K&C - Mad Dog on the return of Mike Francesa; Ordway knows his hockey 4-25-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, April 25th
Hour 3: Mad Dog Russo joined the show to discuss the return of his old partner Mike Francesa and Ordway continued to his dominant hockey talk.

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He skirt and Callahan. With Kurt committeeman and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. I want to thank you guys the listeners. The audience. Goes without you. We don't list the week. We don't list tomorrow so what I'd like the city was known issue. I thank you. From the bottom I thought I loved your book. They got that chance that they comes onshore. I'm registered texas'. Today meters sigma I 55 today out of mind. That's. My Francis all the way back to December it that was December January. December December retired he's now back. And now somebody was critical yesterday was his longtime partner our friend Christopher mad dog Russo good morning Chris how are you. Good morning gentlemen how like Jerry how are you now. Good mad dog how you doing. But he surprised you former partners that. I was shocked. I think you have to be surprised I had seen Mike in late march. All the data will be network and I knew we was that he acted I wanted to work at a wet those lousy. He had been a slaughter a couple times in one of the wreckage that those young kids. You know I don't know what he had in the mix I know that she put it on the serious. You know if you wanted to Ivy League who wouldn't want to do that but. Had a part time basis it's serious so yeah I got it out surprise I I really am I did not think he broke back at they had. You you don't argue that it is yet have enough available you can argue that epic in needed him. Let's put that dog got. Out a way that's my argument people are killing princess I understand but. He wanted to do it you probably feel realized he made a mistake the other party is. Show stinks so with the afternoon show stinks it through your tour three rating. What's what's if they're supposed to stick with a show that stinks just because it's new it's crazy. I you could make that argument that jar that's not good and I think two things number one typically people have yet that. Good afternoon drive program that's been difficult yet what you can't get into any kind of flow. You put three people aren't. Way way to manage to put the most that's the first thing. Secondly as it is impossible they would pick is about the find somebody to follow Mike emanated it's not that he's. And I tried the diplomatic show stunk I mean you you know issues. I looked it up I'd about the domain of Maine god I would have done it I don't dictate I mean I you know he embarked not going to be able to talk baseball. At the major problem with the Yankees and Mets. I'm out there that elude trouble finding their way. I think they wanted to cut their losses I think you 1000%. Correct. So that Mike is diet to come back to work. They realize that they can salvage some economics at the revenue and they decide to put my back on so Donna present I don't want to blow arguing correctly right. Not revamp my desire a lot of time blah blah blah lol I mean you can make an argument that wartime was Levys but you could also say that you could help equip. Yeah I mean that's did you think that shows ever gonna be good. So I mean it's like that's what they do they real weak UU suck get up on ESPN everyone knows that sustain constant ever going to be good. He's back hype if they're ready off. Yeah I think there's a lot of truth to that so. You know I as a result we have to have won once in it and Michael bring back some of the big advertising that it lost. And you know they won't lose decay with my exit Eric K of course Michael Katie. Doesn't have control on these ESPN's station and the new guys lost they. In the new would've brought for the first time in about three decades. And I think that affected it since I think you're right correct and that the discipline that. I I think that you know the cut their losses my back available so why not yeah. Not the worst thing. I will say though like ball you know not having a big deal with the psychologically it is odd different sets would do this for a year. Have these big events you guys are radio city all these other things that the 27 good buys stuff. And then three months later is willing to come back I wonder if he ever really want to go away at all anyway. Good point. I think that's what might get pounded is that it you know four it was a long goodbye AD we get some might slash your line. December 14 that this is a little bit short of the 8483 guests. You know laws saying goodbye great Lawrence Taylor that you you know what if you John got married I think the bad thing vital. And then all of a sudden what looked at my back out here it will weird I could get if it is 630. He's not gonna be out here one of six it is shortened. Brought it is it is to retract and I totally agree yet you have a long goodbye like that and you are. Andy Pettitte waited it out leaving it to three decades I guess or to cut you played nearly concluded is. In December 15 and the comeback at night on the middle of maple or even the following year and that's spent so much of a blip that. 83 guests is just an average day for CMB. Ted tell me this bad Doug did you think boomer really hates. Pres says and does he really you. Over the 88. I was you know cable network together what was edit me right now they go out of it by the way I imagine this incident are kind I'm on my show. I think a lot of it has to stem from the situation wit Mike and I got on the MLB network negated for the little. I was no big deal that was no big deal I. Agree but nobody knows because you kind of get an idea. Regarding the a future that they and they got a bad shape and Chris crawled as a good kid and you know a little sensitive indeed took the wrong way. Was very annoyed at affected both me and Mike separately. Something pretty misty. And might lose that north Baghdad. And I think that kind of kicked Michael what normally Mike would not want to do it that way pushes it he decides to take over again. But the fact that call and challenged him like that I think that made I think screw you Ludlow watts I'm not sure you. Like I give I give Chris Carlson vice amazement at this may be longer than me I've had some success I would say the call me every said that tax if you really wanna keep your job. See it on the air attack princess on the air and you guys went after was light. But go back here's your chance. Say no I think this matters how we don't you know will never do I promise you guys you listeners of me and I'll never fall asleep on the air as we is that typical. Right. Yeah. And dead but I picked up the other Mike I and I think that I was on the due to Ballmer does not. I don't know what Paul was elation that I could ever tablet and they're vulnerable but got there. I didn't leapt five months later so I don't know dated days. What it's a problem it if they call it date all operating along those lines are not there that much. And I don't I don't like people were once viewed as suitable. I don't think I don't talk to blow over but I would be surprised if you talk to former that he ate visually so I would. I would be surprised by that now Ballmer can't Cormier in my class and ways that they were quick court for years. And everybody that's it and that's of what was said at that MLB network England because I had some money that they have expense. Are you keeping track of cartons case even when do we expect him to go to federal prison. Keeping track of it I would definitely get in September. Oh is that right towards students and he's a pilot test them out when I got fired your. Eight I believe that case starts. I'm guessing I think I saw somewhere that begins in September so. You. Hit about waited on his bodily achievement. He does backtracked a. January arguing that elicited sworn he waited he. You ought to be fair he was actually for him like pretty concise and made some sense. He said he deserves of that is that this is a business too bad guys they seem like nice people but the route is a business that's how works of course. He said that Francis made fun of him and he but he resigned I don't think red card really resign and on the guess I'd. What ever was but do you think Greg Hartley actually resigned did you think he was fired because he got arrested. After helping you to sign it did you ever pioneer tickets and Broadway tickets awful right. They're going to get that given actually that's not resign geez I mean I got picked up by the FBI. They get you signed. What I did the fact of the matter is that you like it's a big boy business. It can't be that sensitive when this occurs they are at they have had been a pit stop because they had guaranteed contract. So that they and how to find a place while they're not gonna pay one point five million dollars combined. And I'm not blaming. So that's where it is one that we showcase. Hold on hold on hold on one how much your mind. A lot for two years guarantee. And it is about a year before the total for the three. All for a paltry total for the three just take a look and I was I was I was I was little but you can commit suicide on the air he told Irish aren't. But it's the white side that there be divided up they have. These are boxes they're paying these people use this money I its New York figure differed from the coast to listen Jesus spoke to decide. Excited that the luck but that's not result of that that I can eat dead so that is why they created this one at least not while I think they feel bad form. Attic at a 100% if we can't let the ball a long time they feel bad format it wanna get the chance one that we might be a little better. So for assessing the comeback in May and then take that basic three months off and then come back in September. Question I put this thing that you take a lot of summertime. You wonder. If he will take less summer because of the second performance love. And eighty. I can't decide you know my will find look at what is. But can you please not take eight weeks off this summer so with Fiat that will probably see weapon monitor that. When it brought the folks who care will monitor that would happen. Of the don't ask us that what's that cannot take eight weeks off I was a we actually got from the something that I can ask medal record baseball card summoned and here we already. Who's the second best player in the American League. As good move on the table Tibet. I don't know well once and we whoever you thank you you know your stuff. You know Trout one obviously. It's nobody any Yankee. It's not open door. You could sell two days. You just said you could say out Tuesday. But yet that is evident well what are your numbers right now bad. And 3.3 5347. Or someone. They got out of the rather that I live look for your role will be deal. You'd be helping gases like Johansson 3620. Is it okay whatever as he has yet to. You can say that I think that's a little bit the next possibility. But yes you did say that I get a Tip O'Neill was very little about what it is because. There's no question so far is that their best player there's no doubt. Last year twenty dollars and ninety RBIs he is there any direction without the other day. Now that the trade Dixon has been made that is in an improbable. I think he got deep he got them from Arizona they plug in any Yankee Stadium after Jeter left. At a had a bad start their clearance at W he has been great for the Yankees acquired outlast. Surprise surprise or Jeter crime of Bryant Gumbel and is that that's that's a little strange Jeter. They cry as he was winding can double I guess got a release oxygen archer go testing with them and Jeter did not like pitching does not like taking criticism he's not used to it. 100% right I did not see that the couple things I get their friends. I have not watched that yet I didn't read about it but I did not watching the story that Jeter did what it has created. With Purdue achieve about two months ago was excellent so I'm almost blew cheated out right now I have though not a kick out of that that emotional at an apple want that. Brady back log back that was never debate whether. Now that we're now now he's actually done no I don't. He's ready I would talk is as simple ball well as anybody where. What would your reaction of those of The Beatles. Cognitive senses it was it was it was days and days of Belichick you know remarks tomorrow while Boller didn't play all bothered. Talk about the quality of life also check album do you ever get to the bottom that. We never got a conclusion you're not know good question mad dog no we've not classic patriots style this story just kind of flew away. Nobody said naming its over. It is hard to believe that they got chewed up the first step in again and. Crazy crazy actually nuts. I double catch up Lisa thanks so much I see a light. They met a mad ever so. Should insight into the at least on the be reached makes a 150000 dollars I have a choice sang each made half a million he said total one point five. As that while in the half million kids I'd give it and it even that much I don't they make a quarter for millions of New York that's the minimum wage you believe the Maggie grammys a quarter million bonus because they have two great days in New York Michelle beatle makes five million. That's true Kevin but we know that people were paying them. But this New York had to do. We do we think the challenge more commercials that you know in Toulouse in Europe moved to bits of reports have herald's wrong. He's a league in what's runs I think runs and doubles in the second as. Yes I think it's it's in it awaits insult Greinke who has to compare him to Mike Trout but it's just it's it's a slightly Zyuganov saying others it's a stupid standard. That's a comparing Isiah Thomas to Michael Jordan correct or whoever I don't know who was the when Mickey Mantle was winning pretty triple crowns in the piece who was the second best for an American League and dance. Okay not really their place in temperature going to guns Roger Maris. You know dom DiMaggio and Ted Williams and after a line yes it right that's exactly right at two in the mortal three really good look that's a great player. Hall of Famer if he stays healthy. And he's thirty and an opinion these are your Red Sox hall of Famer. So official that's my take I think let me go to the Bruins game that's what I want as it is in the players alike and that's certainly good hockey. I heard today that brought this up in your keys it was really funny he should be doable. I forget pulled over the car and vomit up some yardage yourself literally I'm not kidding you the same time out of the mouth and how to compete. Hello hello. I. Was moved deductibles. Right that's to sample on the road I don't think you bulls during the season in his contract and pretty emotional that an accurate look bored. Like more dangerous to go to the voting takes Damon green because these are the best player in the American League. Look at what's. Now and not all too old to base in the conversation here. Always had so far he shoddy work he's a few years I mean it was like masters for you look at last year yet. I guess Arctic and he bets before two. Because we know yes. He's younger he's the fourth best bigger originally. Exit does he dolls and exit what's up wounds they can while a table defense. It's fun to watch. Some reason I think you know to resource model by for some reason as overly swings at everything although he's got to and Audrey. Good. Will be Peterson. Yes he does right advocate it for 350 hopes in last year 02 great. Do look better every 46. As OBP was fourth and is that good. On February 1 if you don't want fifty times so image hits his averages so good that he has a good OB PBS I think mu he's a better pay plate discipline but you don't want to we'd have better plate discipline didn't. My guess would give away plays against not be look at trump Trump's numbers are insane in his career going knocks them now. Why knowledge on is ten home runs and eighteen RBIs. But a blame for that. You know he's he's incredible I mean he's gonna be one of the five best players ever. Yes ever I mean quite a route where you opponent Ruth Gehrig Williams is you have to win the World Series now. Optics to tell ones on the five or six best players ever baseball players ever told different on the two officers by I would say best hitter ever. What would that mean for you to do ten best players and both of slick. Gotten Oklahoma to hang on the World Series Hank Aaron. Hank Aaron 11. Right I think of one to 21 wanna believe earlier possible path well that's true wealth as a matter. That's true matters and basketball football right. A baseball. Not fix a view to get it get to World Series that was that that aghast that I mean yet to hit the post season. If we have to get edible book about trust at one post season you know we 33 bucks to get swept that's as senator. You put Mets out of business at 61777. Point 79% over. You know surprise I I really am I out there that elude trouble finding a way by the way I've mentioned this league rate. But no big deal so yeah I got a bit about the FBI. It is easy. I. Yeah I. Lead. Over time Qaeda. What is I'm just hitting the shoes taste hitting that Cheney hitting that thing or something does have a little of that too knows. Can't control arms exhaust. Haynes who like this and. It's way better Congo. This thing. Like this and really mean. Great voice and assume he died Maine that it cancers young fifties so ridiculously young. I mean if I said there's a human yeah and kind of fifties it can't utility that can cheated. Divot do you think about. Appear promising me grass roots Olympic record 52 was the number of ours is through yet canceling the scuba in the demo that'll sock. For whom prosperous and you have a point of time. But we're talking about what you are saying you during the break felt it has always huge numbers I get that is ratings were ever. It was special council board. I know these. Cells are key and then basketball park is over and over and over. It's kinda tedious I don't know someone's got to tell that to a friend Glen. We talked him he's glad oh there's others like him let him Tomas 2011. Because that was off that shall hold the real quick record be forced. You're you're promised your opponent calling here. A promising me this is all from yesterday. 100% to end. Well my life from a doctor's. In the house. This is all business I can't sit back from vacation accomplishments that from hiking the Grand Canyon Russians you -- broke down the segments for an American League when you have a Lou I was trying to come up with one baseball question why stomp them to read your instinct you have just we've done because he wants it he likes maybe it wasn't me who was dean who likes of these interviews go a long now think about it. New to sleep. And it's basic unfortunately for Tuukka we are right we are right and that's what we're comparing him to. I'm sorry I keep the government glancing right he's not listening even done that shows are quite a talk to me and right right right right attention to my point right I Chrysler can now I skipped you know whatever they're told The Herald just I was story funnel cronies he's trying to like practically reading the story practically Gaudin. He's got a steal games for each of gold that doesn't steal games in the policies and you're in trouble you can have you can you can score. It's not. Except at all he at this point two weeks with me that you need is correct yeah. Took us install any games is that I was demons he did not pre three tied up. Freddie install ready for the better going users Tyson was here and I interviewed you already sucked in the first contrary to pursue and you killing him he should be the NH stiff right you're killing he's had from the Sox is that swept. I picked Toronto can have a radical. Doesn't look so far that I was wrong thing is that neither of them moved what's wrong. That's what concerns me as they feel like Frederick Anderson is now in place. There that's able to act it concerns me I'm being honest I'm with him. It's certainly gonna cancel my parents taking it to be guided it I'm conservative on the ice and whether my somewhat. As I guess that it's his sons that's going to be at least positions but that saves your son your tenacity sediment more concern meter higher cancer or Anderson. It is Anderson it's true. Well times have an amendment Snyder a conversation scares me. Even writers scares me he frightens me frank and everything if I don't like the fact the fact that he. I can elect the fact he's in the city right now it makes me makes real nerve excellent call that was the night you guys got a promising. Got a prompt please promise me that Freddie and should not in this building. Chrysler curtains are nurtured please. Please come from spot to accomplish those of the bruins' next door does on the year. When and where they see Davis Square they have this thing through rule the practice but he's here forward. Far away I could hear that a mile away there are right here. Oh yeah. That's pretty Anderson. One quick Cohen note board to back to hockey talked you're confident sir. According to sources sources critics are you marathon was not on TV at that time. There was over podcast was over. The ball well. We have a special this bargain especially closer to do yet through what he'll fights and nobody was watching it. I know celtics'. We get back to the it's important business or a wider you know this is Clinton thanked him out of should play. But and out of the needles right now they need somebody to school. Now I'm not sure I would go with the not a in this game unfortunately the reality of of playoff hockey is. To sustain stand on your head you I would say I don't know where it went Isiah wanna hear why. Ever wants to know them and they're very focused on legal mother wants to. Does have an opinion that he's saying I want it and I went to a game a month ago when he was excellent he was the best player on the ice BF I think you'd terrier won yet third Gerri us focused on this because they're not a must play to be some pain you get one here's a pain. Yes he's hoping anything. A kick William Glenn on tonight. That's at it that hits it. Who 2000 forward forward so she's in there and as you point this mocking him. I'm getting hyper focused on the actual points and can't McCain when we have a brick on T. We'll get there case hanky usually go back you heard it literally going Stan has had a win can he doesn't. Russ cousins to voters have once in the 13 times what they Bieber she's been there. I think I Tim Thomas can I love all or is rest of it be that guy I know it's unfair to compare to two count it's a fair. Thomas is on his book right now and get ready for Hayward is in town to settings. Sit ins bucket list had a Jones. Eaten some canned meat I do like pursuing ouster. That's a good revenge and wish her coach who has been smooth before this one might work so go go back to its excellently orbiting Rasner. Playoff hockey is to stand stand on your net you do you have to go up there and steal a game. With the Bruins were seven goals and answer anyone listening of their constant and its credit related I never thought. I'll talk with Erik Logan you made in America bombed similar stuff like that Jackie Peterson. The Kardashian crew comment I kids agree with an evening of that said. That's the shots on net or so deceiving with the Bruins have more legitimate good shots. As you said they had many many is better shots than that maybe police did the last game. They lost. A projection lists and booklets as accurate yeah. I'm I'm I'm argument plan your talents and agreed to return of the let me hear these two guys like golf anxiously so that I could finally I don't here's and he gave the game up in game five. There's no denying that we've got high scoring team again the high scoring team you want you'd need gold to a good. Collect good point you need bill goaltending again I totally agree if you know of goaltending and luckily Glenn and his grade point of my score. On a power play in first or second period he counts the same as the third you disagree right there that you get two points from Michael I'll play goal in the third period don't have. You how a goal or half full goal in the third full go makes sense to me you've got to be consistent in what makes what makes no sense to him that nothing makes sense that he's saying makes sense we're talking. I really think gonna play the game. Based on what what what if they don't. People will be pissed off this year because I want another we thrilled with the Bruins suck in boost I think to be found at W. The expectations for the Bruins were a lot higher than the show I'm sick of expectations are so sick of that it's a bit stupid. Who he thinks closely what is the matter what's known as a accident that's attack which when he showed medics that if they do this you know in order to put the board. We expect when you expect pretty exiting that don't win there is the closest to a title so so let's say okay are a great you know there's always the new in the pre operation after this I say when the Bruins have a role for months and social of their two best players. I'm gonna say I agreed expectations higher and I'm watching the game as a matter. No amendments and which are down to watch a site that's why pointed out and you you know arguing against that they're rosier. Whoever promotes and rosier about it. Rosier. Is better than ever lets. I don't mean just prevent and which means that they don't have the disadvantage. When we carrier ring goes down. So that's a disappointment but they're but they're but they're not as good Bledsoe. But the advantage not a strong do you think Bledsoe was better than he is in the serious and noted that sucks Richard Richard dismissing the I agree gross used and better the check mark what. Who gets the check Mark Parker retirement yesterday due to check mark yes. Sucks we agree tactical. Fourth my check mark it would cost a rubbish and Patrick in the third period I think he's a bit snake bitten bright outlook we called. Jesus well. Clinton who lives just trying to keep a book after awhile and you know. We lose like how is Clinton really gonna do this a little bit forays looking out the window on display this fall when you're doing is spitting at him. Have you noticed it that child wants will swallow what's the price gets sicker those doctors. Said that for the new gets back he didn't know you don't get sicker I'm Marcus so wives' tale to meet someone that. Cross tries to stay in let's go postal wives' tale. It's illogical that puke in your system. It goes round assistant nor does it on one and talk about my doctor. Went dark what's his name Larry and chancellor. Again from Michigan State gave my doctor for years. You have to go president of sigma. What's the Harry swears by myself that good. You ought to be there just let Harry go about Harry's future because colon where we find out of part of C and C three months American luck whatever and right now Harry's been really gonna. Care. Their parents. Kate go back into the complex him more glad one of the things that breaks my heart is I don't think there's a spot for Adam quite that cut his spot he's out there and you know he's obviously I have to autism doesn't take a tumor that turning every time. Char is great I love child and enjoy his work. Every time does anything it's movie so don't fight Taylor bonus and mullah I think the players are we there are big strong use as a rule. And state thing would negotiate does the opposite cool than the other little itself plays yeah let's call him president he looked at and he looked at charts out that's an angler about it all knows target him would murder him. What was gonna happen boot don't mess with his unit is he like out Brock Lesnar day super human. Tournaments it was a tough it's not like you read the brief case it's simply isn't hope hope. Chart per child a term that. But it happens in no object and it's not just they'll they'll talk camera and tell all the code every time there's anything I am a it's synonymous with him who who who had some days it's been so this isn't there the. OK we catcher and catcher I would dale that's like the McWethy truly is harper told the story before he too repeated. I'm on my mom was dying and she was complaining or last and I grabbed her and housing mom I want him this crap okay you're from them Quaid may not find apart spot here and talk replied well that's real art I hope you were to agree and told her he's in the eggs I did these. What is one of the six defense yeah but she died not knowing she did. My season have been listening. Hope so. While her one day he ever was was having is not sports talk radio thing what concerns me as they feel like Frederick Anderson is now in place. Are. Everything just throw it does get either. An act. Or stop him is how stupid is that analysis on its own just keep it gets for ever did write that down we have exported should do some of these how stupid is that. He's concerned Anderson's a place for everything he's torn and his bad back so you mean he's making a lot of saves right but it that's concerns you is. Tony's right I agree on same as it concerns him. It scares me. If terrifies me I'm telling you I'm not eat you can make fun if you want to I'd like every like how some aspirin every single one I sucked about half hour. You double locked doors wouldn't discipline always find that I did it. So can we get a two we know Gloria can you play the rest I don't know that we play all fours contribution said that it was credit at some criticism. Like. Agree says they Denny shared a package saints stopped talking office for you guys image problems could you share with you don't just did nothing we've seen in staying right were just did nothing screwed around all day every day of work to be you wanna hear this and management as I would never talk to what's the biggest story you do. But what can now write that talk is just nonsense like don't touch him. As you exit door talks that way a little Bruins came with my nine friends right where he friends none of us yes and we go get there early we stately regal when he's ready to break. We don't spend a second like previewing the game. Well nobody does that and after the game of his record could fight of some sort of hurt mention that we don't sit there it's at or got to get more from the third line. Are you a token has to give you more I'm scared of what the opposing goalies for the dude that's that's on how people talk right. So I'm I'm enjoying this. Of people that we media's cone episodes there was a making out your first time all together into one goods that I had come and good to correct yourself oh yeah. We should have been fired you know to be the random want to dispel one. Collins next door neighbor Gary Busey gets addicted to painkillers and Contra film. Get off from a palpable box buddy mr. Teague and that's what a great 94 episode right. You know. Who said please cone once again I used to casting what's his face the local guys at him and seven of yet humid down you looked that's good probably ten or fifteen pounds giggle fatter he can do that though for the role effort that we should have viewed the beauties of a joke you bring him in to read the script. It's an idea and a work on script the casino iTunes and could. Raise your local guys animals shows. Or car chosen plain to I think a little bit claim to ground. It's not bad place he's got that Clinton browns could got a friend that I've gone for different. Yes it claims a pompous since big Cincinnati's claim yet on the court angles lament before brown around here. Or better yet college. Clancy Brown has Cullen. Eyes 61777979. You threesome Margaret. It's. Enough points and offices that I amongst these girls playing I wanna hear him. Our song walk around. That's what you hate to tweet is correct his name is tiger is well over. Yeah it looks like it. Hold disease control and so he could cast and easily. Yes Z local looks like hello I'm I don't know. It's usually means what are you from Boston on tight as well no it's true that sounds foreign tells Australian has not tightest one were were casting the movie column yet. Whimsical Merrill Maxtor. He lives well he could play ties with the deadly plane that brought some weight you way to connect. Who local and obviously called division knew who got. Not note there was not a policy Yale democracy in the senate yet I streets right by we he goes in the projects could sources. Yeah announced that we complement those kids in the project in India that's right yes it's true we did Q was held ball play scholarship foundation he has miserable play you know he he was as star soccer player himself he's really fast it goes sometimes the knee when he's not kick because of rain and today's target date for call I don't know who else that's you know does forcing the morning. He's has like eight as though the closest to secure that. And it's the rules firmer different washes down with a cold beer yet but we don't yet that. A plate let's just take some eggs. Woke up this morning. The most of of beer at him futures uncertain in the end is always need offsets or ancestry my office history is written under is pictured here saw them live you know he sees Sargent Moore served for you guys aren't you up front and I have friends of friends well now his better friends when Robby Krieger. In August is especially true do Parcells always all the attention right you know accountant. Cam and a captain a captain that's spelled in the blocks Captain Crunch that's happy India posturing there my accountant. You know why captain. The more you hear this guy to an. I know some people on here I think most do will be more and more and more never ends with his. Ever like because. There was no one look and have no one watching them correctly Brian Williams tunnels were three years. Listen that Brian Williams now it is amazing. He went on the network news every night and pulled these Fitch fabulous stories right. No one ever said that doesn't sound true to return don't hear it you know they're not. You know we had like license to lie when these military web sites. Now on these blogs blog the whole thing Boeing jets started doubtful we forgot who they were on that one goes on the chopper and we literally did I said the would they weren't there we would play three weeks at which was I think John was still here and this is. We'd we'd say just pick a random Wednesday from two years on that news broadcaster tells her tail there is not why and and by the guys killing themselves in nine New Orleans and and people you know we're we're looking out his window of the four seasons seeing bodies float or is the thing with the seal team. The guy gave him his. Throw cutter race it's recalled his knife. And then one of the guys on the raid to kill bin Laden would probably O'Neal right in my piece of the crashed helicopter. I have a throat cutter on my he had desk at 30 Rock. The fruit cutter. Says it was a knife that navy seal gave him is just totally made up mean we all know people like that. We don't believe them we believed to Brian Williams for years and. Until he reached in my box of we fans my last remaining American foes. Giving him though is also similar opponent he wants to be an entertainer racquet or wacky. You know we love you know I'm tie alive and Letterman and Leno calls and lives being on these panels and talk to the colleges. Amir wrote that that try to get that speech or that Irish thing it's like it's unbelievable so embarrassed and and it doesn't it feels so. He's up that whole thing feels may oppose illegal throat so boring but he's gonna survive these of them would you now on The Who did. Mean whatever suspended with pay and they welcome back yes and split on you all the source consider the source at one time. Incur Clinton laid down in the parking lot and I think I. And the car there handling. And their opinion that your vote for trump. To that. I should tell the story and hear them tell you might want I don't this because it's it's embarrassing for me. I was walking in Brighton one time down here and I took a left and I Zdeno Chara took rhetoric into each other and at commit a good advocate. I mean it is it that easy at all yeah. Forget it if you're the venerable forty year old captain is playing like he's 35 years old. If you're out if you're. A six foot 4250. Pound like hockey players but hockey's whole life and you run in the charter and you are definitely scared Reich and why would you pure. Lyndon byers or shall we John Scott's Q and those increases to deal with him while about life it's I understand it's you know you've fallen tiger announcer the most much of what you say if you Jack Edwards is just. No oyster Scioscia. Every time charges and it's oh it's so big so scary. And the exact same thing they do wood or opposite with. Marsha who is so small and so you know mischievous. Mean can we catch you we know I don't want to reclaim it and avert a thousand cars look like a superhero like he's a human being mean you know I'm sure somebody punch in the throat hurt and all the people who find him he rides a bike. Mean or a bad passes its of all the guys who find them are crazy and tough as they do as soon as income and may be charged tougher but it salon. And I understand how much tougher. I'm no because sales in the Pentagon unveils hero worshipping game and I mean like what what are you what he does RO chart is amazing we all agree I don't return here a kick his ass on new book a flight explorer now. Slim he does he run his bike around here. And at least to rise by two the garden believe that record against professional athletes in this is wanna know yours didn't get to see you know if you're in the gym over your liquor coming out of work. She's nice beautiful as sure he. Mercedes is I saw last couple weeks ago. And howdy I had to Kia I soundly again taste. That's my next car to prescribed only reluctant it's nice car under current are better off without bouncing like Eleanor she. Wanna know why. Read when you drive a Mercedes. What is he for Turkey to treading at an Islamabad. How well he's now I've wanted to keep our reputations I drove room. At 150. Was Colin drive I was forget or does it towards the that's a good truck kind of messy you know although truck. It's statistic. It's not a backseat that it's just what a mess pop up comes on the donut maps and contact phone numbers and although saw some stellar capsules mess when he sleeps on right in you know what. He used before cigarette butts and I was hooked on nicotine. The best yet to kick them out sometimes things go cricket crazy like bombings Merck. He has. Qwikster drag H out to you I'm John you have rebel would you yeah I need you get through today about the closest to those stunts. It's coffee a couple of firms tumbled finally as. Puts that jacket and they get through the dentists will pick up of course look to the phone twelve call from the boss congress the story yet easy for you to say mr. edit company and Tom mortenson greeted right now writes for tomorrow matters. We're going to do the test with ties and dark it's it's the ego and it turns and looks. Two of truth because until someone's eyes and darkness something whatever is. But his bosses always breaking balls and you always through that his only interest like that you know we did we need to racial and the offices that issue get some respect. Calls them in sets of tools cop it means right smack dollars and smoke here you know. You can't call for women to aims anymore that's it is to thousands eighteen to educate trick in the office two men I listen and they didn't have you get used. No more type of kid he's got these kids on the do that the kick to it that way if he's not running down the types that cab walks the line. Think what he tickle your girl Friday it nobody does democracy dissident says he knows it sounds committed to right time. And sobered up. Boy we have was to get tattoos for all of this fall Brothers aren't sure yet sure via the we have other time you something from him they were there were saving we have played the receipt for sure. And he was willing to go to jail for that source you can do we did get off my health policy you're for overnight and you know why did. He's the rest is football no phone newest member of one book in the right. UH oh I am a first good night's sleep been years and slick sensitivity as to sleazy and it's asleep right now reports.