K&C - The likable Sox; Headlines sparks fierce Gerry vs Kirk guns in school debate 2-22-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, February 22nd

Hour 2. After some Red Sox likability talk, Curtis reads the day's Headlines including those regarding Donald Trump's sitdown with Parkland, Florida families. Kirk and Gerry then are off debating solutions to mass school shootings, including possibly arming teachers with guns.


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead. And Gerry Callahan. One Sports Radio WEEI. I think. Ally hi. Report buyers go for it 61777790%. Coverage all here. Accused twice for instance it's. And we forfeit the war. Or force answered corrected quite easily 76. Hurt your voice we did you know last night on board state house. The jury hours after his. Mom across yeah. That was there various woman yes yeah. Yeah the goal hurt us. We say oh. That documentary which scratch right now might need some more opera's participation. Correct correct thing. And ask them on Agassi could of course OH MO. Was third shot up for a second please in in Curtis. Absolutely Albie out talked to get the first hour torture of the preakness what rich. And turned Chris Chris Kardashian pulled. I tried to try to connect that's what I told him for those of us. It was my fault I was always. Pay. Too much more focused on this out of other things the show. I think we need to expect more from him anyway because he cares. Grumbles efejuku change bill. A it. Well and well page oddly relieved averaged. About three times nobody else to hear us threatening her. Among my the ball. But it. That's big news that got wide update every players. You're only two businesses that close friend right that's what that's what you do. You. Where you live for. Us. Understand why. It shouldn't be much. He's the drug the worst of which have. Gotten the new. Don't care. Coastal city it was viral. And no part of the actual possibly field. Is. This team is good we've seen the breakdown in the comparing the the Yankees the Red Sox it's close John Thomas gives it the Red Sox correct. Spots. Like very close to you know most people stupid yankees Martinez. Is gauge it but it is amazing. Uh oh. Small crowds round which agreed yes. Not no action notes about. People don't care about baseball. Were once more holes note that the weather's great. Watching football yes but more. Your herbal will mean it's on the due to click on games like that they're games. Optical life you're joint him. A record isn't out. Isaac out asking. Program directors in the house. And next couple days I've talked yesterday. They took dinner well. The committee in violence or support I want. It's that it. Would they go to sweet tomatoes six. Joe's season premiere tonight Erica is it on sale tomorrow tomorrow. There's admitted Francis Morrone so he'll be sitting in this seat I don't know. Etc. there receipts. While experts what an honor all Famer. Oak almond tips and average cash hole she smokes great job thanks threatened watch it. With the program director. Knows that the three of us last night. On arsenic just how it's a total of thirty or. With a check register as a business don't physically at sixty. And I fired Statehouse. Who's good Democrat white Everett plant and you know what it is that was good yes. That's the week Tuesday at geez if I see that it. Ultimately. I'm let's let's take corps sergeant Curtis notes under the seats in addition. But he ate a rib eye. And it really is correct our little garlic in the late. You know so it's it's weird you don't know anything you chose like four or ships. He purging I'm not. Exercising and walking like crazy here it's been beautiful drawing all the rubble. I'm 34. That's exercise 34 year old walking this this awaited. If you're 74 o'clock to six cents to agree yes body so we talked with swimming yesterday. Did you see the pool and you're always. Yet. Low couple I did too it's the warmest people that it's it's like that water and it's weird. And use that. When you're or don't that was myself miserable endorse the yes it was no I was hanging in America. Jim is in Fort Myers and Jim. Me yeah I am. Well that was that sweet tomatoes yes they've eaten shore up. Yet. They'll put you'd mentioned. Before a couple of weeks ago I'm not compromise is going to be like enemy territory. In the Red Sox went and indeed been friendly to beat you look at me which is to know wanna talk look at did you. A whole other actual attempts so far. They appeal more smarmy little more. Monday the first day it was like dynasty yours practicing before. Four months. We reject the I was getting. Maybe. Actress but the state would you do usually do like when we view it as much in the mature as they are not around he's. Next there's a lot of categories the restroom I told the adamant that excellent column when he when he called out to owners. Which don't see that a lot of will be known for blaming chili Davis if you think I think you feel like with a moderate. Nice I just myself that's calling him. And the ouster of. One day was capped the night. So. Yes well you know I I don't I don't. And once again like I draw. The rest guys use. That as a slight. Do you like impeded sneakers I. There's. They kind of thing there Robert Jordan's how much they cost I think the corporate suits which assists that. Does he can expense of those currencies this year you know. He buys them is his way to ingratiate himself with players right right yes. It works now. They talk politics. Sounds deposits and raised about this and we get to see him walking around behind. Lyndon JaJuan which is appropriate. I could tell which moment when. It is if she was commenting on the sneakers yes this is name though I'm not sure. And that she knows she knows it was a weird to me the beat writers by and large. It is tight with the assets dale I mean. Like it might use at the meeting last week so some. I understand why this. Issue and I think not it was me. Now they should Asia and the players should the media in the B shapely should be that tension. You know. How accurate the guys in your guide you guys haven't missed a good job nice. Record prices. Treatment. Work and now we have it shows telling Judy Martinez. The glory or toward the media is gonna treat you well just smile and those that carried yes this practice. Those two Stephen Connecticut based Steve. And it that you're taking my call out so well she's guys other I think oracle is wrong. Or two yes sir it was put out imperative that we aren't the Red Sox. OK so. I agree people are calling and Europe about the JP marking both Arafat's reciting they are you signing and they were. I think that people I contract that market got. I slot loading it up for seven years and 200 million so given that I'm at the first spring training. People love baseball and this is a good sign and we're gonna beat you this year or Henri but he also paired. Yeah a lot of people are calling it couldn't possibly negotiated. Sites off all their people don't care about the Red Sox as much as they care what the Red Sox before that's the fact. Which is platters they there's there's every there's nothing that would refute that nothing steepest on line. Now there's nothing there's nothing refute cell numbers web traffic. Television ratings radio ratings nothing would suggest otherwise nobody nobody under the age of forty. By nobody I mean making mass assumption people checked out baseball that generations but I do think it's. And Judy Martinez signing was not made. Because he's cute and charming and marketable the way I doubles and that is a baseball move which is good great yes. It's good news they're not gonna say in June the peninsula where. And heads. It is in the eighties and great to meet you just gonna hit. The tall at the. Agents resigned in tatters today. You get more clicks on web sites. It's exciting. The ratings will be a this year compared Lester would agree that secret life I would because it was a one guy one ill while the analysts note rivalry. Well located they put into play but it's also it's like the delayed effect this baseball's always had one year later you're good one your people buy more tickets the next you're out there Richard the only one ready for a three years and also what happened last year that's two years. So without what's the latest flash it was a weird like a likable Ferrell symptoms go to electric TY assisting lights team likable because Farrell's gun people like Karl fresher approach restaurant. Like there was unlikable and yeah he's right about what was supposed to manage. But he won. But the player if I don't hear Dustin Pedroia still here. The players' votes but there are other guys Bogart's. Is likable bets as likable or to. Snare their likable guy I don't know that this is gonna. Affect the ratings. And they're not they're not logical theory people watch young people what is your theory can that it happened it takes a year from people ketchup yeah. I mean like when you're good for two yours around all the people know they're good they're gonna. Pay attention more this year plus the Yankees will fuel that they play the Yankees in week two. But Martinez and Martinez being at home runs in April people want to see him you want you won't click. Away when he when he's coming up in the next inning and great when he Euro 28 year old wants wants to Charlotte based doesn't like change it wants to start like people who watch what's up with a television. And flip it around. Look at look at it while it's eleven home runs it me 141 I was not its catalyst and operates that's different socket it's not it's that the say you know what we're just we're sort of this are these are little. Portable world. Not to let you know much bigger. It's academic record doesn't matter if they let anybody acting. Like the idea of filing that god knows you. But my point is if your fourteen year old kid twelve okay. By that comes along it's enough for our baseball Internet they have other they have that I didn't have to make it change and you're. Alluding to this rule change that to make one radical change that people old timers. You know if they have to shake people up. So look what we're gonna do. Jackie Robinson. That's troop that was awhile ago and fifteen years so maybe you know and he led a woman. It's. Ball for just Mendoza. That be great but if they may say I don't. Will change that is why what is it like I second extreme or a bigger role that general yes but I Michael ruled like me to pilot in a base but he gets it. And yes you like this which one which will tell you whoever you one night. No no that's a great that's great I hate you all I do adjustments elementary years years. It's a good idea and you know what like consumed people don't like what did that somebody wrote yesterday it's easy to our point. What a world of the best players not on the field matters most good question Larry bird's on the court stepped courage and you want to wagers on the field. Aaron judge or Mike Trout whomever you pick your guy harper where one. Most of the time it's not going to be the biggest thing right when you see night and coming up in and obstacles at seven right talent spread there or worse you know. It's sticks and stumbled out pinch hitter in the eight tonight to say oh and you don't really care. In the last in the old guys in the evening to lose these guys can pound it but if you read that if I only cares watch that's fine. But if you care about if you're keeping it alive I it's like half I want ideas that Lou doesn't like nothing gets little. And I want ideas I can secretary I want my views that Jason stark doesn't like right. Yes that it should just stick there doesn't like yes that's why that we'll secondary leads to different conversation. But that would be awesome and you know it's gone this doesn't work out to expect. Who cares if historically has got this baseball and layer of. Ratings are still double the Celtics and roads at least different art. For hypocrisy on the NBA's young and yet you know all of the average NBA television viewers now. Fifteen years I agree the ratings are bigger no doubt that's a conversation. The ratings or you don't settle exchanges until they have a lot of sectors is it what are compared inaugurated NHL ratings were never troubled against senate the question that's on your heart simple question can you make this product that you can't absolutely they should have what would you you'll like and I what would you guys and the only never. Like I. It's too radical mean is that patent everything to gain strategies out the wind it's like in the NBA you know player fall out. He's not quiet life in judgeship when. Because. You everything they have rated eighth inning bringing it closer than I've faced then my. You might bring closer the eighth faced hard line 00 she did not ask that. So what. It's about making it more entertaining more interest. Deter it just to. Totally changed your reaction to the simple boundaries of electric rods and play in either but we're. You know what let's let's take a couple more calls it just that is a New Hampshire it just and. But took it must. Two. Real quickly the elusive read doctor ought I think they're are they look at is that all of a sudden Boston will certainly championship. And you know got an almost over the last seventeen years there are told that point are there you the code to. I'm glad that the media knows my grand parents favorite being the large you know at what about the electability issue. It's just it's usually they're they're one game it's a couple years leadership of the yeah. What awful. They showed absolutely no art and I think that it hasn't speed you been doing this mean. It off in the end though like with the younger you don't they don't like the product. Where they don't feel like efforts there and you put out back that there are not they're not going to be on the way out there so yeah. The average agent baseball you're right now he said he would get us. Step it up perpetuity. Six. Cents two cents or twelve years later it's gonna say six years while that's bad that requires. Radical. Innovation and that's a problem treat every guy like me. It's seven for thirty Euro was hard I mean that's that's that's. The not a seven year old a twenty years of my Q you feel like you know. That is targeting agent looking for for male page is now. And with 640 I think is a block some block some numbers some number I don't know if it is simply. You get to number. Go to Tim in west borrow it to him if they don't fix it once second and they don't fix it. We're gonna have this conversation 67 years that the average age 6364. Years old right. A eight got an idea for a show. If you can Jerry got to be have shelling on for an hour. Okay no politics. Twenty minutes talking about the team in baseball card stock. And forty minutes stories about weight boxes of stuff is absolutely hilarious. Or gone. So we ask for a program and its. Yeah. It extends up our Steve lines as the woman told the best books forward ranked thirty years and one play. She's great story. And don't somebody else told the story of when he was speaking at a dinner. Yeah I think a couple articles you required to have that. Terrific case of beer in a cooler undressed pixels. What sets the main. Threats six Watson 777. That recent headlines. It's time once again for. Can't live this witness to the tradition of honoring the best moments from our commander in chief. Shame. Shame on you. We can. Number fifteen southern states. But these days it's getting tough where it went before a judge who is a very. Against police to judge I did you know that Kentucky fried chicken not the worst thing in the world I'm not I'm proud of it. To be and so we had some bad numbers here. I'm going to be me her name. Is somebody would talk to Sean Hannity and you can't go on my Democrats say he didn't have tweeting. This extraordinary in this site cynical nuclear weapons and other things like flat since. Things are done on June including some bad thanks cure today's presidential Leon's. Fired headlines side blows. Nice pictures she. I doctor Robert matter. Sponsors to be almost fifteen years old wine country there that your free. Headlines all supposed to. By America's history Christopher Ers president from head. Students and parents of victims at the state died yesterday at the White House to hear from them listen to yours or. I don't Alex no we never saw maybe next. And a would you like to hear from some of the students and parents for mr. Sure yeah I give trump credit you have to give credit to us were sitting there. Because you mean these guys should really. I've never seen anything like. More stuff. We have a standards boat as I. I think I agree. With hunter and hook. And how we need to let ideas flow. And get. The problem solved. I don't understand. I turned eighteen today after. Woke up to the news that my best friend was gone. And I don't understand why it's still going to store. And buying a weapon of war. Let it play excellent access. To and they are. I was greeted today that a person. Twenty years old walked into a store and bought an AR fifteen in five minutes with an expired ID. How is it that easy. To behind his hunting weapon. Not criticizing him to a degree but it's not and that's what you dealing with the trump security at your congressman. Because article rubio also. Oxygen parties that you guys motion you know they feel others are missing element in this month that's. Top everybody is starting to sound like one of these great hopes whose. Marching in the streets and salaries Q at a rate kills kids don't promote. The distant Second Amendment shortly promote gusts art uses solution and talk to set it and it makes sense. If the teacher or coach. Principal. Not maybe where we live on the there are lots of one or. Permits to carry. Who are good returns there yet and ranges and trades emirates the military's third grade teacher. This. Is absolutely. And military was asked. Well I mean some remarks and keynote and situations because that's entirely. Is that the train you know the show should be traipsing. Situation votes yes will will you tell me what what's your solution. My solution is not that it's more. House police or less let's talk to us up they're great teachers some guy or woman not military. That's what some of Marc Ecko has gone to on the way and some some cycle comes amid sluggish guns. It's a slightly lighten people up she's done. The situation just I'd correct errant shots is that what is it that great you know what it was without another all. Hot button hole I have notes about the subject she may shift some state of course there is always the other end up on your goods that feature. Is on that's sitting duck. Yes all all the kids yes. That the coach Eric Hayes heartless is this simply. Raised these. Football coach was security. Yes and yes if he has a weapon. He might have saved maybe ever made my statements. Boss and he couldn't trained and licensed. But good. Thing it's all so wanna leave them it is. Only about this whole government owns identifying early and that's it and faculty Ortiz thirty nets that also that means. I use on our age an issue is that mental health issue but he can't. Legislative failure of perspective. We. Operate they did their jobs we that was his conversation it was a story again California. Where's security guard or hurt. The guy that does courier was actually armed. As a matter her over to Kidd part was shooting the school called authorities went to host Q that. Fifteen. Weapons they stopped because of this race and trained security. What is school. Instead of home it teaches us all of those. It's the guidance counselors and atlas. Security missed it I'd I have no problem that none. What you just don't want the guys were gone yup and he started and what your. Corporate history of port as hard as it looked great history teachers who are good with guns well what is relentless I wonder dealing with guns or having notes which. I don't what guns and what you teach next door is trained and licensed. The verdict on do you want that teacher that would go on when the next Nicholas who's comfortable. Let's. The met the CNET dot. So what you say is will leave these kids. Sitting ducks I just think that moral lecture like evidently future happens when you all everybody knew it was ridiculous don't stop. The race teacher by saying you know you can predict that your George dispersants she asked about life. God comes in six machine guns like OK now you don't like trying is a problem with you if you deal with a motion and exaggerate but OK okay so so so so it's always a machine guns so with avalanche watch him. He has a fifty. Enemy in the fourth grade history teacher took classes in red Uga punched. They'll let you know have a better idea of person each and nothing comes bursting thorough. Burst for a work they went out and I always look at it. At times courtroom also got fire and it is firing back discount kids around yes there's no doubt bill that might did you advocates let's just leave the teacher and on and let them. Is security guards it secure. Teachers good with him once with. The music would ratings it licensed accommodating about teacher. Pastor police passed up a conversation. Teachers. Don't usually watch your child to be security easier. I want my job to write this. Work is up. We'll see you sound like some of if all else I know it's gonna take it personally. You take it personally because Jerry's right wing she cares about it at. That's why get worked up like the bulls on this CN in this narrow. Trump had a real proposal we'll talk to him that. It's good. It makes sense yes I'm sure you want metal detectors. Yes. It's expensive proposition right in particular. It was officials aren't exactly. The law schools the education that's. This as an app that's my proposal it's great awesome that we were doing out as best. Shoes it's different teachers get rid of teachers teen. Yes it is it annual audit. Glow red at different schools other school. British ship. Its cues which as you can probably which teachers union there'll ever. So and I teachers' unions that play. Concrete proposals to salt in your mind that but the state of mind it's only done because. Teachers aft. Got some evidence priceless its arsenal it. So they don't care what can stick with the union jobs report it to go to cancer are more. I. A jury and tell me. I'll just for schools to install those. Two fine yes sign. Mine other things to cut cut faculty. Now. This guys on the parents grieving there in the White House they wish that coach Aaron days ago. Of course salute. And the guess is he like oak trees it's. Experience. You even listen in a you've been listening. Teachers with experience we've tried different training training training expert at the military stupid between me and yes penetrated only noted though that possible we'll see them talking okay that's what you think the only people who have been here. You only hear people who can look music on our military people that once again. Angela Hopkins school I'd probably okay. What I want the person I don't tell us in the most prosperous port. And me okay she does that matter much cuter dog likes to idiots are taking this proposal saying you're gonna require what is ratings. Training we could get someone off from the range. Range of it anyway as accurate as you don't know which. Of course I was a target but it concrete proposed whether training was raised go to range license its military. This should not there that's a military military's response is quite gets gets it does litre yes. Class so you'd rather averages sitting on the shot. Not one security guard air assault that's fine with me out with it's it's when I mean. Not far off to me it's it's unethical to say you could handle on youth group with a gun. You're comfortable to go and that you can't have a you know that works carriers with kids to do the worst school shooting I believe was the one Virginia Tech. Oh that's cute he only used pistols by the way the rifle machine gun. Purely to work with kids students. We had a permit to carry but had no prisoners and in the car right. Those kids you think that which of the shore up their silent short in my life today yes he's what guns every. Every solution to pass bounces he's playing yours for about arming teachers. You know anything you Lessig is really armed themselves. And your solution is. That's bullets to explain the economics which is why not us. A police officer school great. One security schooled great. And have security to beyond. Guys right police officers huddle I don't talk much security goes this coach whose skirt fine so arm. That's what goes crazy kills kids that's that's a restricted to dig route we and so when that happens when that happens you. Nor. Moments. I guess what else. So we had this last instance while Watergate. Hadley student trying to scripted question pursuit asked during countless articles. Fake news and CNN student is their hero. The kid was in jail couldn holiday have. Save the budget kids yes Sosa and originally asked him right speech. It was all scripted declined to be asked his own question about. Just securities. That's it's you know. He's seen in these mines and we'll we'll close this just goodies though isn't exactly what these kids these kids are. I mean it is amazing world changed. Amidst this whole markers. This shooting that we've been saying for years and indeed that's great solutions to pick on solution nobody market so pretty do you think he would carry it make them using Nichols crews were carried. It's different maybe. She talked to notre pitches notes you know just posted. Talking. I like the I hear you so. And I'm OK with them making the age 41 thing that's Annika has whatever kind of rifle you know and you know so limiting magazines ties I don't care about these kids at Florida or legitimately change ups yes. We three years ago does that change the laws for years and said OK here's another shooting Vegas whatever Orlando and nothing nothing nothing it's nothing. This is actually happening because these kids that's. Because these kids. But every signaled it is more just as he'll begin guy Chicago. I guess that autopsy should be an art not with machine so we'll just because sadly this is not causing action on gun control or but yesterday in the legislature or they note that port ought pornography is a helpless but declined to discuss the missile. That was addressed yesterday or state legislator. Acknowledged pornography that Oprah's but did not address missile plugging you're not supposed to make laws when you have because acute it's kind of funny that's a potential warmest best but but. That means but things have to happen and other airport. But still going to be able to have a right. If you just made an error fifties giving Nicklaus crews would have you know taken up with something non. He would have killed people with the most extreme which we my hero's life worthy companies were. Idle if they did libertarian. A point now that's the problem. Light on its efforts at least two exit constitutional right now when he advocates free speech is that the you know air burst of recently did an Internet then so you want to control the Internet because you know that's for XP and the Internet went to school until their kids that forget the computer. Blow up and it's certainly factors a target causing it to us fighters of that's doesn't matter just. That's relevant answer I just said. You want to. About the scandal. And I wanted don't have don't want to say so what's. I want to okay what I would advocate for the hate on so much God's creep me out. If I happen tomorrow I'm in charge against us so when you don't see it caught himself because it's gone again. You feel good guys aren't we Euro at the airport. I'm. Glad I hit it advocates a more people. Correct vote about your Wii U if they confiscate guns all the game angers its comical turn them acts. No they're gonna all the crime she hadn't turned their guns no cops. Saying citizens of America. Claudia Denny as the answer to blame. All these I. Wait there's a lot of politics and it it Ed and it is interesting that somebody think people can get the bachelor and the Democrats but you know wanted to meet in a I said it's. Or just right of it which are disabled. Would you'd keep is that not actually have no idea that. Ought to. I am I heard wetlands it was a Democrat yes so at some analysts view it's a big big global warming of the elements and I'd had about who would Nicholas crews baltics were that's a big factor at last brought by doctor doctor pressed. 1800 Errol ray. It's coaches very brave. Saved a lot of lives and suspect but if he had a fire on me what that Iran they would be shot in that would have been the end of the and this would only be obviously for people with a brilliant debt. At handling and gun. Adapt and and defiance. Licensed pre. It's just semen hairs on this it is in Maine oh let's go state by state I wouldn't say it's federal law federal. Action isn't to say this I want is a state missed its. Promise routed and well that's what does that gun free zones do. Just gives it killer license to go in the Nolan knows it's you I guess that's true. Mean that's the wings is general in that school attack and 33 people it is and the mental health teachers. Well this should already checked luggage and more obvious how to do that Ares I always at its missile proposals. A good for you considered mentally ill and Agassi use that you mental health professional. On one doubles tournament. It's actually going to talk to say. Or six times here as I argument and it's just walking on every single day you. Think about right now. On the school I don't usually would about it and elected to do their boss in every night. I think about the shooters well it in Boston school right now. And it would be mr. whatever misses whatever was ordered on. Just by Clinton's don't think that those who knows she's ultimately those payments there is treatment of illnesses and that's that is. That's scary that's so obscure that about it. You know where do I want do to see Europe mean I don't know the exact number we get along apparently it's the or Cho were shooting like they were in the school yet a long cruise well I mean in all like it because they know no one is going to shoot. Even a tough island coach can't bring it home. Someone. Has to be a threat to be the possibility that someone should. I am again and the T it's I'm allowed amassed in the featured spoke with his treatment and we know we know. God is shipment that's not a big issue line to take. I can't you let that if she is done in schools now are. Other 9101114. Are likely to cause you know it's that Thursday that it should watch and decide to open its killers. Like to think that teachers in park in Florida just I do. I do my differences and all you. Awesome in your army all of these schools shut up what that your army no but you're allowing teachers who have gone through the drill rig them to work she. Since then why are on the wild west of bringing this is not know until I went to help me some okay what I agree with you. You ignored it needs a brute par or nothing ignored. Saying I'm with you I'm with you that I had done a statewide but not on the part of hypocrisy is likely going to lash out. Here's what every single crazy stuff. Wonder why the schools don't go in the airports. There. That's. Also upped that and two assists off Yugoslav targets they have to be heartened. Excellence. OK again much wants to. Okay coaches principles. But people were good with a couple. Calls in related god is apparent that to protect us at all until grizzlies you know would it mean I don't know him. No nobody and they went on item at all. If your typical school but got no problem. The guys comfortable with a note that its act. May be I never quash I would love the anger. It's like a dipping a annual weight I see you at the school ashy isolated it was in me an. Extra cash up and ask you. Question actually question ever cross your mind us. Now how would you stop Nichols crews. Answer good answer when it's okay. If you watched urged him in my. Mind on. That just weeks after that stay. Is it helps if your high school. Teacher who is. From Lexington me. So yeah. Know your. You really. Art teachers in history teaches these Alabama and Texas absolutely grownup would guns. Guns slogans yes that I should act that it's your life too often people with guns past metal object. Actually not meant. Ex Eagles take a break we'll take off at six once episode seven. Seven actors fail. How's about Josh did earlier and in the in this next hour so. It's dale an expert on yesterday Meltzer August's. It melts wrestling expert. I've got. Guy you know. The state wrestling expert Lisa Murkowski in the patriots simply isn't it rumba rattles as I met him once I got. A dance. Yeah. No I'm not a guy and a but I can market. And equitable. Discretion it. This guy knows and boom with reporters tell us about Rob Gronkowski. And good. Not one to three calls and.