K&C - Lisa Scherber, director of Patient and Family Programs, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

Lisa started at the Jimmy Fund Clinic more than 25 years ago. Lisa’s father had been treated at Dana-Farber and passed away when she was 16. Lisa and her team are responsible for the day-to- day activities in the Jimmy Fund Clinic and events such as Teen Spring Training Trip, Girls Weekend, Summer Festival and Holiday Festival, to name a few. 


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We are joined here by just basic sharper says here's the theory lecture them there one's mind. Well I think once twice or. People are hopefully unknown right now while he's would you rate his. During that every agent fairly programs we have run every year we call it the landing EG yes. Yes yes yes we talked. You know it's been it's been amazing listening to you guys this morning you know I think this is damage you know a difficult. A difficult summer for all of us. Adam and listening to. Chelsea's parents and indeed and I think to. You know she captured so well with that hit this topic. Our. Aren't as good. And inclined to prefer the fitness chemical film are put in it looks like a good choice in deem a flake. Did dad you expected definitely who's been through that for a 26 years again looks like you'll never beat this thing you know we use a good question assumes that looks like he can't sleep my. And I occurred. I its chips. Experts. To see her. I eat so our iced teas. And this beautiful. Fighting and I found it says on. He has so that you can be with the these parents watched how they love their child so it's just I do every act and make history here there's. You know end zone. As happy as pop. We talk about we've talked a miles a lot obviously is your connection to the this is not what we would that we went through miles spend with who have endured you. I guess become used to that you see you all the time. Yeah I mean I think when people asked that I I honestly feel that the longer I've been at the Jimmy Fund clinic the harder it gets. You know I I feel like. When it stops hurting so much I think that's when it's time to leave. And I work with the most amazing team that nurses and doctors IT Eamon. You know our hearts hurt for these families and to. And though the more you see and then more. You see these parents say like how it's supposed to do this without them I mean how many times you hear that and but then you see Chelsea's parents see miles east all of these parents that they fought so hard for their child and then. If their child passes in the fight so hard for the next child that is going to be walking through the doors the Jimmy Fund clinic and that itself of the Pope. We always wonder we asked earlier about doctors doctor Alley did take things personally to keep. Patients at a distance and remain clinical has two kinds of doctors I think is only one kind of for some time with the patient through the president lay lady president propaganda only hurt us has blood type what completely that you take it personally you let it. You've you've you've become friends you've become. Close to that you finished. After your problem I think you have to maintain your professional boundary yeah I mean. But honestly you take all of it personally if these are families that just I mean the parent show us how to be parents they show us. What it's really like to love your child. And nothing else is more important and and the kids show us you look at someone like miles Matty. You know they show us how to live when they're dying like how does that happen how does. Kids aged thirteen to 1615. All these ages how did they teach us as adults. How to live life like filled with joy. Even though their dying. That is such a gift to happen. To be given this gift for 26 years. The F Jimmy Fund clinic just. An op of these kids I mean I think with miles and Matty the last trip they went on was. And you're. I'll I thought I pick it up there my unnecessarily. And a lazy river would ma am I think presidential. History. Which is on backwards but. So that is at its yes you know Manny with you in the pool. Was there for you with miles Kurt and I knew him well we went to the and two weeks later man passed with these two pupil than two weeks I saw you with her mother. It's in late in late bill. And I don't. That gives you more emotional I mean we work as a Republican culture well yeah that's a tough week. He and spent time with these. Or mothers who were us. Hurting. Yeah I think the last ever called an Aussie I mean there just the story rocket people like it possibly. No my patties bomb techs that mean what time WB. At this stop I don't know 1230 years. And and I just it was like she was the motor off my bike no matter what happens I could have taken a fall the very beginning I was like you did he get me up I've packet as he done it. In what she represented by pulled in ways. Every parent. In that Geneva clinic that has lost a child and it wasn't just Don it was just about patty it was about. There she is eight weeks later and she came just yes he came to is that if Chara stopped him. How. Art com. So to be the ones was at. Maybe school yeah certain and other on the does. This is where my daughter went to school rules just you know. Well enough and those are the people I get to me and those of the reasons I stated Wednesday as the reason they have to we'll be out of this place that. That just I after I left on that I just flew to port. It just me it was so special to have her there and and then doctor Alley comes flying after doctor Bryant comes in and they were part ever her team it. And it made three of us we felt so honored that she was there. My I think you know the picture of paddy and miles that I think time deputy for taking without me knowing. On casino Sasha looked at photos taken out I'm. It was one of those moments when I think with my house he said let's go to lazy river. We can't bit lazy river and all the genes that I'm actually doing some stuff at the stretch. And down and limit too Obama ahead to a vomiting it was just like. It was a moment I will never forget and never forget being an act that river but those two meetings can't get them. And Matty holding my aunt she's making now items not like to hold him I'm like I don't hold tight end and we just went around like six times and it was just. It was just say about it represented again every child has gone through this journey and every child that. Is waiting for those clinical trials that. People calling me if money that's clinical trial of patty miles. That was what kept it going to so many months is different clinical trials. And to have them that river to the world and. My answers to huge thing huge degree only non billable time we got to know who's just use the phone who's actually funniest little kid. We are remember ever go back to the hotel we stayed we put them up by the plane went back in the remote brought golf clubs who. Ultimately the golf clubs. Each there royalties together one by one miles of Bobby Horton. President perhaps power and and and these two guys I'm asking you since holes fifteen outside the Landis. Because sometimes kids its growth stunted ninety's study was 16612. And it can't be possible I just had a conversation with a for an hour and a half I know everything sports you know pop culture prize. Articulate and and and it seems to be a common thread a lot of these kids in that way I know they're forced to grow up fast. But the rule souls in this something about the new and city. They know maybe in overtime was short on this planet that is gonna make most of. Why do I think you know they are old cells and you literally it's just you've gravitate to with them he just they pull you win and you really have no chance to sort of you know not be a part of their lives and you just know every moment that you haven't done and whether. It's eating out of spring training tactics here at Fenway Park it at some festival at a Christmas party all of these events. That we're fortunate enough to to put on for these families you know those moments that for one family might be tapped phone. That moment that just brought the joy that they need to. So quick rundown for its quick training trip you have the summer festival or. What 101000 people it's his money 62600. People at Jack. The Christmas party for right 800 or so yeah kids and their families and patients former patients you have girls night out yet. Anything amiss and this is where your money's going people. Yeah we we do upper reaping fruits as well right cool this one this is what's really special too because it's sort of everywhere you call me to play lady and yup it's it is it's it's an amazing thing that I get to do it. But that we also realize that you know research doesn't touch all of these kids and time. So their parents and left with those schools in the hearts and now it was it was very parents that came to me that you know we need to see other parents. And now how we move on without our life. And so I thought a little cruise around Boston Harbor and not really knowing. With this war is just too much and it was. One of the most beautiful things is standing back watching parents that have lost their their title talking to other parents around and know that OK now we have. We have a connection we had something that we can a person that we call up if we need to do that understands. What we're going there when. You know I think this year with this summer festival. It was 25 in all round I started the year started at that Jimmy clinic at. Not knowing what I was doing let's have a little party he had people payment my feelings that the ice cream driving trains around the south and and it now 25 years later here we are down it was it was popping one of the most emotional days from me. You know they put on this little party and I'm also sort of you know try to do this cold read it. On her behalf pediatric cancer. And they did at Fenway Park for us last year and it was so emotional watching that parents get so much I thought. Had you celebrate 25 years of a party for. Meetings strong people is that let's do electrical driven so when I was ordered out shirts perhaps that is why uncle. And now explain that it's a human gold ribbon that human uncle read hundreds and hundreds of people just 26. Your people now pondering yellow T shirts where do you go yellow Holtz shirts hats if you weren't culture like the idea. And it was one of those things where again. For John deputy. Let's step up by hi hassle and down and I was making sure everyone was sort of sat and I got up on. On the hill and with John and I looked down and I chipped. It was just two years he came down. This hot spot getting it together because you look at this it's 26. People that have all been put it gets dark. And that I don't I know all of them and then. Either you see this beautiful sea of people and then the inside and it just represented. Anyone that couldn't meet back. It represented them miles and represent them back east and it is strengthening its courage. And that's the these tests in his chest. And I am. So let's get this no talent because. I think all of us please not he can't beat I mean ultimately yeah and it. But I think that ribbon with perfect way to but it. Finalized this summer. A lot of sorrow and a lot of a lot of fat and yeah. Tired really you know. He picked you know why. Is it part of it. Might to a lot at the Geneva app or something. Hit me hard. We do a lot of especially for these kids leaks and no touch Schwartz gets a lot of the credit because he was the one McCain do you instead. We have to do something and trips that Jerry helps fund raise for the and astronaut he reindeer. On those trips like spring training. Can you explain to us what you've seen these kids that you've often said is that tangible change. When these kids get away and everything go on these trips and get to spend time with each other than that as a moment that. They grow from when they go to events expert. It changes. It changes staff to sort of feed these kids and teenagers and it as real. He'll eaters and yes Todd was the ones that you know you're gonna do matter unity did do this and didn't quite understand it as a first trip and sixteen years later eat now I see. Frank ship's been born son Matty in Molly talking. That expect. Total strangers. On one common bond of cancer and those trips means the world to me because every trip I go on I. Think if god has seen me do it. And I I love his faintly for still fighting this rather. Other kids and plays and I think it every other kid who's been on these trips that has taken so much out of it and Red Sox just. They're meeting. There needs to us how many kids this year please. If forties happened. A caretaker for each and you know with eclectic every step we have like 25 separate those doctors nurses. My staff. Just mis hear them sometime today. RO. How much does that cost. Priceless. Japan February I don't know I don't talk. The case I I'll I'll tell you realize well yeah she snow or not mix up and it be it could be a hundred I'm very much as the summer festival. The over a thousand dollars. People like jetBlue that come through birth every year like these kids. That's me we have Mike port Red Sox ever it is aimed right time it is. On the back with sixteen years ago that what you want at one. He supports the girls we eat at the park. Right away interest that these girls these girls to feel beautiful. Beautiful strong. It. This because people believe that it is. We need research so critical. That we need to make these kids. Feel joyful one. A look at that. On this and say hello and happy that some hand examiners with the kids yeah. We'll know that many marriages that mr. Putin ever dealt with that. I'm I think I know the answer the best guy now the best. That Brock COLT yes. Yes I think Al. I think brought cult is just one of those guys that now has connected with a lot of kids via any activity Matty. Ends he was easy through her her last. In a few months and she did not like to sort of has. Photos of herself cheese but when it was time for Brock to sort of go on the field at that part except. Nominees for the award. The only person I could think of with Matty yeah. You're looking at the year that'll scholars and a oracle but the rock star. Com. Wells. Wells and I am update. On test victory is always. It goes without say think things out for victory to see him lock and EUQ photos with that he would. It albeit it's really made. People think well it has no means anymore don't Andy's ordered Toyota you know listen to think. Joining him. Think that's true yeah I hurt my guy is a true. It's look at his death has talked about a week after that good we talk about the Goodyear and and they make these kids he Molly Molly's yes. Long. All of these kids have acted that way where. It's just so to see these pictures. Or so ago. So what's happened since then. Are we tweeting out to gold. Driven that that human because it's not ribbon. That that police reform did all the work and when the yellow shirts and just made history when he 600 people this for anybody else. Cool river and so pinnacle of cool we have tweak that up because. It's something and you're you know you don't brag much you're pregnant. I know I eat now it was actually really cool it was cool for my kids my kids that throw up this world and there there at the festival and they gets to pick at it he walked around it. Get everyone organize. My son Nat is like a I knew he gets by other than non life in the yeah. And you know it and watching is that it Carolyn my daughter is with her friends being princesses at the festival. They've always been a part of this effort is mom. My kids you know how easy it is to help others. That's that's really problem as Oscar speech of your recent and future. And tiger is. I guess that terrorists are accusing him out here she can lady talked yesterday. Beyond the whole time was up to us the stuff with Hossa I was all right do you when the co host but pavement and should do and electric I tell you cannot fire. They're ready to go aren't so. We'll see some things go ahead please curriculum.