K&C - Kirk's podcasting presentation; Charlie Weis speaks with Albert in RI 9-8-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, September 8th

Hour 2: Kirk's podcasting presentation; Charlie Weis speaks with Albert in RI 9-8-17


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan but Sports Radio WEEI. If you're a woman. And debris involved in the water out there right now we're. A fact here is I think it is. They. Guy. What if he's able. That easily done it. Forget. Want more say. I'm good. Maybe that worked it was it was our guys are solid play Glenn. Once you tell us that didn't work and why did you force that on us that might bestseller this work. Hey first of all the better the only point you sound like Tony Robbins when they asked to vote. When it takes to podcast went on a path sure got a few passion stressed about it. A month I'm not criticizing for them to say just what sounded like little Tony Robbins but let's put the cut from. Count on television there infect others predict replace your credit markets. Not bad. You're reverse some chemistry. It's available on every government sought who don't push it out but not taken like minute and ever in your life was more. Thin skinned when it comes in taking criticism from right sabotage it because I don't deserve it you saw that pretty soon I headsets but it's never justify. I mean they guys make fun mission that took actually don't mind they did a good job I'll say this. A major fund the whole podcasting that is the same show and correct for all three of them bitch and moan because the for a living but we can't compete against the pod cast can you imagine wicked mean. A glass bottle and let's be honest here it comes are gonna technology is a guy who's he's mocking me. The guy went to Chad Finn on his knees a couple years ago on the lousy in an issue came up. Yeah it's gonna be car. I'll do this the future. Man swims you know. And rolls this fat ass for 38000. Dollars a year cavaliers live like pathetic washed up loser update from from the person Lou. The coast of the jockey each podcast well we're gonna take it from Glen or. Like I said because it can take condition up a can't take it to take the excitement fun you know about them and again has to be. Once it's justified a lot on piracy and I'm. Report resting yesterday meeting in Austin keeps ninety camp it was kind of beat them it was I eight was surprising people think you're dedicated devoted to the show that you would do it on the day the patriots season opener and be in Austin, Texas. Surprise you which put downs and I can't I got a children do. On Vietnam do it for myself and trying to make more money for myself and it's that board shall and Albert most people don't know that I'm here you you sound like you were you know in and in the basement somewhere doing your job. You did a fine Japan was one of the best portal has been with you guys at you're down import option I plus positive and it was excellent. Not at times times has been at times it was we agreed unfortunately so you know and we need June. Stir things up. I get it's two guys were compromised by Eric again it's two guys were friends with crafts that's what you walking into you know. Even defend crappy they don't know crap is wrong on this could be my right of obviously it's a case I mean I I would've appreciated for my own selfish purposes of craft to let his hair on fire and kick and scream and why he's here for Ireland on the part of the TP community. Yes yes what did you changes his life and you know make it an issue yes there and tell Goodell ago suck. I would have liked that I understand change is like and understand why he didn't pull with the changes like he would have his same say that his status with it why is receding committee of chips or others things that he didn't know what else. I I'm sure there are marketing things you invite a Y technology things Jonathan crappy advancement the NFL technology they are go to court of public agencies and I sure that would be part of that he does not do well they guys that does not want piano want to go out these days and just round one doesn't want to be Al Davis and he doesn't want his sons to be Mark Davis. He wants to be. The Rooney's he wants to be the marriage he wants to be that's a false that's not that's not a good thing it's bad I let him explain to me why I understand he's not throwing more dormitories without help that the press conference at the airport. The Rooney's would have taken it yes they were swallowed it just so autograph or let's say craft has but the craft off the plane. In this (%expletive) and vinegar that the route to the right now and then he decided. These priorities so he got to talking to by Adele my dad he. He didn't like it and get out in twelve flashing in the crawl back and apologize. Picture those guys and Sun Valley couple years remembering all of us -- -- -- it up yes as nice as I said on air with you that day it was very disappointing I would have preferred him to go robe my commending its -- or whoever for again Christian arcane and intently or anybody could be commission felt right now causing him under anybody can do. I agree and anybody could do it. But it doesn't change the craft was worried about being pushed out of that group prideco can be the commissioner but crap was more worried about at that he was released a big critters I've gotten if you criticize Roger Goodell. I must say going out Davis criticized him. Dealt with take him off the committee. I think that tells us he's jealous I don't live yanked I think your mirrors fear among the owners if they step again the commissioner the other owners. Our boys and let me ask you just look at poverty possibly have been the commissioner can do that. I'm out working possibly it's the power and importance and being involved in your right maybe he doesn't have actual power but he's he's part of so basically its offer pretend power. I think I know he is doing it to glad that seat at that they don't want. Two. Shake things up it's the train is role of religion and great you are forced legally on their own team and replace quick question shield before we get Charlie was. Well why don't we think the defense will be better in ten days I don't. Who support and or in seventeen days like the office will be but I only did our own a question I think it's it's folly to doubt the offense we've done that before perched on the ballots of offense even without payment dole I think they'll make two I do think you know. Into the pits and into its always who commit page's defense is never this bad that's all right you never can handle bella sure can bad nutrition but it was it did to me it wasn't a matter of of skiing or or you know matter of injuries or a matter of going against a high powered offense. It was personnel mean you just to see guys and and calls were so this over and over he just didn't see guys who could make plays and that's a cliche. But other in the corners and I guess McCorvey. And a healthy hightower who can make plays. Cassius. March answer your question the Taliban knowing I mean who. Who and Robert how good plan Robson and hardly played for four hours per floppies you want that's the one guy you hang your hat on right has sent a note in Detroit they they. What would they give for just used in a well give for. Know a guy who could. Make a play changing game are trying to tread on me TT hotline and brought to my town fair tire for the best price on tires nobody beats town fair tire in new body. Is our pitches Friday guess Charlie Weis tried how are you. Well a little tired. Third it. A sock in. I'm surprised how surprised were you with what happened last night. Oh surprised you know little little different than anyone oh. And well. Love it excuses there's booze and things are really bothered me in war news. You know who with the current collective bargaining agreement. That'll. Oh training camps. I don't believe lead for Arabs Kuhn ready to you know choose church. You know. I think that you logo. This will play very much. We're rid the error. Ample what their position and game. And battle with your trip all the worst period. Your option change. You know Clinton resolved all pretty. In a road or. You'll. Vanity you know that is close ignored or two minute drive they gave the game. And has yet chips they're the worst. Couple times that you for the U. It is cutting close. Older that are at least. It will be. Armed you have to you know on my biggest question list Lou's. Standing. You know in. I think they even get a couple very very. And he had a little that you photos but it does. Her place and they're actually you know yeah you get a run they'll double it and you know you couldn't you couldn't put your finger. But it works well it works similar Phil Hughes and our child. I mean think about it that the chiefs the chiefs lost that the two best players analyst Helena and very arid and they have the same issues in with a collective bargaining agreement so. Tonight. Really I I really do a 100% of the sin that's what I don't bloody. About vacations word of me because openings you know the Trevor Hussein bolt weighs. I will tell us this tell us this challenge and Telus Telus this it was surprising less than we were all surprised you me everybody. Will you be surprised if this defense is as bad in ten days at New Orleans as it was last night what's gonna change. Lol what. Well it shouldn't change shall mixed my days they just they've just added training camp and ever true that's what what were just. It will be good news. Trouble on what would slow it the most or even as of this morning. I mean you year old will shall fight for a couple. Actually occasion and in addition to move over a week. And try to get ready to go collision though. You can build instantly institutional control roll over to all the lord's. You know there you know the world and look at that tape. Along with everyone else that they're gonna play earlier in the year. And try to copy has been things they could actually. Is what we're hypocrites. Charlie what did you see from Rob Gronkowski last night was at that she's taken him away or did chronicle different in any way your money only two catches on six targets. Open air where you have a really cute gave virtual virtual. World can normally don't double these. What would she the evolution of that important to covered and you shall walk this morning. Where early are you shall ought to we have Russians you man coverage. Which gives you a lot you know what a lot of these well. Right there to debate social. Rules all. That in the second that you saw a lot of man coverage. Just salt or and I he shot. Indonesia have been a couple close all of them toward an there is. Did you know biblical lawyers know the way. Well I think that you did you usual very very good performance. From all polish safety. Just say effective you know he bought a woman's children because. Apple that are very fluid very. What happens if they lose M and boulevard in Los Malcolm Mitchell and almond. I'm can someone else who then go to guy in the slot that's on this team now can Philip source as far as you know could he do that. Wolf I didn't know that it involves the here's Anderson to couple presented the whole world leadership. Role there were 340. Is no upon return we'll be. OK so what return Bolton needs he did you know he could you could make bishop does Mitch. Okay now so that that bolster blew it all means. It didn't go live associated with a slot machine. What you don't know what kind of slot machines. You know who owns what who Troy Brown last night. Troy was not the fastest guy in the world. Well you know he had good collection. Of those short routes and rouge draw. You know so you won't you do want different body types that have a bit different chemistry. You know it will people who don't have been worked out she can do that slot machines. Over the globe and they put it in the slot but you know the they've bought it which is you know. New national law. We pulled up short burst so what stood out there and they'll learn what to turn it into unfortunately. They didn't put these seven. That position. And didn't let him. Back around there this year is that the robot you know it's sort of all of them. I traveled parts pitcher down the line that so much for joining us this morning. Architecturally. You to Charlie Weis. Man apologize to Michael Marty. It too early view that I would love to mid day guys have they've caught up in the in the sound hit some interesting thoughts he just said then could put gronkowski in the slot. Your football guy like let me and Rick and and chief. Normally you got to go stop or even shut them. Well boyish. Global leadership since. Stressed he's right I tried to explain do you think rock like he's getting older hurt. It's plenty of Perry could be the best kennel read it cover them could have big tight end. A long week for you and it probably how are you. Well a little tired. There. Our record shows an interesting guy that exercise stuff. Should she otherwise sound like much at Saratoga. When there's a field sobriety test. They said did you cut to a backwards from a hundred much in the 8787. He said is that. Let's talk to and singer Billy can get us back on the rails billion Manchester how are you going. Move deeper. Oh thanks and at the let's. You know I ate it almost. Or better yet the only that John stared at that. Each realistic and down there by that of Milan. And something that that I at La. That you need the perfect podcasts and not think that perfect in the late Jason part want to I think that's it. The voice of somebody if somebody that are between exit they watch that thing and it's had. Many as part of success going to the break from receiving these available for podcast through much of which is about right. That's throughout all of them wants right when someone canceled unions community in this domain users viewed as usual like to have when have you asked. But. I think you want to hear if you're in the podcast in one hearing really glued on the instructional blog less than Kareem Abdul to about one. A left though love like six times tallest one wants the most part of package is that this stuff until you. That's like telling if you heard the cream medals are well Billy. I have looked all apple. Specify those yeah. Well site uses when you see any seller against the like Cambodia so you so but it does Kareem and tells Korean Morgan's book is nice is so take. And later on dances alone in the commentaries that I agree to. But who was behind the scene and it with Rick. Koreans bucket loads tolerance wood and who sounds so sincere I'm on my halfway to a premature right surprisingly it and you see your other podcast star Lenny Dykstra hitting on Lena Dunham one last night it was awesome those who deserve each other. Anything else really bad. Our. Thanks players' favorite color who from history and you do. I'm the national hockey like Phillips who Charlie booked for next Friday are now. Please put Texas up probably 630 little early for check heredity about 6 o'clock. Child you know I chose not coaching. Analyze my coaching because he walked who like forty million dollars I think it's one. I think that's one of the reasons seasonal coach held coordinator yes she's a great offensive wholesaler like Charlie victory it will some little. You know if you friends and Charlie can see Charlie quick outs in the Fred Miller let's cut down it's not healthy Whitley. Mean I think driver search I almost died he's running through them but there are usually does last forever in the can Lou in England these guys denigrate or lose weight can get those can on the never called it. Mean my last place. Can barely move. Let's say. Here's what it looks like kind of superficial. What great. I know I preach its interest fizzled tires up Gerri should I don't party might lose. Good morning guys. You know he's still really like new pearl memory. I mean it was favored me there was a note to him you know. Tend to be on the panel of college football and it's abuse criminal while he's been dead for. Sometimes I just. Away BC's Saturday and contrast. Was mute checked in since he's mad he says he's a true. Intensive. I forget what these guys these guys are way in which he sees what he's not happy with us I think isn't reached out to talk to them and now I think it's cute I think he's offended that I haven't reached out now when I asked network all they are pretty yes. Pete taken some cheap shots. Ingraham you can even keep track of cheap shots anymore sorry enough passionately Q yeah. A came got a at such a decision to make this five of us what's. We have the she deserves Albuquerque slow built on the line he deserves it to one talked and we do wanna would gloat. This is for Dave Rogers elevated concerts significantly to put that. Question to the list as they would say yes put Albert on line believes in you listen to his listeners. Nobody else they listen a lot of whatever I don't know of a funny like that was their passion of the pack a Albert let's subsequently. Good morning boy is gonna be open to that Morocco between Italy every week how Brady. Is boring to. Would go. Rule since 2013. And if we have the goal for the whole seat in watching the effect. Mediocre and act as lead in the ES. Dungeons where all that I do I'm yard loss why should branding cooks. With the the 55 yard pass in the year two branding coach you that were impressed by that Albert now. I think maybe even the score the pass interference is the brand what that group that wasn't the issue last night I was up the issue. Why you. It wasn't the issue last night Albert Al. And you think you think you're football guys. Albert you think you can do you think you're football and I really haven't conversations I was all excited government. Come away when there just aren't paying attention put. Just trying to wipe outs or I would guess what its paces on short. This is this is pure creation. If Tino here and I mean we're here we would be too in football guys have to football and unlock it march Lara who don't make this game down to show on salt but what jobs do o'clock jobless like Bob Sutton into the great job. Albert please ask one question before you go off on Brady. Do you really think the problem last night was offensive becomes the quarterback now is it that you take what gave bogey at 5000 yards they give up. Six touchdown drives of sixty yards to watch out too I'm not a lead yards or more. And you think the problem was Brady and Andelman. A. Albert Albert. That's that did you watch a game last night yesterday. Should just take away obviously the was more to blame us if you've Albert blame pie okay and choose your pie in your house. Offense or defense who do you blame among us but that's what it might just need. It. We're against he. Wife was considered. I know that is how. Are you. Jesus Albert they knocked out you. OK okay it's it so we'll play this game. You know why why why regular playlist and I okay beat the chiefs had 261 as the page it's at 25. Alex Smith threw for 81 announced a breakthrough for ten. That really matter first downs did you watch the freaking game stupid the page's defense sucked up so. Normally a double. Probably. Globalization. How are you. Willow looked. Surprised. You might have a question when you have that don't like but only. Probably slowed only probably just. Probably why and you know when he. Oh yeah yeah just. Us. Why won't people file and not let it helps. Probably. Spill solution. It's a question with the classics out what is it was. At class act what is it. Why I don't wanna go. Probably I don't lose. Yeah. It. Don't. Bob wounds that globalization is not good. Senator Al Hussein than them. The what was that Albert Albert Alberta Calgary that is the question would have to squad stupid. Some analysts say hey that guy OK fine him please viable vehicle can stop there will be able idol should help it Albert does your big chance might make your point. Last. We want to vote. The other night it was horrible night did you see it now US. Normal little. One point in the fourth quarter I want people didn't even back I don't get why people don't always slow Williams at the evolution of. I've got to leave the state are masses out there getting blown out this vote 12 o'clock at night and they and that go to work and you cannot just wake up take the maids in the go to a group. Therapy treated your diaper change your line that I mean it's a bit left actually working. Seven consisting of 47%. I think I'm I'm coming we usually do you believe he should be a weekend host like on May be that that show and it feels and works well Woodrow it was fun okay. My beef in Charlie Weis now. Without a doubt I hope Charlie Weis yeah. Honestly Alan Charlie Weis an element that we can I shouted at. Alan Charlie it's a good show Allen Charlie yet. They could break down x.s and o.s of bull football organized yes all of which are corp Opel Wright. Some some of those that cakes and cookies development line around the house you can bring up the negative. And could Dave I think you made it yeah I mean you may get Charlie Weis confusion of the people's lighten the I. Actor. I've headlines with its good headlines every play Chara we can win twice would okay here twice 8 o'clock or 9 o'clock itself I'd immediate action to golf a place that I would like I think today recognizable than wait a couple days for this. We don't win on Greg Craig carton fans and you've ever seen some of these UBU on this much exchange during the whole card thing and Chris. I was not my I was so into this now your hero. I was trying to help you well don't you you would you read this to this was like I'm getting hurt in order for me it hurt when the final Lance Armstrong was dirt. In front of friendly and the angels of there. If a final Fred Lynn was alliance scum bag right and everybody ought against regular flat tax cheaters clarity and but let's idol is Craig carton and his idol has it always viewed high. Fast don't ever give railways. On artificial complaint. From the FBI for a valuable he's okay he's ahead. I think what you tweet it out yet for body else not the wanna throw stones right now given no attempt last couple weeks and under the second chance guy I wanna give Craig sort of do you sleazy fusion I should go to jail. I love to someone explain to me how he recovers from the human. Especially after the story today it's going to be tough to write the additional channel where did not officially fired as yet very. Nonetheless the process to put boomer let it slip on the air these apartment and headline six potential replacement good. We'll do that just won't headlines we'll talk about the bandit story as well. Headlines is next Charlie Weis would join us at 850. Lisa Callahan on Twitter and Kirk. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Headlines it's time for our class from a show that values conversation not confrontation. Hurt Locker what you do really good job of putting words in my mouth like putting no more Jimoh did you not seeing anything or not you have to throw. Grown tired there's man we make headlines smarter I think prepared for even hear your opinion because they're so valuable and I know I've never vetted she knew without divas trust me that's like dead at you make three. Your future stick no watch and Jerry Springer or there and we always politely go our separate ways you weren't gonna happen anymore though it. So it'll work bird which Schwarzenegger no mouth which wasn't put your mouth. I just don't you know. Did you know he didn't. It's not a picky I say this isn't going anywhere today. And actually might thanks Mike and say it's Kirk Callahan. It's headlines. Man apologize to Michael Martin. Is that they have been Markel Marty's. To be at least awake and alive or what day is he on them it is today right in front of Friday yeah we'll find out what the real problem and number he said passion was the problem last year when they threw. At some issues he planned on him cones yeah. This year this week of women on. Cassius marsh lies my prediction that shows the B they're gonna make fun of us because you know are they any disruptions we do with Lombardi might pick the guys and frustrated Lou. That's my prediction will be fresher with embargo and I don't know jump I was with them yet like it is only 1230 today with the guys pull thirty yes I you know. There's two now. But it had dated yet they're promoting the course and the number of great hardware wouldn't Wear no position of the Twitter right now. And LaGuardia to consider last night after the game everything the pats needed to do on defense to beat Kansas City they have not gotten close to accomplish our personal hard. Is that between spicy with me twice partner here upright position if you arrest Brady would hurt the rest of last night that's the point he would have you would at the same record. It's a good move by Charlie Weis said that could put croc in the slot you think that's interesting a little bit a little bit interesting. Q yesterday I don't know host the past Sunday you'll probably be playing that you'll hear that again Sunday morning 830 takes its interest wait T here were Charlie Weis told curl and Jerry I would idea that next and really challenge you. Charlie Charlie woke up clearly at some hotel. In his bed probably naked Burlington taught this for three minutes rolled over on back this week. That's we got in on the decent breakfast. Gave up the measure Dario by teach or. He's he's rich he's fast like I really easy to localize it to like Comcast. He's rich so it is selling album or this morning he just comes to town for the conference analyze them because of some leases that some on the plane I guess. In war it is due to the current collective bargaining agreement. It'll oh. What a line cinema then after that for yet. But. Headlines lets you touch on those details of that back doctor Robert Leonard the hair loss doctors do important 1800. Get here reported she too compassionate doctor. We like it here responses headlines every signal that you start with Craig carton interior years ago when what are they up the box the flight you're on a card the we have to. The update today is the dig into his charity of the big story in the New York Post step by Steven Goldberg pointing out that if you look back there is. The IRS records shall be tick tock stop nonprofit. He has he not proper tourette's syndrome raised more than a million dollars however it's. When you go through a look there are so we are contributions in there are one Charity Navigator guy called it a major red flags from their program expenses not even being listed. They do golf tournaments and all sorts of things but. Not a lot of but actual spending plenty to talk stopped charity. I basically what shocks yet what is a meet and greet for him to find more progress daily dose rate in more saucers more more on more marks here's a golf tournament what do you that we heard yesterday the most interesting developments this is torn broke came from. Our friend Brandon Marshall who said he almost invested. He or luckily wheelchair. That's the point month is going to be more. I'm I'm wondering if boomers wanted Phil Simms is one there's going to be more you can't fulfills its no way no nutrients. Cities' golf tournament it is to bring these high rollers and take their money get back in this story play Seles is that adding that that at one X golf tournaments the guy who was built from this regain company was the co host of that terms like local we. Talk shows to do that's that's the that's there's no spot for them that's not we're gonna be next Friday we anywhere. Yes that's capable of sharing of Jerusalem some people they're for the golf term injured excellence so it's you as saying we have to come up with us and he. This happened in I think it's time for boomer and everyone's thoughts and what are Craig that he feels. On the grass fascism and well we have the facts number or we think we do in fact we know we do we have emails we have wide receivers. He's scum he is bad bad person and I feel first children. His wife. Which she was in on or not but America offers them and it's all over their life as they knew is over this maggot. Is. As in cartons Conan Jay Leno the other thing is overshoot percent of his enormous kind of it is strand of spaghetti that she'll. Card it's an energy pitchers did. Yeah what drove that you try to get rocked me for liking and he was good on that show always entertaining Uganda peoples' skin. I'm a big fan and he he drove you mention too you're with the soon to be new boss of CBS. And he plans that he and intensity inside what they're gonna do with a conversation brief conversation. I mean was I asked my name is brought up. You're your kind of the Craig carton of this place I think Stonehenge. All of its it was discussed easily add shared what you are getting I don't and that's a listen I don't say this enough often enough from Siemens. Boomer size is that your. Rumors of more it gets on I could not to match. The cars are jocks differently expect my guess is such a card make two million a year that boomers are terrific power that's what I stories keeps saying he made 250000 dollars I keep reading every story says the us now he's got a familiar and claiming that lets you rent out apartments to order that details the Redford's apartments 20000 a month she's. Trading was on the part and he was I'm million intact here that these critical trying to stay placements I would say it was an excellent a fine take a fine. Phil Simms and one of the six a potential I don't I don't Villanova and funnel Christians. That's a better idea doesn't work. It doesn't want to too much it is. I think he's got a chance to occur to manipulative and these dark or Chris Carlin. Who was anything and now WIP in Philadelphia at Robertson as the mid day show but he's being considered for the after name names of people on the card. Sid Rosenberg regular member of their beat fair and do we have the Imus yet they know what they don't want a violent they can probably can't have another guy you know. Campbell it draws an aggressive Rosenberg so they gonna bring it Sid Rosenberg. A fundraiser next the question before you heard the story. A did you know Imus was on the air beat regional missile no and no notable. We still don't you like searching it trying to find out where he's on the us and dials and country farmer I thought it was Internet only he's Pittsfield and errands and financed it every day I guess we're competing with them in a way that's to expected parent Imus chimed in on Glenn carton and his issues. And you want throughput when and I could appreciate this. Well known model at all. Oklahoma Oklahoma what audit what. That's the area audio from the Imus in the morning show is the on on the Internet that he can't be clear that that's from the New York Post story the audio was present. She's only just yet is it because I'm better audio man. We effort has its own alliance here are so we're gonna sound like twenty years in the first of America recently gotten what Nomo. Oh yeah it is safe and can't say AM but it's hardly an Pittsfield was talking about that is ripping. He used ripping princess that was near their earlier congressman good luck and they against the yen and was driven princess had some balls we have now. Obsessed and that would yeah if I'm angry that I keep doing what reassurance clean. Up faults you referred worse words and hand radio. And some people into the open is done and betting available room he's little over okay so from. Now. And then number. All the room in the infield wolf it's in the book. I'll. Our dot. He's Smart plan. DNA testing these keys and I think he just had the upper ground in the slow if a tonight 87. Cheeses which were princess. I was ready to sit at all for excessive. It sounds terrible. The car. Early writ card and just read it you have the stored frozen myrtle Rosenberg Z Jared is defending argue on the offer defensible as it is a degenerate. There's a guy don't just troubles in your own drug offer aid and defense here for cart first cal on the radio yes for this no actually not as a guy that went with so above and beyond. The company wired aid other ticket company two million dollars he called that the company and said. Oh wait that was a mistake send that two million dollars to meet and personally took the two million dollars into his own. And I think I'm playing now bumbling idiots who have been in the two million and all two months ago where'd you a million dollars there in that casino and more he can spend 101000 on hand so he really. You know saw the error of his ways of opportunity to defeated us was Sony's game at 101000 dollars hand you knows sincere I hope I. Maybe new hoping to invest that that invest that no sympathy for. I know what seems to we don't have time to Michael about it what I would do that next are gonna head out for good I think you'll like this one. There's just breaking. Where runner thrown a university has caused outrage after it told students that they should masturbating as a way of stopping themselves from carrying out sex acts on nights out and accents they slide. Which was presented a student orientation center at the Rochester institute techno are right to a New York used they Winnie the Pooh character. Ruse name as an acronym about masturbation. And in this little rugrats yeah her story from. It's in the sun. But it's the real story out there. Mean these are so Soviet troops I don't know the Akron Zahir kicked off and they did the students come in and in this with the speech and they taught us that that they might. Rather these should maybe wanna match estimates and it won't gloat like written apology. What does the picture of true we've just he's beaten. This it's like blurred the ball could get a blur cartoon there. Chris Elliott said as it was narrowly lower real yeah it was an Akron. And his wife and upload it again yes. This is it all on the videos recordings that picture and all right T below the slogan and logo for the university. He's on the screen. And sales are all oh what does this as self gratification can prevent sexual assault screen. At this university orientation. What was your staff pharma rub. Well you know Kennedy. Chris. The picture of Bruno activists pick Aaron Lou Andrews at the slight smile on his face that says rub one. Don't last for so long you don't do twice to a three times did you ever committed sexual assault that now I saw myself plan if it works I guess it's true that that's. Who did it like any parent swing at us. I think it just broke though that them. A brick it was word gets. Tuition our our our rights at least 5860. To cut that check sixty grand for your kids go to school there. And or did everything good you you learn a thing you know your dorm is dying they're your books you know. Now they know now that that should masturbating for a good part yeah. That's what you learned and something about Mary that's because I would say yes session is called quote alcohol and chill it's part of a five days student orientation program. Our height he says. And was meant to promote quote awareness prevention bystander education and risk reduction. So who Ingraham. If you want to put a quote from the I director of the center yeah in general are we were talking about situations in which someone may want to do something sexually. And their partner withdraw consent and what options they might find themselves up. It's actually prostitute Jesus who lately eve and quote. You're right if you're a girl that. Either he tees and eighteen year old kid who's you know some Ethiopians that. Assault some girl I answered their own issues already what they're saying is that this lunatic who's gonna do this. Should take a deep breath to steady background rub one out Saddam Hussein that's exactly how bad his word for winter when they're drought that's exactly how works. She's his next big grew in the Kate Fox News I guess constitutes the on this for their right to Munich what would his would Tucker Carlson we all over tonight now where it was that was the thought process. I don't know another witness scientific proof that it helps but it works what template has relaxed you know and you know for a little while so Charlie Weis did for the her. You should at the last one right about if I want alas like over me trying to work fifth. Session. I will tell Michael Bennett we get developments and that is we really feel great stories that. Puts certain media members in a box in a tough spot when Jerry site strenuous your analysis here to go to mosques here you know she's small I was thinking maybe we sit the whole time on the was just a small I am gonna sure what was the break in my account how many tweets she did insupportable. Las Vegas police department good. And Amish did she she didn't supporter Michael Bennett just to prove. That she is. Anti police and by the way those cops were minorities so she's races Neel and anti whatever they are paid are over attack. Majors and knowing that. That's. Why did. Rapidly it. For Manhattan last night or tomorrow. Thank you. Thank you yeah everywhere from Austin what are orderly when our former provost he put he didn't patriots they've stated they would have been it was a little quality page that you should replace right regime and delicious one an adult mature. The crowd will love that I'm not saying I've made by the crowds because because Boren former Wahlberg they don't want to Hudson NYT shirt promote some like vitamin justice stage please do it so we're not sick of who do you want. That child know I had an iconic Boston actor or sanction. Like yourself resolution that would excellent if you see these kids and while he goes he gets a little hot these these familiar is he knows the kids though there to see Bob Wright he dad for 67 months they say good bye or excuse Reynolds in Iowa I heard two different sources tell me the Mike and Penske has inquired about that Bruce what place. Really yes yes true or false. False it's can't carry on about it. Yes that is true tank was in the lead for that iron care and was gonna travel with a guest wants to do that true tonight. I came to. Japan when do we know why don't you could still could do it he's great at it and you have to to put some work you can learn all the names and you gonna do it quick as part of the job I think. So my point is even thing we could do it the golf course not because she's done patriots and Celtics before hasn't than what can do. As much Ernst and try mean. You know legal. General nominee Pakistan Europe not all I care I could do back IQ and a sport except Brock did an excellent play by play guy tomorrow any sport except rock social. Mean is that he we know it's easy and I would hire him that I couldn't do hockey I could or want to of course knock on the radio is tough tough tough I liked when people listen until 2 o'clock and no one hostels and listens to hockey in the Bristol Matt our guys gone to anybody listens to baseball on the radio and no one knows the truth. Don't want to listen to it he can't picture that's my problem can picture well extra base of a baseball it's about two candies and nuts every game because mr. yeah. You. The original act. And that can actually effect on them patriots have new personnel by late Sunday at a restaurant it was weird but academic work habits we're all world predicting that commits to return address. Sound like he's willing to return may be day. Suggest you retire maybe they'd wanna pay him they going to pan am now when in his entirety monkeys or not these moves mean it's too late if you're looking to make the big move to change which read we're here it's too late to shoot for and percent for a defensive end. It Koppel for what's his name Cleveland my first direct yes and really wouldn't hurt you repeated checks solid you know before we celebrating last night declined to begin to. It was great to disagree I was is Bahrain last night it was an OK in the spring was location makes it me or much the only one who watched and thought Brady was under pressure all night you know what I am able to watch in the second half mile it's well you watch a game I'm convinced after Washington noted just a Booth. Operated by pressure at that point last week he thought the abridged slot receivers might isn't off the field are not earn about panels at the operate slot receiver played and all the fields. Football IQ and I dogs not business that you only 478077. And under this keeps him out and don't say he's. You're UMass football coach mark Whipple a victory that it's really not football gods of the minutemen were original point oh my god where is thicker and the rockets went how much I'm pretty rush was really that occurs I was over. After it was over with eight point almost ready exactly golf and he's given us so touchdowns at that point I know over and they were on the whole air goal yes I'm not talking about break they too short highlights or low lights for the patriots and Brady has all day and he's. Misfired at some points and I'll say that I admit that and other points there is nobody opened we took rock how many targets crock 666. He was never open not once not once played it you believe he set up play by the end zone where they were too quick eleven seconds in front through the bully call there's apparently hold they just showed there it's a critical the audience of launching these type pilots. We made the catch that wasn't the end zone was not open there was no wind does a good throw. You know lose a couple of back shoulders with a one would break Uggla across complaining about. Sam Barry grab them not open at all though. Mean did you see missed a lot of open receive delegates you rip a lot of time and you guys cover overthrew the first flow of the game to Dwayne Allen that was an open receiver down this the sidelines open. And that maybe that was a sign of things that come ready to play the mental approach to it was a bad throw reportedly middle Lemond and the Dolan he might have a concussion he could be did they call a hospitable business together when not Peyton Manning does he call on us what's. All hot area right now but he but that's this job of the slot that's like Deion Branch couldn't do our practice that you grates on the that's why I'm not sure Philip dorsett or door sect which isn't football a source who said amongst who does anyone know Philip to set to play the slot. By the way it's a very cerebral position. Like what's that Dmitry great he just got outrage is the Randy Moss is the group's fighters who have history and figure out a well you don't break what's the slot last night for night he's been here all pre season the good guy can get here in three days and play the slot I don't know actually into public celebrate it that well well. I'm Charlie Weis thinks gronkowski. Can play the slot and different. Real seer you don't care I find them to think Charlie's really wait and it should be part that you read about it before. I it's you know. I mean I strongly believe that you called actress you seemed a little bit more coherent when she is move Kelsey could be a secluded but I'll go to quarterback he's backfield he's already moved you could grow to not quite as a jealous that's Kelsey and here's some bigger and stronger protection issues great guests now why do. Tournament that wildcat older guys yeah Baltic and not a person to carry it out of the three. Currently around with and he's not. And he's fast but he's not as fast it is it's called a panel in a minute again they Reynolds was animate and our comeback dude good football Cedric you watch as much of the game Japan right now I'd want all winner in his own assets somewhat asking Palin not watch my game and go with what the airy galleries we asked the question again what was the question for the Collins asked early on in the dying in please I want I want I only removal he asked out how -- -- you can program I'm weak and okay Charles and Austin. 87 he said he's are much less people are you out of the image. What I want ridge well are you concerned crisis is is an aberration do you think this is the real problem is this is just pay fifteen point two issues this year if we don't worry about it you. Concerned that your season rod it relies on one Cassius marsh mission that's an issue six point 7779. 793. Cents Oz really matter actually concerns tell something about this team. Your calls and more able to Tibetan issue as well our three curtain down with Mike is.