'Neill. Another. I never do things right we'll get that typical the second they never do things right for months and months and months only hurt most the wing eating. This great free agent skirt type awareness for best strategist and daughter she shows up on ESP and she's doing blooper count as it is except my pay 1980. Argument that was in this troubling might that actually I didn't like at minimum he wants him after mid quarter million. T Moore you probably liar I'd say half a million units as it adds nothing nothing as a very talented you know. Voice from women's sports broadcasting tray you'll be repulsed. It is such easy thing that you said that the girl that put a bunch of bloopers together. It's from George Michael sports machine in 1980 so. And and then they have other I don't understand why when you're letting people go. You don't hire someone and you don't have a role for which he's a classic he espionage is a product of Twitter once she's great she's never driver rating in life like everyone else. The winner in the upcoming fifth anniversary of the fumble we are giving you the ultimate all time top twenty not top ten amp amp. Tunnel when he bloopers and then they show blooper in the news is that shows these humorless Talking Heads like John Anderson who should grass through quell that it might go juniors at Michaels he's granderson idiot amino Hoss and as part of that's right yeah assessment where they do is about a child that they do that Alley named a super anemic showing just like like an awful where there's a warmer maybe cut and and I was sitting at the anniversary at about from day militia celebrated different select a soccer teams that trophy and they drop it. Then they go to guys like us so Poehler and I understand why you would hire someone in an actual. I admit it's a bunch of layoffs and not have a role for her they do it's a roll from yesteryear as lame blueprint thing. And she makes facial expressions like liberals are high was so. So. They couldn't advancing can't dance and into my number 106 on our ultimate all time tapped when he. Not top ten countdown. At a time her and so she irritating. At some awful. And I've read for months have great cheese Chad fit her whole Sunday magazine piece of incredible figure agencies that she's fearless right let's let's Eric Neitzel who loves us and safe is actually in place you know. Mike to Rico or use paean sexual harassment and are now from right just checking on it could do the media in general as a media guy could be Charlie Rose to. Probably the hero won here in the beaches here yes yes gross old dirty old things. Tell me read the holes I read a whole thing thank you thank a bag go listeners are pegged. Are our many fans to read at all people moved. Is is is is trumps that he's gonna support Charlie Rose as well for our engines are just kind of files out telling you shop I'm bored of what the future CBS and good morning whatever it's called CBS morning in order to bring Oprah breaks Oprah just begging her to do date and Powell no one's actually ever seen the show Gayle King Charlie Rose and who's the other road Norah we don't all right now okay yeah you want to turn some unpleasant habit of why I didn't I. I if I I have watched it because it's less cheesy and the other two shows why and and they were the votes of the GMA is the worst The Today Show at least has some news in its I'll watch it could I you think he gets any ratings to think it makes him Juan province other places ads and third place like today is one G I used to word about how the replaced this guy who 75 years old and always looks like just rolled out of bed. But here's the news. In this his trip to never get re eating chips rose does bring viewers search for speech is account for the strike would blacks and viewers mix of form Christie's record the Washington Post. And and I mean I had to be hard for the right that's for this one of their heroes. The Washington Post this is a god in their eyes and they brought him down and for that a given this Washington Post this on a roll. Yeah they have done a good job they have done a good job of getting people to tell their story and open up and I think what you amazed at the tail that was an outsourced while now and it worked for. It's it's a good point if it was weeks right that worked on that what I enjoyed more the ESPN's story and the news got Armenians at the end story right now a typical story here from my. That yes it almost work backwards and we'll get there they're gonna get rejected sports that you get to use paean. The excitement. And get through these other networks as Charlie Rose when. Network old network guy who's been doing this for what is your. I quite. Like what so explain to me why you show your penis to women what Jerry better better. Like I just I don't understand I don't understand like. I I 65 year old duty New York twenty hey wanna see you may read clean old shriveled up right out of a shops selling. Over all for corporate elections god knows but you know pull people on board right. If they're not the idea of walking in there and keep trying to treat her roles she's 23 or whatever you do your grandfather. I don't think you're. They feel sexy walk. Around his roles as things also like some such thing as a good looking penis but I'm gonna ask Powell 75 year old he used to disagree wake up I just had to protect everybody does it rectum and the guy is just old ring police and tired and said mark some better looking around he's. Core. I mean summer bigger than others I'd have a small unit chatroom and when you think about he and and it's this is. Perhaps the most. Egregious thing showed itself as naked body to this. Assistant. And when she was for polls this is an engine you'll be me she told someone a quote a mutual friend and the five year. Now me. That's his opening line of loss as well as a problem also the big go between with the initial woman whenever I see evade a bit vague she has they all eyes you just take a break and they said that's Charlie being Charlie use his him every time at these stores is always one person right and she'll be fired today among the guests although she worked for Charlie Rose production notes and and shall be part of lawsuit but if you're the woman. Who got fired because you didn't wanna see his naked body command rush hour. You have used sights set on one of his Manhattan penthouse toes or his beach house in Long Island or is 500 acre farm in North Carolina or private checked. All on the taxpayers all my eyes and taxpayers for PBS and work. Yet but my guess is my guess is most of that money comes from CBS. I guess that is what previous long before that you write you a couple million a year PB at least a couple of places three million. He is the biggest welfare your friendship and Marjorie pardon me 3350. I mean no one listens to them mature. An image and you ask Jim this is a thing for PBS guys that like to show our nation shot in front of women. And then let the wire room there enamored December rolled to work and see what hole it was easy to assist the PBS and accidentally come on done when he's where in this program that I just heard it was a previous thing mr. Rogers obviously didn't know what was Ellis now all obvious spot he's. Next he's neck he's he's to sources the Washington Post them here in the apartment. That the interest it would take issues off what's weird about yeah. There is a train. Appeared a little little land that's imaginary brains that's a metaphor imaginary friends they like the should we become so. How was he escaped you know as a guide it was a good candidate though Jerry Jones. Terry Jones an owner but that's not surprised is a picture a woman going right. Right that's down into his cultural Arenas and sank in here when it was Oreo and I'm happy you know now you know how we've been trying to bring him that won't do rail and on the second win against ago the next day you racist video editor Elliott the video right in saying. Data blocks or your video. Is that we're now all these crazies the same age is Joseph and rose 75 right he direct. And like he picks and look like the actors. Charlie Rose likes wine that's sees big wind at one can expect winds of one probably as his own little Siler and Alvis and how did you picture him in general public really expensive so ruled that a class and a until this guy could date. B 8050. And I'm Kazaa and I admit that probably that would even pat we could out of Brooklyn. Okay George Clooney's there's always an exception to the Republican George Clooney Brad Pitt are clearly lived your talent and is always says we ask where mice age a little bit my daddy might believe you would attach great to have. Announcing my dad is only my parents are ya they had me when they were twenties my parents are my dad's going to be 64. Tomorrow and still find him attractive that's weird. Now I'm just saying it because he's so young I. I ate my age ranges much shorter and honest job and being able to perform as assembly five. About or my daughter perhaps be dating wearing tennis. All my dad's remains. He's put together a montage or not a model and a collage of all of the creepy pictures of Donald and about yesterday so thick one. And that's a weird thing that he's a point. In the world that not blown. Saves Almeida shops everywhere I mean you agree even. Echoing the single leaving them are you surprised it hasn't come. Again. What the trump stuff there's nobody who saw this climate picture. That's you know Baylor got together yes they get together three days before the election all the even you've got to find that somewhat suspicious. Not necessary time and it's either you help me. Most of all I don't know communal list and on the go through them all later yet we give them their cars are running against Clinton's victims of the names shirts we can do that we can get. This once said it's different says he was impeached 793 standard I would get a look at the contract with the last 24 hours I think he's been among the most embarrassed YouTube put back in the Oval Office does this violent rapists trumps tweets have been insane. I can he defended eight had to file yesterday instantly walked the line note note that we did -- he did not play that sounded more we get back curtain talent and have a democratic. Kirk and victory feet. Earth and cal ahead. Sports Radio telling you we. You look at what. What is really going god you look at all the things about that go over the last. 48 hours. He flatly denied that he says that didn't happen. You know adapt to lift them up it felt good about. He's dead forty years ago that did not happen so. I'll be letting you know exactly. But I think that you don't need somebody who don't don't drive like you know. Damn right you child molester Roy Moore that she needs you United States senate that's our president Hamachi trouble it was tweets this morning moment. But tragic if that notion defector islets that for you as a child molester accused child molesters use sentence itself you because he's 61 side 61 way and a dozen other. I have to be honest. A huge. And my. Among them given some thought. I might say let me think there's no way you normally do when would I know you would I would write and Mo Brooks that's fine. I would write in an egg a good. We'll have a guy who was elusive strange strange. I think there's a these guys who was a runner up is not allowed to run. Some armored law design it's called the sore loser law or something you can't click. Run if you are the if you finish second there immediately can mount a campaign. Wind as a write in for some reason to OK but his play choices the be all right currency could mean. You think people gonna vote for a pro partial birth abortion Democrat oh god oh my god of. That's not the issue the issue the issue is that you still the old adage states I think war forty years ago as a long time we've learned that that's how it works people week. Wait wait to the radio talk about that and a trop and think about that yet I think I can not only that but like this incidents. It was children patients should porn shield Mike do you think do you think that someone just grows out of that people keep it from should write he should stay out of it because he a he can brag the way he likes to that he didn't. Endorsed the guy he didn't support the guy in his August credit intimacy. And got traded to us that it's nothing. Nine and even if Roy Moore were in this would be kind of creepy campaigning and it's all. For trump to go all Bible Belt Bible thumping. Everything everybody does love that cowboy hat and Bible thumping I guarantee trumpet these numbers are huge and he won by 28 and Roy Moore won by non accelerated tries they'd be trying to be trucks are more popular and. They don't water out there he's not if trump isn't a mean obviously don't really care about their their Bible but pick a team source. To get out if they did they certainly wouldn't really and David did you think people who are strong Christian like Lexus creepy pastor yesterday hailed I gotta I so does one from. Like focus on the family or something she was on MSNBC gathered it wishes to funding is the highest religious people the so creepy is now. Employing to ensure an incredible Bible I was like you're defending. 85 wood just yeah your farm yesterday which and humorous that offend him he's an Alabama pass through. What so I think let me let me get this characters. That are. The lady that he's married to now ms. chase is a younger woman he'd get that because if you're old or something about a security. Of a young woman. I'm talking about something that's good that that's true that straight and he'd look for that Taylor was of. Or brown. Who was. Pastor item on an alum I was a dad when you wonder why don't go to church anymore not because you're already emotionally agnostic here this is Laura Edwards or Virginia or additional energy and like that's something like that of the middle aged all right or and his sacked most of his. Viewpoints are right on the first of his size his now wife when she was fifteen years 29 issues of the dance yes and a mall is closed so we've got to know that. To the. The thing it's not these are always and talking like they had to actually banning him from public places in Alabama. Because he was cruising for teenagers as a thirty year old must suck for penguins brought to malls right across street. It goes there it's a big moment that's tripled disguised attack takes the glasses off and arguing that can go any kicked off. You're cigarette and not know that I have about trumpets that I was surprised recently in which Jerry and ask you why would it surprise you. Did the discipline the status. It was so you think he went against the supplies yeah that's alone idea and his own daughter. Is. At castigating. More and Inge in the running ads Doug Jones ads include evil. And her quotes in the statement but oh no the guys respectable. And any news but so torn because atrocities he snapped a pot of discrete begin to think she's so hot pink and it wasn't his daughter is getting a little eulogized him. Like that's a Roy Moore says and asked him out of his whole ancient over the hill that was issued what like thirty cent in I hope I would never vote for more he's creepy as hell but I can handle hypocrisy of people. Who sit here people who voted for Gary Studds people who vote for Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy and sit and take the moral high ground you can't advocate that but that's fine for people like Kirk and and wanna put Bill Clinton back in the revived it wasn't going to vocal where he wasn't going to be in the White House shirtless as a separate rule initially in the expressly knew I volatile Clinton was assaulted sound neat yeah and he's Hillary did not know you can take the stage do you link did. And bill would live in the White House and she was his impartial isn't and what's anti we will be around to. Yes I mean good times that secretary defense. That was your choice thirteen women have publicly come forward with claims trumpets physically touched him inappropriately in some ways witnesses they provide it's just thirteen different right well. I will I will say there's you can qualify them out classify them and what. Clinton did was much much much worse a much fun time and went and they submit that the victims the lightweight forty what is what Broderick told people that date he re older I was that I think from the lip tele 2000 present rate completed 8000 people like trainee looked the other way it's that Japanese. He's pro abortion to charismatic cast his plate sacks. Sunglasses on I. I didn't vote for you lie I am not why I didn't force before. I don't think it was able to Bob told I voted for Bob Dole in 92 probably you're younger I was Jack I was able I wasn't able to vote for arsenal's. Idolized or imposed Oakland iBook for no vote for Ross Perot and I'd say you vote for Bill Clinton. Ross Perot was the best thing happened to booklet which are able Massachusetts doesn't matter of course that does he said he doubted Clinton by a vote that says you could Beaufort trumpet and one time you'd daughter some of the story about. Why did vote for George H. W. Bush Odyssey which he took a picture in 1998 I was never the same if it back a veteran. He's scheme you'll squeeze ever Britney yeah. Don't. His latest victims say she grabbed it like a melon this was that frank since that's there and I BC oh aren't you can't do what we should do in fact. Oh. That say. About that doesn't matter are planning plan. I think god did I was in for a I've played the guys that would I was going to be there. Yeah guitarists. That's part of hoping that I might not I'm watching this Katie only thing I can't let awake is it's like I would have loved it and train tracks of odds notional attack it's so much of yesterday you know is filling in for next week is when you're usually when it's his swing three time of cancer have football and it sickens had ET. There's also a solo or looks does look like sober now it's weird. When you think that's new yet this that you did that mean that Mexican Howard Stern doesn't. Yeah. Oh about this now all I thought that what happened in the worst case near the problem that he missed. That's the one that's the one best bosses what is right. Balls and who can shoot free tunes can offer. Yeah and I. A lot. And then yeah. Anchor with a big fate he says how wacky ones. And then is LC granderson is just terrific so he's racist then I mean Al Assad who said that Boston's a racist city national security model that doesn't care she says she's in front receptionist who argue with them about that I have to believe that Katie Nolan is mortified to be doing things and practicing no mean she's I don't know and you seen. I mean honestly like airs as a trophy you have not taking a yellow for I don't drop. It's. Low soccer team from like Zimbabwe drop that trophy Richie gets a first place trophy for tropic trophies. Soccer players I don't have been asked when he. Not touch and it's his own at some off of Phil aggression maybe two having to obtain and as it is such a train also it also demonstrates 00 Blaine and everyone else's mission to the expert and always talking it and not funded and that these bloopers has been with him. Here's his. Here's what I request from the training because most liberals want to we need to. Have levels. This misbehavior you know Al Franken I think he's scum. But he's not so Lola is that you have that I carry rose 100% George H. W. Bush as yet I was say yet. Seclusion whatever you know you never know what else is gonna come out yes good point but in ninety you'll go grab someone's ass you can't put his picture on the montage. With he was unhappy and it's what I I was early apprehended yeah he was 78 at times audit Jews and set Soviets since early onset alzheimer's in the break. Okay when of course when I found out he once when we find out he parade around naked around 23 year old interns and asked what they thought it was joke. That I will say he's as bad as child was Roy Moore is bad is Bill Clinton Roy Moore is not as Colin Cole I'd like I worries about it well I think he is violent rapists. A violent rapists show me where. Envoy Moore was accused by one woman woman with the your book. Of trying to run real believer you can send us they hopefully that tells you a believer and I don't say that. And you view believe the trump said which Republican you don't believe do you believe the the woman the yearbook yes. Even though it appears to be forgery based on one of our sons that she's alive even over divorce case was held before Roy Moore and she lost someone. Do you think that's that's not a qualifying not let me just what happens factor smear campaign begins. Right it's what people think this is desired impact agree. Because once more yes you did you base smeared rip Roy Moore not advertise everybody's got to look out when I first. And sit with. I question your credibility. When you break the yearbook that appears to be forgery I question your credibility. And ilsley venues trump support victims OK okay let's take let's take your ugly figure Bentley out of the equation that's what about all the other way and and I don't know what all the others but I will say that course men. Isn't Leah yes I was that she's very believable she's the one that that. Ruined him I mean she's before you know as hi Ali I'd been ruined yet what's the track itself should mean at this stage usage is accused child molester. I think that reporter I think everybody's talking about leave we leave out Portman he's child molester or were accused document what. Nothing important. So nothing important disrupting the segment for nothing Emporia states or one statement I was Tennessee note this rate. Okay contaminants brighten the person or if it. Out is the first. Candy it was going to be so wattage on that point okay. But the mark that's fine when he opened producer's name. Chrysler tries and our magnetic. Hard you know he's a tough spot mentally. Like after his upset you know chemist on contingency goodbye cam on the air said yesterday matchup against NC a good look. Can has you know. And the issues that reason that that is not just. Artistic and disease that's air they'll have a city that is the best radio personality not working today that probably I would say including program director yes. Also often so okay so important he takes can't go below before he left and this is your round Friday work inept bomber and Friday Friday can put together be. Free hours of Kirk and Callahan mostly Kirk hurt interviews gone wrong. Three hours tonight I think taken or ever particular of the interviews we did that Kirk what's true and basically yes it great and if he's going try and parties all land safely and it Brandon Marshall record mark drove them off the tracks today and guess concede an image. Great part was. Was we were both. The blame whenever that was detected that it sure I was there for that when yes I was away for Steve and it was noon here you're here. Now and I was means cost I would say of you for you know save X Alex we really miss him mr. since he's been gone which what's the name on for now applicable. Not now we'll look at this who probably beyond you to come on and answerable I don't know he hates you. But that's that's why nor should it affect is announced pushed him disappointed he's those it's buggy trying to apply the French like LLC now yes glued to it who tried them on and I'm sick of we trust my dad got essence has never do what we asked him again before on the books since I was a good idea oak view that you care about. Clinton can now immigrant who was shot about another I don't has muffler is. Well she was arrested more than I am the election plus interest maybe two mr. Moore what we're gonna back. And I think she Dino he's was the daughter of the Dennison and knocked socialist politician. I'm not sure sounds as about Katie or with Mother's Day in the sixties there there are 61777. 793 several recently struck tweets by the way. Divisions we saw three bodies missing and you have USS Ronald Reagan and now. Is it Indonesia what is going on in Lenny motion and now and take able to find that. Third these trash and honestly he sells Tennessee three or missing right now could exit only through that's I think it'd been recovered three missing in the present the United States is tweeting what is happening not exactly relevant to what's going on. We know hearts and about more we get. In addition to releasing march the patriots have signed defensive end Eric lead off the buffalo bills' practice squad. You know. Not familiar with Derrek Lee's work that I'm sure is great test is marsh the filly was never a great fit but early on in the in the season he got burned the few times and then you know wasn't playing well the last couple weeks though. It was so that's huge loss that Yates describes defensive end Derrick Lee is being pass rush to death. Definitely issues march what and Gary ten Langhorne rush I don't weeks ago. They go. Threw down. Kirk is paying them so where am I cord from his headphones this purgatory for him and know it's straight it's always locates. What's key stories are easier we've. If you lost a gates describes defensive end Derrick Lee is being grounds pass rush. As you say your. Are your friends about the patriots is that with this thing I can tell you this yes I guess I meant to say there are some kids in different in my new evidence that Yates described. Marsh yes. You step. How is it you're going to be security appeared split MacKenzie at least they be talked about it was an enthusiast and don't wait I like you look at. Not that enthusiastic it's forty you know sweet deals in facts which I would do you know he's he's forty years old and he always had and I just have had a slightly alana thank. But yeah. Would you do it up details in the page and if Immersion make range picture of yourself and now there's this. Well they get you a boost of energy today idol status our friend Alex Roemer. I Joes are Obama's idea good good good its expert Jolie thank is putting affixed with. With dale and people like open looks bring other house call at some point so can be on talks I don't want. Alex the fall into the trap you know and if you like to talk about things you know and Alex knows. No regular rail and trumpet to the store right. Well what has it jokingly to trump hates at least will be done so as dale and but he talks because he's mature years but. You know everybody hates prompt that may in month. Much of passionate supporter you're in the form exists oxygen that cuts in this he put up from horse in the school the Democrats. 98% of the promise has no resistance. Oh into Lehman's like we are not interested in just such as like ray Allen's sister. And yet never stops. All day long mocked him when he said he didn't wanna be alone with a woman because that's insane that is why no Israelis view I've been alone in a room before yeah and you know what you've managed arc tonight. So it yourself to be yeah I'm types you don't speak for her everyday yeah Oklahoma turning what. I wouldn't huge what are you see very frustrated Robert breasts though she gonna grab me sure that's don't worry usual run Gilman. Austria or tool in all its not about that that's that's its not about that he gets insists they be a paparazzi and if you're Mike Pence. They wait for you they want it why can't you say though Q would you not picture of a pants and and some young. Staffer in the corner Booth. So that does that so okay so that young staffer who may might be maybe she has a ton of potential maybe she's a really Smart political mind. So now she can't she can't rise to bring it to your pictures or Jersey doing easy easy he's doing scenario. So but that's a practicing for get this hot twenty securely is bitterly. We Laura wood or with any woman like you were with like Nancy Pelosi for a show you what trip I'd go to bathroom. You're in their creditors couple minutes left Newark I don't doubt and modem. Right. But like pets won't do that it's insane as basically saying it's I get to the White House actually. It's it eats it that limit or doesn't or won't he won't listen try to rack your watching Samantha bee an idea regression of missing. It's actually pretty funny she did a whole segment lassie Wednesday on trumpet our pens and his wife. And how she controls everything it's there it's creepy house or mother. Thank you were first as I should a mother super ears so creepy. It's just odd if the whole dreary dynamic wife mom. Long month honor let me know you talked accusing your that the dress you dress in Europe as mommy taught it's right but also carry on mommy said. In essence create sort of a non news now. Ahead married since it mommy says well Mike Pence is in no trouble unlike every other politician right now we'll see we'll yeah I wait on god please wait till they hear about that that toe tap and underneath yeah at all I'd be as Minneapolis area that's a lot of questions that's that's that's where Republicans Tuesday that he tried but failed like Larry Craig in the action on capturing their Smartphones. Said 32 emails to young this staffers. In any action. You know he's not like it Charlie Rose Al Franken rapper and clearly there are proud that my health rankings. Because. I mean well we'll grab a little boobs and by the way his standards very very the in between is the hardest pick and so far. Well I don't drag draft is the evolution of support in itself a victim draft I was the first thing I Percy take a Pakistan overtures seventy that it is allocated to that that Israel totally Covert. Surely creep I was right or is it creek and say interesting good luck to a week ago. Packet for its shares to fall in the museum claims that and I don't disagree and registered 98% of the creeps Democrats to act as it was and I doubt. Look at it that well known for them. Go to Paul on the record and Paul Chapman. A message here program director I love it when you get ready and come up here on the show we are a. I think we all we'd love to but our program directors often race fan. It won't get a big trendy hip let gala in in his place and Ed Ed upload upload is cool act. But all the political that was the worst thing this country needs right now that the listen to a guy like yes it the other person to. All too mossy train 91 on Friday like rob Black Friday shopping you've listened. Yes equipment throughout time are breaking bonuses depend on his front and now that's okay. We like you don't think it's going to be lively and intimacy I like both of them individually first hole was awesome to get that showed the extent like their Rory was Olson who fought in Italy and adds that added that that's out there we are loved. An airline meals Paul at the poll was really an attack there ought to Gerri yeah. Some religious that this is the stone and it ended feuds the recovers chums that's true no points. Old to be your series columns and we will get there as well as through well I think is your last year on Wednesday he had great great call what else ball. I'm Ali talking about the Clinton thing which is so tired right. It you know and all that mandate stuff you know let's just want. Anyway. By the location for new accusations against Clinton happened after that the White House so he and going away one named. Is this this this morning Floyd act Candice back nobody in this stuff more than him. It became our not. Oh yeah got impeached and disbarred if the UN pulled them all you guilt or that you think that did this stuff. I think he didn't stop. The directly about Roger and now. Yeah expose the Paula Jones or no yes can get him but not easy expose himself to Paula Jones yesterday. If you. OK so is it direct. Yeah why not he raped when he's a brother told people that today our last for more than a month alone whose hands and 1030 Tuesday. A I your noise they're going to get. Impeachment is hard and he paid millions. Mean honest to god thinks Clinton walked the wizard is headline on night ABC news president trump actually more which is true. At his back. Now my a preferred for president from doesn't back Doug Jones of finally backseat I guess that's and he had a hot yes it's important the senate is hanging in the bad it's just so important you'll put someone who touches teenagers and there. When you about your aren't people what your credit and Jerry's is alleged. Alleged rape mr. Clinton Q yeah that's been that's been it has established for where he has in my mind typically don't yet according he's been put this Helio went well guilty. I think Roy Moore is guilty of some things yes but opens it defied every act I think it is bold. Indeed these daughter read their lives a huge political romp at bat that is not political hit job. Led by the flushed and put me such and he's guilty as me this is true carrier's load means some of it's not true correct but enough of the destroyed every sailor fugitives clinch I don't get right up in not every single one you wanna anomalous for thirteen women's crew Paula jones' true Kathleen Willey is true and I had questions after the world for Monica Lewinsky true only know how to Lewinsky later that's essential relationship between fifty whatever ago forty year old guy ending 21 year old intern. Where he spent six hours inner special OK it's consensual I'm sorry losers. Are either as a fan gross I'm playing pastrami and can I do and we agree because it was consensual he did Draper temperatures in turn. He rape when he brought orgy defeated if an intern is station you do that illusion not a no crew capsule so I say I don't get it for its consensual I guess technically between because he's abusing their legally indecent but it's no different than my party Weinstein by the way Hillary group to ruin the sport girl. You Hillary help Gruner and you won't of this which in did not I don't want something light snow and tell you Don you voted for Hillary Clinton who grew what did you look whatever rate the economy no I don't feel sexually harassed women and he didn't reported that you did fly here's one Trump's latest fingers. Under her miniskirt moved up her inner find touched her vagina. Like that's pretty disgusting I'm fairly certain out of biking and even sending a Gerri has that has cocktail party and it's you know axe politicians slit his hand on ice curtains touch my vagina I think should be pretty outraged by that. I don't trust cable of the stuff. Of course of course world cable looks at me and my parents shrines 61777. 793 I get a I never understood the ruling more thing you ever thought it like now. He wanted the purity of leisure time and honestly account I'm unlucky on a Micah and Herbert understand how to pervert like this this is different but I progression profound that I don't this is sexual deed that sexual deep she's deviancy and so is that comment about how. You know that it is something to the purity of young woman is born and metal plate I was a fan that was extremists. You know it's a parent a Christian Jerry except when a person a says that's like that right that's like that I don't want severe illnesses when I die on the straw possibly two to his spots seventy. Yes remember these trumped tweets here Richard you know typically try Matt's right that as well and and any he's very concerned about knowing about and about the three missing legal officer 5 in the morning saying like yeah. You staying on the net in the morning say could choose another hour's sleep church and companies and other power used sleep. It's it's just laying had been seen as Milan and Venice. I would or at some of these tweets well over an hour two starts next.