K&C - Listeners call out Reimer for his racism take; NYC terrorist is identified 12-11-2017

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, December 11th

Hour 4: Listeners fire back at Reimer for his take on the Globe's profile of racism in Boston.  The culprit of the NYC subway terrorist attack from this morning is indentified.


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kurt committee ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. Well I think. You're the president Paula here you Hussein during the break that story so you watch it hours of TV today today. 37 seconds going toward the president waited. Another false story this time in the failing New York Times I watch 48 hours of television they are wrong. Also us on the several watch CNN or MSNBC poll which I consider fake news. I never I never watched Don lemon well what's called the dumbest man on television bad reporting of course. What they what they he buried in the stories that the volume is down. And it just on and meetings you've been you've been in the media the press secretary's office. They have every team him and every station on but no volume right so obviously in the Oval Office or where every spends his time. There's TVs and new uses on they don't. One usually you know we cooking shouldn't tweets being watched newswire what they're talking right why watches Fox News the united no doubt what you obviously want to see and he's like really well on the usually I wanted no dissent in his life would I like watching him is have some fun watching the crack up I Angel. Why is Alex here overnight watch SN BC you don't know I don't he said how much Fox News. I would never liked and I want to talk to you horrible migraine it wasn't able to all of it. What we all of that mean I know six or TV we'll have. Laura Ingraham should not like I haven't spent some watching it's on late lifeless at Washington and it's not great I don't dwell on ratings if it's similar but anyone can do well. Well really yeah and why don't always like nobody on this CNN do well as the old white guys are watching fox like old white people he only got a loved watching TV or watch and that's she's announced I want Eminem wanna like the senate can we get rid of them church your idea to bring image and I don't handsome what a handsome man and one. And to man I was so you're watching MSNBC because all fox does is lie yet and yet he told they're shaken smashes a liberal he's one UP I love you should look at it separately some fun on news that because Dionne people stats a lot of you watched show that's on four in the afternoon I'm working. Things were counting. Pounding the streets here issue whether journalists on many black portable way shape or actually on spot you or the goal line had part one part two are not got through yet not I will later I suppose maybe it won't. Amok halfway through acute tune into the brakes can what's more what's the steeple it's because they're building the seaport in hire black people to work with the contacting firms. Watch it left out of the seaports that seaports belt I'll just Lou Reed and one graft this on practices seaport construction workers applaud nine million work hours. Earning hundreds of millions of dollars on average contractors. Met the old minimum of 25%. Construction workers of color who were black Latino or Asian. It is all the globe does is count two count heads that you can't. And review it doesn't disparity but but the 25%. Minimum threshold still left an imbalance in the city were white residents. Make up less than half the population absolute so what does a man that's a big way they live in an order that they live in Lexington that's a very important Carolina and or whatever the black what. Their wipeout which in Boston is less than 50% yet there and all the positions of power the power brokers in Boston has a few miles from this base of the city that's why we are tired of political. It's all political business power all of it okay and now askew and second our callers complain and address them as well 61777979237. This is part one of Cuba. Gold criticisms I have today the spotlight team took on the hardest question. Personally start how lousy is writing. Google Google the phrase most racist city homilies he's not agree that it isn't the only Arab that's the lead to Google the phrase John Oliver on this crap and they talk about how racist we are enabled these polls are all these facts and Kramer fax. You know why is that why is that any of this the average middle class white guys fault because again. 2010 when he thirteenth when he seventeen Boston has voted at least looking to say to people of color so what is among black people what do you think most white people are not welcoming the black people they obviously think mask on you know you're not a big guess that 99% of your friends to wait right. Yes OK the answers yet on the cause he answers yes should have on that from the bath and there's there's some monies that are you born black. I mean any of these people root the black people are not welcome and I I tried to say an average person by example OK fine is that not but they wouldn't let them in a restaurant for a whole. And again if you eat you up to be the only person to know what it feels like right if you're in a country where their only black people knew locked in a restaurant you can only wait a snack people's heads probably probably terminate at the same experience and I know it's the same experience of black people because they say it. They say it I listened to them they know what it's like to be black in Boston you guys start Turkmen and from Winchester Jerry died from John's cardinal but I know plenty out there on all season and listen they know what it's like listen yes so the why you offer an opinion you because they are Family Guy I'm parroting your opinion right white. Rich kid from Natick. Who lives in Brooklyn with winds move with a little Butler who say they have no problems and in many ways it is not funny truth and why I was Boston or the least welcoming stated people of Colorado everytime I think they pulled eight cities correct. I'm here which are two different people and who ran a poll. Chadwick Martin and daily all I am looking at right now is it will nod from Mike and ask him looking through this team right now pollsters ready. White white white white. White white white white literally on Nightline knowing white white white white white white white white white white is what I want to do with the Paul. How they build up to par apostle for a question to help black person is that Jesus did is they want to ask the question I always answer is that good but according you have to listen to just OK they asked why Michael Bolton may be able frame the question better. I think I think they can from the question five. They're systematic. Racism at the Boston Globe. Yes occur so they should be looking inward and I think they are one of these days in the series against it and we are a bunch of racists because. We went through the other day almost everybody a big problem journalism journalism is on its way to in the Red Sox as well right leaning totally jealous or obsolete since the handwriting races so. That doesn't dismiss the problem doubted that it appears McQueen even further it is everywhere and Bob why why is boy have I done why am I racist. Not you specifically open it but don't there's a problem in not there are no few black people in position of power in Boston Detroit 5% of the population and they're not politics and our business leaders how is that I got projects like the seaport hut you're a small well. Of the system. It's a power brokers the problems we're all human to see a little Democrats hotly idiot short in our race just. They they're not inclusive and their racist but they're not conclusive to no interest. It's globes with Marty Walsh is the tax breaks to watch as a great on this is that right not to widen the contract is coming in they're not forced to be inclusive and include minorities in their projects and they don't diversity is not stressed in Boston. No it is diversity of thought diversity of opinion we stressed that that's why you know we have you here yes you guys are but above the rest I have a problem rob Bradford he hired you right. You tell me there wasn't an a qualified African American and these companies to get there it is it wouldn't rule means noise is only pretending that he's trying to make it all right another year maybe if it's official if they ever congressional she's welcome if they ever had a black person on the staff at WEEI dot com now. Now can. I please for obvious question is yes listen he's a systematic. Racism as it once was he's ten months of a black person ever. You just add. We have a black post here Michael Utley right from the prosecution and yes this curtain certifies the basket. Of actual question. This is part two of the globe awards title this is about construction. And seaport and I would blow up literally. Literally went to the seat statistic in duck dawn. It's the kind of dark and come to joggers counted black jog a brand new Boston even wider in the field. Spotlight team. Which is that the means that we do include the third seat at twelve joggers and yeah he's to a block. Because it shows that black people seaports Boston's newest neighbor and MySpace music while it is English probably to a black five or six days in a row to establish some sort that they'd probably. One day they see two black shocker some Balkans about what initially not Fenway Park in July it's the eastern standard legal harbor side blue dragon in the sea port like there's no black middle class they're not frequenting these placements I speak only glad going to a restaurant to regularly and guess most people haven't Reynolds and it was good or talking. The globe as a series telling their known subscribe I guess that telling Bostonians. You're all a bunch of racists. In the literally how black people to look at all. They went to the Cheesecake Factory and come to do. Black people to almost 10% they went as high and dawn when still kind of dark and Anwar called was put people includes an hats. Try to figure how many black joggers the war you know they get says something that black the other settle below Atlantic and our show from the bottom yes she brought that. I got neighborhood that I wanna get ripped it down if they're not an entire Davidson seaports Boston's newest neighbor ordinary no black people there what I don't think they got together it's American led by people viewed. Nobody it's against systemic and you got your eight include black Jesus in your life I would plan to they put -- down to like ninety nines are you know Applebee's saw. I saw that they want it. Tell them moderately priced housing public that they will make that industry go through that they have that they don't this they do we'll have in the form they give it to some foundation and I mad at these you can kind of get the most money they can't actually hate capital U. Q emphasized neighbors the YY divers because it's good wants is good but maybe they'll give it a good that all the black people in Boston pretty much let them like Roxbury had putted and I thought that's my guess is that not an Randolph and Milton they put this if it plays up notes say condos for sale. And two people offered by black rappers one point seven million white rappers one point five million Buckeyes play values so if those Craigslist numbers that's a 600 people polled on bleaker and McCain give us from the leak. And missed 45 to 36 meaningless nothing with 9% that's pretty substantial it's not over 600 notes all of it will be that I'd never feel like I was ready to satisfy house that's a loss of five that's SA does it. You're continually slap in the face of evidence that Boston as a racist city and you always pick is not a samples here auditing act in the quest in its last hundred people is a good frame 4536. Office three people in the weighted price when we can do what he too is it's a 600 a lot of 96000 and I was there what are your numbers they pretend black teams I think the quote sensibly. It how can black people giving them citing the names so we hear so what do Daytona sent us their so racetracks horse race they sit. In their offices literally at the office is now in downtown. Henry bought the building for 75 million and they threw in the newspaper for dollar. An and they sit there were offices now in downtown financial district of business work. The noted that Harold Reynolds gives it character of this on as if these meetings private Corey out to the people sit around it personal to the current bush on the harassment yes it has and they say OK and then and then a nice guy comes in with their coffee right correct minutes later her should game. Mom's name translation it's around that guys one over here Mike over here the name from black widget and why erratic outside the top of black people Cheesecake Factory equipment are. Back in Ecuador real jerk you don't find this insulting now so it's patronizing and here's the goal comments that is the goal at the end of the seven part series. They want Boston to appear more racist ever just a legacy seat. We're right. Austin's a bunch of races is definitely. Yeah. There is no black people at the Museum of Fine Arts could correctly how should I salute them and went back to persons and companies expect the boss had some kind. Kind debt might have been Indian and an actual Bangladeshi. Mean you yuppies are people people what they go liberals they go bankruptcy again they go back categorizing me go back next to cap. The next thing and expect one day it doesn't want to run Boston UFC black people at my part every don't seem at restaurants. And bars that you go to and that's the point. This reports what is seven plus eight point two separate c.'s what not in a decade here what's the point and so what's your conclusion reached just. Yes it's Boston is late not tolerating well welcoming way not like people of color. We understand you know and one we understand Fenway sports group as her. At Fenway Park. There's no black people because Boston's races it's not welcome to people can also meet awesome I'm still don't know they sellable so why is this what I want to buy tickets to a game he can put it on the disposable income to. And all get. Mike everybody yes everybody's that's that's booty who's yours and he sees that someone as great bios all you don't think that there's I can't say if you think it's a level playing field here in Boston you think it's a level playing field it's on the up and he said earlier it's harder for black people to get in the college. Yes. Which promote acceptance rate has not increased leakage of Hamas widget that quote I have Otto you're flat out wrong. Which come up with the notion that it's harder for black guy to get in the BU than like because this system is as though because it on because their knowledge of pot that's eco wrong not giving the same opportunities at White House streamer wrong and many of them come from. Yeah the financial backing a lot of white people out. And let's get these private schools so it so you don't antibodies don't of this they don't of that that's so then have to stunt her since then yes system is not but said he has the same message tease him grades you does he get him. Now the answer is of how horses again acceptance rate has not you to please don't live there SAT two don't. It's not prove to white people and I think that Heidi you know fantasia not it is you don't know what can I just I obscenities under a butcher him for did you return to beat him my daughter. Was a volunteer. SAT twos for minority students and one arts OK she'd they have access. To this you're wrong you want to believe that that's what you want you care about the truth you just want to believe that BUBC armored. A racist just the opposite network for black council an American house like 171000 that's it for whites it's ten times so they don't have disposable income to get the tutors semifinal financially medium. Net worth her weight filling. All American 170000 dollars it is at a rate here it is to keep the two idea 171000. So white families like Mississippi and at least that's what says appellation and it says those people who would you like him like a privilege several of those assets of 10 there's another four OK again at the stats don't go on your side you want to debunk them but you're just slut yep in one piece of evidence that tells you Austin is not. This attitude is not as Isner and not say blazers welcome what is he what's getting in the way that one welcome I just told you that I'm gonna probably most likely most people are not racist. But it's kind of racism it's not all out all the whites should iron out of their pressure proof it excited it's not kidding including those people arrests. No. Avail racist ads on YouTube to find its that it raises an aspect of building a new neighborhood to seep I don't. Not look to. I don't why I don't I never felt like white people are better than by people's race that's I think that's different is such a narrow definition of you because he's really. Yes giving its narrative I think it's awful I think if you go to Cheesecake Factory than your race is the definition buys those Craigslist people there's a black sounding name they want to they'll be more they'll be the been supporting Hamas and get back into this but again. Was it Brendan Webber's blacks have anything more so than it's less black sounding and don't know why. I think I missed my mean is saying what you think I got a wide open and being a T six what's happening right six yes. This in my commitment to watch a rich globe measure these rich white tie usual blog like what you clubs that Palin fired she's coming into my question why do tons of black people say Austin is unwelcome and they just align and he's taking them because because the globe wants them to because you that's all I have so church yet the answer that welfare or they think it's neat which likely don't need your pride easier said. Which cities it at least while I do you know how how do it's said. But you know because that's what they said it was in the -- But the question that I'll ask again how can someone with net worth of eight dollars afford to go to like all the cities in the states if you call a black person opens it word legacy. And say do you think there's a racial issue Boston. It's more likely not courses they ask is Michael yeah you know it comes and so is Michael chief of Molly Jones from now he'll let us live this dot Experian or. Starting October Charles Stewart in boxing and play all the revised its Goetschl student and I'm Marty discussed that and that was it's one the other example again. Right after Charles Stuart I forget we'll get to begin execs want separate separate 797 times and couple lines open you grew out of Boston's racist city. Will degrade me injured at that in part to Google either embarrassing or Fridays hold that. In the whole publishes a story it's gonna be very thorough and we're gonna say gee you know this is really good in perspective what books. Well good for the Pope wanted to be careful and get it right. I don't know him at all hates us that they can with the what it tick what it but compromised. Nicklaus loser. Is writing a book about China China's cooperation more remarkable turn around the Boston Gault reports of that is for the book and he predicted the globe would be thorough thorough. Transparent. And he said this like five minutes for the story came out seat which is one of the most laughable. Chapters in the boss these is the Los here's the other thing out to cancer tell them what a great job they did in the same people the same leadership in store like that you have to have some suspicions and I think about an awful sex harassment story OK if it's the same people. Under the same leadership in the spotlight team operates an eagle on morality. Some movie its debt that they're the real leader on they're the real heroes. And can Kook as well as victims found Jesus can you get raped his nine year old got a great they have money mark rough float in your own super. Did you make that. Mark Austin all. From Friday night. Friday like 5 o'clock am text during the reading your reading the same time thinking is this can't actually it's it's it's that's apparently you know it is just parity is before I get to anything and yet guide to me here you guys all signed on to get on so finding. They get to the tour. Twelfth paragraph before you get the sense that there's anything. Amiss at the Boston Globe. And they ended Sysco foods she enrolled in no. Mentioned Weinstein Ian Halperin and Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer garrison Keeler and you don't. Okay he named the budget names here let's get the names that we haven't heard before that would be the names of the globe's own. Second hairdressers and that it has to be telling us they care about women it's a careful placement respect women so Q what's out these creeps. So it never worked January dinner at least we know who they are going to be honest I thought they were going to even known in on the globe news not generally honest he's not their policy generally they have to. But why not right why not they fired or forced to lose this guy and resign the one who renewable. Hum why not name. No physical contact or threats according to Brian schori computer knowledge did you believe that no because they publish Mark James is text messages I understand that you believe that these will people there are never any threats you know I don't physical touching her after the started this article opens up more questions existed before you get TE now say I mean you know would that the globe overall positive thing tables are more culture and how nice of 44 man something something wrote that. Someone else oh edited it said these blogs in the story that. Most of the women who work at the globe and an awful lot of work here for years are out at that they've never seen anything that would constitute harassment couldn't. So I guess you're Matt Lauer didn't sexual assault every woman than it did The Today Show that although did all the women at Fox News to they'll live in fear because of Galarraga who were the sum without it was a wonderful. Well they have women and they didn't mention that the story about Fox News today but it is he's said let's look at what's been going on shell out there at the phonies at the get your cast their faculty message from my book on John Henry no one differently is go cocoa compromise the bird brains and any criticize us for talking of these professor at northeastern and yes. And Laird told school. I'm too embarrassed. Hum good students think about this but. Well good perky was criticizing us for talking about a Friday will got news for you professor how much the only reason the story appeared Friday night. This is Kirk in calendar and discuss that confirm to people the gold told me that's where it was not coming on it frightens note that was sort of the men on social media I highly radio just shake Turkey Callahan Nazis were in their heads but Gloria I don't mean your. We're gonna bring your dom paper down brick by brick and throw them for in Britain and it. Let's stop it down again he's throat with a double and authorities want to be all and done I bouts about Jerusalem one of the globe es done. I was saying toast no no no no we know newspapers in this town about 90. Atop bad. You out if perk and Callahan uproar about this currently talking. Kirk you ought kids say the name of some media asks people how dare they talk about that. He sexual harassment scandal the Boston Globe which you would know about in Canada equally probably do know I'll check please captain and how. The between you and EAH we have those girls can be yes you're opera and scars. Yeah I bend over the I liked the view here batters and retiring or Dan Kennedy who allegedly journalist who's gonna keep it quiet. Until we brought up just Boston Globe it's it's good from now all I'm sorry I apologize around I apologize. I'm lying about the whole thing is no sexual harassment the globe. I did talk to six people open Goldman last 72 hours what's going on not at all back to our expert in this story. Let's get morale back up ninety Paris I'll be happy with director Dave Burba James White and Jesus takes to get this record voice to you in Canada he's execute activities as a comparison to kids improve the 57000. The snow snow now Amy Amy certificates northeastern should be institutional. All due respect to India. Late Jerry count our senior let's the only place before but he had a sister that took the subway to school every day for five years. Needed again here and absolutely its final words handle the question should all Kenzie said. Drew is drew. Hey guys I good morning drew out let me ask questions. A pact when you got what you go to your body when your front end yes you go to gate equipment. Stricker May Day. Now he's coming straight then edit Utah I. Now mr. know it. It would be reasonable it would be awkward I danced with a guy. And it's in an adult tickets you like the street and bring you others that I play I right that it's so insulting but patronizing you think those women going to might actually count the gay people in the government and why women to be an even a class of so it's like the globe essentially yeah exactly right. Two good point to. Really really really good I don't really powerful point rights are gonna go to ballot and it maddeningly polite talk hockey with a guy and yes the iron and figure out why can't black people go to eastern standard. Because. It's not because they don't feel welcome. What does that mean they feel like it's its coolest club that they're not apart but they don't live I don't living 10 o'clock as a I ask Houston perfectly legitimate question if you want to the restaurant and you were the only wiped out there they're all black people there would too weird you at all I did that once in Oakland if you we that was one of the commitment that knew him. I think everyone sort of has OS stories that everyone should be a minority at least once and he should go somewhere and that somewhere I you aren't good but I agree that there are lots of applied friendship with a bottle opener hi Alex the experience Thursday if people are in 08 columns to people and you know I'll use Perkins example I don't think he's. And racist bone in his book and Kirk. If they're colorblind what's the difference who know how to say if I want to restaurant. It was all black people who do you odds. Being what he's a David like sure right now seem forced most. And it's not all black people like hotel and as black people in this so they racial. They said. No they're restaurants of both generally black people write down on him and I'll just there are we public Randall for Milton or whatever I'm sure there are fewer right. Sure so I walked in there and Elvin look at me. You heads might get started right nobody makes a welcome okay but they're not racists like you and welcome was short stories like but there are racist right. Recent what in what aspect including eight people were spirited way people know probably not but again you would feel I did while racism. Just keeps it unwelcome when I'm pulling away definition of racism. Bank Yuma. The definition of racism is one days many you can feel superior to another race which is the old school B can also IE not a dog whistle does that trump does and indeed stereotypes of what he was out outweigh. There's a lot I'd chance from a tape Davidson had a great David this. My side out and you can catch risk. Of course articles are misleading you stack and just cable awhile ago a 170000. Incumbents you can win and it may be at eight that would include bucket gates. And Peja was my each kid that I love. They're all white. Or why the good played the privilege to get going into. Misleading as the cool factor Lee Alex on the cool about seaport. Now the court might have been better I don't know going to the union shops around blocks an electrician construction tightens. Shouldn't that is actually very small number of minorities and the construction or so what are they supposed to do you can't cook on it actually. What they're not working ending unemployment rate for blacks in Boston is way higher on days that gave her dad was faulty shift from the caper Kirk from what you did there Rick Ankiel who whose fault whose only. And while we're sure you'll get to do think there's a problem there's a problem I don't. I'm getting nothing out there are racial product's country what's what's the problem don't have real auspices to relax and Alex are you it's a good question what's the problem. Promise that cost a lot like not afforded the same opportunities that white people that we've article that you wrong they can get in the columns like you know that the advantages than not I'm originally other white suburban kids that a couple of a poor white kids. What a struggle as well duties economic. Yes I agree economic illegally more poor black people than poor white people and white people and helped my social programs like GI bill going down the line Turkey or this fall pursuant to the scoffed at. You punch out and please Italian edition you know I Shannon. Hey guys good morning. The store's cameras so. Average median council of 9000. Seven where it's way too high iGoogle Google the phrase welcome to the raw. Who would that I was my original does the out streamers you saw globe now as have hundreds of thousands of one book for Boston nickel story it says. The White House so distorted 47000. All of says Austin. Not a company they also say that some of the problems Charles Stewart. Henry Louis Gates junior so at least we've gone over that in the the officer James Crowley did nothing wrong this was a stunt by skippy gates from Harvard that's another example on race in Australia and then good for you the characters in the movies. You know like the departed or that. Apple Y that's exit seven is just a portrait of Boston it's all so well I I honestly and like that. Don't you like what's actually rule and or Mickelson that movie the part go to your local back in March she dabbled. But that's the procedure I don't take any actual like that in that particular botnets 80 yeah and he had some trouble here if you get them in this city barrio everybody want. Are we doing here but that's Abbas is portrayed nationally. So. He portrayed it but that's perception of boss iPad killers might actually yeah orchid hall. Boston people making those films are involved now so that's a problem Bartlett Paul Martin Scorsese for word from or you bring troops have been Nassau this is Ben Affleck was like play a black. No but the porch of the average Bostonians that Pete but it's not blue collar white guy I saw a in my Duncan's I want that's a picture of the average Bostonians that mr. It's no it's true some Michael check Golan Cendant again hello. Though you know care to point out that I don't errors paints the picture. But you agree that the average New York leading to diversity of people from all sorts of national sort of knock guys like a little bit stupid fire that's I think that's to you CM bacon of the host on Boston New York that the government all Rapoport who's wife and I. I swore I'd welcome back by wager big news you can you can break we get back we had a name via. Attempted. Bomber was that Wright is a chambers O'Reilly it's the closest truck with its close. It's. Yeah. I thanks Shaun McDonald of radiant tomorrow Padilla the patriots win tonight I'll say what the hell. 3113. I will say you changed this whenever there's an eight point. Out 34 cents. We have not given the name of the open tender moment on the globe can do that tomorrow because you have put a colander won yes I think yes and we'll see if he wants to join us the same name ironically is the is the bombers and missiles it's it's close the bomber is I 27 year old. Okay you end and Lula. You LL a eight sort of like Alan Pakula yeah. Surprising. Two endorser that's gone viral as in faced down handcuffed. There's actually video of the bombing inside a weird. And it looks like that must hurt ourselves like seven seconds didn't hurt anybody except him correct. And it didn't hurt him bad enough there's I'm looking at a known as little as limbs and is like no blood these these findings I think it has versions are outsells it like seventy years in super Max he's in trouble see you next week out of shirts on Yasser. Who's in a more. Tomorrow is just two numbers 02 agents Tuesday Assam a group in America with Tom Brady. Into Hasselbeck can enjoy the rest you Dave it's big news tomorrow we're gonna keep we keep digging on this believe them I am not done work and it was talking tomorrow morning. At 6 o'clock. Well good you know a bit like a forty yard MacKenzie oh. Enjoy the rest of your Monday.