K&C - Madelyn "Maddy" Manganello, 19, Hodgkin lymphoma (a white cell blood cancer), Nashua, NH, with Molly Malone, 17, Ewing sarcoma (a bone cancer), Lynnfield 8-15-17

Maddy and Molly met on the 2016 Jimmy Fund Spring Training Trip in Florida. They sat next to each other on the plane ride, and immediately clicked. All of Maddy's friends from Clinic make her feel so understood and she is so grateful for the chance to grow close with so many fellow patients over the years. Many of the teens have come together as a group, talk every day, and plan little reunions whenever possible. Maddy was diagnosed in May 2015 with Hodgkin lymphoma 2B after a year of not feeling well, an x-ray showed a tumor the size of dinner plate in her chest. Her treatment included six cycles of chemotherapy and a month of radiation. She has been in remission since November 2015. She attends the University of New Hampshire and hopes to graduate in 2020. She would like to pursue a career where she can give back and help those that have been in similar situations as herself. Maddy's favorite thing about the Jimmy Fund Clinic: “I love the way that the staff at the Jimmy Fund Clinic can provide patients with so many exciting and happy moments even during the most traumatic thing they've ever dealt with. It's also really inspiring to me that a lot of the doctors, nurses, and specialists who treat us are survivors themselves, or have had some other touching experience with cancer.”

Around November 2015, Molly started having pain in her neck. Being an athlete, she assumed the pain was a pulled muscle or something (she got a lot of those with figure skating). But over a month passed and the pain hadn't gotten better, instead it was getting worse. An x-ray showed that something was wrong with her cervical spine, but her pediatrician couldn't tell what it was. An MRI showed there was some type of tumor, a biopsy showed it was Ewing sarcoma. She was 15 years old. Molly’s treatment has included chemotherapy and radiation. She completed treatment in September 2016. She will graduate from Lynnfield High School in 2018 and hopes to go into the fashion industry and to be a stylist for photo shoots and fashion shows. Her hobbies include figure skating, playing ukulele, fashion sketching and fashion photography. Family includes parents Nukhet (mom) and Tim Malone and siblings Emily, Audrey, and Patrick.


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We are alive Fenway Park this is the WB I miss him. Jimmy Fund radio telephone presented by the hundreds under how many of them have played ukulele. None that I know law and and the people who organizes our guys choose. To an amazing job. But the probable. Via. Mall in Matty. Mad men and now owe me and make you know and Molly Malone and Mali. When Malone that's cool name plays the ukulele and no one asked to bring her ukulele. Refiner. Chris Curtis and to get richer game of his players we happened upon she plays the ukulele those not very big it is pretty. Would you broadcasts to exit would you please tone still quote you played. Now play fight song pizzas not so. The first was here comes to me that would have been good they balance it ukulele songs and can you do it next year. So I'm gonna take over organize a good thing to click and honestly yes did you do it next. You'll come in here play the ukulele and play. That's what would you like the expertise on Jordan played responds. I couldn't find good and you learn to Bruce on come back next year polygamous saying we told you look at. Or are we hear these stores least sure all the time teens connect on these trips on all the events that. Particularly tricky over Snyder's and you guys did not know each other until you. Met we actually sent on the plane went to the spring training and Florida you virtues that we are known chief that you know when you have. You're gonna like hang out. It was tough enforcement for yeah. Now avenue on I mean the chips are definitely bonds the most in how we meet all our clinic friends and. I meet the ones on there on your day brightness yet. Has dates yet you know some people it's definitely I mean. Which trip readers. Did you become fast friends on spring training. And on the plane on the bus on the one on the plane. What do you compare. Skins just. Check out. And you have you have Ewing's sarcoma acts yeah okay have yet had an admission that. And you've been in remission. Almost now. Yes September we don't know exactly. The mid September and the penguins pull it off because Hitler. You feel pretty good as well yes had taught him the right and asked for. About two years. It's in being a teenager normally on its own we always say this is crazy enough then you throw this in the mix it's going to be almost impossible yeah definitely especially managing excellent stuff like that. And you still friends now obviously I have yet. And so what's the what's the plan in future you guys were you would you have to now. I'm going to college you know any smoke and I'm going to be a soft as a had a few years left right don't know what I mean in now seem to have you. I'm I'm going into my senior year high school this year and then hoping to go to fashion industry after college. You lose your hair and grew backcourt pattern does that you did yes and physical. Does it call it like frosted Jerusalem and music naturally tonight. Which. And stupidly I don't know there. I don't care it. Players and actually grade he has but yeah that this is one effort. Possible to what is it symbolic. And. Yeah actually I. I hate when it started growing back I felt Zoellick in control of my parents I wanted to do something fun with it is kind of like take back ownership of it and them. Yeah I was just kind of symbolic of mead. Taking control back of my life after losing a year cool of. And did it change you. Other than the color your hair which changed. Yeah I mean obviously. Physical change but then the emotional change of me having ownership of my life again and use. Just kind of returning backed it might normally pick what it was before I got sick. What stands out about. The Jimmy Fund because you both have favorite things that you talk about I'm sure it is weird to say given what you've gone through. And a place like that be will have fond memories of your time yeah I mean cancers are physical Talbot is also really emotional one. And the Jimmy Fund doesn't really good job of making it easier. Like the tricks make it easier in the way you meet people on the environment I'll just makes it's much easier to juju girls' night out to. There yet I'm not really I'm Katrina. Exit that's out the limo mayor Dianne and and your fashion. Maybe you wanna via. Make a career yet. Yes I think it instantly. Really what it when you hear close. I did close show and make. It at eight. Obviously they're stopped like there's that was what really quick cause solely because yes and a pair of arms yeah. That's something Alison Emeka you go buy some clothes air out and then they do like portraits of UC that's right now. He knows analytical cool. Infamous par where the money's going through this and it so I don't remember things like this I mean you guys were about some of the stuff you guys might not know each other all right now have enough. You still you know fights of all you got your friends are things OK now we secretly hate each and don't. Let's see I know people showed up at if you contention I've never had people in children's room forever here. Or at you and you Mattie hurt Molly play either collude. To think actually the video yet that. And one final law. Now it next next year's braves yeah Bermuda connections are you gonna affect and sign that she's gonna sing. Don yeah civilian due to blocking for excellent it was even a year from now thank you so much for joining us if you.