K&C - Margaret Julio, RN and Courtney Shea, RN, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber 8-21-18

Kirk and Callahan kick off the 17th Annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon with Margaret Julio and Courtney Shea from the Jimmy Fund Clinic at Dana-Farber.

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Our first guest fear if you're under Margaret Julio and Courtney change. Julio Allred says right there pronunciation Coolio who got an aggregate rates start as well it's so or how you guys doing this morning. We don't well yeah. Thanks for coming and no one wants this for slot guys beat the traffic. Which is tonight which is worse than ever. I drove in the sworn you said it I couldn't believe on the cars on the road this morning some it's big day in the city but. That's a good thing that means several work and it will earn money and hopefully there Collison. Mark you've been there for 26 years now yes with your experience you'll look what you tell us butchered your 26 years there. Well it's changed a lot I would think over time yes. When I started it was we were on in a whole different. Clinic it was much smaller than it is now it's grown from a staff of about five nurses to a staff of about 25 nurses. The treatments is. Improved a lot. We have gone from sending a lot of my children into the hospital for treatment. And now a lot of our treatments are done outpatient. Right the clinic has improved. So much a lot of a lot more room for kids to play. Well there there are a lot of improvements for. Parents to be able to those sit with the children. Well they getting treated they can play games and do things well welding treatment is going on. It says right here according elected distract or cheer up patients with songs. Does explain what you did you elect tambourine. Met. I. It. Is important. 000. Lisa taught her. So you saying it by yourself what you get. Past that you have to learn that in in nursing school did you learn. All. Winners you'll sing any song whatever tactics we'll do whatever it takes. Ridiculous right. We of course on the short but that's easy and wickets teenagers that news will roll we're gonna roll their eyes very. Pretty much it's true yet what do you say to them he. Answers. And yeah they wanna get their music. They put the area fun. But to have the case that you that the suffered enough so. They don't wanna ever. We always talk this to a police that your report does that teenagers have the toughest would agree. Because of what they're missing I mean they're Smart enough there are aware enough mature enough to know what they're going through. Especially if it's. Not good prognosis not good they know it. The missing the prom and its exports are missing sometimes go to college they have to put that they have the toughest emotionally. Of anymore I think it's even harder now the social media apiece because right. Like looks amazing on social media and especially for the teenagers that's and it's really hard. You know they EC in real time missing out here. Happy now fortunately they can fully intellectually grasp. You know it's not it's not something that that you know for fidelity right really having that it was going on view of kids were fifteen that's the you know in some ways investors also most awkwardly when you feel good in the engine engine paired you know it you're not strong you know you know. Crowing in I mean just it must be brutal and party or do you or your job is to. Cheer them up. What's what teenagers really do step up to the plate though especially with the other kids in the clinic sometimes you see them. You know helping out then you know trying to they try to distract the younger kids in the that's pretty amazing things you know. We was amazed that you're gonna have been going there for years we were there a couple years looked arrested. Wouldn't that TV's I mean. I don't need it anymore and I and there are no when I'm right there with my father and your parents all you do is watch and watch golf or watched the news writes that there watch TV. The kids. Didn't care about the TV so they get rid of because they're going to drive that went in their own way and they and other things too. Any distraction but no one is that these. First question is what's. Right. They can even play pool. That's is that sort of grades whatever it. I felt a little more expletive price does not Harry and six talk to a warning that some stance moment what what what is going what is it. I don't it would should know that I hypertension. It ought to grades. It's a big thing right it is. I've sort of on the simply different and light wind chill ghosting what do you what do you sing that we've got you which songs. I'm trying to raise money it's what you think ago. You do not want me to think if you want this thing built right I am not the record. Here's Fiona well of course it's an important. Which is where it's it's such. As yours alone yeah but not thinking about it. Stop and let him. Some money east OK so going to hear me say eats. Wilson and stock. Kirk is. Quite. Got there and nurtured for Jack. Cooper asked Jack Jack. One. On the schoolrooms. And grass round and round round yeah around the wheels on the last go round and round. All. Town they don't. That would make Jack smiled again it will it will ease the pain of what is not a horrible. Passable I don't know. Like most of these arrogant move to the terrible but it's not horrible at the worst voices heard on his mind up that. You all did very well may rightly so thank you very much class think thanks for doing which is yes thank you so much.