K&C Lori Buswell, RN, CS, director of the Center for Global Cancer Medicine, Dana- Farber 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Lori says Dana-Farber is very mission-driven and she likes the environment that the mission creates for staff, patients and families. There is real purpose to the work every day. Lori has filled a lot of different roles over the years and she has had many opportunities to learn, grow, provide care, teach, mentor and lead at Dana-Farber. She currently oversees the Center for Global Cancer Medicine. The center, working in collaboration with the organization Partners In Health, which has built oncology programs in Haiti and Rwanda.


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Lori boss well eyes joining us years in studio nurse and director of center for global cancer medicine overview of Dana Farber all act dumb question. What does the director of center for global cancer medicine view or good morning. Thank you for having me today. I'll learn Centre for global cancer medicine. Has existed for a reply yes and we have boat. Five and half six years ago Weaver passed by. Nonprofit organization called partners in health based here out of Boston. Founded by doctor Paul flap our talk to Japan feel yet down. It's a nonprofit organization started really it for Haiti that race and health care to poorest people in the war. And we were asked by now. To be here oncology expertise. The it's about five or six years now and it's not as. Communicable diseases like T equally area HTTP. It where sick strides made up around the world. In keep traveling those diseases carried those diseases. The hospitals communities started to see a lot more art of cancer and heart disease diabetes. And partners in health didn't have a college expertise they asked us to be their acts arts and it worked again. Broke one NPD. And some of the points areas those countries to bring to hear that we've been working for the past. Five and half years in both countries to deal with cancer. There we talk about all the time we had gas doctors and even patients the strides he made verses point 15 years ago when some of these countries that are exactly where we were short 3040 years ago right it means to get sick in its over. That is exactly right. Hi to us getting old trees it list. It I want differing stands there is one tree eat. Just tired country population. That he. And in both countries he won. Partners and how things dean factor hats the only public. Free mostly free. Services to treat cancer. Have you have you been there yet you gotta rewind with. IE it was one for. Three cents. They have a foresees in scorer wants to. Yes and I just noticed it correct words direct flight. Well grow like to act like what's on trip. Or why is really. Sets up you know suffered at a high. Nineties. Where. People killed. On the compact that country is. Actually capital it's quite ballot. They just picture her. Two years ago. And there are some. Capital ironically great movies total of one and Don you running them. Chris I I've good friend of doctor and he goes to Haiti and he says it's amazingly if they think if they get a tumor. Whenever and wherever there they're done they just they don't have. Chemo they don't have radiation they have to go Dominican directs me to get treated for even the most basic cancers. Well what's very interesting it is. Patients get something an aide even know what it is that they have. Cancer is that the weekend that cancer. The only. Hasn't it and hopefully get better with our education efforts. And there's a lot of tradition he just happens in those countries and often times. They might present health center nobody knows what isn't base article rant brown. Until somebody says this my cancer a lot to Tara hospital. I'd go to marital day he. Blame fan I exit end. You know one. Each year. At the end that we needed both countries is building apology to are we there. Snacks and it actually looked after microscope tonight knows. Britain and hospitals who. We work with both these countries. Mr. On helping to build quality departments there's anything to eat here to answer. It's long journey are for us to get cancer program going eat people supply drugs need. Space you need. The ability to. Territories so it's and a a complicated. And Mary. XP so where's where's next worth match push the trend well. Still we. Probably at least for the next couple years well. Act. Right neither country has radiation. And there are some cancers that you apps. Not care for outreach specialist in certain cancers that cervix cancer it is probably second. Un and tape get paired via thing going which is what we have done and surgical training. It is. Probably picnic acting here to advance calculus. It turns. Britney rate each country it's very complicated it's Berry expects. So it will be several years before we have read each either country. I just he is past week. We're trying to work with how often industry a couple of other. Factors to bill that eager to such factors there. On national T center so that's sort of what's next for us but that's cost ten. Dollars. Went out and you know the other things about the work that we we have a hand fairy fateful. But active constituency. Is it here and understand our constituency is he in one day and you know. There's not a lot of countries for them to donate our program. You know so and it takes money to do anything. Although I will say that we make it dollar though there are countries spurts. You're a myth. So I think that our plan is really to stick with those two countries. And continue to to develop. In those countries you know. Even though we've done on every day it's he would drop in the bucket we have to figure out how to steal this we have two centers in all of those countries and that's not going to be enough to treat patients and those. Can Lorie thanks so much for joining us and good luck with that I'm sure we'll see hopefully next year to look at your travels in the great. Good luck with all that.