K&C - Manish Mehta talks Jets and Patriots 10-13-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, October 13th

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We talked to me he's met at a New York Daily News brought to you by town fair tire getting a set. For all things patriots and jets so what happened many shut the jets supposed to suck this year and at three wins already. Well look they've been just finish up the relatively soft part of their schedule so. It's not like you're beating. Giants and the only the last. Quote on quote legitimate team I think that they played this week two against the raiders in the get blown out so. It's a good barometer obviously this week Italy is against the patriots and as you guys know. And has owned this team for the last several years. I think I get a much clearer picture of what this team is all about. Depending on. You know what shakes out by around 4 o'clock on Sunday. Are the our jets fans given up on Sam Donald that they've done sucking for Sam they wanted to win now. Well I think it's a complicated question because. I think it yet I think most of these and realize that Cleveland so horrific that they're probably inadequate the top pick. We'll see it that dongle number one in terms of rooting for the team the way they split and it's understandably. Split because I don't think they're very many sensible and you'd think that this team is being realistic playoff and contenders so where does that leave you to that immediately. Five when territory's six wins perhaps. That it really get anywhere that it's it's going sideways which is where this organization has been added really. For the last decade it. Couple years here and there. And they're not gonna ever be sustainable winner until they find the answer at quarterback and now like it's Patrick for a couple years just account this year. They've been good stories from time to time but. Ultimately you need to find an answer out of that you guys that you need to finance at the quarterback position and the best way to do that is through the draft so it's a conflicting fan base for sure. And I think if this team ends up somewhere in no man's land in that five to seven win territory I'm not sure that in the very mania paying customers to going to be happy. British how vulnerable to the jets think the patriots are right now. Well look at defense is vulnerable that's obvious penalty that's new. Who for the jets I think everybody in the league understands. That this patriot defense even the playing a slightly better than it did. You know about a three or four weeks ago is clearly. Honorable that being said he would even though talk radio the other side has been hit more time that he's been hit all last season's. He's still Tom Brady so I think that the figure there's still going to be able to generate points against the jets on Sunday. It's just a matter of candidate can get keep updated. Now he even even though they've had some flashes. Quality play on the offensive side of the ball. When you look at the numbers some of the numbers don't lie in this case they're in the bottom of the league in total offense and not for reasons so even though I think rejected. Now dropped one spot perhaps. On Sunday after the conveniently enough that you. I I saw her Matt Chatham former patriot now as an analyst a break this sense that the patriots generally Belichick only takes away the other teams best player. Problem this week is the jets don't have the best. They didn't let it around there is no. So lethal weapon for lack of a better phrase on the opposite side it get receivers that aren't necessarily gonna scare a lot of defensive coordinators of the survey Kirsten. Jeremy currently Robbie Anderson. The other quite an office that maybe it is that it is a quality player Belichick obviously knows that application knows that I'm not sure yet it necessarily scheme to stop him but he's. He's the guy who can make plays for any ads over the last couple weeks. They're running back situation. If you can plop plop out. In all likelihood not a place got a calf strain application may play he's dealing with the turf toe that kept them out a couple weeks but even if he does play. How effective. He's going to be on that hurt so I had my questions about that flatly as a rookie six round pick like McGwire. He's shown some flash of explosive play but again if it got to going to be. Able to carry you to win. That dubious to say the least so. Yet there's no one dynamic weapon and yet they're really game plan around to try to stop that's for sure. You wrote about it today just the did the procedure here quarterback from Brady to drop below in the jets and and I just wonder amidst the NFL circles how you think nation how the league thinks the drop below ploys can end up playing out with the patriots because as you write about the best scenario would be a team from the contract or Apple's not sign that. So how does it eventually play out with him and the patriots and Brady. I think the great dictatorship and I think unorthodox. Move and that and that it is Turkey that an eighteen. Really dedicate it. Inordinate amount of money. Cap space they should say at the quarterback position and you know great what account for about 22 million I think into that in any. Eighteen. Let it say for argument sake. He doesn't suffer any concrete injury played it even played well. Good authority that lets say Brady plays well he's certainly on his way. Statistically at least I think they're gonna keep Brady point two million dollars I think they're gonna franchise tag. Grapple and that number's going to be somewhere in the 24 million dollar range you're talking about 1846. Million dollars to the quarterback position you know. Rarely rarely do you see that happen I don't think actually that's ever act patently but. I think that the Smart play. And then ultimately signed Jimmy droplet to a long term deal now look they're ready to move on from Tom Brady for whatever reason whether it's circumstance injury. If that's the case I think they're still gonna. Franchise technical problem you do that the place holder and then later this offseason signed to a long term extension so. The block around the league is that he's not gonna leave. Brady outside grappled not heavily New England Belichick I'll allow that he's got I think he had opportunities this past offseason to make a deal. And you know broker at greatest Brady isn't for for everything that he's done for that organization. It's a business he's forty years old and take care of itself I understand that eats well he sleeps well. He exercises well. But ultimately the last I checked he's at forty year old human being playing in the NFL they've those guys don't let it ever get to applicable last very long and in the worst kept secret in my mind. In New England is such an eagle rock below is the future quarterback of that organization and I can't see Bill Belichick. And letting him shake. Certainly to the jets say you like I hear coney you he's having a big year in New York didn't cut by the patriots he does that we sacks though is he really. Is he making a difference is you make a place. It's great place to the first month now that he didn't play last week he's dealing with a shoulder injury that he suffered in Jackson in the Jacksonville game week for not acting. But the left and someone that guilty of what bad passes you're right he did it have that in one of the bad passes led to an interception that he had inside. The red area which really kind of put that game he bit difference maker in the sub packages in the pressure packages they're using him. Well in the four man front in those situations you know typically they're 34 base but they're using lead to a strike and you're right he has that numbers aren't there. But the pressures are certainly there and if he plays on Sunday night and it still question mark you haven't practiced all week we'll see if it's up and practiced today. If he does show up there even the very similar way against the patriots. I know for this football talk let's talk about the importance that how many jets will take a knee if any. For the anthem. Well that day they need to this point I wouldn't I anticipate that they would they've been locking arms. There owner Christopher Johnson has been a part of that day it is it. Interesting dynamic in that Christopher got the brother works for the truck administration that you can't accurately that what he's got there. Across the pond but I haven't got any indicating that the ticket yet they get the team. Big lead at several weeks ago. They have this show of unity blocking on the Philippines approximately allow a lot of them for sure I take this same approach so and I let somebody to break free of that. I don't believe that you're just getting the ticket he is on the. Many shall see all plays out patriots and jets eighty degrees perfect for October thanks. On and each manatee or no Jews. She.