K&C - Mayor Marty Walsh 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Mayor Marty Walsh joins Kirk, Gerry, and Mut on the second day of the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.


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Now we are breaking news by the wager on the peace option. Ted Williams statue there you vote Republicans that's a big Republican ticket a statue down right now good speed down piece by piece so hopefully that'll happen before the show was over board I'm just glad that you brought in via the Internet song was Hillary Clinton Sox picked. Actually appreciate that was I I really appreciate all. This guy's the best stats show statue ripping the house that Jesus that onions and you know we have we have those statutes you were down in city topic hope hopefully we'll just say that let's put it you don't see that happen there is something there are some does that is a this confederate. Monuments on one of the islands its state property. And it's been out there it was out there for the confederate soldiers that died and some of them now about bury it but it died on that okay so much or the statesman quote you but if you saw it happening I mean you saw going on Jupiter police stepped in to let them do with these guys do auto we would we were to move to accept you know properly. You know I think what would happen last week and policies it is awful tragedy for families. Who lost loved ones it's in state troopers and did you know if that was going on it would have gone up to they would of crashed. The new young woman protests and no solution to the street when the countless that that's that's that's often as a country. You know we based on. Freedom of speech that's the beauty about our country but were also. With that speech should be inciting riots and you've said to these group. There's groups assume you're not welcome don't want them and you can't stop now you know he can't stop them and I think that. Today this morning actually about another few minutes the thrashers meeting with. With that group west it will lead author by the way such as meeting the group of the so called free speech groups will meeting everybody to let them know what the rules and what that. What the implications will be if they break those rules and rescue people not to bring him back if there are actual comment will confiscate the backpacks rest people want to bring sticks him. If you decide to stick with that we've sold it to all of these different things to make sure that we protect other people on this what happens is. Mean when I watched what happening current bill. Town council should be. In the little kids. Shortness of tickets these both sides in. Mean something happens you'd want to dirty part of viewed it. Use these extreme fringe groups are creeps we have much Niels as a party you'll couples saying. You know Wilkins the speeches now welcome to one just just. Commitment for a minute slot to make you comfortable to addictive they are people in the free speech tonight that actually. Believe what they say needles thorough meaning that they believe in some of the things that they're opposite. And I don't think they want to get that by. Nature's. This group that's got to Boston on Saturday. They've been in Boston before. They were on a comment they do demonstration. There was no problems. You know we've been monitoring. That in turn to ride it like it is now and which seems to be a whole different situation I think it's a whole different. Group of issues in Virginia the Boston. Does that mean that some folks in the ones trying to create issues that that could mean the issues can be created by and excitement. Commission talks about so it's time. There's always protests fringe group within eighties I'd protest that is not it did talk a vote freedom of free speech did it too. It's like problems that we have to watch on on both sides that we don't have problems ports and everybody's going to be performing for the cameras now and that's that's that kind of become trendy. And and I think you have. Hundreds of counter protests for every protests began for him he hits it in Boston to Tennessee. And Charlie Baker said yesterday that the cops will not stand around and watched. You know not to go out there with the way we operate if you. If you want to artists too much about it but the way you operate as it is a much to please use the with a much has bicycles. About the pedal bikes. They they go with the group signal into assembly wherever it is we will make sure that that there is separate groups it is more than one group. And we also make sure it is an issue we will make sure of this process smaller group we will get them out of there. Before that's a problem so note no guns obviously knows sticks sticks Tiki torches policy towards baseball battle snack packs. I recognize that backpack you know. And on and all that different stuff in there will be working on probably. You know you were you know way in to wave of protests will be it will lead to kind of sectioned off quote off. It was you with the other people's sex or we just want in the comic. Andy area capital goods and you've learned from gel as a white I think I think that what size you just I think the police where from a lot of eyes I think that. You know after what happened at least and in my tenure as mayor. Personally it was the commissioner mr. Evans went from occupied moss he's good to us oxy he's been on the job over thirty questions. In the league roster of over six is expect this team. They've seen everything that you can imagine it and they work without a police departments on the country to ship that practices and what they've done on. I'm not concerned that an Alamo obviously concerned that's optical Saturday. But hopeful and I have full faith and confidence in the ability of the boss of this department to make sure that whoever wants that. Rally on the comet they can do peacefully as long as they stay peaceful we went from you think. And we watched a ship ship the press conference during nine month watched all the news stuff last thing. In view we see tweets about it from sites and extreme but some people are not so extremists while people were speakers for Obama or an administration. Who say this do you think that the present United States is racist. I can't find an audience that I don't. I don't know him well I know I hope he isn't. I mean we all hope you're and I mean I think that I think that in some ways his words. Please do certain groups of of populations of map Americans. I think mom I feel our presence for does that. He's still in campaign mode. To some degree. Trying to make sure these with a five's pace and he has a different base than what I would have as a true and I think that you know he his base is expecting a lot out of him. Just like anybody's basically told them what he sees basement I think it from space right now edible meat epic from space I think it. Dissatisfied guy Wisconsin national idol idol wickedness. Range all right Nazis. You ought not I'll take that I think he's in space is also Sony's tide of of government subsidies side of supporting. Us wants a wall you know right now all that's a place to place a different piece institutes for you to trumps pandering to use the question. Enough but I don't think he straddles went I think I saw I think in his comments over the last week Casey's. He's he's pandering to the extreme right there's no question about it because he came up the first day. And if you follow the script that is no second day of compensation but he went off script a little bit and saying Canucks won't groups and there. The next day came on condemned. Neo Nazis white supremacists and what happened. If he stuck to that he would be fine in the third AF CK about kind of who taught you just can't you the president and it's America. You have to stay focused on message in a way to say yes and the TV shows. That I hope that the general Kelley with the people appointments they use the default script if you saw that neither the state of the he gives speech everyone thought. That was an incredible speech. And OK finally now this guy's gonna suck presidential that mr. trump said the next thing I pretend the real the real trump is in campaign mode all the time having real trouble is always a group of flight the what was which isn't good for the country and it's not with the tactical when we saw what happened last week it. We see what's gonna happen this weekend. And again and that happened last week it would happen anyway present. No it would happen anyway put put up put his words he needs it needs a trying time people think he's empowering these people he has he has a question about this is your day it's it's like we get to below what it was to duplicate my date book before it's not quite my today. People feel at this verdict happened yesterday apologies to welcome in exactly Boston does that state that did not do that yes. That was not what this about in is that the union members a lot of listen to the show by the way. They should be negotiating and trying to work. On gift to get on jobs like that he does this verdict yes it was not a green light to gloat and in attack in the people that you were embarrassed. For you union problems with some moderate some of the world's from the threat I don't like that's not my way MS style. Wherever in the building trades mean. We worked on its network minority partner on the Friday trying to put communion it may mean jobs work with the I think that that the picket lines that yeah it's got a propellant. But if you picketing the job. I think you've already lost the job it is to let. You need to get the job before the line in that that's probably happens in in the sport if you pay it any outside you lost. I'd. I know that's not what you're here over here at it no you this is your day front page Boston Herald topic but he had a picture. You look at the big smile and eyes yeah and then you can follow that was yesterday's picture and rhetoric I yesterday. And that happened I learned I hear yeah union thugs were times is that a lesson on market that when you Lester has just you know and you'd have little that audience members listen to show my all I know all my daughter called hey guys pickles like that you voted to. Did you I mean. Let's face top chef. She's pretty hot I wouldn't wanna mess up her pretty face that you guys were threatening to force I guess. Do you think they're we're planning to vote for Tito Ortiz and beautiful for. Though was. Well you. That's right the boss it was. Sales. This incident happened. In Boston they talk about Boston market I was on the show. I was in show if you look at the history I was in the show they felt it bosses so clearly. The purpose of Tomas on the issue campers. And I'm just to see this and I got a couple more it is such a couple more cases but after the election and Collins. It's unfortunate. We'll see what happens and you think this will change the way I don't know guys again and that's something union guys it's obvious to the press maturity translate it's probably got that that that people I don't know if you people that people are the ones threaten a Boston. But what about the ones that we don't mean that Jimmy Carter out under what about the ones that raise money jobs. You know there's a lot of good people that are believable that are all about people register editor because a couple of individuals that it's lately sing. That all talk shows because it was they show you get beat every day that you guys that bad yeah well we are encouraged. We've just yet don't. These cars are so you know some loose ball and we'll have figured but you're here obviously we appreciate your religion means just mayor ought not to be there offs have been lucky person protest that Jimmy Fund is an incredible place as cute that is for. He said it before it came out. Burke hopeful mystery before the old clicked back in the day. Him to do my life you know obviously it would be standing here today it toward the great people Jimmy Fund. The work they do is Nancy boss and so. The the prize fund. It's whose talking about the cancers cancers all games ago. It's just incredible with so what's in Boston have you here two in the great work hoping to people. Also to work fine Q. And everybody listens today as. Jimmie lost it right and I was it is cute that died. Six. You guys. His mom want to work so. It's not it has a good experience but if we did find. The model lives saved. Also when you step in accuses the clinic ones there. You know play in games. That's Lindsay athletes from people coming up seven audio can really Baghdad. It was a it was amusing beat Mosley the cure disease talk radio that if he was on crutches. And that's him so it's all on the service. It's. Audio the biggest thing. Architect. It's like that we we were law students seem to everybody the mighty blow up your sports picture alzheimer's effort to answer about what we now know that it is that debt and watch everything policies that we had we just an Obama. Miles Goldberg who passed away their past few months ago. So. Called missiles Muller coupled with that. And he's amazing yes well those pre game in any athlete or anybody does this and you guys Tuesday. I can think that you know I'm asking you today. Might human interest in the job that's not me my children. But just remember some days if something happens you accuses him of Afghans. You want to be able to actually placed on Boston that's if he's asked to despise. If you would today also. Enemy in my foundation. 885. The nation. See what is going to be in small bills. And it's built twenty. Classic somebody with a figure of two. That is awesome mr. and I it was accurate picture I think you're gonna pointless he just over and over two million dollars over and else. I think you money on music from the studio business guy and as you guys hit him chat with us to do that legacy straight and don't bring those union thugs was scared to. Stops stops of opulent that you're okay. Does that. Tuesday gloat chwo uncle practice losses this that's LA can enjoy all the benefits at all secured it. I think the mayor.