K&C - The most pathetic sound of the weekend; The birth of Dice James 4-23-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, April 23rd
Hour 3: Gerry, Kirk and Mut respond to the most pathetic sound from the weekend and we gave birth to a brand new show character, Dice James. 

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It's currently. But the worst day over the weekend. John just as sources of that we hadn't been no longer features. And the united tonight talk about to go all they want and what. What like to see more out of the creature with Kirk committee ahead will be good news that the roof here. And it's removed at an act breaking jag it's possible. The most irresponsible thing I've ever heard of and we'll. Quote he knew he is stealing these dealings in the next couple weeks growth is gone Ken layered senior producer of her compelling ensure not reporting Gerry Callahan. I find it almost impossible to believe that komen was deliberately trying to mislead anyone that certain people have his back Colin has been open about his whereabouts that day. So the first responders Supreme Court baby Barnicle I hope that anything he shows that this was saying one time laps first. I've heard this line. Fraud I've admired have homes were the year on Sports Radio WEEI. I don't want to. Celebrating more or fielded popular to be measured and calm as we do is chiseled segment and listening to him I've. Yes that's the way to do in my opinion I agree I think your both right as us who's at what are you here. I've been here for two hours them two hours relax. Do yes two hours more like one but euros it won't like me to do that tough first hour I did it because if he said album we talked Bruins you jump goodness I was very involvement columns to the one thing these beautiful to look at that we wanna talk about things we do one reason we have here is your younger than all the most you're much younger and I definitely -- you have. You know you know most about your generation you know you're on top of things. And the colors and a year ago zero gravity hair yeah I'm you owe me no problem. Are you gonna minutes of the chief. Was he your favorite favorite Swedish teacher screeners too are they are above that it's 28 Illinois couple years and the new test of music I mustered foreigners were this huge great. OK tell me to think of sleepless appoint your leader. What's repeating that will be played of his wrestlers without this tour. Chicago rush. As we do that we have breaking news and you love this it is big big big important news. He middle that are paid. Inca toward. He's breaking news here I was concerned about that he really cute and ugly is it that particular attribute grandfather took a protection that. As you say generations of intrigue you all again this is usually sort of more married these beautiful women between us now there's outrage just get straight. That nature says doesn't work. And their people who are waiting to see if some random woman what what what you evacuate her private area. It's okay here's a baby in graduate well but the baby is born over there. I don't care what's special as part of the why. The first thing is tied and it's a sad thing yes there still people who believe that they that they only mean something yes it doesn't know actually. Mean the whole hot chili rig overworked and probably just you. It's like wrestling it's for children. Royal family stuff is that she gets to be troops it's kids disposed to believe in you know kings and queens because there in you know whatever. Snow lighten moon Harry Potter that's on real life. This is to be cheap. Respective clubs about Westphal. Well hey glow sticks out there. Was just using the do world police say your actors argue it you better read for ER. Yes I think you can get that mark just talk some more yet. Came on the market right now again that's script it's a pilot working on right now nobody Jim Wright that second trap we will have a lot of you. What you are waiting for friends I think I'd looked up again against bottom. Miller did some Ecstasy if now and I know you look great it's not look right now who produced the way alive. Could sort don't. As soon as purge. I'm okay that's loosening. Let's on the that's not loaded but now he's he's got the music I know I'm asking can explain to me he's a music Brito. They're losing them what does he think we can he do it puts a team that does mean an enemy mixes all that means nothing to me is TJ let us. We picked. Jerry says yeah he DJ to me is either the guy in the club's playing record. Or a plane of song well does he get more teasing guys about that on the whole plane heavy metal and right. Who which one was he he was the first one there is he so he's reform I think. And he was like a special talent but he's international's latest celebrity and if he can make a lot of money. One of these like biggest parties to be in the DJ there may be one of those guys an orgasm 28. When he picked he was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis. To Texas and alcohol use a long list. Is that true yes. Who's a solid shape eight he drank himself to death and not come themselves to having been behavior. This is him when he's not saying and so on in this age group. They're not his I would definitely musicianship and yet the tracks it beats. You sit samples that can really yeah. Makes sense to you Kirk now. If you're younger try to get laid you know this careless. Can help you have sex you know spend extra time because when a club joining what you got laid you would hear when you heard the song get you thought it was the guy that's. This is viewed rigid views of pure Michael Jackson song and club another shower your house you just don't like it hot Huskies on a Friday night they like cherish our but you know you just in the short term economic kind of bop in the Sharia movement no no notion that the sound of the water insulin. That's comforting it is. It's you right rightly be any showers later. Known and shower slump and a why can one. In Iowa and what the problem. Is probably I think we all that matters and some not her fault. My surgeries Jesse certainly got a couple months I don't know this is exactly nothing out to sea were doing very very well. But we're gonna have taking a break from that until I had the surgery. It's become her fragile at the last couple weekends a bachelor parties in Annapolis and now we are weird that's for aids bow unknown unknown and sounding weird Connecticut coast going to be added to that. Put them enough of this yet let's elevate the conversation and we hear from Mark James coups. We played treading around us paint markings are right so Mark James is on the track meet mossy. This weekend in reminding me a little bit. Of the NBA all star game I think was 84 when Isiah Thomas organize that freeze out I'm Michael Jordan with the right at the ball I got the sense of trying to mossy RP does for this at all. We're not playing along with Mark James being in the group to get that's what I say it is I think too mossy and try to were texting each other Dershowitz and so keep leading the B Mark James can be your work size as a way you know vs forty. Text into right everyone knows at the brakes tiny amounts Emeka. And my dad Mario would change in the room it just it crept upward while marching doesn't like that stuff he's above board Reno. And it's the issue of from the chart to try mean John to mossy kiss each other commercial break they neck is that true and that. I didn't know that place movies she in the American Idol crown cannot read and all that I didn't know that noble was produces ten. Care but the film. Is the watch her dark room ides of march so big they reached. We resent it Colin to get to us. I don't live there now let's set up a little let's set up this way all praised the curtain and hand ul yeah okay columnist Kate investigate report. I'm down to radio host down my father around town and valley down low we vowed to. New Mountain View the radio host of the city of yogurt that is because which take the time to write this. Nobody was able means a fondness that we spend this much time on Sunday since has Dale's father was beautiful most believable. If you haven't ready yet it is a must read and I'm not to say that to make you know Kirk or nightcap and he's got a 48 late can I think real quick. I think reg and Roger Clancy and all the guys in the bar to deliver rushed for everybody out there yeah as far as it. Up public or a couple different balls got yeah yeah yeah Patti O'Reilly Clancy's paddy Reilly's yes. And he was in the back room causing you quiet but they can bring him in the Guinness stated they are making come with a botnet. All of a coffee sandwiches tumble I tried to reach you called yourself weren't answered called the ball article iPhone like you know what does that state law against smoker and then they say waveform and they wave it occurred to Zambia. Yeah I'm glad you wrote this type puzzles you're written columns script arts beats New York Times I've got this 4000 words masterpieces by enough my typewriter yeah. Which some help from Chris Curtis let me tell gross errors Chris Curtis is like his assistant he did a great job. Did a spectacular or did you thank you if you're on Twitter you can see and I've preached we have. Tomorrow are we all are actually India if you haven't if go to the website that the eEye dot com yeah. Then there it's great read. Which he did is make a prime accords job easier for you put the case you made the case while leaving out some real incriminating stuff. He made the case against O. You cannot say his one time thing you made a mistake you know we lose we know he has PT EST. Gonna play that sound again to cause I spent the weekend. Lot of veterans combat veterans reward to vets. I do that this fraud. Susie is PT SD. From a bombing where he that was an impact. So offense secondhand was almost like a second hand PTS I just was dealing with so many people have been traumatized. We lost weight gain weight she lies more kids and after releasing despicable. But everything he does is like what he thinks a character a movie he likes to do so weird it's it's a psychologically. There's a fascinating study to look I I I would love to talk to him and pigs and speak to us. It would damage tomorrow so you might want you bogey that he'll bring as much the tables mine has. Ought to be Paul's probably standard I would say that it's a credit beginning of your column is most important thing you do you don't. The merit on a bombing issues are obviously big you go back to call not even tied into that to point out this trend this. Pattern that Kevin Cullen has when he writes the stories and you get away from the marathon thing it's about Charles a loss of sight not Charles Austin Charlie yes it's chemicals and it's always. Charlie Austin were governor he they call Marty Richards never never heard that never or Cheney Richard except for chemical and stretch them. And I end and it and I am a column with that story from the from the last column that their Colin did. We talked to walking down driving an indelible mark on the way to pub talk to a man about horse. As I was turning up at history that's by Jean Richard standing on the sidewalk or in the cross she probably softer part time job a college type with a great Jack toward game for a few hours of work but Jack and Jackie Doherty is one of the best so caught is now assuming he knows Regina Richard was because of buddy of his used opera but it is. Different jobs he's a great guy and Kevin's friends with them. Of course is talking with a horse he's gullible public it's all protect. Jane Los allege that the angels from brother Martin who witty was year old an issue since the bombing. Jeanne become my house. A few months after the bombing she pose weren't entirely the prosthesis that would better run at them make a semblance of the Irish that finish was. Before couple of losers type of a bomb beside her siblings are remember seeing a photo smiling for the first time in weeks. JD I called up from an open window. It's taller she turned and looked in my direction without really knowing what was smiled and waved enthusiastically. I parked in the old Dorchester post parking ones who was a turn the engine off. For reasons I came to put the explain that began to weep. That is. And your crew and your question you in this fine piece with a great question does anyone believe that. Well I would Goran do you believe that's hard through this was I say I'm Emily Rooney do you believe that if you appoint Kennedy of course not did you play an editor in fact checker. Just those two census themselves on the questions are yet. A dozen you know that's OK and a few months ago when. We drive them there when you went to the pub have you received from that. What you have to talk to a man by the horse who was the guy who was the horse he spotted Jeter to shoes I'll be working card check with Paul trip should work in there that day. Did you where you and you'll Dorchester post you torturer of posts he couldn't pocket. Wal greens are we could part or on target dollars or complain I was sure shell gas station near the park in the old torturous to test right. Where reasons I can't explain a begin to week. There's a lot of weakening the a lot of weeping a lot of crying he cried when he saw Lisa Hughes. He cried as you said Sean O'Brien child Brian refute completely he cried there he cried at night is he told Bob Ryan after the bombing. It's it's he wants you to feel bad for him because he's part of something that he wasn't part of and we're supposed to you know we're supposed to defend ourselves here against the dank and these and and we room reason. And from reports we've heard call was at the senior PC. On Saturday Curtis talk to you wanna talk to occurs. Chemicals suspend the Boston Globe columnist explains you attack on him from the right this guy Marcus bring tweets. So if we get that sound if Owen Faxon is an attack because we're right wingers number one I'm not. In number two. So walked. Let's say I'm for again whoever and your you he can go Brit any right where you want I don't care. Where Sean Hannity I'm Sean Hannity you're Jerry Kelly and we attacked this guy so why we have the truth. This is this is the truth is every criticism from the Boston Globe illegitimate. Because they're left wingers I guess every criticism from Kevin Collin illegitimate because he's left Winger I mean. Actually the fax Kevin you've got caught just a particle. Like Patricia Smith Jason Blair. Got caught in you know what you're right you do the reason we start check and you're right cabins because you are after us no question our antennas one up. But so what can we discovered which he did you pretend that it America on the day after you worked. Five years later he still pretend that you were there you worked there we count audio after audio were you told things that were true about Jean Richard. About Sean O'Brien about Patterson a Mike Patterson right map packs once in my past Matt Patterson all these people and you put yourself in the middle of this. And we are to blame. In your world where to blink and you are looking for. Mistakes here and mistakes there and sure all that it. We play that sound of the day of the of crystal Campbell's. Way it was at the debt debt debt well from crystal Campbell. On Friday we played a lot and it turns up in that document she said earlier that they were sound from the trial and there was in fact sound of that from the trial. So maybe you heard the trial if you didn't find actually you're your your duty to report. Unlike you will say okay that that happened what we'll we'll we'll we'll branch and could grant you that you heard it there you remove that from the conversation. Let's look at every other piece of evidence. How do you explain how do you explain the summit called for earlier the sound of a shuttle Brian crawling around looking for gene Richards leg how could ever possibly explain Natalie. Semifinal finish on the drop. Stop right there okay. Not his friend and he didn't pick her up but other than that that great point nailed it yeah yeah. Carrier. To an ambulance. And I don't consider that to be put it doesn't really so let us. And that didn't happen. To say you know child bride he'd not do what what I wanna know is is not a and you what you get there from Colin too is the fake Colin crime make among got that all they motivate the acting if you want it was so affected by this if you wanna chemical and to tap dance for you on April 16 the day the fifteenth is the bombing correct correct. If you wanna chemical and to tap dance for you on The Today Show or CNN or MSNBC your BBC. Or the Irish times were never April 16 it be happy to do that what did you tell you this little sob story put himself in the middle. Instead of just saying when he's asked by air and it BBC reporter or Brooke Baldwin or Larry O'Donnell or whomever has set as saying you know what Brooke. I was actually there. I got their later or I'd I'd I report on right talk to people who were there he had to put himself there because he felt like he had to be there he just to keep could accept the fact. It was a better we mentioned this tweet this market's retreat from the BC. On Saturday about possible from the right. So it says that note tool on the panel noted the the legitimizing a public service journalism. Fit fit no trouble I didn't know we laws we I said earlier about these this sort close circle these people keep. And that's a leaked group of people defending Kevin call all his friends that no tool. Is the editor at the hour at times yeah. We try to get them all right I have an actual mr. Ochoa they had to do OK I've got to he's not related to champ is one thing about the markets Perino it's not just in person he's a professor often called her just from so these two weeks seems to report grocery shelves that reach out to him and what is at Dartmouth right now there's some work on him over to him OK good. About an hour you're you and and we are deep legitimizing yes public service journalism if we can. What do you call out a guy who is yeah it to the audience. And doing it for self. So selfish reasons yes very so that is do you legitimizing. Also public sector especially region lead the legitimize sign up calling it cute right. Honestly that's an audience pocket by lying about what happened in the Boston Marathon bombing but somehow because you guys are bringing up you hard delegitimize and so I did all this work and Chris as well we did it we spent you know hours on. It is I think a pretty sober take down now I admit my bias and my agent was happy to me I don't like him I'd I'd like when this stuff happens about column because he's not telling the truth he should be called by the way. People the globe my guess some people feel the same way. There so now turns I've said before the globe. They suspended with pay what are they going to do they really gonna pretend it doesn't go deeper 'cause we separate out some other stuff as well I mean I'm happy to read a New Year's Eve that Kristi stories right. For 2007 which damaged bridges some return to break is it seems possible estimate ARRIS and they know to high wind kind of of well. They know it's not a one time only thing that no it's not a mistake. It's oh he missed remembered. Something they know it's a pattern they know look at a guy is. The difference was a lot of differences between Cullen and his pal article. I remember a lot of sound from Barnicle Cullen. Does in these interviews. The same thing he does in print he tries to. Make it cinematic. Acute traumatic. And make himself. In that put himself in the center of everything that we found that the of David it's true he thinks she's a character's own TV show I mean that's that line which in Richard he's going to a bar to see a guy by the horse. BC's Jim Richard is bodied center up with the jobs somewhere casinos the body you know it's just all fake. All pretty connect all a lot of his column to show. Bomb. Tore she's just trying to keep track mr. I'm on them. I'm trying to keep track I just so tough haven't always interview struggling just now so I know he's one Oz so tough he writes two columns a week. Two and you know. And and you know any of them or on the level but. It's not he really grueling schedule I just telling. Mean. In real columnists write four times a week maybe. If you are a fact check at least three would you call college hype and ask you Jean Richard and a part time job there. Shortly afterward gave that job they don't have caught on fact checkers that editors saw Kevin say Kevin who's the man who's the horse. A few months ago few months ago so vague where were you were you doing. Mean I'm the largest nicest or he won the Pulitzer he's their guy and senate article it was too big fish to. Big deal to question. It's incredible with a credible as I think I now believe I didn't do was wait a day or two ago IDs and keep his job. Attitude I hope that a Friday all it was a good decision on whose club called me to be its performance today to see you guys read through the mud fight training all puts a trendy San able place himself from Jim margin replace sound from a from this beat the press but Mark James we study marketing and get to me that we he had asked I would we get back 617779793. Cents of it solely tweets on this. It's like 6046%. Love 40% between him talk about sports. Brewers in the playoffs ultimate plan for the Texas doings and what are you guys won't hear your take on the story. You must talk about something else 6177797937. Narrowed them up leisure time now if you guys well and Colin. He pissed off of the globe the pissed off at us what do you think about us and you'll really know college is what is the story CU won here that. I am more 61777. Point seven not some place sounded. All we ask you you know these are brave officer of the fire rescue you know could they do over for advertising or belching kneecap and all you would say. You know some of these guys you trust them. Yeah yeah absolutely because the other thing is that they embellish it they know leveled off the rest of their lives there so. I would say they accountability at the close you out of things the more accountability there is I have no doubt with. If anything I thought they were understated. The accounts that I was given the other day right. Color story returns about Gerry Adams is from the globe. No irishman I'm Irish times point he I think it was the biggest the Irish times even if it was more it's it's that 3000 I'll really get freaked out miles away. No all rules are quote he want to an office on a more spend much time as it. You know these people there in 88 says about Gold Coast you can find about goes you can find that they said. About Nigeria pursuant to the office on lower falls road now to a secret Gerry Adams. The man who too much made this request a lovely silver silver haired guy named patty Oren oh wow law Wofford. Said he'd see woody could you dispute upstairs and Suter returned seizures at the stairs go wanna. Patty in first meeting and asked for my idea I guess in my face Mike coloring effect us from Boston my name's Kevin is good enough for him. So posters I went harassing if maybe ten minutes or in walks Adams. We're no less an impressive jump pretty sat down inside look at me and said what about. Tell you read all the stuff just mean it's just hard to bully. Again it's like you know whatever pick a TV show about the IRA he just walks and guys and I think it does seem to frisk him because he's seen what it is just you know looks you know because the people on the two sides in NORTHERN IRELAND looks so different. Egyptian attack could. You could if you just been. He's easily been the enemy Kevin as you were now whatever whenever you read it same way you read everything. It's with a grain of salt but. We got next year's sock puppet we get marked change so because he wanted to involve the conversation I think grounded it right he was it was seen on the he's boxed out. Big time he was then Trenton he joined tourney too mossy they didn't really understand why I don't think I know I know you're thrilled about it they would go segments and your Mark James I can't imagine a third person who added nothing percent that appears unlikely that seems a really difficult a three margins weighed in on the on my opponent's point I want here's a unique mind in the market weighing in this. The question when something always happens I actually listened to win all this went down I listened to his. Interview five years ago are BBC radio with a woman yeah it was about 1011 minutes long yet that's the thing that's really bad I had trouble. It's like it's that puts weird because someone who comes from this you know the talk radio world. I heard that like while I am I gonna make if you played that it in a quarter. But it's sounds pretty authentic. He'd sell pretty legit and that I think that now that probably you know it might not be it's like. Low. Jack I mean I told you and I says it's like whoa it's laid out the rest of the day for me I'm gone I'm not want to I can keep pets better than I. What made it up like there was a bombing ball. He looks like low. That. These I. From my power marked games. He's. Jackie do what they note the buck and a quarter Joseph came down to fifty. And. Every marriage like did you marry. Lou who went to give me I changed that is catch phrase that he was k.s like bisexuality. As ever heard about the Daisuke Dice-K. The dice man. Of which is there bisexuality a you know I was due dollar. Edu. We don't we don't blow. Any questions. He's like Alex Reid says is no such thing correct correct. Thanks advertisement the basic element is one of the great great volumes doubled. I'll stand by dice and need. To me find distasteful like Korean and likened it to say oops I mean I like dice games better. Twelve. Potential source loan loss on EU and good Tomas credit he calls. Confronts him on this but he says he brings up the boards comparison which we discussed yesterday. Borges did nothing compared to this boards losing mine are most of our report screwed up he lied he may mean a lot there's no question lied sources say one. If it's a lot wan Atlanta and whether it's coral which affords a stranger transgressions want to go to the past he got duped. And it puts everything you wrote in the question now that the past have been accused of weaken people's stuff that we're talking about this is. Instant. Think when nick from Austin get fooled. And it's embarrassing yes but this guy is. On yes. That's coarse wool. Would you agree that yes OK whoa. Yeah. This out of the guy's been boxed out pretty tired showed treading too mossy don't want to carry and already picked fairness of this craziness going on during the breaks teams react this way here yeah its sources say. It. Predicts that X. No where date like we should place more this down because we're about to go through the break they thought that's fine. I'm curious as to what people think about SC this poll mean. It's just about Kevin Cullen chemicals that nothing easy to the quote now the stories only about the globe. Jesus of the visas make you think of the global change with Boston Globe going for. A fifty yards subscribe to the globe media don't hear him maybe they think they knew me they knew he was making stuff up but it was like reading fiction that photos to nice stories is good storyteller and yet they may assume like. You know two months he said in that space as most of you know. Imbalances we aren't sure how I wanted to beat the press sound earlier and that's sort how globe. Readers I'm surely these wanna light the globally they both people like Kevin Kolb wanna like at the globe stands for held that so if you were here when the marathon bombings happened out here at the finish line or a mile away or wherever column and you have to be some level of your reader in your best and when you read those stories morning after morning. He wrote whatever he said and homes and eleven days at bars and coffee shops. To be offended as a reader that you paid for. I would if this was someone that I. Fight to the vest as Howard can't be like. Be crushed it took a full I'd feel like a full feel like you know that I had been play well that's if you are someone who read them regularly if you're praying to whoever. Right I mean you have to feel like you've been fooled me it's. She thinks to zone blues job continue to perpetrate this is hopes correct or be dragged through the mud yes it mudslinging like you yes but she has to feel at some level. Duped he mentioned to be depressed real player as well because if we play a couple of hours apart so weird it's you know activists. These people trying to take us down blamed essentially blame us and for trying to tell the truth about chemicals and lying about the marathon match to deal. On 61777979. Justice right Winger. Issues in the BC people it's incredible unbelievable. Or badly about general billed as well and never stops soccer talent over. Yeah. Home or small office I don't know profit. Eating occurred some way this is in no tipping for take out showed tonight on campus by any set them aside is there a desperate times call for desperate measures what's in the ball it's. I don't was that was your call put markings on them and try to yields spruce things up me eleven pre slot on Saturday and I think he was honored tradition there was he right beautiful Mark James in the and that's left and and they were dead set against it right turning to mossy. Yeah I've been there ever wondered you know I detail one go that should be I haven't exactly I heard you could as you say who they not want in there with you know that's will work for every show that's why we must work today yep amber but that's what's first of the week look like. Tomorrow do you draw you guys are here for two hours and and then Friday much we have to open days. All right excellent among your Friday so keep them focused going forward yes you go figure personal thing. Checks from we. Don't know if it's special mosque or. I don't know Austria for your time no no whys of weather good front. Will be excellent Friday it is to really know yes I'm good and two for two of golf tournament no alone I have no golf term schedule at all nothing. Zero time before you're back to them to every sure wouldn't want two things two quick things one now. A Russia like Gil Santos to a sentence was awesome what he did it was really good play by play again it was a nice him out of retirement at a time did that TV show you tell that story coming your eye you made if you're you're gonna tell. Step in but. There was a press Thomas at time and you do gonna fight with some of the patriots organization you gonna walk into the press conference and they're blocking you and Gil Santos. That he walked companies again Jerry's name all of these are able to Jack Coleman Jack yeah that's it that's a good story you do you call that pretty was I going. One. Saying that one observation Buckman it was goodies that didn't know. He was a big deal didn't care muse didn't have a lot of pretense tool which I like yes did that I mean he did. That it's sports beat the TV sure with LaBelle I think it's is accused goods and confirmed yet figured you'll do in the game jacuzzi on 38 the self access that the first via that was what was great credit his job and and really good guy. Public visitation. They want the public to come to us on that as dishonest and so mainstream I. I don't I think it's uncomfortable even with some one like you know Barbara Bush yes have a public funeral public weight. I mean isn't that. And I really public thing. You you've got a guy was a play by play guy. You want some of the losers like we have columns you want what's that's my that's my album for my little life that's fair that's my point if you're if you're if you like you'll say social you know you grow up like we did that was signals sent his whole life. But when he dies I think OK that's his family in his but amok in the step in that seems strange to. So like if if you die or are I'd we're gonna have public visitation programs like Michael from Brookline and Kevin almost kind. It was still considered a day. A bigger personality tied the patriots. I don't know economic or enable yeah. And on time I'm trying to justify why isn't a sign that's if he is that's kind of weird I'm thinking more confident more from the family's perspective who needs. I mean it's up to them and amid all I get it maybe they were pressured but it just seems there weren't any public viewing of a league. Deceased person seems a little odd day I've never understand even if it's you know you know and Vladimir Lenin that seems a little off but. If it's kills Hamptons. I wonder. If I didn't know home. Well all but would you would he want that may well obviously answers yes the Santos families and by the public to have visitation period on Tuesday. Tomorrow from 48 and in Bridgewater. So if you just a fan of the Celtics and the Bruins amid a Celtics and patriots who listened to him and liked them. This was the girl like kneeled down its post asking her I guess is out of those opposed to your site in the two family and this will be for the Republican and everything else is correct I got no problem the Stanley Park lot. That's perfectly okay what do you think it's two separate weight. Yes eyes IIII when you guys first thought to buy the I was thinking of cases for for everyone but obviously I'm on dominance is more receive public thing this is a base and then that and they close the door in the family has time. Yes which makes sense the fear and we shared. Would you want some of the idiots we have like Colin on social wanna put you know signings or step for Bristol. For crystal album for island Kevin homeless bum on call from Waltham are doing good in a different temperatures and women can. But is on doctor Aaron there I want doctor glamorous you know. I mean walking in their patriots hats and jackets. That scene I mean you know outcrop off obviously it's what you want to obviously why don't giving pizza yes they went to a public comes on it and looks at my body I. Army's you know I wanna I wanna heavily anyway. On different no desire when I'm done done college were good but four hours of a for the fans to come through. Just a little that's great about me that's we want to do that's what they wanted to me it's. It doesn't affect me I'm not upset by it I just find it. All of the public lineup and they will. Lineup to go in there and lose their prior Oscar dumb question I forget the it is for Johnny most and cutting other. Announcers tied to teams here Boston I don't know if some was favorite porn stars and I have an oil across the artisans. That's for them. I don't think so bonds could question do we call against the Boston breakers. He did you thought of that excellent read her and as a big breakers. You Korea this this. League relievers. Pago Syria on alum. But anyway. Point number two great voice great great and developed and and he was a good smoke. And don't smoke that probably helped his voice put them. Legacy lived a good long life with eighty pretty good banquet later in life but arms when things hopefully. But Tom. You have been saying Arquette should and so you have nothing doing this thank you can kerosene can. Reported that we're gonna trade grunt yes he would he was laughed and this yesterday I mean. Yesterday affect. Belichick's thinking on that along those lines I never let the portrait. Put my I've said this for years and in standby. NFL veterans who want to get traded. Almost always Detroit as true of the you don't want disgruntled guys you don't kick the you know the full attention. Guys who want to get trade swallowed moss scene with a guys over the years particularly good place you know guys with some cash and if they want out. They get right. Rarely does the teams say shut up and play. You know especially if they have an an agent with some connections and who can help facilitate things yeah he's a rosenhaus. He doesn't say wants out. But does he wanna. I even I think if you did the main trade a we've known by now rose house with both warriors. Want to blow briefed yet admitted to playing with I ninety and he did I not found out I must say about Jessica playing a much the American get to that point. We may be closer close to the right now clearly were not there because it would threaten it there's no erosion of fitness to keep it just as politic one. No this guy does not workable I think he would if he could get fair value offered nothing. About politics and tray type out with tendon in my charted these guys not just sacred trade brought these are trade ground Thursday night. Be trades on the grass between it's available on his knee in week two you drew who retired. That's of the way it well citizens spirited but crook. If you were Smart brings would you agree Brady's smarter than promptly yes it's okay. Great he's doing it right in on Tom Curran wrote she's leading. Rumble revolution of rumble rumble yes what evidence is what fingerprint where irons fingerprints. Now let's say I'll Rob Gronkowski is well I was has ever shall we have grown a practical way it's always act. Act I would say you know what that means let's say fingerprints I mean evidence showing it to him and go wrong and AM until interview resource volumes and skunk is a Little Rock adding guys little guys are already out there in the middle of threes that's all the Guerrero stuff guys going that's -- and I evidence that's Smart Brady refused to us that it was doing it but it's still occurring. Here is what you don't know you know that Michael fashion crash proof. I'm no professional media who've had no proof telling truth tell the but I admitted that promise brought to educate your fair value. That's the other and that hurts confessed as I got him as a whole lot that's the big issue it starts with the first round pick yes team in the if for a doctor Jennifer trumpet for rock right now. Indeed wait. And maybe something else maybe a second earned a second picture you'd. You do he's riding in regard as Marcus resembles he grunt could get a new deal somewhere else he's not kidding here. They gave to rush to the and that the money that you now have to give him audience to get a new deal. I'm convinced the new dealer dude you're getting a new deal is getting more money to play this year is not gonna take a pay cut to play for the patriots well he's not doing it right I would say that and because yesterday was indeed. I mean I know but Kohn in the new owner everywhere else. That was a slap in the face to vote. Cannot and graft to publicly yes Odyssey that it they've had these slaps back and forth on Guerrero for coupled with it doesn't matter who sees as a matter publicly the crazy thing is they've clearly saw nothing about the bird that meeting was really good there's no where our immediate human degrees you've got nowhere and no it's April. And it seems like nation got that hard. I mean Guerrero like I said he doesn't get to be right next to the trainers who isn't in the way he become a hall. As the room the players and go in there right you know if they want to. And Guerrero looks east over there the trainers. Right coached over there yes I our four come up 61777979%. Mo get for our four. I am ready to write us beat the press false trip around and trying to sound as well yes good axle would do that and more seniors and what's the daily for repressed dot com after the Boston Herald Boston University student wild so The Herald says essentially does nothing. Nothing odd in given news stations in town do nothing here other radio stations encountered nothing he'd be used to newspaper correct. Editorial journalistic integrity necessity for the public's trust in the heat down Kevin Cullen. We have new college newspapers views on bought professors or defend this while their own students shot and it's pretty unbelievable the world that right now right.