K&C - Maxwell "Max" Mitchell, 8, Ewing sarcoma, Shrewsbury with his parents, Michael and Marisa, and older brother, Michael Jr. 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Max and his family were featured on the Radio-Telethon in 2015 and 2017. Max was being treated for Ewing sarcoma in May 2015 and after 18 months of remission, his cancer returned.  He had 4 nodules in his lungs. He will continue his treatment over the next 11 months. (He has been, and continues to be, on treatment since last June.) 

He takes chemotherapy pills everyday along with 5 days of treatment every four weeks. The trial, known as PAZIT, is brand new at Dana-Farber.

Max will be in third grade at Coolidge Elementary School and just completed his second season of Little League Baseball. He was chosen for the All-Star team and he loves to pitch and catch.

In July, Max and his family attended a Red Sox game with the local CIA office. Max and his brother used aliases, Papa Churro and Omega, during their visit. They had a police escort to Fenway and threw out the first pitch

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Joining us in the I think you with the slash correct yes spears goes last year OK there it is right they got all she did it. Baldor all right since the Mitchell family join us again Max of course you know. The Stanley is Michael immersive Michael juniors here as well somewhere no that's what we talked to Michael after this you're at my act. We're happy to have upgraded to had that you've always made I had good actually having a good talk Michael yeah six obstacle I'll do. The do it yeah I feel Max. Yeah I go to good at a boy so what's new. Nothing you can you tell us about I'm still because they got this trip to Fenway. Last month. How to veco. What average Max player what's the story behind. This yet because I heard there was no one name exit from today it was some guy natural. Picture in what is what is what was going on with the story. The sense that. Well was sneaking their diplomatic Secret Service. Me. Murray State. At least they say clothes and they thought all the traffic coming to. It sucks being blocked traffic in an analyst special note this. We made it to Boston like 35 and rarely got Max of like I wish they could take it to treatment at not ended our current draft. It is a fake name. What was your name who were you puppets here that your odds come up with that. And. When we went to Disney I just try every Euro in the park Aaliyah. And so so they brought in there in the mine happen. Well we we attach or do we took her right and yet and then we get to hang out on the field through. He looked cool rock for more ready yet and who else we meet. Mean we definitely. I got to launch all the players Q batting practice and meg. Any. In ice. I was talking and keep it. I said. He I said to keep it. Knuckle of my airplanes. And in it and keep it and that to me. What lit. Room I mean he. And I say there in each day and each day. Of course she beast. He wanted to be higher ratings drop rock's first movie's third circuit. And. It's. About what was your alias Michael that was the Omega Omega when he was the drug dealers and. Support and I Florida at all. Where rackets for a night and I don't as I want explained before nine and ten cents. It's it gave me leery you be doing is different people and each had a few last ones I've. X went pretty well. Yeah pretty much it motivates Mikey did you chores Sunday so it's so bad that we do go private here. But diplomatic security service that came in took as it came out of this telethon actually really has spilled Guillen in the head Boston security yeah officer. Saw Lisa loveliest love did you guys did and contacted her and said we want to be a part of what can we do ourselves. To do some great stuff for kids. So another awesome experience. So the Secret Service took care act and act cool wouldn't it looks it looks good that he does there's a mile. He looks great we've been on back on treatment now for a year when we Iran lashing it just started up again which is really. Hard to know we were going up to climb again and but here we are a year later. He played baseball he played all star baseball. He played for coach of the Matt always kitchen and kitchen and he's getting ready for their grief and he feels good and you know physically and emotionally as well. They weren't on at the clinic. Yes Ewing's sarcoma curtain you hurt you can't Carly yes we left Carlin as spray lighter ball isn't I know and we've talked about that supports a scary one when you hear circle yes indeed makes me. But look at her speeches yeah it is you can pass Tony hits one million so like right. Charlie and Max are one million kids. And she's wonderful we had met her when Max was in remission. And we locked in the clinic and I excuse myself to her mother and that's the kind of community. The Jimmy Fund is and you get to know the kids. And there she was you know after day treatment and she popped up and smiled and reduced herself. And she was just amazing you know even when she wasn't feeling great since you're on treatment. He has just you just this posit this upbeat when your front of us there's more time because. We meet obviously there's lots of parents guys seem to have a good attitude does any of government true. As a family. I've had two losses the only way to go through it. Life is short everyone deals with challenges right you know Kurt you are obviously you've. Recently had some challenges that have been on the radio right and so we all deal with Sox comic book yeah. An epic common among ugly event happening but you know we don't feel it's something so woody woody unity. We can go negative we can be depressed or wicked. The positive and in battle and and try to try to solve this disease and you know I I've been listening the last. Barriers so in India has been a lot of positive stories right but to your point Ewing's in this are Coleman's. There's not as much a positive story so it's great we have fun stories but people need to understand. Formats Max is that the cancer right it's it's less than 50% and you know we see Carla this morning and you see Matty. That's just not acceptable and so we got to find an answer. To the disease and there's there's answers common rightness all on. Hopes to accomplish that with Max is cancer. They're actually trying to get a pediatric trial going in the next year you were able to actually kill his type of cancer Ewing's sarcoma in my house trial. And with coupled targeted chemo agent which is huge so now it's the funding the time. On to get that in place in that back conceive. Hundreds and thousands of kids' lives over you know five years then so be it. That's tangible things that folks in Q seemed deal on the radio and so. That's what we take everything we wanna you know Max deserves that Max is a beast he's a tough kid. You goal for hours getting chemo and come catch five in the heat at night baseball. And a did you know he's been through a lot I mean China company your old take pills. Drink drink tough tasting chemo medicine. On. You know sometimes an hour just sitting there. He drinking it and and Max just finds a way he gets it done in. You know he's got a little routine now at his pills says what he's saying please. It. I've yeah he says god give me strength five times in a row he gets out of bounds and so. So we're we're gonna be positive and we're gonna trust that everything as a purpose and and so we're gonna win before. As a key to chemo pills take the place of drew is on it what. At the beginning. Again with how great the Jimmy Fund is in Dana Farber the goal was when he relapse let's keep them out of the clinic as much as we can't we want him in school we want him playing wanna be normal. So we started with a regimen of taking. Four pills a day drinking a tough liquid so that we could be out of the clinic and then after months and months if I had to feel what signals pills Max. How has it taken when I take the four pills and capsules tablets. Not so very it was hardly keep that we could be that two hours staring at him you get him down and come back up so. So his doctor doctor Daria said that's fine if with keeping you find IDs. Let's see if we can try to intervene so now we do we take daily chemo pills and then every four weeks to go to the clinic for five days again intravenous. IV or write what we're happy about is. This trial just opened a year ago. Because of that funds raised the patent trial start. And I am right now he's been stable for six months I mean we're not remission we'd like to be an admission. But for right now we're stable he feels good on chemo and at some point. You know the toxicity gonna be too much so what were hoping is that this. I'm inhibitor that Michael talked about it could take years to come to trial and hopefully with the funding. Can fund their research and connect with the pharma companies so that we have other options. So hopefully get intermission Max. Can be you know where had you secure you look like a bad ass like that any of Malden. How handsome you which he had everything he could go to no. What's the next big thing for you guys unseated them and what's what are you what you want next what's the next request. When will let me have the flight Disney addictions. At all to you on these are you want me to the people with a matching our yeah have evolved warned them coming out there. We're in line there please ask that would be a thousand feet right now usually rate in the line with your favor right there. And it. And and pandora to have a light that passes all you and how it's pretty amazing and he loves you loves all the crazy right so go on with the wanted to go to anything and looking that that. Woman goes like backwards and Everett Everett Korea Korea and go on. I I just hate. Oh the Yankees that's afraid of getting our youth really tough but he's afraid of yet. Remember the idea for you to the scene ticket to break which overture. I'll read. There's little areas Carol. Like chocolate you know we tried them all throughout the day news illnesses pop culture. Yes yes wolf was significant one now it's let's go to our veteran TV you've recovered blown his new name. I puppeteer it's good to see you you know we'll see we'll definitely see and it shall we see before them and I commit to them.