K&C - Maxwell “Max” Mitchell, 7, Ewing sarcoma (a bone cancer), Shrewsbury, with his parents Michael and Marisa and brother Michael Jr 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Max and his family were on the Radio-Telethon in 2015. In May 2017, after 18 months of remission, Max’s cancer returned. He had 4 nodules in his lungs. Max will be on treatment over the next 11 months as part of a clinical trial called PAZIT. He takes chemo pills everyday along with 5 days of chemotherapy in the Clinic every 3 weeks. The trial is new at Dana-Farber and is in association with a hospital in San Francisco. Max is getting ready to start third grade at Coolidge Elementary School and just completed his first season of Little League Baseball. 


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We were the Mitchell family right now we had secured two years and they are big fans of the show then. Everybody personally quite nice off for a cigarette break them that you hear this I cannot immerse us that's what she wants to run handsomely yeah. Even better I ate an apple I am moving the cut it out of CNET Fraser couldn't sleep items. Back to relax the jet that today. And yeah I mean you know creepy. I would say that's one of the creepy things you've heard from. The touchdown but closed. It's all appropriately. Eisner who were two years ago. Max's CE seven years. Seven years old I don't know panic you know what's new what's new what's new in your life. And you really know. She is we just had a second yesterday. Did a second temple graduate student at what it would have been doing all summer. Mean. He looks like it sounds like a couple people in this room it's out of jail sentence. Yes I'm jealous that I got up at home and not that entity where we'd go mania Laker on the ocean. It. Old orchard beach. My favorite place rock and roll post. There's. Hong Kong are in the if who. OK and what is so good luck now drops off and on YouTube. Max is it right back yeah great roller coaster because it's short it's. Emotion when a tower of terror and all you don't want that that really that's what it's a little while battling that out California scream when he went to California does. She's quirky go to. Wherever bomb Iraq. Maxis Ewing's sarcoma. What's changed since last week's. Eight years vary higher rate. We got the tree 2015. With Alec a racist and it's working around the key. Radiation that we had eighteen months. Well first year with health mean well. It. Look at yourself up and it's up and tell him but goes and yet you know you're very lucky but you know the Jimmy Fund at ST scans every three months to make shore relapse comes to take the next step so. Unfortunately it may of this year state weekend. It's eighteen schemes that. His cancer had returned so. It acts. That Terry and you're in clinical we are which which is huge because. That effective treatment for you is does have a huge success 20%. Success so. When we came in May come up with a plan we're very happy to hear that these are just started was just opening clinical trials. Without that clinical trial. On the sector treat high success or maybe we'd be looking to state to find. So the fact that they are hacked a child us. We're here and picking petals and some les than traditional ski well this is on the Alamo and as well it is they. I doubt it he takes it orally and he's got that the trial involves a new pill that takes every day it's who takes two pills every day. If any does zone five days a key followers taking problem. That can hope to keep on medicines one liquid. It also during its five days a key voice speaking that's for once more pills every two weeks or veto sparked days it's weeks often. Is amazing for seven year old taking four goals it's all an intricate some yes it recorded his cue ball medicines which doesn't. So good how does it takes backs. Accurate. Here I heard it he asked about the done a lot of time it takes to get that to have to tell how how on second and. But a group of them bald head you look and great great match and max's. He's he's I don't know what they put the key over this he's ninety pounds at seven years old. I I'm gonna talk to Robert Krause if we get exclusive contract discussions there's going to be big. It can't let that Little League this summer right yup first time will position player acts. Important news that's right that's access to try to hide it it's meant to hit it rarest type guy you know there. Yelled at a yells at the coach if he doesn't get the pitcher catcher it's. Just like me. If coaches as uncle he's like a map and he's like just that yesterday. Yes Matt's exit keep all day. A couple times and came in at night play baseball caught 34 innings pitched two innings. Doesn't he doesn't slowdown. Dozens of smile and neither impressed. Yeah. Yeah I mean you must be tough but. It's tough make an even tougher against. Treatment yet he's he's getting forestry here here's our kids and treat you like. My back Archie it out to end his first action it was a really tough day what I had to tell the boys rather. That the cancer had returned his first words like. Day right. It aisle like he decline again you know lack. Every time that. It's a struggle you know you go there you welcomed with open arms. When hearts broken face. It's like least if you take. An assistant with view and like take your struggle line. And help give you the strength like okay what what's the next what's next. What are you what what's the best argument when Clinton and on the some bad parts making. Big crowd yeah. Make it the crafts like you would you like to do there. Movement. Every so among them yeah us. I think Mikey likes me a lot of the players he's he loves baseball basketball good little player so. He's Mike he deserves a lot of credit for Max to smile because he's strong side and is it also older brother play catch with his brother and you guys football guys never. 22 Brothers panic yet never give Norman Millar with each other all my. A lot a lot. Max can test your patience like. The that it did it to Jimmy Fund whenever we go there. Mike is with us on my nephews come with us people excited to go even. Sister on the song it's a very welcoming place you go out there you'd think feel. So nervous and afraid but. You know you really feel. Warm welcome. It seems like a happy safe place not place. I'm gonna hospital. At what you're carrying the siblings amendment and don't forget the now now everything is all include like today you might come if we do moderates are all for us it's always the whole family like we all struggle or. But I hate it there's too many kids there mr. Richardson we're gonna it's true generates money we're gonna fix this his kids should be out playing baseball. Ride their bikes in you go there and it's sobering to really it puts life into perspective. And there's a lot of great people that there's there's two and. Businesses can you know. You come back you're inaccurate and you feel fine Kamal with the City Council vote your third grade in the league season that's promise you come back this year. The whole Mitchell no doubt no doubt about Mitchell's back in that one. That its exports for you guys that would what do please guide yet without any thoughts. I'll not so. Nothing. It would hardly ever talk sports day posted a realistic hope of its. So much sure does it. Pretty good. Thing we could get back up to throw the ball well retire him and I. Group you talk to my dog. Get a couple dog's or your dogs. What kind of dogs got necks. Know that kind of an underdog game that I want to watts or that's what their name's Max. Me. Rosie who don't. Couple lab shepherd lab Beagle mixes wrestler in the advocates. See guys next year I hear the excellence of retreat and definitely next.