K&C - Marc Bresloff, volunteer, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber, Sharon 8-15-17

Marc has been a volunteer at the Jimmy Fund Clinic for 2 years. His daughter, Lauren, was treated at the Clinic for many years - she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. She passed away before her 19th birthday. Marc gives back to Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund Clinic for a number of reasons. He says the love, kindness, empathy and care provided by the Child Life Specialists, the nurses and the doctors helped them to navigate the worst period of their lives. Marc says Lisa Scherber and her team provide a safe zone for the children and their families. The services they provide, the outings, the ball games, the teen weekends, the holiday parties and summer festivals are amazing. Marc says the Jimmy Fund Clinic is a very, very special place and he is so proud to be a part of it.


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I think we met our next guest this year yours you re not. That we met mark press club you know my remarked noting that the Clinton to the clinic an accident yesterday. It was he was picnics in the cigarette I was surprised that there's. Cigar it yeah. It. It marks a volunteer yes I am. And I if you're smiling euros mileage on strike is it as rewarding as it is for the doctors nurses. For the volunteers. Certainly in my case it is. Marjorie like him to be. And start us with some breaks. We're blessed. Unfortunately she passed thereafter. So that's our journey began and my wife is involved in children's 26 years. When I'm retired. I. Said it is I would like to get back to the climate. Loses. Its mind with. And I'd never really told the story because the clinic has brought home. It's all about the kids to the Leesburg. Smiles and whatever you need to do. To get the kids through. Treatments for what's what's what's a day for you like there would be what do you do what your responsibilities. Our responsibilities to make them. Smile I mean you know the Jimmy Fund. When a child is diagnosed. Its deficit. With China. But there's so many people. That a touch it's the parents siblings. Grandparents. The classmates. And what the Jimmy Fund this is take a holistic inclusive approach he has that Charles street scheme to issue. But we focus on imports we focus on the siblings we focus on the importance on the pounds. In helping them try to navigate. This most difficult times what when your daughter. Went through a when you was that a longer. 27 Ozal was it different then obviously. The building of the clinic itself was much different it was much different. Words the cure rate was much lower. It was. Than 80% today. That just wasn't happening. Said news that happened. 80% accurate wouldn't happen. Without donations about the money precinct. So on its own direction this whole lot left. Public support systems for you and parents 27 years ago vs now imagine that that's different at all it's it's it's much different I mean back then it was it was basically the doctors. Nurses right. And and today. Arturs the viruses that child life specialists. The teens specialists the resource specialist. And tears. It's just an amazing transformation. And it's just really about focus. Periods but the thing is well. Even part of these summer parties and holiday parties are able what does it mean to the kids you've seen them up close their reaction. What do these events mean for them. I think it it means the world to them it's almost. It you know making no dress up get in their costumes. At the holiday parties. She Sampras he will always and live a normal life for their parents it's christmastime holiday time. If they can forget about their team can forget about the radiation treatments and can you forget about feeling. Badly for awhile. They just go and enjoy themselves and at the summer festival. It's amazing what with the staff leaves that do. To entertain these fair reasons it just means so much and that they're wonderful balance. Do you find it with parents who have lost a child that's the gold one way or the other that you that you and your wife or -- minority trying to this follower for. It's possible or is it more common sort of which which you guys doing well they involve them. I think. It's been a transformation. A lot of times for him respond observers for. Sure to get through this and navigate the devastating guards that nothing is worse. And you know orchestras are now but with the help of our families and friends and they held forum. The people at the Jimmy from the darkness courses toddler specials and help us navigate this we go through its. But unfortunately some but it's really about and try to move forward channeled Charles spirit. And and I think today. The reaching out and do. What we're cured specialties at the plate though the painting. A calm and keep usage. That's a lot of I don't know possible knowledge is not perfect shot in whatever it is whatever I have to do it. Those are the ones with the parents. Siblings. Olympic. Mike doc should teach doctor mark thank you Nike ad looks like yeah I guess I. Yeah he do a good doctor if your doctor in your your previously retired I thought. I put yourself on now doctor dress like digital with the culture of doctors. Our Reza thanks so much stake in Anglo artsy there's some good to be with you thanks next month you.