K&C - Lonely Drellich, the sensitive Morning Jab & war correspondent "Trenni" 2-23-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, February 23rd

Hour 2. Evan Drellich is back to sit in with Kirk and Gerry, and the guys discuss Evan's bout with loneliness on the baseball beat as well as Kirk's interactions with the media this week in Ft. Myers. Curtis has another stellar edition of Headlines, and the guys can't get enough of Trenni in the DMZ near North Korea. Thankfully, "Trenni" checks in with K&C for some extra perspective near enemy lines.


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt committee and Gerry Callahan. And Sports Radio WEEI. Haven't seen that before he got the reminder to do this show we showed up late for shift here tonight. I was in a dark place seven please do detail kind of dark place your read by an hour ago. You know do TV. Go to my car and inflict just every night is always is that the it turned him away. Our. Ours that's what was. It was par and hopefully we'll what we'll have to look forward to that point but I just go to bed and wake up welcome back to the park in the morning at their front. That is just pass me by. It's it's lonely yeah. Lonely yes Shia. You guys don't feel that's no I I know what you're that we talked about early. Your jobs. Out here you guys had twelve hours you leave you back again the next there's no. Especially when the teams this. It's very exciting team that its name teams last year. I don't get a happy hour I don't get the nine lives let's go all the while we're on the same schedule but he gets smeared saint missed it the same time at the speaker replica of the writers almost every single one of its France the person that beat it's like that you hate Peter gates early. I love apparently enough to beat writer whose job it only one. XX. You to repeat it doesn't mean the news. It unhappy about it tweeted a picture the sneakers all it was funny but it's out of this proportion. It was that was bodies. Just picture he loves sneakers product recalls of sneaker. Nice the Republican base three bucks sneakers which Obama he's so it's clear the editor to meet publicly. And I punched back at Allen also expect too many times when I talked about his sneakers which. It became a topic for the picture. Attend to this was they had nothing going so apparently he talked about eight sneaker net with their top. Headline web site. Trying to do at. Miserable. Yeah it is I I acknowledge my role in your opponents as well take the picture. I apologize to me. Well all does that. Because I don't outs that's the big platform you get beat. Up if that is where seekers. Berkman. Well it doesn't get it back and forth on it but that's that's radio want one but. I verses mean yeah she yelled at. It's not yard. So please don't be surprised that the complaint lodged. I would be super until you're gonna get trouble great. They're bred that's an expert Garnett and Curtis. Just appalled as we please. Myself my entire family issue orders. To build once we have today Scott Peterson. The security guard Florida Chris Curtis for taking pictures I would say yeah it's very expensive speakers yet which by the way at the saints because it squares. The Sox well might apologized. His eyes and Sox is that the price you didn't see the picture of the great picture at first I didn't know they'll they'll also Jordan brand. Sox would read a normal Red Sox. And that was thing. Much in trouble take that apart. Right. I mean no matter I don't I don't know I don't know where. We hit the brakes and it was like. Would you call. These products so it would too so why is it wrong. Over the. Not since this horse just feel fortunate to watch as I've been nice person I don't like to be you right PA I do that but at a certain point. I talked about it eighteen times. And and now so he had ninety neatly meant to be able to drive it. If you introduce the topic of sneakers correct your fighting last year be telling us to do we. I can almost always there's always easy sneakers. Crime you're getting bad that's for someone it's all of what we'd look at a man. I thought about that answer. But he seems to me that you know you can introduce the topic we went Kristi but he's posted. And then you jump on us for too far for so you basically due. And essentially said I ultimate hypocrisy. In the process my brain that you have gotten gold at the Swiss became as big story. So luckily I did that day and their roles this yes. Go oh man here from. It I can tell. You it was pitch. That's that's life life sorry I had John democrats' attention makes things yes but yet release yes yes. So yes yes. Attached. Were healthy and but I I I don't I meant that hoosiers who competed season. And although we don't what was coming. From where like at this that people are playing with ocean where else the digit deficit that complaint issued by the despite by some of the war article or are we really kicks. Reprimand but it is also felt that yesterday her ball low. I don't know I know acknowledge Kerry John powers. Women's Olympic. Steel tariffs so that was. Get a little disagreement right resolved all of follow. The baby that was rolled to one. I yet again it's just that the veolia the only time we were attacked by it shows that Twitter we you know we realized on the job. As well. I responded to order spoke to know that responded I hurt us in the next room alone laughs salts great. Albert ever joke yes we have kids or those kids were. Nice long discussion it was excellent. Goods and Saul. He's been different years there's honestly name but yet. That's adults and were you. Happy the call answered questions anybody wants that. Congress'. Fifteen minutes total comes to adults and yesterday. We were on that showed that that read this gentleman down on the morning jets with. No they've asked you want. Brett all the stars Bradford spent on it twice it's been on Jesse Barfield kittens that are below him alone he's been on that's just our son. Yes he's what you played them last year. I want to being run. True what is now. We played report on my posture and appeared to just our case sixty three's please report. So Shaughnessy was all those guys Johnson does he always does gives the finger right away. If we glass walls right now it is act. It's that kind of audiences by ID as secrets go in there while there on the parents want to Kamal. I thought. As more and chose to be seen as sort of an act of us like we like that that is not me yes there that is not the world means that we thought those guys during the that's all. I'm not a radio. Occasionally their on air when he walks very K yes yes yes it was an update the most Borg congress should have so what is what is the political disrupt the other shall I got out of I don't know audits as of the script. If they're producer wanted right now it's at what did you report on mortgage yet you laugh like I wouldn't say Europe's. It really differently than most of these. What the hell no I'd do it or we would add that that. I agree there should fix that goes with us about this this is sort of a hot hop back and forth whatever that meant. Morals what so I don't know and so I thought we should fight darkness which shows told me he was fun with a. To get down here this in the producer overlord at I get a break guys I don't know I. Goal. On the on the air. For us. It does business and they're really matter is that it he radios. And lost. In the weeks that's my job on the wheels to Shaughnessy and eighteen yesterday. Jerry with the GA Turkey this morning's that the producer team WG GB of them. Who did you lose the light my constructed nice to see that he was taking sensitivity training answers. It's like 9000. People on Twitter explosion. Like sensitivity training them to do with it. Poking it shirtless so it means we are so here's what I would say in response. And all the shots you could just bullet left response it's it's really isn't he sent it out here. So all the tweets here. In we address that each sent to the training started that we do it now to take off like such trading was great. Fine I I I again winning an open mind we got some similar few months before Jerry and I. With members of the transient community which I thought was good did these two people we talked excellent. Two the lawyer last Friday we go today. Was great this at the trading was good people walked in picking walked up it is before we have a couple tools to help us the sport. You know does it change why am no change or two things yes. That's a bit of China sees that practice in market he wishes I'd say it's not that should be bought at odds that we have done adult pictures we got here. Now I mean I actually Odyssey now because of what it's really that's what he's doing he's mocking it which have been a witness which happened with their interest couple years ago. Apple board puppet at the district took that out. And I called out for calls me up right away I Texans something pretty specific yesterday and I got it. I personally. To optimal so much revealed its the well now now now now also products like yes I got about six phone calls of pretext that part of what my my. So. Call them back afterwards and we had a pretty spirited discussion back and does these things because he wants me in trouble which is okay. But you know I've done that the plane oh I don't understand Twitter. In this. Assess your far past and I don't understand you don't like me. You don't like us choose to do these trying to draw and sometimes successful. So that your not. But it's you know it's up to your team's Kurtz we need that. You started by things like vocal it actually produce something that would violate some sort of level of sensitivity. You know in cities such as stickers sexist racist but our boss didn't. I saw that just people people explicitly that. Here just yet it should mean some people yes in our building now that's if I saw it we did Chauncey. I work for our company we got through this last Friday which most successful. You see that say geez. What. You did that place out. The answer to me my understanding is those guys felt her answer being insensitive to them such a violation Paul's. When we think that's which which you consider the violation substitute teacher. Means you do. She just lets us politics. Still I would expect somewhat difficult to have more familiar it's too surprised I thought I like him in the long time. I would think so yet it. And you know the other judges confirmed that. Well I'd I'd just such intimacy you were done this he said no I guess this is what this was about so ethical hasn't. My issue with his ex Curtis but it puts Kurdish. Cities which which is get nothing we. We could talk to those guys they've issued patent issues with that that's not the world since. The yeah the problem. Atlas the statement wobbly on. So that doesn't mean that's the way it is a problem. If you beat me you'll be like him. A strong case it's accurate one guy but it's but it's okay he's trying to do we had to talk it brought Ron Borges back and forth on that. Is a bunch of other stuff he he doesn't like me speakers. I'm actually really sure why should the orchestra the effect of media critic and missed that point you respect. The only other voice very actively yet so I as so. You know we went back and forth or 1520 minutes that was added that. It was a big deal but I just said you know. I'd say you're trying to get us in trouble. All the time and that's OK but you have to understand on mine and if you do that will be reactions could be. Made. Elected pressure there to go. Out there so much what they. Well let's just get this. Ball but what's volatile one it's like well this is the most harmless. It is and this is it. That. Webb does that six in the past I've not to play into the wrong. You think that was the that was a violation of such peoples. So that so so these. While much of social that is amazing that he thinks that it's it's really believe that. Does he wants us to get what part of the training that you don't sort by two other people on your state. No expert Amy and I sort of went in the morning job as a joking around. Was apparently that's part though since it's constantly. Rebukes acts with Hillary use this. Yet that was that was what might have missed that that was never dress that was never addressed we talked about. Do you wait it's sort of liquid worst sort in this stuff here for a week. Powerful in the morning I mean. If they admitted that it was immediately try to decently well meaning line it was actually. Well and it was just kind of worked to help stop in the morning get worse it was O. And if they're that set if they if they legitimately upset that the Michigan. Its people or maybe I should just wanna be I don't. What are the other. But shot a CEO. I talked to as always and rightly does a great talent. And testing. Severe penalties your great accountant distinct. He's saying this and that and go back and you know. If you really want me jobless in my world I would like you know. I respect him greatly. Talk about the other day asking questions he's the guy. Other people who. Will actually get to a one with price advantage. He's the one who actually teach. You a little touch that. Yes. I have done and we still left. Wow that's called that off yeah you got the job for a lot of people it's the whole way. I want. To departments to quickly. And directly last year it's easier what you're can't strategies around on the ice and look at the globe where it's in cars. Called Perkins. I read them. There were right. Different waves spewed. It's pretty well don't don't that's you know what you there's a party unity. The people. You know at any that he doesn't that is the most exciting to report. Anywhere in the world for free. Boston. Yet. I actually and I like out but. I know I don't read you're pay attention to set at. Our place. One area. You pathetic human yeah policy analyst at for a do you figure. He went out varieties like. But I don't want to watch him credit for talk usually these baseball because. Interest that they get different probably. It's flat and this job part of it that way. I'm appalled at night after it might work days just to cut its. Dividend would result given the job. Well some respects the way I justified my job contribution to society's. Baseball sports. Skate enjoyment a lot of work and I helped them. Part of that I've got. Yes part of that pack. That's quite a rap station here too I'm gonna reach you have your own hotel room where she can't. Go back here. Let's. Add onto it. To all. That you collect. That'll mean somebody. Whether it good but I know you're committed to record go to places like between gates and yes I went to twin peaks once close out a legacy which. Not touch anything Christmas. About raw herald the east sitting up one night that rob. With rob is it weird. Get so carried a very speculates there Gerri I don't like. Carry out which of speculation. Please get what you saw the pictures on Q rub together promise of the girls. Short. I SP might just be in his head that totally surprise he's gotten like you are was the woman at the front that's all yeah. Imagine once lost Rolex sports rob likes to what we looked at the what does Kirk went to lobby last week old. She was. Overture by ourselves. So. She wore a girl who's always efforts she's looks like a lot of we. She's June tract one no matter what pitchers get a couple of Beers that description. That was me you with a one every single time every US last night. I actually did talk about her. With a bar at the restaurant last night. One just plain looking woman who worked and what matters. At. A lot of lastly posted. The plea. Everything every woman wandered right that's right. Current shortage short I think twelve ounce draft that was off the rails and articulate oral. So yeah why I figured. I'm not comfortable get their findings it's the it's actually it's like anything else or the team a little while to go you know all these other loses nor wrong. That no one. The year isn't it easier. So rob available at. A lot a lot in Britain he's change. It's like that is why you don't want Providence journal in the most recent rat post. None of those things you should know no one wanted to. Yes but we go wait wait wait I've played my life or don't want it anymore friends of art I would outward Kirk. But I gave it safe it's. For about which rather have a these insurers make it differently from remove. What you doable it's like to let his people in the holed it out. Valued at ports. You like to grow a beard like human like hosts like a human life. Jews ask the leaders of dissent with our about dot notes. But you don't you'll die not you know share a meal they have brought us out you Robertson actually buyers. Like I don't. Start at Texas right that's right. Well maybe we can let go out there alone with the hierarchy here. You're sort of lower. It just think all the guys the only one who married you guarantee me that Chad Jennings is coming into today I'm a very funny person apparently you write rights for. Does. And I didn't I think I'd just arrow that redder worries your place. Real options while the Catholic abuse hurled we know. Promote another place you're herald we have on NBC sports boss makes a difference in the great look what what's different protections here. February what do our. Kate works in DC Boston. Herald the reach disagree. Terrible. Hole station's I like it. Should I reported on back on the practice. Yet shall we talked to him. Now. To boats doubles. As good degree. Of Miller's the awesome power caught tough guy. We have all these guys on our credible ways previous inevitable when I go to art still all right there. Who would it would have looked at let me especially with a different outlook. We have and all we have volatile he always found don't like we have we needs them right at them yes. The multiple. Mrs. technically. Accurate or true. Tactic. How to assimilate you wants to be interesting and relevant he covered this because this is not law yet. Who's cheeky monkeys gets you very excited about the world itself arts scene team's last. Usually it's sure it returned to choose your new guys. Yeah that means they may have missed it okay all those that are all the smoke yeah. Everybody talked about last year they would have to do that they had Judy Martinez here because they had some that actually turn the page and this year due this redux. All the crap that went wrong last year. After all that stuff coming back topic on the Red Sox are not equipped to win when to get here. Polling data. He's here in town meetings at Starbucks is Scott Moore she's just the votes on scraps on the way to. Really. These waiting for one for radicals in particular that typically draw a trio of Curtis yes. Some Victoria course that there's. There's that puts all of that psychopath. So skinny I just don't there's a way. Oh that's that's that's agree Curtis Curtis Curtis eats a lot to play clearly is do what are you doing what it's going. It's clear that there's there's there's no way you're on medication. To help you easily. It. It. As a matter what is it eats at you why you ciskei is that what you guys are easy walk all. Walking to a that does this make us all what you eat here. Just go to the mall walk. You couldn't eat your fighting. Weight and I'm so they get. And act like it I guess our dogs outlets murky invite him these except there's a much ready you. Not beyond earth and yet have yet but I that's trade up fully pumped. But you know I mean I hope everything goes well for some mechanics did not. Which are like this or that you really want to get what what what is what has happened we sat at one spent time it's not that we're not friends on what thinking about. You were for slick walls look like what we. But do you think we're friends. I did Jerry Jerry front Jerry yes you are. They're very quick text a dirt lot off right. That makes you for this. This conference which by I don't know ultimately come packet at the solid rights yes that. Much which will be done here. And woody games at Berkeley. Moments while we go I'll. Fifty moments its questions. Six what set it set at seven point 79%. So we told the shop and have a much or what else they tell us a nursery talked about on The Today Show yesterday as we can get. That's all Hubble all ID. There are people just a little like qualities that Telecom. Companies so if you want to talk but we've also sort of like we re tweet recruitment all replies yet. But just socially. You know masking agent for us and he tried to guide knows he's just using him. To go after us which is just go after the local package to surprise some of the globe is aware cents to tales it he's got through I don't know we have that we talked about other stuff involving. And and he said he thinks that. Bill gas well. Will be so. I I'd never seen it happen in my work place might or might this matter that matter of fact. What you want to say its. Parent. I. Still. I should not really good life gets up because we've played this game three or four times of where did we did does this that he gets a lot of note I'm not sure it works its we've graduated. Pat settled congress likely to have real conversation. You don't like me I don't Q. No big deal here trying to in my career no problem yeah I mean you know what successful. And then. Although John it's so. Why leaders now growing feeling within. The buildings that are com for people they don't want. Which it hit that is actually their rocket when they do that if capital say guys are great no problem. Not much else that's that's life part of it again I Chavis he's jumping nine else what else do you love us you missed me. What's. At present the good of the radio have. Not decided at the last to each of you if you get if you lose your job that BC sports somebody else take your job in the earth keeps. There are other people at radio will be the world will be light goes if somebody else here. But do show radio. If he if that's if NASA that's definitely some. I guess that's public works are the people who Odyssey believes ago and Eddie after they were glad August oh now. The radio on the morning people listen to. Maybe it's more it's less this commercials shall after that after that actually do it again. Ports got back shoeless. But hell no don't do that next open. And you know we remember action that's how you'll be dead. It felt like you have some anti Ecstasy users I have no such concerns I understand should it be 8100000. Page. Book of history of the world were reliving right now is not one word on one. Actually you license to all down. Bring your purse when. It went. You do it hurts so much. Torch is. Really avenue district you sow discord. I know I guess I try to be as honest as possible people who don't want that urge that sense is it's not sure what else. I'll answer anyone I'll check that the callers they wanna call and ask. Whatever Oprah dot. No problem 61767979%. No extra question to want a job this year here with. Yeah getting that crap for months every time a the conversation played he you could meet is a private conversation so also. Shall. When you guys a lot of us will discuss at the break already written. That's what you re and we get back to review device he tees. Dollars that would give people their diaries are down our stated so it's. Headlines that we've any red lights yeah a couple of stores where what where any good. Get the latest on Scott Peterson. We do have a listen Scott Peterson we have an empty yeah petroleum driver who beat somebody 2000 dollars to do it looked like work or school when you liberty everywhere and answer Chris. Right good will have the details about when we get back. And that's when the dirty Harry. That I've sought dirty air and use this guy pay to get your assembly dirty Harry Hyde served together to say its it was a me. Wouldn't it. Looks to date our headlights that each time once again for headlines why do you enjoy doing what she did. Oh and I enjoy doing what I do these because I know that's what I need to reassure walk ons. I started be Austrian radio I proves to be show I produce. Further Jason's was overjoyed for his creation mention monitors operatives are telling him. Deploy his little frustrating aspect is I talked to my parents and talked with friends and family rural it. Wired News producer why did you do that wolf the reason I am. And relay members and the reason I enjoy what I do is because I know the impact I can have on a show. And now I'm doing more insecure can Boston would do you see. I considered dialog for the city. It's time for Curtis courage and carnahan's. Lives. Exactly what you hate you it's all like god that was a separate at least that that was in the Hampton goes around what 32. Seven agent. Yes sort I got home that day around 1030 it was there or work posters and then I. Passed out till around noon 131. Dollar was drinking. And missed the calls from Richard who was four without a fight ice Sports Illustrated wrote. Which every day commodities. Like the ones we focus our stock double but mostly it. I believe he withdrew several other places. When your car. Why would fight my car was like what we know something and it just across. Those little open. Skirt here and it's. Headlights approach by doctor Robert little lighter and darker after the press the loyal sponsors of that theory yes 20040100. Get here for your frequent. Although we'll start with drinking alcohol it reduces the growth reduces the risk of court ruled by 60%. The risk of rolling poll yes. A new study the effects of alcohol at its own goal. That. The headline for the story the risk associated with early goal in the risk of growing old age you right away. I have no idea. It was horrible 68%. You won't roll to where it wears. What is it site does that mean it's good or bad break I don't know whether it's. The onion. No wasn't because it. You weren't washed our Chicago quote yeah so here. You are currently in police officers guarding the whole deputy Florida officer Scott Peterson. It's Scott Peterson institute for years old yesterday was outed as a coward who did not attribute for a school building. During the terrific short shooting last week we determined six foot 56 foot five in the but collectively. Around 60000 dollars a year for the rest of his life that is not changed. He's in Boise beat Florida this. Resigned immediately will be right exposed. Social these guards protecting its analysis of shields up to a how do the area that's good question today just today. Or Scott Peterson air side. Where was in the attack. On in his car. We do not know yet but in this in the dugout the baseball field what exactly where it's. He took a defensive positions and what does that mean that. You can arc proper security do you actually know yet how you react in them moments earlier about the pending act by any stretch. But is there any way to actually prepare the evidence all the job that's what I'll let alone he LT totally completely failed. A deputy result of how you live with yourself. I don't know how he's genuinely that I pitch and you probably moved some of the beach. At the west side building twelve take up position. And he never went in. According to serve he was absolutely on campus throughout the entire movement. So we awaited sequel doubtless you guys you think about it. I think Kirk's and its union. Now all the news. Okay. Thursday. At a driver allegedly dates to 1000 dollars to beat him. It. You. Sure the people from. Muscle on. This is automatic there trolleys or former. Morning most of the government care but it's inside Steve Milton. Well let's loser was indicted by Suffolk County grand jury on two counts of short followed this week we've investigation perjury ball investigation by current leaders do. Lucille let's put it associate 2000 dollars to be up around midnight on October 3160 what color was stalked according to authorities. Lucy allegedly alleged associate with which they because we discovered his fingerprint on a plastic pocket USB Paula. Yes like one beaten. The money. Lose it it workers' compensation payments longterm disability payments that were based in part of equipment he suffered posttraumatic stress for the fabricated and let's work to grant you have to pay that month's summit beach. A bit short money he can really cash I think right that's a good investment if you get it narrow line he should take home 800 bucks in the and beats. For what I was at a red light on the streets of the trial is your exact same way. Just stopped. Trojans bull roll right back at the meet stopped just kept on a rock. By trolley call the FB TA police say you're lying around nobody hurt and six months later they picked them damaged my ball. Which I pocketed. Are. Good. Attitude and general manager Luis Ramirez said it was a abuse of these workers compensation of life that I think I would agree that. I offered to the media as friends right. How else like unity yours it was 25 hour it's likely lose an important step up that you see it. Any beaten up in jail would Alec and I think you were read a spot road to face it shows it too. Yes I mean it's. Like it would take a lot we punch in the face one that I can. You can work in that position you want to edit it varies where people want us. Collected 340020. That's so that is one about or form but you know wait a directly over 600 she's got this cushy job but the key witness the great and it's all. On edge. I still like touch upon what. Oh just randomly thrown it there a different story says that. Boost is this alleged associate with went to the big effect because police discovered the speaker port of lastly I'm out of the best part is the best. Police responded on October 30 twos of states. We will loose playing main arc of roles wearing them Mike Myers Matt softer so let's. I'm carrying a pumpkin ward the trainer attacked. So they found. I did it seems yes qualities. Fingerprints on the right are those when these guys that this its elaborate or did this in their head when they get there's so. He sits in his office all day every Sox iced it does that scene there you using one estimate. Job. But to go from that you on the pace of the 2000 dollars. It's like the sport from you know I mean it's like the other Scott Peterson guys killed Poland's. It was thick. It's going to be important sentenced him work a solid lead it once those guys is like. It's it just gets you watch the notes. With a white guys we all know what you can. It is sick for a couple days please daddy worked button. Museum which mister you looking for Wilson and right statistically nobody. It's. Not a picture of early bird and 800 no she is all about it like it is it is. And you know I would say like. And use the cop Scott Peterson's abroad. Yes beliefs that was amber something that I missed him. It was him roller. I was running yesterday got AMBER Alert if they have to get. If the whole ball went a little exciting thing of the he's let's it's great but the puzzles in the game on all of us. In its I thought the world was obviously as it relates to help our team. Kidnapped. This bag it for prime. Spot but who's. That was pretty hot rod I was too. It's hot out here ridiculous. Lester holt ratings are aching. BC and you know worry that it features and usage of the word is so bad it got re not making Nelly would be the person to replace. What why if that's supposed to be easy to run some syndicated shows that animates him. Run more reasonable which was like yeah that's right evening news. David yours that we are but. My him. Right looks like we typically looks to try to keep DGB. A sports field. You worry about twenty last accused in the DM yeah. Consider. You you were word this. Trey what's the picture of the judges texture yes she she she actually went to like I said earlier rod and gun club. They were in a new initiatives that we've practiced. It as I said I think that was really it's just don't try this at that meet again. You won 261%. Of you say it appears that these balls thrown area it's kinda bought its. I don't know I think she's a war course I don't know for Ed I don't know the new ones regardless re I don't often auto warm beer whether whatever its name that I was worried. That is true. It's client or somebody honest if Freddie wandered over there apple fifteen minutes they receive no matter where that offset. We hear from twenty last night. This is trying to maturity distributors such yet rather Vietnam the border she was this is John Miller is such a light. Ironically almost like. They outpaced duties where they have the fantasy camps now yes. This essentially like fantasy war correspondent yes we're trying to wonders now she's at our border of North Korea. Pro leagues all over it that you have been killed when that you heard gunshots. Your quiet attention. Quiet. You could actually hear the gunfire in the background it's pretty easy she keep it it's yes yes sports. I tell you and war horse bought. As for the two and then they'll wait wait to right. They do. We'll take guys out here. It's and what's that. It can't you paid attention here as I missed it and we. Please please world just it. One message. And that. Dad passed. I'll get replied yeah they should let it get CNN. I got shot. Had a sense that to yeah and homeland. Got shields deal with the success. That I've missed you have a geneticist at. It's cynical bit sad that do it so people to me that may soon have scanners and not dot this and collect back. Other pro war pass button tentative that pretends it's Candace asleep a packets are you ready for it. About back. That bag already given effort giving effort what should bush get. She didn't look. There's a black. Again I cannot. So what's the. So very losses that they're terribly lost her right okay. Professional broad. Richard also elect me on the ads which place other. That would need to. Apply. It hurts Chris. Here but I didn't know what hurt. Ya users out. There. I'm not. With a lot. Lately tastes but I think it's for it's it's now. It's now at odds formal way in between twenty and she's very dramatic DMZ what you texture. Yeah purples and that's the mission you. Should go you really tubes in each of I don't know how. A snippet argue. Errol I. Said. Thought she was like. She. Did you actually cross the line well Korea works. No I don't worry it's part of it or. Care about my French Friday. Cut north that scenario he'll. Let friends to dump up. Politics and that's. You know higher tax which I said. Lots of friends out. In yet I collect. Secret love. Your coach saying. Now because we could do it later putted nicely on the Florida line. That's that's it sucks that sheet. All right that's headlights looked at by doctor Robert letter doctor Matthew oppressed these loyal sponsors W yes 2004 call 800 get here for results I'm older. I looked down on the tube of an RPG that have been fired Addison has hit the chopper in front of hours just quiet. He can actually hear the gunfire in the background it when you look at your hotel room. Window in the French Quarter watch a man float float by accident. It's crazy. I had got back. What message. That it. Dad. I'll get back replied yeah. How about makeshift bed again yeah. And try to last night. On the north Korean War oh steals their host super drought record if they try it don't drop it trying to be cute cute dumbest person. And more these these these text figured careful. If you if that's what you electorate that you'd think that's scary. If she's on that line should look at your phone text that point. She favored that we might later in the day shot. Did you decide to take all good because she's carefully ethnic slot. To let your well I was worn out I was budget. I saw what I've watched that video I saw that show people what do you think it's going. No Jeter and should know more in. Addition to our. Auto auto warm beer with him on which go to college. Public school at university. 01. Right. Much smarter than you'd you know it's pretty OC. I do. He said what you say and it's just that's based red flags as the break. OTs and that's what you're currently not a baseball I don't like I doubt about race that's why you flip I don't see beyond what I. Execution beyond. That I should be fish I guess that's true yeah I've had been active I swear I never said. You're right I don't fault the other sports bulls but you also want to show for a long time that aux sports must not miss it you've got that your. You and it will be it was North Korea. Self repeating each I would you know just wondering you know there's there's a north south. Of Delaware I don't that it charges you know the leader North Korea's. Yes you actually know what are. Who it's not John. C so I would like trash can. The comeback we gotta have it in the claim that if China got captured shoot that video a couple days later. To be sent its not nice to worker can't jog he's one advice that I've ever doubt it in my life. Every important work. She's so good to pack on American soil. Chris Crabtree Terry Anderson. It. How many miles whose brokered Rudd the securities she could be put in prison like beard starved tortured some schools still state. Wonderful trip I don't I legitimately as if they capture. Their broader there after well ladies and guns would say just where we're currently license however that get back over that we're fine apologize for that we're not we're not playing this game. Again this is literally like like war correspondent Nancy. We went there and have a lot of all these journalists a lot of alive and she's like. As. And that she goes and there in LA. The guys that get to talk really quietly. If you whisper yet to act like here's the stuff going on here in the world it ducked out there in the south background. Of the third day. Okay good job that you it is my wish she must have been with someone fails with missiles the coast region as well say. Think there's that. Its inaugural underwear that. Practicing the practice facility at academic standing outside of. Waltham and picture brightened in your basketball is it saying I'd move. It appears right now that might it be it basketball demonstration going on here right now I don't I don't feel safe crossing into you know the Carlyle why. Like what what what world they should it be like to hear about Britain. In a while you'll you'll worry. Mills works as. She was told authorities I don't know he was told at real threats. She listens. To the militarized. Would suggest that border between yes and let me standing in recent US Canadian border. In hears people talk like you know miners and these people speak different accents. I'm different looks at two different currency use like it that tree I've looked. We're not a word you wanna hurt if they were idle all apps. You'll low leader room like go exploded. Well up over the mother why why why this evidence points for. One shot and at times that you respond. This week publisher she's not yet their actions or iPhone apple. I it's a good lightly. Votes in favor of heart and chest pocket addicts acre private vehicles. Let's go why did I get that what what's get out of ask why should whispering. Why should whispering shifts. Its years of high school you can actually had a gun fire in the back. That's great. At the craziest that background of of god facility here in god to decrease or something else Michaels of Brookline and Michael. I wonder if you dug around fox all the sort of bumps on the board of us who actually crossed into sports year you. They reduced the anatomy of a trade of sports without realizing it. Because the initial up would be that they want my instead of our and then with the US government refused. That they are what. Please I think that is. 65 incident in their equipment towards you would ever to start talking like that it rehire you. Q did you come and it worked for us a possible. I have read. Tim doesn't regulate them. How are your guys book right is sacred dirt is right at me this is. It's is that they have this sick game Evans said Varitek. Not totally totally it. That's that's all foreplay. It's worded that sit back and forth and now he'll be ready when maybe she comes back. The body which Freddie said she wanted anybody Comcast. Which father Joshua Phil Perry you want to all. What you imagined one. Rose Kennedy's totally excuses now I was jealous wedge for any two. On the ultimate issue to me that you party. At tank away and then one other persons in tweet me that's come on sale until we you're too weird but I. Sort of magical guided to a two women's workplace you made the move on right to get to 8000 room he made out. What was the movement was a close second place. We went to dinner with Jen McCaffery chaperones. Were friendly with friends. I always in the dating friends but if you would if you said you want to get this shot your job. So. To. Honestly he's at a time with a particular matter. One or Charles lives in Connecticut chiles. Big guys I had the privilege of being in the DNC three years ago. And it is an intense place. And you are escorted by our military the entire time. There's a spot in front of the DMZ. Just called in jail where it. Norton's Hulk actually share a news conference room at one end of the conference from his North Korea the other style and we went conference. And it are in the north. That truth that out. At soldier university. You would think there are statute standing there and it and distance himself. So where do you think when he was she obviously wasn't being escorted by military we will watch. Doubt you would probably end should probably have some escort you just walk around there. That you definitely have evidence court should have been on their orders that the US gears and ask about this. Yeah you're torn head of the things like Arnold Jack and hit my trying to was a chance to meet Buddy Hackett. You know you can't they tell you are not in danger but they have all kinds of roles such. We could get you've seen or heard the soldiers on the court on the other side in the jet area and that you can't point you can't allow you can't take pictures. Forget taking pictures. Tucker yourself or the total picture of the out out much at all encryption wasn't where he wasn't where she she let it troubles knotts was actually actually got app that. There is set for Cuba closed caption yes she's so that would. It's free site pass Edwards except. Our our three coming up six or 777793. Cent.