K&C - Kirk's favorite Sox topics and his official 2018 record prediction 2-19-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, February 19th

Hour 4. The guys finally roll up their sleeves and talk Red Sox from Ft. Myers, going through all the big topics. Kirk has a tame record prediction for 2018, and the guys find out about a possible media standoff between Dan Shaughnessy and another member of the press.


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kurt committee. And Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Joseph the trade deadlines coming up in those regions of yourself very rich in their chemistry of this achieve this we need to be careful. Before we get in this specific players do you think the Bruins. Should be buyers they and if so what what position what direction should be looking. Yeah I think you're absolutely should be back then in the I didn't feel it. It's so that's being able to the band. Women who have below what we're. Where am I just escaped somewhere I'm back now where or when the scapegoat for the nice salacious that was wasn't. That was us two hours ago. Cigarette Connecticut shows laughed and had fun we've learned. I've enjoyed a majority of my friend Jerry Kelly in the crisper display different layers. Back in Boston in his hero just get that is our right rob Bradford. Who looks very almost two. BC know that you rob rather scrape my old school week it's typical. But it repeats for the last part I still enjoy reckless or just in vitamins are excellent perfect there by myself this is. Working perfectly. Peeks out easily go to beat the problem Obama getting there by thirty so let's get points. It robbed what four months Doherty. It's an issue and its mission to try to solve. Once again it to do every year speaking or hotels except in places that Berkeley stop there later there was a whole new air repeats all the way to totally. It is all new building walls and on those. In the don't roads. No matter is sport. It's literally. In port Meyers beach. You what you get trapped politically or take half today are one big traffic player and Marco Island. How is it. Seven you're good it's hard way he'll what you get off to Google screw acute Porta farms. On the hour how. Yes she gonna. Cheese. Amman. It is shipped on to of that ocean front jacket like on it also what you buy. A signal. From now and 5% often problem. To keep it. You know why I've told this person at one of the perfect. Get marble ridge is poised for mr. Because it gets the gets a monthly choice saying it's. It's what's actually homeowner association buys most of its. It's. Out of their purple or about loved that house to main house in Florida. That's one. That's the problem there 43 technical accusers. And schools in the hopes. If a big issue well schooled and what's why it should be his portrait now. A much fifteen bucks to some of the third set up all the stores. All checked out. Do some of the year Whiteside Bradford to the owners talking missiles John Henry you know those guys at 10 o'clock that the owner. That's true she might be there Tom Werner Adams analyst. For the wants us all the people here I mean it's a two meters. 01 opening opening to a low blows people in this. Dated game scores two or four adults and forty dollars to walk I'll be all we know what the balls to say OK that's the that's a great deal on and on in Italy seven. Two walks around difference. He. Justice or pricing on the war ball park and see you know against. The bucks. This is this better tossing more poignant stuff. For me did you end porch that's. With its space. This is upon facility. That's what. It touches upon. It. Much that we had. I thought I'd ask I want it suggests moral argument all the new office. Every single it is a long time ago significant. This impact yes and well above our coverage. Was. That's what we have to talk the coaches the guys that's why what apple with the very latest the third base coach yeah Dickey. Redick yeah ports in the open coach and who. Nordson purist who took over for predict who's now that you select are considered a new coach talk about it and a change of life. In particular section or home and you're hoping to change this gets a conversation. The Red Sox and me we were really dug in and yet did you hear from its two big things I find. This offseason from the Red Sox. Almost to adjust and yes if I don't this. If I had a list of moves that mean the most to me. I mean bring mich two bags back jobs this. And I do like defected to stabilize or rotation and I like the fact if a manager who's not an interest on base percentage more will be aggressive offensively but I'm fascinated. Nay really fascinated to see. What that these two terms of production with a bad. The good questions. You realize that them yet I probably do. If cost Smith is healthy draped eighth inning right. On August. We instantly won our readers that he is rumored back mover and a spot you know the hole which I hope she gets six innings at your guys' hands over 79 -- and I managed care Campbell pitched for about eight. We stuck by his contract situation he last year this year. I mean wise that's why. Q do you start the conversation extend. Well I think we can mask. Dumbo that biopsy that he's on Wednesday and Thursday so you know was two hours. Part of the root is now. They're rooting notes to the questions asked. A time and then what six Red Sox call click here for you guys caught always says he gets. What's a Red Sox questions X what's at its efforts at nine. 790%. Six point 777 knives and Travis QQ do you think he's got to play a role here let you. I like this format bullets and exited the thing. Coming off a year wouldn't ratings were still. Good. I was asleep Richard who's that guy first of all I ask you this question who's the polls it's tallest of the course. Whose short shortest would be just. Any other questions about. Who's the leader. Leader of the team yes who. Question I would have to say. That's probably signal to those guys useful but part of the team Blake's one out of options. Now admits team are we dodger. The options now I don't. And assure its arsenal that it signed it Martinez. Yeah Italy disgruntled. Bears won't be disruption and that's the question you've been asking sort of this sort of the conversation is you mean. I talk to people telling me not change the people brought got to talk. Your report on the street they'll Andy Martinez Jewish it's constant right now was too scared. Right I think. I think personally for me the TSA guys while scrub all that's yeah that's. What sort of sexual nature real. I would say for me out probably consider it can and the catch. Yes sinks intellectual maturity twelve guys it's true years yes YouTube access in the that is read the book. So this whole thing reload again credit. Economic. The 4 agreements I am. I hit a rebel players awesome that you it was great as easy I hit the Red Sox right now I'm being conservative. In about doing this because of our relation with the team and what's going on right now I'm trying to be an optimist. Is how many wins I actually happened on 115. And 1512. Meeting with the daily spies. Fifty did you know that in he's actually get to that that those bats from its intolerable. The back page that it was back pigment the front page of the post this news. What should the Yankees and the record because it is it. Oh I'd Bronx bombers. And that's the I'll pay you like that murderer's row equipment like. That's one of the finalists yes you definitely key that's Ed and on the I don't I don't have an answer for them. It's to it's a really really really good question. And I have this other good questions hole I made a scan their jobs numbers or Red Sox. Fool. But I wonder about unions 00 he'll play early but what is due to clintons back right whatever stop wanting to order I walk around. The question again focus of the joy it would sell this passion where he has. You look to god I think his platoon guy Richard. Yeah I think he's. Ahead of debt is a mean what do I mean that's there that's really of course we hear another one ahead of devers Ebbers was third. Third baseman. What would it mean unions can play third so Detroit's second of natural mr. Nunez the short short not quite right last year but yet it's usually did you're right field last questions or elite and catching wind is you gonna go one guy are you gonna keep the 5050. Like what you said it protects them on this question which had one. He's going forward is all beamer always somebody become the guy yeah alpha dog. We'll find out right and that's what happens with Swire he's out of options okay I'm no new news that it's bad site notes below. And equipment we did sign early on they're not convinced wire second base were needs some meals well it's wires like basic. I wonder what Resnick Steelers get a little white wonder. Do you think injuries could be a factor no I don't know I don't I don't know what it's X-Factor at all on the right spreads without them. Good question David Price that I've been leveled out and kick in from Bryce runs like you. I tell you that shot himself through. To the answer all the what's what's your question. David Price according to Austral will not up note let's contract I'm sure it will not sure he goes 22 and six. I definitely. Harper's. No he will not like could you pretend price that just wouldn't work out this route and make moves two and that was part of sorts against let's get a chance to see what happens that we know wallets and and bad since I think that when 93 games to three adversely we estimate it to go on this idea because they have not. These new guide change. You know it's Evan maybe open and honest dialogue while. Good question maybe will a month. We've sickening Marty o'clock well who else we requesting Rhea can confirm yes for this week we. A symptom tomorrow and Chris Sale. What about that its webos for sale. That was part of earnest discussion butler's interest that was we did that suits him unless you are missing this year so worked. Such as the trees driving down the highway. Appointments are certain who I know that's now Alex. A signal to cancel out this poem does that really matter. Mean really is a really matter what else so it reached out were asked and requested for David Price to. I'm sure that's the if you really confident with a bug. Angie Martinez. An idea. So can you imagine key measure for action here Judy Martinez. Who nobody bossy I mean everybody in Boston cares about right if he actually signs a contract and we're here to imagine a crazy you can stay in the wild. Mobile incredible. 94 year old from from Maine to Vermont again high five each other retirement homes you need to be a little bit of lift in the day. The restaurant has an island little neck of the woods. It was an amenity in the head no new guys that all sex and team that's a question and answer. For the manager. Trivia flagrantly. Who's now he's open. Gary Redick and I show a Red Sox also get to bring it back six once had it's good it's different and it's over. Pete is a great teammate he's great to work with I love or for the guy because he wants to do everything. And makes us work for me he's a beast he's really he he he just chill was below he gets involved are a million hours early says a million hours late. He's indefatigable he brings great news to them to the beat you know he he really works it. Shaughnessy talking about who you talk about. It PDA. He has. You guys who I've been here are some juicy shot. As specifics people handle that on their own voice and juicy Shaughnessy. Rumors yes so we not talk about that. And we can talk about and others that it was that ought. Altercation between Shaughnessy and W yeah personnel some of these on the air for WE democracy who it is but it wasn't me it was and you entered Fort Myers in the years since some television work and play the market yet. Again I'm not gonna bury anybody that's a Howard who I know a note to never it was an Everett goes. Goes to an average at best always in the middle of a promise he called them called shank music sank. So Shaughnessy got confused and say dad that's that's one of those things he's had not sent check these things now that's my nickname some low hanging fruit were there other witnesses to this confrontation. Yes yes excellent little news other people coverage yet she's. Yeah Shaughnessy is as we note in his note he in cuts its front of the vote. Loved loved loved of the look at that subscriptions and it's recent struggles instructions that ought. Me too coverage this week on the fashion industry. It. Is ironic. Not at all and a teenage girl not. Some little doubt I think after the show today. The owners are talking to our house. Arrest or animal. You do you find some prospect. Is known amusement right good talent you do you're on those like I thought you mean it in the news. It deals that went to new. The performance this. All these. So if nothing happens and care and it in my case it advance the story might teach Tennessee it's the personnel yes. Oh this. Is were critical said yeah I'm not sitting on each side. And whoever did wrong I love the army technical reason you I don't think it should be yeah. To. I. Well we are all really G jury report every. What you've got. I really thought of the globe because you set up a different voice. But that didn't actually change at least in outlook Boston. This summer New. York well let's just watch. I. Now all the her sparkle on the fashion yes yes. It's about time someone liked that I advocate I think it's important to you at its about time that litigate if you look at it is always. There are many. Homosexual and in the first one to be publicly out Waltz is my excuses will the kid kissed his portraits skier. Correct yes. Yes that's in the one who hates twelve. I mean it's pants right he's already clinched the ESP you know anthrax why you know if you went to the and I picnic in the vice president. We you you really does not as a vice presidents and nothing else watches out as a watch skate at all. Definitely got our invited us that shower is a big night never Mike Pence is in no way. But it could have a record like that does not sexually attracted him to ridiculous is that written baseless charge Marquardt. Unbelievable late career move here's the Spittler already dominating the assistant coach. It looks like for the kids yes fails or fleiss yet it is obvious that ball got here. On the offensive line coach. By the way he's got the ones allowed to bring the ones. Which are all this they'll know not all of them just wants one. The one on my teachers. Would you rather have to keep schools but it happens to fine. What I mean you ought. I mean what what's more electricity goes out done the teacher has some legs are adjustable rates in the style that's brigades group responsible gun owner that's ridiculous if you think this coach. Eric. No no it's else now I don't watch and now I don't like guns and schools at all manage them and not guess what I'm not just a couple that got good. This is a great guy gave a slight. Should win the other day or two or it's that cute cute its patents that go out. That's my choice. But it's great. The goal. Alex anyone's I don't know I went into the job and what you yes while unfortunately I'll start to walk. So a walk at church I was watching snowboarders into the air again I guess so in the I can't tell. Whether that. It's skiing and snowboarding. It's judgment time watching it like I don't restaurant like the race is let's start totally. When you are conceivable race rate you union sees us. Individually the skier in the world for 32 rescue noise on just glad that you want to afterwards skip in the White House ceremony that's troops if you say if you go out on the wrong wrong don't lose. That is shore I don't know who invented the 35. One I would agree. On this kid who's at me with a few pence. That's deficit. It's good luck but I was I would say this bowers openly gay guy the might have noticed in its last saw what they screw that's fine. That's does nothing. Nothing to ski. Yup it is as it always has been openly against homosexual. He's homosexual the vice president United States whose sexual yeah both are. I mean I mean is that just. So what I object to the of his wife Reynolds was called mop mommy mommy that's we have some weird mother. That you call your wife right now you know weird. Yes yes alone another element that's a force apps price that's good out to be another man. First it. So so that if this guy's fight as the United States doctor adult child's future health drops bid. Then you know you get this current situation in homosexual. It does not of course he does Jared what is legislation Indiana can add to homosexual agenda would be like him. In Saudi Arabia I think he's I think it would be added Michael Oren weren't for the while buildings in the work. I saw the Super Bowl that will be at Indianapolis they pro gay guys who have stayed zone read her. It's. Let's say no one would call moderates and as usual you'll wrong always let's talk to block New Bedford about. Yes I. Well it is great Blake's wife like together relief pitcher. That's a great good collapse would you like what what what pitches they went about seventy league it's what tickle your fancy usually. Yet to betray. The Internet. Prospector to. Yet Oberlin. Yeah which this. Is that would excuse me just. Not a good one weakness that we have is pitching pitching depth that the Midas who lives lots of prestige right. I suppose. Yes that's that's the beauty make Alaska last general manager boat that there's excellent. Production commitments. We have a pull up this year 2000 what do 100 votes. 54%. Say they do not want might be permanently remove public animosity policy. Which are that. It was Mort you thought the 30% and one model that's amazing that's more an anti in my vote and it's one reason the other issue. Yes we have Stephen Wright as a unit deposed by MLB. Two good question I would say. You know is that say about the Red Sox he's framed it hurts so I would not. I would say that the Rockefeller get the job. No it was domestic Eddie with the that you're. Really have different views two very fringe player injured player is different your equity is gone he's NFL reversed my original stock. You know people's army but that's important it's 60777979%. Diverse successful day one thing all the guys and oddly Dustin Pedroia it was good cars trapped in these live. It's different guy now a law relaxed reflexive. Jim Rice is excellent I kept in the old guys and o.s X do X. To do it was due off one arm. And made as of yet next person Torre back between earlier. We know us. Who's we QE radio show cushion for here on the show he's not much they will be on with us again from morning to listen please. And AM tomorrow morning you'll hear from him. All day but no days off for us. Will be an interesting show. Interest yes and then we might hear more of the conference race. It shows them that can ever yes to this article about me may have us as a heavyweight match that it is. Real change. Torch should note that some gifts to us we never see you feel like. It's like. Something comparable. Music movies and sort of its. To be Bruce harmonica single player on. We do that means it means you know. Keith moon's news writes maybe episode that itself. Means anybody on earth do any better than to never calls baseball now I think that on May be just realized that we get them again as I requested this year because there was some talk that maybe you know. As simple if if those guys are back come out. About I have a job sealing. The brick your good friend and try to be a tragedy certainly try to commit to catch up next and then. I think Dale Hall Iran with its rich keep my friend Ricky if you are excellent you relinquish all looking for help put us about the action during. Show little ones in the other than it's really rich. So potentially shoot well known as. What's wrong and you look these guys have been I did I just I just because any worlds apart and no I. Have lost down locker below bet I was a close. It's good to see what's what was left this house them. It was you know he wants to vote by. I didn't I did yet you're good conversation good guards productive yet you know what you punt productive the word of the day. What's it was a productive. Yes towards Jews and Christians ready to go I yeah I'm excited just talked a little bit of bone were ready to already rock and roll ex. They guys are next in the Richie symptoms normally it will have thoughts away led Marco Hernandez and a no doubt no but you're not. Get Markel and yes you can listen you can have Markel to give you enough to Marco Hernandez should not do it hit me so that it's that lately and they don't like it sue AMR which are. I could do that you're talking what this Friday. We do this. Why why can't we just like you get somebody you guys have got everybody will see who you expect today and you took everybody that we wanted to talk about it markets. On the news on the wanted to gonna get somebody can whoever I don't get tall order. Yes we need to. That I'll never backed by its believers who see a difference in regions of sitting right there. We'll never get their parts of it be up to him that I'll never get past me that guys are next. Make sure to listen to them I'll portal join them as well as many other people who who else was there on Marquardt at our. So witnesses recently to Willis you know let's wait right Johnson City where it right jobs but upright a look at the actual Celtic I get that wacky joke Kelly. My thoughts small other one we don't yet Joseph Kelly cut to goes out and not just. Just saw. Life why. Why would look at this was the top reference to vote for. Ortiz and immediately plug up all out I got to Coutts is the largest two bedroom house you've ever seen it like but the players 5000 square in its particular. Questions what's it like racquetball club walked in it was for the betterment strict limit to touch what is the example of that place. Yeah I'd. Culprits. On that those of you lose the streets I think people back tomorrow morning six toxic and he would join us by the it touches upon.