K&C - Mila Carter, 4, acute lymphoblastic, Dedham with her parents, Rich and Natasha, and older sister, Olivia 8-21-18

In April 2017, Mila had a bloody nose for hours. No matter what the family tried, it would not stop bleeding. After a visit to the ER, she was diagnosed with ALL.

Mila's treatment includes chemotherapy and is planned to end in April 2019.

In her spare time, Mila loves to do arts & crafts, dance, dramatic play, gymnastics and dress-up.

She has an older sister, Olivia, 6.

Mila currently attends pre-school.

The Jimmy Fund Clinic has become the family's second home. They feel that the staff,  doctors, and other families have a deep understanding of what each other is going through.

Mila always says "hi" to Wally outside the Jimmy Fund Clinic.

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Carter family joins us mile Carter's four years old her parents are here. Richard that the contributions from oblivion sixth on the first grade are you guys in this morning and get it good so what's how you doing a good. Them know maybe I know you which is sticking his tongue out talk after news mature a little. Think it went crazy from daggers and your sister and I like that so what's what yourself all you do that today. Like Archie Bunker here. What's Mila what's what's mile story. So meal was diagnosed in April of tiny seventeen. Three weeks before her third birthday done. Waiting at leukemia ale out diagnosis. It's our the bloody nose it's bloody nose and it was pleading for hours. I'm about seven Mary allies but I called in after like fifteen minutes and he. I'm so. Study with a bloody nose. That she had decreases. And then from there it was tests. And then the diagnosis and you know to treat it wouldn't you react. When you first hear it when you're diagnosed you heard leukemia words yet. What did you think how how frightening was it and now that you've learned about. The treatment and its success rate everything else how do you feel. My heart broke. And I thought it her hair falling out and you know what that meant for our family but then you know. Once icon down and you know I spoke to the doctors in the teams I felt so much better about. Her diagnosis and prognosis for process and you know her. Overall house and I felt so much better about what she was gonna go through what that was getting means for us. Thomas' game. Another we talk about this and every year we talked about earlier discs. It's one of the great success stories to the treatments for ale ale L yes I assume you know that but now you do re. It's all about learning educating ourselves ones that I missed him. Switzerland more. Talking to doctors better. Where there that's unbelievable she looks great athletes and so you know now he's there we didn't mean it seems she looks better than that. The Pentagon that's British and it's a. What was the NB Italy go to I mean we go every year we know he's obviously being able to go there is it's unbelievable I mean. Can't imagine. It is it's you know the doctors and nurses least a whole sat there like Stanley but since then that's fine it you know the resource around in Bali and at Pratt sent you know treats you know it. Medicine is you know secondary it's never it you know that eventful trip to the doctor. That doesn't happen for a family even her sister get jealous when he ambulance headed to Jimmy Fund you know for the day so. It it's pretty amazing play at Sibley programs they did everything after that yet if sibling Wii and you know Libya's part of that as well. What can mile tell us what you like about the clinic mile what would you go to the Jimmy Fund clinic what we call just call the clinic. She doesn't own budget on Conan Jimmy Fund mile what do you like about it what do you do there. Now he's planners here. Olivia. Do you like going the clinic that Jimmy Fund what do you do there. In the resource through what that doesn't somewhere exciting what's in there. Toys paint. They they love doing arts and crafts and our staff is amazing there's always people willing and wanting to play with. The it's musical instruments. At its relentlessly that came out till April it. And that's every two weeks we're going every beat me three week yes. And that's going better than you imagined. It surprisingly. Smooth it's easy. And England think again. She's she looks forward to going every kid every time she is today at Jimmy Sunday as she gets excited for schools she doesn't want it yes yes kid exercise all hooked up to them poisoned pumped into words she's okay this is designated. Smile on her face yes well yes. Doesn't even cross their mind if you think about it through an amazing place. Right now it's great we appreciate you guys come and we'll see mr. hope we have more black bring back in the doesn't even bigger and ready to go. Right do you well thanks for coming in me about a mile. By Olivia. And I live here. Rob buy and that things they threw eggs at some.