K&C - Kyrie Irving had an odd appearance on First Take; Another Globe story about race and Boston 9-19-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, September 19th

Hour 1 - Kirk and Gerry discuss Kyrie Irving's appearance yesterday on First Take. The Globe publishes another piece about racism and sports in Boston. 


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Kirk. Harry Irving came across like a massive huge there's no personal issue. A major decision as a man why do you have to be city do you sit and we have you go. Presence and or about this very reality based. Massive teacher right now are living in this fall's world and not being able to tell the truth to someone looking yeah. I don't Gerry Callahan hey Jerry true honor my got to be honest we've been listening to you is served before me. But you're all I don't hear a lot of my dad and I are certainly a lot of Americans invested in has. Let me I need it part of a 1%. Part is that I. Obviously their hypocrisy apocryphal devoted citizen of human nation can win this. Kirk man somebody should ask it is at all why Tom Brady didn't show up at the championship courses ocean she's. I've read a couple times Byrd does what she apparently hope they were the relations between them involved at some point I had no idea if you bomb tore my daughter perhaps I'd be dating her. LaToya headline right is that not an investigative journalists it's that surrounds people have no idea you follow me on Twitter and on Sports Radio W. While it. So what I just the globe you always want population read Richard pointed to a Gerri by the way his shots Hamas he incurred been here today you name for the show. Detection machines down to Texas she is down Muslims and Jerry home. It's stud that debuts for the Bruins. That's a good story though that you would lose or or what loser at what 22 year old guy and he had a right and that. I saw the whole table just lift up a simple I don't know it's when dissolving action will have. Kirk read this one local teams unite to confront racism. Asked. I and I devour me you don't go to utilities and you know I'm I'm I'm glad we're finally gonna have a dialogue were marking the start a conversation. Has god knows there's never any conversation about confronting racism is that he should be a mascot can pretending they should make separate and personal log all I don't know how would have acres something we're gonna keep at all. Make a huge sympathy card and sign it send to and Jill of all these I want you viewed. He has other Tomas in the trying to too much or did analysts figured that you guys did that once that was that Israel is all too real. All too real and mobilize people. T get the discussions started discussions. Are one thing you don't realize in your future intimacy there are more things to apologize for grooming him for so that's true. That's like you criticized carrier and I agree or can do because he's part of a special class as well I can't. Technical carrier and truthfully it's on the confusion as well I August say this is tartan day I'd Saturn me please me to were Richard price them Wednesday. That's why is David Price were a little difference. And in and we can get to put one wall was where he's the post Iraq and what does he you know doesn't want it performs in the clutch shot from a player I've watched this lie was I don't normally watch first tape was that the GM and it was on I couldn't stop watching it I want to criticize Mexico element. Easy to shoot a good job he he asked all the right questions in its erupted Stephen named Steve and it was ready to give. Irvin a break him a little Steven does for rob he jumped back in it was uncomfortable. I'm Carrie Erving is one of those guys who's not quite as Smart as he thinks he and his sense that price world and he was trying play why athletes and Olympic team in blocks of what yes. I'll I would elements that were stellar you know catalyst as all of them yes. Correct a good day I am right but number one is always in my mind Roger Clemens he's to think he was Smart to explain things and you sit there. I it was packed. What to guard rear its credit article misses so smartly he almost died he was like a doctorate view should you should neater when her body was. He was that the illusion I. Yes okay identity. Yes. What I email 150 apps he knew and vision and he knew which was supposed to put your body yes and it worked for him if that's but but carry average not trying to tolerated in one on one I heard I'd ever had we're not trying to tirade anyone. Trying to carry I watched it with the SEP thing announced as it would have closed curtains closed captioned closed absolute most circuits whatever it's called the title was I would laugh and because they were actually typed in the words he was saying like a McKernan tirade that got it right. Yes yes Iran. I mean he. I was missing the story here they're missing the story I heard the whole interview there was. There are lots and lots of gibberish from color Irving he does not wanna take a shot at. LeBron and for that I give credit to Smart to me he said there was Stephen day and Max Kellerman on ESPN in knows if I say one. Bad word but he's authorities have to do it happened a priest but it out but I also directly and he's not lying on now you have to while yet but that is right Tony if he said one negative word about LeBron would be the biggest story in the world that you know it's big anyway. Yet when he was. As honest as he could be why out setting off a firestorm. Because he doesn't want to make headlines why don't you only can once he's sitting in their first pick will he wanted to confront James talk to LeBron before. Before you you were. That was ownership let them know that you want. While. If you speak to somebody about it they'd like to force that. You care about that at all. So let me suggest that that's the same to shut the doors that he would have is that what's the take away the quote is vital if he said I don't like LeBron than you have your headlines and do what exactly how he avoided that ignores what is bad and you know you just don't ask don't. But don't want. Everyone left this out he says it's important interleague increases. I just want to be a complete point guard and wanna handle the ball among run pick and rolls he says that while that is. Well I mean I'd wanna run pick generals to Richard I hope you budgets and big and this is the biggest question not what he won politically with. We couldn't quite a project like this artist and he doesn't we know he wants the ball as anybody would be the stocks that doesn't mean that doesn't mean he personally hates the guy. About not hard to fill in the blanks though vision as it gets hot does it yesterday guy. In time had not talked him before you leave them who I mean I chose the question is Hillary is a new one check out this this idea that LeBron only as championship has retiree Astro thank you could probably flip back rarely answers on projects especially that's obvious fraud and almost won that series the year before I himself obviously the carrier the lights LeBron James as a guy like them what did you I don't know as a player like to play with us pretty obvious I want to be sick and I we are they. The sad if he saddled with if you did beat. It was what we call it highlights a watchful I was at the GM I want you appear to have a closed circuit feed if I have slipped Stephen and I really like LeBron James Johnson I really like LeBron James he didn't play opportunities say that. He didn't say it's it's obviously doesn't like sure anyway it like a five minute special Cleveland video without mentioning. That's but the problem the reason he could play with them if he could be you know to complete point cardinal that if LeBron more like. Big man who rebounded in and and you know what you LaMarcus Aldridge he wants the ball of course if he wants the ball is that a good thing. I don't think that's a great I don't think nationally for the Celtics you know that's is that Brad Stevens is that how he does a few because one guy the ball because he hit it he could not answer the question. Of his adequately from element about winning you know like winning your on the best team Easter on the team's going to files would be stay there you gonna go to the finals. Most guys wanna Winnick or mark perfecting his craft. One perfect our craft every time he says perfect my craft or some gobbledygook about being human and it's it's just human experience are all reality based that I can't stop. Reality is out we all loved Isiah Thomas. And we're loving it more about today. I don't know I'm in. Again is it a good thing. That he wants to be the man or yes I know that part that no problem he wants to be a dominant point guard who has the ball one big spots for CNET and score a lot and I hope that that that at least that's the big deal. I really don't but the it's this weird attitude and so weird it's like if I had a peace and and the reason is what Kirk is because I didn't even notice but elements taken shots and right. So we wanted to confront them and he's there cattlemen's in Vegas. Which is like what would you just pick a different days but he purposely weird that's that yes because it's a whole thing I don't deal is it's like one of those you know like. Is this other guys who have these other you know split personalities they like and not just a basketball player and also I'm also in rebate and tournament where sue them first taking the conversation at the I was at the suit was weird much the whole thing about the Celtics that's an issue with music like on offers it to confront Max and yes yes I support you. I think Stephen A probably tucked him in the comments here fake Twitter accounts. I'm not sure to like these losers like during it reached Bakes up Twitter accounts that may be in what is what's the over under on the date before the passive aggressively cause either or both of you at all. So it is we usually Saturday first regional table NBA guys as an NBA guys sleep O two in the afternoon so bright they are the most nocturnal beasts. He loves baseball is close to my she's right here is diehard Celtics fans like you love Isaiah thomas' team last year with they were doing and you see this. I'm not saying it's into the world but you have to have sort of this little bell is ringing somewhere saying this is not what did he do now he averaged either. Second fiddle I want you silence and as you like to save lives being a second class citizen I have no idea what that is second banana all you do to stop right there but so has anyone got a world does anyone in the world not notice second banana is or second clock on the crisis that's stupid but. Second bananas that would Max is called them. Matches I guess a Max would be right like I'm sure that's a big reason my carrier didn't want to be the second anymore right it's right there anyway around matters are. Anyway. I had a good the second guy if he could handle the ball and he wants to handle an hour talk to pick and rolls it right we are seriously yeah. If the other players other star. Didn't handle the ball as much even if we were alone direct. But it was somebody who didn't want the ball on the wing every time down the court and every time battle that he might be. Satisfy I don't think Isiah Thomas of the program is a close him around waited and waited for LeBron driving to show two and stuff and a guy who for like the last fifteen years of his life has had the ball. Not to have the ball right. And that's uncomfortable. For guys like that that's life mean and I was LeBron James in Irving you know I'm in for awhile without good though he knows his LeBron James is pretty good it is still weird that he would want out they have one year to make another run at this thing and he would want out of Telus or they take that one as it is more than just that exactly and at the leader didn't do in this interview which was weird didn't mention Haywood didn't mention. Al Horford did mention Brett Stephens that I noticed maybe. It was in passing but the idea that. He really got lucky he demanded a trade and they didn't send them Sacramento they only sent from the Boston the second best team in the east as I tell you what is does make you worried all the Cleveland was okay said we're not gonna fight to keep this guy and let's get rid of it is strange you're sending it may see the writing on the wall post LeBron. Industry so it yet. Although and and or ways from the so there will they trade that pick satisfied LeBron is a chance LeBron sure plays out there reaction. Getting that opportunity and I say yeah but this hard to believe you trades that again we saw on the finals. Last three years clutch guy the guy who makes the all star team every year the guy who ciresi is the best finisher. One of the two with the best finishers in the game is this old guy from Cleveland called the day after the call the mid again is he right is easy quite gained. Yes and doesn't it seem quite sure you I think he could be a guess they couldn't play it again and we should I have Waco. Presents an or show. He should get that. Bill Livingston because he was pretty funny moments like him he doesn't everybody does the you have an ego you're as cocky as they come Euro Europe as arrogant as they come which is good to remarry at rehearsal where I used legacy describe our friend Jason masters and not go that's. Did like a massive Stoops but it could have been worse could have been should Jessica be worse than me so if he had. Glide like repeatedly. I don't know that I. Eyes and I hope he never said I don't problem in illicit love LeBron even basically her friend as he's ever said that he didn't say you dislike him which is which is the truth. Why you've got to be sent to do you should. See I think it is true that he doesn't mostly hate the guy he hates. Playing with a guy it's such an age where he said he doesn't wanna play with the guys anymore he mean he wants the ball he wants the glory he's petty and if they got along great I think the figure that. L aegis that you know that really like you were good friends now we really chipped together but you know what those pick and rolls out here yeah elevating my aura it's not FE under interest rates on and he he has a huge I'm gonna walk around here that around this flatter and find team that plays flat circle sir. And if it's. It is unrealistic to me in goal. For parties here in the united Thomas's argument you know he has this long answer vote being in the room that reality based in and world than living in the real. And you saying do you think. We're mines here listening to different people going. He's he I think that really good point he he. Oh illness unless there is is time is a flat there parolees that's our bridges he's like man or comment on ads focus much but yeah about he and it's like that late it you have this big egos and and to see you sang okay and Rio and eagle after all you don't mention like you know anything he said Boston was very cultured you don't have very cultured basketball program. It's not the word I'd use the heat and let it. He didn't amid a thick and you'd say I'm looking forward to playing without a wooden Horford and all these guys and he just did it was weird. I was in Cleveland when that deal went down as with the Red Sox. And that there is a parade of Cleveland writers coming over to the bus drives being like be ready disguise the biggies to think this guy really all I had. This guy's full of them so oh as like well you know Q given the chance I guess and then his introductory press conference. You could not watch that without Stanley Kirkwood since Anna now it has priced a us as David Prentice he'll. Play great again nice to curb price has nothing to do on the field. All the others yesterday he'll be Rondo was a bit in front of staters honest of these think in the world when he was an unselfish play yeah I loved watching Rhonda hiding generally Irving. It's. Does not strike music selfish player. But when you hear this year it's easy shoot us first but he does your score enough. This he's not satisfied with the sports. At this point and it's it is I think he made that the will be guys on the team I'm right in being an alpha guys team. Omar all to try out new situation. He meant to pick and rolls from upon this with these camels as he is trying to explain to you it's a basketball thing doesn't matter what. It doesn't matter that he's lying he's price doesn't matter whether Terry slid off the ball if he runs the ball probably missing the just one brand that you wanted to be addict that's G1 you want him to be in jail players are definitely room and the Indy. It is a bronze best friend you'd be because the pick and rolls quite yet with what style you play. Will he. One year old and a one year one year matter if he thinks the bronze Lieberman if you're what is it when you and water tight and every once he's getting out ahead of them. Why ahead of LeBron that's just it's one year what do you mean what's the difference pretty obvious you want to call it shot it and want to hear from now it's it's pretty much signed up. Much easier talking much better now much better now and again why. Because he's much more valuable. Fantasy is a power every top five movies of the year you're. Well he's one year went in free agency yes he's much much of yes just like anybody about it what is that went out and has him now he's gonna he'll be they'll be able to send also back regardless of what you did if not hopefully he'll. It's more valued city Cleveland their franchisees so much to again he watched what he wants to score. Themselves a hole he wanted to and it's a selfless and use it sells itself says it was a terrible Cleveland will be. When we mean would he care he wants out on this you know obviously he wants out he doesn't. Wanna play L one yeah admittedly a sense of failure just to living at this hour from Irving Miller since Jerry break and let Kirk watched the interview that was about three when knocked it to replace John Irving makes much more sense of Gerry some of the I don't want to marriage but I will answer smells. Like this. What else to come in to the environment. There were times where it is my Anderson just a little off. And I happen I think I asked her ability police beatings electric plants in and there's water to drink water and mix up in the morning. Don't let some more quick one this people wondering nose. And watched a few tips me. The only person America I site that got me Nowitzki. The only ones but it was. It was compelling because he is strange confusing to me it was confusing and element wouldn't let up because you just want and say I wanna one away from LeBron wouldn't say I don't these guys Ross front of a yes man. Boy he's done yesterday you think it is is people's that's a good question about courage yet if they say that Terry you proved your point. All matches matches I think he wants to sound thoughtful than the and profound in that in didn't work he sounds he sounds like dumb Stan. If that's the downs and on the standard you Oprah goes to Tony Robbins it's in the world. You know well when funny thing about the journey and then you also also put things into perspective from when they really are it's a truthful environment and I wasn't getting that. And that's where really stands. I'll kick it to be it's Ben Affleck do an answer and good. Yeah. That is now acknowledges then that now licensees and pick and roll now I catch we're piccolo was the only substantive thing he said. Don't mean yes I understand. A lot of it was gobbledygook. For the flats circles stuff. That I don't know where that comes from the learned to hookers the pick that up along the way to put down half. Pat proceed Aaron Richards spent us again and but then it was weird that picked general thing was thrown in like an afterthought it's okay. I'm on the basketball guy wants basketball talk in some hoops yeah and they finally got I understand that speaks for a larger and he wants control of the ball yes well I think you might it sort of said. You can't hurt and can't find it. I wanted to go ahead and I don't hit it much unity that's continent have been in the system because in the did IMAX or Stephen ask him open until at least June 3 playoffs deleted. A bad job and people shall talk. You know Steve Mason is sources told them that Kobe Bryant was a big influence than in and trying to get out. It out of Cleveland. But he wouldn't even buy and on that aegis ships keep me on today talked about. We should there was Turk money good look at him again who would have won our favorite guests won't c'mon. On. Thomas Palmer third in today's. Jeremy maybe you wanna talk severely. BO OK. I don't know carrier been married governments and why for an ambitious father yes and let you guys and yeah. This is that we are too. I think so is and I don't feel a thoughtful we call thoughtful Alter your awful no thoughtful. That's it. But it's the guys he's got that look in his eyes it's a weird look it can go either way in those at that very very cocky look like I'm take on the world if you're abroad and a win if you probably can you know grown man now who's been through this three million times conserving his movies like this all the times the party and go good to. I can find that god had. If if Isiah has been healthy they're better they are for this one year they are better when Isaiah and Jake router because they had no depth that's what killed them they had no depth now you add. Jae Crowder at Ford who can defend and all that. I don't know what MacKenzie I'd rather I'd rather in the 71 year sentence I always get the year for seven answers rather ever after it doesn't I don't stand they had notes and they knew they could not because either they caddie I was very proud of they pick a better shot may have better shots. How. About yourself without a episodes ago the finals before this interview now the so that's going like. 2050. I am populated populated is that aren't too I mean aren't all. Knowing the great ones though I'm years visits from that first well is full like solid bet he's full well we we just talking Madrid and you know weird dual direct is again Gadzuric is like that courage we redirect should be a talk show White House staff carry it he's weird he's pretty normal eggs he's very very cocky. Do I was an office here. I David think he's that cocky I think he's pretty self effacing and it really sent to ants and like hey turn on Adams county but I answered no like that's the answer. Everything on the court in the game and that's. John Lynch is weird is great. Now he's got it was how would you talk him. I mean it's great athletes are weird. Okay Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers went yes this is Tom Brady noted as he gets what's that's weird well I think he's as Hillary's that justice and yet he has all the great ones that we yours Larry Bird was weird yes it was weird and and finger. Which was written about him. It's good question when he's normal I mean. He would do that I think he's too cocky as the government my eyes shipping out weirdness crawl out of the great withdraw arrogant for that but it's separate carrier partners says. As the weak area arrogant don't eagle huge ego how you'll be arrogant when you're everybody union nobody's when your essay where I don't know. What does not outlets and more can now the what is he doing and then go. Have a presence in or about me that's very reality base if it didn't come in the form of living in this fall's world and not being able to tell the truth to some mind. Do this and I'm ready to move on and I'm ready to be. On my home I'm ready to try out a new situation and be in an environment well from my actions have not anything personal I'm not here to tirade in about him. A tyrant on time I'm sick of people. Probably the cast opposite way right at banks yet. It's huge you your generation past that's right and we and of a tyrant it would be married because she dare I carried all the time that you did I don't know if you're age if you were across America to see you worried you get and who do show a little delusion chill windy though I'd say it's almost sold. Very. Entertaining compelling also I'll find a particular team. Martin in advance in the play all apps play ball was as much as anybody at least I mean you can't wait sickened from. Can't remember looking forward to October basketball game more than. October 17 are looking forward to me it may be opened now for Erica for an eight start though to see how this guy handles that lets you do that you and 2882 and this guy it was a root for the saints hall of some final your. Was I was football I don't know I don't make everyone just isn't well we sending us a book Obama to be twelve. 6177797937. Celtic fan. This interview concern you anyway my guess is witnessing right now I'll bet hit eats weird things a but he has this strange diet is it. Yeah Chia seeds it to himself and on to something weird. He wouldn't get specific but the world those rumors of wars and as you read about him being a party animal yet and ultimately to rent and drink too much. He's a 25. He really put that behind him if he using party guy likes the glove turned them late. And play I don't on the side of that and Oprah I don't have to but he tonight he said oh like a little real religious dive from him now. You know literally keys use but corner and it's something that you would religious word a watchful look at his eyes to the didn't want to skip this crazy I didn't measure in the long Jesus is weak on. Any sort of talked about like you know or present something something is like notching will tell you whatever it whether it's religion up he's found some. We your prediction on just the opposite throw out here and much well there is no such things distract. You very much whoa. Whoa you're very much well. No such thing as distractions and turning these review no such things Jack is right yeah I mean I mean the whole country's Taiwan's pick and roll thing. Some believe it's not a a just explained you've. In Olympic events animal and thick. Not just shaking so much the while you know what it was stupid thing missing it bluntly Rick particularly to say that. Now wasn't I would try and explain just what he's got the best of all of all the people pass back questions and exchange of views. I'm Matt asked mind did you let me hang investment in the limelight and she just say you know what I choked nothing else since last question because of the gulf it's. I agree was a bad question solid tragic as you say I think that you were gonna say so what do you that's next course though you did say no need to give me yes I was docking at random. And tireless of people care about the gulf it's the only of the team and they usually they wanted to shock six point 7779. 7937. You can lunch it's the city now source tells lights. I think it'll 500 is is he is the division going to be interesting to help him find the best thing carrier recess than national in DC and then just there on the screen. Whereas there is there a text machine working legal right to pick general that's what that's what benevolent and Wallace at the Baldwin can get pectoral he wants all your brilliance as humans and amassed more work as you get one ball five guys he wants in his hands in the hallway with girls will be girls to play fifty years ago reached a one half of the courtroom now. It's like with the The Who with hoosiers with victory yes one for Patrick is achievable. Of course you love. That you played Boston god. Yes that would you know and I know at that Hitler would love to always number we retired the whole thing we. Can start passion Thomas if you we've been waiting to get him in the united to have every vote that is no other way to say it captures a nice kid but he is Louis. 88 he's not coming on the show today is that right. He is on command. 617 he's except for the guy on the EU some bode well for sure immunity. Well this has. Understanding hey let's be breast cancer and understand eater and let it. With a beyond if you find a safe space news here you retreated new Yorker cartoons. Of the gifts that's thoughtful again. I don't easily restart and produce a master exists I think he's made up I can match a good price it's possible that it did some other cubic ruled on the year knows she's a master. Yeah wouldn't be so now these days ago I was looking to enhance an as a thoughtful he said yeah. Under present on meaning and fair bit early from a physical fight oppression. On the blatant Sanyo which they're averaging semester missed out she's and so on to pick. I pick in my favorite kid. A look at that as well you any thoughts a carrier ring and tell you right now red flag red flag red flag. We would admit that this this interview ended I felt differently about Irving this is one of these things when two or three years now that doesn't work out. Remember this day yesterday which was one. September 18 first cake with Max and Stephen what's the girls I'm Molly. I don't know Somali terror the funniest thing she tried to move on she wanted to talk and problem come back and a part boxing. And Steve and is looking manner and an and they said they don't we get this guy opening up in park and crazy. And she civil comeback may come back ago who are changed here is since it was perhaps kind of he was teased his lost three gets stuff the Altima to Hampshire right now wanna go through this is the front page of the globe today Jerry. Yes in the story and the first time I think and one of them mentioned. One and only Helmand Hanik re yeah as a surfer she's the the mystery man wrote the story you know. Adrian walker. Well when my favorite terrific right good six point 777979. Interceptions per gallon with John. I feel like the message gets lost. But is getting lost now with this shock value kind of thing going on you. You know what I think we need Mike quite national leaders like people that could actually mobilize. The massive national leaders. Whether it's a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The a Malcolm Mac certain you know somebody you know that can really mobilize people. To get the discussions started. Couldn't agree more from Patrick will be on the way. Actually we captors that he. OK I loves you won't have conversations people talk about things will get to Jason Castro did not know later. He wants to be a leader he wants to be journalists but it was what he said yes they want to. Keep fighting the fight fight our OK so he'd come on year in and does speak to never have power ever bigger platform but never know. Again when when it comes either shrink their ball shrink in the crawl. Right right paper match so I am not. You knew he was asked who's trying to help you know he was suppose I'm Aaron I don't know I'm not saying as the bad guys probably wonderful guy but you news of post there's a new she's not ever gonna join now I wouldn't surprise is always surprising to now no chance mastered I don't know chances are why not but he's a he's been at The Herald fully how many he's young he's young and idealistic son is ever written words written. It's good story it is spring he has never know he's never did I know you gotta rent one of the sounds mossy you understand that you and you know the name the game in how which you'd like when you don't Wright is like a fault people read and take you to your defense it aggregates are in the spring. I'm just sent details on out it's not my head. You but generally generally when you write you wanna be read. Object is not read he's not notice nobody even knows he's there nobody has to be ready for the Boston Herald he does do what we're doing he's really it's definitely had never heard one person I mean we're here every day never heard one person say agencies toward budget some monster mile. That is never happen but I can confirm that one I mean there's no one's ever said he feels he broke hysteria today the Red Sox are exploring talks of Eduardo Nunez and contracts apology wall alive when I'm wrong I'm wrong I apologize apologize to his failing to Obama puppet masters another remark brought via the two known and sorry ass and giving you on that on the front or a match on freedom today and for them but Huckabee haven't changed your quarter of the time it's an honest and. Have been added think of it for a I really add. I yeah I have to wait for the next part is one of our whenever. Toward people have at some of them super you put tomorrow's human emotional pictures CR well actually one of the parity accounts let's let me Callahan and he did. He put ads in Mellon heart shaped right. I saw I did ask me why I had mentioned maybe and I told them and I'll tell you which is I'd change one in my heart which is on amendment to Boston defense is work to changer that's true mess that that the next second super plus I might brand is that close up of my face is horrified yet business that is scary I don't wanna mess I like them yet you should you should I change. Now that's class these in the chose the day before had knocked out my tooth but. Oh it's the last day and give the car. No I I when it's guys. Tester and a couple Prius is tree guy sure obviously right for because when you know global condom on the world economy tanks did and gases like eight bucks a gallon thirty drag my Prius. Like the unit that you think I am. But I have been able to pull the trigger just yet trying to. I'm married TO you should I mean if you have bumpers to save money and guess that's one thing but don't say the earth that's. I wanna save money I save money for Smart yes that's an honest answer here. So lots of cars to include asthma and yeah like 59. Argenbright is a good I don't care. Buying gas easiest thing in drag whatever David Wright story is gas up. Yeah it. We have to into the headlines page one of the Boston Globe they choose can't edit that Boston teams joint forces against the common follow. Let me guess this. I ticket prices a must say Russian bots and a lack of TV on some kind of ghosts and kind of bogey on the say they take a stand against. To me. Racism I know I know. It that's voted against against big foot to right Pedroia is gonna take a city block that's not with carrier ring this idea of the earth is on getting together and having the panel typical strike Irving thinks there is no common foe is. Racism. It. He was talking about the young men and things were real you know I was able Wednesday. The and John those you you've earned yourself over which ended last week it's McNeill for a whole month. It what I do with your actions at quarter. Officer or a hole on the only get right back and say one thing about not you me please political note I did Jesus apologized. Okay what could get quite the opposite. To racially charged at this at Fenway Park on consecutive nights in. Made it clear to the city sports and civic leaders that they had to do something to address problems on. Boston for decades to John Henry is on that on soccer teams who in the aftermath the Ares five major sports franchises the Red Sox patriots opens with an evolution. Five major sport as as in the revolutionary. 83 honestly. Quietly began meeting to devise joint effort to combat racism finally finally last racism will be finished by as the war reputation of being racist in mania. All of which is all well and good I'm not surprised that this is a waste of time. But it's it's sounds like you know and noble effort godless but can we say can we get the impetus can we get to shore that did the recent world here. Well because I just managed to. Wonder if lucrative. Tax. Later this broken family of your minds it was not all incidents. Later this marked the fifth layer and the teams will unveil yet. Of their project in public service announcement. Featuring athletes calling on fans take a stand against racism and hate speech at sports veggies. Each of the teams has agreed to promptly played the video in their venues dubbed the eight the week. The project is an effort to use in sports at the Ares sports teams and athletics stars to be in discussion issued bosses struggled to confront him on that last. I'm eager double racism because Patrice Bergeron. Dustin Pedroia. You know the back up goal for the revolution. When Wayne Edwards Gordon Moore. Boys will be people it's finally at long last one tells the racism is bad solo which I'm ruler to things just do nothing was itself. What is now I've I didn't expect. He'll. You expect it ought to be sarcastic yes that means look at what went wrong what is wrong with doing excellent isn't what is what what is the harm if if you guys have as a result pressure wise it's insulting because why futures Persia just purchased on the 47 year old. Odd not to be racist. And that guy who's been racist balls like does every race people Boston. Say oh come on assault you last year okay. He's the captain he says allegedly play actually dying shouldn't that black guy anymore signal what I mean there is one it's it's there's there's one eight stuff. Constructive thing that could happen may be different ways a lot and you made Fenway sports group will be more diverse after all the sudden motion picture you saw that picture there it looks like it though. Tally in the so the big with some of the TV show but the guy lives and all of the with Harry didn't. Big big love so I asked them Bigelow. Mean it's. All light and now maybe they're all talented people that would boost the best people available now you what you don't realize they're part Cherokee. On its list could be at least 200 look much like it was warm on light. High cheekbones so they get out of it but think of it here here's you know it's just typical oil and ultimately get to this part. Where it says that Baltimore is outfielder who was black was the target of racial or. Hurled from the stands the following night after he Kenyan woman sang the national went the more white they used a racial slur in the derogatory description of her performance. The fans remark. Was made to Calvin Hanik. A white man and throwing the game when his biracial son. Panic complaint to ushers who threw the fan out of the ballpark the Red Sox have said that fan is permanently barred from Fenway Park. Again in Boston Globe knows who that fan is they know where he lives in that was name they know. Every item we know they know that why he keeps then he again there's no way the globe would not print that if they had. They know John and are you aware who owns yet or are you aware Edwards John Hart Henry I am told yes and hostile glare of bass John Lennon who only the globe and keep that in separate heat our citizens so. It is not how makes life miserable for a time while my I would be game by Woody Allen Henry. Get like that I think and they what was Julius and all the you know the break before Fenway sports group all those people that picture all those white people that picture they all know we years. And the Boston needed because they don't want to single a plus guys all make it doesn't face every so another or is always John Henry is I don't I'm passing of terrorizing I don't out of the racist the racist courses protecting him yeah. Is that Celek. Logical defense. If if they outback. May be their concern is this guy is heats truly repentant he'd regret saying it a bit if we put your money out of San it was a maybe I Rodriguez he heard. He heard from. It was at. Why's anybody else cracked the story. I don't know that's a great question anybody somebody hit somebody should add that guy's name yeah totally knows the guy however ironic or name of the guys that let's just let's just stop for 12 though. Michelle McPhee who I think we all like contrast she said that the cops talked of a guy and he admitted saying right. Sam Kennedy has come on here and said he talked to the guy who admitted saying it. You believe that both of that they're all they're all lying on the shelf life which wrong. I 77 candidates that he's talked to the guy yes and the guy big guy and it. We don't want that would be a good guy and put good person put this video. Wouldn't when that McMaster and Evan Patrice Bergeron that lit and I wish I had a better answer for you for why they're not doing that or why. His name hasn't come out. But it's not because he doesn't exist I don't believe bachelor's act or get to where it's more the story right away what else question boy he's really he's really exploited this time I want to live life like my guys why do you think I I have no idea why I think that is Calvin panic heat he why is who you think that is because it was never his intention. Come on the next hole in real artists are starting writing about his by Rachel's. Son you can writing about racist if you read a couple things back right about graphics are afraid to write about. Chart casts so wide right now. He'd he'd he'd talked about it and then one was doubt why. Look this is my thing why didn't you write about it legs you're you're saying his whole goal on a nice guy I probably possibly hurt himself as oak has yet made up but it's not really. Accra we get back 6177797. Knives and keep picking through the story people say you know. You keep bringing up race will know we keep reacting to stories about races on page one. Of the Boston Globe this morning the stupid insulting. Again on the senate and the the Red Sox may not like this if you're Red Sox fans. You have to feel insulted. No they need that now I just wanna go to the car can be races to be left alone because I think what percentage view of the game are racist. 35. Six was just can't name 77 that's 79000. Goes admittedly you know and I wanted to do it all seriousness and some and outs of the bleachers on the irony in microphone in disagreement Gabby melted that why you're nothing nothing less than it was everything which again what that was like the day afterwards well it took you heard nothing. At that stage straight they're reporting because he heard nothing to run as a different but warheads he said right. This isn't nothing you see I don't think people aren't every athlete behavior and a day after all that. Hack it. So. But but seriously but they are cal and we yeah how good I don't yet know how goes those races without a cal I hate what this is the Edwards so bad news day after they hate black people that want to say the very outside they've got video and essay at John Carlisle has been paid fairly bad as I used the and word that day. After Adam Jones was as best you know why doesn't when he was in need accurate that he is 617779. 793 signature Red Sox fan you're hearing this you insulted. He's sick of it won't hear from you guys as well will be to depict him as Adrian walker story but that's. Absolute jokes stupid pretend liberal Tanzi ass video again handout you people apparently park and you watch these. These athletes about also don't care is it possible for a cares about those. Good charge Rogers dumb videos of stupid old god damn thing is stupid wanna puke. The whites and middle aged fan next to me leaned over after the song and so that she sang too long and cheap and award today. That incident happened. It was true. It won't matter that it was big is audits were the case of out of jail is because I met with him and look at the guys had a conversation. Watching separate politics let's move on it's if he's it was a world. Sam can the Alice this day as much I think grilling him over the summer I will defend my guys him he had no choice but if you do he's an honest. Terry Terry architecture ship Kennedy. It's not exactly and not say I think he's a liar Carthage you look at me and thanks for three seconds please can you please can't we get tiring to hear. Who don't because today for those ten can the what's his title. Prices the president okay he's not the PR rep of bodies on my friends in that car okay. He's the president and the rest how would this have been millions of dollars a year how would this work is gonna say Adam jones' full of it all again you're going to extreme. He can do better than saying I looked in India. Public status of proof vehicle for Abbott's actual proof when that question where's the proof the proven to keep Tomas who say I looked him in the is a great answer. You know how to add and I would always stand out. Again Adam Jones is a witness to your discount you're completely discount that's fine that's fine though the bears your witness a little I would much and it actually it's what you proved we have witnessed change engine was added we don't need anymore so we senator earlier on signal he said that I have looked him in the that's proof. Matt Elliott bought down in the Johnson stupid he lied Obama must have been to break. Levels are able to identify about it. They'll talk about Saturday the big. Sure. Hang out a shout outs this. Out advocates that they're gonna make an effort to hire more minorities and it's about time after he had johnsons and Kenny began meeting with state senator Linda four that's the one what was does that saint Patrick's day of the year. Yes yes and tenacious Sullivan president B boss from Richard NAACP for guidance on addressing race behavior in the ballpark. The three quickly agreed the area's other sports he should be brought into discussion. May also called an end to examine their internal efforts at diversity meeting with the senior management in front office staff. So now the NAACP is a hand in the hiring process from Boston so's your objection to this but that there is no racism at these parks or that worries so I'm this I'm asking you or that. Racists are so deep seeded Lee Briscoe in the game they're not racist that good people they don't need to be lectured. On whether I'm being racist they don't insurers helped to meet videos from. Adults don't you probably kids what is the harm kids and people do apparently that's the prize because these incidents happen TV videos or changes. I think anything insult that he's not don't insult against insulting to racist thoughts a little things like race to a basic good and that goes to why it's been guilty or you go to HB told Italy's team and that's great right now hello Red Sox fans I'm Dustin Pedroia and remember all people who cares if he cared doesn't out as a matter of hopelessness. Did nothing matters to want to argue to you are needed most realistic person I think and now here's what. Matters as who matter and we should use this as there are slogan the truth and facts. With ties in darkness what's in the content. Them to neutralize it our best or something like post we shedding new light yes they both have catchy slogans you know because now the front office we need we need truth. Sunlight is the best disinfectant didn't need our ears but now we need to get to that group that's obvious statement. Truth matters. I don't I don't want minimum balance focus on Adam Jones again. You only wanna consider the possibility that's not true you don't wanna consider as you want to believe the Boston Globe wants to believe it's. But but you either Fitch the merit but don't exit gigantic waste your time of course it governor and mayor are all fall meeting with these people of other video that sports teams are gonna do to get together do you think that maybe a little bigger than just a video this is a not dressing no issue. That that's not to Boston for a hundred CUQ do you believe that and Jones I don't believe you can actually counted panic. Absolutely because you believe that people back and you can't explain just both ignore candidates don't want. Backing a capsule and down with Aqua. And how many times not to say Sam Kennedy talked to a guy there to team who talked to the guy that pop back and you Michelle explain. A cop who is. You'd if you don't believe our reporting and you don't you leave Sam Kennedy analysts it's I don't think he and his hand is out right now and so all of that all of these people are even trying arm painful and you can't answer me why the globe has covered opponents. Awful. Races it was I don't think they're covering up and it may just when you are the guys and when he harm on earth they have no we yell at globe does not ethical and social already. Red Sox are not connected and separatist Saturday in an absolute. Sense that you think you're not only that the globe knows everything about inner workings of the red eyes and that they never are saying about the right there's no way they wouldn't is that how. How is this how I asked John Henry the business doing ever find out this guy never is as I did and how they don't have to share with the newspaper and a relatively average nearly as soon Bronson newspaper. I challenged the newspaper and she knows who he is and it's never appeared in the news. I question that as much as you yell who yelled at that actors who yelled and which is an arm or hurt it was a barrel we've Sally is an insult them out yeah so that's okay I'm aged white nobody's this guy is himself right no he's always out one's a little stool a little off balance a little I don't realize aggregates and a fine person does exist that protest. There I am all roads lead tonight overreacting at this is insulting this whole thing of course it's the so you're gonna show up at a Red Sox game and they're gonna show this video on your gonna stand there and be allowed my grandpa yeah. I wasted my time is insulting a rock bands they have got to do you think about it we'll look at that's what huge. She shipments up pulling it together and say. Never realized that thank you so much mister Fister I didn't know that oh you know what honey let's start paying black people coming in that. It's a black person here. I've got you to know each other debt deal you know it's funny but I didn't try funny all the feces we have in the back of the car there have been spread all over that guy's house but let's not. Let us not to summon that. Because you know why. You know I you know like Jerry you know why because mr. Campbell said racism is. Who. Do I don't want you don't mean it would what would be your preferred alternative nothing to do nothing of course I do nothing -- okay let's just do nothing this is the libertarian radio racism is oil shed pounds that is so mean not real so I'd say it's a real I think it's not a real issue just I don't you don't think racism is a real issue in Boston again. How can you say that I think because I honestly I think it's it's us the first I don't know how you how do you even have a perspective Heidi you're kind of like this. Probably because I choose to believe but surely guys who have so I like I it shows you why don't leave your wipe you out here my answer auditors money I don't that I am I thought we said it is a white guy am no perspective is that you don't I have people a bright guy you have perspective. I've listened to what I have people like that about it. Yeah and soon. Are people start talking analysts. In the fuselage or I don't just say the U Thursday castor do you think John Henry. Do you think he's haunted. By the name documents yet I actually do you need to do does he did just check is skepticism that the war in either case it's likely he does this. Yeah wakes up hotel and so let's silence essays and jockey haunted by Cazalot. Laughs I believe that now believe that I could escape yet either now or TI dot net. Rent. It on the air why when I go to play servant is like me. Analyst and smoltz celebrate diversity that's true that you should go work for the Red Sox like. I mean year you make it could be like if liberals a team missed or who fit right into Fenway sports group would mean that sure we separate trip that pictured right of the that little boy does that picture. About Allen ever heard of boys names what does that it's what sort of was roaming. So why aid in his eighth. I think there's more than once I've got lots of colonel who is to say that sentence in your life now. What it's difficult couple lines up at 61777979%. Hang on guys questioned simple do you agree meet in Jerry who do good too mossy and that's I think this video. It's insulting to Red Sox fans that it's something stupid if you sit there and look at athletes but also stupid. Telling you that racism is bad and these were direct is like adult hollering at this point me at all as Iraq. Do you think the guys who hung the sign you know we're inspired my black as matter do you think they were respectful. Or do you think that. That he had not been heard them all battle Eric flounders probably not alone for life feel good about that they were very close actual that reminded me of some of these college students with Blake who feel like they're just realizing how many injustices that are in the world like Chad madcap they haven't sorted out yet which ones they want then make bear true cause they're trying to mister Bryant. Weird because hold to go through a story about where there's more here as well Ager walker front page of the globe. Finally happening all the teams revolution Bruins Celtics patriots and Red Sox have realized racism is bad and they're going to fix it how. The news and teams so now we are at long last a when you're so one of the final of these five so only the Red Sox we next year for the Easter Sunday in the month you'll find them. So by the end of next year by attempt all the teams have played in every seat races will be gone. Hopefully now I know that's the last thing to Moscow wants he wants it to be a live and where we'll be right back.