K&C- Kirk's in a good mood; Curtis stood up to Gerry 10-12-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, October 12th

Hour 2- Gerry's not happy that Curtis stood up to him, and Kirk is in a good mood this morning. 


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Stern can. After some thought processes. That we a lot of different things have become involved if it's best for the football and I'm not gonna share backs yeah. I mean those are things that I keep to myself telescope I don't think you get in a particular instance I'm not gonna get in the particular situations. I'm not gonna get into anything beyond that other than a lot of different factors. Thanks for that died from Gerry Callahan who watched Garland kept her neck. And I thought it was terrible what I did was taken out of context and frankly the NFL should have suspended him for one game at a would have never done it again. And it's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they wanna write fake news segment that Curtis pulled out forum we. Media is bad there really dishonest people these are very very dishonesty and Kirk Manhattan trainees can be a security supervisor BB victim blaming Callahan tomorrow are we asking for a right again Callahan that there were number of people who could have stopped this guy you have to ask NBC and NBC executives that the details taleo Ben Affleck yes it's a little. We most. You know you know. We as women have a long way to go woman suffrage on Sports Radio W. I giggling. Six cent. This is. That is what he did a he was just yeah a down harder on jail yesterday he was all fired up and I still want to learn trade rumor here and got suspended due to sales at. Would dale do. Following dale called you know dale called scary aim low ranked like you know worst raiders I'd watch out. Would you can't say god I thought he was gonna come out hard now yesterday unseen Gary ought decide they call a little trouble that's like it's all there are called home and talk to them. Well. So one professional partner as they are really eating like again like cereal bar everything. Time tang way eats on the air soon and there's just me on the radio yes I am and criticize you you rip tang was face of what eats on the air and now you're reading on the air I show. You're not putting beef jerky inside of hard boiled down best so so heroes so it's it's it's really shouldn't have to watch me in Kirk's defense in the pro team by and that's okay. Let's talk Gary Eads. Horrible things in the fall out of multiple rules on these sets are biting and he agreed that it's so gross tonight it is is an acre land. Squishy yeah unanimously to keep. Playing the food is annoying and he's gotten beat Turkey in the middle of a sandwich sought yesterday I told we talk after the show he's actually ease at which an Angus tightness. It had blocked it right I say this and I'll tell easily keep Tuesday. Clarity shows week recruiting is the best. Provides the best and that's but hers and his the one thing assay for charities and anguish they just is there a case of here. And she lied and I don't think it says back. Don't get pregnant and it's not all of that group here's how to. I'm gonna focus now and then the cover so let's talk did you talk to wasteful showed a call back because that's the only manager to let you experience. By the way Brad Ausmus and like his chances in the little room minority candidate. He happens to be Jewish American. A much more mine are basic. Baseball. In Dominican guys is a look at it that much for would be like. This a white Jewish guys who beat him and he managed like the Israeli Olympic or something like Google. These lights you right. I didn't like it. It's. Hard. Other than CME it was my junior who is a black men are less physical part and the facility now I got. Jimmy Davis. That's a sterling. Adults but his real name of the way that can't be re on the law school it's not a mountainous. What is he saying I don't remember that number we don't open lacked almost makes me overtime. Can handle it. No I don't actually actually his real name Donald vocal yes. Why sterling to go to name. I don't know it's kind of a cool namely its. I might Moskowitz agreed last change minute Moskowitz did you shouldn't hurt or Moskowitz. Lots of Bosco it actually sounds pretty good Harvey Weinstein of the changes name because he's so you know. He's such a product of Hollywood what the existence no heart Dirk Steele welcome. It. Harvey shipments of greatness is dirt still the I. Which is worse Weinstein Harvey. I am Harvey does a bad name Harvey is kind of an old games and minutes yet we've held marketing dollars over the over the years doctor talking bullpen. Harvey. Right arm are back to miners back to me Hollis and I I saw assures coach who get off the hook because he's white. Or get punished as White House who I said neither. The Sydney about forgive me made that up that didn't happen it's great news that's okay impression he's a Christian I'm a Christian I respect them I like income you do yeah. Now I do. We told me off the well I I did not I'd I'd never told you that off the U. Very detached pocket picked like it. Yeah you right now I'm just saying that because it does Kuerten once and I like we Kirk's a little militant a little word to him. Might have like a really great run is done. I'm so what happened now you rate yourself annually under 150 now or some pointed out we heard this Kircus food issues he's. I'm manner I know I just he's he's he's anorexic just each a lot of play I he's almost six feet tall and weighs 16162. That's either you you have EU disease or needing to sort of us once you Electoral. College one bellies and how would you. Almost one Phillies and bellies and boobs that you do. Managed to officially I can and other militant groups and perfect you know what if you'll always shocked and now I'm right where I belong. I'm taller than you and I win more than you or the means to you belong somewhere remained. And that. You can only ask. And finally now that saying no wait volume and it affects your ideal weight charts this government really totally got it right we cannot I Eads Sternberg said he can't wait now you have issues. He runs twice today would you agree that you twice it to have been lately and try to you know that's right as a sleep better. Question for you trying to. Question sleep you sleep like three hours and nicely straight to mind but all three hours' sleep bubble high horse and it's time that powers do you know if you ever known some analysts plus days in saint my blessed that I'd say Ryan site today but they're training Nike training camps ultra marathon goals. You read about this Muslim like a fifteen point. She's dishing out. Health education should publish and obviously but the champion and what's wrong I think he should get in the gym considered skinny enough and he did put some muscle. Started Johnson as I could runs me today. Stop him. Well I'm not. Scotland on this coming home from work it is half black black what times run with the kids or 9 o'clock around the Marty you would tell us. Not before I come here aren't anti am ashamed that but not that Corey outrunning your home today right on any of a normal day MC anomalies in an anonymous show like Singh. Mean 8:39 in the morning get your ass up at six to go around to another Monica look. Let's see your fondness you what when the couple divorced against well again I did she eat a diet a couple of any telescopes so anyway that's enough from giving credit to me from my composure views of what we do and if you couldn't form for not. Hacking took Ali which you would have done. That's good radio Richard good good good for you well done and I hired Jerry say. Yeah he's gonna you'll probably have to resign or loses job he's a white guy. And incentives in this economy is now on the defense and we are here for a moment. Gerry Callahan is giving Michael Hawley pass because Holley called them respect your racist again. And you pretend the scores different football game screens I mean don't what was going. On. You get mad and because he changed predictions and football hall of total racist and don't call gets excited double standards is ridiculous. He called what had Michigan where he remembered her deflate Caitlin people said Brady commission was gonna come down hard on Brady has. Black players are demanding it because they've been punished severely yeah I think that he's that kind of a dynamic in the commissioner's office with these things happen. If he goes easy on this guy and what's gonna give the guy anyway a year. Zambian Chris forced to. Coach or enforced by the way of bizarre story yesterday. These two kids have known each other for less than a month. This and Susan love's great while smaller. A source for this program teaches matter. When you're all popped up on cold and he's a flannel. Just matter and sending her video from doing lines he just manager and chief. Achieves its thirty years younger than he has and he's sending her this video like he trusts he told her he loves her. He invited her to London when they played one that anybody who lived with him and bring her friend. On at this the story so I'm. That sounds passing curiosity like just so. Awesome awesome odds are he's right now wherever he is in rehab my realizable sweetheart this girl clothing to the dark place yes he's been divorced for awhile was not right he's not cheating on his wife because Google's you don't yet it how it. It's gotten so. He's a wild man I want more stores like Chris Forester he is mad I was too. It this year that you should. And we keep active in this regard. The I'll. Romantic isn't it. It does 'cause you it's and once Alfred. You know what picks in the campaign. Would turn would probably more about me Warner audio line I'd do lines are. Harvey Weinstein has rolled around and either Iraq is playing there is neither operatives. You great stuff seeding also I also want that Miramax the planets and lobby are growing like wildfire in there just you had to pick one. Have to you know you're you're you're good eastern people feel fit lives on the line Harvey Weinstein is on trial. That's easy motor answer ugly. I I would have to actually have to probably go to town patio I asked we estimate because I question picked from two big. Because while trumped its costs mean he's laughs he is physically it was slightly less disgusting and party like it's my. Huffing and Rob Akins ruffle. I think Harvey Weinstein naked as a hobby I have seen nick dislikes and cut or use your lord of the ring asked from the middle earth. Is there an ugly man in your mind that once now that I come up with right now I mean every time he faces on television I can't pass always uglier now only was he in the week ago now that you ignore. The ugly guys every exists double than men that look that's a good look that's an emblem has to Jason Varitek that if it. Yeah. That and you know what probably smells. Problems or courts ordered rumors. As these professionals okay. Think I think so. A part we're Cologne. A trying to set grant hat on. The car doesn't work alone anymore I stopped wrinkle that we told you are locked in Cologne. Now why always the first. We made it because it just does stood up to me by the way you working afford a one of the things that. Gary Tang Wei as Barbara Streisand has the parents know American persons when the new eyes that I. It's it's a long stored but he caught up now and and why why why. Even with the words. April which picture we have now again it's the pale ale and Jia you like stale in the gem I'm telling you changed marchers. It's not that big deal it says it. Like stale and these and other stuff he had seen yes it's. When I said you know you can pick response ad is actually this is not the snub occasionally a producer has to stand up to us and I'm like Curtis and all. It what's wrong with you. Bachelor riding highs today in Europe and in you don't wanna make fun of anybody it was. I wanted to give Kurt I'm gonna give Kirk critic for the says that it was a stealing and my now that predicted I'll steal as much this Sunday. Amendment two predictions the patriots and the beat the jets. And something wild is gonna happen around the National Anthem what is notice it in it probably of accomplishment and tie that well to have that right forget it paying them. The but but there are other old if if it. Jerry Jones is kind of leader among owners Roy yet he and he has already said you taken the other creep you benched out there right top stories we're all creek total drunk on a broad creek trying to make out checks in the box that means you know and McCain's national center he's always a close I actors. He was worth the river walk instruments that they George I think it was the first gathered chose George Strait finale I have the game away from the 49ers are in DC against the reds cancer picks against the with the 49ers the gonna have more guys kneeling in trumpet blast them but Jerry Jones says he's going to bench guys who kneels. For all he's not the coach secondly is what is I was like I don't work. You're in the box Nazis on the winners either in the infancy and we held hands two weeks ago. But generally during the anthem is in the field now is probably a pox normally I would I and I guess that's why don't watch I got my heels is Jason Garrett under orders to pension plan to what happens if act pressed dot I said that's not gonna happen at every Brian Brian Ezekiel Alley towards it is utterly Prescott. But but but you know what test standards so. That happens he's gonna so. And it does take one from the communicated to to Garrett and nobody argues that will lower your I didn't hit of the wars and if he deals bench and of some assistant sees it goes over to Garrett Kurds has hate doing that every single players Anthony and you mean pageants her for what the the game. I don't know duty because here is thick. Is a workplace sushi I don't won't there be any misunderstanding. As to. Where won't the personnel of the cowboys believe. Did Tommy shut up you know so for jokes catcher series what is really for the yet but I I guess this quarter I hope he didn't did you was hampered. Well no because you didn't fall the orders of owner. And he told you just don't know master the master and I take such action yes got it that's happening at a key compared to slave mentality I agree. Back in the old days if you didn't listen to your master you would sit a series right. Yes and then geeky twenties that's right happened right yes yes it was occupied pragmatic and like 800 that we it 1000 that we can limit what actually happened back champions they would they would rate her wife. And big weekends away to appoint our orders to enjoy your fit right right yes pleasantly translate Metallica it's very simple dogs though a lot of parallels. But. This even without the cowboys it's gonna get crazy because trump I hope he's well. Tropics to winning issue in some ways it is for him it's working out well for him the majority of the public is on his side on this issue. And he. He think's going to war with these guys. He is great distraction from Mali and the things that are going on are far more important by the way it's something I understand slick and understand a lot of stuff that he like tax policies struggle with that right now. And that policy. It is understand I mean if I said one thing. About the fires in northern California now want what's he supposed to say please against them heeded our report via payment on board as a day ago. You went before that he tweeted about it he says what in the past pars or receive. America the fight to. I guess that is I realize this president is fighters are usually about Puerto Rico again as our staring at the Katrina again which ever. Because it's not that he is saying I was a guy edged clear and we talk with all the tribes of guided trip he said you sleep with that's true to say that. Look I can't hang out there actually doing all right how everyone's seen to Stephen Bannon who would you pick. On that. Ha that pistols well definitely the band and has connected to Weinstein which is I tweeted it suddenly get NBC interest in the story and then you want your time now I think magic bullet points and I picked by the way the podcasters comes up later today. This couple of side to answer some questions from the from blisters all the questions as Mary killed involved you Jerry. On two other guys and I said I would still you know sort of I'll go to the three of equality of only long face to face like a pretty mean. Well that history tomorrow speaking of which are tucked them re rumors that he's in the next week you talked to yet. Did you take my spot next week is that Saturday. An act and see it practiced. You saving the world began saving children. I mean homeless children which would you have seen practices this the Harlan who honestly the Donald Trump in writing other homeless children. It's fine. Verizon's for homeless children posed a homeless children where they'll say I'm Marty wants as the office. They can't police had no these are American kids stuff you don't care what they're worried about them. It's legal citizens home. Children a good other parents with them on the street and that without that yeah where their parents let their parents go to work and now this is a preschool. You're live from Knight rises right you heard it live. A lot of love and shelter isn't part its highest treason. I'm not entirely certain champion Amelie is genetic family shelter and I happily pines changes Amish. They're here Amazon than Sam not relive it and united are paying your raising money to keep them homeless Ottawa on can do homes. All he wants. Her husband Bruce asks you to do they give money. Rules the car bombs and organize global. That's very chart track that's next in the maintenance and in the miss today we're not going to be with us at all while I ate ice. I I am sacrificing my day for. For Alex humor. Sent someone else that decision has a big okay president of the talk dreamers well the that is yes. But I take anti is not a penny goes to. Let's radioed him and you know who's armory. To. Change. My nieces and nieces and tell us I mean poppy trade that regularly with. I've just chick Mariah Carey she's jealous or she bullies Joseph it's your work. It how did and I heard last week it was good show heard we're all gonna yeah that was a bad. That's a bit longer should do all our you don't you know I swear to god this is true swear to god I think human knows you know Joey few weeks ago said he's open with you guys. Now show you know now the Marc Jacobs. PG a tour now. I true all let's look at that plan back on the track highs in on that maybe write text me and then tell me that I terrible rocks your anti air now I don't I like I low light and an ice on Micanopy. If we confirmed that he's not flag should suspend yes I story I can confirm that he's just suspend yes so he will be back yet my understanding is suspended for the rest of this week. And case and felt that please four please there's a conflict you know. Part of why I was always missing from. I change my but that's around what is right. He doesn't just looks creepy and and sit there and she can sustain her matter but that same break any book yesterday I heard that more women are now coming out about him. That doesn't surprise me. Let's that's that's that is that is the one obstacle I would certainly say he's back next week that's as of now yeah there's room as we know that never one time home les. Right you're the first time you regard this as a random girl in the middle of the street North Hampton. And endure what she Kirk saw. I'll amend my question by what is this. Thursday Thursday by Monday who will of course Ben Affleck. Mark James or John Farrell cause we're to get dirt on all threat Affleck I think he'd be on the gunmen have a big stories a kind of you think he's a career Enders because it's close I mean Hollywood what's a career you know like Mike Mel Gibson's really listening and just a nominee for best director tipster who would you know what happened I was thrilled by his career was no Anderson extremely courier pause or block a suggests that career yet. A derail her what you what's the utility Affleck is it career derail killer yes in the it was odd on the other night for Brown's cable channels that lived by nice. After I left. Yet at that white plastic helmets haven't said Lawrence Judy you have to make out what was that what was geely maybe just estimated geely geely most among geely when he was costing supports our restaurant. It's true now that movie. Bombed right the bonnet was terrible book that's that is Lane's book yeah. But it was fifties mob as weird closed earlier work at all shot here ray tanner Lawrence thieves toward the. It's not part of it in north and I was around. Lose it'll look where the ball he says Ferrell when all this and Cecilia and I love apple thought about writing smears I'm all for Alex yeah. I don't there's a lot of it dried dirt on apparently you said he and an unknown. All the turn I heard you say says when you re heir apparent from the turn to must show he's said. That the club that the cheating scandal that affected things in the club set the early to write. So I can go to another level you talk to a player anonymously saying that at 50 or. Or one of these guys talked to a player's wife or something or somebody ascent that take it exactly. And if we. And yeah the globe just does with the Red Sox won one threats it's one that I don't think they do. Is people people don't like. Yet this isn't this like Francona I I kind of didn't handle it okay well I'll quit what you know Alex Ross magazine Roemer anybody if you call some lives you call some insiders you can do you could really smeared the man. And he might not be on drugs linked Francona. He's got some missions yes pain that's pain killers are legend headlines an extra. Let's get all the latest. Gallup I want update this once in stores open is at the half post were not injured think about it. Either people doing the best for chemists are wrong fairway and hope. And The New Yorker to consummate your commute times. Everyone that indices. Yes we'll get to that and more headlines just. See in the morning mornings which occurred in Callahan plus Sports Radio telling you. EI. This is so much talk and. I lost no what I thought why I don't vote question penguins and they don't play the good stuff we'll put them back that's. The new anthem when you say is so bad except that. The ball parks the game yes everyone sing along its it is okay but let's look at some of his again we don't hate that so much with in a month right. As all these colleges obviously Florida of their own in the Red Sox which Red Sox would do it taken them. I heard people say it's the new sweet Caroline yes. It's so easy to cities like Bruce you so many great songs that people don't know. Right I mean a million. Was this was Jason LD that's what made this helps out his version but the governor was kind of cool that was him where the only image results great moment. Great TV hurt you know sub in the American girl or something like after 9/11 when Bob Paul Simon was on. So policing. I think America. I guess fox Denver. A lot and forget it was great he'll talk remembered yes it is on assignment widget. And Miley Cyrus did eighths on Paul Simon song after or something happened. Yeah yeah effort and I was really cool. And any she sees in that case that she is really good really good and she's ultimately she's in for one wow she is strictly as a forty year career drug he. She's she's got her voice sounds rough ourselves park way the national section of the cigarette smoker dead. Worked for petty. 666. Units sold on about Ron. Anyway so while we like you wanted to eat I don't just say we really only a couple minutes for you take a break and we'll Huffington Post towards and that's not fight you fight about some. It is if yet if you just looking for cost of DH and the Weinsteins that it is almost a boxer. Box and yes I know which is great. Great much and how they're all McDonald's them out of it all on hold on all of I'll agree although I will agree there when assets whenever says that you know is about to get. ZoneAlarm on all how great their best all their best Simon Garfunkel about a whole notes at their best. Rather listen more home notes on disarmament conference game the overnight and Garfunkel and can be like it definitely six seats for Emily wherever I may find her. All that pretends that New Yorkers writer you know there were beaten in the graduate or whatever and intimate thing like mrs. Robinson bonus on indefinitely -- again now and diluted CDT VTT nothing out of touch you need to do greats in many German leaders agree has asked for a song. And hand man Maynard Maynard is a matter of race on a touch. She's on terrorism why there is terrible terrible adult education. Terrible outcome. Come in on the. It's. And souls. Subs no pushing no anger on our notes to shift the national I'm. Medicines and potential crash. I love to think that size. It would do this again with the new testament to spill. It is wanna know what direction are saying about Murray margins speak every speech or Reagan notre I would rather be to numbering. Erica you know he has a source told them. Hi I guess we want to Mark James Jefferson can. Sure it favors you shouldn't achievements is really I'm not going to outline DR McCain's idea as you like that. You think these is an arm muscle of the once thing. He's having a party winds did you come up with anyone as ugly however once to now in on planet earth nobody. Yet have people who apparently don't severely like yeah I. I don't data plan writer actually burns now I'm not in my street like you were born and that people juices got some. Yeah action writers had some yes he did a much blame in the respect beetlejuice. Pure digital hi he's alive while. Very pitcher Hank is that read the drug drug compared with regard truck or Tuesday which is to integrate the Red Sox beat an odd looking beat them mound appeared in particular it's regretful and wells Abraham Abraham Alex. I stream or speaker roster. Not sadly is around. How he did at Harvard that Shaughnessy they all seem strange that group who until these writers and to be sort he has the dunes and the be all image relic is like Ryan Gosling and he has plastic right. Who is the ugliest feet so I was second and this person in the world in the world yet he Abraham. Now I always have a second place person on the world's. Current. I think of a native of my grant Harvey Weinstein even prior to this you can't turn your stomach right right. If you just all of it on his detractors that he's not a cookie is about his crypt and who has before in new south Mark James. He's definitely creek there I think besides ugly isn't bad things right I think he's Lindsay likes a lot of people say this is true. As a twitters come Jessica white supremacists they're very strange haircut. Let's put me even and easy and guys in what do you brought I don't listen to him the full weight to front like he's Richard Spencer went after Richardson. Take the Spencer. Yeah you and I regret that we were about that plan rally a day training they were. 35 guys there for ten men I know she tweet about that your I did tweet about it that night yes account of its. I am. March games that's true if on this and I say let's give it a few more days. It is accurate and almost seems a little two week we may need to come up with something a little better or just very skin crawling effect for anyone who would come in contact with him as one quotes. Where would you live broadcast may knock off scooters type restaurants of course mark would pick out the ones women. That he was really into the start texting them a few weeks later the company and the contract slash Brandi what their radio station. Rumor has it Marc was being so awful to the women sending them harassing text messages and doing basically the exact same thing he did to this girl. Again that was a rumor that went around our stations I wanna say it was fact that those actions were very much in his. We're getting lots of nominations and it was a good question even Kirk didn't play along. Eight at ten names we wanted to do Michael Moore. Yes it is he's not forget it breaks Steve Buscemi. All right well accede to Shani is that we Steve. Amnesty Jared from most subway nicer than yesterday. Randy Johnson. Johnson. Previous oldest Nixon. Steve Bell bony. Public this one seal he has them assembly can. Do up until things going what's he got some disease was it like. Mr. Starr at the Redskins and other publishing something Popovich that's an excellent one. Popovich was awful us accounts I would make what I Jessica gets credit. Your equal opportunity and mean you're regrouping I'm Ned who are attracted by a lot of times shows just talk about Whitman I. There's no Islamic world and losses agrees. So is obvious ones out settle me down. Not mirror it's closely. She's agreed to discuss over percentage sex tape. Who goes to hadn't sexton who Washington asking is just fall off a walk a lot of Democrats and I hear how she was one of the first step up because I've written here. You know doubters like I'm good how have prime williams' daughter got on him that's right. So we have lots of nomination for the second agrees I got a question for you Kirk yeah we gonna go here but I'll take my broker he hits like an idea I yeah. Yes and AB here's Sherri I can ask Terry nice nice Thursday and skirt with a would turn the guys that they have this chemistry there but. Here's my idea on the fly this should be safe to eight stops and we do after the show meetings beetle like beating Somali parliament are now dead do you remember. The when the inside track. Once a month or months of you know it's attractive nor the gossip column I remember half gossip unlike now writes distance was there and fighting right now like this is girl doing that Maginnis is selling something that put the I think got in trouble ran against you have to lawsuit now somebody just something I don't insult machine with the threats about summits over the bowling Alley framing right it's it's not the same boat when they were good the inside track the best thing called the naked city power and we are well. We had a thing we do every morning when it came out we try to guess which I was you know that's not a I don't and a which one is the you know but it was anonymous. Gossip and it was hard core stuff quicker guy. Who's married with kids with that and in a Fuller god as a fan with a man TV woman and a man right I was being I was doing cocaine at work out of things I'll tell her the stuff. Really operates six again right at the pain inside track the center could take wanna take the chance I thought donor's table by the post because of PageSix another well yeah no I hesitated I don't there's lots of good stuff they have been number one the will tell you my state is a good day totally my fault alone no question but it's it's it's us it's actually pretty and intelligent and it's their they have lots letting your post you wouldn't think. Essentially to break on the front page and page six try anyway. Anyway what can we do than the rate hike in city we can't. Yeah and especially Jerry's not what we've done it like crabgrass polished that chitchat. So the naked city work people called in and so I saw this guy with his secretary in there were. Two drugs movement does gives us on the legalese nonissue and that is no names press reported to me you guys are gonna have you're Pittsburgh maybe immediately involved someone taking naked pictures of you it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot Edgar legal migration there yet. Most of staircase. Tim and I'll go ahead. To colonel Turkey lieutenant morning. Turkey it is expected you to come on today at any aspect chemical castration every minute on the play that you. I'm wondering why why I got an idea that perjury telling him that he blaming Ashley Judd for a happy. Blamed Ashley Judd knew that there it is the sheet to me. Well feminist I'm the only feminist here on the ground sculpture like yours that guides him and all of this isn't every man's fault that fair and do that too big there's some great guys out there we treated you well. A group general. I mean I'm not real Jarrett and she did Lucy you. Apparently hero and the Weinstein is it Ronan Farrow was the hero now I think he has. It's amazing thrown in the marrow again and Indian over the short Affleck and Xena repeated this story broke before Guerrero distortion from the rap on Waxman. On her sword of spite but she she's and she tried. I guess a there are no real dirt you know real winners in the story. As some whistle blowers now I take the bigger sorely losers in this story right there are no laws and we'll get them as well Tim what else. Just to double Briggs sultan. 22 quick questions returning how does that feel to be a guest on your own child and down. General oil on Harvey Weinstein record. But I novelist Ian so hard he wants to go with Ryan Gosling and lead them. I mean no doubt and I probably. I gotta be honest I'd probably rather make Jen she's pretty. That's through managed a pretty girl to a range of exhibition area I rather do that and are Weinstein is pretty gross can definitely be alone actors you know maybe a onetime payment. That's in the girls miss US mission. They still see his face Mel has brought up in their manners hosts who drew hundreds of homes and repentance are our three's next.