K&C - Mark Leibovich on his new book, Big Game 9-4-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, September 4th
Mark Leibovich joined K&C to discuss his newly released book Big Game on Tom Brady and the dysfucntional NFL. 

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I join us right now on the all eyes the author of big game the NFL in dangerous times the author is mark leveraged markets. Berkman handing Jerry cal amateur you know our names that burden they're guys you ridiculous he needs to assist us to spell yet ways that this WG references about 76 times though. Calling us by names are fun make sure you knew we were before we got started. I totally reworked our message get on so long argued why don't you ever use the name in the book. You not feel credit I thought well I don't Cochran. You know what go out credit police in the paper and those are. That's OK we've gotten under I'm serious I'm seriously curious I don't care about the amount offended like political like Kuerten and had asked all the questions of Brady about to placate the morning after. It was a pretty interesting to change we've played that you use it to. You don't use Kirk's name why. I could be WEP guys host site at Bankrate I don't know I mean I couldn't run so hard. I sort of amusement and there was a during the summer as. Well. I wouldn't care who worked well I a B five was how I was uses more curiosity else did you did you just did you write this book. It seems to me maybe I'm wrong to a good stuff in his company owner is fun obviously Brady stuff it seems to me that you sort of had. I don't seem like you'll start out is the idea of Brady book pretend that turned into something else is that accurate. It is accurate and and we've been an announcement that an armed. 34 years ago as a brave and it has written about Tom and I you know I had I was in pursuit and it was a little what do unit. Practically threw a certain side. That. I didn't know. Sustain it or personable there was so much. But there's so much not patriots hate it I mean there's a lot of the country. On called look out was burned out to a point where some paper burden or patriots were to lose some of them didn't look so. Well also ordered to surrender though but he later this sort of sort slaughter. And to be honest also and I didn't. Know that Tom could sustain the book of personal dignity. After story and we didn't talk. Who are much at all on the news. It didn't work with as we cannot comply with Tom as a cold or you and I think it's you know personal story assault and asks. From there so. That was an and that sort of worked with directions but yeah it it hurts you know some point corporate secrets. To a broader and. Are you would shame a shame now be in a patriots fan to be supporting the team of the all right because you Richard Spencer root for the same team right. Yeah I don't. About it gap in. I. Well people. Receive adequate cultural critic wrote Spectrum Brands reducing what the patriots were pretty fronts and are largely could trump been right in the middle of respect in the cyclical so. Three decades later and rooting for the patriots is becoming racially and socially fraught identity you think that's. I mean you believe that true you've and explain it. Well I'm. But it's true everywhere I was a Super Bowl. I mean you talked everyone's. There news especially to a lot of African Americans across the country saying the speaker at a time one Donald Trump it's what the secret team would. Get a lot of local. I'm gonna do well. All over whether it was actually some of the unions some weight gains. Where I live in DC I mean some sort of a fact of life you know especially. Chris from. New England design them and without that sounds so it is very. Yeah minutes of bear river real name is something repeatedly. And something you know crack and I heard pro and more than anything. I had heard of Austin persons. You know throughout my life you know over the last couple Yorkers. And you said that was tougher. Then deflected dealing with the association with twelve and and trumps followers that was more difficult for you than to placate. Not for me personally but I mean it was it was clearly a source granite and mementos. Or something that was associate of grand or more power would display didn't like Derek Jeter and earned her a municipal larger cultural. Issues that include something. It is everywhere in politics on the domestic politics and well. But book came out today. The first what 300 of them wouldn't almost. All cone covered Caldwell Donald Trump on the net that sort of where football and we're country in the world. I operated knows where it. There was no income out of the football at all. I'm curious about that just the process of Etsy wrote a couple of magazine profiles of Brady and you don't seems like some of those things are. Sort of recycle them there's one read them before and then. You have. It seems like you would talk to guys who say it's off the record but then it's off the record for the magazine profile not the book that's called Kraft for how does that process work. I happen wore and when you're off the record record and it didn't go in the magazine in a typical of the book usually in the cramped. Instant. Got a lot of attention there was. We were talking about Brady and there was sort of a 23. Preamble to the conversation about it recorder was on and state games subject of these thought. And at one point mister Kraft he was going on where to look at York. Times have heroes part in our courts and let. He's just one points you know at low or New York's best. Boston the village compared to New York. And state seat. And jumped on the news or can we put that record. And crafts that dollar and that was we draw the record. Tape recorder. And I. Me yeah. Purposes of this matter which about Tom Brady and were crow so. Only use the magazine. And I wanted to do. But now on the north and obviously I mean I talked off the record to a lot of people. You know not caught a couple of Gruntal. Do you feel like I mean obviously is a one time only because your locker really go back to craft or Goodell or or Jerry Jones or number that. Principals in the book they're gonna feel burned you you understand that right mark. I'm. You know I don't know how to feel actually don't think and people should urged and in front of all. I mean I don't understand how it burned and it is books. You just said it. We're in it was off the record for the book not the magazine amid noblest person you know with a big nova ball quite write magazines to meet its human crap for so. There are technical rules Thomas can't go off the record after the so I mean I'm not an example it could click if you wanna sit in desperate if you wanna sort of you know talked in the out of there aren't. But now I didn't know. Yeah. Let me talk about Jerry Jones masturbating in his shoes I mean and I thought let's let's saying he didn't and I'm saying that if your him bumping into I wanted to have this conversation. You know you tapped out there and were on the bus that much it recorder out and saw a that's brilliant to shoot scribble so after I read the whole book in her. We were drinking you cranky and it was not what could everything. Have marathoner. And. We chronicle it so you you you say you drank 72 ounces of Scotch. Three dogs we didn't match briefly before. Let that out 24 round. Leader will answer your right here are three of them three even said and then you slept. You write you slept on the bus for fourth spot on the world who is there would you who is there were you woke up. The thought forever and it was a bruising or sometimes not. So. And the other one there was another. Forget about it but he did and apparently back into the club out some supercomputer so. And you think of the free Brady Belichick obviously the craft was from the most cooperative. Do you think that's because he's the neediest. 00 would you kind of hungry as to. Yeah I think he would and Martin and Robert is someone who then made it he's willing well. You know but it isn't going to be but the recruitment but you might want to someone's. You know to say that the French and Tom you know Tom cousins own. You know agenda and isn't concerned well amid I think Robert. Yes you know human error was urged senators. What are those and Robert but I think you look at that or not. Without pat Goss smoke about little sympathy for producing millions like them any person. So. Look I mean I don't know. I'm in a bloody talked India and mature. And and I don't cover also on the approach and don't back talk to him many times soon books it was. Certainly help monologue. What do you think I've I saw you write a book that friends of of Brady talk about the relation PS now Belichick if you have to define it Brady Belichick really should today best she could I understand you have been mixed lately what would you say. It probably strain I think you know I think Tom Arnold we're big on this little more schools. Police and the united but I do think. That's what it. It's America's that was it strains over eighteen years and sort of wonder stated. Together this long and assessment when and I think that. Now. That's something that that you probably. Wouldn't mind sort of getting it is something else for what he's stuck there parents are all kind of stuck with each other and can we get to watch and so they were virtually all. We get to benefit. I don't know that I heard this before when Brady who declined to go to the White House it was because of be wise cracked from white house Press Secretary Josh Earnest original maverick and every minute. And an argument I think after the first slate he press conference Josh. If I'm correct accordions. You know I never thought it harbored. And now after watching I know that you can't do my job apparently took cents. And you say when he didn't go last time 22 Super Bowls ago was because. I don't know these have widely called trump that night right trump refused to take his call. And and you assumed the call. Didn't return a bed and about it in the amount of return on. Of course it didn't turn the news. And that was when who and what what was what was brings excuse was of his mother going to consider cameras keeps. He never had mothers sit at a friendly excuse me an effective there was a lot of pressure. From Tom from a lot of people in the ceremony them you know such as large but. There was a lot of discomfort around written hard and that was the cluster. Why was he cooperative in your opinion review was a two. Sell the book in the documentary or was it to set the record straight and deflate it what was principal. I don't know I mean look I mean common student. He's an interest in somewhat unpredictable guy he. I think he. Like to sort of operate outside lane and indoors or insult. So it is some unorthodox. People understand Euro after her work. Are you people even deeper into his past and look I I think he's sort of open to to people who were not really Orkut is and but I don't know I mean I don't think he won the only thing when I think he's at the locked in a more sophisticated means of selling to them and. Like he. But what I was grateful for a minute certainly if someone were so firm that. He's someone there are actually within a suitable forum and I don't. I haven't really late in the best of those three of them all sort of secret operation that you don't want I think. Rom is the most genuine. And look we'll watch him play. Armed European and reduce the rent or buy expert I think he's gone yeah I'm but because restaurant work. When when you saw Belichick at the lemon it's a look at this through the French ambassador's residence. And 1 in the morning. Yeah like it was like departed or this corresponds to root will be. Was a 1415. And certainly one that was. He is they don't workers there on the White House after the Seattle. Portland 2015 or something. And yes so there was Andrew's little to reward someone that you John Henry. And on and it was his wife Belichick who girl and I've had a few drinks and food extremely uninhibited and told him. You know I was actually because he's never heard up for. So I figured that was going to be some visible some great friendship that we haven't. What they got this is toll mounted big some small part of the book it's it's right in the middle but you're you watched the Celtics and pistons game 787. And little bar. And everyone at the bar was rooting against the pistons in the state of Michigan because of the Celtics were all white. That's a barrel sanity and then he spoke to everybody that aren't they said the league for the because there'll. Now I didn't talk to him and people in the orders and that's admiral saying I was sitting next agree that what you. Okay but just gets to agencies and the agreement that was Israel. It was it was a memory that was sort of police say their goal and everyone in the bar machine that small town bar was rooting against the pistons. Well you know during our. You you know desert came armed. You know you hear cheering when one right or don't the other teams were ascertain that you know it is there it seemed theirs or. And you do you feel like your loan you're in your fifties correct. And you're a veteran of politics and in DC do you feel like. Maybe you're too old to be a fan boy did you get that sense when you were ponies guys around. You know. It was awful I've I'm darkly cynical because it would go to certainly cynical and did you. Maybe I mean look but I sort of cling to a collective rights I wanna watch all you wanna recruit you and them. You know I don't know people citizen however one should boycott football cause concussions or you know some content principal reason I do. You know I don't think. And the bad Syrian border and I'm pretty honest about it but I don't mean that it's in the right. Or your neutering also Schorr died and events and I heard for many of these got Sarah crowd or don't tell her Jerry Jones or bring with us and he talked to Brady said the last correspond to the book. Play April spring summer therapy physical manner. Why why did his father invited to the bowling Alley with a whole family in Minnesota a night before the game right. McCord yeah yeah I don't. Currency and great it grew weaker areas some. Here Tom Tom wasn't there become an imminent that. Ottawa news is a great guy at Lowe's wife looked on Islam and grit sisters and integrity and really nice and. The book is the big game you don't dangerous times of market which is the author of the book is out today Marc thanks so much for talking on the line. Thanks mark leader Mitch. In your times. Magazine and should be interviewed on in his name. When that because of who should have asked some writer from the New York Times your roses strictly an oversight Rosa Navarro was Rosie the bus driver but not really. But I wasn't I don't think so it is different.