K&C - Listeners pick between Tomase and Reimer; Trump was taken out of context 5-17-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, May 17th

Hour 4: Callers and tweeters chose between Reimer and Tomase and Gerry reacts to the national media taking Trump out of context. 


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With the current committee and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. No I never do I need to start throwing more tantrums. About maybe this shows starting one minute earlier or later if that's because like you know what's gonna happen because I care when you fall in your flawless coming in it is going to be editing went back to back you are almighty and it will be aces I don't know and I can make up a storage. Element that I can now make up restore hope that this guy at the big boo the pick and emotionally and here now that's how I think right Gerri I think I'm getting nice and it is okay I'm getting a diversity can get inundated hit different shots are balanced attack people on a hot. We've got that is the first slide your. But your sort obituary I don't actually I don't screw I don't disagreement is actually I don't get an idea as to. They don't Johnson mosque he's right about that together yes it sure. That's that's good things and nominee. Of our casting couch people can do that true when you came to nobody else it's not this prejudicial adjusted where I can tell you get annoyed at the littlest dumb all stripes evil genius a bit over rated. And that's fine just don't make fun of his podcast or is. Bulls ultimately elicited the that should be Jeff Benedict podcast Corliss who's read the book that has stocks was XX XX. Well you threw out to their listeners call as the Texas I know I tweets and consensus everybody to think. Which I think is the first the number one reason to get him back as I was I was taking my number two there to go on the floor has a problem might not have thrown it wanted to go what's important I did. I was reading all the tweets and nobody wants to Muster back and they realize that you more and so realizes you're making the case for him it. Hate them. Heat guns and vehicles and bring that vomit mossy pactel strong talent Marcy can suck area. Strong. Oh yeah and I was is that his resonate as true that secession in particular genre that is obituary and shot a pretty tough to. That's true the a look at the Celtics did in the great and a couple of those pastels. And Erin is us amateurs weren't really a winter shout for hours and was hide managers to regular guy regular field as we didn't watch the games and came the next morning. And I was not work a little patent watches me. I had an early happy that I could you run the medical have a seat like that I would never make that call that's the thing yet she able. We couldn't simple click tools don't know the exact games. If you wanted to you could be again I want them I'm good I don't think I've running wheel when you kids wanted to go. It was paid for them rather pay audio if you paid could you see like that. Fewest problems treatment can look at her room and means cost a lot of money multiple patriot roster goes is it a problem for the Celtics now when they're in the playoffs. And the patriots coats and we have 73 people wanna come that's about it. And they get like a whole box they get like. On the day the other day there was a ten patriots in the second row now it's up Bucs game you know whichever you moved on to game one America's your friend who paid for them it's heated. And I looked India want the so surprising do. Is that those media seats are still pretty decent. But we are those bench mount mount that they used to going to stand on the flip stand up of the union reduce those two run that's money that these people sit next to the batch. What's the ticket price for that like the face value and no idea and they can listen of the Coachella the players and all I don't use our got a playoff. Hold both of those statements there about 400 game habits of their more now. And and like for games like that in LA or Miami everyone there looks like a drug deal. You know aren't the guys who sit in the seats of a drug use it in the click the intimately. Big time organized criminal yeah. It seems like in Miami and yes I think they were sunglasses that criteria there and they would like snake skin boots on its pain skinny jeans anyway. For play in 3000 bucks that's going to be it's got to be at least forty paper's recent. Once insists its signal a hundred bucks gimmick for the podcasts out this is for extended their this if you really really liked that you would make code did the financial and asked for a whole post is no I think people wanna be seen and they don't care what the game. Wanna see. That looks Carol you're good Nicholas Haiti's right Nicklaus and yes hi guys as I've seen that story before actually pays and now there's a lot to a Spike Lee is Bob Kraft pain likely pays the issue goes. Bob Kraft now he sits were quick now. It's those little and Clark's eats those are friends odds are with his girlfriend of which serves new life in giant reserve his wife and there's no nothing there's a pattern in there that can detect at all. Can you and Steve deeply post its than us Lenny Clark and yeah hard burger until all girls like not a rover argenbright Dino Dino suits for the NBA finals of the Celtics mic or 5000 pop once he releases basis so you would they rather make a call what we do either. Can't tell if your kids had the honor of it's instead they're really young wanna go younger life again a senior U spoil the crap I really don't. Productive or whatever human 5000 dollars and eleven year old seat but he does acknowledge that it's. A seat little further back you know all thank my friend when I go to the Bruins games the front row Ehrlich. What is it 400 yeah in the third row was like. On the front mostly. What it calls and 2000 okay and then the two rows back is like 300. So we get at least a couple rows back and you can afford. Sure I can afford neck can afford it honestly know that you would we do enjoy it if you send a personal seat and you pay. The Buick x.s. Now obsolete. This is on TV and that and I will say this I would spend you should be right now for the masters in nature it's been 5000 offered a pass I would you worthless C but it was only because that's totally challenging real great spirit I loved it was a great experience you right now you're right it was a great experience where I would do it again what was ROO encapsulated form it's hard I guess that's hard to articulate. I try to make a phone call mark early that day that may have. As a Robert X dollars and recovered yet what was that. It'll cover tell us a report he's not I just gotta love Matt Rhode Island and Matt. Hey good morning that morning. So I think you need to bring to market bag because just look at what you have now and look at us it's yeah yet. Gate at the degenerate ma careers been revitalized by captain unwell and. This captain on Wednesday. Alec hoops you know blows in here blows doesn't like two hours a week may be right he's got a little penguin to its all about him as a really pay attention to come Oscar contest this this these good TV he has. Yeah drill uses space cadet so. I need muscle to come back in what you're saying he's the only one that will really get under perks game and just going back to wink news talked about your parents and all that fight that Internet. I mean that's what's market does. I did my parents angry and scared I was yeah. Tomas he's disheartened that my I think I remember something would easily. Right after guerrillas. Via processor Abby Gary should be used our parents for ratings on accuse right and so he's he's came to my father asked Rick. And on my mother's 'cause when my father that he needed job right and like here right. And when my mother he didn't what you knew d.s and that's as honest as you get his concert just got picked up another year to really go anywhere X he just told yeah. I don't watch anymore utilized once all the time acidity minding irrelevant said no action like essence. Should you succeeded in graduation he likes being irrelevant yes he gave each of the pressure of the show was too much for awhile now he did now I hit every time winning that I don't believe it I'll believe it arguably be sent us. You believe that. Identified after all project Gary time which feels pressure on TV or radio. You know we had the performance thus we have to do this he didn't like he's got a comfortable after a while really always said to me again he said to me you'd rather he shows just beat him he. Yeah I'm hurt I'm the same as saying he's. That's okay to bring him back as some I guess for sure I didn't care what your performance here there are days we feel worse than others because of the shall but like. That it will win on mentally a girl don't go to Asia on your I shall pass yet celebrate after show for not always talk about or Jim we recap recap we don't rehashing this. Dennis is a response to what took them. Hey Kirk. How could you do that how could you come back on coaches are always things that are not talking to show us that this is ridiculous Kurt. You know a month same and do it I'm saying I'm open I'm always is two dollars and I as always I think the council of of one house Friday it is if I as a. With a pile of the vote with headphones on this deal want to record but he can attend an actual pile all the places to oxy. I think there's a physical resemblance to elements ounces. Yes to a guerrilla. That distinguish what you could confirm that the pile vomit actually just the Hubble I would enjoy this agreement to come back. I take Raymer any day over on the. Seven dreamers the only thing Roemer has in his home. Norton Reamer has on the side. Is that major all the calls here Chris half the ticker going every match aside right now as I do think there is some undersea from people who remit and over punished for. Of course it's you know I think so I think gives us on some sympathy you know Abiola known no I thought somebody else you guys dealt with the with the WE I audience absolutely not everything you post every now we sell out hey Paula good Shia all right as of August got slaughtered people were tweeting that cancer societies like guys like this you lead the general public to. It's just a bad departure. We should be back at least on weekends or whatever means. I'm sort of pull up revert to Mossad was so good notre choice yes Toms and Charlton hey Tom. I actually act he might know from my seat in my seat in the pool. You cannot bring him more. But he certainly we liken Smart he's kind of got an evil streak. He's a stupid liberal you hates us kind of. Thought he'd be eclipse Sullivan edited so going distinction again. But I have felt targets famous political you know. What is so he's deep that when the mine. You grace and what ever. You telling him. Kirk rule you guys to ever been started by itself you don't have to have Martin but I like my actions like. I think that I would I'd better shows together recently in the past we've been good to us and our children. No we do yes we do they wish Hillary and everybody but when you get a little the clouds hover. When someone else's here you know you'd get preoccupied with them. When they're not here you you get a little. Ornery such as when Christmas was on the phone I was deserve all the guns get reported elsewhere of third it helps me to house sometimes sabotage the show. Percent of sizes she owns just me that's a problem is sabotage show that he wouldn't need to these headphones often participate. That was language here that was childish yes. William yeah I'll have made you guys laugh like you're captain on alternate isn't so much to ask. Kept on most consignment stores that is an open it kind of what's happened almost got family stuff on. A Mac is in Westport mass idea that. Alert ally. How much I think before you let anybody back on that you should take and take a pass sort of like the case yet you know. They have three sections the first woman beater Toledo bringing it back. Bringing ASEAN the show the second pick the loyalty there would be an essay admission that the do it on air. And that I would say must know more loyalty namely issue we run like underdog we're the TSA partisanship that was the first part remembered officers that I did you Oprah says okay an English increase the tax for it to say it again I'd I do here on the show he's hosting organizations as you feel awful this influx that's accomplished influx of the tax that tax rates. Could use little in flux here. No Ted Kennedy's. At the oversight. I'm going to be here he was protect these things are red hair town I Isaak is in Connecticut say as they should fights on your fights we don't you cannot type of books I did yeah yeah money is the next hundreds of tiger book yeah. You are actually read enough gunnery yes after what is it like it's great but long taken seventy years. That's fine. What's up Isaak. Not too much your guy got a question for mottled sure I was. Who you are really in the preakness. I'm a release that tell yet we're weasels afternoon be podcast coming up putting you like and I exotic. I'm I'm kinda late good magic. I'm just applied I just don't know you I think of. City's mental war to take. Seemed like this people are asking people who won the architect Peter justify you win this race yes c.'s future tech. No because he's the favorite but hasn't but the thing is that tempo mom picking a favorite is for any scampered out who's gonna show. Diving Cain with the place. Good match I think cumulus apart and that's a portion of his pranks waste due I'm not at how on something else that you're uniform numbers and right now where he would highlight this as you know full of crap I admit it's the glorious results of a missed against a good test event. Parts among childhood like. Fasten your numbers I can tell you the whole box roster 87 effort in top. Twice on the billboard like 92 women to do with that. The guy who's for and wrote the screenplay for Kramer vs Kramer when I found away to our pen you can use that on the air. Is a good and you're an accountant Claire only great TV or movie yet TV show. Three years Tony Randall played Kramer who played it discriminatory object Dabney Coleman. Open the white tulip a woman she played Bob Newhart wife later on I was so right. With us what your source alternate Brett Somers yes that's hat I'm. I'd Brett Somers was whose brother was always Carol Burnett Howard's. Which are on permanent side kick on the show visual arts. Vicki Lawrence is totally a Mama's Family yeah the Q speculative thing when it in the late scored Georgia it's there is one of those TV women. So Bono. And supporting actresses there. We as a memory she remember ever hear who never married and she can remember every batter life he's done it Burke she could note that the burqa is no Mary who had their content remember that everything when she was eight years old faces a much energy 61 should take what she did that day correct. That's his name but here's why it's true they're paid six units historians like twenty people in the world she's wanted to write if you say to her. What's our pleasure curse right it was march 14 1967 which recede right away with it because she's always right. So Wednesday I got up toward the south to school this person said this to be she remembers everything in her only other person like that chemical. Pope didn't hurt that's what it's. Here's a writer I feel very very yeah it sounds like occur slinky you're mind is just something caught them but size it. Besides that it a case. Let's go wrong not mean that that would seem like your brain is wired differently and when I miss those. Is there a infamy she saw Desai success but the other team that would that be can she do math so religiously at for right from Michigan humanitarian standpoint in your raise a question yes he's always your brain power on that she knows other thing Kennedy and Iran none of these sites that. That's what of one of the other people besides her office who she's successes. Made a good living but the other people are they successful what are they losers. Those weird have you had a beard maybe it's just great contrast typically have lost some homeless guy personality disorder becomes that there's somebody's living homeowner elect any of like kill themselves a beautiful mind guy. But I can tell you they did. So you know what was which they may I wish I had to make it may seventeenth what was what was April 26 with him week. It was a Wednesday would you go. The day after my anniversary but whatever it was there's a ways you can was February 18 I don't know it was as of Thursday close that's close to arm. We had deteriorated like I'd give Iran ended September 11 2001 a couple of them. I have don't don't don't you think if you did it would be occurs should be led borrowing and yet she's British and necessary amenities. Like you who needs that yes you know additionally Craig mustered every day tell people would like is no facts like to short America. And. The radio got. These shoes. I wore them October be it the first time I went in October 18 2007 v.s I wore on April the 21 of this year so that was a Tuesday. These she's got a long time ago 1982. I got them April 9 so that was a Friday a 1982. Obviously people know. Based check out on sixty minutes story it's that from sixty minutes I've seen Rain Man being able to run every day if you hear you say she's making up as you remember the days of the week did channel Jacqui yet. She did that it would shoes you wore what you do two days ago. Went to crank up whenever good. Tuesday got up at 545. To Bennett home Carter. Work at it hasn't been at home and home and took penitent daycare came home to Carter to. Pre school. Watch couple episodes. The Friday Night Lights. A we had an episode. With sentencing has observed before an alliance wanted to say three mores is it publicly loyal white night lights no racism by yourself day yes I watch too as a duck. Took a nap much throughout this is a Friday Night Lights and the days so is this what woke up launch. Episode of evil genius did you think I'm let's say on how to break the did you think Muhammad cocktail no. These fuel topic at lunch. Oka a ticket app bush to episode the filings fell asleep like that the TV on the background they'd pick and costly 1130. The during the morning. We'll see instant. Your till midnight that night screwed up to got to go back to back you have to. The economy and I was well I can't stay up all day up at 545 and I saw him previously qualify for the fact that the and that extra inning game on Tuesday. A classic. That's why I believe I think actually at the same thing is very happy if it's possible or does that I think have I don't memory I feel like this is glasses I don't know memories of your members incredible to believe that only make wanna make this opinion known. Sure. I don't we don't believe Robert uncle lot I believe Robert S of life the story in the sunlight. Actually do it on the plane I don't you know why Chubb re you reach reach out there who moved mention plus actually these were some reporter in 2008 he was gonna ask child month so there's no way he would live yeah apples to shut basic and firm and taller so you think finally heard of ago. Yeah I'm surprised you made it out before flight such are people for an unknown in here made it up by the maker of Chubb controller told them. I'm totaled one told him what happened. He talked about before Chubb and I don't think so. He took told us that tells tells me makes up the storage on retreats and I'm a fan but I so either but I don't think I don't think so important gone soft and as my Michael Crichton Smart doesn't yet and so why. Because pump as a liar I grew I'll be glad about is that if you want to prove that would isn't. So we're Childers got a espresso the audio out plain bizarre story out there chuck says to. Now okay you don't. Ever conquered it that this story. Period boy he would definitely the other stuff we're glad that I doubted that his apologists Peter King who. Like a bunch of other people this morning. Lied flat out lied about the president and and as you point out the stuff. Will backfire on them and benefits are it's good for you guys what's this is as transparent as fake news gets to we have trump talking about MS thirteen. In the eyes of them. We had people coming into the country trying to pick up stuff and a lot but we're taking people out of the country and leave that is. These are people. These are animals. That that's in context that's being asked about MS thirteen talking about Imus thirteen MS thirteen. Who kills children who tortures people to get in that you have to torture and kill the worst of the worst. Garrett say they're holes president said it was quite clear I saw yesterday immediately on cue the fake news machine kicks him. New York Times Washington Post NBC CBS CNN surprised how early peers Andrea Mitchell one after another of spies in this regard is because. There's no greater no ambiguity they are line and they get caught immediately hold on and immediately by who. By the usual suspects are gonna like it writes it doesn't matter if I guess it doesn't matter even as he usually is albeit as big mama are gonna stumbled out of the mainstream media that same idea so calls about New York Times Washington Post because they didn't see a similar sense and hopefully the New York Post doesn't fox to assure that Paulson say any say in a what they users who those people have their own biases and Don but usually there's a gray area usually plays a middle ground in this case is black market their line. Agree to say on Scott Anderson and and you know what. I think saying taking something out of context. Is being too kind you know that's being nuanced if you take something out of context deliberately to make someone look bad. Indeed to make small little racist and he'd make a race chip in need to make them look racist. You are vital U are worst that'll hire me and you are trying to fly at a lot of cute example though do you take something out of context to make someone look racist. Or sex is a further grow farther and agenda you are Scott your worst since. You're about the worst person on its worst it's whatever it is that's that is that is I mean that's Peter King. You're a liar you're a liar and original street is still a popular of course he's very tough. NBC we talk takedown by associates quote pretty Jerry Brown whom the governor of California who grew Donald Trump and she says after Donald Trump. Calls people trying to get into the country animals not interim Mitchell's she knows that's not chicken is no time ability no plausible that I blew us out pointed out pretty pretty clear you are today it is again but we got guys' faces an arrest league in jail a division Mitchell this must be nice that bosses at your back and she didn't she has that black right he's not yelled you'll Sydor Charlie pierce the president just called immigrants. Animals period. What's he wants people to think but that's not true obviously off and does anyone as I tweeted that Peter King. Does anyone disagree and I think it's being too kind column came up on their animals. Don't think so now. This but he can't he wants that to do wants legislation people who do a rather have you say until I'd rather have you say. I hate trumpet sucks whatever right to be honest all we're being dishonest Peter K. Well Richard this for me it's triggered because we've dealt with it's always in the ensuing more than ever now we've had to go through this to continue go through this. And haven't had a lot of help its space and you mean a couple of other people. Where people take stuff out of context of trying to make you look back at trying to include the latest loosely historical fold or transposed or whatever you wanna call all the things I am not you or not. Because since they were blue in the face of these people trying to bludgeon us with that it frustrates me on dollar and LaMarcus adrenaline happens anymore it's very easy to lose to a talk show. And take things out of congress do to anybody of course and and that god knows Ken's comment that the mock me detest is out of context right laugh every site a day but is Immersion has got to politics if they make someone look. It is a personal to us to our show and dispersants and email after email after email after email people tries to bludgeon them. It has an agenda and good for him I guess you know he wants to keep doing don't trying to stop him except for us. And that's how works for rights were. And your exact definition of the proposed by the Associated Press greeted by it from Auburn avenue and characteristics Associated Press if you think they're a little bit have some say entered a not so they should have some standard it's true. Tossed council decided via Postal Service is exposed these people as the the world we're learning how valid this story hat that supports present United States could you get you know people of Castro towards schools and before. At the attack that exercise Cheesecake Factory right. Measure to attack someone Atlantic. We'll have artillery mama. Or really any other pampered change hacked many patriot fans are still angry Tom Brady for and had walker non patriot fans yes not only add or technical mistakes protection yet saw it's all right. I. Radioed WEEI. The delays so bad Baltimore. They've not started playing at Orioles and 76ers. Oh we found it. Yeah thank you for the for three days to today's good. Orioles 76 and what that at first inning score 761194. With one and crossover brought you by national lumbered recurrence nationally covered much better tomorrow. Yes we have a thousand votes already in the Georgia another battleground on trains these children tolerance policy is what's for lunch with them. We will face like 52%. More likely is my favorite I'd like this smaller coal. Now it's. Move preakness podcast later we were trying to get to this prejudiced towards big story in the week and a three under tomorrow that will do tomorrow. The world I mean big guys up next Richard listen to them after you guys as well I'll be the right things seem to like you can picture shaking hands kissing babies and some. Because he's out there were called to say hello yeah love sell things all right sounds good. Have fun and you're also a fun. Hear their best for space would often with tend to get our previous prick. It's afternoon whenever these guys supposed to plan maybe two X two C martz the sun looks brighter the food taste better. The Diet Coke at Fenway Park. Is the best it's ever been a.