K&C - Liberals have flip-flopped on illegal immigration; Get Up's ratings continue to plummet 6-20-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, June 20th
Hour 2: Gerry and Kirk discussed the illegal immigratiuon crisis with callers and Get Up's ratings continue to plummet.  

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He's Kirk and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Agree on the need to better secure. The border and punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants. You know we are a generous and welcoming people here in the United States but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect. The rule of law. And they are showing disregard for those who were. Boy well we simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected. Undocumented. Unchecked. And circumventing. The line people who are waiting patiently diligently and lawfully. That's double trouble on Tuesday when the that's what Adolf Hitler and expertise that put kids in concentration camps just like Hitler. Inseparable Brit to babies from the arms of their mothers. And put them kill them till tomorrow it tough luck it was tough guard play and you don't feel like a fool when you're claiming that look I saw some between human again. You begin to go hit there I mean you there's no going back. Like a general Hayden that immediate who's telling people want supposed to be Smart worldly. He tweets that picture O Schwarz and some other countries separated case of where. I'm swear it's always a switch off switch on switch. Men. I mean you know. It's this amendment trying to hurt from Hitler's rule them all for a little histrionics medical arbitration camps and I'll switch of speech which wanted to open Hitler's Eagles strong have you seen Schindler's List of Seton. So we want comparing the situation the movie so each choice and that I don't. I don't know that that's fair so he's choice than not he's only made Merrill she'd give up one of her kids. That is obscene you won its. Disgusting human being Jimmy Kimmel. I'm glad Ted Cruz contrasts with Lebanon I'm not too bad that cruise was just terrible was posted fifteen and went right went to a twelve hours they finally said enough how horrid if you put one on one they didn't play defense in the could use fuel I Obama in the fifteen game at three. It's I hope you saw a post up I mean like these are played basketball he could. Italy and and I watched a couple minutes of they weren't playing good so you know if they could just hit little signal. Layups like little ten footer colossal all the way to me not good and he doesn't look looks like a weird dork at Mexican skinny fact. And now there belies the atlas he had to do it you know it's TV TV and yet comes publicity stunt. He put you went there went to Texas. And didn't get embarrassed when grooves on it are these days into these pills for legislation for the you'd lost you know he's slipping away and other files say that you find someone else and Sonia look at this bill this case he's a little squishy out of saying he's become a softy. Any president who doesn't began. Every day on his knees isn't fit to be commander in chief I. I want him in front row center because in those talking you know Supreme Court. I wouldn't be nearly as much fun to Augusta and did you ever hear from you never simulate an out and who drives you Nazis were religious skull like a pilot Peter it's good. I don't report they've asked for phone calls you've got to you because what your Red Sox after the break though I do. I'm a slug of Pakistan were ticket broker in the pole for last night to move is a throw the play credible and so it was a great defender. Do you think the reason in my opinion they do not scorn for Christians because you know. Yes good to hasten to at a club pro rights as an all star redundant and he wants teammates on the coast that it really he's been there are enough. He wants to put four. These are really in that situation is rather put Portland summing up some credit and if you don't protect from that is believable it was a neurotic control break and things have gone islands of people and we does that play to his 45. We you know I wanna do if you'd let me I want to play. All the liberals. Opinions on non illegal immigration for years ago from ten shore if I'm open that's Obama. We got Clinton we got Schumer we got Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton. I mean they were all hardliners and it was like universal care. Now it's changed because it was his concerted effort and if you go along with the European do because they said one day. We need is the humanitarian is not compassion. It's we need to change the country so we can stay in power and it's all weights not dissimilar to if you played Republicans were 20/20 five years ago the players much or religions they pretend to them. You flicked you have to do that either Republican for a that you have to depend most sought trumps somewhere always root cause. Trump did it sorted Obama and Clinton used to carry a Bible as a religious and he had to useful condoms but he had a. Behind so what we have to send a clear message just because your child gets across the border that doesn't mean the child gets to stay so. We don't want to send a message that is contrary to. Our laws or will encourage more children to make that dangerous journey. Ooh ooh ooh she just said we want to deter. So I would be deterrent to the children between approaches it would be to turn to yes act that was. Not seek ask the path is only his house version of averting Eva Braun at. We saw that movie you catch it. Yeah. I have. If we could see real candidates were different. Let's go to Kevin Providence he says he has a solution ultimately use. Brooke blog I'd let me say you know Brooke I think the Democrats to turn up the volume on the immigration thing only because you know they haven't got to fall on them the Department of Justice FBI treaties soon. That's one reason that is without a doubt you're right Kevin has wondered. And they act kicking up the ducks. But you know hey if people are electing representatives you work although these people are ticketed event. Picnic California look the Californians. Feel that the tax burden of taking these people wouldn't but they're not. Federally they can't all federal election and inaudible it let it go right ahead they know here in Rhode Island. Mundo a lot out illegal aliens have privately announced that they can work it out. That means that they have to have a job I can't tell them they're working illegally and then they have the right Jarrett because right out that shirt so then. How they want that shirt in an attack about it a little bit and you know I this and didn't ever going to end but hey. Well Ali and we'll let him into the states that actually were lump and then they can do it tax burden badly beaten in this state how. Only can work that is the federal national national issue I mean it's true in in in California that issued more than a million. Licensed drivers licenses to illegal aliens who know what that means they're gonna vote right. It's it's all coming together for the far left who really is for the ACLU and and the training camp put themselves or commit themselves in the trap ayalon this piece of the potential insurance issues have to. Oh it's out of control I mean so what do you do. I'm he would turn to them the taxpayers in the right has already said to him and the state. And I believe that that is like fifty billion or something right now on this it is a third world trade Nat yeah. It's it's it's a lot in new California is a mess yes and that's. What Pelosi wants is to spread that mess. To share of the mess sure the rest of the country to winning issue California's a hundred billion dollar and at a hundred billion dollars in assets were built over 400 ointment literally 300 dollars and fifty yeah Jesus. Michaels in Plymouth what's on Michael. Heck you don't believe what kind of Kevin's that is it is you know but I I can take it one step further dual Mexico's talks. Let's fly him off first class street that just in to those candidate he's a loving guy. Its own culture people disagree with us noticed that solutions she wants solutions. That period if I had I was so dissolution and announce a solution. We could do it right Mexico head and keep walking. Right through Mexico to the US yes I'm not sure if they were in fear for their lives political refugees. Usually claim that their fear for the lives of persecution religious persecution. Or political persecution. Like and they stop in Mexico he's cannot be persecuted act who sees people I understand you know don't want people his people are breaking the law. And the breaking a lot in August. Kids again at the the the parents are breaking the law still broken gun laws in the B it will be real trouble. Immigration laws not such a big deal. Toms in the car right Tom. So it's a funny way. Even those all of them don't know it. The problem is that PA making it more. Look at the talk isn't horrible. But Todd Todd Thomas Tommy breaking the law. It. Breaking the law. Well. What it well they are. OK they're good they're trying to enter the country illegally illegally illegally hire. If you due to close. Out the side of the second time. Silly talk about what exactly can that be turned away. Because why why the people wait to get it up at recent judges. To add to that these people. Okay let me ask you this Tom Tom if we get more immigration judges and their hard liners. Say their top appointees and they turned them away because they don't believe them they'll believe the stories. Turn them away we UV OK with that because the hearing they got their due process and they sent him home okay. You just said jobs we need more judges what is the judges send them home always says that. It not. What if they do they. All it to judge denies them asylum are. To judge denies the messiah because of their at. All. Sure. Just said we have would judge can thank you. Should that's different and. Just had a we have more judges we could process them so opposed judges process them and send them home. Think Tom will be happy my point is no good pick up here is no solution that was insane others some like Tom is a dope he said they're only one clean. If fleeing from danger and threat to their life their homeland right right their homelands. On Amal Al Salvador Honduras. What's between Guatemala in an US can't. No Mexico they'll is your life in danger Mexico probably I don't know why can't they state Dakota. So if they're fearful they like throw came exclusively in the free. Get it might. Let alone. Who cares just build freak thing. Annals of Portland AL. On its own good. I external. I think a small point being this year end it's bad. The democratic and they want illegal immigration and don't walk people just come stem orders but there are set the policy. Cola say hell let's talk called on. Why why would a Democrat being against them unfettered illegal immigration open borders why would they be against. I am a Democrat and I'm against a better open. Borders. Because the leader of this country need you becoming league. You realize you're in the minority. All are not a minority which used separate but they have used what do we just separate families are not separate the pales. And say hey you know what you're gonna get to order robbery or. He could he's been there's been you know has been on both sides blockage but yet due that'll be you think kotsay. I'm Pelosi Schumer who was the world would be okay with that. We said we said Akram was together and send them all back. I think you don't give alternative well a picnic disingenuous all these quotes years ago. They're not saying ballot they're not hard on immigration. Yes they are have you hated so although I hold out socially asked Elizabeth Warren today. Are you tough on immigration today she would say yes. Well today than it was I don't. You can read opera expert you know watch watch watch the news Christ. He thinks. When you phrases like undocumented workers we convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration which the American people. Well mainly because if you don't think it's illegal you're not gonna say it I think it is the only. That is to change. Amazing that's the leader the senior senator from your Democrats got its leader. Of the of the whole open borders movement now what year was that we have year. Ultra you know ten years ago saying dammit they're legal keep my right they made that decision. Now in the back rooms in the decision in the smoky back to good business. I mean think do you think any of those people coming over the boards they're gonna vote for. You know prompted 21 involving a bigger problem they said we have to change the country we wanted. And maintain our power conscious last caller Tommy was the wars ago on The Today Show today and says she's toughen immigration policy. Never ever again this is how the consequences so cruel and ripped away in ages. Again I hate I hate is nothing he would agree with your initial unfortunate actually greet you on this issue. Of course 2009 was Chuck Schumer 2009. Nine years ago Chuck Schumer was a hard line anti immigration. The other group commercially do was he was against gay marriage probably that's true to their all these other shows up only when it was for gay marriage. Trump sure that's definitely true James is normal of what's up James what type of English for hot Lesnar he was for and if yes. A lot of security guys ought to look. And folks coming from Central America all the political and economic injustices they feel the benefit American corporations. To kind of keep wages low in most countries. How do you feel about you know if the united states institute some of the reasons they don't have economic empowerment like we do here. And then translating in order to make more money you know are we took root causes some social issues that they had socio economic issues they have. And can't Japan and. Cause we send the money would you send them foreign aid in it like Guatemala and Honduras sending people to us right of the burden though. Why are we sending them hornet does that make any sense out of it I think we send Guatemala. Like 300 million Woodson and California coast approach these since I send them money they send us what your porches. My point is that so Hillary Clinton both the Democrat out there on the left are quite similar Democrat Barack Obama. They also Puerto Dakota personal between the president the president and certainly that now runs a country. Got a lot of economic injustice in Seattle about policies and on the country that keep wages low to keep free trade tell the American corporations. So what a coincidence that you should look at driving wages down keep wages down. They're not sending people there people are fleeing the economic bird at the US coast by instituting dictatorships in these countries for about US. Instituted dictatorships and V and oh well. Let's go to Mario in California and Mario. I can't say they are good morning. Anyway. And loan. Agreement rarely get in there all monsters Obama nobody. Soon it's. Obviously you all modeled on social usually there is still got stock nobody's. You know nobody said that nobody said. I when I was you know I can't air 1988 I literally. Outraged that firewire as we came across the border illegally. I live here illegally up to about forty years ago way good doc program what are available. And you know. What took then I was almost always that's where it illegally you know where low wage jobs and because of the stock brokerages. Not around anymore I don't think it would get a good job of course at the age of eighteen you know those people like act occur to all the bigger taxes it. I mean look what we PX suggests to someone in the situation. You're illegal you're illegal United States citizens on and its that is the wish that I suggest going to legal channel illegal climb wonder why try to cut but you you worked California and that's great and I'm sure you would otherwise it's always great kids and sounds like you work hard. And don't work hard try sets I would say god I'm OK with you getting citizenship but not your father. Mean using adult became an illegally committed a crime was your fault it was his fault. Yeah and give it away it's right. You know if Greece got to. Get some even though and I you know it it sixties and he'll be out where. You know you here illegally scale and probably it'll be. And I'm already you know our age we speak up as something good happens when they were it orient. I guess they may most of their lecture in the US. I'm sure millions of people around the world who'd love to come here legally. I don't think they've they go through proper channels to go to their. There embassies or wherever their immigration offices in the they apply and they wait and they hope. Right and and then they have to hear people like millions of Americans said. What are we supposed to do that crossed the border declined across the little under the wire you went across the Rio Grande. They are wise in my that was. It in my sister and my mama out. And the color it'll make him a competitive car after we ran into a car where are absolutely eating him. Actually gave it to count or than ever since 1988 elect inherits are scrape. I spoke no English. I mean I literally live a life open in Adrian back here illegally and you know the guy that helped me out in a way. Men in me it's a great it's great feature this disgrace toward them I'm not really sure what you know OK I'm Emma and that's that's great but you know your dad broke the law. And right now. Help me and yeah it worked out. She's a good kid he works hardest at public works hard that's I don't blame people for trying a little right now when Mars after trying treat you better like the south and here's some here's what. People as Democrats blame. Our sport is trying to have borders trying to have. Immigration laws they don't want to post right it just little nuisance is let me and right Ramallah and you're just a hair. And on the other is office got partnership with them and I got to confirm hopefully when it is it is one of the most frightening new cases of a you know the media empire shall see me just weird is when I mean I'm sorry pictures of two kids behind bars about in cages when when Obama was a kid to be yanked from their parents. As we don't know a whole bunch of pictures. Of kids being taken from the parents under Obama right there was a media blacked out because that was their guys. When you saw the press conference with. Secretary Nielsen in Serra says it's their assault. Aggressive they are so biased that such partisans is on the attack. How can you do this I mean there's no fairness is unbalanced mine yesterday very volatile stuff right there at the plate for. Harris and not be those who are new maybe Nelson whenever they were together. But it's like there's no balance now and has no of course we know about what you do is new but I never seen any issue like Troy assault trumpets all because twelve that's true they hate and there's so much the entire thing but you can't ask a question like how would this work. If a forty year old guy said his twelve year old girls my daughter. Agency okay. We have a nice dorm room you're here yes there's a shower and knocked a document that okay that they literally. So they were interviewing kids and they knew nothing right cause you know its parent nothing. Mean it's a wave four of these smugglers. These traffickers to get in the country and get the kids in the cut to the charge in the family five grand right each or something give the kid in. And we don't want ask questions was swollen and. Well it's weird for headlines for sales outlook Jerry's favorite late night host was present cruise last night on cruise such losers so pathetic that confronts feet from dump Donald re election if his wife. As it passed which Jimmy Kimmel maxim don't arguments his father was in the magic is different to Clinton is well yes hiker headlines could market cap. On Twitter. Sports Radio we guy. Time once again for headlines plus Brandon. Pray for all the other ones. Yeah. It's Christmas time. It's hard. But win here at case. And so aware of how this guy you win. And it's a world Madrid and India. We're all these they're the only news. A bit faster. Being moved. And Chris this. They're a great game. They made it. Do. No it's not very dodgy there. It's. Forward Curtis current. And Callahan and his yeah. Yeah. Why we plan it's funny it's it's good old. We'll go the most disappointing one tank way that yes is this great pipes great voice and he was terrible yes. Who's worst who's a breakout star of tomorrow she was it was a pretty good cars and of course most cars always the stuff or those that America must have a good voice at the start as crews missed has the most part though he got the you know at the Blue Mosque and a deliberate and it was a little bit of good policy should be ready to beat John David guys. Yes it is a good lead in lives and he's the only question great voice. Well he was brought in the course is don't require the kind of chaos she should tell you know he's breathing fire right now. May make up these produced three years pretty well he's very passionate about this disease typical emotional liberal. Angry bitter. Complicating who have watched that with a for 2004 polls and they could just open lines they'll obviously as a conservative Jerry when he. Fortunately Graham post the guy is four point plays forty hot while you strike call islanders Frankel why wondered why aren't going to isn't it. A team is quick to practice basketball in different place do. I politics does he did they measure the hoops elected to hoosiers and sitting duck and it feeds that you'll find it's the same my requirements are due back on the record and a like her she's I advocate headlights and we. It's pretty passionately might do a little later emotional note you mix coupled with the get back to the passion OK very good a good actress the more. Good morning guys. Well one could lighthearted. And Jerry. Barton. I Chris Trevor Noah. Gerry Callahan offered praise for it went on actually keep forgetting I hate him. I don't weigh more. No Trevor. John. What's his father's. All Oliver. Would only Kimmel to all for regular job percent eases you said it hopes to repeat it or their parents wrong he says it is okay. In the guts to say they'll just say it. And before and I'll say this but I agree with Ted Cruz. Don't look we've given so it was a hot time on the show but let's give him props he wants to solve this problem. And I think we need to solve it before Ted Cruz decides to go to the detention centers himself. Because these kids have been through enough. Lol that's how could you yeah. Boom boom boom. Hold the phone artists tract from an hour is South Africa and correct correct correct he's not. He's not doing game he's not doing that's the that's the can that be your typical action hawk call your office truly. All that. We'll be cultural wanna fall please our friend who we have we have a story to break if this were Sean Hannity. Imitating little Hispanic China's hog on Twitter right now who return in a minute whoa wolf this is a believe overtime earlier this. We will keep you at all. I don't know is absolutely. He did that seem like. South African juice bag imitate an Hispanic. Well again let's just put very very carefully flip it around embassies can meet but if Laura Ingraham did that tonight. Oh who you I don't know I think Hollywood story wouldn't be a flesh from the left on her bones she would be savaged so Trevor Noah can can can he do that in it obviously sounds like what's his face from panacea. We'll fill up the month ago I was born a month yes. Who commit suicide tanker that he did. Don't fault as a joke every committee I don't know I don't know hit and I hated that show electric cart among tomorrow. Look at the collective fine Corinthian leather. To have to have Monica apartment isn't it. So rich people stuff so. You know. I'm sure the globe right now is calling all the advertisers for the daily shield of an actual write it do you resist the kind of thing you wanna be associated with this is cousins they could very well on your overtime. There all of that could could create keep here. It sound like cartoon mice so they sell those families who are you know whether you whichever side Iran are going to really tough time right now. He's taking advantage and exploiting them making money and again mimicking him mocking. Execution we should check the rules find them that's against the I thought that I know I can be part of me either you know I went there once. Like you can afford so he was so good. We wanted to check in with training as well analysts analysts aren't percent notes that we're gonna I can beat this today it is overwhelming everything is an amazing doubles and threats Laura Ingraham. Her career. Which is thicker her job is is that spot that I even for a second for a second played a comedian card for second I think it's stupid. Let's say Dennis Miller was on with one of these guys on fox and did that today. If you go over that he's done done it's always we have. Broken our ties through Dennis Miller will no longer get out quickly that with the action mask for the double standard hot weather to get something going but go ahead. Will do while training you guys wanted somebody ready answers are ready solution to this and a few responded to eighty story we're we're going to be. Audio of the kids in the detention center went. What started. There is a streak that had the audio attached to it with the people at the detention. Separated from their parent. And she responded. Quote we. First they came. Dot dot dot quest shaggy. Hands that that that understand that's that's Nazi analogy is well past cleric and a half immigrant and children tack. Does she yet tweet moments she donated to the ACLU is a result of this. I've plug and adopt an image at siren that yeah I take advantage of them in advance and be damn it don't. If this sect I can't thank god the damage that stat I Pam Thomas. That pile up. Now if you missed an early she said if you're upset about this policy tell a sick I donate money into the AC you use your voice. Pressure pressure pressure aspect ACLU cast enough user who is in you you'd put it. I like the story about I just this is yeah. What works kept upset about this new policy. Approach thoughts later but the story for months ago from this the dad the joining looking kid. In Ohio who watch this these hundred withered all the baloney these chicken Alfredo chicken are afraid to write a right it was good to me Albert amaru. Now 23 was arrested in Austin town. Ohio sexting back in December. If I was talking to a fifteen year old boy online and his action undercover awesome app police officer. You raise me the option Austin. Plan to be paying sprite chicken Alfredo in lubricate that it is how you do. The ticket Alfredo. Would you be seduced by that. Oddly chicken Alfredo guy or sprite really. If it was cold chicken on your keys and Rutherford hold them holes 151515. All businessmen Chinese food is that me fifty tiger via public view of pizza. And some Coke I would I was insurance grew to exert even par that's illegal throughout a home product. Rice meg role opposite of that if the pizzas hot freshman you were brought home. Each of goat has cocktail if you if you don't commencing this toward the kings 400 pounds he looks like we'll took a picture of me looks like. Jonah Hill on the you know turning on a really bad words about movies yeah it's occurs before picture. And I mentioned food stamps and that guy who's seriously overweight went crazy. We governors and Bill Clinton Jerry polar crypto so much you think she'd do that how long do you think you would be that you sense is going to be. Five years. The Villa could host rush for a 120 days. In after his visit here once sex he had served seven days. Seven days seven I guess he didn't actually follow through the crime. But he's at the age when they mean is gonna try again could just run away from. It she could be right I mean it take half hour of minded it's. And under that mass of stealing plays himself player either chicken Alfredo may be a turnaround for its price amounts. And we better we're Diet Sprite is a well. It amid no stranger to pleasure himself Bill Clinton aide workers. His. Alleged love child has taken to Twitter to rip the former president wasn't approved as though it can't get Clinton's DNA in just against not. There was show follower on the golf course he does look like on the Jesus that's given about probably one with a logo was the woman. She woman of the evening she won this in little rock and little rock and effort and can. Tourists it was all manner you have that. So you blame really it was well who's married Marlins rape and children on Paula does the book which is Paterson got a terrific. I personally feel that Booker I believe so ugly set unbelievable Bill Clinton's fans at. Billy Williams the alleged love child and President Clinton reacted to read it to how can Bill Clinton have a compassionate care so much about immigrant children being separated from their families. But lack compassion to care for its own song he would. And send it. Didn't hear from daddy on Father's Day you can support through continues to study who's gonna muted and I. Play a role for you know right at dinner but now. I guess that's headlines headlines that's headlines by two by doctor Robert letter and documents in the press. 1800. There were. Number 1 morning show and how. Radio WEEI. They are getting get out but then again it is and you know it's Richard now. That's the understatement here but they'll show. They'll have causing all morning routine and one other final note here. We we told it has IKEA that a fourth host an athlete he told this story last week of the turmoil on the Ottawa Senators. Oh yeah the standards so. We'll do the turmoil. Senators now perky. Users at the music Graham the girlfriend. Delicate trader who he got traded twice yes this guy's girlfriend was so I don't care harassing or Carl's is one area Carlson was a guy William no it was a and so on than what was a trust Lawson yes loss. But did you know it was yet again and the whole Carlson. From Eric Carlson caught Mike. Mike Coffman right. That's Phillips seamless from clients and office on the trip you did you. No the deal was a big get a guy that is known not surprised I've never heard him say that you watched it. But they were dumped in honor of James. And the key if he fixes they talk about too much sports has borne. I don't know what veto but they dumped on it is a rigs as sort of Hinsdale by the way don't you I think he's about the million does it is that's how they hate big releases of dale shelling aerial show yeah. It's so why can't deal say yeah I'd like. Albion now how can you say that which defense will if you watch is in the likes it may be a big funeral is a chicken Alfredo. And defend like Ali this is us would you think he watches if you believe you watch dale gets up in the morning and does whatever goes on the does like walks on the treadmill for ten minutes and then. What is gonna police have his breakfast and so he apparently likes it apparently told Keefe at some point he likes and I think he says he watches a big deal likely than not to Telus because it's a terrible show there's no don't look at took a look at some right now he's only likes. Right now you have. What's is in Tbilisi Tbilisi and weird leather Jack trash bag on a shave and could some professionalism. Angry upset and chipped it to some. Greek police say it let us give you over 200 father's money no I seek. I I I will always think there's a chance until it's over until the Honolulu don't. Richard if that quite letter talks to acquire politics. How would. We have the I get rid us open yesterday good car we learned how to Leonard and I think they're making the move their way through. Well guess where they finished on the cable. News in the cable news ratings socket that for a I'm June 18. 118. Where you're good Kurt. You look. You're wrong what was. 117 to hand it to never give them credit for him to move up 170. About. 110 is the amazing world of Gumbel which 0108 died and the navy's on AMC. Well who do you think you are on TLC and your favorite. Kick masters like Food Network founded they can forget people watched it. Pass. They were only down 3%. Elusive high noon which is another disaster. I knew and I tell the truth and I am if I've while watching that behind you just because I feel like if we gonna criticize have to watch it. It's worst again it's actually worse again because as music. Well because they don't they did these people are whenever it's boring but he's actually talk about stuff they talk when nothing's come out as a much of the TV guys you are you gonna long running Comcast who applied for the Max Kellerman job automated gaga was offered the job right thank you. Colin Zia's BN. Cling to this sinking ship I would say they'll they'll having this summer they say who cares summer didn't take off. And with football season starts as she pulled the retooled trio. And with I think the fetus can be crazy and that the Mike Greenberg. Freeman rose cable. Can it now they still have that great spot overlooking the river yeah oh yeah OB yes and Katie dolby and Michelle will join. There's and I happen via the item ratings usually that has put her personal or kind of epidemic that show would level telmex on his father just stick a third person has shown in the middle there when he saw someone else the last is all organize everything. Yoga though a lot of stories written about Katie know how great breath of fresh air so you work there you have a lot of the expert ESP expert do you think they stick to cannot stick would get up. No chance on us I think you'll doesn't matter at all be on vacation our group curtain fall in new logo will Greenberg be okay external click liberal machine to keep Greenberg he's what he's looking like little picket you can do those tricky does look like an east 97 like Wall Street I don't feel like I look good lack of sleep a little room. This job doesn't help when they had that two for twenty years right but he looks a little worn out we don't agree little beat up Havoc on arresting television personality. Some thinks he has hit six million box now I know it and six who now ex and August which is so bizarre to me like any schmuck could do that Chris Fowler Craig Monroe are granted or or you know dale could do it can do a big Stewart or speak any SP and you claim could do it you took the stoic. He took this. I'd take this from you type up the same thing. Are that new Yorker Steve Liesman things nothing to us nothing. I ask gives you some I would many words to his body 8000 let's say ten yeah 8101000 words you finished tell me this may have been missed the two. She married and even though his life's like as it kids I don't know. We know we heard most parents here's like his father mother died service diet. Of all the weird guy easy and to repay your green shakes needs and we are on your voters his approach to arguing debating right. The whole story I mean you get to pick when to look at the part of his life by foot or is he drank when it went disease sleep where you live at that mean we know exactly as much of him as we did before is nothing. It's terrible new Yorker. Sucks cause you know if it's a bad story and it's in people. It down to minutes and New York Tibet's for a new Yorker takes half an hour read it and why rhetoric from new Yorker soared last night Taiwan in the one that. And called the tweets out of all the scams the border which is unbelievable all the scams these silent seekers used to get in the country. And it's it's rapid have these people. At the border are lying in their asses off. It is Stephen A Smith opinions. Twenty pages printed out sixty pages is it really yet. Tell our toilets generals general hospital. Is his whole history later it's nothing nothing new topples or burgers Jeff Burris. Tests. Always always. You put that and ask my ass. No I New York Republicans nominated no no no mention their but I was more from Snoop Dogg in New York a boost pressure. Says he went to college on a basketball scholarship I don't believe that have some issues with that we're and that verified he wrote the coach fired right which is face. Winston-Salem who gains or whatever laws. Yeah it was a Winston-Salem as well as boring. It's a very boring story I was coming I was sort of looking forward to a two. It has been hedged its stars and famous guy you know nothing about it really again. I don't of his keys is giving an office again. That's Tibet as most fearful and he was a good guest when refundable. What may not hold them incentives and I had. Mission would one of their holes do you know a few months ago I went on did it talk about Tom Brady and he brought up may weather and you know accused me of a vote of condone the domestic violence the most come out of nowhere. That's through all your fault once again. Training. In my C thank you Stephen A Smith I did not all my favorite third. Person Brey talked about a friend in the World Cup watching yesterday all the other service now let's hear we get back. In playing an and you hear fox actually grant wall from Sports Illustrated slash fox doing a story on. The human rights issues there and how women aren't even able to go to the matches to watch and there. I've a friend who's Iranian and she really started she wants. Good for her home country she's forty nights expert parents are part rot. You need shoes like like the colors of the flag at the exact flight because she's really to warn about supporting this you do apply massive regime's oppressive government Iran yet that's our heritage inaccuracies that or she comes from so I think for some people. Maybe it's easy just to watch a football game and totally separate yourself that. Maybe hear an African American who is and harassed by police on you do part I was injured your your listeners I don't know learn not even possible relaxed actually gets up. I guess it could check that all with these students hard if you're an African American to root. For your foot. I thought all came to watch realism from who's trying to you to erupted she's napping when nothing which is a friend who made a sweater something with you say. So she's entering and create I radian sweater once it is an Iranian friend who can friend Leo wants to watch the soccer team that she likes the soccer team but just like the country stands for. So she created a sweater that sort of symbolize the flag but by completely in life is too short and obviously it is about kids like her I got to go to again again and BofA honey whatever name is. Root against them. You left that. Hell hole that's an impressive re. I have friends it's my old country as well against them at wet and it's laugh and I get that heavy African American profile but it. I've met a friend and I ran on my different. It was a rainy that you go Iran and visitors there public that does that sound good. And and when play via an Iranian flag carrier oppression and some of working Olympics and forget rusher whoever that she's has put that aside. Or where real people are dying building effort in place right. Yes that's correct he should probably go to. They've done and Qatar are at point one oppression Cutler did return Rico disagree with him something that that's a pressure slapped his hand reached. Out.