K&C - Mindy Schutte, 41, gastrointestinal sarcoma (digestive tract cancer), Highbridge, WI, with Dr. Priscilla Merriam, medical oncologist, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

Mindy was diagnosed in 2012 with a gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), a type of sarcoma or soft issue cancer that grows in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Her initial diagnosis came just days before her youngest daughter’s first birthday. Her tumor initially responded well to treatment. However, when her treatment ended, Mindy's cancer returned. Mindy underwent two major surgeries after her
cancer had spread. She started researching additional treatment options and through a Facebook support group found a clinical trial at Dana-Farber. Mindy came to Dana-Farber and enrolled in the trial in April. She initially made the nearly 10-hour journey from Northern Wisconsin to Dana-Farber once a week but now comes to Boston once a month. The drug that she is on now as part of the clinical trial is designed to target certain mutations in her tumor. Mindy is feeling great. Mindy is a stay home mom and has three daughters – Chloe, Kylee, and Katie –ages 13,10 and 6. Mindy, her husband Aaron and their daughters live in the heart of Green Bay Packer country.

Dr. Merriam can talk about treating patients with sarcoma and clinical trials that are benefiting patients living with this disease.


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Mean the shooting is joining us as well as doctor Priscilla Merriam as well. Hear from our location and in Europe three daughters many correct and three daughters Mindy. That Dave before your youngest daughter's first birthday you got some rough news from the doctors actually is important month for protect the surgery. Before her birthday. And they told you we're dealing with a gastrointestinal. Arco. What is it like getting that news you know from the for for the first time. From your doctors. It's very Syria has any in the process it for a couple of days. Took me couple days to realize. And I. You'll want to someone in you know deep in the heart of Green Bay packer country and Dana Farber surgical by lots of hospitals and that ten hour drive. I'm. I am that I was. At a hospital but doctors at options for me realities are gleaned. In front of me what to do with me. That some of it's unknown size there it be known applicator. I got on GS I just. At FaceBook and a lot of people there elect me here to this tryout. And I kept. Trying again here in a couple months later. We got here. Initially your coming here once a week if that how how long of trip was that every week here and I formed by finding a husband and flying tenth. For all of it from. While no art my art yeah. While yet so doctor Mary and I've never heard of this we do this every year never heard of gastrointestinal sarcoma is it rare. It is so gastrointestinal struggle tumors gist is that type. A type of cancer called her coma sacraments are rare less than 1% of cancers. Just are the most common type of her comments but they are very rare in terms of on the number of cancers are diagnosed every year. If he came to the circle the clinic it in Farber you would now not have a sense that this is ranked as we see patients with gist tumors. Everyday all day long and I spacing multiple patients in the day with with gastric testosterone or tumor. And the reason that really is is that Dana Farber has established itself over the past. At 101520. Years as one of the believing institutions in terms of the diagnosis treatment. I'm research of this type of cancer and so. Knowing that that was the reason that Indians and upcoming ten to be with us. I'm very proud of of that what we've been able to have to work together with with me in what we've been able to achieve and how you can on them. I could very yeah yes good excellent musical group trial right now he said it's it's. Going weekly. My wise than every other week now done that once a month August 10 trip here I think pop. That's great with this type of cancer doctor the clinical trial sound like it's an important part of the process absolutely so. Justice an interest in type of cancer because it's the cancer that we have been able to in many patients identify what the specific mutation and maybe that's driving the cancer. India actually has one of the more rare. Mutations are our drivers in this type of disease. And it's actually been very difficult to treat it she says that you know her doctors really have limited options initially went when they met with our. But there's been research that's been going on specifically to try to figure how we can best treat her type of chest. And that's you know we have that the trial for that particular mutation that he hasn't. You know having people come from all over the world truly to be treated them sarcoma centers. Something that I think speaks very highly of the work that we do but it also we're very fortunate for them up because we have people like me you travel from a distance. We've become stronger and stronger in terms of what we've learned about how best to treat it should treat this type of cancer. They will say that one thing that's really for me I feel very fortunate about is that. Their people Mindy who travel a long distance to come to be with us but we have that for people who live in the area. Who have the spare tickets are common they have a subject that they can drive to have an area of worldwide. Expertise and management of just on their other types of Cirque Hamas. It's really it's a wonderful place to work and I am I'm supports it took them right now you know. Glad that he has is dealing with what she's doing it let. You know she's so motivated him and a wonderful dedicated to this this trial. And she's really inspirational and it's truly inspirational person she's. She is now she want to tell you that she's connect. Here she says she's. You cheap throughout this trial she's on a clinical trial and yet she runs like I have never really alone. She is just this woman is an athlete and she's a month I mean she is a very busy woman. And you know it looking. Yeah how you've done this trial. Indians very very she's very few if she's welcome it's great passes through but it seemed to get nature talk some more thanks so much for common enough. Other Packers beat the Packers predictable I don't know I for not open now. I don't thanks so much water. We'll see you soon thanks again for coming I think you got much.