K&C - Lisa Scherber, former Patriot Nate Solder join the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-21-18

Kirk and Callahan are joined by the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber's "Play Lady" Lisa Scherber, and by former Patriots' offensive tackle Nate Solder, who updates the guys on his son Hudson.

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It's not off that we've ever had against it during this to the before. In print Frontline for the Eagles. And a wrong. We technical patience. For you disagree. Well not well known actor. Surprises that you would quote. Thought he says. I. He. It's mostly right. And and my. I. Eat. Out. That that was an oral history was your act quote. What context was. At. That I high I. Yes that's true of course she knows that your refused an on your upper. How many years on this. Every year I. I've never yet here she's a big star of the she gets the phones ring and and you know do it again today at 877731234. Weeks is the knee. Which are actual title again. Director of patient and which you made up yourself. You just made that up she was working there and they said what you do that you. The director of you know I act which likely means five director of what again. Patient and they are patient and Finley appropriately says that it thought up everything sleaze that does everything she does it. Girls my coach does it trip to spring training she does the summer festivals and does the Christmas party. Which is why we write the PNC together yet because Michael Christmas party called winter festival that's me. We do this year going to be a bigger part than ever. We did really well we we might get a life you know who they go well a story in in in. Jennings or history book the to others it's prepared for starter was agreed to it was a great story. It's a great story that was not your idea that was taught Schwartz yeah I think nothing I do is I think I just. I listen a lot and Todd right. Mention all the time I think times he would literally. Changed lives. The kids that have come after him. And I think what's really amazing is we're just coming off that kept him park this weekend fact just recently happened and and I think what I can and I read that story. And it was really. Interesting for me to think about. When he started that they need to do that he'd take us away said okay let's let's do that. We never took hits that and like we never ticket fabric. Really dramatically compromised the tickets on active treatment protected that we knew we can handle taking how many hits went the first year. We had ten at spring training and we had twenty in Baltimore. And now what was now we have anywhere from 35 to fifty. And I think this last weekend trip it was it was incredibly emotional for all of us up friends because when we look around. Before the kids even sellout there's weeks of on paper you're looking at some of the kids coming in. And on paper they shouldn't become. Medically they should be coming in. And how to redo this and you still have to convince the parents. Yeah IE you know they think the more we do this. The more parents are yes please this is this is what we need to do and that's what's so selfless about these parents and the kids that are have. And of life. These parents say we know we don't have a lot time with them but we want them to feel normalcy we want them to feel. There teenager and we want to give them joy and and these kids they have a choice the and they always choose life they choose to live and they choose joy and they accused. Being hit and that's so amazing to me this weekend was so emotional with a few of the kids that came and you know summer just not mobile some are this is his best at its gonna get them. And they came and and they were smiling. And they were feeling just you could feel the pure joy. And when the parents dropped them off the parents are crying and it's really tears of joy. Mixed with sadness we do a lot of that in the Jimmy Fund unless you do yeah. But it was a great it was a great weekend and I think working with the Red Sox so close and I think for us CN candy dates now. We're with us the entire weekend they allowed the kids. The run of Fenway Park you know it was their home for that weekend and that meant something to these kids. We will count the event now though so we were saying in the first hour with the nurses we we've talked to you about this before is it that this is. The worst age to get it on the ways and teenagers know exactly what's going on and if bodies are changing anyway. All these things I don't know how your four TV camera I was like those fourteen. I can't imagine I cannot now is is one of the nurses point oh now and he just social media and Celia present it's a brand and a Twitter accounts that chassis which are missing yet they're all oh really good time they're on vacation their due in this scenario cost. He's obviously Jesse promised just people follow Lisa Chevron Twitter fruit yes. You'll see what they do not what they miss what they do in the pictures are amazing and you get to see guys like rock COLT your hero right who is so great with the kids and was there all week and with them correct. It's it's just an amazing thing him in the Red Sox players it's sort of the carrot to bring the kids away. You know that's sort of like okay kids you come with us your enemy threats it's players or Tennessee game. But the most important thing they do is meet each other and you know right just need each other that's that's what it's about and these kids that you know they know they're not. And our community here and possibly six months three months but for that they're here right now and they're gonna get everything they can't just gonna be sponges and just. Whole life I did everything they can what do you do besides snuggle on the field meet the players so we do we went bowling. Is so it's kind of fun and what's really cool about the bowling is we've got kids obviously in walkers wheelchairs canes. One lakes you know it's sort of and you see the other kids helping them. And that's when you see this chapter and sort of back off a little bed and when you see two kids I'll listen to start helping if they can't lift up that that ball they're helping him get. Get it down and that's what a beautiful that's just something that you know teenagers are pretty self centered sometimes that's what this supposed jury right it's supposed to be about that. These kids are not these kids are they have a gift and it's one of those things that teaches every day and I'm so blasted. Two walks. This is what if someone calls right now yeah someone logs on right now the Jimmy Fund dot org. This they can donate and this is where their money could be on two to send these kids to Fenway descendant of spring training. To send them to. You name it girls' night out which is another amazing thing that's coming up in the fall correct. I yak and I play think the also the big thing is these clinical trials that we hear so much about at least two heads are so Smart and they now. They know when they've relapse at second time what is out there for me. It's a clinical trial. It's it's something else out there but that's only through far. So you know I can do all the events I want I can sort of do it to the kids that are here now but we want these kids to sort of get. That research obviously as well. But the girls weekend is another whole incredible thing all of this wouldn't happen without top I wouldn't have taken girls are way. For a weekend without him saying that you need to do it. It what's on your idea always put you on the mix of execution. You're the one that says we can do that because other people stand that they're they're sick they're that non mobile that can't miss the apparent right. And it's the nerve to make your doctors that say you know we take him to do that and which hopefully can unite their like we're gonna do it we don't know how to. But we're gonna do and and we just sit back in and Jen is my my partner in crime fifteen events and and we set back at the end of each track like hectic week. Heck did they make this happen for this child. And where it are our nurses and doctors that give up their time. These and you bring one nurse or doctor for every kid has some kids need. One nurse a lot like you know it's one I want and some kids it can be three to four kids partners. The pennant and Annika train lately the spring training I know we did that. Yet that was that was an amazing I. How'd that work the case that yes he got told he couldn't fly because her disease had gone into her lines and she couldn't find for her in the super important to be part of this and I I just don't take note easily. You know I think it's if we can do it we need to do it and that's our responsibility as staff and round and adopt her doctor rode the train with there. And they left a few days before us then. And it was completely normal it's not a big deal like what I do is so easy. And found it just needs to be done it just needs to be done well and and my team is unbelievable. Do you think pitchers. Teenagers we're smarter and they were like ten years ago fifteen years ago but couldn't because of comedian you can see no more what's going on but you'll have a feeling that's placements I think there's super aware yeah they're super sensitive to everything as well. You know and I feel like it is it's true you're on to you know social media you see everything. In and they can research can of their own and that's what he had to reset their own disease they'd be searched what's out there and and if you're researching what's out there you don't see. Anything. That's hard when you hear that term him make him comfortable in what comes to mind for you mean for me or for most people do it. I'm just lay on the coach and whatever watch TV your gas play with your phone but we use here making comfortably you say. Yeah I don't know I've I don't really want to make them come to my wanna make them happy I wanna make them feel like they're living. And I think that's were able to do with with all the different events and even inside the clinic you know we're able to do these small things in clinic. You know whether it's opening day party at pig party you know really any thing. To just may eat this is a moment for everybody and we just have to figure out what their moment needs to date. We do so many different things like this summer festival this year. That was another emotional thing because for some reason the rain is just following me around this whole summer with every event to break. And this summer festival last year was the 25 annual we did the gold ribbons of this was just the 26 not a big so wasn't any. Difficult thing and of course the night before it was a monsoon plan. For the day of fast and for 25. Years it's never been rained out we've never had an issue. And then of course I'm thinking this is no way I get out this one I don't. It's just not gonna happen and so on that Friday email that 2500. People coming nice that I just finally you don't know that. I'm gonna be. Whatever whatever happens with the whether I will be there and you know a year for. I'll never forget it was pouring rain and kind of by myself blowing up balloons things have changed. And I am crying like just a baby thinking all of this these these families are not gonna enjoy this day it's pouring rain. And I'll never forget I just saw them come with them ballots. Up the walkway like there he and that's really where it showed me that these families this isn't hard either come into this is like coming home. For them it was coming to see their doctors community they're nurses and a happy place coming to see the frenzy met in the hospital or clinic and and that was your four so here we are now you're 26 I did not cry which was really get I was off and outlawing the blue and that's done for me a five. A wasted there and it's a quarter of eleven and it was pouring in the morning when I'm setting up. And they came again and over 2000 people came in the kids have the right colored Tucson and banging in the puddles and going on the ride and like this nieces and magical thinking it truly yet I I just can't believe I'm able to be here. And to watch these families say this does not matter to families are coming up to me like these that we would never missed that he now and means the world. Because that's what this place represents that means that Dana Farber Cancer Institute it just represents hope. And it just represent everyone that walks loses Doris feels like they have a home here and that's what I I need to sort of keep it. Joining us right now I think he's up wouldn't talk to recruits and the reason those and we had gone before Kerry is that meets older Nate how are you doing. Payment under we got Lisa with those who have a say hello paying me. Lisa I might care about that. Aren't here that adds up there. Did you ever go to the this summer festival detonate in Lexington let's go to summer festival. Yeah. Yet at the carpet and thought of that just Lisa and the people there like a special place but she's. Oh election on wall Alexa good morning how are you doing. Am doing gray area it. Good every once ever what's curious you. When you were trying to decide where to play and where you live in and there on your career to date we've people wondered could he leave. This place could leave. You know people like Lisa you left but I twice and didn't really lead you're still. Still apart if you appear. Yeah oh yeah and luckily we don't have total of the commitment that our way to where it bill and or appointments up there every eight weeks or so and chemical that more than that lately but. You know like you never like that you never leave immediately going to be hard for Glover so much in and everyone there's just been amazing producer people you know. There are people. Came in and outs Hudson doing. Com he's doing really well. It is set in black Tuesday. And everything looked excellent. There he doesn't care kidney tumors but and grown and they're not. They're not hurt them right now so. Hopefully he's been off chemo for a few weeks now and hopefully we can pay off their Rourke. Let's he could you talk about what what. Dana Farber meant to you guys and Jimmy Fund during this whole process I players. Yes absolutely. And they'll mean were there at least they'll patients there like Nate will be coming back and forth. Now at 11 factor in a sighting comes in New York that they'll only drive away. It's been absolutely amazing. Lee. Couldn't say that's great thing about that played on the Jimmy Fund at least all of our doctors and nurses and the entire crew is. Clearly likely thing antley and you know we've we've. And Kobe this story yet they gave them we've had a couple pregnant not Rainier city Sloan Kettering. Which is aptly neat thing you know obviously highly recommend that hospital and everything as well. But it police that when he came back device that I had you know it's just not the same age gap not. Q is it. Partner in the does not families if not familiar. And it's just not the Jimmy Fund but. You know we absolutely loved it there. And we couldn't and anybody China and the bad part is I don't we all know somebody that has yet certain that we all know. You know everybody at this might know somebody it's hard pressed to find an apartment and on you know everybody that we hear of that I doubt that you know. Should Britain diagnosed that person diagnosed adult. Kids whatever we literally and then right to Dana Farber. You have to go out Italy color but he had to go there no matter where you live in the country you have to go there. And they surprise you that you had no idea those who bought tickets of government ethics now I had no idea I had no idea. There it could get pretty amazing. Actually I think they kind and generates even though it was cold out in the Minnesota no one else wanted to. Yeah all out. Appreciation going meter free. There. We loved it. He loved every second so tell us Nate now that you're gonna that your giant no longer cute why didn't Malcolm mode and super yes that's always want. And wouldn't it depend bird that's a bit and what what do you tell all those who don't don't people. But let's Rex knew what he tells people ask me but. Well I did it and wanted to do at me and I'm not all and I could do what happened I'm staying out of it if it. I think. What's the biggest difference. In a giant obviously Europe patriot that's the only place I ever knew. Belichick's the only coach pretty easily quarterback revenue what's the biggest chains went really slap in the face when you went to New York. Well I really is more the personal stuff like got to move in the family and and find a new home in and if you know omit your friend in any routine that's been a harder thing the football football and in the organization here at the coaches players and all that ultimately it's been an easy transition that way. But yet for the personal that have been more difficult. Well Nate in like you were glad to hear that I Hudson's do well for we'll talk to you guys against him good luck with everything. I think I today let's do that.