K&C - Larry Lucchino, chairman and principal owner of the Pawtucket Red Sox and Boston Red Sox President/CEO Emeritus, and chairman of the Jimmy Fund with Dr. Lee Nadler, senior vice president, Experimental Medicine, medical oncologist, Dana-Farber

Larry is a two-time cancer survivor. In 1985, when he was vice president and general counsel of the Baltimore Orioles, Lucchino was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at age 40. He received chemotherapy and an autologous bone marrow transplant at Dana-Farber. Then in 1999, Lucchino was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and underwent surgery at Johns Hopkins to remove the cancerous tissue. Larry has experienced the Jimmy Fund/Red Sox partnership from both sides—as a patient and as a part of the Red Sox.

Dr. Nadler was Larry’s physician when he was a patient at Dana-Farber. Dr. Nadler can speak about how cancer care has changed in the last decade and about Dana-Farber’s contributions to the current landscape of cancer treatment.


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You know look at this morning I didn't think at any point Larry we hear them discussing your talents here. Depressed you. Perhaps you liked it quite went handler. Because since Jimmy Fund they keep him. You know what's that Kenny just toss it weren't for you you and you Lee Nadler colors doctor and you know. None of this would have happened ultimately I want to do that much credit when you are driving force well behind on this. I know it predated you there was such relationship. We've did you fund you gave it new life and Carol thank. Q when we got here in 2000. Oh in the 2001. One or things was to deepen and strengthen and why the connection between their taxes to fund. I'm taking jobs Tom over two days however Jimmy Fund the first week of January 2002. And then this telephone really came out Tennessee there was a lot of talk about it but it telephone it was a really. Turkey and right sucks bridge out. Originally and core businesses added so much to it today I'm here but it certainly looked on. With great right. A two time cancer survivor here doctor Nadler what kind of patient is Larry's a tough guys that thought. Tough exterior kind of pace she wasn't fight them. It's. And I've met Larry that first. Told Larry. Relapse therapy. For him and he sent me in. Larry's in rather. I'm explain all of this inimitable warm ninety miles now. Speech. They've sent. And he turns against it what are my alternatives. It's not happening. I left and what to say if anything short. Well I said their entitlement presidency and what that. I had like was that it wouldn't lineup is that something that is as a patient. Talking very honestly yeah. This guys that are outrageous. He ever win ever complains. And you went through hard trip you know he was right there at the king. We shall edit their territory with 31 years together. And you know the prognosis on that moment top right what it means is you're up. Thirty they had really taken out you had no chance now die quietly I heard different numbers but it wasn't group with I. Yeah I was told. 30% chance and I was told it was striking because I read lapses. Is this us. You went through chemo it was nasty now on this more drugs yeah we it's it's much much more benign a product process but still it is it can be quite challenging but there are variations. Of this in the talking about. Cancer treatments that. What I or do you like about this day is it do you so many things I like about it so Red Sox. Tradition it's a New England traditions that are the odd tradition though community comes together. It's a there's a great feeling about it. But we also take a minute to recognize. People like doctor Nadler Lee Nadler. Pieces sure we're here this morning I saw her on. He deserves. Two hours by herself just talking he's so cute. And but there's just so many doctors and or Susan nurses and research people. Folks who finally get some recognition we we can't just to say thank you to them for what they do. A year in year out. Over at the clinic and have for cancer research in general so for community is stopping for they do. In the Summers say thank you recognize what you do her national port new war. Who we are immensely grateful. Are you. You found out that like. Price princes waste and all those home runs of the Turkish could be a few. Too easily 25 point six looked like that Jesus. The owner I don't know I don't keep track of Billy's home run total but it says it's saint second and finally based on what is that. And what a way she's had a place in a plane typically season and finally free agent and lose you so it'll be interesting to see what have reason very media. So he's been Dwight Evans favorite restaurant you missed coming out this story. Now. An excellent missile missed some of the Panthers QB and sometimes those challenges you as close and especially now you're really missed. While this time history. I don't know what that I always sales like the ones that's that's the definition congress that nations ultimately a lot of scientists. Are more outside Paris I was taken. How much all of you think a low likelihood probably could have done a real time and energy yeah although I must say it didn't appreciate the the guys. Calling out the the right going elements there bill last week some problems are so there are things in an area that come to town this weekend ticket items tickets from a one game in this behind us please. As you go through them. But. Kurt says I said Sam can your predecessor it's not like news is dark side to him. All Stan is if he's like I think he's like I mean it in certain ways but. He has sent a immense. People skills are right or so much that I had yeah. And I recognize that about I think he's at he's great in that. Is supported some pride that. The people who who succeed do it if you have some luck. I'm maintaining and collecting good people and Sam is it definitely she's not a creature. Preacher that's right Ottawa not like to Sam. And if so how. How the public policy hawks don't announce things I don't think there are colorful and we're we're in the midst of word that politics is always. The challenge. We are waiting to see if we fall session legislatures which time they pass enabling legislation tool. Baltimore's public. It's a thing you stay. While that remains to be seen we we we pretty proud long history. Connections just I don't know we're now. They are open to good at bats and now I used to say places to be honest question. We have to see what the legislature does. And one in staff and they've enabled us to. Go explore possibilities. Did. OK guys thanks. Guys Larry thanks thanks guys CNET here in short yes good luck with that let's they don't. Oh good.