K&C - Legendary broadcaster Al Michaels joins the show 11-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, November 17th

Al Michaels comes on the show to talk about whats going around the sports world.


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Kirk men ahead Sheri cal. More with KNC right now on Sports Radio WEEI. By joining us now with Al Michaels who called the Eagles cowboys game on Sunday night football league when that is 8:30 PM Sunday on NBC brought to you by town fair tire also brought you by MD Anderson Al how are you. There. Only one week left and nobody to quit but at all. And we always wonder well we always wonder what it's like for guys like you deal Belichick Brady we we we gonna talk the Brady of Monday's Greg nice was very cordial. Belichick he's not he does one radio and it is as usual media obligations but he's. He is very disciplined he never gives anyone anything what's it like for you and calls were there. You anybody when you sit down those little network meetings. Well I don't go for over thirty years. First armored. Defensive coordinator. Back in the eighties and of course sales. He's been he's been fine. Oh was it won't slow them would you guys we want and you're not. That much. But the funny thing is some years I've been doing. You know both the front for. The 32 years. Through the years ago it was less less and less. According but there're afraid of saying any saying you know might. Don't want to get out there. And a lot of this week when aaron's potency of certain when it was submerged in all of that note. We just you know ordinary it's different every vote. Frontline things. Out Betsy subjects that we were not inside we're not inside the practice facilities have. So we just don't want it or talking about things are red. So we go in there were about something my great and to be more. This of of the ocean and anything else. We don't. You guys probably knows. For yours now. You wanna go out here. He's only one thought that mark wrote if they want it by about two weeks he's always. And his way he's really good running out the clock having said that while on those meetings were them. And you know. You'll get a certain amount but to get an and especially when work was so I'll probably watch it is what the home. As the coaches do we're not worried about bigger area. Pretty easily been you know very cordial of those won't and it's just play some golf. No and so as well. Top battles sometimes studio. You know stuff that's making underneath circus knowing that in process. Not visit but in an adult was. You know what. Some. People might they. Would born this way the bulk of that as well so in those no regard for muscle those. How hands on we discussed a lot to play some sound you guys I was in the Monday after budget after patriots game. Depending on what he got us into guys talk to look at Dell a couple years ago he's at that game actually against the ravens. And called worth I think sort praised it all the time where people boss didn't want to hear that. Are you guys ever pressured by the NFL to say everything you guys have told you can't say that you can't say that I have to say this or that. Not really. That was not. Of course let's talk about our finest moment it is what it actually. The original. When he read the story came out and in was decision by the he's Roger did not lie. And we have really go to. Which network are so pretty much says it rod did life. Still rushed right we spoke little Russian and Eric for game that we have real that back in yes. And we ethnic. Well we talked about in the cartilage. While. We have all. So well we were not pressured. To say anything or poisoned by. It was awesome Super Bowl. You know the fleet. Rearing its. Currently the onset of of that whole thing. The same thing some mean when we were. We just approach of the we reported in this regard we went or what. Story analysts respectively so it actually. Say that in the back in Moses. Though. We can't you can't sarge he can't even we were we were in Phoenix that we still that we talk suiting leading up to them and you can. Overstate how big deflating was swallowed the Super Bowl that week leading into. Well yeah and we get guys go off the plane yeah edit right in the microphone and an aggressive. So it was was it in the rule book about it and by the time we got. If they've been there in rehab and double. And are everywhere in the game they look you mentioned. You move on these people tuned in to watch me. And I know a lot of times people they say no those guys were avoiding the subject. We're not a witness subject but the problem is a way to completely do a controversial situation. True justice. In recent. Yeah. You talk radio. Of well a long compliment that the what do we have we have. We started to it and an assist ERS split or replace I've got to go first and goal. We're doing well so it all sort of went to a third of everything you'd like to do in the old game just in. Were you there are in the room when Chris calls were sent to Tom Brady look mean the and tell me you didn't duke has he lost me that day lost a lot of people because it was so condescending mean did you actually say it that way. Yeah I mean to paraphrase. He just wanted to know. Chris it want to have done image to be at Tom around the so that was pretty. What he said this again may be that it is in position of your I don't know but I mean but. I don't want and no one would say that certain is that the yes. What did you say because we talked about it like when we in my every week for on a weekly basis and Andy's pretty adroit at those bills and a lot of notes and much would you say when Cone's words set the tone. Well as a way to put it guys. Same month mean. The bottom line was enough. Not to use. And it was. What sort certain location so that was. And that's been a great voice but way to discredit it. Exact words but the bottom line. Though. Reitman I'm on a lighter note. When Chris calls were said. We got a lot of mileage at all yet it's when he says that yes this Boston people don't use their ours don't mention as he let them duck boat my favorite part we've we've we had a good laugh like this on all the time you EU apparently looked at him listen you learned that I duck boat that guy has been a Boston a hundred times a believes kids go to school here you've gotten a fox for a million times. And he did today duck boat safe to give the ever seen John F. Kennedy speaker at Kennedy in the movie. Matt Damon and. Yet not. Support I think he was just go to Mexico or maybe it'd duck boat reference yeah but big redwood. But don't vote in their. I don't of course grew out in the oil and. I was a feel to know we dissect every fruit and words you go. We love it I mean apparently you guys on and a sense you're lucky that it isn't the content business right about what we look. And we're happy to provide that we. It copyrighted you guys and they just weren't. You know you're but I dodge sedan and get the best the best play by play gay guy ever our heels and a big game and his so called game I love it. I feel bad for you and sympathy in some regard and I believe you have to go through the same thing once and while. When you make a joke like the Harvey Weinstein joked to meet not a big deal it's topical it's actually funny if it fits it's huge it's I mean so do you. You suddenly see idealist and now you got to apologize for the social media is blowing up or do you on your own individually say you know what I screwed up. Well you know what I said they do it it was like you know probably in this you know right where I I thought to myself I made a joke of it. They work when they're really wanted to do is say the giants got worse press. Then he got that we so it didn't you know came out the worst week. Yeah it was pointless things where you know. I I always. Effort. That was probably not place. These people would misunderstand this you know we live in his world forget social blown of this space social. And then be a lot of it is like an echo chamber and assess. You know people about it because back with the back within bounds or. You agree like younger Al Michaels and bloody outrageous a lot of gallery. They don't you know that. Do. You know it's in the middle of the mean it's not like a mom on our show and some say it. It would need. You know I don't look at this was. A rocket about fifteen years hasn't figured I'd let them on television. Why TV or more than anybody history and out the numbers probably. 1000 hours in 1000 hours were a little bit like the great Olympic and you were if you want to limit a row. And once or wallet you know to try to or I rule. So. Well fortunately I've only had a handful of things in my career. Where I sort of sit. You know not certain there. Not necessarily appropriate. Might take a long way. So you have a you have moments fortunately you know covering often. Word you want existed only sufficient really back in which stick this in darkness is if you guys know. It's okay to. Now there's not too as well. So there's no and you know waiting parliament editor's note you're you're warned about this for a minute changes that says it's out there it's gone and that. I sit only about human some of immigrant not about this. Because let's look at some sort of laughing. At the bell rang at the end of the story so you know it's been real effective fortunately. As I say in the you know thousands of hours live network. In. In the. It's didn't speak of an appropriate kind of you know and gazelle and quality you know everyone you meet everyone's in LA you. Play golf with these guys Brady and Rush Limbaugh or OJ Simpson. Do you know Harvey Weinstein. Good. What if if OJ OJ showed up on the first tee NC can enjoy and want to say. I doubt very seriously show up on the first page I mean I knew home record was probably. Probably yeah see her. You know we knew we a lot of people about that because. All neighbors and no I mean actor when that happened in the way. Important and so. Acquittal all at that was like a lot of other people of the world around him it's it's you know that's. Let's let's be clear that well this is not a farcical phone call correct. And I quote before. He got the Super Bowl this year. So I'm I'm I'm just this is my theory I hope it's not true yet the Super Bowl the Olympics is coming up in a commercial and South Korea. Think you know I have done nine Olympics in this kind of. Yeah you're good I feel guilty and that you know watch them play I don't I don't it. Play golf and now LA don't I don't. Know the Hokies. I might hear my theories tell me I'm wrong I hope I'm wrong is that you're gonna consumables going to be your last name and Sam done after this you know three goes to Rico is trying like crazy stabbing you in the back. And want the job. And you're not going anywhere. No see that's you know some not just sort of Syria into advocates and Israel I don't. Right nobody isn't the only that there are percent honesty here. Are unbelievably less pathetic career that extreme. Unlucky you want Bentley notebook it's not. Wouldn't. Vote right now as a city using this. A different feel good really do in my brain up about eighteen years and that sort of irrational and still do. But most importantly. The passion of don't watch it in a statement. Go to a team and you know think about all routing or. A what's an overtime that's that's how it. Let me go to the end of the year ago strategy. Controversy whatever great plays back and forth. Special edition for adult and so right now is sit here and I think initially whose seasonal whatever we are. Feel really kind of stood with the Philadelphia analysis we did it it would be if we do three games in eight days. You know. In the Thanksgiving you know in the next Sunday and make use we've been desperate. But it jealous you don't get to go to Mexico City. Well you know I've been there about what happened. In. But he wants for an additional barriers in the who. That was. That was not what most fondest memories of mr. so we've. We've done. Was Dennis Miller right Winger when you I'm going rumored that with the makers. Transformation later on. Bet you made the transition and on eleven. Were you there to advise them on the it was time it was 9/11 2001 right it was Miranda none of figured occasionally get and. And then this we have done it in the night or of the investment that is opening game but it's. Actually broke his leg in the news in the let's. Giants going there why omen men. Dennis global flew home after the game that night and over the next morning in the and so on treason among structure. Did just that and act. Open buildings from that's. And you always win. I. I'd like to Rush Limbaugh playing golf when Rush Limbaugh you can. You can almost it comes to jail than in DC. Smart as she. Lose the idea. Sheets more gold rush to embrace it or don't drop. Sheets more on the golf course trump all told Brady or rush. Might. Our last question for me Al anyways is something we've talked about this morning the whole country's talking about I'd like your take on that plain and simple. Is Mike McMahon ski a racist. Yeah it in the rule is no question about it. All right. We'll talk. Guys thanks so much enjoyed it thanks so.