K&C - Mark Jackson loves Ty Lue; Lucas Glover's wife is insane 5-16-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, May 16th
Hour 2: Mark Jackson went out of his way to praise Cavs head coach Ty Lue and Lucas Glover's wife is nuts. 

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Its current and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. Have been quick statement there are two outstanding coaches in the city. Two outstanding coach. Gretzky with the outstanding coach in town who have been alphabetical from day one. You won't 62% of the games in the regular season and in the back to back. I mean you know so every coach a while woods had to have standards this might you know. But our coach Michael Jordan have had. Yes and I'll look pretty famous air but yes any coach that Kobe ever had great coach. Okay trying to get trying to clear Steve prison break. I would love for them Mark Jackson I don't know what is there brink and these are really good color got nothing on you was tremendous and look like any call them out about as much you can get from analysts and green does his job and Doris Burke does a good job with you but why doesn't have to be there for being god you don't you're calling out. That cleanup effort why can't you just expand and expand on that saved because of Lou Lou was a factor well because he's coaching socket on saying like that's the that's an indictment Cody said that before and I agree review is that you can make a blanket statement every. As ever coached a great player. Is a great coach was Casey Jones agree coach who's not mean you know I was a bright guy guard right at the right time yes what was you mean. We don't know what's I don't buy west that although we definitely got great players in the great coach pat Ryan was a great coach yes I think. Right now back was a pretty good coaches face when the first title the lakers. I'm always all west of you great coach. He was not the slim as it fired earlier magic and Kareem Abdul Jabbar you can win games that I mean coaches who have won changed lakers in the eighties the magic Kareem. We're the Irish stock blocks of prominent Tyrone Lou beating tick model alone championships is called yes it was a pitch he'll be occurring now everybody's one with Wright was doing which was that accurate so that the music this good point Curtis was why do you there's nothing of a car. Right cursed at him Emma. I I I really think that the warriors with current are an example the team win that's gonna go right. Right I mean Luke Walton when 941 with him. My price is Kurt Rambis Heinle town or is an artistic and it looks just like that's programs is that him excel Kindle. Was going to be sixty. See he's right. Yes it is there were a whole world and old. Illegally receiving Mikhail B suspect in today's NBA it's amazing when you get one point one personal fall yet. Little technical know technical parish by the way played on arson at a technical. We'll talk because I didn't see it. Oh yeah yeah I just purchased right there you know looking to see that's why get suspended you look at the replay they they sought and spent well watch watch reports you know I was there. I've lost my muscles aren't I was ethnic I was close and you're. Being so careful review. Here's a French judge Tomas he could you forgive him on sure I said I'm looking for somebody who got fooled. LeBron James last night because you and I didn't we agree pilots must it's so funny right through it's he hates the patriots beat its own fan blows the Red Sox in the south so happy but it's but but you and I agree it was the weakest 42 point performance at. I would say it's this the weakest forty point performance. Performance since James Harden the night before he or triple double and triple double I don't care if you just if you just listening to warnings the curtain Kalish or broadcasting live over in England. And all across Iraq pavlik is voting to change the radio dot com Susan how excited about that we've any gas to tease for a other shows and happy that you that. Scores ultimate establishment Bluetooth that's important that's all he was talking to keep tires at least a wondrous. We Jerry and I both agree if you watch a game last night I think LeBron James Eddie House C game last night he gave up he quit on defense. And when he doesn't Izturis earlier the cavaliers quit as the team LeBron James it's shots beginning was good the first quarter. I thought sucked the last for an eye on the way dishonest and some overnight guy who knows name. And he was grave and what LeBron did everything he could he was great I mean I guess if you look at the box score. But even that I like to look beyond you know the sex stats as a point earlier LeBron James. Played. 39 minutes one block zero steals one offensive rebound minus nine for the game mine's seventeen the second half. If it's illusion he was not great human oddities about it way forty point triple double. Okay Jalen Rose that that's the brains of via get up show. He's a dope has about expert at and maybe he wasn't watch and he was busy and you watch the game you know at that halftime with Paul Pierce but it was magnificent he was not magnificent he was not he was knocked. It was the first quarter. Had a great first quarters that's almost like I praise LeBron strained neck after hip to this race neck. I mean and again that I I he's always drama quick. That is nothing to do it has nothing to do with last night's performance he was afraid to go to the basket as he struggled that the line. And he likes launch in threes specially we hits a few at the beginning. I mean after the first quarter getting hoops the first quarter you only had eight for the rest of the way shoulder right jaw. All they needed more from him they needed defense he was coasting on the defense the effort you give it to them and they give us visit the cavaliers last night gave up in game one of the gave up a game two they were releasing you know we never. We can't he was Smart. We can't you would Braun hit you with Horford can't it was Stevens these guys are too much we can handle were done one gets a lot of credit for effort and overall we talk of a greatest ever you know greatest players several cities are great defensive player agreed. Yeah he's great to principally what he wants to be. And last night he wasn't really that interested and by the way he spent. Much of the night on Jalen brown who had a great TV program is a fragile it must he says we've seen this LeBron before. The one who reminds us reminds everyone that not only is he the greatest player of his generation. He's one of the most overwhelming forces. In the history. A professional sports juggernaut. On par with Jim brown and Babe Ruth and vintage tiger yet on Tuesday night. That LeBron James showed up in Boston and delivered what any other context would be called a game for the ages. Yeah 42 points ten boards twelve assists and I think tomorrow she's a pretty good group guys in exit Iraq exit in your fan boy who likes troops. He actually says he played it. Once upon a times is hard to imagine are good player was a pretty good basketball writer I think so he must have been watching a baseball game last muscle watch the first quarters and came for the ages. Again I and I'd say one watch him in the second half I would defenses. I do think classic example of it's almost the reverse Jack Edwards. If you watch a game on TV removed watch replaces Jeff maybe maybe. Too much energy there or no question I believe that I was focused on in the second half and you see focused on him on the defensive end on the board and he she replays you say oh you look at him here look at him here is giving up here if you're their last thing you watch him. Score these points to get these results of these assist me to get overwhelmed in person. But watching on TV last thing that's a good point the by the same after the for the first quarter I thought OK he's making shots he's not gonna make all night doesn't really matters off to a great start whatever. But after the first quarter a given day for the first quarter you have. I thought for the rest in sucked. I did it it's about as you know what level when you hit those shots and hitting shots what's your hurt in the long run and we know what they're gonna come around got God's you'd need medical Bynum. And if they double triple you you've got a kick your great passer you have three point shooters. All around you for that very reason correct and he was launching threes some of which were stupid they were like 26 point 720 footers because he was. You know he gets into that in Olympics. If he thinks is far more false tip I it's also indictment of Lugo went the best player on the campus that was Kevin Love love interest in Thompson didn't give up. My opinion everyone else did not know questions about. There was a big question what am I giving any credit called them out the cavaliers and Jackson through the cavaliers gave up last look all the was losing game two. Of a playoff series best of seven these were ahead on this was their biggest lead. Of eleven from the road eleven. Do the backs against the wall yet Acura. Turkmen have predicted the winner this Kaymer wins series yes that is true and they played like it was for the December you know regular season game or worst pre season wasn't had a classic when they got punched in the mouth the house came back the cavaliers have when we're good. And that's a music team it's basically said are years down we like each other anymore we're good let's get this to know the gonna do they're gonna watch this film and things and boy. We didn't give great effort that. Well I'm a little boo boo will go home or go home. Mentally they're done it and I think coat even though going home they might they might they might even get swept in. How will say that this deal one I think so too if they lose gain Prius shooter particularly shooters and guys the chair Smith their front runners. They're gonna hit shots in now. In Cleveland that they diligent job loss we get on Saturday night in the casually when god for now until I I think the cavs can pull out Saturday night for that reason. Mean tortured mentally soft guys are so much better at home I agree I do they do think that if that happens insult sweep the cavaliers. That's a big Brown's legacy yes it's getting swept by a team whose if you say who's to sell to best player. Celtics' best player Jalen brown and I would say Jason Tatum and outlast the Al Horford. Al Horford who gets swept by this post season. Rubio in the swept by a guy who LeBron has owned their best player is Al Horford was one in sixteen yeah against LeBron coming in this series he's just won his 51 to an eight. Before last thing I mean. Fortunate for LeBron that this is the way this is going to play out because at some point you're just thinking yourself. The guy should have to do everything. Who's that she'll be able should be just a quick question Michelle you know your stuff you are the star of get a pubic Ford have million the year olds she played defense. Yet he usually hustle back actually chased shooters of the three point line Shiite army to block somebody of actually got shouldn't have to do everything it'll hold breakdown of how we did before and after the injury to his jaw. That affects us this is how to use cheap raw cheese what ingredients. And muted Tuesday he is in talks. Yeah so these third quarter of the celtics' 11 the third quarter were fourteen points 36 point LeBron James played the whole third quarter he had zero. Free throws which means it was ago in the room. Zero offensive rebounds one defensive rebound zero steals zero blocks the game was on the line. Indeed his season was on the on his whole career in Cleveland. Was right now that that twelve minutes. He hosted the coast and I'm would Mark James overrated but to me that's a key quarter this series and they're done. In the key player that quarter by far was rosier who dominated that quarter right unbelievable. Quarter bright feet with fifteen points rosier. Was five parade had fourteen points to use ugly that he was almost as good in the fourth set six for twelve amino that's. Sick and second half when you did sect he was six for twelve days after my fourth quarter but it was over usage is great that third quarter that is so comfortable he was so conflict zones like smiling and this is shooting a fast too quickly that nobody can sometimes they move the ball you know Celtics and then maybe the Cleveland personally terrible defensive team anyway. And secondly they just check out that is when your team checks out like that that is on your star player that is all LeBron James for my Greenberger prime win or from the same. But it's true this is a legacy series we wait for LeBron he gets smoked by the Celtics team. That's gonna stick summit that you know that credible and that supporting cast as the Sox suck. That you and I were just looking like Michael Jordan's supporting cast when he scored 63. And try and almost willed themselves to win in Boston. And and just had so much fight in him. It's it's awful it's awful they're going to be fine. Well and sleep over runs and twelve years old. He sees catalog miles Hilton but it was great against terror. Toronto is Toronto don't you mean he was coming into this series ride that was an average of 34 and well we're some in the post season. Everyone expected this to be when when we're 222 months ago on the a force of nature yes force. The most overwhelming forces in history and he was the first moment to thank you for your work that you do in northeast Ohio. Is that the massacre at. There's all these jets are gifts in my account what the house. What did you guys agree when you have a bunch of tips would green curtain sure you're okay connection. So thank god does not tweeting about pizza some produces two in the middle of the show. It's a good point. You know Micah. Pat these again with the sausages that to have those anymore. And fit through there so we have two questions today do you agree with Kirk injury to agree a 100% the LeBron is. We grew marchers basic I have I've what I've read a question for about others. He's overrated. He did not have a great game. Of the season was on line and LeBron James let it get away secondly. Does anyone question. The question is what the Utah student groups. These are you yeah she's got salt and agree with Kirk cherry and mark Jamison which are usually forces of nature yeah and do you. Do do you know anyone. Who has as a wife is crazies Lucas grow our business if you know anybody can strike we hit some attorney would you Marjorie yes we. Should early on which is five friends were divorced from the first year they're married you know anybody any of anybody of any friends got divorced less than a year that's the one. Do you have T have to give your wedding gives back. Let's talk focus on people take loans to pay for the waitress and the still paying off when we get divorced. Should do what you do when you go to Milton you buy it keep you did noses waitresses when it suits well okay when it suits true. It by me where to work you know and her to have them keep it true stupid it is I did that in my would have talks he gave it back or do you think who do you think. Who do you think why make a mark I'll. A dad's. Ads go out he's an artist something he can't believe that picture of health and good that that sharp. You English like her it's weird. If it's from. She's officially handful on him on stand. Why would she do too much to the extra testicle of a reality that damage families and changed how I love the DiMarco it's a lover a love Alanis Morissette and attracted a lover and actually it's great that had to reform. As for me. About him walk right now. Richard you'd think yeah with some but the queen is Matta make a mark of father because make a mark of father sold pictures of himself. Getting ready for the wedding she's taught this guy's had a warm light truck driver yes he's probably deserve a lot of years left he's fat he's got a bad heart. And this old bag is complaining because he wants to make a couple of books on how stomach ulcer it's not only do it he's not a royal he's our cast but that's that's part treats its at this what is more important that they're closer to god when you know she she said the church should reach into the market. That and went according now and the usual channels. Doesn't seem to want bitching about him and her 210 G if she's sharp she's -- that's true. Are you guys. Is Charles becoming king. Just because he gets does Charles is the king is what's her face the queen the one that Charles wondered you can go on everyone's right Camilla is not a queen and velocity wanna beat her Tampa. EST he dreamed of being her temple on dream yes. To be here toilet paper that accelerates its clips group has. This week Tucker it's can't blame Gaza conspiracy cousins you know first you know these these. Is electric banjo player deliverance all grown up act like the Charles late Diana human issues fifties like this goes wild scandal. I like with among all she's so ugly auction attracted. I mean I concedes that's while it may DiMarco. She's different she's not gonna work at a at a junior for companies say what I'm five foot track here. His GF two cracked at about two kids is out of a job yet to ignite it does is say why I was in Atlanta and fun. Haven't attacked us and I went into technical ability can't amber and prisons that's true that's good points but no one. It's it's not a bad life I would one would you want your kid. Probably not two scotches in England. She's there with the style attack he gets to write that big pumpkin charity thing when that it is Felix and around I don't know about. Mode as to me and I its record opponent yet you get. You get like a moat and an abridged because found we were to wake up in the morning and do you do you call in the war law in which is to put spells than your enemies which we review would love Alia was singing and dancing. And then we knew that when you pass out you have to eat something you need handsome and Smart about when you're asleep at the break you back in case of fraud that's his defense is seek saves you at a child's sick halfway back to a prince. Okay what are these calls coming despite all I want is our 617 bodies were Sanders who cares exports and asked for calls like that you did so experts at 617. 7797937. Is certainly welcome a call that LeBron James play well dispute thus. I do it for somebody you badly since the portrait Red Sox game. There are redefining wanted to go to a game called he would do that threat to good eight to midnight posed US. Unbelievable we qualified to teach you get a free hot chocolate. Is if you didn't you really post salute screwed headlines with Chris Curtis is next east. I'm once again for. Headlines. This guy is currently some sorority yellow orange juice column. In and around Fenway Park it is that's certainly a lot less stark than it was even just about 1015 minutes ago and I storm coverage back here talking to on the field when I see the ground restarting middle around this crazy at 5 o'clock. Well. Or. The Red Sox and ARAMARK just put a big. Message up on the board that fans can get free hot chocolate. Very nice very nice. Most welcome all the broadcasters it's time for Curtis courage and carnahan's. Lives. I'd read. I don't chemistry on a suit my kids dying and have to protect this great thing for Red Sox beat Pete in Queens. Allowed to have hot chocolate. Which because some of total of eight dollars I mean imagine the my talent take this into injury after the calendars they have to tell us exactly it's great Romo subtle line. Now this is like fifty people nobody wants them right at the group free hot chocolate yes there's only nine dollars. It's unbelievable very nation need what a great gesture. Let's take a quick call for analysts tantalized by the Tim 12 headlines for forget. This budget by our friends doctor Robert letter doctor Matthew press TV they're doctors or Brian Scalabrine 100 and their guide him. Hey good morning so our last night near my wife took my ten year old child in the game. Turkey deal eventual whose roughly 22 greatest their risk for Christians should you know. Yes so are we got in there and we're pulling in of amid a minute so. Difference of five minutes me huge year slightly pulled a sum up flattened the players' parking lot myself. The market might status is great if legacy and to look at these waves like priority it would go in. Some to what we got from outside yell out what you're doing this practicing and you walk we'll get our goat. So this to quote fifteen minute speak only 95 goals are. We get out we start walking the trust got passed we dropped. But these are guys so ponchos and programs should also Graham where we're seeing out there. Was arraigned just pouring right outside your kiwis just waiting to open. We were talking in whistler roughly 5 o'clock A when he opened the doors so would they were five of five or not moving and finally open the doors are we still student outside you know you move the entrance to start going to security now you know dirty. Lightning arts so now we're just all pushing and pushing in we get our need to do people still behind which itself. Most of diversity also we go in listing their burden on our our cooking analogy. Person's side like he'd. Everything's open inside the Iraqi way for for food. Go to across. Who's on first and it's killed thirty yards to get a possibility cakewalk there. Certainly result under for you know fifteen an analyst or try to meet sit down to these waters off. That sorry sorry self finally got some go right now to walk across. I see what my options were there and satellite known so yeah yeah as soon Apatow he's not caught. So we got a route from our you know Nixon you know which 730. And you know what kind of snotty kids which would rather watch Celtics or horse on their intent which I. Well it's the right good which units in saint election because of Charlie Daniels in the way against a I'm off to be an effort to our site radio Mets haven't done nothing you spent 55 to park and whatever average of 57 per ticket tickets yet. At least yet and you don't even go to the damn thing enough and we saw the place is one half full girl and the last thing and I'm guessing after midnight when it ended and the eighties one. Who was probably. Whatever 5000 people a saucy disgraceful performance by the Red Sox organization that's unbelievable the McCain happened last Erin Nash and very nice eight. Embarrassing. Embarrassing not surprising but it bears Packers. American morning guys are more the odds are out removal walked made him more than on the I'll boo okay I'm gonna say I'm personally I've got a soft spot for stuff like this. William you know yeah see up there. The brother is not on here no good I think in August or mom and it's going to be celebre divergence is carried that mom Doria. This is gonna make the queen a little nervous right. As mom's a person of color on the same as it is a real wedding I feel it is it just feels like this is right Bill Cosby. He's a sixty it's just and and so. And what mom Doria is the below one defy her mom story mom I don't including mom and in America. When a majority of British or the she's American Idol. Which again is cute she's African American yes well. It's an honest it was sure good okay request they they like that Americans probably not the ones for our grad. Prince Charles is seventeen to two people walk. I barely. Made an auto row and fourteen to walk like a bad Charles the pain in the wiggle funded the patriots can you do it again counsel for the tampons. That's getting to the ceremony. We understand you wanna be Tampa if you like to go off the area outside the box here. Donald Trump is 500 to warm water and invited. Now but I mean it's harder as the team's cordons going to be there. Obama Easter bonds Obama going. Christina Park here and water leak. Indulged in this news comes to secure it for you it's our effort but it's. Is accumulation would William of course already July activists tomorrow at all. Libya ceremonies tomorrow. This is sad that article Jerusalem Thursday that it anyway hours after telling him and anyone ready to possibly live coverage. It will be good I'll be open that applies to business and I'm gonna do my best not to know and we try to watch none of the possible. Public what is it something awful day to equity equity two actors are concerned that you Jiang. The incidents in May do that you know Pickens was inaudible DJ and actor the country will shut down. For this little country artists Britain Chicago vulnerable and with some green means that it could be option it is yet I'm looking forward. And hours after telling him he wanted to ticker dollar is daughter down the aisle Thomas Markel was knotted the minute because of our condition and a half marathon this week that Portland. It was a I Avaya a coworker after Kirk's part in Michigan the worst grow coworker never served laxative laced brownies to coworkers she disagrees on this story. Initially looked at the respect and it's a go deeper than a poison but yeah. There was bad blood between the two coworkers here so the 47 year old woman laced brownie with me bowel loosening. Laxative. And so the departing colleague and particularly the way I did third you know for colonoscopy. And take them. I think it would cut and mix it with Gatorade yeah it was a soft ground it's disgusting and it is. But there have been severely constipated and now I was in prep school. For a wicked day it was the worst pain ever ever all unbelievable. Then suddenly randomly just it was fine worst pain ever on the it was close you. Couldn't even you could even move I think when they tell Archie Bunker needs some rough it she's on the rough which needs to move it. And doubling it to them for three days and that he has one moment. Sure it's interesting bunker yes it's interesting Kirk was constant never too early. What do you think Robert Kraft reichert and Donald Trump talk about. Robert Kraft recorded in the near the right line hasn't direct line to the president it's or is that. He talks Sean Hannity every night should the so it's you know I love packages and noise I don't an NBC. And New York time being crafted uses that privilege and I don't think so until we call every entry fees did we would know about it trump would talk true. But these days only if you want would you want to call trump. Is he not allowed to have a cell phone is it not secure to have. So it is I guess secure one because one yet his tweets on via the signal carries a book directors' union receive. But this phone line to secure phone line only a handful of people have the number gets right and and Sean Hannity calls them like every night after show how did you think I did. Good Kraft is one of how many like five or six people yet there's Rupert Murdoch Sean Hannity Donald Trump and with Tom wouldn't call himself an out Stephen Schwartzman. Am American dollar junior is it's yeah he's or for an. ESPN are all massive. Carolina panther fans now with the new owner David tepper who is a two from here says that the president is it demented narcissistic scumbag in all there lives and is. That is without that the new favorite team around the hole and on into the that's come actual strong all really. And North Korea is threatening to cancel when regular summit where from that's don't say that and word again. North Korea now on the other words New York. He says George W. Bush knew killer IDC nuclear I think you Q. In new Q new killer yeah you sit right can he say nuke. Nuclear plants has a right. Current sizzling truce of the bush beat you don't nukes to break the nuclear war should be an issue deal with the new regulation. New killer. Ago and I admit I've been incredibly clear this morning did you into waltzing. Go to Elliott Mort for a something to act on what we say today. I. Why do just that good to skirt was in much to remove the scandal is out crises really. Oh that'd be the re emerge would stumble you know I doubt that. I can talk like nine minutes or not. He's gonna pay its ultimate choice how would have to go in his debut with regard them off like every day in the players' part to go wrong right. Care guide. Art satellite guys that. So how did the air to Brad folk call you call me he said carefully still talks to pump me up and close it. As the idea he said yeah. I. He says I gonna go do either it's a product that's. I subsided in the senate package into the great job is it. Dead. That's. What pleasing you falling over it's over dead. Absolutely I don't think Jen who's. She's really really religious person and I don't think I might I'm guessing and those of you appreciated the brain you love pairs of it wasn't written Wisconsin. We played sounds program who have talked mean a guy like we said yes you should. Was put robs based on somebody's we've orbit of tweets. Like that if if you don't kill rob takes care would bend they rob I've heard rob have phone sex it is on. And apparent right now. Yeah. Yeah I. Wow. You can't say that it's like I don't wouldn't be concerned that's. In the ordinance didn't. Well it did. Yeah. Run I don't know what Roland makes a slept so little football 00000. Rob makes him out because he's. And he's the fidelity says. Yes Spock. Rob goes home after like a bad day at the office bad show or bad column every time is a boon. She treat them like Crispin Glover trees you know she's a lovely ousted issue gently we are no one calls someone who knows someone like Chris to Glover. I'll agree I would beats her husband when he shoots seventy Italian he knows. You don't somebody beats their husband affidavit bad that I don't know anyone beats are some people who like that some guys like and we all agree the double standard is okay it's acceptable. Well yeah I mean I I would say this is keeping his wife I wouldn't joke of the I would say is she if she brokerage arm some. It's CB and well known there's a difference like he could killer what they both say you touch plus much much bigger stronger and that's why this double slows yes of course let's be fair. If you punch him in the face. It she broke his jars she should go to jail. Absolute right yes and that's why should apply yes and he he wants this to be private stuff private sorry she got arrested there it's over. You're life as you knew Lucas your life is over. Think when tiger improvement of the tree the shoot a crazy in there. No but she's looks. Ships at those eyes she knows that I like it when I was younger I ran my emotions that I is that they showed few. Also no question I'd cheat sheet she's drinking all day while I get my hands my guess is she's severe alcohol should go away. And maybe should be better after them. Well my guess is he's gonna say this is the breaking point I got to move on I don't people what are our Korea for 1520 minutes and came back duke told differently tabletop yeah absolutely it works it certainly does then you'll get all twelve steps maybe three or four you know even among. One. That's headlines but by doctor Robert letter document depressed 1800. Get here over. Or do you just monorail on them it's totally called this to pollen and make make fun of and then his puffy eyes and is talking grass allergies unburden your. Yes yes yes let it let it fly 617779793. Semi and a couple lines open. I have a date. I've straight from you bailout plan etc. I don't know anybody and of one person my life was meritless and that's brother got divorced his first marriage Wesley did you know was doomed from the beginning yes and I more than he did I didn't she shoes are very nice person was not a good match and the morning of the wedding we played nine holes of golf together. Emma rice remember this were on the fifth heat I want it almost wanted to say to him this is mistake the balls to do it. Aren't exactly are ones. To snowballs bodies what do you say at that point that it was not get married. Yes he's still time that cost them any money. In cost him but yeah money was spent. I mean in the divorce. Sing a song yet they they want I think she wanted to getting. Thomas matters who you are you should step in but we blew it was say say that bent right I thought this press said the two men. He's the anatomy back in the same market today. True it's true he's at a pitch Andy gonna win it right and I remember getting a call couple months later from his then wife quite literally pocket much. If you say yeah we're gonna get divorced did knowing about it I've talked in music network and forced with polls going here. And so far. You think you'll get divorced and I don't think so. Well bull will class and question there was should say yes subsequently. Executed it is people always see the joke of to my wife like how do you do it that's legitimate question. We view its times though that does no one who is looked at with more on the new way people look at say I was frequently with lunatic who question. Mean if it's who seems. Impossible I do think when married did you think of a marriage like when it was invented or started people literally my age now. If it's 83. Years ago when it was built by kids 300 years ago the average balances without that did you they're gay marriage of it to three you know three days ago and again I think not a gay marriage first. Populous. But but you know they did it seek it for him you know have a farm and wrapped Higgs in nineteen dated for practical reasons. He knew you'd be dead in your fifties north of the tonight if you think monogamy natural. On this I think it is more for women and men I guess but I would say that during the marriage only works because of women men could never that's why gay marriage seems I mean squirrel on the I was told that Alex. I am at. There are some monogamous animals cyber attacks and he got the politics we did which it. Which you get such passion that the police to think about it guys are picks right sure we know yet women of the stable ones we know the ones that make it work in most case most of what article lovers and ease this subtle conversation starter lovers. If you missed that Lucas Glover the former wrestle US open champ professional golfer I if I commit to check. Should we desert what he's urn 'cause whatever it is forty thank all of when will we don't always turn off of off the quads which is a lot Pletcher. Whatever it is half of that is well worth the ticket right away from this lunatic. It's bad enough that she's you know crazy probably. An alcoholic. But I think which I think if you imagine the pressure. He blows on Saturday ease knowing contention or whatever it was to shut Specter and I first met the cut yet. And exit contention as the one I've spent seven and seven grand this year. While forty million mr. when he million. Writer check for ten and be done with it. Lucas but his words it's complicated for him and figured image say she's actually assaulting him because he had a bad run only sticking his highlight highlight of my kids again divorces ones who have my little my kids all the time I guess that's a good point with the Internet and trade him every taste arrest maybe get the kids. Maybe maybe it's the money that the best lawyers in death I guess that is scary like next week and he's playing and whatever the US open. And he has a bad first from did you elect tiptoe when host she is pro some mad at me out I guess you can kick me my ball there Morita read she's going way. When she gets out he's still going to be afraid. So what are the chances that they you know couple on Sunday morning and and I guess who got out of pancakes together and knowing that's gonna you know. Go to bed watching Netflix together and where it is I mean that's it I've never restaurant ever. I haven't either mansi too many cases I mean obviously we read about. There and eland allegedly assaulting tiger eight. That's in dispute it was because he deserved it she was sober it was a differently. But this through this most swinging a golf club cup showed up was in cities where you shot in the face. That's true that is such cups love that only today. She shot ailment or fired beavis is what they shoot Kosovo YPD cops was drunk you know lunatic she if she Oregon I should go wait she go to prison I mean not forever but sure guy will just flipped it I mean loot Lukas club's career would be over. Yeah endorsements talk show and Italy under and her mom his mother Hershey goals is salted Hershey. Our image than in her she was personally Hawkins Hershey Hawkins well he's clothes are just misspelled it true. Just been Hershey last names true right like. The actress what took place. Barbara Hershey of Hershey yeah yeah this or she's courts that's true I've had those yes you have you've had a lot of our. She almost ruined hoosiers single handedly instituted such a buzz kill no joy. Like why Jean Akron like her at all discouraged younger what you want and how serious threats he was just like you said two. After she was desperate you know mineral rights which is a guard John or Jimmy should play in. And you know by the way you're fired and like you should maps for fun to loosen up Jeanne act we have different tricks that we shooter on the French insurance whose. Have a few cocktails and that he curiously so well I want I don't want this trying to sound because I want here in and ask people out there they know five people five fines. Who have gotten divorced the first should've married I'll be on city I'm 43 years old. I don't I don't really think I have five people account actual real friends are. Friends but friends. I would say I have 34 right and I want. I didn't account you yelled cultural things I so maybe maybe for a county say the real core friends and nothing matters what your boys names. Join the bottle sort of pop who blew you off. We met for a senator again there I like they're not stupid enough to drive I problem I just got a source in the morning or lose their their money on play poker. But shows up with a gun he's got one bullet toward probable there you have to choose who dies. Chile's wanna shoot myself you did only Georgia Pablo. She's. We've Bristol with kids. George lippold it's do or just. On a public apology to everyone on the tech we have got what does that. Are proud Jordan Karl. Out of Chris Brown. Cynical brown. A lot of text is a pointing out that Krista Glover is from Maine was the former miss teen main oval. Explains a lot that's a pageant life. Signature crazy will will get more information is that you may creek zone because this is the craziest. This is the worst wife. I've ever shortly killing a husband and be worse I must say. The worst quite a casino because she's screaming annum and hitting him. Which is beaten them up because he had a bad day at work 2003 for regression in 1998. Miss teen yeah. Furman. Yeah that's where Brad Faxon. Or global. As you can probably as big golf school yet miss teen mean 1998. She's how old was she holds the maker but sport certain organizations. And probably crazy. 1988 misty 36 thirties yet bogus club's leaders and it's okay but if you get twenty million bucks in your pro golfer. You could find the number one she's for a few shoreline she's she's a golf policy. What's his name's wife after one the other day. I'm Webb Simpson. Not a right off the assembly line she's yeah she's undergone huge additional human Washington. You know if she if you weren't known. On the toward you he defused within don't you don't have. Families wetlands that. Not a stand now Webb Simpson is a great golf and good looking wife. For pro golfer wait force pouring right calls to be crucial to try to fortunately on days launches this winter classic paintings character yes I was I was enjoying when you're in the water on eighteen it was your matters thought I was kind of felt pretty against him all day that was cut that was a funny team yet news. Did speak with liquor quadruple bogey and you had to off her mystic pot. That cost him 726000. Dollars. Mistake free footer two footer on 63 feet you missed a three footer and eighteen if you were watching. And I did note that time you knew it not to run a second yeah. And I was wondering what cost most gonna guess to a 300000 its highest 700. Homes in nice person golf for a price missed free footer that hurts. An Olympic outlook is different and yes ouch yes so that's that's that that I want you to try anything anyway because it's arbitrary claiming. It's about a Cullen played just five friends that divorced from the European marriage separate you think she trainees have hurt like that the date like acoustical over she might have relatively heavy. Who may be too well imagine on the tree. And took it closer he wanted to take the Counting Crows he said no he just goes there and Armenian. I. It's the same way. Also a truck saw what you were they would Alex which was little awkward while you are you that you expect someone to dance little Alex is good looking guy but through these colts are he's not doing that. That's critical to our game business. But you'd like your goals are straight right but my parents you play these you got a buddy boy. That's one time so I doubt his shirt off he goes so gross. Discuss it. He he showers at the water because he has we as quarterback to work all sweaty the worst. He watches mail pornography because he's just because DOD's just gets is do you do research that's restart the. There's not he's not a receiver ban homosexual never ever. Yet the other truck was bad yesterday now. He just a little off we'll laugh captaincy which struck a point to go to that he had on jobs he's not committed to at the base speaking. Yeah I used to use use a bad spot in this in an answer question was frustration when he was no obese and half as that he really wanted to the Patricia payment it really nothing to add to the nothing zero I mean he wasn't well read on the subject of our three coming back to solve some mortars 617779790%. Actually use from you probably have that as well. And I do wanna raise a show topic at some point next segment to pick it's it's time have the conversation the talk. I think it's time that you're ready for the talk a little word but sure the media to be schooled on again OK I may do that as well we get.