K&C - Laurie Wenham, 43, melanoma (skin cancer), Pembroke, with Christine Leonard, RN, Dana-Farber 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Laurie started using tanning beds as a teen before going to prom, got hooked, and then used them every week for years. She was first diagnosed with melanoma in 2000 when she was 26. She had recurrences in 2001, 2002, 2003. In 2012 she was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. Laurie was treated at Dana-Farber and was one of the first patients to enroll in a clinical trial that was testing immunotherapy, a type of treatment that activates the body’s own immune system to recognize and destroy cancer skills. Today, immunotherapy is used to treat several types of cancers and has benefited thousands of patients worldwide. Thanks to these drugs, which were made possible by discoveries made by Dana-Farber scientists, patients like Laurie with advanced melanoma and other cancers are living normal and healthy lives. Inspired by her treatment, Laurie is now a surgical coordinator for cancer patients at South Shore Hospital, which shares a clinical affiliation with Dana-Farber. Her own experience with cancer allows Laurie to relate to patients and talk with them about what they are going through on both a professional and personal level.

Christine has been treating cancer patients for the past 27 years. She currently cares for patients who are being treated for sarcoma and melanoma. She is inspired by the strength, courage and grace of her patients every day.


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Mention the great nurses Christie Leonard inner subpoena Barbara nice enough to join us here and you all are great you'll get all the guys get a lot of praise today and rightfully so you. How good of a job you guys do it Favre also agree yep so I. Back a little guys is when you say how great you. Yes they make it easy for us to be great they behave stations yes. You know. Everybody watch those stores the have. An incredible burden. That nobody asked for one and they just face it with such. Heroism. Employees. It it in an amazing attitude. They don't let it get them down a wanna lift their lights. Lands I'm very honor and privilege to. Have helped them do that for obvious and it read we talked about this a lot. You know in danger and -- and their parents go through a lot of this in some doctors decide to go wall in the get personal and some don't I mean that's just atrocious in me can I guess I can understand it but nurses don't make that choice though they are all in 1000% emotion I mean from the start addition have to rate. Yes. Yes it's. It's the nature of a nurse here right now you walked those dollars and you say hi. I'm Chris. I'm gonna be in Paris. And it's like curtains close behind and you around. Menu and I went in your former real bond with these you know for more for months and years obviously years yes yes yes. Yes it is. But if you're a nurse you know from primary care effort dermatologist. I mean you know like who's you know your own kids I mean you do these things. Even among nurses it's pretty amazing to me because Jamaica on the kitten you know. Five minute you know what parents do it this cute and make it on and you bond with a kid sometimes Nolan he's not an. Well. I I don't take care of the children because that is just. It's just and it takes. Somebody even more incredible special to me really is of their people got ahead. OK okay they actually hit it and it but it has to step up but honestly I IE. But you do now but you know what you a place like Dana Favre there's always. Hope. In the six years that I've been in the clinic. The advancements. Especially in immunotherapy have chest. Then so enlightening to everybody. And really have given such. Longevity. To diseases that would normally. In the past have not. I have a lot in new kinds of ivory. You've done this rolls thirty years starting were six years old and adds I was a child prodigy diesel that you deal with patients who are dealing with sarcoma and melanoma costs of skis are our people smarter now about. Watching their skin in the sun he heard it's grown up out of sun screen on it we're happy people. Still adhere to that or they ignored that at this point. Honestly I think it's 5050 at this point. You know I don't think that. That it's in the forefront. Still a lot of people out stealth yes yes neat cities the sun is stronger the rays a stronger. And you really need protection because just a little. Freckle. And her. Doesn't predict and his men he plays golf runs no patents for reasons not true that's that's. That's not terrible sunglasses. Actually look at it in a race though proper care and I and my daughter for sure. Make sure it's not about you don't you you know taking what's Bobby. It's on its hottest days you know were hat. Yeah the substrate on what you gonna do put sunscreen use people forget this. Ethnic groups exactly. And I realized that. You know surrounded by naked you can novel now but I don't make it right and I'm sorry that's just the way the it's always sensitive topic. Christine we appreciated so what do you think you know joining that so much.