K&C - Marshawn Lynch won't address protesting anthem; Tanguay did play-by-play for the Old Time Baseball Game 8-18-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, August 18th

Hour 2: Marshawn Lynch won't touch his protesting. Tanguay did PBP on Early Edition.


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It's Kirk and Callahan had even mentioned you know the way trump is handling this stuff. Right now I won't call them monsters. Because they would like that there through one entry I love the Packers and he took a shot of the country's leadership experience. That's something goes right up Michael. Oops if your racist you know because I'm not a racist on mother roles in the sports straight those sports I think that's that's all I do with Kurt committed there will be questions about copycats there will be questions. If so what happened. In Barcelona. It was their fault at all. A copycat version of what happened there Charlotte role what you just said. It's one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard even though there may be different character different political ambitions. They use of the same killing device and Gerry Callahan. You feel bad at all knowing months beat guys. Feel like you can talk when he I was a total dipped them if you feel like a little bit I hear it is that you guys went against. Lines. You know. Sports Radio WEEI. We will discuss that slowly and headlines. Few minutes for good now. But to make its offshore he has so much bought the last couple things first though we mourn the loss to the ghost. Why even bring it on solar powered past we Rea we're getting that that now on to. That the ghost that the coach was haunting us I mean didn't they'd do the days get better. Yes that they could do time heals them. Ryan applicant here that it can Hannibal pass that on Dallas in 1960 sort of things. Like Ted Kennedy's ex I think you know. And we announced the first I was should make this. Should treat this out. Jerry and I are moving to Vegas together to be with Kosher yes. He's only gonna try to do the show from there artsy photographs will have a lot of gold knights talks which I think people want to Wednesdays at Scotia on the order Harrison McConnell Miller appreciate nightly on Fridays as young as he was shot. That's coasters colored all our all ideal player. That is going to be too if those guys together and start youths. Legendary look at Ford that when we get to marked in headlines an update on Barcelona. A fluid situation. At this moment again drove the van is still. Haven't coffee and some copycat Charlie or does it a Roman Jones over there or something of an honest to god. Had he gone down a hundred people get out of hand and run away and we'll do questions about copycat. If it's economies and that is an unarmed he could probably shoot even if you're not a cop but he knows how to come to your question you know has no guns right. Mean could've in that league and smashed it to break I mean hell why didn't somebody right smashing its open. Good question the winds right. I think they'll kill us of the the use of the same the same killing device. Mean yeah I mean that he's the green I peeled it away and now he did but and we gave an update on the rally. By the way this it's it's the stagecoach park Menard and then something stage while on Boston Common. It is awesome big pillars and everything he does a great. Well did you think when we talked to Charlie and Marty that they were not gonna have any stage all our annual state share. It's a pretty good stage for these free speech folks yes tomorrow and Chris Curtis is going to be. It's just go and he actually bring a recording device which cited an idea. In the middle was too good guns and lots of people just going like it's a game. The real lucky in the middle of this and relentlessly. Peoples and let their cell phones out Japanese much video as they can you possibly on housing and others progress in a row and have them you know ones that that's a good ninety year Eugenia shouldn't play generals it's for the show as it currently can die hard and that's exactly Willis. What this. Chris Curtis can you say leg bulletin Sawyer Miller Jews won't replace me Dick you do that. All of the opportunities as does have known him just ahead. And he's dollar after Munich and he he can do. You should do it don't bring play anything for the shot because I you bring in pudgy to vote now we I only unless you have asked added to our ropes for the Clinton on pit. If you lived anywhere near the common wouldn't just to watch yes I think I would stay good couple hundred feet away yes I wouldn't want to get its Mays and eight. Right now as we speak the local stations are reporting the stay at Brigham wired whiskers let's try dogs. Need milk. But don't break it port on your face if you give me like there was until there are three Segovia couldn't you have a little bit help themselves. But. He's chocolate milk regularly. If if you haven't seen Chris can't well there was a husband and I can just yet is Cornwell cause alive for New Hampshire Chris can't well. He is he's from the nephew is all right scheme New Hampshire. So that's it seems like that yet the surprise. We love our fun now he's in North Carolina right. Yes he's for every page is retired now man. George the wagers at that receive opportunities at the stop of the vice documentary. Leading guys in the clouds aren't announce which one is he's announcement. Plan B when that on not he's saying he's not coming but you never know he get Mae east in the video in the documentary an imported down America and our name don't second thought was that second time it's ridiculous and I have little bitch but anyway. He's has not come we'll see Chris Curtis is going there wiring the stage with camera comedy co ops are doing this right now. So will be so much video that that if you know commit assault. You'll be on that yet they the video I feel better now that I greeted nothing's gonna happen these people are gonna be on video of this can be so much show footage on the notion we talked about the hockey way we also changed the frigate named who cares. A multitudes in the name we have suggestions on new name's Rick calls wanna make its traditional hold on. Because Kirk missed this yesterday but the afternoon show they were columns and Sidon there was no debate to a start where withhold federal Adam Jones are now. That's true Adam Jones came up and and we've got later let's put it. Ali doesn't. Take the slightly he's angry at him as angry as you said it's good to me before I'm gone toe the line have been across the line because. We ask questions hauling who. Is is used to these are our guy who used to be a serious journalist does not wanna ask any questions. Just take emblems as word period the other two guys are now. And they don't go away at all this has followed almost I'm not a fan of ours but the fan of theirs I think yeah. The caller whose fan Holly's. Wanted to know why they never go at house we had to call we have a caller well to hear this again. He's on a few of you guys a burden not directly. Speaking on the 2 gentlemen in the morning. Old blues beat. Center field common. Because you're you're you're kinda doubt all around it. Don't go Adam directly. On it and I wanna I wanna we want to show what you have been taught dance we we disagree and that's. You don't want that's what they're standing at the white yeah exactly yeah could hear. You're a shell of its course right ankle all dialogue on race are we talking about aren't. We tie our opinions on the matter and we aren't weeded out for weeks. Very I would look at a very simple responses on my indicating that fullbacks and day difference and trees nice guy. If I was Joseph is our mom and I heard a very simply say to rich rich here's a box. All your little dvds of you know The Lord of the Rings it's. Fox. What will open a door for you start your car for you go home. And you know maybe there may be job for you doing what's what's best for something like that said. Paint department yeah. I'm perfectly lowers goal on a show that does that I think the entire show itself does not we're talked out bachelor aren't Charles I want them to shut the sharks will generally you would say talks about this Joseph Holland says that it in the name of policy name to me he did that part of and the reverend. Percy and before by doing math that's it bridges the wind might who's responding to callers from responding to him okay. Visit fairs out is out loud yeah and he's on this and there's no reason to channel you presents no actually not I don't scrutiny at our center rich it's very simple. Demand number. Rain and seventy as the numbers so when he shows hugely successful and frankly by 9% the reasonable reading at all. You should probably pay attention to what we're saying and call us out that's what I would view the power rich keep. Now rich is different and I am and it's generally seen for a professional antsy were doing about the same some addition followed his. His way of doing but AdAware by our calls and says that Nicole meets at about their show oh deficit. I want to media. Why would you do that allowed it to me and him are you have our own we have our own show. We talked about Aaron show me what you what what planet. Me don't talk about lots of other things you talk about TV shows you talk about game's play by play guys collar guys talk about lots of other people. Why not talk about Kirk and talk about me or you high or too mossy whenever. But EU says good gallery he has different and so we're just trying to Obama and we don't want him while he's he's passed I was gonna help out here's why it's good radio. And it's complicated and it's tough because I rest my case it's good radio if rich keep young guy new guy known as we is a tax Kirk Manningham because they disagree. Attacking them just as you racecar which he does. But just attack them because you disagree with my car I it doesn't believe Adam Jones rich keep it you don't simply a night it was offense hall. Adam Jones is lying. It didn't happen and no offense holy richt should be able of course Sam Kennedy red salmon John Henry lawless people. He's lying it didn't happen I saw the video David that we did the videos of the yen and that they wanted to confront. You stand out there are you look at where Adam Jones was with a fan boys allegedly was it's impossible that nobody else heard it is actually. Impossible Adam Jones is frustrated he was angry I don't blame him. And then he talked incessantly publisher the said after the game it happens but what happened afterwards was a firestorm is still going on right now that's about it I mean our job is still reference. In these stories today when John what's in Canada yawkey way is part and I would say the hallways. Basically kind of calling us racist and are calling us racist biases and and all that's OK and used to be a journalist always did initially was asked questions. And you connect you can't get any. Evidence to support. Adam Jones was there are three at all or not we had I Evans from Niko we found out that was a complete through why that happened we sit there it is you know Adam Jones confirmation Adam Jones. Has somebody this to support his story that was a kid thank you Michael cook this started from day one you guys were not in the day after the Adam Jones dot Bradford and I worked here and I actually simply asked the question. Why Irish both taken at his work and if you wanna take that as be being racist holly or anyone else I would say you're wrong. But I still the questions today I dole police alcoholic happened but I don't like horrific memories don't care and you can say whatever he wants that's fine his show. He's doing he's Evans opinions. Not a big deal Richie fighters and is a very nice guy Africa or don't respond so boring it's a sport respond we have some other stuff too or run out of time and we're gonna get through on the registry. Can you play the rest of the let's say and a battle brings where. Cannot find it will be dropped out of we're Keefe said you know why should we do that what you do that simple it's would be. I know again this is complicated he'd be good radio so he. I've got to this it's August it's not the first time I talk about Adam Jones a talk about Adam Jones extensively on TV and on the radio and have mentioned Gerry Callahan by name several times with this and and any other my colleagues who think he's lying. Yes separate idea right he has and I disagree with a lot wish we could and would of should sit right here we discuss it sure why can't keep to. What the difference for them we don't believe people who think that Adam jones' line whether or not we attach their name or not we still feel the same way. And honestly watch. What is he saying. He he he knows is -- -- differently if you -- keep what is he saying donors actually go to series returns to Wear white as you -- YT after you and say your name's -- can't find its iPad I don't disagrees with you wouldn't honestly got a good bit of -- generation initiatives done with he he's just he's been boards he -- he's not going anywhere I'm trying to help him I liked what I want the afternoon should be fired back with us and signaled I'd like you -- -- -- friends of -- and would like in the drive out to some -- -- -- on whenever you can go -- that's right Saturday nickname really count on -- everyone I -- call it it's whoever wants. And reverence and like you like disabled will fight the battles will go after bulk politician all day we'll do we'll fight their battles all day long you know they don't they don't care about us that's that's another match that wouldn't you like them to do better radio. Sure if we talking about this in the podcast in his Islamic deducted as a shelled eight dale runs that show we says it's it's a three way split its dale show. And they don't wanna do I took a turn a negative down. I don't that's they've decided they wanted to announcer rich Howell. Late twenties talking to you he believes these same thoughts holy day on all these things. Do you believe that it's quite a coincidence I further disagree times he's cattle have built on what we're just keeps us busy on what you should send in your Tarzan yell at each other times it's it's pathetic three have we have always original take on yesterday from yesterday you heard mr. I don't think I did OK let's do we don't talk about. Ryan and Adam Jones wants. On zones are dark. I have jobs the original Johnson recount if he says the worst. Name on a few of you guys. Not that I'm not no no no don't take call future take us thicker Kabul. Go to Brian and Providence hey Brian how are you. Bryant. Ryan in the morning good morning. Morning. With all due respect gentlemen of the event the last couple weeks and also. One they think you were. I did didn't fund this past week and it certainly. I would cold out the whole yawkey way. Discussion yesterday it happened on their yeah afternoon Cho. Was there a moved Balkman 1998. Ian became Boston Red Sox and and I've met my friend who had a student tickets every day at your Q what. I don't care they've remained that way here whatever they want to let the fact that the Red Sox won three world championships. While called yawkey way is enough to let it be. Are you wouldn't let me get this one is not a good. But. Well how would you feel if they change because they're going to change if you're really gonna care if they change and. Doesn't matter right yes it's one thing I agree that the debate. But I don't yet. Written fuel and yet west and sixty analyst writes as blue's blades I'm just saying. They can change in the hundred years from now. A new generation of Red Sox fans will call it something else. It's not about where he was. For the latest status do you think and news possibly temperature measured on today we changed today that's sort of the hallmark actually we get a new sign. Donna you guys sold out for Mudd and Richard boulevard. There's pretty I'm pretty shore. He's not cause any trouble and I'm more Adam Jones Apple's market itself don't call Marty someone's gonna take it down we're gonna someone's gonna show opens Red Sox yankees and lift them up in the shall have to tear down that street titan are allowed to do that as long as you're a lefty you can do that now on the crime involved Marty Lexus offensive and they'll be content and he left it threatens. Noses dots through his thoughts with chains and that's British chain of. Good morning does Ellison. On figure in and it pumps he greener after arms agreement last a person of color to be. In the major leagues if you're gonna change it. The last person tolerance you have a few weeks. That's about it read the last person of color of what's there was pulsing green and good man I was doomed love charity stuff. I mean it's it's like old at least not all sorts short and. Back in the days that symbolic thing but at the same time. I think it was 61 he came up. We're not who's onto your defense can and fifty night. What the 59 yards but literally if they gonna do it might as well at least. Do something positive and get it out. So why somebody wanted to. Tommy harper. OK that'll atomic Arthur. We know he's a good guy mature mature enough we've never went to the elks summaries and there was the issue with I don't listen we like the food but we deserve jello and if let. Now let's go quickly to Steve he's been hanging on for a while he wants to talk about our friend Mike McNair how good taste these trees and it must cars hit. What's obscuring. In the morning. I can say you know it's not an ideal that we get locked. You know they do encouragement in week spear or from. You could carry around now and talk. Where we live in Belle well I mean I know that you think that the worst on opposite direction and I have to spend from Q2 two equally calls went. If oil were. And so when you Wafer now in order that the best way to do several. When you did you cute when it was back on the weekends and stop by and he walks marked the first or eczema kids. Did you thumbs up or just keep in mind. You're quite. Out of what up with this in perhaps the thought suppose I'm married to generate gambler alcoholics. Amanda Rossiter right where. Should we know. Revelations. In whatever you know. One on the back. I wish you well what for an injury so bad at. All. Through much less a little slow lately than in the opposite wasn't appropriate well. That would I can replace that there should boost he looks back in my Tripoli Steve. Asia with all the budget costs and create some of these have been funny before Melbourne that come from. Man what's that I was not here so I've got written I don't know and all of its recent headlines but some awesome video Barcelona's one new one when they shoot dead terrorists. And he gets up and starts taunting them they shoot him again and again this billion Manchester and Billy. You know I call those idiots and they are here illegally. Happens. You know originally. I mean I I don't think any team participate counter closes that. I originally should do that we should find a better job they can handle that I don't know I don't maybe Jesus have to look columns. That's true. All the dog got that right in daylight I would object that ilk now. You got to give him that he saw that it sucks now but he's he's not got back on oak it. Good when he got fired and that would that help broken out there you can build that fact that is in existence on this are out to the net and paying them so anyway. He's got containing about. Obama nodding up and down furiously. At its peak not says not bang radio bang on that Billy I know it. Art Holland says let's look we should be you know while statute at all with jockey whatever what you gotta go back into the history books and take a look at how these people were and really wasn't that which he art history what these people sick and then you would put that so I challenged them that that great. The public and Olympic Kennedy here and eighties most and the rain when it wouldn't be grossed an equally quick. Anti semite well. I was definitely a lot of hype and she's lying in it and not wanna hear about itself and it even more odd. And it it angers me thank you he gets it done as you can't than sit there and tell me shook the other way Tony junior hockey is as great. And this is great openness about here's some of that negotiated you know she was so she's married to the philanthropist. So right Kennedy Rose Kennedy find anyone name some have fruit juice how's that and singer Britney that is an indicator that is liked the centerpiece of the C. And and could name and after some great American hero to us as Iowa City Madeline Amy Sweeney flight attendant on 9/11 yeah I mean you could come up with something put to a vote. But teachers to hijack it and give. Yet another perk has to chatter it's the Kennedys not her sons and her husband Grossman was in Nazi sympathizer. One of the worst people I've ever written that the two walked this this earth. And they give her. Name and after her why. And that they claimed a no different reporters only one. Because because hero worship that's why it's a Porsche her objective and you know be dubbed the magic these idiots that. You can find your Campbell. We come back with headlines much to some questions unanswered however we moved on from worshipping the Kennedys and we'd like my dad has lessened dramatically from generation to generation and you'll. I hold my agent down don't care that they just named after a couple of years ago given who view the aged people who need that there. It's this kid he's the sixties people in my age Brendan analyst at US people like she doesn't don't care of freedom green when you think. How presumed agreement but that's what you ask and it's a good. Good rhythm to. I headlines skirt and Callahan. He's living now curtain just gratitude and closure it's I'm right at you this. Focus on the good things in your life I focus on the factor let's focus is on the fly Kurt can Callahan. C fox Sports Radio WEEI. We face a formal college phrase last night this game I'm working on his game right now for John Mark. Ocean between his golf on the page as well we'll slide right. So that was it that was a great idea I thought that first won't do it for John Martin and second if Pedro pitched him you know a lot of buzz and that was who could graduate after yet great job trying to figure how much they raised another brother 101000 dollar check during the game really. So I don't know and they do it past the bucket at the game into all that stuff tonight we saw the video. About John Mark you know we have worked with him if he's ever done spring training and its investments but I'm sure you saw us there is there an idea of what's his of their bad word of dollars on these guys he sees golf on the page pictures has two daughters of these seem pale as he could see you are restored. It's so cruel it's the worse so evil it is so evil. John Mark Lane where either. Again what kind of player. I think baseball player support question. Dozens of great talent great job and god bless you your job I've yet or at a page about whoever the story Pedro. Picture of mine happens house. Drove into the game. On August she remembered from when when you are right. And in came into the agreement that's great gentlemen billiard ball last night's debates or was on the fence last year couldn't do it scheduling balk call back fisheries there were doing it for John Martin Pedro said Tony where. To be there what kind of be there and what was line to help my family circle the side first. Don't have a set forming. And Lou digital loop around and Alex and swore on the air as you might have pitched two scoreless innings when Oprah wanna. They re hit as well paperless so good job buck in in what's typical farm page if you if you wanted to papers and 125 grand or so. For him on that page and we saw. Who a month or two ago before he freeze died. Right needs to keep on you event we're now just boggles going to be right eventually he said the wrong day. And enabled them market market for that. Yes you read it can affirmative fifteen minutes at memorial I seminars on the show. You mentally and thought he wants you guys aware of like particles in the history we work but we will I thought we had other sources that confirming it that picture that we got beat out PC guy on the show that we got seven point not someone new PC maybe. You know what I don't blame you because even if it's Mike Barnicle someone tweets that I am to believe you mean a story I understand that. The timeline like somebody sat in my missed a forehand or something and or someone pried them like the kid prank lupica. I guess the pins are Obama's recently told him that happen to believe somebody in the building now I'm not sure who one's got confirmation in addition there were people close to be freeze also tweeting out. That he passed so there were these what do you mean people aren't going well most of them think about that little publicity for a can mother comes on Twitter all the time to put this in job in front of John Reid probably you know slug BC people. Join the employees at the Eagles under the Shah. Well twenty to communicate with voters particularly did you Dieter I'd that it would you look closely that would note that Greg happened. Not many 34. The first couple hours in the right then you have to suck Karl regional. And we blew that's. It took exactly are called in reminded us that usual and a little bit oracle story when he was apologizing with Brady's even changed multiple picture dated about how he found out. When stories when he talked to his sentence to no man put that out. Who could finally someone chimes in on the crew. Then ball and just tweeted the NFL needs more people like Chris Long. This is really us disagree and people have the courage. To stand with the are protesters. I would estimate Carter's long lot of crystal I would say that you know there was. Fewer people like Chris on the ratings would go on that point nobody watched him and I would much you know what I mean he risks losing Peter can pick is not a likeness to Chris Long is standing with the protesters put his arm around. Jenkins right and that's going to be. A little controversial in his closet just racial climate does Trump's America that is it's humbling no unions you know it's worse. John Lynch condolences and wish my guys would Neil you know it's to people don't know Obama cut John and that takes balls SET wish he declared I see you later on yet he is author of countless coaches GMs have said that I wish they wouldn't they always thinking clearly on course where the point now right is Isiah Thomas yesterday's market dude right. He's not going to be yield earned him no guts of people Ehrlich has some responses we've had criticized for its public or. Clearly had distraction really elicited focus on this sport is basketball is so transparent now John Henry is pandering Chris Long is pandering they stick their finger to wait and see which where it's cone. And Tuesday. It did do the least courageous thing he could possibly do it now takes courage to say you know. These the yuck you sign up in the got that a lot Richard. And there's no you know like I left thirteen people in people want more bad words that you can do that design and fortunately nobody really cares either way etc. this side is not a you know and in a monument anybody's fighting for the passion he decide it's force and as anybody send the city's name ma hospitals does anyone think that we look at I don't know it's an invasion walker story I remember I know Ager walked one of the that he stop. You know change you may be read that again taken Allred. Mosques are the same thing my man Bruce Arthur on Twitter last night Chris long's agree cute man. Is a real person says I think is stroller that's a great parents that it is pretending to be like Twitter died three and was this that we ought to marry me one and public discourse or debate he has screens open dialogue through September assorted charities that time primary sources that you're such normal that you should like everything is so. He so thought is he evidently the wrong on Twitter now. One of those guys and you know apply John Henry short because that's for John Henry those people that there's a reason why they did it yesterday. Was the easiest time in history to make that move outside to do it and we'll get back to his. We get back on the team communes fifteen. If yeah dealers and he's just now being content though he's been he's been or has been storing some us government stuff saint Kennedys will we get back 617. 77979%. And our three per gallon with Mars next. And to. Tell him.