K&C - Kirk wrote a brilliant column on Cullen; The Cullen defenders were everywhere this weekend 4-23-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, April 23rd
Hour 1: Kirk, Gerry and Mut discussed the fallout from Kirk's great column and breaking Kevin Cullen news.  The folks at WGBH defended the Globe. 

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He's currently. But the worst day over the weekend. Sammy and throws this. John this is such as they really hadn't no longer on trees. I think he had it tonight talk about to go all the lawn and what. Looked like she borrowed the creature with Kirk Manhattan that event live here. Let's review and act breaking jags. Were the most irresponsible thing I ever heard of and we'll. Quote he knew he is dealing. He's dealing in the next couple weeks growth is gone Ken layered senior producer of her compelling ensure not reporting Gerry Callahan finding it almost impossible to believe that homeland was deliberately trying to mislead anyone that certain people have respect Colin has been open about his whereabouts that day. I saw the first responders Supreme Court baby Barnicle I hope that anything can shows that this was a one time lapse. Oh we heard this line. Fraud I've admired haven't homes were a year on Sports Radio WEEI. Not to hurt gallery show the number 1 morning show in Boston a reward or. Yet states around the world in the universe. Live on 937 WB I signed Cassidy 50 AM on matters well in 901440. 1037. And that we've lost 195 this morning my name is it. I'm joined by Jerry Kelly Mike and asking Chris Curtis and layered I believe we'd be hearing the words of Kevin Helm throughout the show today. As you Red Sox continue to tumble down to the bottom and grew and get any advice you. Yes thank you all get the Bruins begin their massive collapse and the Celtics choke over themselves the end is near for the city boss. But the biggest. The biggest news is ground war in motorcycle helmet into oppressed this captains and now the Catholic thought and captains feel this morning Gerri. I don't think mail Matthew Slater page and he sees it thinks he's that airs that's my priorities accountable on this I will say hey he's getting bad advice and are watching this them. I'm like I've said this for a while on the ground that enough I don't care come back and back from ground might yardage. Stole my report and energy ports yardage we. Saturday night the grunts when to be traded. Believes this offseason for a surprise us that we've already bored and did play real news for Gloria and that he hit a quality credits for dinner you can credit him. You should totals do you should boy you gonna look good because. You're on top of it but then I taught my problem is he gonna break the stories I don't wanna give you behind the scenes look though. And again streets a typist to an electric scouts and stuff that's out here. The end of beating your favorites Helen far. We have got these deputies did and George George oh George called forfeited Georgian and one of those things blown off in the war with Georgia obviously taught me football knowledge and it's ugly video out it's probably going to be tight end. Fell so it's it's part of silly idea yet consider. The street my office. Who thought that was a good idea mean to his father whose agent. Did rosenhaus who told Kron here's the plan you're gonna go to fox or unit goof around. Where in the Hellman didn't talk about dirt bike riding with a pay his buddies and what it. Half a million of some of the 250 dollar even to do one press folks know what to believe promoting it practiced right to sleaze marksman. That's part of the deal you do is press conference at 15200. OK let's say underneath our 388300. Dollars so my thing rightly monster energy guys he works with directly told him. We knew parks broke. You're gonna globe article now I don't know. If you look here you. No bloated and oversaw gloat free zone can't beat the times that I'd want to note note that no gloating. No we'll apologize money for you know this is the show goes. You know what they say you don't wanna pick a fight with a company has 50000 one's. As a true that's true effort and eight or affiliates serve you know wanna pick a fight with the company with number one ratings will surely suggest. That's just my expression I mean bridge to weed out. May go good anyway. If you haven't seen yet Mike my partner might not life partner or radio partner Kuerten in hand. Took some time out of his students out of retirement came out of retirement. That's a you know you motivated when no one told you do know made you do it on knowing that you just columnists should write more yes you just to. And you did a great idea coauthor though who really did and for however typical of true it was good and tonight whether I know I know anguish Curtis. I know the way you were thinking and I think their way to put you were obviously more motivated and I was cause when you ladle out. And read it all in one piece you you just you have to laugh Levin Cohn is such a fraud while I will meet before but we'll get more to a later church of bankers you owe me a lot. The stuff that we do was close we decided not to put in. Is just as bad we could have easily if you can always try to get to thing we truth really wanted to but I'm like column we decided not to know if it's close to decide to leave without cars are going back and forth on something. We're pretty sure is obviously not true and we may do it again at some point TJ do on the. But so if you're on Twitter. Curtis has were between the did you between you know. I retrieve the I've been so he on this three news two out than Chris Curtis tweeted out. And I retreated so you can read it there and it's on the website correct it's everywhere you are not on the website I hide the recommended in handy for a second look. His his wife. To Bradley I know is why did Kennedy is a joke it is and and Emily Rooney and whoever else a lead at this she's she's grieving. Attack whoever else attempted. Two of what was your friends of Barbara Bush should have pushed what you gonna to go to a school government the what she's a senior Bob Kraft and that they are attempting to circle the wagons the globe was still. Discussing a way to. You open or that I told people. He's not lose his job keep this guy on. And and keep writing Keaton and and and say it's one time only two mistakes slip up will make mistakes sure. It's impossible to say you know Brian McGraw or just so you know. It is impossible you cannot. Keep him writing because. Everybody who reads Kirk minute they were listens to us everywhere rated how we the other day. Notes that this is in a one time only it was just mistake he can spell a name wrong you can identify a person incorrectly in the heat of the moment. This is great to meet should come from equities will do all the other stuff later I guess we just jump in mock this too we need to later on his book we mocked us. And Ernie shall now go through or shore don't do that out of it. So. Soft I wrote called over the weekend you can read it as I said I don't do yet about conjures of belt we have to get Jerry said it was just retreated again hitters and was excellent much as you very much like what goes into banks and thousands will too saying hey you know this guy's done it's a factor in the second best thing you written for the web suspect you read the whole thing already has what it examined as means that's different not deferred the other what went usually locked as he. Several mastery. Right yeah even like even wore white those us who sat here last Friday and heard all right this is this is a recap it's a great recap it is great to talk about it all when you bullet on all how many words I was words 4000 wow now. 4004006. To seventy miles per hour to talk. I don't know what words and some of those in some line about Samir with some high school coach speech this is this the truth. And system Thanksgiving the picture is a deep diving catch columns issues about what really have a collar Jerry that things can story and read it again to the second third in the nation. I can read the whole thing just came back. I honestly that's usually that it was free I don't know that tirelessly personalized products I and I finished its morning six page pat panic rescue serious question obviously personally went deeper on this week phone calls to and stuff. Actually does that doesn't make an excuse and Harold whoever. While consuming barrel do that. Two good question how does what could this be a page and Harry unless I'm not sure who's running that program. Carol this morning's mix on Mitt Romney who's running for the senate in Utah sweet it was Gil Santos I mean you talk conservatives. So and Romney harsh message message. How does that resonate knowing when nobody can Islam against Boston having gone good luck to them what is that. Who end up near fifteen years ago he's running for office in Utah no and yours. Mean you put chemical on the front you sell a lot more papers just a lot more interest I'm not short Kirk to guns with it I don't speak for the Harold I wish they had. Jumped the ball once how we did it and he's a great job. I think he was sick as there are things Klein for Ernie. I got a Colin column and it was. A great read but. It did why don't they pick up on ones on I wore my guess is you know the text that we get now all the time for management and they got someone got to they have the same ones and instead of you know saying OK I understand. We decided no we're gonna fight on this one we're gonna tell the truth and tell our story we're gonna break this news. The Herald doesn't want to do it it's here that she only maximize my own conclusion. My conclusion was that and realize how incestuous this is the role friends may grab by the be depressed appeared second. Everyone is circling the wagons for a guy that I had not read until a month ago I did until. Really thought about when you guys are talking about the sick I don't think a lot of people reboot in the industry feels like dude journalistically right they're defending him. Across the board that's why keynote like inclusion and nobody wrote about this weekend and as I said Friday those of the people. Who should feel the most burned I mean the one as it burned the post should be Brian Magloire that's his boss. He should be pissed I don't I don't out and I don't know Hummer gory. Keeps his job a after the sexual harassment stuff. In the way they cover that who and of course who had to come out and named Jim O'Sullivan. Offs that we get this show again and then secondly with this what is sort of star reporter's mind the guy he wrote. The the letter of the nomination motive for the Pulitzer he's the one who loves glory and out the woman loves Colin. And his friends his coworkers. His fans those the ones. Who should be sacked but you or me we don't read him the guys like I feel I've doesn't affect my life people like dale and trash any and all these these frauds on that panel will play elders and I mean they liked him they believed him. Rightly whom he read them I just assumed you were the globe some good useful. Bet is that road and at saint eve for a while he always struck me as America's what's awhile they would treat immigrants right everything from him on that read Nazi rule you know I don't know I'm no Olympics so great historian said you. About Christmas Eve ten years ago whatever I mean do did you book evil we ordered us right out of Barnicle play opposite right. You know but the special needs adults who who talks like who saved his money and and instead of getting Christmas presents. Putts for famine and their house burnout and that may have happened but the dialogue within the stories just fall league made up name. On that somebody's life better well you know Eddie I don't know if you can do that but mine it's Christmas. These things can happen right in since its total total fiction and I just picked Charles to that we get so I folks on the merit and so as we should. But on the go through Charles Austin stored so when people people know that to isolate as rain picked a store right and if you're a a copy editor or an editor anytime worth. Two cents. Is when these these twenty question that story. They know better than we do. And yet there will depend on the circle the wagons as much said there all one big happy family what's places SATA some people react in the car and let's start. With with Charlotte dale on Friday as that. Why cash. While wives what to play like him. It is in the means and why we get the rays are wrong and you get the race. Off. Well why why shy away from that and don't get as he's afraid that's afraid of what they I texted afraid of what he's not he says he's not Franzen right. They're not like. But these questions system Lexus won't go. As a base of fans. As I explained. It used to be a fan of articles. I hated him when it all came down that he was a fraud was make stuff up that he was a line. I mean I had some level of trust there. And he seems hard to believe now. But he was once a respected call yes although there was always suspicion grows rumors chores and no issues with the dollar. I mean I'd bet I don't really didn't really read Patricia Smith or count Borges with some of the other globe frauds yeah but I read article and liked him and when I found out. He was lying to me. I was pissed I texted dale Saturday and that you do you're showing a new money guess not discussing column ball was baffling. Respondent happy to have a conversation with you but he but we felt we had nothing to add to which we've done. All we've been discussing leisure efforts that morning. You know thoughts you'd know him. There's no we do we have his own it and show after breaks a story dale can anchor in part the story or you and I talked about it he can't talk about it because we already talked about it yes so if they don't do that every day dale and rich broke that story which in. We we would spend time the next day and today after responding to a paper rhetoric because of fraud all of a personal story with credits are secondly. Colin got suspended while they're shoulder was on the air on Friday. It was the biggest story boss and the time number one trending in Boston them on Twitter. Ever almost document where the reason. It happened. And he'll even bring that up as sort of a sidebar now my reaction is needed because he didn't do BC ES was told us I told you a rhetorical is that right they hate me. Well I must say that is still too early this release on his would have appreciated that they really would like eight an update yeah. That would appreciate that you think they got text from the boss and could you please get to this story is a big big story that analysts thought excited about separated third line in the second pairing or you're like Rick Crawford went in and it's in great outcry for asking red up do your job where I'm on the road I want to Ellsbury is thoughts. On the big here is farm that he sees whack. Are we that money to second I would as the available tomorrow night and tonight both of launcher assault that don't Meet the Press is they'll be depressed depart is a show with in your knees to we being accurate here group all the more it. If your knees would go and we were most of them girls she's and we don't know for twenty years and she's you know she wears them generally wears black ice agreed to hold the book yeah. Dan Kennedy who is a professor right try to speak to last week is a professor at northeastern. Who's just written a a a book. Four leading the globe with the cooperation of John authorized him why don't we don't. That's a product of the union that and we reviewed by the way does radio with. Jim and Marjorie which is equal prize go to great people on all the time the category in that beat the partial punch she likes him damage to the people that know those people. Who are they doing now. Dan low Libyan from the former journalist at CNN argued in loading for about it epic and it was getting tally cross. Kelly Judea and yes that the show if you watch it like nobody's watching it's what I understand that we're doing is firm owned last because it's just fun to listen to these people. Spin and crawled in and do everything they can't skeptic column would say on their hands and knees searching for a reason her. Two lives to defend this guy when they should be as journalists they should be outraged. Eight Arab there is almost as big joke is he has a Dick yeah I would take a job is to rejected him in on key holed the media's feet to the fire they do it. About a house. A regular basis right when when there's trouble here. They're the first ones to pounce and to denounce and to. Scold and point fingers but when one of their own native east caddie Teddy Ali Kevin Cullen. It's a little troubling circle the wagons. It could deal you are bigger frauds should have greater here's big frauds as he is. Dan Kennedy. And we roomy. Low beam whatever you can see colleague who had loading and that Nancy cool off but again neighbors' names you know you when you wake up and you look in the mirror when you wake roll out of that it. 1011 today. It it it doesn't mean that these these of people live and work for live and we we know where they work right next door. Mean they work in this palace this from the Taj Mahal all paid for by the taxpayers if they had to earn a rating. They would drown all of would be a bit like us but they left collar match that's of those other guys. But the good thing I love as I easily it would Emily does she spins and isolates it. This idea that. This one call on the Cohen wrote is worth examining in nothing else matters it's just it's and a journalist she's talked to them we know about oh she definitely thought there was no special this is by the way. Kevin Collins version this is his defense nationally early yesterday text or master come on the show she declined to be. Just that's a gutsy media watchdog there well she's the best yet she's greet saudis who do you know. So we wanna start this would start for the top spot in decent if I want a picture of the whole thing you sure I watched as three times what I love this I love. Love love knowing the globe this note to do now because of us. These people don't know what to do people again and you say just don't get it is just the shock jock can you break this story is a shock. Shock jock as I say he is he's a shock jock. Jesus I bought before you. And once you look in the mirror before you sit on the breakfast at 11 o'clock this morning Dan Kennedy and Emily Rooney recap our men and they said barrel. As you said it wasn't that hard Kevin Cullen did most of the work for him. You quote Kevin Collin you quote is many. Works of fiction yes now it's either some work to Christian Bible as it occurs is huge part is contacting map Paterson contact Sean O'Brien. They don't wanna do that though because they don't ease watchdogs don't want the truth now is what they'll one of them pricing Kenny is one of the true musical Cullen made stuff up. And try to insert himself. And use the Richard family as sort of this you know they know. His talisman house used as his talisman in if you so will play a sound if you this is like what you would expect China lavandera good this with the showed up to parity when you showed its. Checked every single arterial. Kevin Cullen will be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of this review we don't know whether the review includes. All of column. Collins Collins or just the ones relating to the marathon when it was my article back in 1998 at least they reviewed all of them up real. Stop look micro suburb three seconds. But and we are either or or Dick Kennedy they have to say. No well and believe this is gonna really be reviewed everything. We're not naive enough to think this isolated restore she knows it's not. I shared how people as a global told her goal of yours who knows how or goal is to make it appeared that it's at one time home we just missed made a mistake in the affiliate of the moment I was number of guys. X archive. Don't know if that's going to be the case. Just to the central issue here because there's a lot of other layers in this but I have sic her in Callahan got into that I couldn't put into the peace at all. Our. Well a lot of hours so weird that I. Was was kind of factor. Like you mean like. You make it stop our boat Sharma O'Brien nor. Matt patterns that are putting himself here here here here here the day of the bombings or during the bombings or. Crying about Jane Richard restore it it's not real at all. Which which we're able to feeding him a while which wasn't what we don't hear there is a prepackaged piece and she spends more time. On stuff that doesn't matter and does not mention Sean O'Brien name does not mention his name or Patterson's name in any of with a two minute. It was a story to be easy does it mention the media figures to be fair you're doing the subject in college. Who steal I think I'm exercising a lot. Right now getting to sleep these guys I think he's still going through PT yes is he calls so I'm sure she senses that and the man is doing you know. He's real he was he remembers your members really signed it seems almost twenty miles an hour from the finish line hang around yet. You put one piece of sound. From there in that package that he would honor the curtain on the seaspan audio when he said he was a mile away from America to make the case to make the case every other piece of some commercial whether the BBC CNET for hours through statements she you. She she. Yet and that she says based out now can he say he's a mile away that's fact some from some seaspan Pamela nobody ever saw on their lives to replace the right. It can't violate I would ask him if we could ever touch them again and he's probably use a rare species for my kids had no business in the class. Where where. Where were you. What's a mile away you know we're sorry it was and I'm pretty sure it was hitting them where you see I'm I'm pretty sure as as as you are feed up he was home there was no reason for him to be. He we was at the day off. It shouldn't be it was a holiday. As you know if you don't have to be in you know no one of the marathon was muted story no I'm no one was like sports story right no blaming him. If he just said you know I wasn't there that and then we go interview some people. Interviewed on the Ian Kennedy and and as most of the people. As everyone knows that the globe. Most of the people who Colombo on the Pulitzer board there and they just they chased all the ones where there were asked not to be the ones who were there. There's only three or four arrests were somewhere else. And they go long gone by saying it was for our continued coverage off the breaking news as they were part of that. We continue our that's our gorge sat Magloire is guys that's how they managed to weasel their way into this Pulitzer put on the Reza me. And this guy Colin. Said he was part of the breaking news to which the Q what is a super another item but of course he managed to seal these things on TV CBC news on TV but. That must have Ramones racing to the scene. Against them. No he was and I ask that while multi mile away right have a Guinness although he later said he uses desk is off yes so much or what's going why focus on. And at least let's hear more from a the lovely with a. On the issue of the columns itself certainly I think a reasonable person reading this comes could. Make the assumption or get the impression that Kevin Cullen was there I thought that part of it was easily fixable. They could have put an editor's note even even in paper earlier later in the Lincoln that your. What they can do better than that that I don't think they wanted to respond directly to learn to occur and when and and partly it was because. I'm a minute Hoya and that's an error criticism was so ugly and interpreted and just you know. Gleeful wouldn't mind. Stop stop what is operative stop stop stop on what's. What was gleeful confuse who cares who cares they OK so we told them they criticized the reason. They didn't correct the record according to Emily Rooney right the reason they didn't correct the record. His group because the home of the show. Yes she hates our shale. And because of our show Elena show she elevates our show right so the globe hates social we will initiate an awful but we have Graham Colin right right always we welcome any reason we shouldn't consider this. Adjourn a journalism professor is on this panel. Agree I believe agreeing that the reason they didn't do the right thing correct the record report the facts. Because the home of Kirk minute right. It's just because the top tips which was gleeful right which gleeful nut is gleeful as Kevin Kolb ones. The David we had some trouble he. Odyssey Kevin Cullen you know you talk about. Comments that are without proof I'm happy laid I was a beautiful 4000 words Kevin Colin called our show racist. In the tweet with no proof at all whatsoever I would offer I would offer that jerk. That liar a chance to 4000 words right about how racist can go ahead start to go all the time you wanna talk you call me old conversation call me anytime you want anytime you'll. Not only in an in that tweet he was or gleeful there was a tone that we are grateful any problem with the gloating from Kevin Cullen there Emily Rooney Null. Any problem with the the tone of former journalist surely belong. Journalist turned activist April with her tone. And we and and and they are not appear to some more. And interpretive and just you know. Gleeful living in a sense that they were trying to bring somebody down but it I think they'd let you give them credit they think they released a legitimate shoot the ball it. I think he's an addition to go on. You know honest justice in dispute is being. These reserves just music northeast of professor and longtime quote unquote media attention in this town who just sort of look just John Henry's cooperation about. The rise an incredible comeback of the Boston Globe which we have to get why you know I work with our basic last week used we Chad and about the ratings between now at all Austin polish or lob that sent through everybody the other girls and she's an amazing work Kirk but I I'm surprised that you have got in the pocket just to mock an album now Imus buying it almost makes him give him money. He's dealer and put. Purdue that. And burn it does your dad buys it the truth cautioning guide. Column last song I was very impressed with. I used to hold on hold on I'm again federated press Thomas on the Hokies. Most phonies call on the big guy enjoying each of you that you've got fooled by that column Chris Curtis didn't. We have interests in two seconds I read only three paragraphs of this story. And knew right away it was not true. It is. Will sixty lone sponsor straight. You have to look at it to you they make you get a job and then you take they take all the money or have you get a job at that point it's a great scary right yeah I can. Rates to dig you're paying for your apparent to secede just say you know this dope is one of the professor your your your pain. For this idiot let's here's a don't think column in the professes rumba comb the crazy right Winger. Believe he's one of many nut job lunatic left cold called the uptick in it is spread the guide. You know I read that column last song I lose very impressed with. I don't remember all the details have in common settled the years so I took it to me that he was there at the finish line. Now you go back and read it knowing that he wasn't at the finish line. And it seems ridiculous. However what bothers me about it is that it seems deliberately ambiguous. As if he. We were it was OK with him if you've got the impression that he is at the finish line. From now we'll see what the review brings about. I will tell you I've admired him from homes were three years perfect Pernod Ricard unlike some of the people we could name you or being named one of the day. And there's a. Burton and David article. It's not enough of us Myers who know him by an article you're good mood nowadays road you can't dame can beat us in mind you Kurt. So it was in the it has got hurt again Kennedy's mind you an idea stupid is this is it figures to him. We feel reflect a six cents. He writes I happened upon a fire house recently map and the smell remind me of Boston street five years ago it's only lost their lives. I can taste patriots day 2013. When I'm around a campfire and embers created certain sensation. I could smell pages say 2013 I can hear it god can I hear whenever multiple firings were handled the recent it was seen. I can see a bump in the survivors. Which has a more regularity that could ever imagine you know. Among the topic what do their jobs guess. The fact checker would say OK Kevin Tillman last five times you saw. He survivors walk around us who knew them all he saw Jeannie don't forget all palace when Dorsey but can you imagine if Howie Carr wrote hello. Or Joseph FitzGerald or Kirk manhandled Gerry Callahan wrote that. Well that garbage. That absolute. Nausea knows. Nazr Ozzie and nonsense amiss what would did Kennedy's today. A new old tell us what what a load of garbage first of all animal either would review which started to do a whole show. And these people commit an act outraged are we have some we we more from Dan here. Any question about his war before so I hope that anything you shelves. That this was a one time laps of this is any news or induces a professor of journal is some. In northeastern and he's gonna is gonna have you believe is a chance is the only time chemical made something up. Yes he's open he's hope but what about the other forty examples we gave outside of that story. He's solving those art museum just opened the latest on hold this he's open he can spin it is his buddies in trouble party is reeling right now. And they are trying to save the bicycle if you review. We sure he's BBC radio appearances he's doing this as a Boston Globe right correct it is he's represented on the girl books yeah when he goes and he thought Ryan podcast he's representing the globe. I fight another podcast to see some stupid ugly trouble for personal god those people email out her second him and get in trouble for pressures on him like the idiot. Who got fired for saying. The person you want to hop which is a 52 guy from barter for yet it will also work for what Camby are out united LA he represented LE radio station that's how works Kevin Collins he represented of the globes we speaking. For the globe as a globe writer. It their most important time may be newspaper's history. In the day or two fallen marathon Bob de Kenny I guess either it knows nothing about. Or knows about that wants to ignore it that's the pie is that you dealing with we talk to a biased view protecting themselves the globe way. As the old fashioned Boston is more popular this is. Eight journalism professor and media critic who doesn't appear to have a problem. With the fact that this guy stole. People answer these these human soul and all he's told it's a goal and always is the eat eat. Weasel his way into this Pulitzer for breaking news when he did not take part in the breaking news now he brags about being a Pulitzer winner on short. When these speakers as payload BC Saturday they mentioned that he was a Pulitzer winner he's not. They can get him have a problem with that. He gets to write his own violent lie about that stuff on Dan has more upset that his friend a guy who he's been friendly with in the past eight of them might be in trouble Osama sentiments of what upsets him is who brought down who brought us that's upset he had SNL he got an easy idea he was even taken down because in this inner circle with a leak that I'm now being. Sentenced to looking at. They don't want any difference taken down you guys are going outside the lines you're doing something it's not supposed to be done apparently. Among Boston did you saying I didn't know this guy really am outraged by this I can't believe he used in Richard. I can't believe he used Sean O'Brien I can't believe the use all these people acutely to try to put himself from the story I didn't I didn't know this about this man. But they decide to do was move around in and criticize us and find anything pick one example of here's some. Who's to slow steps it is the guy talked to a army times he wrote all the stuff are this is this just gets you more confused. I think will be here to ports. From you know what. After reading through the column first ball I feel. At least part of it felt a little over written. Knew there was a lot in there who felt terrible I mean really hard to to build there's this feeling in the sense that the story's tragic on its own and so I felt it was it was a little written. But my first impression was that. You know whether in the in this is not completely to defend it because it's at other things beyond a column. But if even if you weren't there on that day there are a lot of the feelings that he expressed that you could sense it right yeah I was on my way from DC to New Jersey at the time. And after our return to Boston do from this area. You just have to walk around and talk to people and you got a sense of what it was like maybe not be right here at the moment. But there was something in the years you know smelling things and so forth significant hurdles and far. This this would have been an easy fix to say you know we all felt as if we were there and then after that you can say anything you want and I think that's weird. If if in fact that we feel that they're mistaken. Proved a mistake. This is technical journalism prefer Dan Lothian it's called it's called life I didn't on the heightened and the mystique and we were all. Good I'll feel better up here actually all kind of felt like I was behind that Damon had landed and walked around Boston that's. Exactly as it was being at this scene of the bombing but it's close this feature set I feel that way we all feel that way but the point is Dan rivers name is. Paula doesn't wanna feel that way that's he wants to be at the finish line he wasn't we've why. By the way I'm getting lets tweets over the weekend I haven't really spent any time as but she could use a lot of bombs lot of sightings in Ireland and all he's always near the bombers he can't he can't get away and. When you live butcher military record when you say you were in Vietnam and worked you know like auto someone like I'm Joseph. The convicted killer in Iowa and cut the sentence commuted because he was a war hero according chemical and turns out he was never like to do you know how is it his ability article revenue column they they took up this cause they got freed. Turned out it was another lie. He was not in Vietnam he went back to prison anyway when you lie about that you don't kick to just say I made mistake. That tends to end careers when you say you were a military hero mean you can be charged. If you have like fake you know my horse ribbons and a Euro metals might be criminally charged him you're 2008 stealing Fowler he's stealing grief from stealing. This is this moment Corsica said this could be some term for psychologically where you feel like you have to. Put yourself in sentinel what it is all right able crying all the time and seeing victims and always talking about crying now of course. John Bryant story were O'Brien you know. Pulled them and in Colin cried part of it never happened corn O'Brien never happened but ultimately take O'Brien said the story over and over policy I am wrong but you know. Never ever ever ever happened ever. And perhaps about most insidious ally is the chain Richard line where he lied about who about knowing. The firefighter that's on just adjacent it was wanna be part of the story I don't cute with the Boston the time you that's out the worst what's even even McGraw or even his fellow Colin fans. At the globe he can't. Talk this one way they can't explain this one away why don't which did that the that the reason. He should be fired the reason any decent respect. It's respectable newspaper would. Dump the guy is that stored on Bryant story well plate play the rest of sound we get back it's more stuff as well 6177797937. Your thoughts on Colin. I'll get short get more McGraw and stuff. Patriots Bruins Red Sox were collapsing corset Opel at all that's the scoreless job after this price thing yesterday and yet there's rumors good. In this goodness he did nothing wrong Sunday's gay searchers excellent. I heard some a lot Paula surprised that that you have Tom Reynolds started well it is beat firing back and forth and so we can show us talked about a different trend he waited as well. I could you be shocked when you're this yet. And and to Massey if I'm Mark James Mark James junior Marjorie would they elevated the story you know biggest advance story because morning show show in the city corner Boston magazine Jim Marjorie is well my heart handing out bright and move them out on the morning about what was right. Media nineteenth in the mid into the show that there was a city. I'd 61777793. Several grip. Has been open about his whereabouts that day. Kelly he's spent five years ago it was not at the finish line. I started tomorrow we're seeing bird I heard it. And it was I don't know I guess we hear something like that first twelve could have maybe been anything that the circle. Everybody in the level first play when it. And it was it was Kevin err on 9/11 to see a mile away Willis as a Yankee Stadium was he had his disease and no more where was he then. We don't all these people don't believe it was a mile away in if you were a mile away you know and one of his parts and has our rooms. Him and I mean magistrate one off the he wouldn't hurt. No we we talked to a lot of people Britain now of people hurt. Right so she's not sure where he was your friend you talk to minimally. When did you ask him yeah I worry that one was at the office where where is it an hour away with it two hours where was it a mile below target at which one target on film he's always work and where were you I was home in my in my office watching. Oh and yes I was not when the bomb on top of the pay attention to the race I was alerted to it and I'd watch him house and everyone else I was watching the marathon carbonneau. Four hours and right. And it's all of a sudden we all put TVs on the radio on and then end up in your read on for dogs yes for weeks that that's where it worked for most people. That is probably the way it worked for Kevin Cullen of paying a Massachusetts. I would think yeah. A lot away which followed up Emily where Ossetia on interest let's say rarely do we have that we play the sound real quick here. Of Colin talking about is firefighter friends looking for Jim riches like I would simmered if I ever had a chance doctor primer gory you'll never talk to me short which is sad for me. Laughable one I play this sound right here this is it. My friend the finest British Olympic drug. Carrier. To an endurance. And considered fit to be put it doesn't realize it would. He would actually food. He told me crawled out of the league's. It seems to his knees trying to find their way. I like it could side. Okay well he's talked about Sean O'Brien who. You know told me of course incurs Matt Harris was a firefighter did we talked to Mac he says he does know Colin Shawn never talked a column about that. Always I always use annoy you over use of cinematic one at that store to be true figured we get in trouble he told that's true so we spun yarn. About chain Richard and a leg and Richard family in stolen valor for some firefighters did one. And that's it it took burglary okay which forget everything else for second defend that might walk me through that I. Let me know how that works mister Pulitzer mister Frick and Boston Globe mr. spotlight. Walk me through how how how how does that pose at the fair for me everything else almost doesn't even matter. Well. I would say the same thing to Emily Rooney Dan Kennedy sure those other panelists say the same thing to. Everybody at the globe who wants to defend color one of The Herald an important year at our station. Explain that. That was completely fabricated. This is a pretty serious story right I would say the mayor of bombing a city injuries inflicted by. On Jay and rich are a serious story in this city last fifty years now and he is injecting himself to and making still making up stories. A chain Richard is that game is to become more closely involved in intertwined with the bears tied up all right that is so that's it's that he's doing it for a mile away his old problem we talked about a Friday and what he's may result in a different awards on things you wrote from the marathon but things that did not happen and you watch election though all the time all the time of Colin. Of resolution on president Richard this guy's different the sketch of front line. He's front and everywhere he goes every firefighters police officers union rep politician ever won the masters right every. But that right there is not true he's not friend's child bride that's a lot John Bryant did not. Pick up Jane Richard L did not crawled miles to go on his hands and knees looking for a leg now that is a lie any respectable it makes us a line and vote. Whatever the weather but that's lying about the most serious story and that it in our lifetime. Attend lies to as we've gone over he says it in a week when we shot close friend Sean puts the machine down here and don't you realize that it legs gone well. Is Paterson told me. Anybody is Indians here firefighter we know right away I mean lake is gone you think there would be blood you know like it though. Don't try you try to rescue. Paterson and bring it was but. The only channel Bryant to these crawl it's such for the first line he saves a life is his friend Sean O'Brien talked to Sean O'Brien Friday he's not friends with Kevin know what goes on with Kevin talk there this tips that's it what you say friend it makes again you've seen closer to the story and you really was Conley isn't that what to a column stuff over the weekend. In the US it once tortured when you're that long speech that Irish. Geez he talks about you know it's it's it's great you we should should be should ten to monetary talks about. I could a firefighter can be taken test is set to go major. I knuckles before we got it in my mouth if I can't wait a second call on the script we wrote Friday that Israel gets confusing so he really set that yet equipped. After college what back personal records he's recorded play soccer by US which may or may not be true after graduated. Are you a backpack and while the fight is family one of some bars and where some guys noon at some guys you know some guys do is uncle whose grandfather. It's it's it's awesome it's awesome it's hope it's told just to make an up one story after another and why not. Why not. He's winning awards he's making money. These stars famous. Two interviews people see him on the back in every time he writes. It's thousand tweets and are you can't hit me right worker or depart on time being back there. Mean he does beat the press at one point we play the entire fingers as panelists who says how emotional does and yet he got immediately rode our culture Redd common to people agree with on the I emotional arena on Coleman to amid some guys are great fiction writers. You read them and you know Colin I think it's pathological I think you almost can't help of self but in the newspaper business I could be wrong. I believe there is somebody between the person writes in and gets to the actual newspaper itself who checks things that are in. Not short session sounds familiar it's a great position there's not a good idea that waiters and we've read that and say. Well maybe someone who was afraid to confront coat offshore. Haven't this is does not ring true. Or Kevin you weren't the finished how deep east the finish line when you weren't there. Treatment care and it's impossible for his son to go over the barrier run out demise but in the case and I understand. At that reads really nice and really sweet and really syrupy sentimental everything it'll get people emotional over something it didn't happen at all. Creating false emotion over the Richard family she likes to do for some reason. But you know in any you'll register your time he'll finish and walk back out you know not releasing over that the particularly year old boys running to the finish line at that point the people. 500 runners and what is going on the other way what do you do and they would god ask cops when they get off course here. Like that would never but Collins world. It seems really great like it love for that to be true but some scrutiny care that's what he does and when you get away with a for decades why not yes. Who's gonna call you. Perk if you and Curtis. Didn't. He show. Didn't column on on this. It could go along his merry way you don't call today and I McCollum today badly about some bogeys some some guys being shut down by the man no he's got a friend is out in western mass who you know will bring him. Buddy is from from back in the day he'll talk. And Tommy's fight this battle against this guys really did Tommy don't you. Yet moat may not play well we'll leave that up yet as a whole battle back and forth he's defendant little against the corporate courtship of specifics but you know be Beckham story and you'll get a thousand tweets like great call on the field re tweet them pithy and box right yet fossils say well done you know no efforts I airline people defend. Paula I think one of these banks it on the panel Tomas and to some extent this week emirates and well the metro others at a metro guys almost was to be storyteller you know it is. No more room available because it's a couple stories each week it's really hard to do. Looks and her Tomas he said he wanted to understand the other suggestion is that other metro columnist have had illnesses yet that's the problem that's what the globe. As such a bad reputation. It's like the home office. 44 fiction writers and play jurists a tactic they should be more vigilant than any newspaper. To not allow another fiction writer to occupy that space wrecked mis unforgivable. And I'll be ownership is different and me him many management are different. Can you believe this fraud is right against same space and as Mike Barnicle perhaps the most. Notorious plagiarized. This can't I don't think he's I think his crimes or is guys are nothing compared to this nothing. Mean he was lazy he made of people that article would not be stupid enough to insert himself I don't think in America on I don't think he would say I can't do that. I could get caught it he says rampant and others also eagle involved in court like Kevin Collins was assassinated and had itself and what how how is Albert gets picked on Saturday I was column said. The differences particle knew he was full he knew he was a fraud he just but he could get away when. The glory like leaves that he some great. You know giant in journalism that he believes. That you know he is pitching he writes somehow necessary parts. We're to a 2018 when newspapers are fighting to not be fake news that your you'd be okay. Let this happen over and over again and not the existing dolls U2. On a daily basis or three time however many times of days a week a right. You have to come up with this sort of like working man slice of life kind of salary that. A lot of days it might not be there. And I always read those columns like they generally quote like cops firefighters are priests that seems like there's a lot of those. And when those people aren't named. And maybe it's because of our own stuff that's come before us but I just have I read it and cuts very skeptically at the answer that's better that's better statement he's right. Is saying is we believe he's saying is he never believe Colin welcome back. We have more problems is job. But yeah. It's true. We knew that column you and I talked about above the kid the adults met Lee. He calls a mentally retarded adult casinos. Natixis whatever money is no balance in 2007. Buys gifts for this family's house burned down the whole thing ring read mostly. Rings untrue what can read some related C I think at its core and actually probably happened in effort like he had it will be a form. But call it takes it in and says okay let's digital arts economists are right my way around anything's insert things that are not real right is this dialogue between. The mom and the sun some Chinese restaurant and stone well I mean why. So English are totally gullible stupid there. Emily Rooney had been Kennedy well Larry there are relatives friends and you've read that folks in with certain skepticism and now. Anything that writes to me it. He should never write for the globe again I disagree Kobe does he threw. Just to meet you but who's gonna read. And believed all he'll be a big red now they'll be fine toothed Combs and magnifying glasses what I could really use you visit is his life is over he keeps his job. You think our guys are people he writes stuff when not go through every were Obama to every single word it's important it would be tough. Notes and we're particle be tough to actually have to. You know be honest nice after years and years of they can stuff up is any more specifically illegal Phil anymore specifics on the stands out you guys wanna hear from us. Yet but it's at the end through any entity below the three person that some say one point that they. It's hard to remember where you were that day here. This'll be in the downloading of like this this older we get 6177797. Additives good sound. But we have trendy and if you would be shocked that this. So Trevino says she knows me well. She knows generation knows the show she knows how we operate. And then there's Kevin Kolb doesn't really separate pens and sort of and wrote this thing opponents of the middle marathon bombing trying to morning deals tries to make you believe if she's from Boston she's Boston's strong in all this stuff. Which side attributed taken Hulu. I can't wait to find a tough call is that so trendy again proved to be a fraud. On this we'll play that sound as well engine Marjorie all the stuff and don't Morrissey a seed tweets we get to the Bruins. Every game tonight that the Bruins could the Celtics a look at this a tough loss yesterday amiga box out. Have to get anybody in that situation you're due out. Our last play for more us. We'll get to the Sox who suddenly their bats have gone colds. And outraged about that are you talking and on site I am from Toronto I'm worried because mu keep that has never and that arrest. That's true who was he going to be fresh fresh as can be I'm into all that and more. Say yes I'm fortunate never like again I never like to see somebody. Feel they need to do that you certainly don't like to see some of these their job which hasn't happened yet but possibly can happen here at that system is an unfortunate day. What if they will say what was they don't do their job tell me I mean what's enough I'm just saying as Sheikh. We'll be back again. Sure those who are sure fun OK good I mean I mean how many times on K you can you play that any aired as they worked on the you drugs or say dinner were general and probably most. Can you play that I think we played against I'll try doing this to me. Because I wanted to I work one hour or dissect and analyze we get texture in the break from her pills or from our program director and and other big other shows at the view at that no no and we would neither we just follow admiral it was a two week. Texas guys or why an injury cross town for twenty minutes of the wise how trade press injury crop question it'll be a goaltender on the road in the playoffs why because nobody why all of us the program director or the general manager when that happens people off of them all when you when you. Break stories okay make national news same thing happens week after week after week you do the same thing. In your charge of directing program and would you say do something else I would but you know that's me of the region play that's pretty good quick. Say yes and it's unfortunate Aaron like I again never like to see somebody. Feel they need to do that you certainly don't like to see someone lose their job okay hold on hold on a like a Jerry sandusky bluster. I was too that region Israel. Did turning nine win Charlie Rose lost the turnover Matt Lauer. Losses childish mind that well yeah she's gonna do it but to you guys are at their back right to. Did she mind when Harvey Weinstein losses company. Did she I hate that cliche that you hate to see someone lose your job. If someone is. Convening a crime. If someone is out with she's be specific is making up things and presenting them as facts or plagiarizing. Or are committing any number of offenses. You hate to see them lose their job. What kind of journalist do you try to if you if you don't want a guy who is it total fraud. Whose job then you must not take journalism very serious. That you and me it lets him live very limited action space alleys and it really nice guy we have all our analysts see nonstop all of us accurate I'd. We do per week we contact rob. Or we blow it to David you've reacted can be delivered in nature beat to beat the column or table Kevin don't take him down I didn't realize that the Thomas road. Do you metro and if you times news nice tour I told you realized that it eliminates. Everything else I know trying to lives in her bubble rules self involved trainee world. I happen wanna jump in I agree there I apologize to him Colin I apologize for the globe. Let's make sure of three state Colin please complete and those we paints a more snow started getting paid. I didn't realize. Hitting women are actually trainee who generic and at times they met he was really nice to hits completely 1000%. My fault. I apologize Q I saw victory yet and make it we stipulate to it's just for the sake of the story that chemicals and nice. And Kirk Manningham has not you've heard that for everyone with a great column this rate I'll have some time he seems like such a great teacher and as I call it obviously does not aware because of her but did he tweet stuff about us and for the company's troubles just care that right alleys and it really nice guy people who work piccolo Cinderella like and respect and one person you know we're globes it's an accident. OK stop stop and he is an hour. Who cares these are nice kind of people the globe. We're talking about is interaction with the with the co worker were talking about he's writing we're talking about his. That opens the CIA's friend works there's never going to be critical blue globe. That's. And separate the globe from column if you want what is now known out of them might be critical they want tiger here Meredith and others I know who's gonna push Kirk over the edge in the probably swear. But I can hear more from off from training ship your mind. A friend of mine report the globe and like respect him and so it's really. Even if you make a mistake I don't. Like to see someone who can she stop Stiles is an outlet I don't know that it okay now come on suck up Politico. And anything you can take our place but who generally makes the right decisions I don't like to see someone named him. Oh well well well what all can I reactionary at torture and those that got him work react to what you talked enough trying to drag through the Monday the patriots brought the market for pay attention your draft. Let me just say it's okay. Iger return. Right now I apologize that we get the Bruins. I'd like to tell us is to complaints and he's what's that's what's jumble of personal she suggests for second heart might be in the right place. And he made a mistake a mistake is if you said Boston Marathon happened on the Tuesday than Monday and went through. A mistake would be if he said among the races 26 point 426 point two miles. I put yourself in the middle of the story increased heating. He seemed Jean Richard in line up overture running the marathon in talking with these firemen and thirty other things we can talk of eagle all of them kept calling your. Is a mistake he's lighting. He's hiding he's a high here in my opinion. He's in there in my week to week. That could hold training we know what she gets up to I know this my opium Jim Marjorie days from Libya. Other and I I need to know list of the why. His name being dragged through the month of stylish and read the entire course not so why would she do that I don't like to see someone named actors and really did you not like to see. Name Harvey Weinstein served them cherish and test your Matt how Aurora. Kevin species name already on the market showed that you don't like teach you like seed Donald Trump's name dragged through the mud. It's and when you. You know what you're implying when you say some of them straight to the month slide the bigger critic you you make it seem like it was unfair yes yes I'm just. That they may have made a little mistake but they didn't deserve this. Harsh treatment. With Freddie dragged through the mud we have more from turmoil coming out China should do show it doesn't last and we criticized shall backtracked. Associate re actually backtracked Ed's editor in Ottawa I don't want to hear anymore. That's enough from the on that threatens them mud issues this time. You know when someone. Is committing this year. It's kind of professional. Blue please business this kind of a malfeasance. We should all want them lose their jobs right now like to see someone lose their job so which took especially so honest journalists honest journalists and I know there's still some in the city. And hurled at and that girl made TV stations. Maybe radio stations and about the globe put their might be who knows. Probably get laid a pretty good enough to find out but in my twosome on those honest journalists out there. And they would you have to want someone like this. You culled from the hurt don't you you don't want team. Well what Trent I we're friend best friend just as a Dario has its stake master what's the individual isolated state. The need to be placed himself for the scene he was an app which of course was a state he did that. Four clearly learned in the other papers everything else in Wichita and other way Colin tweeted that he likes training. And as a child and Kayla and there and my eagle and there you go back alleys and a really nice guy I'm really nice guy. Equity you don't lied about fire where we out Boston Marathon between out once or station go out of business from the racist but equal and I understand it even if you make an estate. Okay here what's the mistake dummy what's the mistake what's the mistake. What is it. It's that's why wanna get an Oscar Mayer and Jim and Marjorie can tasker now should should all hear from them is show goes on as an hour to come. 6177779. Through central to back opponents like only recently. On any us from the get to get back nights we wanna get too grumpy I would love to defend them and you were to just because. The gang that the mob us. Part of that and piling on limits of the owns a big deal but it's a defendant's enough power is easy but it's a good month gonna defend them that model we get back. Much in here announced often sort of defend grant we know some talk in 79 days later they're spot 7830 at W guys respect. Religion I did amazingly yes Christ are an hour to.