K&C - Mike Francesa returns to WFAN; Meek Mill is released from prison 4-25-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, April 25th
Hour 1: Gerry and Kirk discussed the return of Mike Francesa to WFAN and Meek Mills release from prison. 

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It's courage. And Callahan. Hi we decades jedi Knight is out and is there's there's no. Over so it's I can't say name coming I didn't look at a team on the road. Rounding third could float plane is very quiet time it was and justice. To play as aggressive on your stupid with Kurt commit ahead of what to expect hockey guys like. When Anderson has finally find they'll take shape now at the mouth and we'll get to get through those front you it is true if you can't eat she goes anywhere. About does the rest. At citizens feel games in the post season you're in trouble who got. They need girlfriend they need somebody and Gerry Callahan bio video. This decade or my time work like the city you will miss you. From the bottom line on a look. About if you do that and then all of a sudden change minus five or six months there was changed to fourteen. Goodbye tour. To sixty in 26 came out harder drugs like just let's get to it on Sports Radio W. Two out. It was a mess on through this faster. That's I would my god yeah. We won BC I think that star tribute sing this song you just pick tomorrow is just. I just want the open in the it bump reveal what that we want this morning bumper music that's all right and the locals in the that's all it it's great. I was getting it. To mix it differed B beats you back there and do the mixing. Was it be doing he mixes Fuzzy yes emphasizes. We when an adequate we have got an answer yes everybody would have beat she does nobody knows and they and they say well you just an old guy you're white you're all white guy you're notes talking about. Knew you when you say what does he do in and drug goes he mixes stuff you see stands there and these two morons weren't even like. More clueless include the music and won't even did you expect person that would with the hope of course exactly I think it comprehend. Well then do. He sees it the sizes he blends. Of the you should really be giving it anything's worth anything until you fix that open which was raised that's. You're a little to. Sell. Out its great the guys self whatever sounds that article says it's important. Callahan. OK just just turn the music house that you can you do that means. You normally don't really care about the opens now you're gonna get while he opened go micromanage hello Matt mutt actually I was talking my gestures like the difference between the afternoon from the mortgage was crystallized by the opens he. Much had to me on the phone yesterday. If you tell innings and really cared about half past the open. You know to two things can really put worked in Canada skins that ensures the best. Yeah and what barges that take you to ourselves in part yeah. And we'll keep an cares about Marshall gear he's been up this and he's Smart we in most produces really really dumb. No that's a good job speaking of Smart graced our great debt markets. If they can affect. Mark and you know was markets like his comeback Olympia hadn't heard that's the box Cortes and tell the story out there and physically it's true it doesn't mean. Did you think you'd be that important. I was expecting I mean that was the big OC can you know play fifteen minutes. I heard you know come off the bench for ten minutes here and there may play point five minutes and 25 minutes. Taken them all up in the audience shots and dived for the ball and do what he's CFCs. These important GAAP. Beers don't put Wallace or for play well and although I do what I've I had one criticism of actions have a couple of criticisms of the broadcast us Reid progresses through OK let's start with the first I don't like that be chances good luck in the first half communities small woman to deal was and again. But why should we should flock to I skip. He did everything I usually do was wealthy and duke coach knows stock market Smart player. All right right which had a good luck to them what the hell you wish him for when's the last time you heard anything worthwhile Monroe's never whatever and national and local. Ever it's it's almost worthless you know whatever it is thirty seconds yes and obviously they have a deal with the Celtics are they can do it whatever they do it it's probably better than whatever for three seconds then they're good all the players are going to lock room. She Scalabrine fist pumping mr. walker also you yes you good luck on my nose like thirty seconds. Well when Tommy retires and I hope I hope that's a hundred years from I don't forgotten. Is Scalabrine get in the Cha yeah smacks of Albert I was Max was gonna move to TV eventually what are debt or how often well yeah I think. I know grade he wants to go from like more evidence I have my night going home as a young man was killed but let's just say might had to retire. But I know the people in the in. Comcast have no interest in Ingrid doing that they would want Maxwell yes so if you read Gorman a Maxwell will be good team wouldn't. Sure the problem that widget Excalibur he's the guy and yes all same exposed Nokia even now I'm intrusions she's probably the sixty true but I like he's in his sixties Maxwell never public thinks for talks which is a good feature true he would be just so he observed he says. Yes I do wondered today's culture of marriage better serve that's why a good question that's a good question will he get in trouble. I mean you put this week couldn't say if he said he's had their Violet Palmer. That's who was hurt him Violet Palmer who basically some eggs or whatever in the kitchen amazing life would be over well loved and I he's great but his life that was it was just joking around now okay that's all okay and I guess that the forget it W pretend to be outrage that's a good point though would be if you were on TV or more people watch and and that's known as the games now. Well we know we've been blow themselves broadcast is fantastic I mean they Sunday with all right so hopefully. But yes thank you best of most painful to watch like big games playoff games they've watched them and listen so they will be watched through acts and they will be a spotlight on him a focus on them. But he's never had before but I think I do think he's a little more analysts in a lot either and he's a little more sensitive to culture it was say ten years ago the climate or whatever by Alex Kelly we have that sounded a vial Palmer center. Alex Calgary's that bad you don't like completely personally don't like him correct but that bleeding is a little bit of fake is tries to beat Tommy sometimes ties to the little fake enthusiasm freaks out personalities talk she's fine. He's fine he's fine and Gorman great. But gore is the best ever in the city ever the past Everett. It did put out the best ever. Good Gorman and remedy together you would never had any unnecessary talk the both of them. I I love the bowl because the temperatures apple element tyra Meehan once so criticism number two of the broadcast last 8479. That play were I think Horford was late three point oh wait a second if I were waiting for a review and I don't believe me yes or replay I don't we've ever got a report. All the rights I just read the story it's not enough review oval. Okay I'm really not just the right to the broadcasts on a Robert C report I start watching the full speed you said the buck I'd venture was no that was a replay but it didn't instigate a right of the red light the other rights yet so I shot watching full speed up for short it was late I'd pick him I think Gorman was waiting for the replay guests and government laws but it didn't matter how is about regional. It's a good question isn't the most for valuable he's in the nation that's review dazzled likes it when you see the end of the game yes it's always review boy into the quarter but apparently. The only way 242. Violations review bullies if the ball goes it. Which makes no sense but it's because what the reps said if it misses or goes in Utah out of sync thing you'll play it hurts one's humor helps and other either way right. Why would you why would that case. More what's the official's name have a few somewhere. There it is my hour at an hour and my hours said not review mobile unless the ball a missed shot when it. And the truck and go in but those Celtics got the rebound. Here's where I saw this of the there's a foul in the rose Rosie percent you know and follow yeah right. Right get whacked in the and you're waiting for the replay annual waiting for them to say it was a violation in the box at the ball and didn't and they were pissed. They could play. That that game all night in the box market in on the two sparks are losers though. Which is huge three to I don't care the Bucs are better but shouldn't we gained six in the walk Bucs are better the more talented yet but that's it that's what a loser team does that culminate their comfortable. I feel like they have more talent the better and they just don't have. A plan coach Phillip apple I don't know offensively they rotate the ball so it was Middleton give don't shoot. All right let's of humanity are they where they spread with the Greek free do his thing with the great freak is missing one. Important thing he could jump shot here of the charities that promote the top high post or the topic on top of the key. Department's top rookie he facilitates. But you don't have to get down on him because he doesn't shoot so yet if you if you is a good Sheikh issue that Horford. Or be addressed porn world do that but it but it actually top of the key yet. He's a good shooter fifteen chance to get three right took zero agreed to zero. Zero yes took you it was a very quiet night foot G minus. Five for ten in ten boards. Nine assists which you feel now you play great fifteen Portugal and feel like he was so dominant would be best player on the floor of us the best plan for clearly. Was Al Horford was solution to this moment to just say who Malone is an idiot that was go to work lose some more on core being with Tatum while the two biggest more such as your Lewin core one Lou Lou Lou one to two bodies yes I mean honest to god. I wish Lou here right now sort of group is faceoff. Just bash is skull into the where would you rank. Odyssey put Horford widget from above burned Russell I would put the waffles shooter for. I am about what I do Celtics historically volatile which is gonna kill move from the rest of the show. We get it like there we cannot rapidly and political leverage now it's terrible it's as if it's race a defense I would definitely whenever I Texas countered a couple weeks ago it's are we gonna do some. Yeah. I can't wait till 10 o'clock and it calls of people call attack Lou because you think she's average. Well I don't think he dispute these can be a good as yours it's been great knees are great walked last night he was grace played great last. And by the way second as part the Celtics last night was Smart. And it's weird actually I had to shag I don't seven. And we don't make a big deal about plus my hosting the mark Smart would have like twenty yes plus when he was pushed to. And I guess I can focus on him every minute he was on the floor he played a lot as you point though he played twenty when it was a total of I'm positive she's yeah. But he felt like. He had a huge impact and folic Matt is a difference and was only plus two. Yes surgical team is useless to him play if it's his his. The other thing you come away with her rosier who's back essentially. Is it better player than ever Bledsoe who definitely know that star. Would when he left Phoenix and two in the Milwaukee Helio it was a huge deal. I Somoza Max contract I can you chip let's those. Contract. Bruce is better question is is better at everything and who's not as strong as he's on a bowl and if they fought and they almost did. Bledsoe would kill him as head off yeah. But as a basketball player as you know and what kind of facilitator. I am defender five year seventy million dollar contract puts aside the suns. Do you think I mean about it as but it was yours to make a lot of money's Rosie is he going to like command betrayed. I'm sure that's gonna work by these parties he's going to he's gonna make it Lama somewhere. I am not here. On a serving them now but agencies is better its as good he just changes the pace of the game. He just. Should he plays with culprits he shoots of confidence correctly you think when you when he was a backup but he wasn't for them folks wasn't on the would have. He be unsure from the perimeter a win is beating caught up player I think I've. These takes threes as much confidence and I thought when we're in Irving went down he can play well obviously Irvin butler's play it was a good players can make money for the Celtics lose game six win games that's sponsors and work. That's one to make one point eight there as one game seven you have a way that the guard heavy loss tonight you know lost tonight yes goodbye see you later again in my life radio preview of the game. Or you refuted horribly long retreat to look at Kenny would get sucked puppies all excited about what you do when out of going to be a lot of you do your job. Jobs with a preview hockey jobs dissent open for a show that's real Jesus so all this as an hour ago plate can. Yesterday a you do if I forgot that did you Noah. Did you know a candidate that I was gonna plan this agreement we talked to show we have some philosophical differences that was really born recap in the game when you say now I'd certainly says well what's an exciting Greek officials say it's my entire point. There's nothing ever. Nothing involving the Milwaukee Bucks has ever been really exciting. That one of those teams for just look at the there Boozer DNA for like it's not just there it is right there. That play a weird angle is only what fox politically lately mostly blacks got screwed now but there were down five points. And if they get the ball back no they would have whipped it around the perimeter told Middleton took her to go contested primaries and might go out and put. Someone elsewhere screwed up doesn't look like the Celtics are better coached and to think as this is a pretty good coach Jerry I don't know what does blow dried up twenty I mean that is adaptable take nobody ever kissed ounces activist and didn't Nokia. I mean you just series big publishers and their two best players that's impressive but they look. It seems to me I don't know how he doesn't that he skills. The level of confidence and everybody did you know. And Marcus Morris. Looks to me he's always. That easy to not from the perimeter enough from three point and these these steps and was shot like dale Ellis. Glen Rice you're way down watch him play a lot this Korea and yes discount you jump in gasoline is sometimes they get mixed up on his brother Ryo you knew we could shoot threes like this. Amusement from his whole career he has a check that I did not know I have to admit penalty for seven years. I'm not sure he suddenly because Brad hughes' coach is a pessimist Stepan a three point shot look absolutely that's how I won't argue that it's okay that's how it works other coaches would save markets as well we're looking for an MBA is because for eighteen it all those guys these guys gun that's not true I would say. And that's what we're looking for now we as a coach who says. Take those threes we love you from three point land. I mean how do you know. Here's his career he averaged. As a rookie won and free and another room doctor and one point seven OK with Phoenix my vote for a couple laugh about last year last year. Right yet more war last traded this year right. Four point publisher four point point 32 years ago may or might have been a much higher clip this year because he took with confidence as the coach told them. Don't be afraid. Two years want to share yours with the same percentage essentially fighters were shot higher note last year mrs. Kato just before much lower volume before this year but the year before the year before he took fewer columns and to pay more 18 picks in the orbit and west playing playing fewer minutes takes more freeze. I give Stevens credit for. Why. Allowing him the freedom of Steve is crippling markets march 30 threes a game if you want to god that would be down a QB does she would be ridiculous rate of about two dozen more doesn't like that. But Turco was in some movies and charged with stealing he's valuable in so many ways that he tolerates. Similar corporate. Well here's what's your take it means something you're the basketball hoop you're take is that Marcus or seemingly there was any other coach ever had lead suddenly has more confidence I'm glad Davis coach Wright will be on the right that's right it's just my opinion. My guess there's enough. Of course it is a place to watch and shoe to only give you something he's giving it to you based on nothing like CB to adjust I'm trying to make it does nothing for three at six based on watching him play. OK but when I was in my gonna go was coach at Phoenix I don't know was you know I really didn't didn't I just I guess I don't know such a I would guess I don't know I guess that's less because I watched the game one I see this guy. Who's a big strong bruiser. It's looks like I don't wanna lay out what she MBA at all 2018 can shoot threes I'm really. I noticed. In what I mean OK so if I give your page lists every year marks or so reflect on why are searching if bomb maker steps into like you know Greg Monroe. Right Greg Monroe comes out tonight take it to my takes like. 83 guess you would you say this just in the hell I'd always that's done. It's dominates summits marked I don't think it's dumb that Marcus Morris takes laws for it was a good shooter right he's a much better assure you that I saw really it's doubly good three point shooter takes three to dictate. I would say just how he's much better freak what you and I thought I know use government take action and each articles treason is it and is we're pixel shots he's outstanding Gundy was any different philosophically Lester Detroit and Bret Stephens I don't either I'm just guessing. I'll just guessing. And has good all these guys I think Tatum. And and brown have played a lot of confidence because their coach. Instills it in him in them. I mean yeah I guess I'd wanna learn with The Chieftains I mammals sick that you. If so do you watch is well known Ken thinks he's our explained to us. Rob a New Hampshire with and I hope I hope these guys I hope it fires threaten this. That you been sort of what he you know what do BP doesn't but he doesn't. The case last electronic they ask what that means what that means that. You can relate to all of you can't beat strikes and creates all. Or he also takes tracks on the people's music they create a fall so that would be so you'd be equity doubt. Electronic dance music and do Sicily miss the music. While he does he makes a lot of pop music tracks a lot of bumpy track. So he plays slate could learn you know and yeah Gordon and does not play a lot a lot of expired that is it your way. So he is an actual musician who actually plays the instruments. He played an electronic allowed them done electronically without awfully well. Every every musical music is electronic. Yeah. I mean is put together electronically a lot of does not want to musicians in the studio. Makes sense to curve you know. Occult thank you rob you know. No I I still miss them I don't use I mean I'm but you know that void when of these she's a best forever ago. That void to fill part of his film on the meat mills is out of prison I'm happy about that happen and yet my if you I'm with the patriots a friend of among the patrons to our friend is free. Meek mill is out of prison. I'm just gonna give me some advice because he's a friend who don't violate your parole anymore would that make sense I would say yes is your real friends like always. Kevin hearts and he's just Jules and beads and all of these guys or his friend. While they just don't. Don't turn from eighteen feet on the street again I can't pretend to know about this after read these stores that can pretend to know about this bridge judge judge Brinkley it sounds like she's a lunatic a question. Policies that he everytime he's on parole he gets in for gunfight in the airport by drugs or or my driving is ATV York city it's. This may mean I'm I'm I'm pretty crazy I would never do that for a probation among all pro roll right spot on any TV in and like. Lead the cops on the chase through Manhattan news arrested shortly after driving his motorbike reckless seniors the united prior. After officials obtained for the from social media meet antics who's charged with reckless endangerment reckless driving. I mean I don't know a fight to Saint Louis airport on that same year after he'd take a photo from employees of a great guy. Rep was charged with misdemeanor assault given the court summons at the time you saw provision that drug and gun charge that he I don't know. Maybe he's straight so will he be hanging out and parks are now it's it's I did the honest given. Patriots history some of these. Some of these things it's very ought to do attach yourself to lose a lot of people have it's amazing the more celebrity visits them. Andy's idea prisoner I can remember. Rejection check with our our management towards justice and it's good. Yes maybe we should do I don't know yet we the media to show yesterday or they said it you know yet the check now with management. Open before we do things on the year's idol out there well we're OK with the Celtics don't give us some Xbox breakdown. I'll agree that yes we're good and and put confusing me analysts who who. Who's Mumford productive. Now I feel while much of a party almost product Kirk when he gets out of the meaning you know and blow mammals Obama but I giving us the humbug stuff like either either just say you're our show you're our guys just get one I butchered into enemy yesterday. True but they don't wanna say the I don't wanna do that well it's a whole lot I don't that. Oh sure they loved him about ready to. I mean just what portions decision. Really see what happens when you try to put together a new drive time show they see what happens without our colleagues these are our I'm happy about this is a part of the it to come family our friends CEM and B. Colin megs and Bart right. On the street on the street might Francis back and that's like today my hearing now known among I don't know as soon as next week is the rumor. Next week princess who had his glorious. Farewell to war yet. Took Obama mean made made Ord where it looks like humble and show it usually Carnegie Hall I. We didn't it would mad dog picket brilliance of the music equipment yet right that's. But but he made a grand exit. And duke took a bomb that went on forever yes that was four months ago. That was. 155. Months ago who months gone and and he's come back today you know what else is gonna do take the summer off to Google. I hated us and it was getting killed mad doc criticized mr. Maddux on today right. He criticized him. I have no really no problem for princess and that's why some changes. What to do radio's board is like is he like a around the house but he knew different well no you know. Only eating know how bad it shows that's the point where they come back to what's it gonna pay you more money. After so the first show will take some crap in them. In a delusional to think he really good mommy makes money in whatever I don't matures on you whatever and and and here's what happens because this show was such a disaster that they replaced him with right as you and I knew it would be when we heard the first five minutes. It was ill advised what's on the stock that's the other thing before it be that's the other thing is. Novelists like this isn't fair you they handle things class who play that sound them reacting to it. The show sucks like it's never gonna be good they suck on the radio they have no chemistry was a terrible move. To potential together who get whoever did it does know anything about radio that's that's not CMB's fault I mean they know how many times. They were terrible mix that took produce a New York or voice. Put him put with a female because she's a female. Then brought in a former professional football player correct because you know you need to have that perspective and never even considered. Whether they would have any chemistry. Any idea on how to do showed right now again that's difference between say army nation which has a former football player. Two former athletes and sort of a younger. But it works they have chemistry gland is better than Chris Clark yes and glories aren't Marxist thought it was better than Maggie great whenever that schools and the ultimate trip all the mavericks yeah that's the point. Core but I mean it breaking each other's balls they have fun. In the division we've seen that show in our show did two shows and get our stations that are different. And they dish oversee MB is when the house was made issues he reacted to a gym here. Now between that was that we have that I read it I didn't hear their to their reaction to a personal right away on the number three days ago Kirkland said. Just give us chance instead of fighting back. When there were attacked by a predecessor and Garcia mad dog and others they said. Yeah us come on just give us a chance give us some time we just started when you're done. He went down with a whimper it's on believe and other news protecting our gonna move them to middays for a couple of hours that's not that happened to do much has to get their sea legs so get no ratings fighters. Right when they're gone and sold and will be you know two weekends or whatever seller charts in the same. You know we can really get a chance you should did I applaud intercom for this in an afternoon show that was not working they decided to get rid that's a good instinct I give them credit for. They had an afternoon. Are you umps are the guys in here that an afternoon show it was not working. So the decided to get rid of it that I get Entercom credit Utica eighties primed and ready to make a couple of was out for promote them as nothing to do it sure we'll know for little CMBS. I've got my phone will wake up our officials rule ruling. After their future. What do we let up to retire at. For she still have to talk like that or sit down with that to ship that she take lastly you can talk with a real voice now they fake laughter like that's a good question in the senate wacky videos slick that the electorate. Parts I was a do pushups at the break can. He's got that our guys Lou. And relief and they can attack people what's the blast guys would even defend themselves that's my points for some reason I think of because they former athletes on the shall kind of Yorker of Oakland is. As much as he annoys me is fifty times radio personality Chris Carlin. But imagine if they announced that out even though let's say I left do you have left and were coming back and taking over their show. They go on the air and rip offs is assured that's it with a loser princesses you what kind of data. You know how sympathetic immediately in place sound from his farewell get organ sleeping 65 years old a loser. I don't need a pathetic but stansted bill don't tickle some rough to fill in form right there will only definitely has some questions and we have sound so there's your reaction for submitting your columns bushel at this is why this isn't working. Well good sports or you'll know inaudible Sports Radio sixty sixes right now. I'm Chris she's. He's barred challenge you one up. 8773376666. We are going to spend. Quite a lot of time quite a bit of time discuss exports to that yes that we can promise you but. Let's obviously address these situation that's out there and they stories which all. Seem to be pointing to Mike returning and that certainly. A appears to be the case and look all we can tell you is this we're not going anywhere. We're gonna be a big part of his radio station for a long time and this is a business. And you're talking about someone in light. Who was wildly successful for thirty years so we're going make business sense. Welcome somebody like. But I know the people and again it is is that it. It's awkward. Split the it has been at all through the net zero is now. To drive right now that's good enough or possibly might identity of their I think rumored as an office of parliament not mistaken. Tried boomer got Francis is all laughing it without the vision video removed stuff. They kicked them out well he finished seventh in the mornings and tell works and boomer took some shots predecessor did it and they and and fight efforts as a fire back. But here's what what we're gonna listen to them that there's no it's it's awful away to school or else it does it makes princess of seem better than years. And if you listen may be New Yorkers have a different take on to your defense has seemed so boring I switched it takes calls. Don't know no real edge to would no real laughter that breaks down pitching changes. His ratings are guests are good but New York standards and a good putt but not by our standards. And he makes money. But he's gonna go back on the air people collect celebrate Fat Tuesday boomer dissent against them on fans back Tuesday. Tuesday hopefully boomer goes right and boomers partner whatever they wanted to GO disheveled who wore to jail if they really hate each other racial back and forth right and and Michael Kay who never be princess. He's done the competing station is any never be princess of the beat. OC MB elected to romp but hopefully he goes right at princess can leave it honestly and as Tara moved. Hire him acutely people are are criticized for bringing him back released posted about what they're not they they don't mean it. Because I know how to end and from the bottom I ought unloved. The bus she uses the slogan might princess a studio and now I don't know. Becomes an issue and we called the Crisco and studio Maggie Grace and thank messiah died trio last immigration professionally class each of his right away with this. Let's just to protect and so Richard this is this is sports mockery is not how that works in the beauty of it is that you would agree is that he can't hide them here on the air for hours ago or five hours. Mean you can't pretend they think it's like. Putting get a pony that can fool some people yes have a glitzy studio on the right you with a river bring in some guests in the a look at it and it's in their TV is a lot of in the room. Deceptions and arranged a match is a wholly partisan matter right through and we all kinds of ways they can spend get a radio is different right. They can hear you doesn't matter what you look like fake voice only goes so far eventually you have to have some substance. He could be a play by play guy on the fake voice is all they do was tell you what to look at usher Maggie racial lovely person I'm sure she's a good writer were never what she's wearing this. On the radio. Chris Collins awful on the radio Bart Scott says he doesn't care so you're done about it air quotes waiting in the field position. Mean this dispute it hurts to listen to. Right and people just said we don't wanna hear it and I give them credit people particularly give them credit they said okay fine you just the company guide now try to beat. And to come Turk useful items in a company completed put that together. True that's unbelievable run every did that we don't know what we call the amounts that what do you think in this contest chose digital pirates. He heard the three of them together right it's a this'll work for five hours a day and if you don't Allman Twitter list to a if against every segment which means to have some really bad boring don't get me or did they learn nothing actually ate their ratings stink. I'm sure their cost and market company a lot of money and so they said you know which can do they Cassius that it Phil Simms on. You know they have the same people on every game in injury croft on they don't they don't they don't learn their lesson out of Braden acquittal. And out that this for a dollar Mark James for two hours mr. Mac yet that was really good. Did you like Maggie madness at the end all testimony Jesus in the tub next Lackey. Excellence is good news for Kiefer. As he Lowe's is for instance so yes thoughts just a point. Although I have the thing I have to. My opinion CMB sounds better CNB sound. It's funny here the press has so I am conference in Paris I don't I'll fight him. This is unbelievable it's my favorite places are 21 all time shell. We have the Twitter. This is one tweet to Minneapolis right. One crystal clear that it has any upstairs asked. What they want our first huge show on radio row. Then 123456891012. Or fifteen yes. And every segment every single segment fifteen guests in one show. Like Bernard who's gonna sit down of course free agent now Steve Spagnuolo Sam Arnold yet we got a lot to discuss with the NCAA tournament. I we will talk about that was Steve blackness later in the program. Jesus. Just literally every segment. Of against the slimmer if it was the engine behind that Karl. I was called black and that's also Ira I think they wanna we you know us works yes they elected city. People who can't have a conversation or have no fox. They want guests with a month and I true way to by itself is no that's how would you buy yourself. I get a beautifully rules of it etc. and so as one guests for myself it's harder but if you have three people in Rome. Or getting paid a lot of money you think that if some thoughts of their own veto it's like here in Boston good evening how are you. I. Mud cleared a couple of these people on her parents and coming back strong Mike Mike and boss that Mike in Boston power can be justly and players at the other day 81 what was the freezing eggs is excellent looks. A fires and builds the other day when when bill was like Mike you read their Ferraro. At the at the launch he was he's he's conflicted. Column Microsystems month to inform my eyes parody don't quite here in Boston might seek to bike. These marked its actual monkey boy right that's fine it's contemptible yes or primate but it's amazing that we listened obviously. Everybody here knows who is fighting for months the corporate trying to change the show rule let me do it they can take a big kick out the door of terrorist ousted him to help it to be an American cars are available right. They're under Conn tough guy to come into our credit or whatever detriment or whatever they want us to do things we do mainly be in trouble we have meetings for hours after the shall acquitted yesterday. You do it that way or you can do with the afternoon drive it was just sit there with with you boutique you know put down and write down there be really polite. When some radio consultant who doesn't know crap. Comes intelligent guess on the play with each other and don't say dirty stuff and don't be mean each other don't make fun this personally find that personally find this. In week and on and take returns and talks sports and they treat the clock on time in the cheap way to write music of time it is. Notably the temperature is an annual failed I guarantee you you'll pay if you fight if you have any balls. In talent you'll survive that's it. Get fired from his job that's gonna happen I think this year just being honest. Anything you don't tell on them and notes that yourself on fire that's stupid. While you like this I'd like to shop I think they're gonna fire me this year and you have fun I saw you last we can had a blast. And I have a mark I'm just not being honest I could easily on so why anyone wrote OK Marcus Orson 2011 attempted three points and what would what do we do that. Room ruin this child rule in this amateur golf getting my. I think I think I'm going to get what you have some say and act you don't have to get fired ought I think ivory bills display I think the way things are manufactured the way they go back and are selected by disagree. I you always hear these things you can get fired and is going to be completely unjust yes unfair yes I do and by the I would I could say things it would it's Eli deserved fate fired me fern Andrews that there was said you know what I do I can understand what he did. I think the way things are going right now where the ball's rolling you can't win titles understand in the way YFE invitation to an official at that. But also something else that matters called me. But princess is kind of mix he's boring safe is that a deal is not edgy at all but he's famous at least he's always gonna look good by comparisons of you don't deal and I. And we had a couple of good breaks occurred when we fall on the federal sports payments ago. Who was in Boston it was the worst fit it was worse radio hour drive around god incredible should be talking about some writer Tampa. I literally but the ratings all sound effects and she was awful. And then we polled the remains of Don Imus through after he passed still on the air for a couple of years after passed by. So when we came on the air was like thank god and you should NAFTA be great. But we were but you have to be great deeds we save refresh exotic dish and sent us out of a sudden local right through. Princesses sounded he's been some old and in like the same mall thing but he's not CE MB now. Arlen Florida State. Which. We've already had this year. You have. I assume that the weather up and those Maryland Florida State games this year but for its just not any different than Colin we Mexico's name so far Cheney on meet she sees in three minutes. But he is not to for the pony. He needs he needs this he needs it. You you're filming them right pitcher you've heard him more than I have you went to school download and listen Mike and other all the I don't I don't get it of Iowa's but I always I would never drive tomorrow. I'm in my car New York. I would never listen you're not never but you listen mad dog who's going crazy sure sure that's I mean that's why I always preferred Matt writes this he this guy's gonna come the gonna carry him in the studio and one of those things on the shoulders and they have the palm forms and be krone rose petals like hose back to grade my predecessor he's gonna go on the air and fall asleep. And if he'd gotten his ratings are two and a half three times what's in these are them wouldn't be able how when and if we were in afternoon drive and you will win that's our company that we would. One bungled air and Michael wouldn't have been mud med or. The refund that's might that is my you know just get a place on weakens the comparison like that true. Note the four seasons trumpet flying and on weekdays violence and his plan on Friday take that I'm playing my part in the afternoons that's Christ. To come and say crazy things. All of this one per company and say crazy things while gets that that that that works for ratings penalty works only to these management. A true you know that's that's that's that's now that is now the situation degree dire straits 617779. 793 cents re mad dog Russo in the 8 o'clock hours that right at the cubs Devin canard. A seven point 500. And brown are tough to breath next to Bret is that we have exact reason other than. You by Serbia. Which it really previewed game seven depth at some point. True now about that among them on you our Australian episode we left the meeting yesterday say sticking around which was telling to me I'm around owner of that conversation was about. As I noted that. Instead. I I'll keep him I think it's some of it and I usually has some form or fashion acumen is I can't control was up to me would you I'll tell us where we talked about. Off the air now that's what you do best. They'll be I was on eulogy. Wasn't what you at all was about a payoff here press held at 6177797. That is reserved narrowed down to join us. I'm restructures gonna join a Shawne Merriman will join us sprains an address before that and we'll get to hear from NASA's Mark James is well and I discovered this is true. I discovered a quite a chip mature but it's but it's but it's a side dish for sale which. What's potato chip it's this thing I've discovered and bring it in during the break or could we look forward kind of Orange I don't really know I workforce and this week and you know I'm gonna do eat in the tub you're gonna do because tub that is turns while I was absolutely Zain we'll direct. And when Edison has finally find that I can't play what I was saying before the series begins and after. Great I'm a good he's got a he's gonna steal games for. It is goaltender doesn't steal games in the post season you're in trouble you can have you really can support. We have more out here but it out of they need goals right now they need somebody to schools fail why this from yesterday with anonymous. Beleaguered again where are stars why doesn't want to mount are almost an out. But that out of they needles right now I got guys right here this emphasis on the gets in experience. It's just not tough stretch my guess and on here but it out of they needles right now they need somebody to school. Now I'm not sure I would go with anonymous can. Biloxi it's just a short sale and once and that's saying yes or no he's not sure a big win gold guy like we've got some court ruling golden girl is better. Unfortunately the reality of playoff hockey is. You have to stand stand on your head. That is what really Steelers and the same segment as well pick the forward does have to stick its head that's only goalies was about. And he gave away a lot in game five is not the nine month from now. Why just tonight on the nano to skiing I want. I heroes again let's tackle this couple of years ago in my account the cliches that go out when you're kidding when Anderson has finally he's fine and I did it all about her run for -- of the fact that for him he's able to copy and get an Allentown often don't count four is my favorite hockey suggests it's and you can tell you want society. When China. Regards that's one. I'd like what I was saying before the series began but I have to be great I'm good. Or did you like that he's got a he's got steel gains four that's how this goaltender doesn't steal games in the post season. You're in trouble you can have you can score. I've right there but that out of they needles right now they need somebody. Has to be on the driver go with anonymous can. I've always said. A flash and I'm totally of playoff hockey is you have to stand stand on your. That is not the reality of anything on the stand the at all Scanlon had that's impossible to get rested his head tonight you get lead up give up on Eagles history. Runs and I was two years older than that Austin Matthews he's two years older than Mitchell martyr. Architect and a. In sight to go anywhere pulled Jason K you tell me he's too inexperienced having. Much to father played the NHL but didn't say yes or no just that he's not sure which I appreciate and and by the way he weighs much more admits a martyr by now weighing these guys well is easy it's just too skinny. You too inexperienced what is to meet honestly I come out not tough enough about the dive the cliches to meet these games all the rest a goaltender in game seven. It's a pressurized spot. And he has to pass to let's keep capital H capital a lower case says the past you stand on he's head tonight. We've got high scoring team to get the high scoring team you want you need goaltending you don't have goaltending. United doesn't that's not from yesterday that's like career highlight so yeah economist at he. Why don't feel that they had a similar meeting to we had it was all your fault but correctly said. It's packed. The peace and sees. Flew her to rent a car when. You know he's just thank you let's find out he's you know he's system that is gone and so we have movement on the he's. The C yes. Average Al this pilot's pilot probably Jerry's like mocking piece in there that meeting nodding like you wouldn't believe they had to follow your greens so much for described the draft. People buy you know poking through the Sports Illustrated. You're you're like that's my old jewel boost bomb guy had a draft history and yes our labs was concerned yes it's a what time is rust so sick every we hear about god wrote something very Kerry Byrne on distance to bring in studio and I good. Excellent good stuff now this is the bottom line and I know you agree to me. Is it this is an awesome. Again borders games sporting event details watch and wait on that says on the one like December I can imagine start to finish watching them. The Bruins came correct I mean going to it's one thing that's Blacksburg this whole game two going to be TD garden to be TD got TDs flown right. Even though you know it costs a lot there. Drink but. On the you don't go to out there at the TD guard corps yes but you gotta admit 730. Drop the puck. Sucked up at 73735. Perfect. Perfect. And it's gonna be written it's gonna be caught Osama seismic tests on the B there. Your I'm going tonight is excellent breaking news game set is invited to phone and now you have Freddie Richie promote UV TD garden. It's it's going to be awesome awesome and as I get that I would say this you won't help us to be awesome my father was a huge Bruins fan you watch the games that you just sit derivative. We never talked about it before after you know he just wants to it was very the one you just take is Errol producers did Josh. Who knows great guy popular man. He would say you know you'd asked him for things after the game had nothing but you watch the game you could tell you when line or one line was went along with no I don't know it's it's like watching congress I think I think some people know more authentic Eddie dale knows more -- obviously penalties and George and talking about him I was total to almost more than any of us and give in this. He does not get into the nuts and bolts not if Albert is we're just so I heard yesterday. It was awful racists and the worst part lines I was last Friday is like us you can tell that's wanna do but the actually act to write this probably how many people and we Romo watched half a million. You did they'll do good numbers right. And most of whom won't know what line we Eagles are no they won't know which to fast I didn't because. Professional owned you do what I do is on the fourth line reflect it replace did not on yet we've been so rightly concern people know like people aren't that it's already too. And I'm game seven that's I think this series is broken. I there's no way to know what's coming next so which the Bruins cannot win fives every once sounds like talking hockey and this is my promise OK we went back and forth lead I would backing him both the podcast. Hockey is ready to watch under the watch tonight. Talking about everyone sounds like land and Tony everyone but me Glenn literally just but the forty cliches and nine seconds is a fight score. On a power play in first or second period it counts the same. As the third piece realizes these really say that yes it's just like you are you stormy that is front yesterday. It pulls producers. Were deployed extra dollar's drop outs then do you think he had talked him through the other bonus that can you kind of get more born. Lou Christians were really good on Monday without you we need you to be more his body like I I can't give claim credit this is why he's gonna survive and I won't while be fired 2018 and you like to hear some reason. I don't want to get five auto. It but Clinton is going to always play along guys like you were survivors give you credit while I'm the only 1000 fires you know proven they are all true. You know. But you know I'd health issues yes aside this is designed he would be problem with the people who work it's like I was asleep Craig cards podcast coming in this morning tuchman predecessor. Pray he said it princess was. Sock puppet it's he's not sick anymore you finally over the cold. Here and coughing up. Lamb Greene for him for a could you spent too much time to accuse goddamn month incessant advocates say that's true. True or residents it. The shingles or mr. after the York Ted told roadways and the parent trigger yesterday yes she did it on Wallace now a manager. On mount make fun of people Arafat claiming that Clinton didn't mind our own home manager told privately. Okay. They like it better when you daily to better when you do your like you know Hirsch Hersh thing our search yes that they more of your prediction that's like my prediction is. Hurst Hurst in the first round Luke fault in the second as a it's fine by me. Tonight tomorrow tomorrow night I think it's going to be what's mine was a guy hates us from the globe or Jim Jim Jim McBride. In excess yea didn't take initiatives over Kirk about some African stupid what's stories quarterback over the harassment. He's greater graduate. We're here for thirteen hundred square for a loser when we see here. Where's the it for a coach having thoughts of your own. Not. You know he's attack of Notre Dame and and any tackle from I may lie back from boys to examine that Sobel those two guys are like. In did the linebacker varnish wherever they go see him everywhere in the tackled to the tackle for no condemn the tackle from Celia. I'm going off the ball over your right. But isn't the one thing we know what Belichick is he's knocking him to what we think he's gonna do. Yeah that's usually the case yeah I mean specific players pick a single born born just just because right. And then maybe take a quarter I what Michigan was commander whoever the GNU some wild that's womb to McBride hasn't taken La Larry does Jesus because he's all right. To put across this father's in the navy. But what else addition studies right to vote this is the ocean ocean. Well to known and we'll get to that politics not telling anyone anything and neither is they case scenario. So I mean we might think he's taken Cole Miller I don't think and I'd I'd I'd I'd and I believe they felt talked wicker sham to together that's different but I had a draft and and wounded can we state secrets makes sense of the moment other teams rule you know. He and then yes they get sources in the leak either Belichick leads one word. What is draft not for a couple years ago there was supplanted an amber who was the only guy that the right boosters for permanent that's right it was random. This was it that's because there was some bar stool connection to someone in the room the patriots averaged four yes no we broke some stories all in all he had Jerod Mayo for nobody else that's. And that's how long ago was that via. Do we think Belichick told anyone that he likes called to Miller now. Or then Nash would have all but some rain in the system I've talked to somebody that that that can happen okay I'll which you'll shocked me. If he takes the guy everyone thinks is take I agree with you I don't I don't think that's gonna happen. I don't think that's what do you think's gonna happen to guys immersed. Sure yet I think so these women are no I think we in the trade two picks move up into the quarterback. Official world. So awesome night and you're off Friday yes. In the colon and no no no. The average coming in and if they trade. Cronkite what's the difference from inner. Believe you've got apple you you can handle that shield for another occasion they do get bored I mean I'm lucky I would never wanna be enough to have the draft from very excited yes I think you'll disorderly not being used to be your kind of showed us live the lineup who was it. It's looking like mister Dickerson will be her from her phone's voice which so we were ready to ago. Though we have an Indian art and art could mean afternoon for a solves so that's out about a life well I tell you how it was our first choice that'll stop my first as yours or mine and Kirk you're gonna dress your call. You sit and you are too good idea. All bright MIL and no band hole we wanted to go home. You've which YouTube to is they didn't have been able to set a new one when your eyes and I am allowing that have markedly. Almost put all of that when tournament before George has are you gonna. Each child tickers and sons. I was gonna talk don't have no tall don't tolerance for road guys whose voices Asia. Yes he gets it because it's always been it's been game set against that yes. Now that's good I'm glad to persons and lots of folks are cut off at 654. Mean tweets is forced to Wear it. She's super super gateway anymore never wore the afternoon should would suspect these are shackled and drawn that you read check on the road to good song yeah it's great so much at all hours of the fuels when I'm sure that's my penalize. If they get this feeling let's do this what's the what's really gets back let him and work that's right. That's exactly writer if they get if they're gonna play dirty to candy are must let's get some revenge rate. Wrong move or Braden. Like zoos and say good yes it does. Why don't we do the story of what the Kennedy and she was in the bathtub that's the that is such their property going to get the wave but it would be that be too much yes. I mean when you have nothing immediate renewable. Yes some levity you that was fun and thanks so so time's right crowd so Friday is much Dickerson Jerry after the draft that's a good plan. I don't Texaco show won't accept me you know four point that I do that it was mutt is I'm comfortable around Dickerson might just suck on Fries I'm Obama was uncomfortable run hearty sucked on Mondays what's the difference no difference much with Colin is. Horrendous adds nothing nothing pixel homework Lou reading comprehension ability to react if if you literacy. We have more Colin Colin. And we are debating a fear of the breaks whether to do today are saved for another day I am I am stunned that your or we'll we'll talk to them but I don't want my plans for poems include to play of Mike we'll talk only get back 617779. 7937 will rip the guy. Collins and she's a hero in our city means I consider the street my office I was doing my offices. No mystery tough as nails I've covered. Covered terrorism typical NORTHERN IRELAND are hardscrabble. Writer whose life east street and upbeat I wrote. Twelve columns in eleven days and I think there's wrote it. They either very far. Coffee shops peace covenant. I'm very old school thus should he weighs on him was not taking care of myself is not eating right was drinking too much chatter doesn't sleep. Mom it's totally gone into this person who try to keep track. In some ways our heart of gold he's always been a really nice guy when he's a loan. She's got demons I think it was almost like the second hand PTS like. I. Should send me home but he's our eight holes in our a lot of clubs. You cannot keep some content. We'll watch cops. The jobs are a bit. To us on this the internals showed debate right now. I showed that Jerry and I debate that sport where it's not real. So there's more Collins sound which is. Really I think pretty good in I would say pretty incriminating new. I would say it's obvious would you agree Chris you sound it never happens as a senator before the difference in articles and columns and articles on print so should so you're making my point ironically enough for me. That that you want to hold onto my point is that deference we'll find something else. True but. Don't saying yes always because yesterday. I just used you know why I wanna hold on which. I don't it's not really. It's a bit but I don't I'm sorry dude but my point is with that while some meals any image in heaven no I'm gonna disguise the gift that keeps on it never ever ever and it and is funny when you know people like those. Those who defend him those defended along with it let me just say you're routing let me say it's really quickly. Our respect all those people. All of them and I liked the idea I like the idea that trailer had carry to some extent yesterday right and I feel like. I feel like we should do something to honor somebody at the globe every day you get a good thing. We are enough criticism god those of the globe globe occasionally bust were far more of the clip where we're at wrongs if right. But he just wanted to relics that we should have some balance in you know we're all about balance. We used to bring in you know. Right most liberals sure balance yeah yeah now you know we know all there was month to. Drunk. And Bellic. But every day you wanna get vote pushed some award for and I mean he's doing right now and every game we should you should listen together and and honor of the sort of the will be today I don't know you know. Don't you think yeah I'm just looking for someone today if I sometimes it's a good call by Chris cast from Horford. Really good I came up really good last night Horford did. Yeah losing eighty. Right nick fart is this is no time was perspective he says that I really like I hate losing perspective I could be that caution people. Had a series for 12 I know you don't like but Ben Bolton today. Has it in and you mark an important show I like. It's the best draft pick at every number in the first round ever. And you and I and even though you market we went live in market I said was I think disclosed his actual traffic is real stuff going on bullish before this honest I think he's done with the real stuff but you feel like it's been done you regiment brides to. Mark Preston thought it was before but that debt that's. And it's a mock drafts are getting tedious feels Bleacher Report dished it isn't the physics on the you're doing but you and I debated who would be number one. We US it was not asked to and would use. Yes you evil would pick you to John and we were right he picked a way I would pick Peyton Manning a love going. It Manning's a better quarterback. OK don't discrete would you pick OJ Simpson. One OJ Simpson was number one. Knew Bruce Smith was number one. And Steven and Troy Aikman was so in one of those guys it's I would pick I would probably pick up picks all the runners up. You know for each spot. Like that. Was the best number ten pick ever. I don't know telephone rod Woodson has a lot of goods plunged employer share got a good spot number nine who's Matthews perfect player. And that's you know Bruce. Losses true. And pick what patriots are on how about 6616. But what 16160. Good question perky. A number sixteen all time now island that's a good one on division could be the greatest player ever and retired thank. And now it news. Jerry Rice that's number sixteen between eight. 28 yet Tony. Derrick Brooks was kind of going whoopee Goldberg there with a cold stuff in the Kobe today now I was kicked out expendable in today's the globe all day halt production Jesus and he got an in jury don't guess at that that was a good idea. I'll work and so I I don't will be the day our friend Ben ball and runs with struggled I don't think it's good that he's he's also tells you that you get to pick will be the date they disagree did today. Trees age before beauty that seems fair that's in a picnic tomorrow Kirkland it's gonna practical muted by the release of production for me to really be honest about the should be fine submitted to religious it will just to afford to blow off the Woodstock Georgia cards Stockard Qaeda Stewart based on board. Lot of data that we do a good. Excellent. Concord gift card for the globalization. And bone wins short congratulations begin to Friday comes. Sort of this Collins. Let's talk about the break or on the air right now immune. Three player shore up but right now I think we have to do whatever you want is on the yesterday I don't want to move Johnson I'm actually I don't I lose you I can't really just threatened to quit. What we can compete by picking India market teams I think that was terrible idea of level and it's good radio. I think it was a good idea for web good website ought to apparatus short it is not segment it was two minutes. Knew going pick by pick who do you think the best number one pick ever. Can't. Is very cool I just know when asked who the best aboard the ever. Trait. It's and that he agrees me I would say payment goes oh really. One on one has still not possible to pick. Well to be different what seems like everyone like a big football guys like Oreo conflict of football pro choice through those guys you always best quarterback ever knows he's really does numbers than on the hill he was it for half his career he was not great he's tough here's a great run great quarterback but Pedro career by any definition was true all the ball one. To some bubbles burst in knowing when to more. But tied. So global look at it but look at the numbers mean it's not difficult night and it's slightly consideration right. I think LM with a little dog walker trying to spin Bruce Smith I guess but that's. So that's out in Aikman was on his great ensemble plea was not excuse ignorance great guns for the man OJ Simpson is in public not public. Killed the culture that means as a running back through I would never pick a running from you want to told Jones he's the first I would say no. What's his face the buccaneer was a restaurant for Myers no. Royce Hellman now I think now he's the fruits on what they know what you're gonna give all the runner ups and oh yeah I do. To date imclone. Andrew lock him Newton Eli Manning Carson Palmer to Michael I think. Peyton Manning Orlando Pace Drew Bledsoe Troy Aikman Vinny Testaverde. Bo Jackson Bruce Smith Billy Sims Earl Campbell LeRoy Salman Jim Clark and every branch. So was OJ Simpson. Alaska that. Before that because segment. Apologized the first pick. I didn't play well it's very human play baseball. Respect for the lockbox. Right. And the greatest that he played baseball in the which on the walls where the pace. And so I would pick when the peso he said him usability of your career good career hall of Famer I believe. To you have to would you did you kill somebody must've as we knew that he belongs there a medalist I put the ball Drew Bledsoe JPEG clown and yesterday. But it cringe David Condi Rice and said are right it's a good ride you like a gradual and I disagree we're agreed on everything. Well automatically manage better than John sellable foil. Yes as that I am so it was a give us a call to think always with the best number two to. This number to protect you put it away I'm afraid this you laugh if you can't you can't put adapting best guess it was to be the best number two pick is not finally. Again one of arguably the greatest player ever by some standards greatest defensive. Or say it was two wars two was like him. Edges out Carson Wentz who bought Miller. On Miller. Ndamukong Suh Calvin Johnson. Who is peppered them in the McMahon Tony says I was with him mock or where rigorous right now there's your play this Marcos are two men aren't yet. It's easy LT he's in a landslide. Get back to hockey talk that but it does he ought to work but that. That's a good point from bank of a difficult and I obviously I look at them eagle which appeal give good point. Going to a strip this way for yes let's find another vehicle will be the day we'll do it. Patriots on him. Richard Seymour as number six pick ever paid 617779793. Said I really hope mrs. bush McCain and it is bad drivers on our. Yes on the no conclusion on power play the Saturn what are you guys vote. Ice it I say hold. Y disabled because it's elected opus and keep on our library growing in all one points to hold it don't play at all today. At least until it was a much semifinal. Next how much time sound we have among what's the time. We along the cut himself on all that 36 it's a long we do like it needs thicker than any team tomorrow we could feel like I guess assess discuss that we get back.