K&C - Mike Florio on Ron Borges' false report; More censorship of K&C 2-12-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, February 12th
Hour 4: Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk on the Borges' fiasco and Ken had a brilliant Celtics take. 

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With the current committee ahead and Gerry Callahan but Sports Radio WEEI. They want them all wrong about them asking I said. Given a few days we'll all understand. About the decision better yet you know after a few days have a few stories break maybe some you know some rumblings. It's eight days after. The Super Bowl loss and I'm more confused than ever piracy taken at face. You know you're just and does he was good enough fine. Then 11 coach who just in the second half. 12 and put him in there for a play or two or three and see what happens you can explain them. Anyway. Mike Florio is from pro football talk is joining us on the line and you will this Turkey in there and you with us and Mike what's happening in this blog guys. What's a U nom you and your guys your guys have written a lot about this the story kind of broke right here Friday morning. We're. No Ron Borges at catfish by nick from Boston. And you're guys you and your guys have pointed out that is it to a long track or a Michael David Smith all my right David Smith. Yes it looked as we got catfish by border's right I woke up 5 AM getting ready for my show at 6 AM I saw the link to the board does article. And we. Presented it to our audience with some skepticism because for example the money line from the story about money as a relates to. Tom Brady's contractual expectations he wants upfront money similar to what. Jim your apple or sequel nobody knew at that point. What grapple received and I don't know what upfront money means that's a term that never gets used in the NFL contract. Context it's always signing bonus full guarantee it signing cash flow the first year two years three years. And maybe that should include borders if he's got somebody who's supposedly in NFL agent using a term upfront money that typically is it used. Maybe if you go down the rabbit hole little bit deeper before you go with this but I had questions and I had skepticism about the story before it became clear. That he had been duped by somebody who who happen to get his cell number to his. Boards put it on Twitter imagine that but yeah it was it was a crazy morning and an exercise of you know what can happen to you when you're so determined to get to print. And B first you could see in those text messages he was a sets with having something to push this envelope. He wanted to get something otherwise would have gone to a Peter king of the world. And and any what he went with it without. Being completely certain and and now they they they still have amassed three days later if you are now what they're gonna do. But you mentioned their times you think he's he's plagiarized from the past and so it's meant that read them as well on site is the only story boards used in and you admit smug and well also. I mean your awareness history going. What what happened what what I'm aware of its history when it comes to. Past allegations of plagiarism used to do a Sunday notes column for the globe and he had at the bottom. Of it. This catch all of which essentially was a license to plagiarize which said that. And I'm paraphrasing it material from this. Item has been taken from league and team sources other beat writers at setter at setter and he would use things in there without attribution and that's what got him ultimately out. With the globe and that wasn't something that just happened one time that was how our first became aware of him. When we had started 1516 years ago somebody said hey 38 items you guys had this week. There and Ron Borges Sunday notes column of no attribution averaged out Doumit didn't go well. So that's separate apart from actually being flat out duped by somebody and having somebody contacts you and lied to you and falling Ford and I think common thread is laziness. But you know was eleven years and he's with the Boston Herald and it's you know it's a publication that covers the patriots and and ye ye give it a certain amount Craig's and that I was skeptical about the gist of the report. I don't think anybody is in a position where they say hey you know is there a chance that this is a flat out phony made up source. I which I don't know is worse somebody making up a story or being duped by made up source I mean one in item I was just any other. Is he still partly due to sports I think I don't listen Bebo melanoma make it up as much works muscles subsite BB I being duped I'm saying is the right like agrees right now as a reputation you know you're watching and I need you like gullible it told to put global outlook it's a bad a question what hurts Ron the most I think news. When he says sources or all that bad then you get the world apply that that becomes a different issue. And that happens so often and I let me tie I I don't wanna go too far down this rabbit hole but I know. When I mean there are certain sources out there. Who will. Text to multiple reporters. Something. A transaction. But some item of news and you'll see it pop up on Twitter feeds all within three or four minutes of each other. And I know when I see it and I know it's coming from one source and now see other reporters say her sources. And I know it's only one source. And and there's a subtle. Added hit of credibility. That comes from adding ass to sources and I think that happens all the time and I think a lot of reporters don't appreciate the new once it's just when in Rome. People say per sources so I'm gonna say per sources. And I've always tried to be as accurate as possible if it's multiple sources I say multiple that's one source I say one and and I agree with you. That that's where it did cross the line because I think it's obvious there weren't two sources unless there's some other fake source out there that we don't know about. I do it sets a great point Mike because I don't think being catfish being duped is a fireball offense. I'm not sure about the STS is problematic obviously there's no explaining half a mile high because of its forests and as we've said. They don't and some other random person is not good new but personally doesn't exist. Unless there was another text message hi hi hi Ron this is Tom Brady. Right I'd have thought I talked to Don and eight C wanna be like you know that everything he said is completely actor. Eight we we got asked as I said before you put you on the line here. Eight days out and we still don't really understand what happened. You know me you know Kircus and it's a football decision that doesn't make sense to me because they were having so much trouble in the secondary. It called for eight adjustment call forum a Malcolm Butler do you understand do you have any theories have you learned anything more about why Butler never saw the field. What my reaction was in the immediate aftermath it's like the old sitcom formula where in the first ten minutes of the thirty minute episode that would be some incident between two main characters. And the first ten minutes is one characters version the next ten minutes is the other characters version and the last ten minutes is the truth. The problem here is we have butler's nothing happened we're never gonna have bill Belichick's first he's never gonna come out and tell anyone. Why he did what he did so we're never gonna have have it framed up so we can figure out what the truth made me. Another coach told me not with the patriots but with a another team. He had to be disciplinary or he wouldn't have gotten a practice reps you don't waste practice reps on someone who isn't going to play. And also adding to the sensitive with disciplinary. Why wasn't he enact. I think you add to the discipline by forcing him to stand there. In full gear raided ago it's a message to him and it's also a message to everyone else. We do things my way around here and even if it's all falling apart even if at all going to hell and plan B and C aren't working. I'm still not putting this guy on the field. I think this is about making sure that anyone else out there who may have known what Malcolm Butler did whatever was and again the thinking is it had to be disciplinary. That that no one else does whatever it is that he did that got him. In that position where he's standing on the sidelines for the entire game even a Super Bowl 52 is is slipping out of their grasp because none of the other. Quarterbacks could cover the Eagles receivers so. You know their people who believe that they win the game of Butler plays I don't know we'll never know. But at some point you have to say Malcolm get out there and try to do better than what these guys are doing. I'm secretary Cheryl talked issue and I'm sure to get my for a pro football talk. Cleans up on them with the attitude that I'm doing your job is nice clean line as gonna say it's a great speakers to get them on the line. Best and I was here at us and having astronauts had to to cancel that. Now those university of now he just threw two hand tuned Iverson cancel its okay so nice to cancel its finding good jobs I am you know. Butler. And that's gone nobody nobody knows how exciting okay. Okay so the guy who washed the windows knows much about couples as Mike Florio. Probably had like four of about about a bankruptcy yet about where he's I think obviously we wanted to throw and I'd wanna fall and right now that users or call. Yes and it was a good call the phone when others are still and he's still a talker it is still at Parker as much as you would like to. Focus on you know your petty little green called purity OK it's clear that it's one big sell pot with the resentment hand. This year. The new contract on months I'm done done under under army contract situation now you can laugh Chris economic point 03 months. Big. It is you can you are you amused not straight yeah awesome. He can do. Just get used to that's that's good news dude beeper in the morning poked and intimacy. For Jerry wasn't too doesn't want that's okay. Now you want this child window I know that was. That was Lauren commentary and edginess of Russia. Who you want more than we can ensemble honey I don't Gilani. Pretend to be edgy and just do my show and then we're told not to so that's fine. Chris thinks it's hysterical. I don't care what's funny real. Well I was a fund during a funky that a year. Why it's a and him eardrum so we played the Benoit trop that annoying after a fine human understand why it's a funny. I don't know I what's funny about that Heath Ledger said. Had blocked indeed it'll be at the point. So. Now. Canaries pathetic occurs wanted read your shares of cardinal Bergen balls and got semi real mamet said it would never been scared but he's just that. For game you know public use one I heard you were not a Glenn patched things up. When I heard the sound true to collect them. I'd she's will be fine he's the keys to that it doesn't matter I've learned now. It doesn't matter that he tries hard you can which it used to be friends. Re friends he you do he tries hard you can you do is gonna show he can get great ratings in no matter where you turn just beat these beaches. You know or back left to right. Now has his head so what we're allies in this place not I don't look at it well I don't even Jerry obviously Jerry's. To extent I don't think he was as much saved six months ago. Just to be honest I mean what. With that I do in the ensuing 6%. I don't you know it's not it's right you are you've your survivalist and I do I survivalist. I sympathize now with pebbles marvelous packed like canned food empathize sympathize for people who were in this chair. Who had their backs that by now more than I did see 69 months ago I know. That's you would Dina are you talking again you know these are back on television you do tell my friend hello. I talked to about about. Ten women's tennis community were talking music he's departing on BP futures stab in the back. Say amen yes he did you teach it is certainly a threat doesn't selling Gary I was Jerry's my ally in the building I swear to god my status and and its. I'd say Curtis. But they don't matter they're powerless can tell you what San management now. Another mr. Mann owner but I don't feel like it doesn't like they would summing up there for two seconds and only Gerri Gerri big thirties tend to. Sure cash aren't sure Ben would lash himself to use tens uncomfortable at this whole atmosphere in fairness to cast a veto he's told don't talk for radio talk be the next Mike and Penske once we once Borges talked for our brightened but that's just circles what text that you Saint Paul heard him talking about him tried turn on the radar and talk about defensive defensive efficiency in the NBA it was a terrible. Lot higher Tomas you have to soft collusion without dozens of I was good that's a little bit of Buick. Can Tyson you enjoyed it. Yeah it's not good those are the same thing now there. Not that I really excited ambiance I love it Ann Alberts was like it's I was just watching my phone only started when I started my defense of Borges some light winds are Americans so what is our area manager and you didn't text me a little disappointed in hold on. But that I saw a Twitter might of Smart squeezed making these thoughts public rehearse I was so happy and met. I I believe the quote was I could listen to this all day might be the best boxing writer in history that that's why she's agreed to never abuse just along for the ride in one don't use those guys are. What he has some I don't have the inside he worked at The Herald that was kind of my issue we should have write more elbow he was he was harder Borges and analysts will get huge it's twice as hard. Yeah you are in real. But but he's right I heard line say this or you senate the good ass at the end of sources for. Florida. Or real but it's for Rio whatever foreign Tony form among conservatives don't say don't say they're. My he'd say we should that the justice of the where there were no ass at the end of source you say cook a boss I was dumb I was only about stupid should be gone thank. I'd still like nick in Boston davis' real. Let's see full name as if you're if you're these journalists at this thing this act was so heroic you exposed you that he exposed lazy journalism probably let us New York. He's not the story though you know John you know that he's just the guy wants he's part of this Ortiz in the story. Borges is the story but nick is that he plays more than just a small role comes in it's it's right there we can ask them. What's your name you somewhat intelligent game. I don't know if you are willing to ruin the guys who are named and orders online and John Bellini hit on this card it is true this is bourses all. It is sport justice fall but this other guy it's all in the name of the guy Hoosier sourcing and wrong. That's why he and I as far as I'm not no I'd never says it's installed but even that split but that the Democrats. My fault that's a hustler gospel though this one is not possible. Hold on my situation was my fault that's why it is under that area gonna get anybody's name. This one is different this guy intentionally misled him and it is gonna result in him being fired you're right. But this story never should have made print I'm not arguing that at all. But I am not absolving this guy and not. What did you tweet about him he's he's a hero or whatever he's the honored as he should be honored Asia about it bishop I'm not I'm not well you're you're doing if he's if he's gonna be on and we should know we don't name. Many different monster what do I know a little less than they like to know not a perfect name to occurs go to Israel is a so why I mean who cares who use its not on this if Rahal largest losses job because of this a man I want where he's elevating jointly. Melrose Larry green real mainland all right Paul call CNN like in the middle of crisis and if we get guys are real and what are the guys real name that you need you bad information how does that change. That's a totally separate thing im not talking about that I'm talking about this guy with Borges a public Doris Burke communities and kids on lap Pierce's kids that is obvious pins on her lap yet. Yes she was it was a first like kids involved anyway accusing general. It's a full flew in its. He goes swimming swim meets and ride the soccer parents of its worst paid you enough you know procreate why did and I was able not to and as a miracle if coach were able not to analyze said that he's not element and I thought I was able now to I'm spoke. You really captured. And what is that like Florio whatever people's as a call to all the time when American is not solid defense and yeah you by once or our troops yes. We should do a rematch would hit musical the it was a hundred tracks are trying to track track right. I chefs are tracked. That's something that happens would attract attract jeez it's like when we come back with the latest endgame he Martinez and the soft collusion do you believe the soft collusion I don't care. I get a minute and editing amass an amateur baseball and corporates. And out. I don't I wanted to Iowa and protect what I did what he can enter a sound you know there's this sort look at resignations. I didn't really want to widget which I was kidding that's like me trying to stay out of trouble we're not going to we're already in trouble we're gonna grow our communities and today we're leaving it. Poll. Indicator I don't know I know it didn't do all day. I only alone you know but I can race I can rest some grab some sausages I can be back image is that for your fault anyway. It really bullet for you like I said two hours ago. All right 617779793. Cents. A what you guys call right now and tell me why you hate deal holly Keefe 0154 wives and I think we feel better. For 10 o'clock PM when I say I want 54 lines and I was left listening I want five polite tell me why you hate that program and why you don't listen to six what's caused me in my as a ball. 617779793. Semis in full ice. That means fault lines understand purse to understand. It's taking those calls Don yes six point 771 of them right tale several well I don't know six or 777979%. In the windows genuine. Jae Crowder was awful this year. Not not even like shooting wise is three point numbers are way down. It was a decent three point shooting here that that means that Stephen's got the best out of them defensively look like a mean Cleveland is 29 in defensive efficiency. Ken Mok so Porter director said you can't get those calls for a Brett but just to guide their fewest in the world we live where for a couple years ago to run mode to do things most of the way we wanted. The lead to a lot of success in their defense. By keep forgetting what number of we've been for the last four books. Number one number one okay distract via last week we was at fifteen is that right. And some like that in his eyes and ranked yes circle I don't you know focus I don't get access to things that would get back to you select company that's and dignity and after tarnish or no matter targets are revenue target certain I think as we great nobody can Iceland got Imus as a. It is funny that it times you know you blame the person that mouse impression that we know the pressure it's like with the the Boston Police had taken a lot of grief from both sides. It's on one side you have the people think there was you know whenever insensitive pajamas I'll -- the world timing but the other side is genuine with that side that thinks it's offensive to tweak some already now about a Black History Month they're making an update I just saw it but I really thought balloons between don't dispute around removing my mobility and -- allergy elegy is it to apologize apologize character with allergies right. And apologize to people of allergies and that the of the thing was there's a cal territory allergies he has a Blackberry allergy and throw blackberries Adam to try to poison and they didn't want kids getting the message that. If you're in a class of acute with a peanut allergy don't fear him Pina I think believe me if you're a kid like I Ariza who they're well aware of that. They they came they don't when they are but you can agree for a kids movie it's kind of weird message ever you think you need to like really if you take you can see that you think they're going to do that school may be. Good. That you are my point is that you watched that as a try to explain to use options and have been on the air together five years on them. Wednesday Thursday when Judy now have almost made it. Almost made it I keep expecting there are times. To bow and I want him and violent what I do for. Does this ring at those a little awkward you know when he builds on his lap and you went that a police boat and undershirt that was awkward. You could probably see Whitney Houston didn't we almost all eyes you're befall your question is no doubt. It out. Well we can. Calls and dale well it would still take calls by Brigham would choking to show I mean Jesus wanted to block favorite calls on the line here GM the wrestling goon what's up Jim. Acre. Lot ma credit for the adult doubtful all of our gorgeous and you should run that. OK because I mean. Along follow but I was called into irregularities. And there. This 35000. People on the on the radio in this guy can't get a gig anywhere he stuck to English and each column most suitable only come on a Saturday morning. Excellent point B gym class and the Nazis and feel better wrestling and yeah. I Jim thanks for me to feel better and I am just harbor separates it. Does that ever get horror stricken state but they make it feel like you're never in trouble and whatever and Larry goes out to lunch from the callers and that's supposed to you know find the balance is pulled through view little I have a pain. This is my balance or field there's a balance in an analyst Matthew I think on balance I you're talking about yodel. You audio got to get his answered the name that I go to Los a massage political balance he should come with me some time a balance bars Gillick couple's massage out of Florida. I won't amok on the floor of your enemies in place for the I mean that you know that place to go bust and yes I'm formalized what time those people are very nice I remember Austin I said hello how are you they said hello I'm fine how are very good. There are going well the suggestion that he absolutely fine that's great. I said the year of Asian descent they said yes I am as a matter of fact that's a fantastic Cassel why in and we talked and I left it was a really productive conversation you said when its Chinese food show and I don't like change it as a matter of fact I wouldn't mind some marble and easy right now possible to find the place. Not not to Don I'm not open pronounce it correctly and Remington associate Monet's elements. So when I smoke but it is funny I'm looking at from on again back to the Boston Police mixing a lot of you know these things lately these. These battle over political correctness and you know what's acceptable and unacceptable and they're taking heat from all sides can't win took between town and apologize. And I think the heat from the people who find it. You know kind of week of them to bow of that pressure. That's stronger so again that's genuine my greatest thing you doping the other side as genuine by side they say no I don't believe anybody by the way did you read all tweets about all just. These things red and a white guy citing much of the I think it US vote it's east eight of them talking about the that's ignited an eight US Bill Russell if you just Bill Russell dressed Bill Russell and red are back be honored Black History Month advocates say you know again. And it's actually good you know that you can that you can honor him on March 1 I think he's really January said disagrees always been first credit him. He says he's huge apartment so. It's OK 82 I agreed to should be mostly by people I agree. To produce exit occasionally like a guy like a quarterback who was hugely influential drafting Cooper first black line up first by coach. The way he treated players in Turkey trot which she will miss that takes us all of that how announced all of that's that you can't wait to play one Black History Month which is tied to honor and whatnot. Black history on a person's well you know this is a big part of asked her last black people feel now I want to ask like people. I mean it's like people to but it might if you if you I hate to say it's not a I don't mean any offense but you sound like such a racist right now. To us on our mind and this is making the city worse I said yeah man I can't believe that eyes etc. and I am not gonna Richard now back with our back in 606152. And stuff like yesterday I got absolutely or hotels review board they would. You know he's told stories of play digital source Ian Jones and Russell. Where they said no you know you'd yep you know have a check points in Ramsey guys are all welcome charming in our backs at it's we're getting tactics real balls. I don't think he gets enough credit for its credit I don't disagree with any. I'm just saying tickets Urlacher to due to injury report month. When you're Spezza history why I don't why don't we have to black if I don't want to lift on a black people black history on it and you're right it should mostly be the white people right who are nice to black people I agree to I was so I'll miss you nights that you would be offended by any tribute to Branch Rickey. And Abraham Lincoln yet Abraham Lincoln. Yes definitely knew that puts us all sterling was named Arnold's final asking so Texas southern what's his name Don Haskins on Haskell on us in another goodwill what do diverse group. Each shepherded page and he. Eating much of an honored Black History Month. I would I draw the line and that's true we should still want it say racism abolished in pollution controls a lot of this is money and tomorrow and now on what's coming to displace together right that was all that was valueless stands up and it's not exits points together I understand it may not know about that between the contention you know whoever's tweeting from the Boston Police Department. You know that Nolan tension there was none of it's it's. It's flat it's it's about a poll of all I can I mean look I've got a great losses on I look at it through the first hour so it's kind of audit tool like I'm like instrument and then I saw another and then you think about it I guarantee you. I don't know the man that we talk to Russell hates me he should arm like instrument he's a big part yet but don't they base it but it's just. It's a Black History Month and that come up with a white guy like it's just that portrait and tell us what you're doing that wants public is from what he was stork. Would say it would reduce store nobody in his hip surgery and steals it. But it's like he can't we just on a black people they're Black History Month is that will now forget to satire it's a hard I don't wanna do it. I'm gonna do it 617779793. Said I am dead set against black mistreatment there you go Boston Globe. I'll say it again I am dead set against like old Tito Jackson is not only offended that they. Paid tribute ran over the foreclosure notice council the council into the shortest month he thinks that's offensive. Although that's that's not anything they should do in September under days or 3435 days or should stretch him. Take days away from another millimeter it eight relate everything for years they don't they cholera because it's 29 days to make. Clinton directorate. It's we appear most. Elaborate. Fine that's it for us from C tomorrow morning in the big guys up next it's it's.