K&C - Michael Wilbon is the latest ESPN employee to inject race; Michael Holley derails Keefe's interview 12-7-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, December 7th

Hour 3 - Michael Wilbon injects race into the NFL's handling of suspensions. Michael Holley comes to the aid of his "buddy" Michael Wilbon and completely derails Keefe's interview.


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It's Kirk. This country doesn't wanna see violence the level that a college bar today if you hit too hard fifteen yard throw him out of the getting normalized suggest that they went on record before you start up our football I get it I am yeah and I lifted we're gonna watch a watching I loans god bless the Palestinians and god bless. United church with current committee the running who'll go round as to how quick you were going to try to downplay that how can you literally put in here and know what's gonna Google health is the sport you know agree to disagree because that's only because droughts forest for gun don't get so defensive about this happened to be critical of the colleagues writing his. He got a story you didn't opt for one half miles like well let's. They did in in your head in the mock world gets away and pray about it and Gerry Callahan. You don't think wrong was racially motivated and what did you know I know I know you did but I am curious why would you point out that one out of out of nine pounds he is the next radio storm Boston why Michael why do you. You point out you lack the power player right. I pray every one noble. Important it was easy to see what's he like I'm sure your want to. What question Michael why do that if I thought. The Sports Radio telling you. Gerke yeah away hours. Three is going to be great make sure you pull over don't be late and bring it day. Broward three other Kurt thank I have. Hash tag them for. I was getting very excited to big big day if you haven't heard it's Larry bird's birthday happy solution they eat. First burst through the legendary. Nobody's. Pearl Harbor day and had a birthday is harbor six years ago today more terrorist attack him now and it's reached keeping in the commonwealth we have celebrated the life rich keep. And I was excited for our number three and then everywhere gonna eggs and now we have to watch carry eat. Hard boiled eggs he bought a regional I'm about to do you ever not eating. Snack yeah. You've heard this I mean you know work you know that thing they see like a lot of small meals here that he does just forty senate scientist. He had a good first hour terrible second. Well I'd let you know I'd get out of the way I did what Michael Holley didn't do you're role I got out of yes we bowl we'll get it together and said go ahead Kirk lose your mind. Before we get all that stuff we're gonna set up again once second I you know I'm fixated on the Smart Brad Pitt and no one else cares for me again that. My source told me that rob Bradford among his friends. Are they call in the not so he was to defend Robb is a troop Andrea. Yeah Richard whose frequent guest podcast closet Friday and understand what that meant whose picture ethnic. As he is just that guy he's a friend of rock Fedorov yet so we had he had he's got a call in to defend Robin they pretend you're somebody else electro cutie is nick from west yours was a fight about. What the course of course the right and rob downplayed run pending court right away to draw and into relic. Was mad because of that they follow up not good enough I'm coming around your way. Lincoln snobbery carriers I'm the guy no manager noted they get a new manager I hope he's a crazy drunk as and B interest and but he also had fun yes and he has. We can use it to the gym victim anti drug resigned as an odd front we don't hear also that McNamara was it was a crafty he was mean. Well unless of course Sarra. I want sergeant for ghostly. Sickness office after the game in the little press gathering Colombo whiskey pour himself like hot summer day to include telephone along a whole warm glass of I should remember what was protecting animals are wild throw this ball pour himself a big tall glass of warm whiskey in his that I say. PSAs or he wants the laws of some of Bob Ryan last night alma no day. In and which is owned by the wall birds that are you know the restaurant all red river Alberta just one word. Almond over I think it means like nine gets across what they burgers very very. But Ryan has had a beer there were talking to begin people haven't I was think that however this boy will be nice just to have won one side when I stop beard to relax after pretty trying day man. Works on on the it's any different documents are solid idea deserves sides yet. My pin demands on the east village commands some like that idea right and I spear and a good way to finish that. Let's let's stop and it was a Coke plus. Burn with the African. It every time with him as the early in the showed Eric Taylor declared that life without sex and alcohol is better and be amended to plot why what's the difference. You hoping this can your own man and it's easy room intellectually. You think life is better without sex problems yet veteran teacher because you're not to support it would alcohol obviously. For certain people's curt myself the ramifications well there's consequences as a multiple do you and yes multiple being one couple years ago for cash recent that was the year ago tipping point right that day -- can do this anymore no it was actually Clark united were outed maneuvers or your followers or why would you do this if I thought that Verizon was the reason you know well what happened when he was driving in the next morning we get up with her. The garage. Did go to negated that would to spend too much and into my head was telling me and I said you know what I'm done. And that was it. I'm I'm done and went digging its sex. Well offer it at first showed it was really check this out with a couple of I would like to have sex because you get married just doesn't happen as much and and I feel that without it when you come home from dinner unity to a for the weekly general irony you're tired and thinking he'd be sitting here. But it wasn't so rather than deal with the disappointment. In the disappointment throw my life when I thought just maybe tonight maybe deny the I just to forget about it it's easier you don't stick your cellphone that's that's the point way. It is it is she's getting a bit about the author let me ask the man we get those one night stands to get up the next morning on dollars and lots of different outlook now on how do you now 53 and holding you. Who's fourteen years younger than you yet his wife had not had sex and the child was born almost eleven months right and didn't have before that that's that's an issue would you say. Ireland the only guarding a guy 39 and having just how does marriage for. Oh that's like OK to find this to fights I did you have to walk you through this case nobody I mean we used to watch your wild man noted at a registry you can have some people would mean sex without our strategy. No form Jerry no form the stop sign and I just wanna be clear if you back up that's. Why that's critical talks about it is what clinical what do you gonna talk I just talk about sex and use. Clinical terms state that. I don't you go to lifetime. A do you want to rent it for nine months. Eleven you know there's still Cotto is too extreme only affect this whole thing is too extreme Gary Gibbs of sex you know because it makes life easier. Harvey Weinstein takes injections in his growing areas so we can get going to be that has agreement so we can get aroused so we can rape of women I think I'd guess he hit his wife or getting along fine. There's more rain gangly situation generally like Agassi sale she thinks like. Sex and she's it's. It should cease your you know we get a lot of great and I love birds a year ago Gary we'll look like come noodling do you do do you spoon. No additions of on the audit those trips. It was meant to get New York's rush your columns of this year with a colored Warren Moon. And let's get back all made the point it's it's Larry bird's Brooke it's sure is Pearl Harbor day but more importantly it's rich keep they were just celebrating its people who did a spectacular job in the interview. Albeit brief model one you and eyeballs tuned in thick and he should be all of us. Because and could be some friction white community that I can light I was even thinking about all in the and he will on in an I was riveted from the start till Tuesday here I thought you I thought you mostly would be. Killing them. War it's and is that it's. That would by and somebody did but it started out right from the start. This is yesterday's interview with Michael hall Lee who was not my call he was there with Michael will bond. Who was rattled defensive insane. Conspiratorial. Act so when can we not rattled on the rails. Ready to get knocked Oleg raging ball itself part of the famous senior Reggie ball within your legs are shaking you told us ropes blood everywhere. That was will bond yesterday because of Sugar Ray thief can we do. Was just just ready just ready delivered the knock out punch guide. Can we play in the segment from PT I first got access because it will Vaughn was running from this heated online take credit hour wanna own it at all which was kind of a good bit and recall those Puerto. But that is there's racial politics of this. And that is that you have a lead which is primarily black. And more suspending black players hold on to win a white player does something holy word you give them in the least. Pox on all sluggish and I think Ford is riding their head of a black player into it I wanted. They injected race they injected racial politics. And will woman's right there with corners are absolutely he said you know logical only nobody throws Kornheiser and be sure us Jesus he sure does and they they point out. That in in one thought. That he got the least possible punishment. Com and you can come to know the conclusion and then that was because he's white and he heard a black player what do reverend Jerry. I was gonna tour it's causing interference that you might not available I was it was at the crackling and Campbell yes. Really each of Franken it was just Twitter and look at articles editor Mike you have a computer and you have to we have tegra all can the second eagle meters both the rest of segment he could talk is Mike and beyond. He's going there now I am I'm going to race there optical image around these eggs and there it was a team as it was really nice sweater. He does not is not leaving his legs completely and another chance anyway. So you're right to do jury duty in the Jones talks with lawyers in the bail since it is a machine that causes acts in the future dirty politics she it's a switch and you can hear anything static unbelievable. There has been working overtime and try to book about it I didn't I didn't know agreed. I that's the segment for PTI that blue led to these so we wind out robot arm which for the than any wouldn't hold millions. So I get in the car at 230 action for about Obama is on that early. And I hear him I'm amok to put on right to begin its weird dale must've taken a break right to 25 so at 230 will blunt interview began. And Michael dale here from the start to show yes let's I was there because it started off with a back that it. Michael will want to ask you guys why does the issue of race only come up when we're talking about the patriots. It doesn't you guys only care about it when it. Deal with the patriots. And did you see the gronkowski played the other day in in issues of black and white. Did you hear us say you let it did you did say drove the head of a black player into the oh yeah. The ball first of law. Tony brought topic up which I know it lulls to a lot of people. Up because they'd like the black guy Tony brought it up and I'd been assured creek. And racial politics and every day. And I've been on this radio aged eighteen number a year and ask you this same question and answer the same way. Twenty odd that a little bit today and twenty odd years and now. Race factor into everything I don't want to hit anybody say I don't think color could that the damn lot you can choose to heal real. It quick crated quick break. Alassane I look at issues of race and color all the time we discuss the morning and he shall I grant you that. Well to gronkowski yesterday or or rather on Sunday I didn't look at that issue in Pollard. Act at all any former fashion nor by the way to anybody else including Michael will want when it happened first curry but he says that is lighting. It didn't it wasn't a thought I mean there are some people it is in Wyoming professionals like Everett probably thought I would think Sean Kane and talking by people but it. Good point like professional race hustles seat everything in black and white. But if the more than ever and ESPN it's almost like a job requirement it's almost like when they check into that punch into work they have to. Make everything about race. I think will won huge to be an independent thinker used to not fall in line with the with the smell hills they're doing up it's a question I think it's a little Stockholm syndrome he's at ESPN every day I know he's not in Bristol but he's got to that he is pinned. Affect the seeped into his brain and turned him into another one of these guys who sees all through the black and white lends. Which in this case on what you it never I mean on the of this without a Beckham and Brady could tell it. You know he has been gonna make it about race of piece it together to my mind you reach few days is way past he heard these fools. Kellerman and we don't you know and it's Stephen day and so many others making it about race. And whoever who wouldn't who flocked to bear. Baron and uses for them treaties whose baby is white whoever thought of his race is a. And also this you know all I know will bond knows he's wrong as opposed portrait a spark of good points too Smart again. It's not that the dummy we had on yesterday you pick your picture where Sean Kane who's the other guy Barger Damon Jones nauert any of those guys. Those guys are those guys are all making an up Aaron Philips rivers and chuck Modi on oh yeah all those all those guys are clowns at the after living will doesn't need to do this this beneath him. This is argued beneath the Michael will misfits in a political solution which it will one off blows away and keep asking the question why did he say wait play blocked polar. Which I understand what he said why did he say he said it because it was part of a narrative in the short of the topic it was the reasons we should ask it was a stupid wasn't having cork these shows to all the time there are obviously all the time do you do you think that was racist effect tomorrow. I don't open on set but that doesn't mean you ask quite overbought separate line because he gets up the week features on the show it's not it's nice being disingenuous he knows he's wrong post. I doubt he knows it's not real argument no I don't think he does at all I think that he believes it there's the top force is used in the show but can't I can understand why they set it that way pick. Think say that guys like that as black which doesn't matter and no one thinks of matters. What you have to explain to me where how this comes in the play of what how is it a factor. That Barack is white and white is black. Hmmm and you think it was a factor in the decision making process when the verdict came down when the punishment was brought down no. When I do them what their players in the league that think that it ones. Think that gras kind of easy because he's white short think that some players believe. That okay who said that analysis Musharraf came from but nobody nobody nobody sent rags correct looking eagle police any player thanks I think probably some do. An accent too I think plus think quokka easy I think there's some peoples of why you look at quick witted old Udoka who sailed overcome. Wouldn't have now are you know every item on Brady right. Right if you said Brady in Sadie V he made of the stupid run and it was ridiculous and in the non comps. But another knock on its only get into that he's there are probably people who think that Rocco because of what I set I think I trust avoid products should get two games crashed three really really should get a digital and other images and it's your fist would you please billion Mike that's really bore. OK we get to Keefe. It. A little. So you're making it very clear that you don't think wrong was racially motivated and what did I know I know it but here is why this. Is starting obviously partly because I didn't you know this is to be an easy question I didn't. Will help keep your penalty is huge you should thank we'll go ahead and count but I'm curious. Why didn't point out why Michael why do you point out active player I don't want to point out a new layer right I quite right. No I don't I've I think I've taking let her work on your want to ask you a question Michael. Why did. Single question yet let me ask one. Bit OK let's those guys I'm asking you questions and you know why do you know what why did you point out. That wrong. Elbow a black player what what was the point that. Part of that dynamic. That's the dynamic. What up what do black and white. And white. And I don't mean you want to let me answer the question did you add. Yes the degree. Right. I yes that would be great yes magnetic bit. The dynamic he did it and we talk about the politics of race you're talking like candlelight now why don't white not black and black. The most part due could be an exemption or situation. Action is among people not in a way. Disliked player and again you'll god and about newly reinstated about the Patriot League you'd. So. You don't get. Eight white player being suspended. You and don't. Mobbed and other on field activities previously. In 80% black league worst seventy build whatever it is. And the white player being brutalized left in this situation the politics of how do people burst speed. I do understand that I don't know I don't know what it is you want me to say. OK okay all our aggressiveness I I am I it's it completely hold on hold on if we get the transcription that sporting a McKinsey did and transcribed a for the second look at it. May do it makes sense it makes absolutely. No means perfect sense Kerr what does it mean god knows what planes is what I say. The discussion did you sense of classic but we're not I guess yeah I I like that I have an idol runner today. A there was. Go ahead explain because he tried an extra alerts and get ahead Ecuador OK so no. What he's saying news is that because of old white player committing this crime or this this this. OK good very. Nervous. That's God's I think guerrilla war in general I'm liberal I find a way of saying I can't you you can disagree though. And it. What does it can disagree that race was involved in this gronkowski situation or what I leaked and it wasn't okay but that is the question is due to some yes you've already said the reason you it will not agrees that you don't edit doctor Z did he does have the same angle he's bill said. I don't believe that race was involved gronkowski. It was white but the question is as the NFL look at the white player argument preferential treatment over the blogs does today that I don't think pages. I thought he will ask the question and the question is fair to that will belong thinks they do. Off he did not say that overall he's been in every gust as well as I guess that in the guts of an indication of gronkowski. He said it's not the case. All right 617779793. Separate the rest of this interview the rest of tea leaf node two wholly who. Destroyed sabotaged took the took took a knife in that Greg got so that show. During a great back and forth you ruined every single ounce of tension in his interview play the rest of Keefe worldwide. We'll play all who root unit two reactor that would take your calls about 617779793. Settling your thoughts on this we'll watch interview. How we feel another ESPN guys. What is sort of the guts to say it bring race. In that a well she does Kirk he my lines the region again and kind of you don't pulls you Melville. The gold standard racism as the old story feel that tired already I eggs machine alarmed should and will moan she liked Keith I I didn't keep abrasion on keeping dale from jumping on the road map. Absolutely you know do we and shame on cue from the jump and down host. Correct yesterday if that happened between us that be an issue he'd be it would get ugly yes you would start swearing usual always 617779. Where about it earlier only one of us literally someone told you about earlier figures good exuberance. 617779790. Trees have your calls in more from this interview. Eight plus for rich keep F minus. For Michael Hawley we will rip Michael hall all of us one time we get back. XP's current Intel on Sports Radio WEEI. Isn't. Look prompted more similar to what Mike Evans did than what it hugely the Michael Crabtree did in my one on one game have been cataloged. A you know every county. Where it happened in a short period of time almost the back. And we're involved in something on the field that was ugly that the league found objectionable. And it probably illegal struggle with a it is and it is an old guys a Mike Evans only got one game. I don't I might get what I'm not because it doesn't fit what you're talking about Mike and basically look bronchial played and even when. I don't knock out punch who keeper not quite plus. But will Obama might have knocked him out of thinking ma. The opportunities to speak. Because Michael to do it and we're here I mean so he hasn't so well so keep this cease fire as well some drew Rick and who's your manager like Farrah was a national figure talking race. This a real ugly argument talked upper left admirable patents in real life. To these guys are fighting eat is ugly there's tension in a year the whole city has talked about Dale Hall he shall particularly rich keep this is his moment. There the balls he's grabbed and there is face right now we squeezing squeezing squeezing in who bails on Michael will bond not Tony Kornheiser. Not about money Jones not some ESPN. Its own T eight is teammate Michael comes and puts the S and takes away all momentum all life not that. The unity that point eight plus rest of the sucked. Right I mean would you disagree. I would not disagree was very disappointing I was like you I was tweeting about it I was excited to. It was great writes our Michael Lester good question but it was not properly time. Actually what originally defense for all business I mean I just there's no use for you he's been that clear in the past that what what what is going on here. I just. I'm telling you how I honestly feel it was it was time but I do think he has figured Quasar is in its conquer the caucus family Daschle today on Holly's ninety midnight she showed us dashes that's when Daschle suite today it's the rest this. Ash we've zeros right hash marks an error but yeah that Mike Tyson should else going to matter is that that if she while wanna. On the three hour show hall is honestly yes he's he's met yet today addresses I had no idea do we know. I don't know will note the Celtics roster particularly but for now I'll go to talk with the Celtics after I don't know I'll probably. It went for the sees us. You know Kyra to go over again down the stretch and that's kind of the way it goes it so. The tensions in the air as I said it is ugly in a significant joy love mysteries coming out more than patient care I am what Gary's not been five years. Fully garage drive around car. But he's my hands and I are yes so I'm moving around I tweeted before you did though it is a record Celtic tiger was like we all strapped. I could feel in year I'm thinking this is going to get we are that the blood was flown out that it is we want question is getting. Now you know unfortunately usually I go one question too far right and brooding iterations of the forever. But I can feel that question I know keep wanted to put the hill on will balk as well on. Was raw really real and real Obama was wrong he was right there is no racial component here. Will almost trying to run from the people out there and I do no wrong who knew it was wrong for their the race I I agree with the for the race car on the table finish and ESPN Biddle an area have not been able to explain the ration coupons and articulate on this everything else have been very articulate this went oh really yes yes my view of goods saw Michael hall he's got a sex during this crazy fight in gives us this are really important. Kind we jam. Michael were you when you talk about these topics in your Tony talk about these topics on the air. The racial dot ever racial politics of the NFL. Do you hear anything from the NFL are are they sensitive about it have you heard from you don't have to name names but have you heard from league representatives who say. Take your ride on or. You're way off on this on our whole. That was a great question. That was secretly glad that you don't think that there you know I Daryn I was him I do what's why isn't it because. Because I think he wanted to know in the heat of a real fight note the assigning what you did -- and it's not only time an automatic question all the match solid that's all about race I choose to evaluated in furthering out by the way you expect will once again you have the commissioner calls whenever we do advise you reportedly tells me what to say I know golf with me heated rhetoric I thought it was a good question here do you hear feedback you know as a possible options are you hearing that there is an up rise. So we sat. The question wasn't if that one's surprise with the next question after that is keep had to be segment on can I get in this again can I jump back in here. I feel like I can be very real with you earning you know why I went out to you. More than Tony I know you. I. Don't I don't. Actually. It's always I don't know yeah. You know. Lying like that back I should match you answer really answer be real with each other what's he doing at this point is doing here. Do we have any supplies any of these sources close to keep get was hey you're what you're just doing putting your hands and yes they should abandon Jerry your blood pressure right now isn't by the occurrence for this isn't the guy we have on smoke the joint in his mother's basement is a huge national something lunatic some web stock color system. Michael bleak and will block and we could tape was bleeding how he was always with lying in caught in his ass was caught in keypad and pinned down. And Michael came and rescued him. It keep an had been African hammered because they're kind of friends for example that his opinion that you know friends. If rich keep pressing Michael shot your freaking god damn mouth again I hear it's my show and not or stupid. Beam me alone and it'll be good spot here learn you've never done this before I actually could create some buzz so he never done in your life. Sit there and learn take notes right to be pushing for once this interview take notes. That's that would set bill like Tino put his finger in your face threat to me it's not what you gonna say F off I. And I just that it is ask you quickly that we got the clock we're all over the place now the clocks on a lot of yeah. In in New England in this area and you've been in this area several times. When you talk about sensitivity when you're here what a major anyway this penalty is gonna say what can you get into it and I want to hang up defend that. I get distracted when you heard it before or does that make sense of we have lots of calls who have to. And nobody. Will mom going to ban will woman now is the guy John just call we have we have all these calls take. Sigourney did you hear that last question while he pursued their way to jump pack can't take your money they can actually my position of it erupted agent Randall thank discussed makes the most sense Jay is in Randolph AJ. They would respond. It's quite. One. Gary should do the rest of the show from Jaco closet you're in which dude that's your me. You. Need I. These guys that Iraq injected racism you know OJ probably isn't that he's in his grandmother's basement well on. I think this is true racism you know policy in which innocent since saloons. It wasn't white they even mentioned in you know projects I think that's a problem. Welcome freemen have an awesome interview a few years back about sixty minute that we were replaced. Just don't see in the black guys I'll stop look at me it was a white guy and you know everybody thought that we are racing go away soon. While there he is they would never ever allow that we got there were you couldn't inject race that you got them back at them and you can you can say. Either grown occur in home the if this guy because he's black which is absurd he says the refs didn't call didn't inject them. Because he's like eight you could say the league went easy on him because he's white but you gotta tell me who's that is is that that Derek. Brooks or echoing an insidious you or Runyan or judge could help cool. You need this game will belong permission you to say you can ask us questions which would will once did we didn't want. Well look on that's what they didn't show where why would place. What did he say brought he's sick. Tony Kornheiser says Rob Gronkowski. When he Bolivia elbow on white. It is our bonds at a black player OK and they brought it up the political dynamic that's a good product pages are quite Jerry you certainly can't carry you only get hurt the creators syndicate. You didn't say. It's not right it's not correct. In the debate but it right to bring it up without a boy band going hell did we like LA at the right to bring out and I am I finally got to take mystery Isaac closure artisan between the a if you think we thought it was against the law from the brings up on the question how's the house or lose you guys it's it was a ridge who has race do you think it's a rich. I think it's inaccurate data to reach I think it's reasonable bring us is not who was inaccurate but when you reach to say about raw means like its just there's no chance of being true who has the person that party who has raced there in which which player which the principal has race in his car. In which aspect I gave the names of the wrath. Well gronkowski. Ice. Derrick Brooks who thrash I don't I don't John Runyan and it beat OK I think will bond thinks led to what it will on say Bob pointed out that the white guy got off easy look at marvel race in the art which he for Michael will. Do you care what he's accomplished no no no no no I don't I think he I think he was acting he was worried about or concern why you brought my will not play out that the white guy gonna be easy that it's possible it's punishment exit. All the way it. Yet I couldn't be bought the nuclear agenda. What's the agenda or any agenda news. I think to try to make. Will bonds look like he's rates paid what he is he isn't he can't find himself on national TV so came on Boston and he pretty sweet talked about other teams talked about Boston Boston history geography and history boss or read this again. Written policy ought to Russell and also six Chicago I know it very off with a thoughtful conversation that is chosen the card geo. I got W and so I'd listening rebooting the interview you know hearing sort of on this saying about how it's only a boat black and white. Not about white light black and black that just so wrong for a diaper that don't know anything about this issue. Race of the politics of race that every new deal with the way that everybody treats everybody else and just about white people treat black people. It about how black people treat that people how white people treat white people will bought at a it will book etiquette that's straighter and with all the credibility on this issue and what you got the. I think you're wrong I don't think on the gronkowski care what color of their region and I don't and I also think Willie on. And again I I don't think Jon Runyan or whoever Derrick Brooks cared I'm doing is no proof and it will bond. As society going in into the is Trammell hill Michael Smith and bomb on him and guitar and all these folks he has been Keller and Stephen A where it's always about race always this is a perfect example because had nothing do with race and to assume. The Rob Gronkowski. News black and if he's what he would do it and then to assume the NFL. League office got together to with the departure and lighter because his skin is like he's sorry Eric I'm peace I leave you why one guy gets the least possible punishment in makes the comparisons for any and probably get the least possible punishment if possible to be fine my favorite legal wants it or nothing at all that's I would I local guy that of the leased or not I get fine but you'd least possible punishment. I thought I Poland's and a few easy. I thought we get suspended he didn't not for second and I think he's I think I would a lot of notes is he is he really easy could be knows he won't look at his fame has increased from Cherokee is like Elizabeth Warren as compared 6177797. Action required to open right now continue this discussion and more. When we get back. Wins most listened to morning show. Sports Radio W weak guy. He's receiving corps is very different. Julio and Mohammed or is there any risks and adult men in a void that you go and I know it's Boston Gordon Hayward looks more like Larry Bird than other players who obviously could never play in Boston. That's right the gold standard racist if this happened for real and what's. Life can. Yeah it stopped but in this there's racial politics of this. And that is that you probably which is primarily black. And you are suspending black players hold on to win a white player does something hole we weren't you give it you delete. Possible punishment life in fort in writing a bit of a black player into it can't be bought this. I don't I am I am out. AL that agenda is viewed as rich a wish he had more time to talk about it because hallways sabotage it and stab her to the back he never spoke again a part of that is on keep obviously. I am very comfortable saying I know I'm a much better person talks in the racial issues in Boston and as Michael will bond. Or is gamma avatar or his Gmail hill or needless any anybody there I call it well I mean he's been here for a long time actually probably not. But Michael will Vaughn or me talking race in Boston and go with me at the two mile life. Not even a Dublin I mean. Will on you disagree with that will one may know. You know took a pretty. It's obvious serious position on this. And then ran from spreading to the promised for a dog eat and literally says he get the least. Punishment possible after driving a black man's head into the ground but Kirk you also sense injecting race I wish that gesture. That should factor when their men beat you but that's quite a black oceans and you know it wasn't it was when Brady get punished it once Alex and I support patriot. That's a terrific terrific opportunity Blackmon for I think I think did the same success Bill Belichick was his coach and eat and have a good graphics a couple of ideas why do you think they were black guys speaking out about it. Because he's a patriot. And I could like ice it would it felt that they had been treated. And just by Goodell and then on race he really was gonna do about the white guy now sort of sort of came to Brady's defense it was a black eye on this black guy who won force rubles or wherever about it and organize Telefonica and I just think justices get out of during the Tate to satisfy a part of that you Tomas the all that stuff right most at all it's all part. I'd putt well on Tuesday. Debt early in his career use at the garden in need he was victimized by a racial incident and that Hester and I think that we expect thirty years ago I understand. But I think that we expect people who experience today Tedisco federal off their back I don't expect that you know I expect to faculty and while they expect him remember I expect but let's get out but that's critical when your brain should access to okay affect your opinion should be a factor in this. I don't know politics here okay well that's been he's been compromised so he thinks because he got called the N word in Boston the Derrick Brooks and Jon Runyan are racist. Again our clients French francs or well hey frank. Guys and we're evaluating interviewed well I think that there you got to completing an especially. Kirkland used that word to use the word. Institute to I don't think you're able to our the difference between being. Built on to win. The elbow from white Puerto black player which I think we can all agreed that she shot a total question. There's no reason to believe that that was racially motivated and I agree with you got grit and later the for them to actually analyze whether or not this suspension. And a lesser suspension compared to other suspension of black players that's totally fair game in my book until Kirk I don't understand the ball indeed. OK so nasty when asked you frankness and asking you frankly you're gonna get time and asking you is. So the NFL guys got together and you believe that they had eight points OK he's a white guy let's take a one game. I think I don't know it as much of a white. Their conversations wonder. I hate that so their conversation did purchase that you the only question that that matters when they brought down a punishment on crock. Was race a factor. Yeah doesn't that why is it a hospitalization he feared to have conversation played in its divisive mean the competition ends right there when you say no it wasn't a factor than conversation is over. Isn't it there's no atmospheric. Can compare. I don't Crabtree in and took me. There's a previous history at those two they've been warned about have been discussed and they violated the NFL game two games Mike Evans is having similar to gronkowski Mike Edwards is black. He got one game similar to Crabtree to leave things I for an riske pointed out. Is in no way similar. Two to what gronkowski might Gibbons it is similar he got the same exact punishment by the way so that the lead in Crabtree after the appeal to rock appealed. And I'm guessing because they they realize the rock. Might have some black relative weight back they denied his appeal right I guess so what's so frank if it's wrong if it is no place for does no racial component here. What is the conversation like where do you know what's fair what's what it would mean. I think you know but isn't this stock and trade I mean this is exactly that it would you be content you don't want to talk. Different colors that's a different conversation you see you're you're you're inflating what do what do you getting. Our contract frank I'll ask him the question asked earlier do you think astrology was affected him I mean really guys sign you know there getting Netflix has played a role I mean what fuel was astrology a factor and I'm gonna get shall say no. So then why should we have a conversation about astrology. You guys talk about reading all the time I don't think it's a surprise. That is that the type of fodder especially when we get a little bit longer in the news cycle on this one but they're looking to introduce it and. Okay designated Franken is I mean it's not ridiculous David introduces the next morning giving you agree with us. Yes I think he their complete. I agree I understand why they're talking. Solid iron shot under I don't want want to thank you write what makes you want writing ERP funds are analyzed Zoubek Perrier our guys here are trying your argument is that they've they're allowed to talk about who disputes that. You guys get mature enough. It's what you could bring in you can disagree race baiting it's bringing up an issue of race baiting hey Perry technically they even these don't hold glands in Natick excellent. We just saw a couple things one I don't understand why it failed product only gonna start up. I was a weird start I agree at all of you want to discredit it rattled solos the new president and school them will blind eye to eye and you know. Iran will bounce or worked yeah. Parent of but it is Israel equipment truck the issue was we were probably in and he got a moderate ropes and of course probably introduced all the other stuff. But it wasn't until the end wood dale brought up play and acquitted Barkley even Crabtree haven't done a report seeing what are questions that have been out. Yeah they asked the pay debit they got to it got too and you know you bring up facts like that where you bring up the Mike Evans stuff Wilpon has nothing here he says. You know law I don't know I hear about the soda candy and Tom Brady are intelligent and where. You would lead doesn't like it tried to move on in those guys but do dale pinkie really pinned him down all just to try to bail. Other ways it's also a guy who's never really confronted on his opinions on whether they're around you talk for ten router or not so bad Tony wrangling could assume cinnamon and I'm going to America lost in the put things on their faces in the great show. It's a wonderful show you was a great show when the hell if you have watched it I don't Washington likes fifteen years and he's pretty good it was kind of fun when it started was different I like that first anything else Clinton unlike earlier position. I kind of doubt it. Michael pointed that I would bail out at the end resilient our problem it was trying to get it up quite quality and if there. Well that's also on rich keep the rich keep I believe is gone through puberty as Harrell was body it's up point yes a no no Michael shut your mouth. And part of the show to Yucca do you know who broke Finley would use your full name. Daryn Ali we've reached keep track fuel to this thing with will we are friends if you're really French summit begins the fight in your friends that's over. If it matters that much good to be friends of Michael will bunt more than the show more in the great segment he should quit the show be friends of Michael that you do your job right. You know better job. But honestly do you think. If they fight and they hang up that little one that he would not be friend and a friend anymore I our four come up six point 77797937. Badger cut ten west they questioned the players break and I gonna answer when we get back he said. Why he wants to explain why didn't wanna planes some from the globe and I just reasonable question it's a good question but I'm gonna explain it we'll answer that and more to get back to the stories what's that we wanna find out why Kirk is full life today bring it to me by voluntarily showed it and Karrie show was the star of the show you you you've done a great I mean were you on a jury duty sequel. She's. OK who is a carry the show yesterday just mostly. And me and the guy who does drugs and eat pancakes and and may what was his name and JR cancer you like susteren lost the show that both gonna find out why Kirk checked out how did like the baby. Like the blink of I'm instantly penguin look at them over there he's been electrified and it will also play ten was a guest appearance on oh yes sure that a slowing yes we'll do all that and more our four comes.