K&C - The most damning sound of Kevin Cullen yet; The Globe has launched an investigation 4-20-18

Kirk & Callahan
Saturday, April 21st

Hour 3: Gerry, Kirk and Mut react to the most damaging sound of Kevin Cullen yet and the Boston Globe has launched an investigation. 


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Skirt. In the senate went to go right. Which wraps we can get. I don't know if he's got to be really good in the post season. That's different. He's just feeling dean we hear they believe the amount. Kurt committee had a say after yesterday I'm feeling a lot more confidently so we. The probe 840 I'd go to break we went to build these after the show and they outfit and being in. Most bad ass Kentucky Derby outfit could ever match. The first thing we see per cent in the month I love the LPMR. That's a lot and Lucy Burge is someone whose style I bet you had to lay down on your bed defeat into those heat and Gerry Callahan. And I made that up to Colin that my friend fire far short of Europe he called it musical. It sit. There and realize who it was. There were to shoot rockets passing just underneath the helicopter good for the global warming to be careful Cullen could never forget that people from the scene that Monday we have you ever had to deal with something like this hour and I hope don't happen again 100%. Picture on Sports Radio telling you. I have it's easy dancing around and talk about not talking so at 8 o'clock on me not. The biggest radio spot showing that it's over right now. We've retired McAuliffe for two days went on yesterday. To evaluate our friend reported that there's an investigation now internally the global reach out to budget will people know what's in turn. To Kevin Collins work. Around the Boston Marathon I would say they should look at chemicals work if you re why would sit there and they're doing it but that's so anyway. We we went through it yesterday a that we need to be all the Backstreet yet other than just to say this Kevin Cullen. Robot destroys what the Boston Marathon moment. First said. And to make you believe he was there either spoke to yesterday said he wasn't there. There's more Sonera scissors and Miley we'll play that second. And inserts himself in the middle he talks about a mark Richard and firefighters talking to mark Richard talks open Richard crossing the finish line mark Richard hugging kissing and going back. And then tortured crosses the finish line goes back out goes back and ridge is time which never happens now that obviously never happens vote overture didn't run it. He talked it was firefighter friend Sean Sean O'Brien. Bringing. Jane Richard. Picking Iraq being the person discovers are picking her up bring in the ambulance that never happened. As Mark Patterson the firefighter from when told me he's the in and courtesies a man who actually picked up and Richard. And brewers in the ambulance. It. Cullen wrote that they discover a O'Brien Sean been discovered till the end. That it her leg was missing which of course is insane and firefighter rescue person would know that Paterson confirmed as did I should say Sean O'Brien when I spoke to him. Little over an hour ago so now that was army. I was not there at the nuts here that day. I didn't speak to I didn't speak to call until later that day and by the way when he spoke to call that day it was the first time you spoke to. And it really spoken Collins since we'll get more to that later. So the lies are piling up here lie after lie after like the first one is called location or Cullen writes today after the bombing he talks about seeing these things. Talks about seeing things explode in front and that's what seemed you'll Mandy runner fall now. Talked about the blood going down there. The smells and I talked to Paul lags Colin said he wasn't there were to happen he was there hours later we have the Cohen sound from the BBC interview and ask him and he says. He heard the bombing do we have that. Yet you try to begin where he sits in one hit a real quick I refuse to be physically to be now have Cullen first said in his globe story absolutely major Bowie he was there. When I talked of said he wasn't there and took a couple of hours to get to the scene. So here's Colin has BBC interview the day after a bombings are correct. 6016. OK here's Colin tucked into the BC about his role weary was in the off. Sort of emotions seemed I've heard it. And it was I don't know I guess when you hear something like that. First what could have maybe been anything but the circle. Everybody in the battle over in the first place within everybody's saying maybe it was a Sunday. Japanese the first the ball now he's a mile away any kind of hurt it if you're a mile away in Boston during marathon I'd I'd talk to people who were there and were far away. A people or Fenway. You know can hear that from first off I know you might not he's been in the northern Iowa actually used in 9/11 9/11 whatever. We also wasn't a mile away knowing what's not there so it's it's usually an hour I got a lot Corsica and hours to get from a mile away. And secondly he kind of hurt. Kind of kind of heard any in mind if you knew when he heard the second one it was a ball it was like finally it's just now I was in the public garden state or not. But I I don't I've been multiple peseta were people were were among the likelihood of a it's a there are people who have told me they were family there which is a mile away right outside people running the marathon mile 25 did not you're right they were stopped and didn't know what was going all right so that's why number let's just you know lies and lying about last line number one in my opinion to Gerri that's lined a one month given the calamity there's one or two lies that you -- the first hole you could hear it kind of and then he knows we visas I'll play. He knows it's on and color knows its own so that took Colin hours according to him telling me. To get there by the way possible to people who say the military aideed after the happen again. Right deserve exactly we talk to somebody was the first what's that there's no way you can just walk past told them the cops in the barricades. And I mean people tried to do that people who were looking for their friends who ran towards. Runners tried to do that. You could not do it unless of course you can sell the captain was in I don't know yet he gave awakening kind of it's like at the end when. And rocky when when Paula with the ropes abrasion she speaks for the Iraqi that's that if that he didn't lift that's a yellow tape it and that's just didn't. Aren't so we have that we wanna go next and mr. I want you more I want I hear more from the HBO. Guys that are set that sound right there is somebody who is acting right here is as a tone of his voice really. Should be is boggling as anything else you here because he's acting like someone who was affected it. And was there Leo it was never stops actor well we played that the second cut from that that like he's talked it was firefighter friend we have that. Receipt he was talking in the same interview by fighting the fire fighters advanced talk by the guy and it's and it's all gonna talk with a guy who can pictures and television we have that. And please coming that's all the way to the end we tied up. Yes I've talked about that I usually I don't wanna go to the bureau and at all how long is it kinder all we'll put some believe this guy eat then you do listen mr. You don't need to anymore Kirk this kind of hang on what was done here that's so we have apartments but what's his. But this firefighter buddies at their drinks right we have that's Erica. We'll play and announced. That. I know some firefighters who. Really upset. They talked for the the lesson I. Chopper wanted to subsequent interviewer. Who is what's that what's his name last night where did you work. We talked to station you would admits. Followed via other improper that they selflessness and Sean and Paramount bombings people themselves from those rusty from station twelve let's hear listen to this and tell me. If this strikes you at all is anything close to reality. The post and comment meat and some arbitrary and he didn't wanna leave until we couldn't get the plot out of descended. That's what you still wouldn't sit and post postscript this. We he's guilty it's obviously an iPad in our opinion. He psychotic he's pathological is insane which is why that person or persons were able. It's all beat ass he's making it all up in my humble opinion on. I agree with you my opinion Gerri it's going to be more damning is not maybe some of the names that he's using her are fake people. All the characters use in his stories that have no name and poets and I think it hit a lot the last will not last he just was a barnacle trick. Globe has learned nothing they'd replaced one Barnicle with a novel get there believe you'll get to them a second so. Jane Richard lost a leg back pain as we said Matt Paterson prosecutors we have the original sound where. Our columnist talking about how his friend Sean who Sean O'Brien. Rescue Jane Richard we have backed him. This could be the most damning thing of all Doug Reddy governor cannons have been sent it's up. Went from the financial dish on the throat. Any carrier. Korean War. And let them. Consider that we put it doesn't really true and what's missing. In that packed this team. He told me crawled under the league's. Seeing him since his knees trying to find her way and let. Couldn't find. That might be the most despicable lie of all in my opinion well here's the rule and now we we are very very well aware we knew wasn't sure which he talked to have to map Paterson yesterday the firefighter from Lynn who in fact prosecutor as Sean O'Brien. Told me this morning we talked Sean O'Brien said that wasn't me. I didn't do that I was nowhere near that I don't alike column would tell you that I never said that to him I did meet poll until the data marathon I've never had an interview with him. And I haven't really talked to him since he's not a friend of mine at all I don't know him. And that's a shock to talk about talks with Sean John Bryant again he's friends at the Richard Finn which Sean O'Brien issues. In Charlotte Bryan said I am telling you guys on the quickly 100%. False I don't. No I've met him so there I talked to the date he was he sometimes hangs on the fire house he said but I don't know him he said he's either making things up or is confused right. And and by the way this how careful the globe is in another story. Places Sean O'Brien in another position another ex discovering another Richard child. And no crying in quivering and all that much which which by the way I did to be fair to two shot that might be true none of know that I am happy but are we consider. Partially true. How are careless. How careless use. He'd literally rights. He can't keep his life straight. So he's making the story that much O'Brien discovering chain Richards and Richard and hurt and missing a leg while to yet at same. You know week or two weeks right the boat Sean O'Brien finding. Martin Mitchell here's the other thing so. He tells the whole story and another story right bow about how Sean O'Brien found mark Richard which may be true Sean Ryan doesn't want to talk about that respect that great. But when I look at young Marty Sean told me I knew he was gone mrs. Cohen right. This rugged firefighter who has muscular imposing stopped regain his composure. His slow lip quiver and eight here fro for my I can smudged my notebook. Never ever ever. That conversation according to O'Brien never ever ever passes pathological. Trend which we knew right we market the other day. It's it's doesn't ring true at all but that never happened. Ever it never happened to the globe oil all the others like thirty years ago my new son Andrew reads this is by the way the the group this is the guy who they wanna pop culture for their coverage and yes the one Pulitzer which will be gone say it's time to give it that we'll Harvard did I mean it will get to the people the globe and their responsibilities. So O'Brien again Sean O'Brien his source are guys mused several times is his friend his buddies as firefight on the friend who carry a rescue Jane Richard and was there and and cried with him during the not none of that is true that is 100%. False according to Sean O'Brien in our opinion that is a total false. What's the other sounds we wanna play it would also we have low blows and yells play that again because he loves the same page and again he's a guy who. Who claims and I'll go back to April 16 2013 column real quick. Again he told me he'd get the scene for a couple of hours he told the BBC he was a mild way of getting tweets from people who were mile away that day in her actually nothing. Any writes about. You know. It was ultimately poignant horrifying to watch as first responders frantically pulled metal barriers in the fight somebody different countries will fight candles. Down what's mystery that desperate rush. The get the dead and injured on the sidewalk twelve seconds later a second exposure for their portions pandemonium I saw hold the runner wearing high rise and Sox about to cross the finish line. So many lives change summit telephone lines burned. I was trying to figure who and why the cops I talked to shaking their heads could be anybody. Cups two lengthy where's he live I want I Quinn's excited Kevin Colvin TV show. But I am sure what are they don't even know to sample the sky to mark quite into we're done. They do investigation although he did on the five year anniversary he wrote about all the smells the sounds the numbers in which started us thinking now he must have been manner and then immediately we started here for peoples had no bells Monday well. Who created toward the blast. And they were pulling those flags and looked like pulling them down to get a two victims and the flags were. Lying on this on board of some street at the finish line that and as uploaded my column today those flags looks like systems themselves that was displayed. On the street. Cannot listen only and you saw old man from Madison to that themselves so I don't think he's more than an act and with the ever tell Jerry's right straight to is proof he's you know he's he's a puke and I valued as say consent of the people in madness building it's your pen but this is in my opinion this is. All Arnold. Starts a primer gory guy. And moves all the way dumber group created this guy for years you won't return my phone calls against our 67 is numbers all day ease the ease instead of it's called. This doesn't agree goes all the way down the metro editor but it is Jennifer Peter. And works all the way down these people who allowed this to happen. And we should find footage of them taking their bows in their victory laps in their movies and their documentaries talk what their great work this guy was on the team for you produce she should give it back. Which you reach a Harvard University this works. As if some fellowship persona and knowledge and fellowship will reach that reach out for that is that that you every time he's the stories he's told the bombing over the years now. Opted that's just one right and what do you article book about the marathon bombing we find that as well. This is so disgusting and it's all on the Boston Globe this is now all on the globe now and it is their internal investigation doesn't include some editors on this again. I called Paterson recalled opine once we found that person at the than ever called. We have a story here from New England cable news about Matt Paterson right the actual firemen who actually did save chain Richard who actually. Put an ambulance and actually knew her leg was missing right. He completely fat creates another firefighter friends news. Who carried her to the ambulance Dick Nolan was missing. When he found out that I was hands and knees and I was shots just under five and if you get some sort. John Bryant as it is. Calls from this narrative for about and the military guy should never served in the military. Never served in the minutes or so much you move for Kenneth L that's about it we'll say oh he's been war silence in this was worse this it's it's simply to think about it if you are the Campbell family or Richard or call your. This sick and you Richard K it's it's I mean you can't make a big deal out of it. You don't want we don't want them you know. Get in the middle of this matter discussed did you work if you're one of them read about this kind. Stealing are trying to inject himself into your. Grief into your. You know that's dramatic there on your right here if you go to hell gate to bring up again because you to rehash of these families in these victims and were taken some satisfaction I guess from Holland but at the same time you're doing the expense of these payments went through that sucks and it stinks that we wish we do. I would say that like what's worse the tactical and did this mean somebody who explosion almost. We know right nobody else we know Kirk some of the families were not happy when Mark Wahlberg right and ever. Who drew romanticized. This atrocity this tragedy. Well at least they admitted if Wahlberg. Admitted his character was a composite he didn't say. I'm actually the couple was everywhere. Guys pretend it's real he's pretend he was places he wasn't. This is much worse off we'll all courses is this honestly I've said it. And it's carried tweet from somebody who's ten yards away departing figure is Terry. So it was about. Ten yards we've seen the video and yards away and heard the audio. A mild right we've heard behind the ball as if it was a mile course it's neutralized and but I would you. There had to be a dozen people at the globe who knew what he was doing and look the other way. Media for years to free we know for years and watched him get awards. In Washington tagged well I would say it's topical with battery issues I'm pretty sure we found the entire American team that won the Pulitzer for the marathon I think we can we had a picture I don't know what was the picture of the president out I'm pretty sure there are people there who did it work hard work. Didn't take any victory laps didn't make anything up how can be few and that's how to feel. You know. He writes his own by now. He says he was part of the team that won the Pulitzer in public service. You know free for the cover of exposing the cover up via. Roman Catholic priests in 2014 won the Roy Mike Royko award as best columnist. Herb. Part of the team awarded the Pulitzer for breaking news coverage. Of the Boston Marathon bombings. And was Pulitzer finalist in commentary. OK can we reach out to eat Pulitzer committee. Take your time. Not to do that right now Chris asked them at one point they. Retract. Or. In demand these back. This guy won a Pulitzer. Or part of the breaking news which you can take part in. And for commentary. Was a finalist is commentary it's fiction. Made up. It's on as. Unbelievable in the globe is conducive and they're done just fire the guy you're good move on and find the people who allow this to happen and fired them. Leave it to you I'll be curious the other I don't tracks out you know they're gonna do they're gonna take their sweet time in the eventually hide it somewhere or not some big they can't take you guys will have to can't ones are they can't that is Kerry's right now I think what little they hate us they can rationalize it that way but now it's out. Drudge have it at some point these other guys have it then it's gone they did Harrell election now the balls for once they actually do oppose the pathetic newspaper they become they have to do. Are 61777979. Times haven't couple lines open lawyer from you guys what do you think it is what do you think it is stuff what do you think of the globe. Colin I'll hear from you guys who put some more Colin sound react to more stuff I'm sure does and does not going to be more sound atrocities is just the beginning. Of Kevin column we're doing our own investigation here before the globe this in the chemical and you're call 6177797937. And more we get. I showed emotion seemed I'd heard it. And it was I don't know. I guess we hear something like that. First world could have maybe let everything that circle of very invited me that'll let. What's the worst Colin. You if you go to college draft will be the first pick the most disgusting who would be on you made the firefighter. It's friend worsen an analyst and so is the sound is my first from new line she actually died she actually guide them it's it's the worst round now. You know what. Those two topsy says that are crying engine in the death whale like never heard that expression. A curse of a debt free meal. Is if you've heard it no you think anyone who was there of her summer there probably heard stories you heard when hill. I'm never heard it hasn't taken that replies that did I go back and was reporting or beside him saying this month after a documentary probably now. Probably has lots of people who were there. And they know. It's amazing how he does it without they can amiga com. He's does it feels like you with the impunity. But nobody's been out there arrogance or arrogance it's you know you know I mean it's entitlement tears ever on kissing his ass. He loves the adulation as you see on the spotlight when he gets tweets film could colony retreats the mall when people. You know between animus a great job and let's be very clear we reached out advocate states got a higher bar. A return to her as well but her that I certainly didn't have called everybody to go point no no one's response we have budget calls for the break curbs front. 61777797. A what's your take on a Colin stuff of some tweets are out of every ten getting. Fifty year men saying talk sports and no I'm not tied with the Red Sox the blues song every time I say this all the time. I didn't read them and having faith in him if he wasn't on my ever so. But there were lots of people who do agree there are people believe or not I'm still read the globe and read Colin. They should be the ones who feel bird they put their trust in him every day or whatever. Two free days a week whatever rights we will be eleven straight days him who believed twelve columns and eleven they're the ones who were burned. If you believe this guy if you tweak it at him. Said Craig chuck can you he brought tears yeah. It's it if you did that. And you are the ones who should be pesky annoying to me I never read the guy. I don't trust them if you trust and if you believe them. He stuck it to you he's achieved due rebel exhibit that money on a subscription or EPA patriot Adam yes. Dale Arnold I mean I know that you like them. I trust you don't anymore I'd love to hear from someone like that. SO and others die hard column about a somebody who's at the finish line somebody was a mile away you can call if one as well so some of the most sad really that close to that as the Panthers. But a guy here and I don't need to bring them who they're going through the rooms up element that I get this not about that there's a sense of other journalistic pieces about somebody Alfie is just like the worst case of it. Honestly I've ever seen in my life forever it's a firefighter or cop who just watched Kevin called lie about the people on a year your beer group for your personal every. VW random and that's that's for the pros but some people do between I'd say it's the worst case and a I've ever seen in American history honestly Kadima and worse. To put yourself in the middle of no no. But there are times are posted daily news said you were character at 9/11. Nobody did since this is that you see guys like faking their Vietnam record like Blumenthal and Sean Hannity and things like that that's but this is a career built on lies now. It's insane this kind of winning Pulitzer prizes. Peters and somewhat relate to either. During your phone down Peter would you. Australia you know what did you guys deserve a closer to invest. And exert our regulations giving you the one they keep him. Take it away give you I think it's time it was not going well you should get that MVP the want to Canseco might hearing on form and if you agree mall sometime with the bachelor which you. Peter did you read Colin do you trust him. You know I I didn't know until you guys brought this up I had no second thought about it. What Merrill man every time I looked at and I start thinking about this just blows my mind that somebody would take such liberties where people. Who are hurting so bad. I don't always exploited. There of the most unfortunate people going to hell. Absolute hell he wants to be part of their nightmare we can't be kept you not he never will be. Which he did his despicable. Me using. People in their most. The worst moment their lowest moment the most vulnerable point in time you're using them is so despicable. Thanks greetings bio in the globe right now would have awesome unbelievable. He wrote himself. To quote Johnny Cash out and everywhere man. Worked as a local national foreign correspondent for become a columnist. The few spots that the spotlight he was part of a team that won the Paulson 2003. The Roman Catholic priest on the right go award. Part of the team awarded the Pulitzer which by the way. The other people there since action doctor's apartment right he's not they were not happy with that the only two time winner AS and he's that medal for writing about the marginalized. Co author of New York Times bestseller Whitey Bulger. I thought Harvard had standards filly gave me nieman fellowship where you're right about that. When we reach out to them as well things like these you gotta you know take your lies Carlyle lies in his storage units cook lies educator resources that you. I could out bush did it should not forget everybody wrote about the eight year old Laura wood barrels seven year old heroin addict. She had to give it back because it was all lies. This guy should take that thing that's frame but we're all aware of the trainees in the world today and he's the good guys or the way to do that holly trainees have they discussed the two it's a good question this is one of their own. Again you should feel burned I'm a bird I don't trust I'll tell servicing you this Skype's most of the Barnicle. You've said you sent a press conference that it doesn't that does not it was always you know Sully your Eddie yours some random gathers several last Amos that this does does it feel like reality CBS just tweeted that he does Boston. And there's a picture of you with a sad face on these he's got a first Internet story on it came out. Just posted on the website right now they took a lot of dignity to wait tweets they took that made a story out of mentioned WEEI. Mention is clearly a guy. Mentioned WEE got 300 WEEI do. If hobby which was hair white and I'm not issue reminds me on WEP guys airwaves okay who is off not it's not WK it's OK arcade. They fit in wanted to its. This is insane. Contact BZ may limit the change they should try to charts mean this kind of was so arrogant. He was gloating. Mean he was celebrating. Him when we went through sort of tough times is the easy story. It's coloradans Aldo and rob. The guys they don't. Listen in their blood itself and caused so good Benjamin Marjorie east bamboo road incident Kennedy lived there people at WBUR. What's going to be your own ability. No politician has great. Right back right and then Kennedy's promising tonight talking about Jews Jim Rogers and hammer them on that to me now becomes. The shift becomes the globe I was Rory clearly knew about this stuff to some extent. In these other people in an I'll say this category if he did know about it should whose job it is it don't mean but how could you not. Notice. Between the documentaries and this and that explain this wanted to as we get back today to clear this was two we could act that I'd say fault lines I want 555. Five god impolite celebrate me in nominee mail process beginning now to nominate me for a poll surprise I think it's time. 61777979. Because of religious at least a global charity or much talking about gentlemen sweeps from Jerry Tucker what kind of games. That's got to show you how that went collapse one ones while they're not prepared. That was terrible job of defending that too on when I got Russia. Would you think their play in the neutral how much veterans doc and mark last night minutes broadcast talk or as is always about wants also much much much world this yeah this is better yet absolutely no question art five full lines or the thoughts on Colin. A guy himself in the middle of the marathon bombing in my opinion and 617. 7797937. Notre pop 617779. 7937. And this is from Kevin Cullen. From the globe. Is called political correct that is cauldron a theory get to this and new college now piece of information and more we. Among the confirmed. Deaths is. I jungle like eight years old and then you've been finding out more about his family and when he. His name is mark Richard and as you said he was eight years old and he was killed and his sister lost her leg. And I know the firefighter who carried that girl to safety. And he represents. The best of us. Whoever did this presents the worst of us. This got some. Psychological phrase. For people who attached themselves will be part of like horrific events like I've you know grief porn I've heard that before people want to be. Did you hear these people make up things about family members who were dying and stop. Them. But the disorder that now what is viewed one attach yourself to tragedy that this need psychologically. To these hardest he's the poster child and he's made a living off but he's won awards for Kirk I know when you look at the tweets that he retreats it's all you made me cry me right now art. Thomas melodramatic. I've covered war I've covered terrorism. He asks me it's crap its garbage how does how you win some awards and makes him lots of money how the globe ever. Ever ever bring this back ever. Can't please I'm gonna write again the globe right let's ruthless boss and I went out abominable opportunity offenders say that despite the need to the world that the meat to people mean you can never come back from. Much is Google wants Tom Ashbrook to come back. You can't you can't come back for this to your credibility. Is a shock to free himself I mean when I get MSNBC or else MSNBC is the seat forum on morning general oh yeah development but. Any credible new zone that they can't touch. And whose unit you know to the investigation begins obviously CBS just reading the stuff now. Who it is try to get this house is gonna. Benefits it'll become a media story you know drug you know some media watchdogs you know like Dan Kennedy bill over. Maybe Howie Kurtz you know doubled over you know maybe media hype and media research senator minutes. It's a guy by the way it's is in it you know is a liberal. Is there would be people all over him. Don't look at how we card did this in the people wouldn't look closely at every. Character every first name from that of seventeen. They might ask questions note this guy had that Conan protection around him he was a good globally. On the right side of the so that if the friends are friends are good people who trainees at the world yes he's said that's how wonderful it is. She chimed in yeah I want a fraud he is now. You don't magic that are too Rico last night message is what the column today experience awaiting Allison Beasley picked it up all the blood went to Boston Twitter accounts picking up Austin news now Boston in folding these this is gonna circulate next couple hours and in your record goes to Drudge. And are often and it's it's over from there I wanna do what things don't watch your show but don't pick these calls and play more because every ball and the sound is a retirement place just reset we come back after this would be reset the best play the Irish times of the BBC sound what do Campbell sound. The Campbell's son which by the way on is Curtis. Pointed out that's a doctor lectures on HBO. It was produced by the globe as well he can judgment HBO's of the old so is the globe was aware of finger was lying or they didn't mean checking out. Mean how hard I would just say this if you're reviewing net. And Kevin Cohen you know what's actually there because you report from scribe says Kurt went away. That poor. I'm a victim they wanted to get up three stars it's nice and murdered and he's he's he's using murder really find more columns from a documentary interest on your column and from that. Around tables well god let's take some of these calls Mike is in New York hey Mike. According are you might. Great stuff all this guy I virtual or if you. He loves himself. You know. He's he's particles that were friends they were colleagues they worked together they made stuff up together. He it's amazing. This is the most infamous plagiarized. And fraud in journalism. Recent journalism history at least around here they've replaced them. With the baby Barnicle. Well why are wrong to say that you'd that he made money on this at some level like that seriously and they did books and this and book signing mark I don't know it also helps security within the equipment and placement to raise your stature going back through the videos around this searching person on from him he was every army doing a lot of abuse star the justices so us what you want you saying what did he will well why does he do so first of all was the psychosis wanna be involved with second ball. There was some money involved here in colonias pocket BZ I can tell a grand Marshal of the Pulitzer podium when that we get that. And he wasn't part of the team that won it. This who has the breaking news team that he wasn't says it probably wasn't as people who overtime if not he was a finalist I is contrary to your eyes in his own bio. These guys Terry what was workers' status his commentary that we've been playing we've been reading. Was eight he won in the finalist for the ports that's correct which was pure fiction anyway. I picked John I don't have your picture on. Or several is that what second here against but but my favorite. Mom. Let's talk she's scores were trying to keep track mr. Quarterbacks like an element to play grinds podcasts and today we are all excellent back to yes I had John replied the best column. Hey I got a question for you. Are that I'm not from Massachusetts someone New Hampshire so I don't know you very equals. Why can't they process you've been one of the you know the answers are of the fallen out the other though it was stolen power. He didn't steel mallet from like soldiers and promised so I think stolen valor act applies to the military and all your call I know what you're saying I mean. There's some sort of stole it you want you believe he was part of that. Horrific day which is. Again so insulting to it and please it's what it is that heroes who actually I mean it's just like as it's not Valerie even stealing misery and and grief. Don't steal and grief he's still paying well on the postage in this thanks John postage initially took Owens sits down. And says I'm gonna tell the story about how my friend Sean O'Brien is on my friend. Saved Jean Richard which he didn't do. But what what goes through your mind when you see those were all he says his fake firefighter friend had to. Washed the blood from under his fingernails he can't he can't join them for a beer. Because he has to stay home and wash the blood from under his fingernails and give a try to wash well enough that washes up easy Cold War battle on this here's a table that though. I don't I'm going to in the street brawl that equipment that at least you can see you in the science in the specific you can just rationalize services from the firefight was just the body is right when he talked to what somebody you. Actually see this street Richard wood that was proven wrong could they later winners. Five years look good look on their hard. Gunfire started shortly after up. Sean Geddes on a Realnetworks or did not Kansas so I arsenic corners and it Kirk talked to him a real person Tom O'Brien yeah. Who didn't record. Now who didn't search for Ehrlich was chosen not collins' friends off the front of them says he's who told me told either confused from making things up I think you may be able to save it Kevin Collin you know what. I missed this one I was a part of it back to work after right a lot of us want to talk to people that's what most columnists and writers do write. They. That's why I provided such a service by exposing the. Up there it is asked who didn't make money up as he received 2500 dollars for the Mike Waco award for commentary column writing. In the aftermath the Boston Marathon his work demonstrates a deft writing touch a ferocious spirits Politico and a no holds barred clarity that. Is by turns bracing and brilliant the way back open you know I think 1500 us from a glory otherwise even if you believe the stuff he wrote. That's the truth is really kind of look great writer he's he's a lot of cliches it's really kind of you know predictable and and dull but anyway let's go to Andrew Plymouth pay Andrew. A guy who bought a disorder do banker incurred that's what. There hot water in the reporting and you know lose nobody else. Let sorry linesman he says again. Yeah I just sort of a thank you guys had an odd we're gonna. Need actual reporting here and it will be open. Well I'd say Israel is the only thing I'd say thanks at for color lines kinda shaky unless you you know do while podcast with you know. Cousin salad weak weaker if and then again I put my fears that say. About our show. Criticize it hate it love it. We never stop we work 24 hours a day on sores or this other shows and excluding some impact of the shows of the station. Show up to the show and go home. Get their ratings don't care repeat doing it we don't like us he haters I don't care we don't stop we will never stop. No and whom you can hang their hotel room alone Kirk because so he's not survive. I said the weekend is not gonna make it to dinner time. To even though the only answer I always do you think he's fired by did you like upload yours did you know the globe no but I don't know I don't drag this out Ed's in Wellesley head. They got the morning. Kirk that the only unsolved mystery this morning like you're not getting more school. Here. Solitary church is trying to talk a lot of ingested it sort of inject himself and his troops is ought to be like me inject them into the into the petrol skydive stories drum up parties apart you know and let me tell now. On the all of a show eventually with other people. The interview old athletes in the past you can tell you stories of great I just listen Everett the big show. Friday did you know what your point. What. I did it surged. Awards. That you should be expecting in your future right here in order correct I agree on the solution. Of course his approach Pulitzer Prize yup. The press so war yeah there's the Livingston award. There's the social conscience in media I should and yes I do there's that segment dealt a shy award yeah. They're all here ago there's this means war. The pain award for ethics in journalism. Should put that on your Twitter bio of the social conscience of Boston. And I. About slip I don't have it and the and the. Patients all for fraud to people who scrub journalistically. What went to Moscow's own theology of the next week there's just check out there. One missed it I'm just wondering why would say. It to be fair we should do and internal investigation of him and he's written. Pretty consistent probably was down put down pit should play and here now here's one month he doesn't even it's it's yeah he's Telesis car radio life that's there is divorced again this real division of the globe there are people saying why do we leftists. That's a slice I agree with your weasel the slot here but then there's the business that Rory lives background and the guys are guys are right now they're slugging and now you know right now they have this in Iran having that China Lott's days. You know. Wondering how they handle it. But in the end. The truth is not gonna help Haiti where a couple hours to decide whether you know they're not knocking on the campus guy who I think he's he's writing again. He's not writing again but he's not fighters I write another column political know maybe Irish times I can't I can't imagine I can't imagine he Kitna. He can't the fact he's gonna have to call solely for job as a marquee. Which he's done part time all want to Ashworth can elect explain himself column recently truth OK so these are all the guy did was grab you know grab that help you know. People Google. They've had a lot of experience and please me like when Sully you know solely of the surgery did that column paid for he took over the bar that's true it was hard but he did these people so. Yeah say go home and get some rest I'll run I'll take care of things to Xena bullied at those airports are solid through the keys in the barn and it added theory bar or coffee shop as Sully Sully could afford the surgery. After care quiet. Right you know he knew someone and you thought was ultimately you can old buddies you know another doctor Ian fuel those doctors and knows a does it does have himself hang in with the surgeons. That the medical tent at the at the finished true now case oh. He's everywhere he's now Mark Wahlberg I have a new report. I just got sent to me from the globe. Book of the marathon coverage recruit him by on line and Chris like not the actual you know by not the physical book about it you look Kendall. We're calling now puts himself at the office of the glow in the bombing. That's more than a mile away at this more than a mile high he wished. He restored him the bombs were you working inside you will not happen so it seems unlikely that he now makes you would not so we should we can the find out innings and in the race and this is where it's from the global. Book which they jerked himself and where they celebrated their fine work. Padilla marathon trial on ways as well. We'll get to that have that I am the Bob rock who dom Perino was black or where do every. We have time we'll cast movie. Who's gonna play Colin she's going dvd emotional TV script is being written this weekend but SEC BS special Ohio Ali who could play Colin. Colin is that guy who plays. Tiger why should we say to him because of my business all of our feet up a local guy I'm very old school I say Gary's. Us you know the local gangs and all the movies. Are great here. He's was Ian he's in everything to help and I've been around the block. And figure out during the break since what 7779798%. And more all in the best of all.