K&C - Mad Dog on Mike Francesa's return to WFAN 4-25-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, April 25th
Chris Mad Dog Russo joined the show to discuss Mike Francesa coming out of retirment back to WFAN. 

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That's. My Francis all the way back in December and that was December January. December December retired he's now back. And now somebody was critical yesterday was his longtime partner our friend Christopher mad dog Russo good morning Chris how are you. Good morning gentlemen how like Jerry L you know. And good mad dog how you doing. But he surprised you former partners that. I was shocked. I think Japanese surprise I have seen Mike in late march. All the data will be network and I knew we was that he acted I wanted to work and the weather is lousy in. He had been a slaughter a couple times and one of the wreckage that those young kids. You know I don't know what he had in the mix I know that she could become a serious. You know if you wanted to I immediately want to do that but. Not a part time basis it's serious so yeah I got a job surprise I I really am I did not think he broke back at they had. You didn't have argued that it is yet up and out available argued that epic in Needham. Let's but that's a dog that's. AdAware that's my argument people are killing Francis I understand but. He wanted to do it probably feel realizing their mistake the other parties. Shall stinks so what the afternoon show stinks. It's through your tour three rating. What's what's if they're supposed to stick with a show that stinks just because it's new it's crazy. I you can make that argument that's got to plot that and I think today of one typically people on yet back. Do they have been drive program that's been difficult yet what you can't get into any kind of flow. You put three people aren't. Way way to manage to put the most that's the first thing secondly if it is impossible they were at a picnic spot to find somebody. The follow my candidate is it's not said he. And I tried the diplomatic show stunt and you you know issues. So I looked it up by the about the domain I mean I'd I would have done it I told a great I mean I you know he yeah Bart that they have a talk baseball. At the major problem with the Yankees and the Mets. To have elude trouble finding their way. I think they wanted to cut their losses I think you'll 1000%. Correct. And so that bike is diet to come back to work they've realized that they can salvage some economics at the revenue. And they decide to put my back on so Donna present not allowed to blow arguing correctly right. Yup revamp my it is not a lot of time blah blah blah lol I mean you can make an argument that more time was needed but you can also say that you could help equip. Yeah I mean that's did you think that shows ever gonna be good. So I mean that's like that's what they do they real weak UU suck get up on ESPN everyone knows that sustain us you never going to be good. He back hype if they're ready or. Yeah I think there's a lot of truth to that so. You know I've resolved we could have won once then it to have Michael bring back some of the big advertising that it lost. And you know they won't lose decay with Mike sit in our case of course Michael Katie. Doesn't it control on knee yes and station and the U guys lost in the new would have brought for the first time in about three decades. And I think that affected its society you're like Eric and that the discipline that. I I think that you know the cut there losses my back available so why not you got the worst thing. I will say though I ball the you know not having to begin with a psychologically it is odd different sets would do this for a year. These big events you guys are radio city all these other things that they 27 goodbye stuff. And then three months later is one of the comeback I wonder if he ever really want to go away at all anyway. Good point I think that's what might get pounded is that it you know four it was a long goodbye AD we get some might slash your line. December 14 that it it was a special day 8483 guests. You know laws saying he would likely Lawrence Taylor that you you know what it's too John got Larry. I think the best thing vital and then all of a sudden former that it might back out here it will weird I could get if it is 630. He's not gonna be out here 16. It is shortened. Rather it is it is retired and I totally agree yet you have a long goodbye like that and you are. Andy Pettitte waited it out leaving it to three decades. I just heard the cut you played nearly concluded is. He's December 15 minute comeback in national middle of maple or to evade a following here it looks spent so much of a blip that's. 83 guest is just an average day for CMB. Uncle Ted tell me this bad Doug did you think boomer really hates. Pres says and does he really you. Well but it 88. I think you know cable network together what was and it may right now they go out of it by the way I mentioned this yet sitting on our I'd I'm on my show. I think a lot of it has to stem from the situation with Mike and I going on in will be network there are negated. That was no big deal that was no big deal I. Legally what nobody tells because he's trying to get an idea. Regarding the a future that they and their battle bad shape and could cause a good kid and you know a little sensitive indeed took the wrong way. Was very annoyed at affected both me and Mike separately. Something pretty nasty. And might lose that north Baghdad. And I think that kind of kicked Mike what normally Mike would not want to do that way pushes it he decides to take over again. But the fact that Coughlin challenged him like that I did that made I think screw you what do I want I'm not sure you. Tonight I give I give Chris Carlson advice and he's been that this may be longer than me I've had some success I would say the call me every said that tax if you really wanna keep your job. Say it on the air. Attack princess on the air and you guys were after was light. But go back there's a chance. So you know I agree it's better generally don't you know will never do I promise you guys you listeners of me and I will never fall asleep on the air as we is that typical. Right. Yeah. That dead but I picked up the other Mike I and I think that I was on the do that you Ballmer does not. I don't know what Paul was an issue with like it but I wasn't fatal blow but got there. I didn't let five months later so I don't know dated days. What it's a problem it it would be cool if they all operating along those lines are not there that much. And I know that I would like people were once viewed as simple ball. I don't think I don't talk to Ballmer but I would be surprised if you've talked to already eight vision so I would. I would be surprised by that now Bloomberg can't Cormier in my class. When he that there were quite quiet for years. And everybody that it's an act of what was said at that MLB network thing when we kind of had some money that they have expense. Are you keeping track of cartons case even when do we expect him to go to federal prison. Often at all my keeping track of it I definitely get in September. Oh is that right shores is doing since he's a pilot test them out when a guy Clark your. Exe I believe that case starts. I'm guessing I hit I thought somewhere that it begins in September so you know that you get about waited on his bodily achieved he does attract a. January February that lets do this morning he waited he. You ought to be fair he was actually for him like pretty concise and made some sense. He said you visit so that is that this is a business too bad though they seem like nice people but the route this is a business that's how works of course. He said that Francis made fun of him you when he resigned I don't think red card really resign and I'm guess I'd. What ever was but do you think Greg Hartley actually resigned did you think he was fired because he got arrested. After helping to design it did you ever pioneer tickets and Broadway tickets off about. Little white they're going to get that given product I. I mean I got to pick up by the FBI they did you sign. What I did the fact of the matter is you're right it's a big boy business. It can't be that sensitive when this occurs they are at they have had been a hit and stop because they had guaranteed contract. So that and how to find a place on the back and pay one point five million dollars combined and I'm not doing so that's where it is one that we show came. Hold on hold on hold on watch how much money. A lot for two years guarantee. And if it is about a year before the total for the three. All for a paltry total for the three are just take look and I was I was I was I was little but you can commit suicide on the air he told Irish aren't. Last into the white side that that need the money that they have. These are boxes are paying these people use this money adds New York figured differed from the coastal strategies spoke just. Hit the flotilla but that's not result of that that I can eat dead so that is why they created this one at least not well thought I think they feel bad form. Added at a 100% if we can't let the ball a long time they feel bad form I didn't wanna get the chance one that we might be a little better. So for assessing the comeback in May and then take that basic three months off and then come back in September and. Question I put this same thing takes a lot of summertime. You wonder. If he will take less summer because of the taken performance all. And eighty FAA and decide you know my will find look at what is. But indicate that take eight weeks off of the summer so what he had that was brought publicity weapon monitor that. When he brought the pokes some camel market that this would happen. Oh that Damascus that what's that cannot take eight weeks off I was a we actually got from the something that I can ask metal record baseball guys aren't summoned and we already. Who's the second best player in the American League. As good as we promised him we'll keep that. I don't know how much to say we knew everything Q you know your stuff. You know Trout one obviously. It's nobody any Yankee. Fan it's not in door. You can tell two days. Yeah that's what says that you can set out to me. But yet that is evident what what are your numbers right now bad. And 3.3 5347. Or something. I got out of the rather I look Pineiro will be deal. You'd be helping messes like I let a 100360. Imposing okay whatever his ears are yeses. You could say that I think that the duke the next possibility. But yes you did say that I get a Tip O'Neill was very good about Bernanke's. Big. There's no question so far it's been their best player. There's no doubt. Last year it was probably the ninety RBIs is there any direction without the other day. Not that the trade that has been made that is in in a hospital. I think he got beat you got them from Arizona they subcommittee Yankee Stadium at that Jeter left. At a had a bad start there a couple of years ago nobody has been great for the Yankees acquire an outlet. Surprise surprise or Jeter crying at Bryant Gumbel and is that that's that's a little strange Jeter. They cry as he was winding can gobble I guess got release oxygen archer go testing with them and Jeter did not like pitching does not like taking criticism he's not used to it. 100% right I did not David JD couple things I get their friends. I have not watched that yet. I didn't read about it but I did not watching the story that Jeter did in sports and it created with Purdue achieve about two months ago. Excellent so I'm almost blew Jeter got right now I have to look not at its summit that got emotional at an apple want that. Brady back log back that was never debate whether. Now there are now now he's actually gone nobody'll. He's ready I haven't talked is as simple ball well as anybody when. What would the reaction of those in the Eagles. Cognitive senses it was it was it was days and days of Belichick you know marked small amount of Boller didn't play all bothered. Talk about what bothered him let's all check album do you ever get out of that. We never got a conclusive yet not know good question mad dog no we've not classic patriots style this story just kind of flew away. Nobody said naming its over. Is probably that they got you government. The first happened again and. Crazy crazy absolutely nuts. I I double tragedy soon thanks so much I see about him out of.